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fabrics that don't leave a footprint www.rivierakids.com

WELCOME TO ISSUE 6 EDITOR’S LETTER Emerging from lockdown. Schools nearly out for the summer. Families are quickly having to adapt from survival to thriving mode. After all those months indoors and consistently hearing those dreaded words “I’m bored” it’s time to discover what summer 2021 on the Riviera has in store for us. To ensure that our readers have access to an amazing array of fun, but of course safe, summer activities, Enfants D’Azur has introduced a new online events calendar bringing you loads of events, shows, and activities to suit all interests and budgets. www. enfantsdazur.com/events/ Take a look and discover all the things that you can do to keep kids away from their tech and out from under your feet. We have gone even further by including an article by Platinum Nanny on page 12 with even more ideas for parents and caregivers to keep kids busy this summer. In this issue we have you covered if you are in the party mood, with our ultimate guide to hosting a summer barbecue. If those long days confined inside four walls left you seeking a thrill, read our 9 adrenaline packed activities to enjoy on the French Riviera. A Doula’s guide: what to expect when you’re expecting is the perfect accompaniment for parents awaiting the arrival of a new bundle of joy in their family.

My favourite discovery of all whilst bringing this issue to life was meeting Elsa Carpenter, owner of www.thenursery.fr and learning all about micro greens and tasting them too. Completely converted in a millisecond, I’m now using them in salads and my kids, who normally run a mile at the mere mention of vegetables, seem to love them too especially the sunflower shoots! Get in touch with Elsa and try them for yourself. But as you probably know by now that’s not all folks!! We have heaps more content for you to devour in the pages that follow and while you’re relaxing by the pool with your digital copy of Enfants d’Azur Magazine, don’t forget to look out for and enter our great competitions running on our Instagram page which includes a chance to win “The Silent Giraffe” by children’s book author George Strouthous which you will find out more about within and; there is also the opportunity to win an adult or child sewing class with Kim Stokes of Cours de Couture in Vence. So now all that’s left to do is... wish you all a fantastic summer 2021!

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Holly x

ENFANTS D’AZUR Co n n e c t in g Familie s O n Th e CÔ te d ’Azur Issue 6 June/July/August 2021




June/July/August 2021




Cover image: Isabella Phélyne Puiatti www.isabellapuiatti.com Sustainable Swimwear Designer www.rivierakids.com Set Location : Private Beach, #maïvaplageprivée, Roquebrune sur Argens


Models: Freyabella, Emma & Angel

9 AdrenalinePacked Activities to Enjoy on the French Riviera

June / July / August | Issue 6

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An Interview with Children’s Book Author George Strouthous

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Happy Kids, Happy Parents Keeping Kids Busy This Summer


A Good Yarn


Drawstring Backpack Tutorial


A Doula’s Guide: What To Expect When You're Expecting


But I Like It... Nonsuicidal Self-Injury (Nssi)


Mimosa Matters


Eat Your (Baby) Greens


The Ultimate Guide To Hosting A Summer Bbq


A New Life in the Sun? Relocating to the South of France


Win A Copy Of The Silent Giraffe By George Strouthous!

Our Choice 5 Best Petting Zoos

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A real farm & petting zoo. Activities: petting & stroking farm animals. Visitors can stay on the farm in teepees, gypsy caravans & Yurts.

Visit Popeye the donkey, Thor the pig & Grissette the cow. In a national park, visitors enjoy pony rides, on-site restaurant and birthdays at the farm.



KIDS ISLAND ANTIBES Fun activites for little cowboys & cowgirls. Visit the enclosure to pet sheep, goats, donkeys & chickens. www.marineland.fr/parcsmarineland/kids-island/

LA FERME BRIN DE LAINE LA PEILLE Visits of the "Brin De Laine" educational petting farm take place on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm by reservation only. Bring your family to visit the farm. www.grainesdefermiers.org

TERRE DE SOLEIL SAINT-CÉZAIRE_SUR_SIAGNE An educational farm. Discover over one-hundred animals, and olive grove, as well as an educational vegetable garden. Club mini-farmers on Saturday morning from 10:30 to 12h. www.terre-de-soleil-saint-cezairesur-siagne.fr


June / July / August 2021





June / July / August 2021


If you’re looking for a thrill or want to try something new, the French Riviera is full of activities that could suit your needs and procure a rush. Whether you’re looking for something in the water, in the air or on the ground, you’re sure to find something you’ll love in our selection of adrenaline-filled activities for this summer.


Zip Line

Zip lines are a great family-friendly activity to get an adrenaline rush and require little to no effort on your part. The longest zip line in France happens to be in the Parc National du Mercantour, less than an hour from Nice, and boasts incredible mountain views in summer and winter. Get in the air and enjoy over 2600m of zip line in a picturesque setting at the Colmiane Zip Line!



If you’re looking for water activities to provide a new thrill, why not consider rafting? Not for the faint-hearted, white water rafting is a highly popular activity that you can enjoy as a group. With a variety of ideal spots within a stone’s throw from the Riviera, rafting is an excellent choice for adventurous groups. Head on over to Les Pirogues in Nice to discover more about this adrenaline-filled sport.


June / July / August 2021




Looking to combine the thrill of the air and the sea at once? Look no further than parasailing which will have you experiencing new sensations, all while enjoying a splendid view of the Riviera. Enjoy a unique view onto the Saint Raphaël or Fréjus bays with Parachute Saint Raphaël who guarantee an unforgettable experience.


Bungee Jumping



If aquatic activities aren’t your cup of tea,

Canyoning is an amazing family activity that

fear not as there are many other adrenaline-

you can try out in Alpes Maritimes. Discover

packed experiences you can try. Bungee

the Gorges du Loup with Azur Canyoning and

jumping is a common item on bucket lists

embark on an incredible 2-hour adventure

and one of the best spots to bungee jump in

in a stunning canyon, combining aquatic

France is in the Gorges du Verdon, off of the

fun and exploration. For braver individuals,

Pont de l’Artuby, the tallest bridge in Europe!

enjoy optional cliff jumps up to 9 meters!

