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July/August 2020




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July/August 2020

WELCOME TO ISSUE 1 MY FIRST EVER EDITOR’S LETTER: ISSUE 1 I have a vision – to create the most comprehensive, most innovative, informative, up-to-date, lifestyle magazine for families living on and visiting the Cote d’Azur. What started life as a Summer Camps 2020 newsletter evolved, pretty much overnight, into a fully fledged digital magazine. The magazine is designed to accompany and align with the www. enfantsdazur.com information website and directory. The past 4 months, i’m sure you’ll agree, have been totally surreal and at times, really, really hard. I have worked many-a-night until the early hours surviving on just a few hours sleep just to get the next article written or the new graphics for the magazine designed, but never have I believed in something so much and not once did I want to quit. So, what’s it all about? It’s about community, connections, family and living our best life on the Cote D’Azur. It’s about providing local families and tourists with up to the minute information all in one easy to find place. It’s about helping people, supporting the local community, small businesses, local entrepreneurs and other businesses on the Riviera or servicing the region. With

the motto: “Happy Parents, Happy Kids” we aim to become the go to information platform for families. I scoured the region for original ideas, individuals with a story to tell. Our goal was to find trusted and recommended products and services, interesting articles, recipes, book reviews, interviews and more. I have personally connected with every person within these pages and always will to ensure that we only provide you with the very best and information which is as accurate (at the time of publishing) as possible. My favorite moment was interviewing Alma Hammond, A Children’s Book Author who lives on the French Riviera. Alma will release a new picture book this summer called, “Catterfly Grows A Garden”. In this issue and our first ever Enfants D’Azur competition she is giving away her 2 books in the “Catterfly” series to one lucky reader!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for connecting with Enfants D’Azur. Please follow us on Social Media. I just want it to be the very best that it can be.

Holly x


Co n n e c t i n g Fa m i l i e s O n T h e Co te D’a z u r



Issue 1

July/August 2020

TOP 10




Cover image by Holly Grattan July August | Issue 1

18 The Summer

Birthday Party Ideas Guide 2020

Founder, Editor Art Director & more... Holly Grattan holly@enfantsdazur.com

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50 Top 10 Family Friendly Restaurants

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TOP 5 Beaches For Families


What I Love About The Riviera

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The Montessori Philosophy Post Birth Demands on the Mum!


10 good reasons to get a spa treatment!


An interview with Children’s Book Author Alma Hammond


Quick Full Body Fitness Session


Positive Grooming for Healthy Happy Pets


Integration to France: Your Frustration-Free Guide


My Philosophy on Indian food put simply: LESS is more


Harry’s Tandoor Butter Chicken Spice Mix Recipe


Why a home rental beats a hotel stay every time


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Five Tips for Fabulous Cycling on the Cote d’Azur


Book Competetion

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La Rentrée – Back to School!






Plage SainteHélène – Galets

Plage du Midi Sand, lifeguard, car park, shower, WC, restaurant, disabled access

Sand, lifeguard, car park, shower, WC, restaurant, disabled access


Plage Roubine Sand, WC, shower, car park, easy access, lifeguard



Plage du Midi

Plage du Sable d’Or

Sand, WC, shower, car park, easy access, lifeguard, play area

Sand, lifeguard, car park, shower, WC, restaurant, disabled access


July/August 2020




July/August 2020



Réserve de la Mala If you’re ever looking for *that* piece of heaven on Earth, look no further than the Réserve de la Mala in Cap D’Ail. With its limpid water, picturesque cliff and secluded setting. The Plage de la Mala is most certainly the Riviera’s best kept secret. I’ll admit that getting there isn’t necessarily easy. You’ll have to venture down 124 steps (going up at the end of the day is the hard part) but I promise you that once you get to the bottom, you won’t regret it. As you walk down, you’ll start to see the magnificent setting through the trees and once arrived the view is breath-taking. You’ll find either the public beach where you can have the most beautifully set picnic you’ll ever have, or you can opt for the private side of the beach where you can dine in one of two restaurants, rent sunbeds and towels while enjoying great service.

Your kids might fuss about having to walk down but they’ll be delighted upon arrival once they realise the water is warm, clear, and jellyfish-free! They can play in the sand while the older ones can go explore the rocks and search for fish further out. For the more adventurous, you can also walk along the reserve on a designated footpath overlooking the sea, guaranteeing those social mediaworthy pictures.

