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Musaab E. Elhassan 5555 Wissahickon Avenue| Philadelphia, PA 19144| Cell: 202-910-8125 (

Experience: Internship at Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, (Summer) May2017-Aug 2017

Objective: To Collaborate with Architectural Team enhancing design skills and cooperate with different experience to accomplish design goals.


Activities & Awards: Assistantship at College of Architecture & Built Environment, Jefferson University, Spring 2018

Consultancy Group PRO. (Architects & Engineers) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia JAN 2006 -MCH 2016



Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University), Philadelphia, PA Master of Science of Architecture, Aug 2018 – Currently (GPA:3.62). Master’s Thesis: “Prioritizing the strategies upgrading energy efficiency at commercial existing buildings” King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Bachelor of Architecture & Building Sciences, BSc/BA July 2005. Graduate Project: “Hotels, Suites & Apartments”.

Architect at Facilities Management (Assist the Assist the Manager of Design, Planning and Construction. Assist & supervising the renovation works at the Building.

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Architectural Design (Development & Coordination). Working Drawings (CAD). preparing projects to municipalities and mayoralty. Preparing Presentation for Architectural Projects to Clients. Site Engineer (Architect). Supervision & Management for projects. Supervised Renovation for Real State Project. Facilities Management (Operations & Maintenance). Coordinating with marketing and sales agents.

Skills & Languages: AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, Photoshop, Mic.Office. English & Arabic Languages. (Portfolio:

Nexus Design Center ( Office Building at Philadelphia for Collaborative Between PhilaU + Thomas Jefferson University).

Nexus Design Center – PLANS + Sections

Nexus Design Center ( Office Building at Philadelphia for Collaborative Between PhilaU + Thomas Jefferson University).

Environmental Center (Delaware). Location : Seaside Environmental Center located at mouth of the Delaware Bay outside of historic Lewes, Delaware in Cape Henlopen State Park, along Post Lane (extension of Cape Henlopen Drive). Client : The National Oceanic Atmospheric and Administration (NOAA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Purpose : This Center is to educate people about their local natural ecology and provide a format to confront issues of climate change and its impact on the environment and its impact on people’s lives.

The Seaside Environmental Center - (Delaware).

The Seaside Environmental Center (Delaware). Project Goals Objectives & Design Strategies: - Quality of Relationship with the environment and beautiful integration building & Landscape. (Performance). - Keep viewing with atmosphere surrounding the project. (Behavior). - Establishing an organized space for educational purpose fit with natural context. (Human Context-Culture).


Sustainable Strategies: Building Orientation (Southernly) and wind passive cooling. Daylighting and Shading. Water Conservation (Rainwater harvesting system). Power Generations (Solar Panel).

The Seaside Environmental Center (Delaware). (INTERIORS):

Hotel & Suites in Bahrain.

PROJECT NAME: BAHRAIN'S HOTEL & SUITES For the reason of common hotels multitude and to provide hotel apartments in order to facilitate tourisms demand and to prepare for various symbols of SUITES and rooms to avail the selection opportunity for the visitor according to their capabilities and desires.

Owner: Ministry of Works and Housing. Domain of the Project Service: This project have to serve all tourisms and delegations and visitors inside and outside Bahrain. Users: The guests whose majority of them are Gulf families.

Hotel & Suites in Bahrain. Critical Issues: 1- attracting and drawing of customers within elegant external appearance that implies existence of internal environment. 2- Creating of enjoyment for the visitor (within internal environment) to have been remained for possible longer time. 3- To be Successful in making the visitor repeating his visit. Schematic Design: Creating the convenience internal environment for the family within garden atmosphere in that horizontal and vertical motion elements passes within it as to create perpetual optical contact inside the project and then to sort residential elements on broader section to capture the orientation and scope of view.

Hotel & Suites in Bahrain. Design Philosophy: (In order the customer to be adhered to the project ). Design Approach: Investment- Recreational . In addition to idea marketing on investment side: Within multitude of apartments symbols according to the following two issues: Types and symbols of apartments 2- Orientation and scope of view - Single Rooms ( The sea – The courtyard ) - ( Studio: A block overlooked on the courtyard. Small Overlooked on the sea from balconies. - two rooms: A block overlooked on the sea and courtyard - Large Suites: A block with two sections of apartments. - Three rooms: A section overlooked on the sea ) ( A section overlooked on the courtyard

Convention Center for medical colleges at King Saud university.

Convention Center for medical colleges at King Saud university.

Resorts & Villas in Riyadh- KSA

Resorts & Villas in Riyadh- KSA

Resorts & Villas (Interior):

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