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Cover shoot: Photographer: Céline Hallas Model: Sienna Dress: Caramel Baby and Child Hat: Marapytta Shoes: Bundgaard

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editor’s letter

Dear Readers, Spring is finally here! The sun delicately shines upon us and fills us with energy for new adventures. Nothing beats the first cup of coffee enjoyed outside in the sun watching the kids play on the chlorophyle green grass. Life is good! Here in Scandinavia the days are significantly longer now and it seems like we get a lot more time to do, to dream and to dance. I guess the price of living with the changing seasons will always be that we have to say goodbye to the sun for a while during Winter, but boy is it worth it, when the world outside suddenly turns bright and green and bursting with spring blossoms. Spring is so good to us it calls for a celebration! So we decided to dedicate this our 4th isssue of the magazine to Springtime in all it's glory. The goal is for you to feel bathed in sunshine, light and inspiration. We chased the first rays of light all the way to France and therefore you'll get a touch of French light and love in this issue, along with a fine selection of new Enfants Terribles Magazine Creative Crushes for you. The contributors to this issue, have worked with the theme of chasing the light and we are so proud to share their work with you in the magazine. Enough with the praising of Spring - Now it's time for you to have some good times with us! We hope you will thoroughly enjoy our newest issue. And if you can, do yourself the favor of reading it on a screen bigger than your phone, I promise it'll be worth it! Happy reading <3 Søs


Our magazine keeps growing and we have so many talented contributors this time also. It makes us feel both proud, humble and happy that awesome people want participate in our online magazine making endeavours! Since we’re working with the Spring theme for this issue, we’ve asked some of our contributors to tell us of their Spring favorites and we even got a few of them to share with us the stories of their first loves and first kisses. Spring is the best season to fall and be in love n’est-ce-pas?

JULIE MARABELLE Is the excellent designer behind Famille Summerbelle designs and our ART Crush for this issue. Julie recently moved to Amsterdam with her family and her new favorite Spring Blossoms are the Amsterdam Tulips in all the colours of the rainbow. The name of her designs were enough to make us fall in love. Summerbelle - how perfect is that! And her real name isn’t too bad either? Makes us dream of warm afternoons on the grass in the shadow of a fruittree.

LOIS MORENO Lois is another talented editorial contributor for this Spring issue. She shot the Into the Green series for us in the beautiful Jardin Botanique of Lyon, France. Lois was very, very shy when she was little and not very comfortable in her skin. But that didn’t mean she didn’t have a secret crush on someone at school. She was 7 and his name was Matthieu and she liked him because he was nice, cute and a little crazy. She never declared her love...

MICHELLE HOUSSEL This girl is hard not to fall for. It seems there’s nothing she can’t do?! Michelle is the woman behind the great blog Dancey Pants Disco, one of the best blogs there is at the moment and she is the kind of girl you fall head over heels with at first sight or read... Not only is she talented and beautiful, she is also a wonderfulperson. As you can tell we have a hard crush on this talented young woman and look forward to showing her off to the world. ’My first kiss was with a boy I loved when I was 12. He’s another creative soul and we’ve been friends since, he currently lives in one of my favorite places!’

MARIA ENGBJERG Our FOOD Crush this time is the lovely Maria who runs the fresh foodblog Vanløse Blues. She whipped together the taste of Danish Spring in the form of three delicious salads that you have to try! Marias favorite springblossoms are Snowdrops. Read more about Maria and her blog in our Food Crush (P.)

EMMA DONNELY Emma shot an editorial for this issue inspired by the French movie Le Ballon Rouge. She decided to play and challenge our Chasing the Light theme and we love what she came up with! Emma’s first kiss was in the school playground when she was 5. His name was Scott... CéLINE HALLAS Céline went all in on the Light Chasing for this issue. She chased it all the way down to the South of France and encapsulated it in the stunning editorials you’ll see in this issue. Huge fan of the sun and natural lights this amazing woman masters the discipline of sunflairs to the extreme and you can prepare yourself to get blown away with beauty. Céline somehow managed to whipe clean her slate and doesn’t recall loving or kissing anyone other than her husband... oh wait was there a huge teen crush on Jonathan from New Kids on the Block? AURéLIE LéCUYER Honestly we’ve been fans of the beautiful blog ’Le Dans La’ for years and so it is with great joy that we introduce you to Aurélie. Aurélie lives with her husband and three kids in a dreamy house just outside Nantes, France. In this issue she gives us the tour of her home and shares some thoughts on homemaking and familylife and light.