Lac de Saint Cassien The Lac de Saint Cassien is a picturesque setting at the start of Pays de Fayence on the Cote d’Azur. The freshwater lake offers many activities, including renting ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

July/August 2020


pedal boats, kayaks and giant inflatable structures for kids to bounce on all day! The scenic views resemble Canadian lakes, with pine trees in the background, making for perfect picnic settings and gorgeous holiday pictures. The lack of jellyfish means you can swim throughout the summer without fear, and the Pré Claou restaurant offers food, drinks, and snacks to keep you going throughout the day! There are many parts of the lake and its surroundings to explore, with different spots for water activities available. Various “bases nautiques” or “bases d’activités” are scattered around the lake, but not in a way that would ruin the lakes’ surroundings. One side of the lake has remained virtually untouched so rent a pédalo, cross the lake and enjoy your picnic in the most secluded spots of the lake.

Iles de Lérins Just a few minutes by boat from Cannes, Golfe Juan or Juan les Pins, the Iles de Lérins are a group of two exceptional



The freshwater lake offers many activities, including renting pedal boats, paddles, kayaks as well as giant inflatable structures for kids to bounce on all day! islands. The moment you step off the ferry you can smell the Aleppo pine trees that grow all around. The best way to explore the islands is to follow the marked trails. There are no cars on the island, so it is perfectly safe to let your children roam, although dogs must be kept on a leash. The larger of the two islands, St. Marguerite, has lots to do, from the lagoon populated by migratory birds on the western end to the abandoned fort on the eastern end, rumored to be the place where the fabled « Man in the Iron Mask » was incarcerated. You can look around the dungeon where he was kept and visit the Maritime Museum where you can learn about the history of the islands. There are many little coves to swim around and picnic in, or, if you prefer, there are several good restaurants to enjoy a lovely meal. St Honorât is smaller and quieter, and at only 1.5km long and 400m wide, you can walk all way around the perimeter and stop to look at the seven 10th century chapels scattered across the island. On the southern edge there is an old 14th century fortress with a lookout tower and several nearby hotshot furnaces built during Napoleonic times to heat up cannon balls which were July/August 2020

run out of things to do or see. After three years here I still feel like I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg, there is always more around the corner to explore and surprise me! Whether you like swimming, hiking, skiing, or wandering around gorgeous villages and strolling through their local markets, you’re guaranteed to find something you like on the Riviera. You could easily spend the morning hiking up one of the many ‘Baous’ and enjoy the panoramic sea views before heading down to the beach for a relaxing afternoon, followed by a bite to eat and an evening stroll in old town Antibes. then shot at invaders. There is a small working monastery, open to the public, where the Cistercian monks grow grapes and make their own wine. This might seem obvious, but one of the best aspects of the Riviera is the weather. With almost 300 days of sun each year, the Cote d’Azur boasts the best weather in all of France. If you enjoy big blue skies, warm weather, and pleasant sea temperatures then the Riviera was made for you. However long you plan to stay, make it longer. The amazing thing about the Riviera is that you will never

This might seem obvious, but one of the best aspects of the Riviera is the weather. With almost 300 days of sun each year, the Cote d’Azur boasts the best weather in all of France. Even if you somehow managed to explore every single thing there is too see on the Cote d’Azur (impossible!) you can also explore what locals call the “arrière-pays”, further back from the sea. Head to the extremity of the Var (inland) and you’ll discover the Lac de Sainte-Croix and the Gorges du Verdon (also known as the European Grand Canyon). Prepare yourself for extraordinary landscapes, turquoise waters and countless water activities, hikes and more. Author: Gabi Labourier


July/August 2020


Read on the Blog Enfants D’Azur has looked high and low to source and find the perfect summer options for the Kiddos 2020. It hasn’t been easy at all! While in-person camps are starting to open around the country, many camps have decided to go virtual, or at least have virtual options for summer 2020. We reached out to our clients, partners and local businesses, and the offerings from these awesome summer camp providers include performing and creative arts that will have your kids making, baking, acting, singing, dancing, crafting and much more, either in a safe environment following all the government’s sanitation requirements, or online... This list is not exhaustive and we will continue to add to it on the blog over the summer months so come back often to check for more new exciting summer camp options.