Not for the faint of heart, but a memorable

Guaranteed family fun for everyone.

experience for sure.





Love the air and feeling brave? Try the most

Want to feel like a superhero and

thrill-inducing activity possible and jump out

fly above water? Flyboarding is a

of a plane with a parachute strapped to your

relatively new extreme sport that

back with Air Play Skydiving in Antibes. This

combines water skiing and flying!

activity is suitable for people over the age of

Strap a flyboard to your feet and

15 and can be an unforgettable experience

shoot up as high as 10m into the

and a wonderful gift. Live out many people’s

air with the help of high water

dream and simply enjoy the view!

pressure and a jet ski. Suitable for kids aged 7 and up, this activity is a must-try at Flyboard Hyères during your time on the Riviera!


June / July / August 2021



Via Ferrata

If you prefer mountains rather than the seaside in summer and aren’t afraid of heights, Via Ferrata might be the activity for you! Originally from Italy, Via Ferrata is another adrenaline-filled activity you can enjoy on the French Riviera. The concept is simple: a mountain route made of ropes, ladders, bridges, and more, that enables you to discover paths and views that were previously only available to climbers. Cross over precipices and ridges in this fantastic sport.


Aquatic Hiking

If you can’t decide between mountain or water activities, there is a simple solution: aquatic hiking. Explore the Gorges du Verdon by letting yourself float along its rivers with the help of a life jacket in this family-friendly activity. You’ll discover secluded areas, learn about the environment, and will even have the option to jump off cliffs up to 9 meters if you want! Raft Session offer a new ‘Family’ route suitable for ages 7 and up! Make the most of upcoming sunny weather and discover this spectacular guided visit of the Gorges.



June / July / August 2021


+33 6 18 45 59 97 lauratoledo@campexperts.com www.campexperts.com

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appy Kids, Happy Parents is the Enfants d’Azur Motto! And this summer all of us deserve to relax, unwind, and enjoy what the Côte d’Azur

and, if you have plans to travel further afield, has to offer.

If you are like many parents this year, you have likely left your summer school bookings and travel plans right to the last minute and are now looking to finalise travel arrangements or find things to keep your kids busy this summer. Many of you might not be ready to make the kind of plans you may have made in the past, instead seeking more local options, private getaways rather than large resorts; charters, in home private childcare, camping in nature or even renting an RV to take advantage of summer offerings.

Don’t feel under pressure to book into Disneyland Paris for its phased reopening starting on the 17th of June. Remember, children

Over the last 2 years, routines really have been the

are happiest when they see their

backbone to survival and now that things are opening

parents happy. So, if that means

again, maintaining some sort of structure during the

taking on some help this summer

summer will help ensure that parents get to enjoy

to give you some “me time” or

their time off too. Try not to put too much pressure

deciding to stay local, then do it.

on yourself after months of home schooling and

Whatever you choose there is a

managing your work commitments to turn your back

plethora of fun ways to keep kids

garden into a fully-fledged theme park to keep your

busy this summer and here are

kids busy.

some good ones.



June / July / August 2021

1. A Family Brainstorm

own seeds from store bought produce. Microgreens are all the rage now and are

Start by getting your kids involved in brainstorming ideas along with parents and caregivers. This ensures the whole family’s interests and opinions are considered and kids are always more engaged in activities they have chosen themselves.

full of nutrients. A huge plus is that they can take just a few days or a couple of weeks to harvest. Kids will love planting the seeds, watering them daily, watching them grow and even the fussiest eater may be tempted to try something they have grown themselves.

2. Create a Travel Journal Travel journals are great both for documenting a trip or planning a future one. Kids are kept busy learning about traditions, history, and fun tourist attractions. Take photos to post in your journal and write about them. For younger children still learning to read, encourage them to draw pictures and use Siri to document their thoughts. If you are staying local, research a destination for an imaginary trip, for example Japan - get your kids to roll up their own sushi, re-enact a traditional tea ceremony or try geisha face painting.

4. Say CHEESE! Or as they say in French OUISTITI! Everyone has a different way of looking at the world and kids are no different, why not get out that old camera, or buy a few cheap disposable cameras and let the kids capture landscapes, people, nature or anything else which takes their fancy. You may be surprised and impressed

3. Grow some vegetables (or perhaps some microgreens)

by the subjects and angles they capture whilst behind the lens! For older kids you can find simple and free photography

Summer is a fantastic time to start a

courses online which will teach them

vegetable garden. You can buy seedlings

more complex techniques to improve their

from the garden centre or save your

budding photography skills. ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

June / July / August 2021


5. Mad Science

7. Unleash your Child’s Inner Artist

Chemistry sets

imaginations, such as painting, making

are fun. Simple

things with recyclables, and creating objects


out of polymer clay. The great thing about

are possible

art is that it can be tailored to any age

Art projects get kids using their

with ordinary household items and can

group. It is fun and it can be done just about

be done no matter where you are. Do

anywhere. Why

you remember making a volcano erupt in

not take some

chemistry class at school? All you need

easels and a

is bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and a few

picnic and set

drops of red food colouring. There are also

off up into the

lots of online resources for more complex


science investigations, why not check out Mad Science Worldwide for downloadable

8. Summer Nanny Saves the Day!

experiments and online virtual experiences.

For a truly deserved break this summer why not consider hiring someone to help with the

Don’t Forget: when conducting science experiments, have an adult supervise young children and use safety equipment and goggles to protect eyes.

housework so you can spend time with your children or a nanny to allow you to do all those things that have been temporarily offlimits. Play tennis with a friend, have a coffee

6. Where The Wild Things Are

and time to read a novel uninterrupted, go

Take every

kind of flexibility can only be described as a

to a spa or that business networking, go on a date night with your partner. Having that dream come true. All of this with the added


peace of mind that your home is being taken

you can to get out and about this summer. Take walks along kid-friendly hiking trails, run through the surf at the beach, whizz through the air on ziplines and breathe in all that fresh air. It is so important for kids to get outside

care of, your kids aren’t bored and are having a blast. So, how can you get a summer nanny you may ask? Well, with Platinum Nanny, finding a fully vetted nanny or housekeeper has never been easier! Simply

and play. It improves mental and physical

get in touch and we do the rest.

wellbeing as well as social skills. Quite a few

Have a happy summer! We hope these

summer camps are operating and will offer

ideas make for lots of busy, happy kids and

all these outdoor activities and indoor ones

happy parents.


