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Cover shoot: Photographer: Søs Uldall-Ekman Model: Ella Dress: Majken Sylvester and Søs Uldall- Ekman - special thanks to

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Dear Readers, Half a year flew by and I can hardly believe that we are allready at our 5th issue! When we set out on this crazy magazine endavour, we didn’t have a plan or fixed idea of what we were to become. Impatient and childish at hearts we jumped right in to it, because we couldn’t wait for all the practical things to be in place. We have thus been stumbling, learning and playing all the way to where we are now. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far, and we look forward to going on many more adventures with you. The title of the issue that you are reading is Tales of Midsummer. We wanted to share with you our fondest memories of Childhood and Summer in Scandinavia and all that goes with it. The shimmering white light and days with no ends. Nights full of flowery and grassy scents. Twilight and fairytales. Warm and sunny. Frisky summershowers and dancing in the rain. The Swedish author Astrid Lindgren once said about her own childhood: ”And we played and played and played. It’s a wonder we didn’t play ourselves to death!” Astrid Lindgren never ceased playing. Even her children remember how she would always take part in their games and would insist on being part of the make-believe and not just a spectator. Today I find that it can be hard finding time for play, when all the grown-up responsabilities come knocking. But there is so much to gain from taking time for it, even if it’s just for a little while. Enfants Terribles Magazine seeks to inspire to play and that goes for grown ups as well as for kids. We are also eternally grateful fans of Astrid’s authorship and that’s why we made her our muse for this issue. Everyone who has worked on the magazine this time has done so with inspiration from the wonderful worlds of childhood and adventure created by Astrid Lindgrens through her many childrens books. All set within the boundaries of real life: being both realistic, fantastic, funny, witty, quirky, sad and happy all at the same time; just as life itself. I hope you will find inspiration and that you will enjoy. Søs Uldall-Ekman

FOTO: Jacob Forsell

”Mankind is preoccupied with two great things: death and love; these catch the interest of all ages. You shouldn’t scare children to the point of anxiety, but just like adults they need to be moved by art.” - Astrid Lindgren 1959

The land between light and darkness Photographer: Céline Hallas

This is the story about the Country between light and darkness. It’s a story with no words yet, the words are yours to find. The adventure has no limit, and it’s yours...

Jacket: Guðrun & Guðrun - Jumpsuit: Poppy Rose - Socks: Top Shop - Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

Knit dress: Guðrun & Guðrun - Dress under: Mads Nørgaard - Socks: Wovenplay - Sandals: Bundgaard

Knit blouse: Guรฐrun & Guรฐrun - Skirt: Poppy Rose - Socks: Top Shop - Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

Shirt: Poppy Rose - Pants: Ticket to Heaven - Shoes: Bundgaard

Blouse: Guรฐrun & Guรฐrun - Pants: Ticket to Heaven

White dress w. dots: Motoreta Gray knit: Pierrot la Lune

Dress: Bang Bang Copenhagen - Blouse: Miniature

Dress: Wovenplay

CĂŠLINE HALLAS @celinehallas 35, Photographer and Editor of Enfants Terribles. Lives in Copenhagen with her husband Daniel and their two kids, Samuel 11 and Sienna 7. on astrid lindgren: I always loved the poetic and beautiful world of Astrid Lindgrens stories. They seem to have this deep underlying side to them that deals with all the big issues of life, but in a manner that delicately involves children, taking their thoughts seriously, without leaving them alone with all these big and sometimes scary topics. So I tried to work big feelings into little kids in the photos I did for this issue. favorite thing about working with the theme tales of midsummer? The light! I absolutely adore the light here in Denmark around Midsummer. It appears almost magical, as if though anything can happen and the days will have no end. At the same time there is something melancholic about it, which I have a weak spot in my heart for. Nothing beats biking through Copenhagen a late Midsummer evening, feeling the cool fresh air on ones face. The creatures of the night might be lurking, but I’m uncatchable, flying through the city on my bicycle.

favorite astrid lindgren story? It is so hard to pick just one, as I love them all, but I do love the stories of Madicken. I like that she is this pretty normal and wellbehaved girl, from a posh family, who still manages to get herself into some fine messes. The story being set in a reality I can relate to, makes it seem more real to me and even crazier than some of the more fantastick stories. I absolutely love the Mirabel story and Mirabel was my second choice, when we named our daughter Sienna. favorite thing to do on a summerday? The easy answer would be to say that I spend it in my garden playing with the kids and the cat as we always do. What I love the most though, is when we go on spontaneous trips to experience something new and beautiful together. Those are the days when the kids go to bed way too late and we break all the daily routines and it is oure magic!

BLOG CRUSH everyday daydreaming @finurlignet Inger Marie Hahn Møller is the woman behind our 3rd Blog Crush, Finurlig, which translates into whimsical in English. Her blog universe portrays everyday life in all its whimsical beauty, and that is exactly what we like about it. The beauty is often in the little, quirky details, and Inger marie has quite the eye for it! Her blog is serene, unpretentious, welcoming, warm and beautiful. Inger Marie is 37, lives in Copenhagen with her husband Anders, graphic designer, and their two kids Frida Viola (5) and Molly (2). Their home is in an old apartment in Copenhagen, that they’ve been renovating and renovating – and it’s still a work in progress. Inger Marie has an MA in art history, and she currently works as a freelance writer and stylist on the topics of design, art, kids and family lifestyle.

describe yourself in 3 words I am a dreamer who tends to forget time and place. I love beauty, and I feel most complete with my kids around – but I also need some time just for myself. have you found your true purpose in life? In many ways, yes. I used to work as a daily manager at an international art gallery in Copenhagen. The whole situation gave me a lot of stress, and I didn’t feel I was true to myself. Today I feel much more at ease with my kids close to me, more time for reflection and more freedom to do what really matters. Still, I feel that it is a journey, not a destination. I think it’s good in this way.

Photographer: Inger Marie Hahn Møller

what did it take? I stopped my day job in the gallery, I got pregnant with Molly, and I used my maternity leave to reconsider my whole situation. I am a classic art historian, and it has given me many considerations and heartbeats to lead my way of living in another not so academic and intellectual direction. I am still true to my educational background (and I still write texts on the topic), but I feel relieved to have found a way to combine my art historical skills with something more playful and creative. Visuality, beauty and aesthetics are extremely important to me. what direction are you heading in? I still feel that I am on my way, and I consider it as a never-ending journey. what would be a perfect gift for you? A day in the sun with my kids, more time…

INSPIRATION what makes you smile? To play with my kids – we dance, we talk, we read. what takes your breath away? Those very special moments where your senses are particularly open to impressions and some kind of beauty overwhelms you. I think it can happen anywhere, maybe it’s called synergy, maybe it’s just a happy coincidence or serendipity, but it always fills me with great peace. The wonder of holding a new-born baby whether it’s my own child, also takes my breath away. what saddens you? If someone close to me is sad. I have an extremely high level of empathy, and I don’t feel good before everyone around me is happy – which sometimes can be quite exhausting. And of course – maybe for the same reason – the cruelty of the

world saddens me. I’m quite sensitive, and I often have to turn off the radio. do you have a happy place? We share an old farmhouse in Swedish Småland with friends. For the past 10 years we have spent as much time as possible up there. This is my happy place. what inspires you the most? All things visual, creative people, art, kids, talking with friends, walking in the nature. who do you admire and why? I admire many people for very different reasons, and I think my focus changes all the time depending on my own situation. Right now motherhood and creative independent women fill my mind, whereas more intellectual women were my guidelines earlier. My grandmother, who is in her eighties today, is a great personal inspiration to me: she is so open-minded, and she has a natural gift of blending into any situation with integrity.