SØS ULDALL-EKMAN Words sometimes come easy to me. That’s why I do most of our text editing for the magazine. Sometimes they don’t come easy at all though... Especially when I have a crush on someone. My first real crush on a boy was when I was 5. His name was Hans-Henrik and he lived down the street in a big white house and I would blush whenever he walked into the room. When I had my 6th birthdayparty he was there and his congratulations note was written on a heartshaped piece of paper. That day he kissed me on the cheek in our garden and I kept the heartshaped note in my little ballerina jewel box for many years.

IDA LÆRKE Our INSTAGRAM Crush this issue is the brilliant @idalaerke. With our ’Chasing the Light’ theme for this issue, we thought she would be the perfect person to ask to share her own favorite shots of Scandinavian light. This lady is a master of telling stories with the use of a natural light and we hope you’ll be as inspired as we are.


Photographer: CĂŠline Hallas

Our secret place

Shoes: Bundgaard - Bracelets: H&M Blouse & necklace: Louise Misha - Jeans: Molo

Socks: Ai - Shoes: Adidas

Shirt: Wolf and Rita - Shorts: Molo

Shoes: Bundgaard Cherrys: ByDomi - Dress: Wolf and Rita - Stockings: H&M

Shirt: Wolf and Rita - Pants: Molo Shoes: Vans

Doll: Smilerynker

Flowers: By Domi - Vest: Rita and Wolf - T-shirt: Zara - Jeans: Molo

Shooes: Bundgaard - Bracelet: Louise Misha Belt: H&M

CITY CRUSH springtime in paris

@thegirllikesrainbows Our very first City Crush had to be Paris. Ever since I was a little girl this city fascinated me so. My parents went there when they first met and rumor has it that this was where I came into play... Yes! I was made in Paris! and I’m sure I’m not the only one... This beautiful city oozes with romance. Sounds like such a cliché I know, but if you’ve allready been to Paris, you know what I’m talking about. When I was 18, I moved to Paris and fell so hard for this place that I actually stayed there for four years, before returning to Copenhagen. I loved living Paris and even started to feel a little bit like a Parisian, working, studying and living in the city of love. Time passed and I travelled to other

places and hid my love for Paris in a corner of my heart. Oh my did it feel good to be back! And Paris in Springtime has to be my favorite. Pink, fluffy, sunny and romantic. What more can a girl ask for? Au revoir Paris my love, see you again soon! Here are my personal favorites for doing Paris in Springtime.

FAVORITE THINGS TO DO IN PARIS 1. paris by bike Being a true Copenhagener I have to say that finally being able to bike around Paris was my favorite activity on this trip back to the city. When I lived in Paris anyone biking around in the crazy traffic of this city was gambling with their life. Fortunately like many other cities, Paris has undergone a copenhagenization and

now has more than 700 km bikelane in the city and 23 000 citybikes at your disposal. There are 1800 spots to pick up the bikes and the way you use them is that you sign up at the automat at one of these spots.

Not having access to the web I found this really useful and cheap guidebook that has maps, info and suggested routes for you to take around Paris.

You can get a pass for 1 day (€1.70) or for 7 days (€8). The pass gives you a code to enter when hauling a bike from one of the stations. The first 30 minutes of each trip are free and thereafter the cost of each extra half hour is progressive: 1€, €2 then €4. So the trick really, is to plan your trip around the city between the bike stations, which are also situated close to all the major streets and sites in Paris. If you park the bike each 30 minutes then it won’t cost you a thing.

2. chillng in parks with champagne and macarons

You can plan your trip via the Vélib’ homepage and there’s also an app, which only works if you can catch free wifi or have a phone subscription that allows you to use data, without costing a fortune.

It’s so easy to get caught up chasing all the sights to see in Paris, but some of the best times spent in this city are the ones that involve champagne, and for those of you who share my passion for macarons, those can be added for some french sweetness. I find that the best macarons are the ones you find at the Moulin de la Vierge bakeries. They have 5 boulangeries in Paris, so you should be able to find one on your trip around town.