Author: Platinum Nanny is an international bespoke search

Don’t Forget: sun cream, hats, UV protective swimwear and sunglasses to protect children’s sensitive skin and eyes from the Riviera’s strong summer sun.

consultancy in the placement of childcare, household & estate staff in Monaco · London · Dubai · Switzerland. English & French speaking consultants. Email: info@platinumnanny.com WhatsApp: +33760038355 Website; www.platinumnanny.com



June / July / August 2021


www.platinumnanny.com Monaco • London • Dubai • Moscow




By Dr Hannah Snow Baud xperts in child psychology are encouraging a ‘summer of play’ for our children over

the holidays in response to the negative effects on them postpandemic. Social connection and play offer many learning opportunities and are associated positively with children’s academic achievement and improved literacy. Moreover, the importance of play, music and drama are linked directly to positive mental health and wellbeing. But what about educational targets? We live in a world where our

children’s success is measured endlessly through high stake exams. Then we throw in a ferociously busy modern family life and the mix can feel overwhelming, especially with so much schoolwork and socialisation missed. Teachers are doing a wonderful job, so how can we support and underpin their sterling work over the summer, without burning ourselves out?

My bread and butter is supporting young minds by fostering creativity and connection through play; especially through imaginative activities around the English language. 16


June / July / August 2021

My firm belief is that stories feed children. Imaginative exploration through reading and writing is proven to help them learn to process emotional responses, to make connections leading to less loneliness and improve academic motivation. Stories open up new worlds for children that can show different viewpoints and foster curiosity, wonder and adventure. Seas are traversed, skills are practised, and people of all persuasions are introduced. But English can feel like a hostile world for some children. So how do we bring it back to life? Building their relationship with words increases their confidence generally, and then they can start reading with their feelings and writing with their souls. Unlock reluctant readers with a little paired

Finally: constructive editing lightly of their

reading and encourage them to create their

story, and plenty of praise. When one

own stories - however grubby or imperfect

focuses on enjoyment and fun playing

they may look: lovely! This is what I do:

creatively with words, the delicate qualities

reaching out to wobbly writers and anxious

of building self-esteem and mindfulness

readers as well as those gifted children who

can follow, truly.

need time to shine.

IMAGINATION IS FREE, in all senses of the

The key is to remember that their writing is

word, so over the summer holidays let’s

THEIR writing.

leave some paper out, some coloured

Emphasising creative agency; writing a short

pens in a hidey hole, in the garden under a

story from observation and experience can empower children. Give them time and space to express themselves and go their own way. First step: get them using English. Enthuse them to trust themselves to give it a go.

parasol. And when we look up at the sky, out to sea or in our own bedrooms (Where the Wild Things Are), every story starts with a wee spark, so let’s ignite their imaginations this summer. Dr.Hannah Snow Baud is a private tutor of English

Skills can be polished after the ground

for children aged between 4 and 18 in the Nice

spring of imaginative ideas bubble forth.

area. Please see English Tutoring for Children on

Secondly: nurture the enjoyment of putting words down with energy, passion, and no anxiety, whether copying or experimenting.

the Riviera on Facebook. She also works at the Hive Academy. A native English speaker from Oxford, she is also a mum of five children and enjoys rugby, cricket, music and dancing.

Next: get them sharing their stories! ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

June / July / August 2021




By Kim Stokes, Couturière Gold Leaf Finish www.goldleafinish.com


50cm fabric

Matching thread

3m cotton cord cut in half

Safety pin

Sewing machine


Measuring tape



        

Step 1 Cut 2 rectangles of fabric measuring 33cm x 43cm.

Step 2 Cut 2 more rectangles of fabric measuring 7.5cm x 5cm. These are to make tabs to hold the straps in place.



June / July / August 2021

Step 3 Fold the small tab pieces in half along the length and press with an iron. Open out the fabric and fold both long edges to meet in the centre, then fold in half along the length again. Press with an iron. Then stitch along the open edge to close the tab.

Step 4 Fold the finished tabs in half along the width and baste stitch (long stitch) onto the right side of one piece of the main fabric. Position the tabs 2 cm from the bottom of the bag, pointing towards each other.

Step 5 Place the main pieces of the bag wrong-sides together. Starting from the top right-hand corner stitch the two pieces of fabric together from the top of the bag down to 1.5cm then stop. Leave a gap of 4cm, then restart sewing. Stitch all around the edge of the fabric with a seam allowance of 0.5cm. When you get near the top left-hand corner repeat the same steps to leave a 4cm open gap, then sew 1.5cm to the top.


June / July / August 2021


Step 6 Turn the bag inside out. Press with an iron. Tip: Clip the two bottom corners of the bag to make it easier to turn out. But be careful not to cut through your stitches!

Step 7 Now stitch around the edges of the bag again, following the same pattern as before, leaving a 4cm gap in the same place. This time use a 1cm seam allowance. Tip: This technique hides the raw edge of your fabric so you don’t see it on your finished bag!

Step 8 Turn the bag right side out. Press with an iron.

Step 9 Fold the top edge of the bag under by 1.5cm. Then again by 2cm. This should leave a nice gap for you to thread your cotton cord through later. Pin in place.



June / July / August 2021

Step 10 Stitch close to the first fold you made to create a casing for your cord.

Step 11 Attach the safety pin to one end of the cotton cord. Using the safety pin as a guide, thread one piece of cord through the top of the bag using the gaps you left. Repeat with the other piece of cord, threading it in the opposite direction.