Coding Summer Camp - Robot Run When: 27th to 30 July 2020 Where: Nice This 3-day coding camp for 9 to 14-year-olds will be the preparation for a competition on the last day - The Robot Run. The objective is to program your car, van, or monster truck, and win the race! Throughout the course of the camp, children will first need to build their car, use SCRATCH to program their car, and create and build and decorate the course out of clay. This summer camp is the perfect choice for teens curious about robotics and programming. Contact Ecole Algora


July/August 2020

Bubble Art Summer Camps When: 29th June to 28th August 2020 Where: Nice Bubble Art themed summer camps are educational and fun. Your child will enjoy playing music singing new songs and learning rhymes. They will learn English in their language classes. They will make wonderful creations using their imaginations in arts and crafts; gain confidence and teamwork in the drama sessions and get moving and have a ball learning dance, and even hip hop! This summer Bubble Art has a limited number of children in each class in keeping with their strict security protocol. Advanced booking is mandatory. Contact Bubble Art

Bricks 4 Kidz When: 1st july to 31st August 2020 Where: Nice-Monaco. At Brickz 4 Kidz, your children will play games around the famous LEGO bricks. Construct, invent, draw, and create! All these activities are centered around science, technology, architecture, and engineering. A way to spark an interest in STEM subjects with your children, Brickz 4 Kidz classes will help them build intellectual skills in a free and fun way! By working in small groups, their teamwork skills will be enhanced, and they will make new friends very quickly! Each week is centered around a different topic. An activity fit for both birthdays, after-school classes, or summer camps, Brickz 4 Kidz is a unique opportunity for your child to develop useful skills for their future, especially for the new emerging careers such as robotics. Educational and fun? What more can a parent ask for? This popular summer camp is a great place to introduce your child to new hobbies while socializing and meeting other children with the same interests. Contact Bricks 4 Kidz ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

July/August 2020


Atelier Magali Poterie When: 20th to 24th July 2020 from 2 pm to 4 pm And: 27th to 31st July 2020 from 10am to 12 noon Where: Nice Pottery is a new skill for your child to master! With the help of Magali, your child will be making beautiful pots in no time! This creative activity will stimulate your child’s imagination, and they will be able to learn how to make exactly what they want using Magali’s techniques. They will learn how to create the designs they want with clay and will have an initiation to the pottery wheel. All these crafts will allow them to create their own bowls and pots that you can then display at home or gift to your loved ones. How delightful to see your children’s creations in your garden or around your house! For this workshop, a blouse or apron will be useful, and your children will feel like real professionals! Contact Atelier Magali Poterie

Théâtre de l’Eau Vive When: All of July & August 2020 Where: Nice These theatre workshops will allow your children to learn more about Nice’s cultural heritage as well as the basics of theatre. They will help your child to express themselves through their facial expressions, their movements and most importantly to use their voice to portray emotions. These summer camps allow your children to develop their artistic side, whether it be in acting, decor and props or even making posters. They have the opportunity to play in a theatre, and will be introduced to what actors experience when they perform on stage. At the end of each week, your children will perform what they have been working on to you and will impress you with their new theatrical skills. The Théâtre de l’Eau Vive also offers activities for birthdays, and even adult workshops! Contact Théâtre de l’Eau Vive


July/August 2020

Team Bihoue Sports Summer Camps When: Throughout the whole summer holidays Where: Saint-Laurent-du-Var Team Bihoue’s Summer Sports Camps offer an absolutely unique experience this summer. During the school holidays, Team Bihoue is organising summer camps for all levels for children from the age of 4 years old. These summer camps combine fun and learning of different types of sports such as tennis, football, sailing and you can even combine sports with English language classes or a school study club to catch up with school work that may have been missed this school year. The summer camp is managed by licensed and qualified teachers. Due to the the large choice of summer camp combinations on offer at Team Bihoue, you are sure to find a summer camp that suits your child’s interests and needs! Contact Team Bihoue