BLOG what three words would you use to describe your bloguniverse? My blog is called ‘finurlig’ which is the Danish word for something ‘whimsical’, so that must be one of the words. The other two could be ‘poetic’ and ‘quiet’, I think. why do you blog? I love to take photos, to look at pictures and to tell simple narratives. I love everyday life. I am not a hunter of anything extraordinary. I love all the small things people do in their everyday life often without even noticing it; I find a distinct beauty in these tiny moments. To take a photo is to stop time a little bit – I think that’s why we need it so much. It makes us look twice at the things we take for granted. Hopefully, it makes us wonder a little bit too. This is the simple magic of photography and also the reason I love blogging.

when did you first start blogging? When I first started blogging I was still working full time as a gallery manager, and I created ’finurlig’ as my own playground – a place where only I decided what to do and write. It felt quite necessary, and it gave me the feeling of creating something on my own. The blog has existed for 4 years now. what’s your favorite thing about blogging? Sharing, to find inspiration, and get a peek into the life of others. least favorite thing about it? I need a new computer! The old one is so slow it takes forever to post. 3 blogs that inspire you at the moment? Beautiful saarmanche for the colours, the compositions and the simplicity. Signekjaer for her wonderful illustrations & the peeks into her little family’s everyday life and projects. And always ledansla for the wonderful kids, the aesthetics and the beautiful home.

FAMILY LIFE & MOTHERHOOD what is important to you as a parent? To feel assured that my kids are happy. Describe yourself as a mother I am not the kind of mother, who runs after my kids at the playground to protect them against all kinds of imaginable accidents, but in my mind I am constantly thinking about my kids, and I am always a little worried if everything is just

as it should be. In the morning it gives me freedom to hand them over at the nursery, but in the afternoon I can hardly wait to pick them up again. When I go somewhere on my own, I always feel a little naked without them, but I also need time alone. I am undergoing the classic schism of motherhood, that I am convinced all mothers recognise. I am not super organized with my kids, and I am not good when things have to be very scheduled and strict to function. If the girls want to paint, we do so and postpone our other plans, because I love that they want to do creative things, and I don’t want to stop it. In this way I have millions of things that never get done, but on the other hand we have happy girls and lots of pretty paintings. best thing about becoming a parent? To lie close in bed and feel how the little body slowly relaxes and falls to sleep. The unconditional needs and love of a child makes you grow in so many ways. worst thing about it? To lie close in bed with a little one who moves around and wakes up every 5 minutes. I never thought it possible to live with such constrained sleep. what is most important to you that your kids take with them from their Childhood? Childhood memories filled with warmth and poetic moments, creativity, love, curiosity and a strong sense of independence. what’s your favourite family story? We don’t have a single story, but a whole range of not so flattering stories about how absentminded we are as parents. Forgetting diapers on long train rides, forgetting to lock the car and forgetting the car keys while still in the car door, forgetting keys everywhere,

forgetting our camera everywhere, forgetting our credit cards everywhere, forgetting our bikes everywhere, forgetting Frida Viola’s favourite pillow everywhere, and so on. Distractive moments that sometimes make our vacations a bit stressful. But it always ends in a good way, and I am grateful to all the kind people, who have helped us out time after time. best family moments? Quiet days in our Swedish country house, picnics and swimming at the lake – but I also love to bike around in Copenhagen with one of the girls right behind me in the bike seat and listening to their cute spontaneous comments on whatever they observe. how do you balance work, creativity and family life? After I stopped working in the gallery things are simpler to us. Both girls are in the same day care just across the street, and it’s easy for me to be flexible with my working time. I feel lucky and privileged, and at the same time it strikes me every day (after cleaning, organizing, buying the groceries and the million other little things you have to take care of on a daily basis!) how little time I actually have to get my work done. The feeling of just letting time flow is almost impossible to obtain and yet it is very important for my feeling of being creative. On the other hand my kids and all they do inspire me a lot – in this way inspiration and creativity can occur quite spontaneously, and if you are lucky you might have the possibility to grasp it. In this respect, work, creativity, and family life are intertwined. Often I can’t really tell what is what. As most families with small kids we feel extremely busy all the time – when the kids are around we are interrupted every single moment, and we have half-done projects lying around everywhere. I am learning to accept that nothing is ever really finished for good, but everything is part of an ever-changing process – and that is just

how it is to live in a family. Favorite house chore? I love cooking, preferably without recipes, with lots of organic veggies (we eat vegetarian) and with plenty of time. I cook all meals, and I try to make our food as much from the ground as possible, we never buy take-away, and we hardly ever go out for dinner. least favorite house chore? Cooking with two tired, irritated and hungry girls pulling my arms and legs can be very stressing, and so my favourite doing is turned into something entirely else. how do you describe yourself as a parent? And how would you describe your partner as a parent? I am distractive and not very organized but hopefully my kids will feel I am always there when they need me. A is (normally) very calm when everything is chaos and the girls are hysteric; he is the best at grappling with them and gives them lots of somersaults, hugs and topsy-turvies. what advice would you have liked to have had becoming a parent for the first time? Give your child as much time at home before nursery as you possibly can. With Frida Viola I felt that I had to start working as soon as possible, and it was a great mistake for everyone. With Molly we did things differently and it worked out much better.

CREATIVITY tell us about your creative projects While I am writing this we are working on a new space for ’finurlig’. It is something we have been talking about and working on for a long time. Despite that, I am a little anxious about letting go of the old finurlig site that is so well known and ho-

mely for me. I also need to push it in a new direction. Hopefully, it will become just as dear as the old site. And hopefully very soon finurlig blog will be accompanied by a tiny finurlig shop selling treasures and found objects carefully selected at Swedish flea markets. Maybe in the future combined with new objects that I personally use in my everyday life and find simple and beautiful and thus can recommend. I also hope to do more styling jobs in the future as it sums up all I like: photography, thinking in colour and composition, working with aesthetics and beautiful materials. Putting things together in new ways and creating some kind of story. I also love my home, to move things around and come up with new ideas. With and for my kids I love to draw, to cut & glue, to bake and to sew. In our everyday life I don’t think it as so, but in a way I think creativity flows through most of the things we do. how did it begin? In my childhood. I was always occupied with my hands and with creating something. Pictures and stories filled my life – I was never the sporty type. Here & now it all started with feeling stressed and unwell at my work. I had to change direction. favorite craft inspiration? Observing kids – Frida Viola never wants to follow my ideas, she wants to do things her own way, and time after time I am amazed of what she makes out of nothing (I know all parents are). And of course, books, blogs, online magazines, flea markets, observing other people. If you ever find yourself needing instant inspiration, Pinterest is a smorgasbord of craft ideas. favorite creative activity? Photography. I love to create an image, whereas I am far too little interested in the technical part.

For us, an ongoing creative project has also been to renovate our old apartment. Originally it was two separate smaller apartments, and we have been doing everything from scratch. I find it a very creative (and chaotic and tiresome!) process, and I love the way it has turned out although we keep reminding ourselves that nothing should become too stationary, too finished.

FUTURE what do you dream of? A life filled with play, creativity and beauty for all of us. I hope that finurlig will evolve and grow into something that combines and uses my skills in the best way. where would you like to go on your dream holiday? We always dream about moving to France for a longer stay, living in an old house at the countryside – but I think it is mostly one of those shared romantic dreams that are good at nurturing hope and fantasy. I went to Nepal and India when I was younger, and I would love to go there again with the family – to see something entirely different from our life here in Copenhagen. Japan is another destination that we have dreamed of visiting for a long time. where will you actually be going? We will spend three weeks of summer vacation in our Swedish country house – with visits from friends and hopefully with lots of swimming in the lakes, bonfires, flea markets and quiet midsummer evenings.