Step 12 Thread the cord through the tabs and tie in a knot. Et Voila ! ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

June / July / August 2021



WIN A CHILD OR ADULT SEWING CLASS Cours de Couture, Vence is happy to offer one lucky winner a place on an Adult or Child sewing class. Come along and complete a fun sewing project, fabric and patterns are included!


ours de Couture, Vence is run by Kim Stokes from her atelier in the picturesque village of Vence. She offers

weekly sewing classes for children from ages 8+. Children learn valuable sewing skills in a fun and relaxed environment. From backpacks and cushion covers to summer outfits and shoes, help your child express their creative side! Adult classes are also available no matter your sewing level. Whether you're

©Holly Grattan, Kim Stokes, Couturier

a beginner or more advanced, we have a class that's perfect for you. Learn how to read a sewing pattern and tackle a sewing project from start to finish. Fabric, supplies and sewing patterns are all included. So whether you want to learn a new skill, brush up on old skills, or get your child started on the path to be the next best seamstress or tailor, there is a class to suit you.

Terms & Conditions:

Winner will be picked randomly and will be announced on the @enfantsdazur Instagram page on Friday 18th of June 2021.

This competition is open only to those living in Alpes Maritimes (06).

Full Terms & Conditions are available here: https://enfantsdazur.com/competitions/

Click or scan the QR code to enter

Closing date will be at 5pm on Wednesday 16th of June 2021 Only 1 winner will be drawn Editors’ decision is final No cash alternative 22


June / July / August 2021


PRIVATE ENGLISH TUTOR Private one to one & small group coaching for ages 4-18. Specialising in building learning confidence. Native English Speaker

Nice and surrounding areas E: snowbaudtutoring@gmail.com




According to a survey of my clients, almost all moms regret not having better anticipated this period. It is not for lack of warning! Culturally, Western peoples are downplaying this fourth trimester,

By Floriane Zitouni

while it is the one where young parents need the most support. Despite only weighing a few kilos, a newborn has intense needs. A

ost young parents are "monitored" medically during pregnancy. Many are preparing for childbirth, however, very few organise the postpartum period (especially the first 6 weeks with their baby). 24


June / July / August 2021

mother needs at least 40 days for her body to physiologically recover from pregnancy and childbirth. Ditto for breastfeeding or discovering her baby’s rhythm.

Dads sometimes have a hard time finding their place and knowing what to do. Many want to give a bottle to create a bond with their baby. However, there are many ways to weave this bond. Skin-to-skin contact just like with mom, bathing, massaging, diaper change, rocking, cuddling, and carrying are also ideal ways to do this. If I must give you only ONE piece of advice.... ANTICIPATE! Don't just think about the material aspect of the baby's arrival, but also and especially the logistics. Having support for the mother but also for the new dad. For siblings or even animals. Think of meals, household chores, shopping, school logistics... Dads often take responsibility for all these new tasks and that's way too much for one person. Sometimes the mom is well

Surround yourself with the right people who will be able to support you without adding tasks or pressure. Dare to speak up and ask for help. There are always solutions, groups, professionals or even a neighbour to take out the trash or bring you bread! There will be days when you stay in your pyjamas without having time to shower or eat. Love, joy but also tears can be part of your daily life and that's normal. Sometimes it will be difficult but know that you do not have to live this alone!

That's why it's so important to create your village during pregnancy. Surround yourself with new parents to share and support each other. Friends, cousins, aunts, neighbours, girlfriends or call a doula to help you set up. Take advantage of your hormones to do all this before the arrival of your baby!

surrounded, but then it's the dad

Author’s note: Floriane Zitouni has been birth companion or ‘doula’

who's on the edge.

since 2007. She works in partnership with each woman who crosses her path explaining all your options and providing emotional and

It would be wise to think about

physical support during your pregnancy and childbirth. She also

paternity leave. Try to spread family

offers maternity nurse services.

visits rather than accumulate many

Disclaimer: Doulas are not doctors or midwives, and do not

people at the same time. For example.

practice medicine, nor diagnose and treat pregnancy or

the new dad can take his paternity leave once Grandma's gone.

postpartum related symptoms. Information presented in this article is NOT intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a properly licensed health care professional.


June / July / August 2021


BUT I LIKE IT... NONSUICIDAL SELF-INJURY (NSSI) By Jacqui Walker Registered Psychologist, British Psychologicial Society


elf harm has become a serious and misunderstood problem for some young people today. It is a complicated and serious behaviour which requires compassion, unconditional support and often professional help. The following is a brief overview of NSSI to help inform and educate parents, caregivers, and educators . It is in no way exhaustive....Perhaps reading this will be a first step in helping a young person you know.



June / July / August 2021

Why do young people engage in self harm?

behaviour, feel guilty and more anxious;

The good news is that self harm is often a

they cannot eat or sleep and the problem

coping strategy used to alter or to improve


an emotional state and is not intended to

Self harm can take the form of scratching,

end life. Although the intention is not to end life , self harm can alter the quality of a young person’s life.

cutting, carving the skin, burning , embedding objects into the skin or swallowing toxic substances. There is no

Ironically, self harm is often a signal of a strong desire to live and feel better. Young people often lack the ability to express their feelings with words either because they

typical profile for someone that self harms. This behaviour exists worldwide and is not limited or confined to one culture, social group, race or gender. Awareness is the first

are unable to understand and articulate

step to understanding.

their own feelings or they simply lack the vocabulary. Others may lack the confidence to voice their true feelings for fear of being dismissed for ‘attention seeking’, being

Many studies show that an average age of initiation is between 11 and 15 years of age. About 6 to 7% of adolescents and young people have reported self injury

‘idiotic’ or worse they fear they will be punished for voicing such ideas.

within the last 6 months The cyclical self

The following are some examples of some typical or potential negative interactions:

for some it can become a lifelong coping

harm behaviour can last for 1 to 5 years, but strategy. Early intervention is important to help change thoughts, feelings and

Parent - ‘You are just being silly, grow up

behaviour and to prevent the self harming

and be sensible that is no way to behave

behaviour from becoming a lifelong coping

to get our attention. I expect that you are


getting these ideas from the internet or your friends... your phone is confiscated and no internet for a week’.