FAVORITE SPOTS FOR CHILLING IN PARIS: Jardin des Tuilleries The stairs in front of the Sacré Coeur The tip of île-Saint-Louis down by the Seine Jardin de Luxembourg Les Berges de Paris 3. eating french breakfast and drinking coffee in the cafés while peoplewatching. Café au Lait, Fresh Croissants and baguettes with butter and confiture. Add an oeuf à la coque and eat it real slow while you peoplewatch. Any Parisian Café will do really but some of the very Parisian ones in Saint-Germain-des-Prés or at the Place des Vosges are highly recommendable.

www.cafedeflore.fr/accueil/menu/ www.lesdeuxmagots.fr/en/ambiances. php#/ambiances.php www.ma-bourgogne.fr/vosges_uk.html If yoy do lunch then Warm Goats Cheese salads and Croque-Madames are my favorite. We had a very nice meal at the Café Central in the 7th arrondissement on our way back from a trip all the way up the Eiffeltower. By the way if you do the Eiffeltower then avoid the long wait by skipping the weekend and either going early or late in the day. It was my 7th trip up the Tower but my first one ever all the way. I don’t do well with hights but challenged myself to aim for the top. And I survived:-) 4. river cruise on the seine I know it sounds very touristy but I always liked the river cruises. Even here in Copenhagen the harbour cruise is one of

my favorite things to do with visitors. Seeing the city from a boat sure beats sitting on one of those big busses in my book and it provides for a welldeserved break from all the walking, biking and metroriding that you do on a typical day in Paris. Depending what time you do the cruise you can either bring a sandwich from one of the local bakeries. A baguette with some fresh goats cheese and some cherry tomatoes will also make for a real feast on board. If you do the evening cruise then try to catch the 8 pm ride. That way you get to experience the Eiffel Tower sparkle session from the boat and that is probably the best view you can possibly get of this old steel lady. http://www.bateaux-mouches.fr/en http://www.bateauxparisiens.com/

5. kiss on all the bridges If you are in Paris with your chosen one, then make sure you kiss on all the bridges. I promise you it’ll get you all giddy and puppyluvy. We were only in Paris for 4 days so we had to skip the many wonderful museums and the awesome shopping oppurtunity this time around, but we had lots of fun exploring the city on our bikes and hey now we have an excuse to go back asap! À la prochaine Paris <3

ART CRUSH www.famillesummerbelle.com www.famillesummerbelle.typepad.com Our ART Crush for this issue is the talented designer Julie Marabelle. Many of you may have seen her wonderful papercuts which are crazy popular and very beautiful. Since our theme for this issue was inspired by our trips to France, we thought the City designs of Famille Summerbelle were just perfect for our creative art crush and we hope you’ll enjoy a peak into the creative mind of this lovely lady. WHO Julie Marabelle is the cofounder and creative mind behind Famille Summerbelle designs. Julie draws, cuts paper and make pretty things with her two hands all while running her very own succesful business together with her companion Simon Summerscales. She recently moved with her family to Amsterdam. Where she loves cycling along the canals when the sun is shining. WHAT what 3 words would you pick to describe your artwork? delicate, colourful, handcrafted. how do you work? In my studio surrounded with all sorts of crayons, paints, rolls of paper, my beloved cutting board and scalpel. what inspires you? Looking at your magazine.

what would you like people to remember you for? I hope not just for my City maps paper cuts.


why do you do what you do? Because it makes me happy. I have always made things, I guess it’s in my genes, I come from a creative family.

how will you make your dream come true? Going more often on holidays further South

INSPIRATION where do you look for inspiration? Pretty much everywhere around me. It could be a pattern on a dress, the colour of a brick wall, a typography on a menu. I register every little detail in a special box in my brain!

what do you dream of? Living in a warmer country

SPRING favorite thing about spring? Le soleil, blue sky, birds singing in the morning and wearing less layers. describe the perfect spring day? Outside in the sun with my children.

alltime personal favorites:

favorite spring blossom? Tulips from Amsterdam!

artist: The colourful work of Kirra Jamisson

first kiss? Oh dear...

artwork: One Way Colour Tunnel by Olafur Eliasson movie: Playtime by Jacques Tati music: Any songs by Steve Wonder city: Paris place: My bed quote: ’It always seems impossible until it’s done’ Nelson Mandela


Feeling that Paris crush build up? Longing for some French springtime loving?We have just the thing for you! Courtesy of our ART Crush Famille Summerbelle we are able to give away one Paris Papercut and two of the new notebooks from the Summerbelle Paris Collection. All you have to do to win is share your Springtime moments with us. You can enter via email (enfantsterriblesmag@gmail.com) Instagram #ETMSPRINGCRUSH @enfantsterriblesmag or Facebook by @ us on facebook.com/enfantsterriblesmag. Make sure you like and follow for further updates. We will be sharing your images on our social media platforms, in order to share the inspiration that flows from this little competition. Winners will be announced May 4th 2014.