MIDSUMMER favorite thing about Summertime? Joy & freedom: That you can run around barefooted and just with a simple dress, to feel the sun warm up your body, to sit up late in the light midsummer evening and talk with loved ones.

favorite childhood Summer memory? For a couple of summers my parents rented an old and very primitive mountain cabin (”seter”) in Norway where we stayed all summer. These “seter” cabins are placed above the tree line, and the house was originally used as a summer cabin for farmers living further down the valley. During summer time they moved their cattle up to the meadows, to preserve grass for hay and to make cheese. It was a tiny wood house with no water or electricity and miles to the nearest general store. My sister and I loved the summers up there – the light, the spacious feeling, the primitive way of living. Another sweet childhood memory is warm afternoons in my grandmother’s summerhouse near the North Sea. We had been swimming in the sea, and now with salt water and sand in our hair, our granny served us cold lemonade on the porch. The fresh air and light of the North Sea is unparalleled, and we also held our wedding in the garden of my grandmother’s summerhouse. favorite place to be on a warm summerday? At a favourite lake nearby our Swedish house, with the kids playing in the water, a bunch of blankets, maybe a book, a basket with food and no other planned activities. favorite midsummer activity? In Sweden: swimming, collecting flowers for flower crowns, picking blueberries for pies, cooking, finding treasures at roadside flea markets… In Copenhagen we love that the city is much more relaxed, laid back and emptied. We love to go to the nearby sea, to bike around haphazardly and stop for a coffee or an ice cream, or a private backyard flea market, if we are lucky.

favorite midsummer dish? Lots of new locally grown vegetables! Preferably from my mom’s lush garden, maybe with some berries for desert. what are your hopes for this Summer? That we will have three sun filled weeks with happy kids and not too many bloodthirsty mosquitos!

ASTRID LINDGREN favorite lindgren book? I have read Astrid Lindgren’s story about The Brothers Lionheart over and over as a kid, and every time I wept about the sadness in it and truly loved it, but I haven’t read it with my own kids yet, since they are still too young for it. Together with Frida Viola we love to read the stories about The Children of Noisy Village, and Molly is very much into Pippi at the moment. favorite lindgren character? With no hesitation, Lotta from Troublemaker Street! In my opinion Pippi is no match for Lotta – Lotta is much more emotionally nuanced and still has the same high level of independence and vigour as Pippi. I recognize myself and my own feelings as a little girl in Lotta – and of course I also recognize Frida Viola. Lotta is much closer to reality than Pippi, so close that it sometimes hurts to read the stories about her. She is a troublemaker in a very cute 4-to-5-years-old-way, and if you are in the same way you might prefer to float away in a more magic filled universe. At the moment Frida Viola refuses to read our Lotta books, but after a little bartering she gives in and listens with great attention and delight.


INSTA CRUSH @sofiaatmokkasin PERSONAL My name is Sofia. I am 42 years old. My husband is Kristo and together we have 4 kids. Liv 11 years, Viggo 9 years and the twins Charlie & Nomi, 7 years. We live in a small town called Katrineholm, which is about 150 km south of Stockholm. I´m the founder of Mokkasin, a life style blog and shop with the same name. I also work as a photographer and stylist.

what makes you happy? Besides being with my family of course, I love when I get unexpected and spontaneous visits from new and old friends. I´m not a planning person, so when someone just shows up on my doorstep, I drop everything important in a minute and feel happy and grateful for this opportunity of togetherness. if you were a colour? My husband thinks I’m silver, but my daughter Liv believes I’m yellow. I myself think I’m more as the rainbow. 3 words that encapsule your essence? A very unstructured person with a

thousand things on my mind. A generous and inclusive person that thinks kindness is one of the most important things in the world. CHILDHOOD what is your best childhood memory? Everything. My childhood was warmhearted and full of true love. As it should be, and I wish for everyone to have. what was your favorite toy growing up? My sister and I played a lot with Legos. We built our own fantasy worlds, and we would play with them for weeks at a time.

I remember a special line of Lego called Fabuland, it was with sweet animals who could do everything, that people could do, but they did everything better and more exciting. Of course!

small hill with a couple of trees, and what we thought of as the mountain we went sledding on, turns out to be just a small slope. That’s what makes childhood so good, it’s hard to bear growing up.

who was your best friend growing up? My mothers best friends daughter was my closest friend. And my sisters of course.


what was your favorite thing to play growing up? We played outside a lot in our neighborhood with all the other kids around. I really liked being building huts of branches in the woods nearby. They seemed to go on forever, but today I realize, it was just a

when did you take your first picture? do you remember the motive? I think I had a camera when I was little, but I´m not sure about the motive. A child’s pictures always tend to be more exciting than an adults pictures. They always find these small details that many people stop noticing when they are grown-up.

do you have a favorite picture from your childhood? I love all the pictures from my childhood, because there are so few of them. Back then it was more of a small selection you did, and you can really feel every moment in another way, than when there are too many to chose from. best tip for taking good pictures? Look for the moments and try to capture them. A good photograhp may be something completely different from what you thought you were looking for. Look for the small things, try to encapsule the feeling of the moment and tell a story with your pictures.

which phone/camera do you use? I only use the camera on my old iPhone when I take pictures for Instagram. Actually, I do not like this camera at all, I´m always annoyed with it. Other than that I always use my regular professional camera, a Canon EOS 5D mark III. This camera is my darling, I love it!

INSTAGRAM what words would you use to describe your visual universe? I want it to be my own world and things I like to share. I hope my followers sees it as personal and “me”. What story are you telling through your captures? It’s about things and moments I find beautiful and worth sharing. I use my blog to tell the stories. when did you start using ig? Two summers ago.

why are you on instagram? I’m not really sure. From the beginning I was curious about the medium. It’s a natural extension of my blog I guess, it’s like a miniblog without all the writing and editing. what’s your favorite thing about instagram? The easiness. And if you are openminded, it can give you endless inspiration. least favorite thing about Instagram? The pressure of posting pictures… I haven’t even reached 500 pics yet.

will use ig in 5 years? I will certainly photograph, but how pictures are shared in five years nobody knows... instagram profiles that inspire you at the moment? @annacate @jodimockabee INSPIRATION what or who inspires you? Personality. People who dare find their own way and follow their hearts.

where do you look for inspiration? Everywhere. Often in small things that don’t necessarily mean a lot to anyone but to me. It can be a piece of fabric, a picture, a meeting or a conversation with someone. My kids are my endless source of inspiration and so is my husband, my family and friends. They all inspire me in their own personal way. favorite place for seeking out inspiration? Anywhere. From small, rural fleamarkets to the big cities. favorite artist? Nina Persson from the former Cardigans.

do you have a happy place? I love traveling with my family, but I always seem to be longing for Paris.

remembered for? I want to be remembered for being a kind person. Somebody who dared to be herself and who followed her heart.



what do you dream of doing that you haven’t done yet? I dream about working with scenography for theaters.

tell us your favorite thing about summertime? Summer is for me easiness and days without end. I love when it almost never goes dark and you can sleep with open windows, listening to the birds all night long. I even love when it rains during summer. The slow drizzly type of rain and when the thunder is rumbling outside on our porch. I love the long evenings with family and friends around me, when we talk all

how will you make it come true? I have to sleep on this‌ what would you like to be

night long and the kids falls asleep under the stars. I wish for sun, but actually I like to be in the shadow the most. describe the perfect summerday? My perfect summerday would always be one spent with family and friends. With lots of time on my hands, no work on my mind and no plans. Just spending the entire day together. Making food and just being with each other. Swimming in the pool, reading fairytales in the shadow, telling stories all day long. Not particularly exciting and actionpacked in any way, I know, but very special to me!

best childhood summer memory? The first thing that springs to mind are the summers we spent at my grandparents’ country house. It was in the middle of the woods and you could walk or bike to the lake nearby. I remember it as always full of summer. Playing from early morning into the night. There was a TV but it only worked twice a week. We went fishing and had picnics on a small island in the lake. We pretended that we had our very own Tivoli, and we rode stickhorses made from old woolen socks. We took them through the paths in the wood. And our imagination had no end to it.