So how do you intervene? First and foremost take the person or your

Young person hears - ‘I am misunderstood.

child seriously. Remember, they are most

I am stupid. My parents don’t understand me

likely self harming because they want to feel

and now I can’t even talk to my friends who

better. The young person that is self harming

do listen, understand and support me.’

will have needed a lot of courage to reveal

The young person feels frustration, anxiety,

their self harming behaviour and feelings to

anger, and now, very alone. They do not

you. It is likely that this will be shocking news

know where to turn, or who to talk to. They

to you so take your time and be truthful.

need to do something to change the way

The following are some responses that may

they feel so they continue to self harm to

be useful.

release these feelings and to change their emotional state. Now they feel they cannot talk to their parents so they cover up their


June / July / August 2021


‘Thank you for telling me. It is very brave

‘..But I like it’.... is a statement

and mature of you to share this with

that you will hear from the

me.’ If you need more time to digest the information, let your child know. ‘This news is a lot for me at the moment and I need some time to gather my thoughts as I want to find the best way to help and support you. Can we talk about this in an hour?’

person self harming. They are saying this because they experience a release, and a change of state when they self harm. The trick is to open up the path to alternative ways to experience release and a

Support your child, seek help and guidance from your GP and

change of state that are safer

a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or

and healthier.

Psychotherapist. Recognise that you need to ‘be there’ for your loved one/ child and that you cannot ‘fix it’. The fixing is a process that has to come from the young person that is self harming. By being there for them, you are showing your unconditional support and that in itself will be a great help.



If you or anyone you know is affected by the contents of this article, please contact your GP or Jacqui Walker on jacqui@jacqui-walker.com for further information and advice.

June / July / August 2021

Floriane Zitouni, Doula E S P A C E BI EN N AÎ TR E The birth of a child… and of a mother ! www.espace-bien-naitre.fr


ll funds remain in the region and to date we have given to many charitable associations including La Ligue Contre le Cancer Alpes Maritime, Cancer Support Group 06, the Paediatric Oncology Ward at L’Archet hospital, AZURE Centre for research, Mougins and many more.



Through these charities we can support

In October we will be holding the first

those in our area going through cancer but


it absolutely could not be done without our

the Primary years we hope to inspire

wonderful COMMUNITY. We are always

children to read as much as they can.

immensely grateful to those who help either

The rules are simple, read whatever you

by giving their time to volunteer at our events

like, as much as you can, throughout the

or by hosting their own. Over the years, people

month of October. Children will be able

have organised golf days, bake sales, quizzes,

to download sponsor forms and ask

Pilates/yoga events, bike rides, climbing

family and friends to sponsor them per

mountains, all in aid of Mimosa.

book - keep an eye on our Facebook/

Despite not being able to hold the larger events

Instagram and website to find out more.

this year there has still been plenty going on

So, the work continues as does the

and we are planning more for later in the year.

fundraising and if you feel you would

Recently we released a series of podcasts

like to help us by volunteering or hosting

(in association with Dustpod: www.dustpod.

your own event, please do get in touch

ie). Some very brave members of the Mimosa

as we would love to hear from you.

Community kindly agreed to tell their cancer story and it makes for inspiring listening. Look them up on Spotify/Audible/Apple and have a listen - we promise that you will feel touched and inspired by what you hear.

www.mimosamatters.org info@mimosamatters.org

EAT YOUR (BABY) GREENS By Elsa Carpenter

Almost every parent will have asked their child at some point to eat their vegetables so that they grow up big and strong. For many, the dinner table can be a battleground. Enter microgreens: tasty, pretty and bursting with natural goodness, but the best thing about them? Children love them!


lease allow me to introduce you to microgreens. Essentially baby vegetables, microgreens are very young

plants that are harvested during or right after the first set of leaves appear following the germination of a seed. At this early age, each tiny plant is packed full of the energy and nutrients it would need to successfully grow into an ‘adult’.

Superfood is a term that has been bandied about so much in recent years that it has lost some of its shine for many. It’s a bit of a shame for microgreens though. They really do deserve the title.

ingredient that can be incorporated into dishes you already enjoy. Pasta with pesto? Pop some pea shoots in your blender with some parmesan, olive oil and lemon juice. Mexican-style wraps? Add a handful of mixed microgreens to the filling and mix some sunflower shoots into a guacamole. Pizzas? A light sprinkle of rocket or arugula microgreens will add a peppery kick. From stir-fry to salad and smoothies to snacks, there really is no wrong way to

It would be impossible

use microgreens.

to provide an exhaustive

There’s another intriguing aspect

list of the health benefits of

to microgreens that endears

microgreens, but they range

them to children: they can easily

from high concentrations of vital vitamins and minerals to the full spectrum of essential amino acids as well as powerful antioxidants. Broccoli microgreens, for

get involved in the growing or harvesting process. While I sell most of my greens harvested, some people prefer to buy them live so they can cut them as they need

example, are known to contain elevated levels of sulforaphane. Other microgreens like radish and mustard, which come in

them. If you’d like to have a go at home yourself, you can turn a bare patch of soil into a crop in less than a week. There’s no

an array of colours with fiery flavours to match, will help boost the immune system, detoxify the body, and act as a natural

toiling/staking/weeding involved like there might be if you were to grow something in your garden. All you need to do is choose

decongestant and anti-inflammatory.

your seeds and keep the earth watered. I

Scientific studies have shown that some varieties are up to 40% more dense in vital nutrients than their mature counterparts.

have been growing fruit and vegetables in the garden for years, but am I able to grow a head of broccoli? Not a chance! Broccoli

Now I’m not suggesting that you should be swapping a bunch of kale for a punnet of kale microgreens. That isn’t how I intend my microgreens to be used. Neither do I

microgreens, however, I can grow by the kilo. Author: Originally from Wales and now

think there’s much benefit to be had from

living in Magagnosc, Elsa is a mother of

adding a sprig of something to a dish as decoration. It might be visually appealing, but a small flourish of garnish isn’t going to add much nutritional value to your meal.

two young boys as well as the owner of a microgreens business: The Nursery. Find her on Instagram: @thenurserygreens for all things microgreen or on @arivierapotager

So, how should you be using these mini

for tips on growing your own produce.

powerhouses? Microgreens are a versatile ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

June / July / August 2021






ne of the best ways to enjoy the summer is dining outside. Sharing

delicious food and sipping drinks with your family and friends in the sun is a wonderful way to finish off your day after your Côte d'Azur adventure. With these summer BBQ tips, you will be able to host the perfect Al Fresco dining experience.