Hap Ô Tempo When: July & August 2020 Where: Villeneuve-Loubet Village Hap Ô Tempo is affiliated to the La Fédération française d’équitation (FFE). The club specialises in horse riding lessons, from beginners to learning to Gallop. The clubs is located in the heart of Villeneuve Loubet and surrounded by beauutiful nie countryside pastures. il propose des cours d’équitation jusqu’au Galop. Le club est situé au cœur de Villeneuve-Loubet, au milieu de grandes pâtures campagnardes, It consists of a riding school and facilities to hold competitions and events. This summer Hap Ô Tempo is offering horse riding summer camps, care of baby ponies, showjumping over obstacles (CSO) Equestrian vaulting, often described as gymnastics, and dance on horseback and a workshop leading up to the show at the end of the camp. All levels welcome. Contact Hap Ô Tempo


July/August 2020


Sun Équitation Pony Camp

Centre équestre- Poney club

Stages vacances d’été Stages 1 à plusieurs demi-journées A partir du 6/07 au 30/08/2020 Du lundi au vendredi 9h00-12h00 ou 14h00-17h00 Programme

When: 6th July to 30th August 2020 Where: Nice Let your children discover the unique world of horse riding! Enjoy horseback riding, build a bond with the horses and discover the love for riding, that’s what your children will learn at Sun Equitation.

de 4 à 12 ans

S’occuper de son poney : Le brosser, le coiffer, le nourrir, le câliner… Monter son poney : Jeux équestres à thème, parcours d’aventure.

Ateliers manuels : Bricolage, décorations et photos avec les poneys !

(Mesures Covid respectés)

Tarifs 1 demi-journée : 40€ A partir de 2 : 35€ par demi-journées 5 demi-journées : 170€ 10 demi-journées : 330€

This camp will allow your child to enjoy the outdoors while having fun with the horses. To learn how to take care of them, the children will prepare the ponies by brushing, braiding and saddling them. They will learn more about their food, riding equipment, the different breeds, etc. By perfecting their skills, the children have the opportunity to pass their Gallops in the club. Other activities during the camp are proposed such as painting, make-up, taking photos with the ponies, and many more. Give your children the unique experience to bond with the beautiful creatures. Contact Sun Équitation

Oceano Club (Snapper Club) 6 - 7 year-olds - 13th to 17th July 2020 8 - 12 year-olds - 6th to 10th July, 13th to 17th July, 20th to 24th July, 3rd to 7th August - 24th to 28th August 2020 Where: The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco Are your kids constantly asking questions about the sea? Sign them up at the Océano Club to give them a unique experience to explore marine life, it’s the perfect occasion to pique their interest, develop their thirst for knowledge and maybe even discover a new passion. Feeding the turtles, collecting microscopic animals from the tanks, interviewing visitors, and drawing fish like biologists are only some of the many activities your child will enjoy during this fully immersed week. The kids will discover the marine world through fun games and activities, mainly through manipulation and observation. They will enjoy 5 full days with meals included to learn about marine life and possibly to make new friends! Contact Oceano Club


July/August 2020

Yacht Club de Beaulieu When: 29th June to 28th August 2020 Where: Beaulieu The Yacht Club de Beaulieu organises weekly courses for all ages throughout the summer. Camps can be half-days or full days. This activity is supervised by three state-certified instructors who ensure the safety of all. The Yacht Club de Beaulieu has a varied fleet that allows the initiation or development of sailing such as drifters, optimists, catamarans, kayaks, windsurfers, etc. Contact Yacht Club de Beaulieu

Yacht Club of Monaco- SeAdventure Camps When: 29th June – 21st August 2020 Where: Monaco During the summer holidays, the Yacht Club of Monaco offers sports weeks where water is at the center of activities. Open to children aged 6 to 15, the courses allow young people to discover water sports such as sailing, snorkeling, standup paddleboarding, speed boating, kayaking but also marine environment courses. They will have the opportunity to walk on the coastal trails and have courses with the Maritime Police. Children of 6-7 years old will also participate in a visit to the Oceanographic Museum. Contact Yacht Club of Monaco

Explique-Moi Les Maths! When: Dates to be arranged Where: Small Groups On Zoom Online maths sessions in small groups that are organised as following: - Short, interactive Multiple Choice Questions - Revision of school work and methods - Guided exercises - Autonomous exercises - Online tests on each topic at the end of the class - Final feedback with the parents Contact Explique-Moi Les Maths ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