want this spot?? We have introduced adds to our magazine. If you’d like to be in our next issue please feel free to email us: enfantsterribles@gmail.com

au marché Photographer: Søs Uldall-Ekman

Place: TORVEHALLERNE in Copenhagen

Jacket: Wheat - Hat: H&M - Dress: Marmar Copenhagen

Jacket: Mini Rodini - Shirt: Molo - Red jacket: Zara

Shorts: Marmar Copenhagen - Socks: Bobo Choses - Wellies: Bundgaard

Hat: Cth Mini / Butik Astas

Blue Jacket: Reima

Jacket and backpack: Zara

Sweater: Mads Nørgaard, Englebørn - Shirt: Wolf & Rita - Skirt: Marmar Copenhagen

Shoes: Mina Shoes - Socks: Bobo Choses

Overalls: Le Carrousel - ParisShirt: Mads Nørgaard, Englebørn - Shoes: Mina

Jacket: Wheat - Dress: Wheat - Shirt: Comme des Garcons, Englebørn - Hairband: H&M

Sweat: HugolovesTiki - Shirt: Wolf & Rita - Trousers: Gro - Shoes: Mina Shoes

FOOD CRUSH greens - veggies - simplicity

www.vanloseblues.blogspot.dk @vanloseblues This issue is our little tribute to the return of light after a very dark Scandinavian winter. Springtime in the Nordic countries means more hours of sunshine and fresh and crispy greens from local farmers. We thought we needed a recipe that celebrated Spring finally being here and Maria from the foodie blog Vanløse Blues kindly offered to take up the challenge. Here's what Maria has to say about food, spring and blogging. Enjoy this foodies tribute to Springtime.

Photographer: Céline Hallas - Styling: Maria Engbjerg - Plates: Royal Copenhagen

WHO My name is Maria, I'm A 32 year old foodblogger at Vanløse Blues. I live in a small apartment in Vanløse, Denmark with my boyfriend and our daughter Alma who turns 7 this summer. BLOG What three words would you use to describe your bloguniverse? Greens, veggies & simplicity why do you blog about food? Food is my passion. I love food and I love the blogging media. So it was the most natural thing for me to blog about food. what's your favorite thing about blogging on the topic of food? I love being a source of inspiration to my readers. Making fresh and beautiful salads is my passion, and the bonus is Of course that I get to eat all the lovely food I make.

least favorite thing about it? At the moment I can't Think of anything... maybe that I have too many recipe ideas, more than I can manage to eat!? 3 blogs that inspire you at the moment? www.apinchofyum.com www.loveandlemons.com www.amsterdamfoodstories.com favorite kitchen utencils? My mandoline slicer, can't live without it! FOOD favorite dish? It's impossible to choose just one dish. But a nice dish of fish and veggies always makes my stomach happy. favorite kitchen? Again It's difficult to choose just one. But the Vietnamese kitchen has always been a favorit. I love all the spices, veggies and fresh herbs. favorite 3 ingredients? It changes from time to time, but right now my favorits are, eggs, cress and salmon I eat it for breakfast. Best start to the day! signature dish? I don't think I have a signature dish yet, but when you eat at my house, you can be sure that there will be lots of greens, salads and homemade dips and sauces. what do you dream of making that you haven't yet? Fresh springrolls! They look and taste so GOOD and you get to dip them in lovely dipping sauces like goma full of exotic flavors. I Need to make them soon!

favorite restaurant in copenhagen? Lê lê at Vesterbro. The nicest Vietnamese food in this town! best foodie experience A couple of weeks ago, I had the most amazing cheeseplate at Restaurant København. I still think about all those wonderful cheeses! SPRING favorite thing about Spring? The light and all the fresh greens like asparagus and peas. favorite Spring blossom? It has always been the snowdrop, when you see a snowdrop, you know Spring is soon to come. describe the perfect spring meal? The perfect Spring meal to me is grilled fish, and a green salad with aspargus and dijon vinagrette. favorite spring thing to do in copenhagen? Biking in the sun, feeling the buzz of people all over town. Or sitting in the sun at Torvehallerne with a nice cup of coffee.