CHOOSE A THEME AS SIMPLE OR AS EXTRAVAGANT AS YOU LIKE. A theme is a great starting point for your summer BBQ. Your theme can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be, but it will give you some inspiration to make your BBQ more fun. For example, a simple theme could be a particular cooking style you and your friends love. At the other end of the spectrum, you can go all out and have a fancy dress theme that will keep the kids entertained all day.

SEND OUT YOUR INVITATIONS. With all the things you can do on the Côte d'Azur, people's itineraries will be jam-packed. Therefore, you should send your invitations with plenty of notice, and try to organise your BBQ for a weekend that suits everyone. Sending your guests individual text messages takes lots of time and can be challenging to keep track of. A more efficient way of inviting people is to create a Facebook

No matter which direction you go, a theme will help you choose the

or WhatsApp group dedicated to your BBQ. You will be able to invite everyone at once and stay on top of who is coming.

food, music and even

These days, it is rare to cook for a group of people that

your choice of cocktails.

all eat the same things. Therefore, it is good to find out

You should mention your theme to everyone on your guest list, so they will know what to expect. They may want to bring appropriate food, drinks and entertainment with them to enhance the experience.

about people's dietary requirements when you send out your invites. Your invite is the perfect opportunity to determine if you have any vegetarians or vegans in your group and if anyone has any allergies. By sending a group invite, you can also give people all the necessary instructions, such as your address and if you want them to bring anything with them. When you are sending your invites, it is wise to be mindful of post lockdown restrictions. Therefore, you should make sure that you don’t invite too many people and break the current rules. Also keeping the numbers down will create a more intimate and personal experience. ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

June / July / August 2021


BE SURE TO CREATE A WOW FACTOR. The fantastic thing about hosting a summer BBQ is that you can serve an eclectic selection of food and drinks. But why not show off your hosting skills with something unexpected? By creating an additional feature to your BBQ, you can give your guests something to remember with a wow

To raise the level even higher, why not buy your BBQ ingredients from the local markets. Monaco and Beaulieu-sur-Mer have markets every day, but every city, town, and village will have a market of some sort. Most markets open at about 8 am and close by 1 pm although many locations have several evening markets during the summer. It is all very well providing nibbles and

factor. There is nothing better than starting your BBQ off with some bubbles, so why not have a Prosecco bar to keep the fizz freely flowing? Alternatively, a cocktail bar with a mixologist will keep the glasses topped up while adding a little something extra to the

drinks before the main event, but you need to get your BBQ clean and fired up before your guests arrive. BBQs can take a while to get up to temperature, especially if they are large ones. So, do all this early, so your guests don't get too hungry while they wait. While your BBQ is heating up, get everything

ambiance. Your guests may be connoisseurs of all things sweet. Therefore, a dessert bar with a selection of classic favourites, such as Tarte

else ready, such as decorations, setting the ambiance, and creating a playlist to suit the atmosphere you want.

Tropézienne and more unusual desserts will delight and intrigue your guests. A great idea that many people are adopting these days is a pizza party. Outdoor pizza ovens are all the rage and provide an alternative to the traditional BBQ. Kids love to choose their own toppings, and everyone

Alternatively, you can hire a private chef to get everything ready for you. By doing this, you can concentrate on your guests and ensure your summer BBQ is running smoothly.

can customise their own pizza to suit their preferences. Also, a pizza oven is a fast way

It is a great idea to provide some

to provide great food for everyone.

entertainment options for the kids. Simple games and treats will keep them happy


while the adults are enjoying a few glasses

Before your guests arrive, you should

of wine. You may want to provide something

make sure everything is ready and in place.

for the adults too. The French Riviera has

The key to many successful BBQs is a

a range of fantastic and well sought-after

marinade. Beautiful marinades take any BBQ

entertainers such as magicians, musicians,

experience to the next level. The earlier you

and DJs to amuse and entertain your guests.

start marinating your food, the better, as it allows the meat to take in all the flavours. Try to massage in those flavours the night

Click here for the “Party” category in our local business directory.

before for the best results. 36


June / July / August 2021

Terrace overlooking the Rose Garden Complimentary parking 6.30–10.30/12.00–14.30 - Monday-Friday - Private spaces available Book a table : +377 92 05 82 35 - www.tavolomc.com Columbus Monte-Carlo - 23 Avenue des Papalins - 98000 Monaco





Juice of 4 large lemons

Pour the lemon juice into a 01

225g sugar

saucepan over a medium heat, add

2L sparkling mineral water,

the sugar and stir continuously


until the sugar has dissolved. Pour the lemon juice into a



serving jug then dilute with


sparkling mineral water according


to your taste. Enjoy!

This homemade lemonade is perfect for hot summer days. Have fun making this with your kids and then enjoy a refreshing glass (or two) !





500g frozen peach chunks

Blend the sugars together until they 01

80g sugar

reach icing sugar consistency.

1 packet vanilla sugar 1 egg white

Add the frozen fruit chunks and 02



egg white and blend thoroughly until smooth. Scoop out into bowls and enjoy!

This recipe calls for peaches but you can substitute with any frozen fruit you like. Because the fruit is already frozen, this sorbet can be made, served, and enjoyed instantly!










Can you help Barney bear learn French


poivrons verts

poivrons rouges



shopping list












Onions Cauliflower Red Peppers Green Peppers

h & find all the items on his shopping list?



By Keely Barrett


ave you always dreamed of owning a place in the sun? Recent lockdowns, travel restrictions, and even Brexit, have many people thinking that it’s now time to make that dream a reality and start a new life in a sunnier climate. The South of France, renowned for its sunsoaked coastline, charming villages, and glamourous events, is so much more than a holiday destination and is a popular choice for families looking to relocate.