July/August 2020



July/August 2020


THE MONTESSORI PHILOSOPHY Opening up to oneself, to others and to Nature –

What if life was like a river? Made up of calm and fast flowing zones, whirlpools and slack tide. Everyone wants their child to be kept safe from troubled waters and to be serenely sailing on smooth ones. But we soon realize life can be challenging, both professionally and privately, wishing we had been better prepared for it. More often than not, we have acquired our autonomy through sweat and tears. As the threat of lockdown fell upon us, we quickly realized that our need to be outdoors in nature and surrounded by our dear ones were higher than imagined ever before. Our Montessori middle school method of teaching aims just at that: meeting those universal needs. Adolescence is a critical moment. Maria Montessori, one of the first female doctors in medicine in Italy, had recognized it as a transition period from a growing child to an adultto-be in search of his place in society and more generally on Earth. She could identify a deep self-questioning and sensitivity, leaving both parents and relatives more often than not puzzled or at a loss. In fact, the grown-up to-be needs no pre-established answers, but rather to be put in surroundings, that enable them to become who they are. This is done by providing them with a prepared environment in which nature

remains near, so that they find out what they want to do with their future. The teacher becomes the facilitator, “at service” to the teen. Answers no longer emanate from the teacher but from the teen’s own experiences and the adult stands as a careful observer. How exciting to go back home at night to share among the stories of the day how you have been doing maths or learning history along with your daily activities! Mentorship (such as a newcomer in a company, being accompanied by an older member of staff who sheds some light on the dos and don’ts) is the key and the teen will benefit from those practices. He will therefore be empowered to choose his/her own way through careful observation from experts related to his/ her fields of interest who will represent a pool of resources to tap into. He will be immersed in the cycle of life in a joyful way. Exploring nature through their senses will enable them to develop confidence in themselves enabling them to connect with something bigger. The inner motivation will drive them to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and competences for them to carry on their studies, and to enter a fast-changing society in confidence with strong foundations. The adolescent is entitled to love and choose their life, in harmony with nature! And all this, in a multilingual environment! Author: Arnaud Lebrun. Ecole Montessori Internationale Les Colibris in Biot.


July/August 2020



IDEAS GUIDE 2020 (Including Virtual & Social Distancing Options)

Lots of fun ideas for a special birthday party! The summer party season is upon us. There are so many wonderful party options for children on the Cote D’Azur. From indoor play spaces to events, cinemas, beaches, parks, museums, forests, amusement parks, swimming pools and so much more... I have not been able to list them all here but we have a wonderful “Party” section on our website where you can discover many different local businesses, cake makers, entertainers, magicians, party suppliers, birthday party venues, caterers, florists, photographers and event planners.


Despite the restrictions being eased, we are advised to continue to maintain social distancing where possible to protect the most vulnerable in our society and to continue to wash our hands regularly. With this social distancing still in place, there will be children (and adults) all over the world who will be thinking about ideas for parties that allow for participants to remain 1 meter apart, and for some vulnerable children, ideas for at-home parties with close family members or virtual parties. July/August 2020


Here are some birthday ideas we think you will love! • With some children still not back at school, consider gifts that revolve around fun educational activities for the birthday child. Things like DIY terrariums, kits for learning about anatomy, electricity, solar power, or e-subscriptions for art classes or perhaps focused on learning a new skill like cooking or coding. • Decorate the house with balloons and themed or homemade decorations while the birthday child is sleeping... • Organize facetime or video messages with special people like grandparents or friends. • Have ice-cream for breakfast! My family is going to try this idea!

• Try reversing the day! • Organize a picnic on the beach with friends. Everyone bring their own blanket and picnic basket and sit 1 meter apart. • Go rollerblading or skateboarding on the promenade. This activity allows you to keep your distance. It is sporty and fun. Easy to make competitive by having races or showing off your skills and talents. • Drive to the hills and fly a kite and take a picnic too. • Have a rock or pebble decorating party. Using paints or pens draw and personalise your pebbles. Guests take home their rock to decorate a plant pot, flowerbed, or use as a paperweight in a bedroom. • Role reversal. Let the birthday child be the adult for the day. You will be surprised at how responsible they are in making all the decisions. Let them tell you when to get up, when and what to eat, what to do, what to watch when to clean your teeth, get ready for bed, and lights out! • Have a family slumber party in the living room.