SMOKED CHEESE SALAD WITH CUCUMBER, RADISHES AND DILL A very good spring salad that fits the most but is especially good with fish. 175 g smoked cheese 200 g of Skyr (if you can’t get a hold on this Icelandic take on youghurt, lowfat, drained youghurt will also do) 2 cloves of garlic Juice of 1/2 small organic lemon 1 small bundle of dill 1 cucumber 1 bundle of radishes Salt & pepper In a large bowl, beat smoked cheese and Skyr with garlic and lemon juice. Season the cream with salt and pepper. Rinse the cucumber and radishes and pat dry in a clean tea towel. The cucumber is cut longitudinally and the grains are scraped out with a spoon. Cut the cucumber into small cubes and radishes into thin slices, if necessary use a mandolin slicer. Chop the dill finely , leave some for garnish. Now stir the cucumber, radishes and dill in the smoked cheese cream. Arrange the salad in a bowl , garnish with dill and serve.

ICEBERG LETTUCE WITH AVOCADO, RED ONION AND MAPLE SIRUP A super simple salad where the bitter iceberg is complimented by the fatty avocado and sweet maple syrup dressing. 1 iceberg lettuce head 2 ripe avocados 1 handful of pine nuts 1 red onion Maple Syrup Dressing : 2 tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar 2 tablespoons of maple syrup Salt and pepper Whisk all the dressing ingredients together and season with salt and pepper. On a dry hot pan roast the pine nuts golden. Put them on a plate and set them aside. Share with lettuce into quarters and cut it finely and place in a large bowl or platter. Share the avocados in half, remove the stone, cut it into cubes of the skin and scrape the cubes out with a spoon. Arrange the avocado dices on top of lettuce. Finely chop the red onion and sprinkle the onion along with the toasted pine nuts over the salad . Serve dressing on the side or pour it over the salad just before serving.

ARUGULA SALAD WITH SMOKED SALMON, ASPARAGUS, RASPBERRIES AND A CRUNCHY POPPYSEED DRESSING 1 tray of arugula 1 bundle of fresh green asparagus 1 serving of smoked salmon 1 tray raspberries 1 small bunch spring onions Crunchy poppyseed dressing : 2 tablespoons of olive oil 2 tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon of honey 1 tablespoon of blue poppyseeds Salt and pepper Whisk all the dressing ingredients together and season to taste with salt and pepper. Rinse the arugula thoroughly and swirl it dry in a salad spinner . Arrange the arugula in a large bowl or platter. Pinch the salmon into small pieces and spread on top of the salad. Snap the woody ends of the asparagus and cut into diagonal pieces at approx. 2 cm. Rinse spring onions and cut the white part into diagonal pieces . Spread the asparagus, spring onions and raspberries on top of the arugula salad. Serve dressing on the side or pour it over just before serving .

WHEN SPRING CAME when spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest. the only thing that could spoil a day was people and if you could keep from making engagements, each day had no limits. people were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself. - Ernest Hemingway

Jacket and jeans: Scotch R’Belle - T-shirt: POPUPSHOP - Shoes and belt: Van

ns - Board: Penny Board

Jacket: Scotch R’Belle - T-shirt: Soft Gallery - Jeans: Okaidi - Suspenders: Clai

ire’s - Shoes: Vans

HOME CRUSH calm - simple - bright Welcome to the home of Aurélie Lécuyer www.ledansla.blogspot.com @ledansla WHO Aurélie Lécuyer, Stylist and Photographer, husband Jean-Christophe, three kids, Gustave 7, Honoré 4, Blanche 1. Oh yes and 2 chickens: Pupuce and Germaine. what do you do for fun? Listen to music and dance what makes you really happy? Seeing my kids make up stories and then play within these fantasmagoric universes. When the sun comes in the house. describe yourself in three words?

Discreet, Dreamer, Enthusiast. WHERE

A few years ago my family and I moved from Paris to a small village, just outside Nantes. In short, like many others before us, we wanted to slow down the speed of life a little and having kids sort of changed our perspective on things. I really want to live in the moment, it’s so easy to be caught up in all sorts of practical and virtual tasks and plans these days, but I try to practice this. Eventhough I have to admit it’s a difficult task. Even here in the countryside. Now we live in the 200 year old building that used to house the village school. We are right in the heart of the village and from our windows we see the village church. One of our favorite things to do on a Sunday is to go for a long morning walk in the countryside. There are some very nice trekking routes alongside our house.