June / July / August 2021

Whether you have decided to move here full time or want to test the waters with a holiday home, there are several points to consider to make your move successful. Practicalities The part you don’t necessarily see on TV. A new life in France means a new language. Luckily, the French Riviera is wonderfully international. So, if you’re fluent in French or a complete beginner, there are plenty of language schools and social groups for everyone. Professionally, it’s never been more acceptable to work remotely, but if you can’t bring your job with you, there can be English speaking opportunities in

Town or City, Coast or Country The French Riviera offers a varied landscape and the first step in your property search is to do your research on the different towns and villages to decide where you want to be. If you aren’t too familiar with the region, it’s best to look into this before booking your home hunting trip, so you can focus on areas that really suit

both Sophia Antipolis and Monaco.

your requirements.

For families, there are plenty of

Rest assured, it’s completely normal to be

options for international and bilingual

unsure of where exactly you want to be. The

schools, often a determining factor

question I usually ask my clients is how do you

for the choice of town. There are also

see yourself living in and using the property?

great Facebook groups available for

If you want to be able to walk to shops,

local insights and information and

restaurants and beaches and have plenty of

meet ups to help you settle in..

public transport options, you’re looking at a town or city lifestyle, in which case I’d suggest looking at towns such as Nice, Cannes or Antibes. If you want panoramic coastal views and easy access to Monaco; Villefranche, Beaulieu, and Èze are good options. If you feel a little unsure of your French language abilities and want to be in areas with more expats, Nice, Monaco, Antibes and Valbonne are particularly popular with anglophones. For families looking for more tranquility and space, a house with a garden and pool and good schools, you’re spoiled for choice with picturesque villages such as Valbonne, Mougins, and Biot. ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

June / July / August 2021


Finding your dream home: the search

When fixing your budget don’t forget to

The exciting part! So, the search begins…

and legal fees are grouped together into an

but you may quickly feel confused by French property websites, especially given

account for notary fees. Purchasing taxes approximate 8% fee on top of your purchase price, so it’s important to include it in your

that properties are often mis-located, with

initial budget.

limited photos and scant descriptions.

Together with your agent, you can compile

Fortunately, many agencies here have

a list of properties to visit. Since 2020,

access to large databases of properties

virtual 3D visits and videos of properties

as members of the various collaborative

are becoming more and more popular.

networks available to us in the region.

This can be very useful, especially if you’re

To simplify the process, choose one

based abroad and have limited time for your

agent that you trust and who you feel


fully understands your search and most importantly, who has access to the right tools to be able to search virtually the whole market to find your ideal home. It’s worth taking your time to have a good conversation with your agent to fix your priorities, so they can align your project with the realities of the current market and find the perfect property for your needs. The advantage of this system is that your

When it’s time to visit, take your time, let your agent guide you and ask any questions you may have. If you’re buying a second home and intend to rent the property when you are not using it, make sure to check that this type of rental is permitted in the building. Airbnb rentals can be extremely successful here but are sometimes less popular with local neighbours.

agent can act as your personal property finder, but as they are collaborating with their extensive network of local agents, you will not have additional finders’ fees to pay on top of the advertised price.



June / July / August 2021

English-speaking notaries in the region, which can be particularly reassuring for first-time French property buyers. Now is the time to take full advantage of your agents’ recommended contacts. Notaries, mortgage brokers, builders, FX brokers, your agent will likely have some useful contacts to help you along the way. The notary will prepare a pre contract or compromis de vente for both parties to sign and you’ll have a deposit to pay. They carry out all the necessary

It’s quite common to visit a property more than once. I often recommend seeing a property at different times of day. Within a city, walking past in the evening and getting to know your new neighbourhood is a great idea.

legal checks on the property. Providing everything is on time, the process should take anywhere between 2-4 months. If you can’t travel to France during the process, it’s not a problem, many notaries are now equipped for remote signings via video link and with power of attorneys.

As far as negotiation is concerned, this needs to be carefully considered for each individual property. While we all like to negotiate, in some cases, properties are very well priced by the listing agent and it’s not uncommon for properties to sell at asking price, particularly in Nice, where there can be a lot of competition for desirable properties.

Where possible, it’s good to visit the property again during the process if you plan on doing any renovation or interior design work. This way you’ll have the quotes and can even book in workmen, so you can get started quickly once you complete. On the day you complete the sale and sign the final contract or acte authentique, you’ll receive the keys

The next steps

and you are officially owners of your

So you’ve found the home you’ve been

new French home – time to pop the

dreaming of and the sellers have accepted

champagne and toast to your new life in

your offer. Great news, but there are quite a

the sun!

few more steps to go. The process can be a little long. It feels especially so if you can’t wait to move in! All sales in France are handled by public notaries, and you are free to appoint the notary of your choice. There are several

Author: Keely Barrett is an international real estate consultant on the French Riviera. Contact: keely@nicehomes.fr


June / July / August 2021


Buying or selling? Want to list your property or find your dream home on the French Riviera? I’ll guide you through the process from A-Z, in English or in French. Contact me today to get started… Keely Lise Barrett Real Estate Consultant +33 (0)6 35 32 95 29 keely@nicehomes.fr For more updates and client reviews :

Let's connect ! Keely Barrett

Follow me : @keelylisebarrett

Agent commercial - RSAC NICE 802 373 381 00010


Administrative assistance for expat women French tuition & Workshops



June / July / August 2021





Enfants d’Azur - Have you always wanted to be a children's book author? George - I've always loved writing and storytelling. The idea of becoming a children's book author started when I became a parent and started telling stories to my son. He likes me to invent stories as well as read stories to him. So we play a game now where he chooses the characters, usually animals, and I have to make up a story using those characters on the spot. Creatively, it's an excellent exercise for me, and he enjoys it too.



June / July / August 2021

Enfants d’Azur - How long have you been writing, or when did you start?

hobbies that I do with my son; bike riding,

George - I've been writing for a long time

ones, and of course, going to the beach in

as a hobby, I'd say for about 20 years. I'm

skateboarding and hiking are the main summer.

very interested in language in general and the etymology of words. I'm naturally drawn to poetry. I find it fascinating, probably because of my musical background and interest in songwriting.

Enfants d’Azur - What is your favourite time to write, and why? George - That's changed over the years. I used to stay up late and write until the early hours of the morning. Now I find mornings are good for me. My brain seems to work better, and I can focus more. Maybe age plays a part in that too!