With this social distancing still in place, there will be children (and adults) all over the world who will be thinking about ideas for parties that allow for participants to remain 1 meter apart, and for some vulnerable children, ideas for at-home parties with close family members or virtual parties.


July/August 2020


• Do a birthday countdown to the big day using a sticker chart on the wall. • Put together a playlist of your favorite songs for the birthday party. Get family and friends to suggest songs. • Local florists have been particularly affected by recent closures so why not organize a flower delivery for your special birthday person. Check out Bloom Room. A new concept in Floristry. They make the most spectacular bouquets out of fruits, vegetables, nuts, chocolates, and sweets. A perfect birthday party gift for kids and adults alike. • Wrap up small gifts and hide them. Make clues and give them a new clue every hour so they can find all their gifts. • Another lovely idea is to get


children to write about an account or story about what is currently happening in the world? How they are feeling? What they are missing? What are they are enjoying? What do they think the world will look like after this is all over? Then keep it safe in a memory box or time capsule. For younger children, you can write it down for them to record their thoughts. You could also make this into a video instead of a written account and include questions like what would you like to be when you grow up? Who is your favorite artist? What is your favorite movie? • Take lots of photos! Here is our link to local photographers listed on the Enfants D’Azur website. The full Birthday Party Ideas Guide July/August 2020

2020 is available on the Enfants D’Azur blog and brings together all the best ideas for kids’ birthday parties with an emphasis on at home and virtual birthday parties. The businesses mentioned are local to the Riviera and all have business

listings on www.enfantsdazur.com. The ideas, however, are generic and can be used no matter where you live. Author Holly Grattan Founder & Director Enfants D’Azur

OUR VISION for Enfants D’Azur is to be the go-to source for family days out and useful information for local families on the Cote D’Azur & visitors to the region in English & French. Enfants D’Azur Magazine is a fun publication filled with interesting articles, stories, and fun stuff for kids. Connecting Families on the Cote D’Azur.

Our Motto: Happy parents, Happy kids.


July/August 2020



July/August 2020

POST BIRTH DEMANDS ON THE MUM! During pregnancy mothers must focus on nutrition because adequate nutrients are essential for the proper development of the baby. After the birth is a time of intense changes in energy requirements. Many women feel they can’t cope and are overwhelmed with looking after a newborn as well as themselves. Many physical changes occur during pregnancy. These changes are completely normal and it´s important to remember that the body may take at least 9 months to return to it´s prepregnancy state. It takes time to heal and for effective healing good nutrition and rest are of prime importance. Sleep deprivation can be the cause of mood swings, blood sugar imbalances, and poor memory and may occur for many months, even years. A mother´s resilience to sleep disturbance is easier to handle under the age of thirty. After that age, lack of sleep may be harder to manage. If a new mother is nutrient deprived this may lead to serious hormone imbalances and reduced immunity contributing to auto-immune conditions. Post natal depression (PPD) affects 20% of women after birth and through


the first year. Sleep deprivation may contribute to PPD, as may deficiencies in essential nutrients or as a result of hormonal changes.

The importance of nutrition: How can a mother recover from the demands of pregnancy and all that being a mum entails? Nutrition depletion is common, especially with second and third pregnancies or babies born in quick succession. Nutrients have During pregnancy mothers must focus on nutrition because adequate nutrients are essential for the proper development of the baby. After the birth is a time of intense changes in energy requirements.


July/August 2020


sources such as walnuts and flaxseeds. Alternatively supplements can be taken before, during and after pregnancy. Specific nutrients are also supportive to physical repair following childbirth. Soft tissue wound recovery is optimised by collagen, which may also aid in healing of wounded and strained core and pelvic floor muscles.