Photographer: Aurélie Lécuyer

WHAT what makes a home according to you? A home to me is a very personal space, with a story to tell. As I told you we live in what used to be an old school. The building itself is 200 years old, and I like to think of the history of this space, and it’s evolution through time. Moreover, a home to me needs to be adapted for children, very functional. what’s your favorite room? My office, on the first floor, it’s so bright and I love the view overlooking the countryside. Actually I have to say I love every room in the house, each for a different reason. what’s the oldest piece of furniture in your home? A very old dressing table, from my grandmothers home. what’s the newest addition? Little shoes for my daughter, that I use like a curio on the shelves. do you have a favorite item/ furniture/artwork/pillow? I really like ceramics, and I can buy more and more and more... Generally when I add new stuff to our home it’s very spur of the moment. I see potential and go for it. describe your home in three words. Calm, Simple, Light. WHENS what’s the best thing that ever happened to you in this particular home? My daugthers birth. what will you always remember this home for? The happiness of my children to live in such a place

what are your plans for the future? We’re actually moving come July, but we still haven’t decided where to. what you will miss most about your home? The space and the fabulous light we have here. what are your dreams for your future home? We dream about living in a house, like a wood cabin near the seaside. We might be going back to the City for a short while first though. LIGHT & SPRING Light is essential to my work as a stylist and photographer as I use only natural light when shooting. My favorite thing about spring are the blossoming fruittrees. Of course especially the cherry trees, they are very hard not to swoon over. My favorite spot in our village is along the riverside. A perfect springday to me would be taking the kids out on a picnic in the countryside. Really quite basic. But nevertheless essential.

Le soleil et la fille Photographer: CĂŠline Hallas

Dress: Paa-Ny - Leggings: Mini Rodini - Shoes: Angulus - Sunglasses: Mini Rodini

Jacket: Paa-Ny - Swimsuit: Bang Bang Copenhagen - Tights: Okaidi - Shoes: Angulus - Crown: Clai


Blouse: POPUPSHOP - Pants: Scotch R’Belle - Shoes: Mina

Ida LĂŚrke

INSTA CRUSH www.idalaerke.com @idalaerke There was no doubt in our choice for the Instagram Crush for this issue, as we were working with the theme of Chasing the light. Ida LĂŚrke is the master of this discipline and maybe you allready follow her work on Instagram.

I remember when I first stumbled upon her profile. I couldn’t believe what she could do with just a phone camera and the right light and composition. The way Ida Lærke translates everyday moments into captivating still lifes is breathtaking. And so is the number of followers she has on Instagram. My guess is that Ida Lærke transcends the love of the beauty in small things and she does in such an elegant manor that is very hard indeed not to be swept of ones feet, when entering her universe. It is thus with great honour that we present to you Ida Lærke’s own selection of favorites along with a few words on her life, family and style.

ON IG what three words would you use to describe your Instagram visual universe? Natural light, simple stuff and Nordic life what story are you telling through your captures? The story of everyday aesthetics when did you first start using Instagram? September 2011

3 Instagram profiles that inspire you at the moment? @arielealasko @brandonalen @ethel_gihrmai what's your favorite childhood memory? Our travels, my horses and beach time in the summer what is important to you? My family and friends

LIGHT Light is very important to my style because I only use natural light. Light is the most inspiring thing I know. It can change your mood in a second and is therefore an important element when I want to tell a story with my photos. describe Scandinavian light in three words. Soft, clear and nuanced favorite Spot in Copenhagen? Amager fĂŚlled

describe a perfect Spring Day to you. Reading a book in our allotment garden while my kids are playing INSPIRATION My happy place is my kitchen. There is the most beautiful light and it changes with the seasons. I do everything I like here: I take photos, eat, read, relax, hang out with friends and play with my kids. what/who takes your breath away? Ron Mueck, Karl Ove Knausg책rd

where do you look for inspiration? Everywhere FUTURE what do you dream of? New York and Italy

Into th

he green

Place: LE JARDIN BOTANIQUE de lyon photographer:


hair: GIULIANO in lyon

Vest with wings, tutu & tights: FUNKY LEGS - headband: PITIMANA - ballerina: ANNIEL

Vest with wings, tutu & tights: FUNKY LEGS - headband: PITIMANA - ballerina: ANNIEL