Seven Wild Flowers Photographer: Emma Donnely

Blouses: Babaa knitwear - Dresses: Tu tu de Monde

Stripe trousers & denim dress: Macarons

Doll: Studio Escargot

Jumpsuits & collar: Pierrot la Lune

EMMA DONNELY @takeapicturelady 33 years old, Photographer. Lives in Leigh on Sea, just outside of London, England, with husband James and Monty 8 and Agnes 6. how did you end up doing what you do? I have always had fashion and art based interests, since I was a young girl. I studied Fashion and Textile design and then went on to work in Fashion Buying in London. I love images, painting, textures, light and get inspiration from absolutely everywhere. Sometimes it drives me a little crazy! Then Motherhood took over, I wanted to stay and home and look after my kids, not miss a beat, and I did. It was hard, no time for myself, but finally as they have gone to school, I have re-found myself and my passion for image and story making through the lens. And so the story continues‌ on working with the theme of tales of midsummer: The morning of the Midsummer shoot we rose at dawn and headed to the wild flower meadow close to our home.

The ground was full of dew and the air so fresh. Quiet but for the sound of birds and the gentle warmth of early summer sunshine coming over the tree tops. It was magical and gave the girls time to play with the flowers, enchanted by the bugs, the light and picking beautiful wild flowers. on midsummer dreaming: The shoot also gave me the opportunity to work with some fantastic brands, Babaa, Macarons, Pierrot la Lune and Studio Escargot.. so grateful for the support of these inspiring ethical companies. My lovely swedish friend told me that on the eve of Midsummer a tradition is to pick seven different types of wild flowers and put them under your pillow. That night you will dream of the man you will marry. I thought this was such a sweet idea, so we made a little bed in the meadow and dreamt of handsome princes. :)

LABEL CRUSH An Atlantic Tale on Wool and Wonder @gudrunxgudrun The Faroese designer knitwear company, Guðrun & Guðrun have made us swoon over their exquisite collection of beautiful woolen designs. We wanted to share our crush with you, so we interviewed one of the Guðruns of Guðrun & Guðrun and asked her a few questions about their company, the collections and where they find inspiration. Here’s what she had to tell us. PERSONAL Guðrun Ludvig, 45, is the Creative Director of Guðrun & Guðrun. She lives in Tórshavn, with her two sons (16 and 10). Tórshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands, a small group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with a population of give and take 50,000 people. what makes you happy? Experiencing tolerance. if you were a song what would it be? Just today it could be ”Lad det swinge lad det rock’n roll”. But tomorrow it might be ”I hate Mondays”. Duality is reality and honesty. Nobody is ever just one mood. if you were a colour? Definitely pastel mint.

3 words that encapsule your essence? Responsibility. For the kids, for the company, for bettering the world.

what 3 words would you use to describe your label? Timeless, Sustainable and True to ourselves.

Joy. Finding the daily joy is important for having a healthy and happy life.

what’s the best thing about doing what you do? I’m making a living doing what I love most. To me that is the ultimate solution. To be able to combine hobby with work.

Sharing. Seeing the value in visiting somebody that deserves and appreciates a visit. Sharing thoughts, dreams and sorrows. Being there for them that will need you. HOW IT ALL BEGAN Guðrun and I met in 2000. The starting point was that most of the Faroese wool at that time was burned due to lacking market for the wool. The skins were destroyed. As Faroese we have always learned that we should take good care of the scarce resources we have. We agreed that something had to be done. I had the creative ideas and my partner, Guðrun Rógvadóttir, had the business ideas. The company was born. HANDKNITTED BY WOMEN OF THE FAROE ISLANDS; JORDAN & PERU At the first fashion fair we discovered that especially the Japanese were impressed by the hand-knitted garments. This has been the leading trait since. The first years all hand-knit was made on the Faroe islands, by local women on the islands. Since then we have started a women’s empowerment project in Jordan where we now support about 40 women knitters. Recently we have included about 30 knitters in Peru as well. Being able to support those women is wonderful. Giving women jobs is a great way to make a difference in a respectful way. Currently we have design lines for women, men and kids. As now we have a flagship store on the Faroe Islands, a web-shop and deliver wholesale to shops around the globe.

what’s the worst thing about doing what you do? Having to compete with brands like H&M and Name It. INSPIRATION where do you look for inspiration? In daily life on the Faroe Islands. And in the clash between e.g. Tórshavn and New York. what inspired this seasons styles? Going back to the roots. Seeing the beauty in the simple things that you easily oversee in the noise of modern life. favorite style this season? The star cardigan with the rose back and the crochet green dress. how do you put together your collections? where are they made and how? They are developed and hand-knitted on the Faroe islands with help from knitters in Jordan and Peru. Natural materials are essential and the inherited skills of the handcraft is essential. what is most important to you when working with fashion and design? To make something that can last long style wise and quality wise.

what are your dreams for the future of your label? That we will be seen as an important brand world wide with costumers coming back season after season. And to open up a shop in Tokyo. MIDSUMMER IN THE FAROE ISLANDS The light is what influences us most during summertime in The Faroe Islands. The light opens up people. There is a different kind of smile on the faces of people. Everything seems possible and people are more easy going. Being this high up North, the sun doesn’t set until almost midnight and so the light makes it impossible to get the kids to bed. They simply don’t understand why they need to go to sleep, while there is still light. Time looses it’s importance, and they might fall asleep after midnight, meaning that they’ll sleep in the next morning. Life during summertime here becomes all about grasping the moment and glimpses of nice weather to go on an adventure that can not be stopped, simply because it’s getting late. A PERFECT SUMMERDAY IN THE FAROE ISLANDS? Living on the Faroe Islands escaping into the mountains for a picnic is the essence of summer. Good weather is defined as dry and calm, and it’s always cold in the mountains. So I would wear good shoes with woolen socks, a sweater and a light jacket. I would bring warm tea and rye bread with dried sheep meet, our idea of delicatessen. And of course homemade cake as a dessert! I might go with my father and he would tell me the names of the mountains we were passing, and he would tell old stories while walking.

BEST CHILDHOOD MIDSUMMER MEMORY? In the small village where I grew up, there were some older girls that read many adventure books. They would then reenact the stories, by inviting all the kids in the neighborhood, to take part in the story. It was always in the evening and it often involved us taking our bikes to go somewhere away from the village. I remember one of the boys only had this bike with these sort of wooden wheels and he had a very hard time keeping up. But he did, as it was an adventure we were on! One time they had set up these kids tepees, and we were all giving a specific role to play. We were all very obedient and thought ourselves very important to have a place in their dream play. FAVORITE ASTRID LINDGREN CHARACTER? The first person which spring to mind is the mother of Emil, from the stories of Emil of Lönneberga. Such an embracing mother is what all children deserve. She loves him, and she will protect him forever, but she will also teach him how to get independent and find his own ways. The Pippi character had an extra dimension for me, when I read, that the character was created when Astrid Lindgrens own child was sick and she needed to tell bed-time stories about being brave and looking at the bright side of life.

