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How would you describe your art and artistic style? A lot of my work has to do with daily observations of my life.

How do you describe your parenting style? My wife and I have very different parenting styles, which at times are conflicted – my wife read a lot of books on parenting and I didn’t read any. Maybe it s a case of opposites attract, and it balances out in some ways but definitely not perfect.

Your kids are growing up with your art. How do you see their views of art changing as they grow up? They have grown up around it, and my oldest son seems to have lost interest in the art world completely. It might come back around full circle, and he might become interested later in life. He is focusing more on the computer based art and video game culture to find his own direction. My youngest son, is at times very interested, but I can be more cautious about pushing him to hard into it, and not have him rebel against it.

Enfants Terribles #12 – the Best Friends Forever issue  

Best Friends Forever - a tribute to friendship in all it's splendour. Old friends, new friends, best friends and imaginary friends. It comes...

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