BLOG CRUSH whimsy - wonder - exploration www.danceypantsdisco.com @ danceypantsdisco Get ready to fall head over heels in love with the wonderful woman behind the blog Dancey Pants Disco. She’s just one of those radiant people, whose light shines so bright, it can’t help but make you feel good just by looking at her. Really we could have featured this lady as all of our crushes as she is extremely creative and talented in both illustration, writing, photography and dollmaking. But we had to chose one topic (for now), so we sent her a few questions to get to know her better and we’re so happy and giddy to share with you our BLOG Crush on Michelle Housel. WHO Michelle Housel - Nantucket Island, Massachusetts - Creator/Owner of Dancey Pants Disco, Stay at home Mumma - 26 - My partner Zak and I have one little boy named Odin, and two beautiful cats. what would you like to contribute with in this world? There’s so much, but I think the most accessible to me now is joy. I want to spread joy. I try to compliment at least one stranger a day every day and like to make posts on my blog that may make someone smile. I also like to give away surprise gifts to make someone smile. INSPIRATION what/who makes you smile? Odin’s smile always makes me smile. A freshly blooming flower, daisy fields, a new baby, foraging, harvesting food from our garden, watching bees dance, dreaming of new places to adventure, dreaming in general, happy people, among countless others. I’m always smiling.

Photographer: Michelle Housel

what takes your breath away? Beautiful sunsets or sunrises, the kind that are so overwhelming that you forget to breathe. Seeing the mountains or any new scenery really. This planet is constantly taking my breath away. where is your happy place? With my family. Whenever I’m with Zak and Odin, I’m home. There are physical places that make me happy, but nothing like the feelings I feel when the three of us are cuddled up in bed. where do you look for inspiration? The biggest source of inspiration comes to me from something as simple as a walk in the woods. I love looking at new art books and photography. Listening to new music or live music is also a great inspiration for me. what is your dream? To one day write a children’s book. Hopefully a few. I want that more than anything and always have! Another dream would be to have a beautiful studio with windows from wall to wall all the way around the room. Zak wants to build it for me as soon as we save enough to buy our own land and start a farm! who do you admire and why? Beautiful and kind strangers. Children who are still curious. Music makers and visual creators. They make the world beautiful and for that I admire them. ABOUT THE BLOG Why do you blog? I blog to remind myself of the positive moments in my life and to commemorate them. I hope to transition my mindset so that I focus on positive things in my every day life. It’s a process but I think we’re getting there!

when did you first start blogging? I have been blogging since college to show my art and to provide updates on my works. I would often take very long breaks from blogging though and didn’t start to get serious about it until after Odin was born and I started to post parenting posts too. For awhile I kept those blogs separate but now that I’ve merged the two into one website, it feels right. what’s your favorite thing about it? I like blogging because it encourages me to be productive. I have an outlet that’s public and can showcase my photo work as I practice. I can spread a little positivity and delight and hope to do so with every post. least favorite thing about it? Not always having words to accompany my photos. I take many photos and sometimes don’t have a reason to post them other than I just like them. I’ve also always considered myself a terrible writer and writing each entry is a struggle for me. Being a part of the Sling Diaries helped me to really power through that though and I’ve been writing more and more ever since! 3 blogs that inspire you at the moment? Angelica is my soul mate and her blog is another one of my absolute favorites. Her photos are all simply divine and some of my favorites! www.thundercloudsoflove.blogspot.com Kirsten’s blog is filled with great words and photos. I’m constantly swept away with each post, filled with whimsy and so much magic. www.kirstenrickert.com

Georgia’s is another blog I really love. I’ve probably followed her the longest and am happy we are friends now! Her blog is full of such delight and it’s one of the blogs that really makes me smile with every witty post. www.documentingdelight.com FAMILY LIFE what is important to you as a parent? Teaching Odin to be respectful of our planet and of other human beings. I want him to empathetic and hope that continuously showing him empathy towards our world, he will learn from it. what is most important to you that your kids take with them from their Childhood? I hope that Odin never loses his curiosity, that he always asks why. I hope he doesn’t stop singing or loving. what’s your favorite family story? Odin’s birth was so surreal. We had him at home and Zak was so lovely the entire time. Nothing can beat the moment we met that little boy (until we have another, I suppose?!). best family moments? Any walk we take or summer swim is memorable. We’ve traveled a bit and am excited to travel more in the future. We have quite a few places on our list of things we must see and I’m hoping we can start working through those, while still being able to save for our future bit of Earth! how do you balance work, creativity and family life? It’s so hard! But with a partner like Zak, things are a little simpler. He’s often very keen on taking Odin away from the house so that I can get work done. We always spend Sundays together and do most everything together.