KOLDSKÅL OG KAMMERJUNKER Buttermilk ’Koldskål’ with new strawberries and sweet ’kammerjunkere’ is the taste of summer to many Danes, and they eat a lot of it during the summer. The dish is known to have existed since around 1900. ’Koldskål’ litterally translates into Cold Bowl. It is a sweet cold soup, made from buttermilk and a few other ingredients. Kammerjunkere are the sweet biscuits you add to the cold soup, and here the translation is a bit more puzzling, as Kammerjunkere in English would be groom of the bedchamber, a position filled at court in the very olden days.

-THE TASTE OF DANISH SUMMER Photo: Céline Hallas - Recipe and styling: Maria Engbjerg

As far as we know, this name was given to these biscuits as they rank the lowest on the chart of pastry, just as the groom of bedchamber ranked lowest at court. So much for utterly unnecessary, yet intriguing facts for the day. Now on to the deed! Maria from Vanløse Blues has been so kind as to let us share her deliscious recipe for a fresh bowl of Koldskål and Kammerjunkere. Give it a try, we think you might like this as a sweet and fresh treat on a warm summer evening.

KOLDSKĂ…L/COLD BOWL 8 servings 1 liter of buttermilk 1 liter of 3.5 % curds 2 tablespoons cane sugar 1 vanilla pod 4 egg yolks Here's how to proceed: In a large bowl, beat egg yolks and sugar white and foamy. Add the vanilla grains exerted from the vanilla pod and whisk again. Continue stirring while adding curds and buttermilk. Season the cold bowl with sugar, more vanilla and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice. Keep the cold bowl in the refrigerator and serve it on a hot summer day with the sweet and crispy kammerjunkere, fresh sweet strawberries or banana slices.

KAMMERJUNKER/ BISCUITS (160 pcs) 500 g of flour 100 g of icing sugar 2 teaspoons of baking powder (unless you're using selfraising flour) 2 teaspoons of vanilla powder 1 teaspoon of cardamom 175 g butter 2 large organic eggs 1 cup of milk Finely grated zest of 1 organic lemon In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients together. Cut the butter into small cubes and work it well into a fine crumbly dough. Add the eggs, the milk and lemon peel and work that dough, till its easy and sleek. Place the dough in the refrigerator for 1 hour. That makes the dough easier to work with. Heat the oven to 200째C and prepare 2 baking trays with baking paper. Roll out 80 tiny round lumps of the dough, and put 40 on each baking tray. Bake for about 10 minutes. While the biscuits are still warm, split them in two with a bread knife. Arrange them on the baking trays. Turn off the oven and place baking trays with kammerjunkere to dry in the oven for 30 minutes. Let the Kammerjunkere cool on a wire rack. When they are cold put them in an airtight container for the best conservation.

Photographer: Stephanie Matthew - Stylist: Heather Rome - Set design: Michelle Shaka Berg

Midsummer Day Dream

blue dress w. lace sleeves: aristocrat kids - playsuit : tutu du monde

lace dress: aristocrat kids

gold blouse: lamantine - sequin shorts: right bank babies

capelet: tutu du monde - peach sequin dress: fun & fun

purple dress: tutu du monde

feather dress & feathe

er collar: aristocrat kids - metallic skirt: my little dress up

woodland dress: aristocrat kids

Silver tutu: mar mar copenhagen - pink feather vest: aristocrat kids

silver tank & silver sweater: tutu du monde

STEPHANIE MATTHEW @stephanie_matthew Children’s fashion photographer living in Southern California with her two girls. how did you end up doing what you do? I think I’ve always loved photography. I would use my grandpa’s old Minolta and dress up my little cousin and take dark, dramatic black and whites of her. So serious back then. In college was when I really fell in love. I would stay in the darkroom for hours and hours to perfect one print. My camera was attached to me every minute. I took a little detour after college, got into film and editing and would spend my days on the beach. I started shooting kids because I just love their magic - they are so sure of themselves and live in the moment and honestly, I love their clothes.

favorite thing about working with the theme tales of midsummer? Here in California, midsummer is hot hot and means the beach and pools. We decided to go almost literal with it and play off midsummer night’s dream. We wanted fantasy, and magic in an enchanted forest complete with a pink haired horse. favorite thing to do on a summerday? Now our family loves to go to the beach. The kids can run wild, play in the waves, catch sand crabs and make sea kelp castles. We get sandwiches from our favorite deli and have a picnic when we first get there. The girls surf with their dad and we stay and watch the sunset. Then they fall asleep in the car with sandy feet and salty.

HEATHER ROME @heather_rome Stylist and mama to Penelope age 6, Cash age 10 and Dax age 13. Born and raised in southern California and always want to live as close as possible to the ocean. how did you end up doing what you do? From as young as I can remember I have always been into clothes and fashion. My mom sewed most of my clothes, and I would sit next to her making clothing for my dolls. I took a fashion course in high school which led to a fashion marketing and design course in college. My last semester I interned at a fashion magazine, and I continued styling.

favorite astrid lindgren story? Hands down ”Pippi in the South Seas” My daughter’s nickname is Pippi and came from my childhood idol Pippilotta Provisiona Garbedina Dandeliona Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking AKA Pippi Longstocking. favorite thing to do on a summerday? One of my best summers ever was when I was 10 and went to sleep away camp. We paddled canoes, sang campfire songs, rode horses, swam in the lake and answered Native American names the entire week. I went by Summer Moon.



La maisor de Loulou

Photos and DIY: Marie-Laure from La maisor de Loulou

ABOUT LA MAISON DE LOULOU @Marrylor A room is where all the dreams begin, and where La maison de Loulou was first dreamt up a few years ago. Born from the desire to have a beautiful, simple and intuitive space for kids to live, refer and grow with. Born in Paris France, Marie-Laure graduated with a degree in Architecture. In 2008 her daughter Louise arrived and a new chapter began. Since Marie-Laure has been drawn to working on smaller scales projects focussing in kids spaces. Giving these projects a functional yet playful design with the right amount of her french DIY side. who are you? My name is Marie-Laure, I am behind La Maison de Loulou Blog; a do-it-yourself studio for children. Each week, through my blog, I showcase easy, fun and environmentally friendly craft ideas to make and play with. My goal is to pass on my love for crafting to children and especially my own. I strongly believe that children need to craft, be creative and play. I like to design projects that encourage imagination, independence, and fun. My kids (Louise is 5 1/2 and Roman 5 months) are my number one daily inspiration and the blog is growing with them. We live in Brooklyn, New York where the time never stop. where do you buy/find supplies for diy? Art/craft stores, hardware store and supermarkets for the cardboard. I have a tight budget, so nothing more than $10 for a DIY

what’s most important to remember when being creative and playing with diy’s? No matter how it looks at the end it ,is your toy, you made it and be proud of it! name 3 of your favorite inspiration go-to’s? Handmade Charlotte: Merg Mag: Apartment Therapy: tell us your favorite thing about summertime? Summer is my favorite season, just because for a long moment (2 months because of the kids) we can slow down. We live outside, we can do whatever we want, eat when we want, and have no schedule. Everything is all about discoveries and fun. Oh and also summertime for me is the smell of sunscreen, sugary lemonade, coconut ice cream and naps. describe the perfect summerday? Ok, my perfect day would be in Formentera (Spain) where we used to go every year. That is the ultimate & best vacation ever for me and my most fondest summertime memories are from these trips. First I would go fishing and swimming early in the morning, then spend some time nursing the vegetable & fruit gardens and get inspired by all the colors, smells, bugs and so on. After a good lunch, I would nap in the treehouse. Maybe go for a bit of more beachtime in the afternoon and to finish the day in style I would get a drink while still on the beach. I would wear a liberty, light summer dress, have my hair barely attached and relax and I would bring my swimsuit, that is it. childhood midsummer memory? My friendship with a pig. We met one day and we became friends.

