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Degenerative Joint Disease: Small injuries can lead to degenerative joint disease over time Has anyone close to you ever suffered from degenerative joint disease or joint pains? Seeing the people close to you suffer from joint pain, osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease is probably one of the most painful things we can experience in my opinion. This is because not only do we witness firsthand the problems and pains that they encounter due to their degenerating health but we are also helpless in helping them. My aunt was one of the 20 million people in the United States of America who suffered from osteoarthritis. This quickly became one of the causes for the degenerative joint disease that she then suffered from. Although it is unknown to many, there are millions of people out there who suffer the same pain that she does. Some of them inherited the disease while others got it from injuries, fractures, or even obesity. My aunt developed degenerative joint disease from her injuries. She was an avid athlete and was always

competing and exercising. She was a renaissance woman and was talented in almost any sport that I could think of. Her success in sports led to injuries to her knees, her arms and her back. She was often stiff and sore all over after participating in rigorous sports and exercises but as time went on the symptoms got worse and worse. The only time of day when she felt relief was after resting. Even when she decided to do less rigorous sports, the pains and aches did not die down at all. At first it was only the soreness. She always complained that she had joint stiffness in her arms, back and legs.

They usually lasted about 15-20 minutes a day before the pain kicked in. Her symptoms worsened as the day went on although she often woke up feeling fine and refreshed. By evening time she would be in such a bad condition that she couldn’t wait to lie down. It wasn’t that long after that she began to experience restrictions in her motions. Not only did it interfere with her exercises and sports it interfered with her daily life as well. She often could not even get up to go to the

washroom without being in pain let alone tidy her house. Whenever I visited her, I had to do most of the housework for her. If I didn’t, everything would be left around like a mess! It was a big shock to see such an athletic woman helpless. Worst of all was that she had no idea what was going on. She just assumed that the pain and tenderness she felt was due to the rigorous exercises and sports she participated in the past. She didn't know how to go about finding any pain relief. It was definitely a shock for her when she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease. She did not see it coming at all. Her joints had been polishing one another whenever she moved them as the cartilage had become torn, frayed and even worn away. It was most evident on the X-ray scans the doctor showed her. Her joints were shown as plain white. You can imagine the pain of having your bones rub against one another producing fiction every single day. My aunt had been suffering from degenerative joint disease all along. The fact that she did not seek relief made the disease worse and worse. End Your Joint Pain Now

Degenerative Joint Disease - End The Pain For Those You Love  
Degenerative Joint Disease - End The Pain For Those You Love  

Degenerative joint disease does need to be horibble and agonizing, it can be helped rather dramatically!