favorite house chore? I’m so far from clean! I hate chores. I guess my favorite ”chore” would be tending to the chickens and the plants. It’s Zak’s favorite too, so most of the time he gets to it before me. least favorite house chore? Dishes! I hate dishes so very much. I would rather scrub the toilet than to dishes! I’m not sure why I hate that chore so much, but it’s always been something I detested. how do you describe yourself as a parent? and how would you describe your partner as a parent? Gentle. I’m a very gentle parent, I would say. There are moments where I lose my cool, but most of the time I’m very encouraging and try to remain patient with little O. Zak is much the same way but I think he’s a little more distracted. Often I find him playing with Odin’s toys, while Odin is long gone. Zak’s held on to his childhood and although sometimes it annoys me terribly, I admire him for it. what advice would you have liked to have had becoming a parent for the first time? I would have loved for someone to tell me that things would only get wilder and to take advantage of the down time when Odin was little. I know things will level out and I’ll be able to work on things with Odin alongside me again, but things with a two year old are pretty rough. I look back and wish I would’ve known to just pop him in the sling and work on art during those first few months. I don’t regret laying with my little bub in bed all day, but do wish that I had done more with him.



tell us about your dolls? They are all hand and machine sewn with hand embroidered faces and are all unique. I’m hoping to make some standard patterns to make a run of certain dolls, like the garden gnome plush, but I like making one of a kind dolls too.

favorite thing about spring? Spring air and Fall air are my absolute favorite things. There’s so much to like about Spring. Especially after such a long winter! It’s Spring now, but as I write this there’s a blizzard rampaging our little island. Spring is a tease, but she makes me excited for fresh flowers and beach days.

how did it begin? When I was younger I used to make sock dolls for friends. I would ask anyone who was interested to bring me one clean sock and a five dollar bill and I would make them one of their own. I was very young then! It grew into making specialized doll clothes for asian ball jointed dolls which became quite a business, allowing me to make about $2,000 the summer that I was 16. So began my love of sewing dolls. describe the creative process of making a doll come to life. I start with a sketch. I then cut pieces from fabrics that work well together in my eyes. After sewing the doll together, I often add many small details to really give her personality. how long does it take? Depending on the doll it could take anywhere between 4-6 hours, possibly longer depending on the complexity. tell us about the portraits I began drawing babywearing portraits during the Sling Diaries for some extra income. It’s proven to be something that is in high demand and has offered me a way to continuously make some sort of income. I’m hoping to stop doing them within the next year though, to really focus on other projects.

favorite spring blossoms? Odin was born on Daffodil Day, which is a holiday only celebrated on our little island. Because of that I love the Daffodils. Witch Hazel is beautiful and magical and that magic is what makes me love those blossoms so much. Crocus blooms are another favorite, I love purple and dark red flowers so very much and they are the most beautiful little Spring celebrations. favorite spot? The woods of Squam Swamp and the Lily Ponds are both my favorite places on island. describe a perfect spring day to you. Sitting in the Daffodil field with Odin picking flowers and making flower crowns for each other sounds pretty ideal right about now! FUTURE what do you dream of? Owning a farm and making money from its harvests and writing my children’s book. how do you plan on making your dream come true? We work hard every day to move towards this goal. Slowly but surely, we will get there.


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latforms, in order to share the inspiration that


Photographer: Emma Donnelly

Shirt and skirt: Mini Rodini Sandels: Saltwater sandals

T-shirt: Molo

Dress: Soft Gallery - Leggings: Molo - Sandals: Saltwater sandals - Hair accessories : PomdePom

Trousers : Soft Gallery - T-shirt : Bobo Choses - Sandals: Saltwater sandals

Dress: Molo - T-shirt: Mini Rodini

LINK LIST LABELS ANNIEL www.annielmoda.com

GRO www.grocompany.dk

ANGULUS www.angulus.dk

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CONTRIBUTORS ROYAL COPHENHAGEN www.royalcopenhagen.com SALTWATER SANDALS www.sunsansandals.co.uk SCOTCH R’BELLE www.scotch-soda.com SOFT GALLERY www.softgallery.dk PAA-NY www.paa-ny.dk PENNY BOARDS www.pennyskateboards.com PITIMANA www.pitimana.fr POPUPSHOP www.popupshop.net VANS www.vans.com WHEAT www.eng.wheat.dk ZARA www.zara.com

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Terrible children. One who acts unconventionally. French expression traditionally referring to a child who is terrifyingly candid by saying embarrassing things to adults, especially parents. However, the expression has drawn multiple usage in careers of art, fashion, music, and other creative arts. In these careers, it implies a successful "genius" who is very unorthodox, striking, and in some cases, offensive or rebellious. Classically, one who "thumbs their nose" at the establishment, or challenges it.

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