Vintage Summertime Photographer: Kris Murphy

Look in your treasure chest and see what you find

KRIS MURPHY @krismurphypics Photographer, single mom of two little spirits Maddin (8) & Rye (7),Miami, Florida. how did I end up doing what i’m doing? Well, after graduating from the University of Notre Dame I lived in NYC and Los Angeles California to pursue an acting career. I was a theatre major at Notre Dame and minored in photojournalism. In Los Angeles, I worked on several t.v. shows and then landed a role on The West Wing for 7 years. It was magical working at warner brothers studios and becoming dear friends with Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe, Allison Janney, and of course the magnificent Aaron Sorkin, Oscar winner and creator of the show. The last season, I had my first daughter Maddin and my ex husband decided to move us to Washington D.C. When Maddin was 10 months I became pregnant with my second daughter Ryan. A slight depression set in for 3 reasons. 1. I missed California and acting terribly. 2. I didn’t feel I had any creative outlet. 3. The snowy, grey weather was not a good fit for me. One snowy day, I found my old camera in a box I was unpacking. I stared at the camera, and felt something coming alive in my soul. Like butterflies in my stomach. From that moment on, I have never put the camera down. If I saw the light hit a building a certain way, or a firefly come out at night, my camera became my eyes, heart and memory. Having young babies or children, in my opinion, is the most precious gift in getting back in touch with what matters.

Also, I found myself being drawn to colors again. Something I had lost track of somewhere in the middle of growing up. Sadly, my marriage fell apart, but I have the best of two daughters. We moved to NYC, I created a web site, and never really stopped working. We now live in sunny South Florida and have discovered the magic and mysteries of the sea. on working with the theme of tales of midsummer: When learning about the assigment for EnfantsterriblesMag, Tales of Midsummer, I was thrilled. My daughters and I immediately went to our treasure chest, an old steamer trunk for the late 1800’s and began to pick out vintage clothing and props to create our editorial. What struck me most about this session was how effortless it was. I learned that no matter what the season, but especially summertime, there is magic to be found everywhere. Just close your eyes, tap into your imagination and run with it. Don’t overthink. That’s what adults do. Become a child again. That is what summer is all about. So dive into your treasure chest and find your summer.I promise it will be one of the best summers of your life.



BOOK CRUSH recommendations for you by julie arndrup @thejulesrules There is a place where it’s always Summer. Where the days are long and bright and where the sun never sets. Except when it does, thus giving space to the gloomy darkness and the creatures hiding in the shadows between the slender beeches and birches. In the Scandinavian Countries of Childhood Midsummer is a condition. A way of living. It’s the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of bumblebees buzzing while you’re lying in the hammock reading your favorite book. Here are my suggestions for books to read with your children, that strike at the heart of that special Midsummer Mood and takes you to magic places of endless days and makebelieve.

MOST BELOVED SISTER by Astrid Lindgren (1949)

Most Beloved Sister is a book I kept from my own childhood. The old tattered picture book I own is from 1973, and very beautifully illustrated by Hans Arnold. You can still sometimes get a hold of this particular print through Amazon, but they are quite rare these days. The story, however, can also be found in several recent books with the complete works of Astrid Lindgren, and even without the poetic, slightly sinister illustrations by Hans Arnold and the story remains one of my favorites, which is why I knew that this was one of the first books I'd like to share, when I was asked to do this book crush feature for the magazine. The story is about Barbara, a lonely, little girl, who has a magic rosebush in the garden. Through this rosebush, Barbara can visit a hidden world, where she plays all day with her secret twin sister Ylva 足Li. In this hidden secret world the girls each have their own beautiful horse and a cute dog. All day they ride around experiencing amazing, sometimes scary, sometimes beautiful things, while eating pancakes and having the time of their lives. The story is simple and close to a childlike narrative, and it has a deep and poetic side to it, which like many of Astrid Lindgren's other stories has a melancholic, yet soothing undertone to it. It elegantly and convincingly deals with one of life's difficulties wether your a child or a grownup; loneliness. Finde it here on

GARMANN'S SUMMER by Stian Hole (2008)

Stian Hole is a Norwegian author and illustrator who never ceases to impress me with his outstanding talents. In a facinating mix of collage and illustration, he takes us into the child's imaginative world. Through the boy named Garmann's eyes, we re足live the thousands of feelings and concerns a child might go through. In Garmann's Summer we meet Garmann as he is about to start his first year of school. He is exited and he is scared. He is afraid of the changes, and fears the unknown. The book touches on the topic of the anxieties we all go trough when things are about to end and new things are about to begin. Garmann's old aunts are visiting, and he realizes that even the adults have things they fear. What I really love about Garmann's Summer is that it leaves me with a warm feeling in my stomach and I have to admit even a tear in my eye. And it awakens strong and sweet memories of how it was being a child. These were my Midsummer Reading Recommondations. I hope you will track down the books and have yourself a magic midsummer moment. Enjoy! Finde it here on Garmanns summer is also a very beautiful eBook for iPad

Loneliness is a dear friend of Mine

Photographer: CĂŠline Hallas Illustrator: Pascaline Floch aka Pskd

Crown: Noé & Zoë - Shirt: Mango - Shorts: Zara

Dress: Zara

Swimsuit: Popupshop - Trousers: Noé & Zoë - Sandals: PèPè

PASCALINE FLOCH aka PSKD @pskd_illustration

30, French, currently lives in Montreal with her husband, daughter and french bulldog. on tales of midsummer: I thought that the theme ”Tales of midsummer” was immensely inspiring and I loved working with the lights and the burst of colors. My interpretation working directly on Célines pictures was on the colorful and poetic side. The images had this sort of underlying magical universe hiding in them and I so enjoyed working on them.

My favorite summer memory is one of family times spent in Brittany (France) eating outside in the sun and enjoying the seaside. During summer, I love going to the beach, shellfish picking with my family, ending the day enjoying a drink with my friends. That to me would be the perfect summer day!

Elsa Billgren


We're introducing a new feature in this 5th issue. We want to be able to share with you, inspiring women who dress to impress. Our emphasis for this magazine has up until now been mostly on children's fashion. With our new Style Crush feature we are opening new doors. We want our readers to find inspiration on many levels, and we found that the Style Crush feature is the perfect way of sharing inspiration in a fun and quirky way. Our very first Style Crush had to be on the devine Elsa Billgren, on whom we've had a girl crush for years. Her fun and quirky style is everything we love about fashion. Feminine, colourful and playful. Readers, meet Elsa:

personal @elsabillgren Elsa Billgren, 28 ,Tv show host, interior decorator, blogger, vintage lover and writer, Stockholm, Sweden. tell us your story? how did you end up doing what you do? I started working as a Press officer for Beyond Retro vintage stores in 2008 and have continued loving media and vintage ever since. I did my first tevelvision show at age 19 and raided my very first container bin for vintage goodies with my mom at age 9. what does happiness mean to you? Waking up rested, having a great day planned, taking a long walk, making out, drinking wine in the middle of the day and finding a new vintage wedding dress for almost nothing. 3 words that encapsule your essence as a human being? Romantic, Messy and Loud. what is most important to you? Good Health, Friends, Love and Dreams.