The low down on caffeine:

been used for growth of the baby, the birthing experience and subsequent nursing of a child. What a mother eats determines the quality of the breast milk. It is not a time to focus on dropping weight, as a sudden calorie deficit may reduce milk production. If PPD is a concern, it is possible to help balance the ratio between oestrogen and progesterone nutritionally by avoiding the following foods which are known to contain compounds which mimic the effects of oestrogen in the body: tofu, tempeh and soy yoghurt, flaxseeds / linseeds. Essential fatty acids are important for brain health for mothers and babies. A reduction may cause feelings of anxiety for the mother. The body is not able to manufacture the EFAs itself so they must be found through dietary sources or supplementation. Good sources include oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, trout and sardines, as well as plant-based


If breastfeeding, caffeine may leave your baby feeling unrested. A study of 800 babies observed that 3-5 cups of coffee was enough to disturb sleep in 3-month-old babies. If you crave coffee or black tea, it is suggested drinking after breastfeeding which will give time for the caffeine to weaken before the next feed. Author: Christine Kjeldbjerg is an MSc qualified registered Nutritional Therapist. Christine specialises in helping busy mums and dads regain their vitality and “joie de vivre” by addressing their digestive and hormonal imbalances. Contact Christine.

July/August 2020

Simple and quick nutrition for new mums Green smoothie bowl: ½ frozen banana, ½ avocado, 100ml plant based milk (e.g. almond, hazelnut or coconut milk) and 1 handful of spinach/kale. Blitz and serve in a bowl topped with toasted nuts/seeds, coconut flakes and berries. Or to drink as a smoothie, add more liquid and leave off the toppings. Red smoothie bowl: A handful of frozen berries, ½ frozen banana, 2-3 teaspoons chia seeds, natural full fat yogurt of choice. Blitz and serve in a bowl with toppings of choice e.g. cacao nibs, bee pollen, coconut flakes, toasted nuts and seeds. Thin out with water to drink your smoothie. Scrambled eggs: Serve with spinach, fresh tomato, ½ avocado topped with olive oil on wholemeal toast. Porridge Use oats, quinoa, millet or buckwheat flakes. Mix in pan with plant based milk and serve with toasted almonds, cinnamon and berries. Quinoa bowl: A good protein source, simple to cook and keeps for a day or two in the fridge. Chop peppers, onion, broccoli, carrots etc., and lightly sauté in a pan using coconut oil. Mix with warm, drained

Christine Kjeldbjerg

quinoa and add coriander/parsley, olive/avocado oil and lime juice. Eat with chopped tomatoes, olives, avocado and cucumber the day after. Savoury pancakes (1 person): 1 cup almond/coconut flour, cinnamon, 2 beaten eggs and salt, mixed together and thinned with plant based milk to form a batter. Fry gently and serve with berries and yacon syrup, or goat’s cheese, salmon and avocado. Omega 3 rich fish meal: Sardines or mackerel on wholemeal, rye or gluten free toast. Add sliced avocado and/or tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil.

Always consult your GP before beginning any diet or exercise program.


July/August 2020



good reasons to get a spa treatment!

If you need one, here is a list of 10 good reasons to get a spa treatment! As if we needed a list of reasons to book a spa treatment! There’s nothing more luxurious and relaxing than a trip to the spa and, after months of lockdown, homeschooling and neglecting your own body, it’s time to put yourself first! Experiencing a massage or treating yourself to a facial at any time is fabulous. But after a stressful time, it’s going to feel even more beneficial than usual, and that’s saying something! Spa treatments are a treat that many of us love to indulge in. We’ve discovered some wonderful benefits of a spa visit that we think you’ll want to know about… 1. HELPS TO DE-STRESS A visit to the spa is a perfect opportunity to separate yourself from life’s everyday


stresses and have some precious ‘me time’. Allowing yourself this time to wind down and relax has many additional benefits, such as a clear mind and increased productivity. It goes without saying that visiting a spa is a fantastic way to relax and de-stress! 2. PROMOTES A BETTER SLEEP One of the many benefits of a spa visit is that most treatments can help you to catch more of those valuable Zzzz’s. Massages lower your blood pressure and completely relax your muscles, which also help you maintain a healthy heart rate. So not only do you catch up on sleep during your treatment, you are more than likely to benefit from an July/August 2020

improved night’s sleep afterwards. This benefit can last for days, or should we say nights?. 3. HELPS WITH ANTI-AGEING Generally giving yourself time to relax and de-stress is a great anti-ageing tool on its own! But did you realise that many spa treatments can specifically help with anti-ageing? Facials help prevent and delay the onset of wrinkles by stimulating skin cells and hydrating the skin. A facial massage increases blood circulation and increases skin tone, helping increase this spa benefit even further. 4. SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS There are various theories supporting the correlation between spa treatments and weight loss. Deep tissue massages help the body to break down fatty deposits through the pressure and friction exerted on the skin. Hot spa treatments open up the skin’s pores, helping the body to ward off and expel toxins. This also encourages the body to burn calories. Of course, these need to be in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime to have a profound effect, but who’s going to say no to burning a few calories and fighting off cellulite during your lovely massage? Not us, that’s for sure! 5. RELIEVES ACHES AND PAINS General aches and pains are a common occurrence for many. Sitting for long periods of time, incorrect or infrequent exercise, sleeping on an unsupportive mattress, all contribute to aches and

