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Intro to Mobile GIS

Presenters ƒ Howard Crothers, GISP

• •

GIS Services Manager HDR Engineering, Pittsburgh

ƒ Jim Frank

• •

GIS Manager Allegheny County

Agenda ƒ Background on Mobile GIS

• • • •

Mobile GIS Drivers Mobile GIS Benefits Hardware/Software Focus on ArcPad

ƒ Project Examples ƒ Mobile GIS Tips ƒ Hands On

What is Mobile GIS? ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Field Computer….Warm GIS Software….Warmer GPS…Hot Your GIS Data…Hotter All of the above used anywhere…Red Hot

Definitions “Mobile GIS is the combination of GIS software, GPS and mobile computing devices.” - ESRI

“a leveraging of technologies that allows the Enterprise Data Base to be accessible to field or other remote personnel.” - POB Magazine 6/1/2004

Mobile GIS Drivers ƒ Hardware Advances ƒ Integrated GIS Software “Suites”

Specific Software for Mobile GIS

ƒ GPS Advances

Selective Availability Turned Off

ƒ Wireless/Cellular Advances

Hardware Advances

Mobile GIS Applications ƒ Mobile GIS is Great For:

• • • •

Asset Inventories Asset Maintenance Inspections Incident Reporting

Mobile GIS Benefits ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Increased Efficiency of Field Data Collection Minimized Data Entry Time Reduce Mistakes Easy Access of GIS Data in the Field More Informed On-the-Spot Decision Making

Mobile GIS Hardware ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

PDAs Handheld Computers All in One GPS - GeoXT Tablet PCs Mobile Phone - The Future

Mobile GIS Software ƒ Runs on Mobile Operating Systems

Pocket PC, Windows Mobile

ƒ Limited Functionality

• • • •

Display Query Navigation Editing

ƒ Read Industry Standard Data Types ƒ GPS Integration ƒ Customizable

Mobile GIS Software ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

ESRI’s ArcPAD Intergraph’s IntelliWhere Autodesk’s OnSite View MapInfo MapX Mobile Numerous Task Specific Applications

ArcPad ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

ESRI’s Mobile GIS Product Part of ESRI’s ArcGIS Suite Runs on Windows Based Handheld Devices Support GPS Easily Customized Inexpensive

ArcPad Data Formats ƒ Vector Data


ƒ Raster Data

• • • • •


ArcPad Demo

ArcPad & Desktop ArcGIS ƒ ArcGIS Desktop Includes an “ArcPad Toolbar”

Functionality Includes:

• Creation of ArcPad Map Document .apm • Conversion of Vector Data to Shapefile(s) • Retention of Desktop Symbology •

Creates ArcPad Layer File .apl Which Contains Symbology for All ArcPad Layers

• Check In/Out of Geodatabase Data • •

Auto Generation of Editing Forms for Geodatabases with Domains! Editing Form Stored in an ArcPad Visual Basic Script File .vbs

Your New Best Friend!

ArcPad Toolbar Demo

Customizing ArcPad ƒ ArcPad Application Builder ƒ Public Domain ArcPad Templates

• •

Easy Way to Get Started with ArcPad Available For Free Download at:

ƒ ArcScripts

Free Scripts for ArcPad Available For Download at:

ArcPad Application Builder ƒ ESRI’s Tool to Customize ArcPad

• • • •

Design Custom Forms Create New Toolbars Build Applets with Custom Behavior Develop Extensions for ArcPad

Application Builder Demo

3rd Party ArcPad Extensions ƒ CAD Extension

by Tadpole-Cartesia

ƒ Data Dictionary Converter

by Electronic Data Solutions

ƒ Mosquito.Mobile for ArcPad

by Bradshaw Consulting Services

ƒ GPS Correct

by Trimble

Trimble’s GPS Correct ƒ Extension Adds Ability to Differential Post Process Data Collected with ArcPad

Must Use Pathfinder Office or Trimble GPS Analyst to Post Process

ƒ Enables Realtime Differential Correction ƒ Controls Trimble GPS Receivers From Within ArcPad

Mobile GIS Tips ƒ Keep in Mind Your Accuracy Requirements When Collecting Location Data • May Be Better to Use GPS Collection Software with Ability to Differentially Correct

ƒ Use Mobile GIS for Attribute Updates ƒ A Little Customization Goes a Long Way • Create Custom Forms to Prevent Errors • Design Forms to Speed Data Collection • Always Test Your Forms! ƒ Remember the Size of Your Mobile Device Screen • Symbology Important on Small Screen Devices • May be Difficult to See in All Light Conditions ƒ Watch Your Battery Power

ArcPad Tips: ƒ Take Advantage of ArcPad Toolbar in ArcGIS Desktop ƒ Use Geodatabases with Domains to Create Custom Forms ƒ Remember - You Can’t Snap in ArcPad ƒ Have Data Management Procedures

Upload/Sync Files at End of Each Work Day

Project Examples ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

WWMA Storm Inlets Tampa Bay Reservoir City of Miami Pavement Inventory FEMA Form

WWMA Storm Inlet Location ƒ Example of Quickly Collecting Location and Attribute Data ƒ Created Geodatabase with Domains to Store Data ƒ Created ArcView Project with Needed Background Data and Used ArcPad Toolbar to Create .apm ƒ Collected Data with Trimble GeoXT and ArcPad with GPS Correct ƒ Differentially Corrected Data with Terrasync

WWMA Storm Inlets

Tampa Bay Water Reservoir ƒ ArcPad Used to Automate Collection of Soil Density Testing Information for Construction of Florida’s Largest Above Ground Reservoir

Tampa Bay Water Reservoir ƒ Traditional Method of Collecting Soil Density Information

• • •

Locate Sample Points Using Station and Offset Collect Sample and Fill Out Paper Form Enter Form and Lab Test Results into Spreadsheet in Field Office

Tampa Bay Water Reservoir ƒ ArcPad Process

• • • •

Navigate to Sample Location with GPS Collect Sample and Enter Data into ArcPad Form Return to Office and Complete Data Entry of Lab Testing Information Download Data Daily

Tampa Bay Water Reservoir

City of Miami Pavement Inventory ƒ Inventory Pavement Condition for 9,000+ Street Segments in the City of Miami ƒ Custom ArcPad Form Created to Collect Detailed Pavement Condition Information ƒ From Automatically Calculated Pavement Condition Rating Based on Collected Data ƒ Data Collected by 10 2-Person Field Crews

City of Miami Pavement Inventory

FEMA Form for ArcPad

Hands On Workshop ƒ Mission: Collect Storm Inlet, Outfall and pipe locations with Mobile GIS ƒ Tools:

• • • •

Ipaq Trimble Pathfinder Pocket GPS ArcPad GPS Correct

Process ƒ Create ArcMap Project with Necessary Data ƒ Use ArcPad Toolbar to:

• • • • •

Check Out Data Create Project Folder Upload Project Folder to Ipaq Collect Data Check in Data

Gis mobile  
Gis mobile