on style what does style mean to you? Style is something you can´t hide. Things you sourround yourself with that describe you and what you want out of life. Honesty and colors. what 3 words describes your personal style the best? Childish, Vintage and Colorful. what makes a perfect Elsa outfit? A cirkled skirt, Vintage Gingham Dress in a great pastel colour, Pigtails, some sort of fake diamonds, Ballerinas and Tights with a hole on them some where. who do you look to for inspiration on style? Old movies, Pinterest, My Mom’s closet, Disney. what are you currently inspired by? Folklore, Sexy Farm Girls and Art Nouveau. favorite colour? Bright Light Blue, Pistacchio and Pink. favorite cut? Circle skirt, narrow waist with puffy sleaves. where do you find your clothes? At my favorite vintage stores in Stockholm, Beyond Retro and Old touch and Etsy. favorite outfit in the whole wide world? A beige gingham dress that is now broken. I hope I will come across one like that again. I bought it for 100 kr (13€) and wore it to pieces.

on childhood what is your best childhood memory? Going to flea markets with my mom, being an equal even though I’m just five. what was your favorite outfit growing up? My cool jeans with pockets on the thighs. who was your best friend growing up? Alice, we put socks in each others bras. what was your favorite thing to play? The ”pick one” game. did you always have such an inspiring style? Or did you go through akward faces like the rest of us? My mother dressed me amazingly until I became old enough to choose for myself. I then turned into a complete brat and wore only beige until I was 16, which is also when I wore and threw out my last pair of pants. what was your favorite thing to draw as a child? Leonardo Di Caprio...

summertime & Astrid Lindgren

tell us your favorite thing about summertime? I’m not a night person at all, so I love summer holidays, where we can relax and be together all day. It’s alright to do all sorts

of lovely things during daytime. Like dining on the grass, drinking beer, playing games, go swimming and so on and so on. describe the perfect summerday? The perfect summerday to me would be taking the car to a friend’s country house. I think I’d wear my best blue gingham dress, two braids and red lipstick. We would eat crayfish and play games with all my friends and my husband, finishing off with a swim in the ice cold lakewaters. what’s special about midsummer in stockholm and sweden? To me it’s the togetherness. Summertime is a time for us to be loads of friends together, eating not only one but two meals outside, doing the dishes, dancing around, telling secrets and spending lots and lots of time together. best childhood midsummer memory? I got to slowdance with a cool guy with Nick Carter hair and a headband to sad live music. He had a moped, and he was so tall, and I did’t dare tell him, that I was only 12. favorite astrid lindgren character or story and why? I love Pippi, she’s my idol. She is so strong yet very nice, weird and mysterious. She does things her own way. I think she sets a great example for all of us. according to you, what makes astrid lindgrens stories so special? I think it might be that the aren’t easy. They all seem to have a dark place in their heart that I can relate to. That somehow makes the stories more close to real. And they seem to have captured timeless topics of essence of childhood.

PEACE, LOVE and HAPPY KIDS Photographer: Søs Uldall-Ekman

Dress: Zara - Leggings: Name it - Wellies: Bundgaard

Dress: Pierrot la Lune - Sweater: ร“vitar, Guรฐrun & Guรฐrun

Leggings: Wovenplay/Guรฐrun & Guรฐrun - Overalls: H&M - Vest: Nameit

Onepiece: Bobo Choses - Shorts and Leggings: Bang Bang Cph

Shorts: Limited by Nameit - T-shirt: Bang Bang Cph

Baggy Pants: Bobo Choses, Butik Astas - Shirt: Lmtd by Nameit - Vest: Zara

Left picture:T-shirt: Bang Bang Cph

Swimsuit and Zipper Hoodie: Bang Bang Cph - Wellies: Bundgaard

Elias: Shorts: H&M - Tshirt: Zara

Dress: Zara - Vest: Name it

Tshirt: Bobo Choses - Shorts: H&M - Shoes: Zara

Right side: Onepiece: Bobo Choses - Skirt: Atsuyo Et Akiko, Butik AstasCardigan: Bobo Choses, Butik Astas - Socks: Monki

Shirt: ร“vitar, Guรฐrun & Guรฐrun - Shorts and Socks: H&M - Shoes: Adidas

Special thanks to the designated driver and very helpful assistant Anton KjÌr and Nikoline & Christian for lending me their magnificent vehicle <3 and to the kids for playing a long with this crazy hippie theme. -Søs

SØS ULDALL-EKMAN @thegirllikesrainbows 35, Photographer and Editor with Enfants Terribles. Lives in Copenhagen with husband Anton and their two kids Ella 6 and Elvis 2. how we decided on this issue’s theme: We decided to do a Summer edition of the magazine that was inspired by our own childhood memories. We wanted to work our way into that special feel of seemingly endless summerdays full of laughter play and togetherness. On our inspirational muse astrid lindgren: The Swedish Author Astrid Lindgren became our muse, because her stories seem to capture the very essence of childhood summers. We dived head first into all the memories and I really hope that we somehow succeeded in portraying these wonderful times and that it might make our readers reminiscense of their own childhood summers.

favorite lindgren story: No doubt the Lionheart Brothers. The story still moves me so intensely that I can’t help but cry and still feel like I’ve just been part of something important, reading it to my daugther. I feel like it shares important knowledge on life and death, that we all need to deal with, kid or grown up. It’s just the human condition and if we take it for what it is, then we can transcend to out of this world amazing places, such as Nangijala. favorite thing to do on summerday? I love the Midsummer celebration we have here in Denmark, called the Evening of St. Hans. It falls on the 23rd of June when the air is full of summer scents and the sky is bluer than blue. In the evening traditon forescribes that we all go see a i big bonfire and sing the St. Hans song, which is all about the beauty of Midsummer. I like to gather as many of our friends as we can this evening and have a picnic barbecue by the harbour side, watching the sun set, before we all go to stand around the bonfire and sing together. Simple but truly fullfilling to me.

SUMMERLOVE/SUMMERTIME Handpicked Personal Favorites for Midsummer Living. We put together these outfits for warm summerdays full of adventure, fun and colour and the

e talented illustrator Tine Ryaa aka Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a bird worked som magic around them.

TINA RYA aka SHEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S A BIRD @shesabird

39 - Artist and illustrator, Lives with her two kids, Maja 14 and Virgil 9 in Copenhagen. how i ended up doing what i do? I just never stopped drawing... and this is where I am now, working as an illustrator. favorite astrid lindgren story? No doubt Madicken! It brings back so many childhood memories!

best things to do on a summerday? I love all the outdoor time we get to spend. A perfect ay to me would be spent at the sea. Swimming with the kids. Riding our bikes all over town. Eating locally grown strawberries and lots and lots of them!