Enfants d’Azur - How do you think being a writer has helped you as a person? George - I think learning how to write well is

Enfants d’Azur - Which authors do you admire most?

important. It's a good skill to have which can

George - Nowadays, I mainly read non-

always be improved. There's usually a lot of research that goes along with my writing, so the more I write, the more I read, and as a consequence, the more I learn. So I think that's been the most significant benefit to me.

Enfants d’Azur - What is your favourite word, and why? George - I like humorous words and

fiction, but I grew up reading fantasy novels. I became a big fan of Terry Pratchett and his Discworld series. Tolkien is another favourite of mine. I'm currently reading Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky.

Enfants d’Azur - This is your first children's book: Where did you get the initial idea for your book?

words which are fun to say. Words like

George - The moral of the story always

'gobbledygook' and 'nincompoop' always

comes first. I start by doing as much

make me smile.

research as I can on an issue that children

Enfants d’Azur - What are some of your non-writing hobbies?

could find hard to deal with, in this case, self-acceptance. Then little by little, I start putting together a basic plot. I love using

George - I'm a guitar teacher, so I play

animals as characters, and the giraffe just

the guitar a lot. Other than that, I have

fitted in perfectly with this one.

young and I can still recite those by heart today. One of my favourites was the Albert and the Lion series by Marriott Edgar. I had a vinyl record with Stanley Holloway narrating it. That’s what inspired me to write in rhyme. I have an audiobook for The Silent Giraffe too. The narrator, Edward Pinder, is from Liverpool originally but lives here in France. With original music that I’ve composed myself and different animal sound effects, the audiobook

Enfants d’Azur - What has been the most challenging part of writing this book?

really comes to life!

George - The most challenging part for me is the

Enfants d’Azur - What is the moral of the story?

research that goes into the story before the writing of it

George - The moral of the

even begins. Because there are many ways to teach a moral or ethical lesson to a child, it's vital to get sound expert advice and read as much literature on the subject before the creative process begins. This step must be taken seriously, as it provides the basis of the story itself and gives the reader something more profound to ponder on after.

story is about not comparing ourselves to others. In the story, the giraffe looks at the other animals and hears their unique sounds but then feels sad because it doesn't have a sound of its own. An important

Enfants d’Azur - What was your favourite part to write?

thing to note is that not having a sound is something that the giraffe cannot do anything

George - I enjoy writing rhymes. It can be frustrating

about. No matter what it does,

when I can't find anything that fits, but I love the

it cannot change this. So what

satisfying feeling when it all comes together, and the

can the giraffe do? Well, you'll

verses just flow.

have to read the book to find

Enfants d’Azur - What made you choose to write your book in rhymed prose?

out! Though, I will tell you that there's a happy ending to the giraffe's story, as it makes new

George - I grew up reading and listening to stories

friends and learns important

written in rhyme. I used to memorise poems when I was

lessons along the way.



June / July / August 2021

Enfants d’Azur - What animal sound is your favourite? George - I grew up with dogs and cats in the home, and I've always loved the sound of a cat purring. There's something quite therapeutic about having a cat purring on your lap.

Enfants d’Azur - Can you give us a sneak peek of what you're writing next? George - The next book is called Evie The Caterpillar, and it's the next book in this series. I won't give anything away just yet, but the moral of the story is about facing our fears, making an effort, and realising the beautiful potential we all have.

Enfants d’Azur - What formats are the book available in and where can we purchase them? George - The book is available in 3 formats. Paperback, ebook, and audiobook. They can all be purchased on Amazon. The audiobook is also available on all major audiobook platforms; Audible, Google books, Apple books etc.


June / July / August 2021



WIN A COPY OF THE SILENT GIRAFFE BY GEORGE STROUTHOUS! George Strouthous has released his first children's book, The Silent Giraffe. A heartwarming story, written in rhyme, about not comparing ourselves to others and making friends.

We have two copies to give away to the competition winners to celebrate its release. The story is set on the Serengeti plains. The giraffe observes other animals around who all have their own unique sounds but feels sad that it doesn't have a sound of its own. With beautiful, original illustrations, this fun book with an important message has already become a favourite of many children's book collections. For a chance to win your copy, simply click or scan the QR code and follow the steps in the caption!

For an extra entry in the draw, read the article and answer in the giveaway comments: What is George's favourite animal sound? Terms & Conditions: This competition is open only to those living in Alpes Maritimes (06). Closing date will be at 5pm on Wednesday 16th of June 2021 Only 2 winners will be drawn (2 copies to be won) Editors’ decision is final



No cash alternative Winner will be picked randomly and will be announced on the @enfantsdazur Instagram page on Friday 18th of June 2021. Full Terms & Conditions are available here: https://enfantsdazur.com/ competitions/

June / July / August 2021




Plastic toys a freezer safe container

Place the toys in a freezer safe 01

pick axes - we used blunt dinner knives Tap water

container. Fill the container with water


& place in the freezer until frozen solid On a balcony or in a garden


let you child chip away and the ice and free the toys.


This game is so simple and fun and is guaranteed to keep kids busy for hours!


P H O T O G R A P H E R Fashion - Fine Art - Portraits - Real Estate - Yachts - Travel & Lifestyle

isabellapuiatti.com - @isabellapuiatti - contact@isabellapuiatti.com Isabella-Phélyne Puiatti is a British / Italian fashion & fine art photographer currently based along the French Riviera. Her experience evolved in fashion while working alongside some of the industries top designers and creatives while securing her BFA in Photography from Paris College of Art. Victoria Beckham, Oscar De La Renta, photographers Benjamin Kanarek & Jean-Paul Cattin are to name a few of the creatives she has worked for, either during fashion weeks or on photoshoots for magazines such as VOGUE, Harpers Bazaar & ELLE. Through her passion for curation and artistic direction, marketing is a field she has become familiar with in recent years, leading to her transition from Paris to the Côte d'Azur to work for Nobiskrug Superyachts, the company behind Philippe Starcks world famous "Sailing Yacht A", as their in-house photographer & content creator.



June / July / August 2021