CITY CRUSH midsummer in Stockholm

by Ulrica Loeb @ulricaloeb A gentleman from Great Britain once said to me that Stockholm was “the best kept secret of Europe”. At the time I did not understand but now, several years later, I do. The water, the light, the easiness to get around and nature always close to the city. I have lived in Stockholm for many years, and every day I get amazed over the beauty of the city. So this is my little insiders guide to visiting this best kept secret city of Stockholm. I hope it will make you want to come visit me and the wonderful city of Stockholm.

djurgården - museums, history and amusement park Djurgården is home to historical buildings and monuments, museums, galleries, the amusement park Gröna Lund, the open air museum Skansen, the small residential area Djurgårdsstaden, yacht harbors and extensive stretches of forest and meadows. It is one of the favorite recreational areas in Stockholm with over 10 million visitors per year. And yes, this is where a lot of tourists gather. And they are right to! In Djurgården you’ll also find the brand new pop-action-music ABBA museum, and not very far from this is the Vasa Museum, where you can see a ship from 1628 in full display, rescued from the waters just outside Djurgården in the 1960’s. Contrasts? Yes! And I love it. Just next to the Vasa Museum is Junibacken, a children’s museum, devoted to Swedish children’s literature, with a focus on Astrid Lindgren. This is the place to visit

Pippi Longstocking and her friends; Emil of Lönneberga, Karlsson-on-the-Roof, Ronia the Robber’s Daughter and The Brothers Lionheart. If you have early-rising young children, this is the place. They open at 09.00 and you go on their storytellingtrain, play in Pippi Longstockings house, and when you and the kids are done you’ll have lunch in the restaurant, Swedish pancakes or meatballs. The kids will fall asleep in their stroller, and you can pop over to the Vasa Museum. All in all a perfect day! go for a swedish ”fika” In Sweden we do ’fika’ all the time. Fika is most often going on a coffee break with co-workers, friends or family. You can fika at work, usually everybody goes for a coffee break at a certain time, at my job at 9.30 and again at 14.30. But almost always

the fika includes something sweet to eat, such as cookies, cakes or candy accompanied with your coffee or tea. A very typical Swedish “fikabröd” (fika-bread) is cinnamon roll, something called a dammsugare “vacuum cleaner” – yes strange I know – and a biskvi, a kind of chocolate biscuit creamy inside. You can fika wherever, on a café or konditori, a patisserie-based coffeehouse or bakery, and they are easy to find. I have one favorite café; Café Pistage on Bannérgatan 27, close to the subway at Karlaplan. Pistage is a small café with handmade miniature “fikabröd” so you can taste different typical Swedish pastries. Kristin, the owner, makes the minitraditional-cinnamon-roll, tiny tiny dammsugare and small biskvi’s. Her pastries are like small jewels, and you want them all. Each one of the smallest cost merely 10 kr, so there’s no excuse not to try them all!

södermalm heigts Södermalm, or Söder, is one of the districts in central Stockholm. It is an island with the Baltic sea on one side and the lake Mälaren on the other, connected with bridges and the locks at Slussen. Södermalm is the place where Stieg Larssons books about the girl with the dragon tattoo are played out. Financial Times actually wrote earlier this year that Södermalm is the perfect alternative to Williamsburg in New York and Shoreditch in London for hipster tourists… Well, you do not need to be a hipster to love Södermalm with all the bars, shopping, galleries, historical houses, both old working class housing from the 18th century, the more fancy houses from the same era, and some new modern projects in the mix. My best tip is to go to Slussen and walk along the street Hornsgatan. Walk up the old part of Hornsgatan where you’ll find galleries, cafées and small shops with designers and jewelry makers. If you turn

right onto Bellmansgatan you’ll find the Montelius walk or in Swedish, Montelius Stigen. This small walk is climbing onto the cliff of Mariaberget (Maria Mountain), and the view over Stockholm is spectacular from here. There are benches to sit on, and it is easy to bring a stroller along the way. Why not have your picnic here? old town – royal guards and stockholm bloodbath Gamla Stan, litterally the Old Town, is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe, and one of the foremost attractions in Stockholm. Gamla Stan is so beautiful you can walk the old streets for hours, stopping for fika every now and then, taking tons of photos. I recommend taking a guided tour to get all the details on the Stockholm bloodbath and other interesting stories. At noon they change guards at the Royal Palace, the Nobel Museum is right in the center of Gamla Stan, and at The Armoury you can

imagine how it would be to be a prince or a princess and see clothes from 16th century till today. let’s go swimming! Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit on your trip to Stockholm, if you’re visiting during summer! There are several public beaches and outdoor swimming pools around the city. One of the nicest places is Långholmen, an island next to Södermalm. It’s a little island with a small beach, café and a prison museum. It’s silent, green and away from the city pulse just a brisk walk from the subway, Hornstull. At Hornstull there is also a spectacular indoor swimming pool, floating on the lake Mälaren! It’s not that bog of a pool, only 16 meters long, but heated to 30°C, which can be very nice on a frisky Scandinavian summer day. On Saturdays they have family hours 8.00-14.00, and this is just a perfect start of the weekend for a little, special family time, I think.

After the swim, go for lunch in the hip Söder-neighbourhood. Another great little beach is Trekanten at Liljeholmen. This is a very nice place for smaller children. It has sand and a big lawn to sit on. Of course you’ll find ice cream and hot dogs for sale at this beach! There’s a fantastic playground, just next to the subway. It’s called The Fruit park, and the slide is shaped as a banana and the swings as cherries - yay! If you have older kids Eriksadalsbadet is a must, close to subway Skanstull. They have outdoor pools for every age and an indoor waterpark. It’s open all year round (not the outdoors), and my kids just love this place!

Makai / Mauka Photographer: Annika Lundkvist Models: Niche Models & Talent Clothes: Mamanu Kids

Location: Kahala Hotel & Resort, Oahu

Location: Living Life Source Foundation, Manoa Valley, Oahu

ANNIKA LUNDKVIST 36, Photographer. Lives with Baby Hunter (6 months) & husband Michael in Honolulu.

how did you end up doing what you do?

I have enjoyed photography as a hobby for many years & decided to start pursuing it as a business in 2011 while living in Southern Germany. I had a good, productive start in Bavaria. By the time we moved to Hawai’i in the Summer of 2013, I was 6 months pregnant & preparing to take a bit of a break. But I can never truly take a break from being behind the camera!!! I said several times that I would not ever get into children’s photography, but I found myself doing just that here in Hawai’i & adoring it! I genuinely enjoy photography in my life as a craft, business & art. first thoughts when seeing the theme? My first thoughts were quite visual & traditional in nature - mainly images of flowers & the maypole! But I also thought of all the great feasting that would be going on all over Scandinavia- all that delicious food that I would love to both photograph & eat!!

favorite thing about working with the theme tales of midsummer? I grew up with summer trips to Sweden so this theme brought up a bit of nostalgia for me, as well as for places I have lived that have the defined traditional 4 seasons & celebrate the solstices with great energy. favorite astrid lindgren Story? Oh my, just one?!! Well, who does not love Pippi & all her tales?!! I liked Ronja the Robbers Daughter o so much that I named one of our cats Ronja. I really enjoyed the Bullerby children books growing up as well. I have a feeling I will be falling in love with Lindgren’s books & characters all over again during the next several years. favorite thing to do on a summerday? I grew up with beach days in Florida & California & will probably always equate good summers with full days at the beach that end with that super relaxed, sun kissed & salty skin feeling. My husband is a great grill master & we love having barbecue parties too so some beach time followed by a barbecue at our place would be pretty much perfect.

















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enfants terribles on-FONT terr-EE-bluh


Terrible children. One who acts unconventionally. French expression traditionally referring to a child who is terrifyingly candid by saying embarrassing things to adults, especially parents. However, the expression has drawn multiple usage in careers of art, fashion, music, and other creative arts. In these careers, it implies a successful "genius" who is very unorthodox, striking, and in some cases, offensive or rebellious. Classically, one who "thumbs their nose" at the establishment, or challenges it.

JUNE 2014 issue #5

Profile for Enfants Terribles Magazine

Enfants Terribles - the Tales of Midsummer issue  

Enfants Terribles Magazine #5 the Tales of Midsummer issue We wanted to share with you our fondest memories of Childhood and Summer in Scan...

Enfants Terribles - the Tales of Midsummer issue  

Enfants Terribles Magazine #5 the Tales of Midsummer issue We wanted to share with you our fondest memories of Childhood and Summer in Scan...

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