Experiencing a massage or treating yourself to a facial at any time is fabulous. But after a stressful time, is going to feel even more beneficial than usual, and that’s saying something!


July/August 2020


pains. A great way of relieving these aches is via a relaxing massage. Why not choose a full body massage or an area specific massage that focuses on your problem area, helpfully relaxing the muscle tissue? Try a Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Muscle Massage or a Muscle Reviver available at Spa Candille All are fantastic at massaging out those nuisance aches and pains. 6. IMPROVED BLOOD FLOW AND CIRCULATION If you regularly have a massage, you will surely see the benefits of them regulating your blood pressure and also improving your blood circulation. This has many advantageous effects to your health, including supporting the body to fight off illnesses.


7. INCREASED HAPPINESS Among the many benefits of spa treatments is the biological effect it has on your body, particularly in regards to your happiness levels. Spa Massages are known to release serotonin, the hormone associated with happiness. This helps to improve your mood immediately your massage has finished! This positive effect post-massage can last for days too.

A great way of relieving these aches is via a relaxing massage. Why not choose a full body massage or an area specific massage that focuses on your problem area, helpfully relaxing the muscle tissue? July/August 2020

8. PREVENTING VARICOSE VEINS Being on your feet all day can really start to take its toll on your body. Standing up for long periods of time is linked to developing varicose veins, However, leg massages can help to prevent varicose veins from developing in the first place. If you’re on your feet all day, treat your legs to the massage they deserve! 9. REDUCED FREQUENCY OF HEADACHES Are you one of the many who are prone to headaches every now and then? Headaches can happen more frequently during periods of high stress. Working from home, homeschooling the children, worrying about family and friends far away, are all likely causes in seeing an upturn in frequency of headaches. Luckily, one of the added advantages of visiting a spa is that many treatments, such as head hand massages, can contribute to decreasing the frequency of headaches. Massages help to relieve tensions that are often

the underlying causes of headaches in the first place. Reflexology of the hands and feet can also help and is available at Spa Candille. 10. PROMOTES RADIANT SKIN If you have skin problems or your face is feeling particularly dry, a facial can help to thoroughly clean and hydrate the skin. This gives your face the nourishment it needs to look bright and bring back its natural glow. Being stuck indoors for a few months has surely taken its toll on your skin, drying it out. However, a quality facial can help to relieve this by thoroughly cleaning and hydrating the skin. Remember too to drink plenty of fresh clean water! Author: Tina Silver, Social & Digital Media Consultant at Le Mas Candille and the sensational Spa Candille in Mougins. They have a wonderful range of treatments and products by ESPA including some fantastic facials to rejuvenate your skin.


July/August 2020



with Children’s Book Author Alma Hammond

Super Rooster & Wonder Cat. Alma Hammond, Author

Alma Hammond is an award-winning children’s book author. She has written and published eight children’s books, published by her own small press, Sweetbeet Books, which she started in January of 2017. Her picture books are for children aged 3 - 8 years old and teach about other cultures and geographies. Some of the themes she touches upon include diversity, friendship, acceptance of others, selfesteem, kindness, and gratitude. Alma will release a new picture book this summer called, “Catterfly Grows A Garden.” All of Alma’s children’s books are educational and include fun facts. Alma has recently moved to the French Riviera and is enjoying setting up her life here. 30 ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

July/August 2020



When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? It was when I was in the Fourth Grade. My English teacher assigned us a fiction piece. I was very surprised how my pen flowed and flowed. Problem was after turning in my work, the teacher announced a few days later that all the papers were lost and she was not able to look at them or grade them. I was devastated. What do you love most about writing stories for children? The creativity and opportunity to learn; being able to return as a child to marvel in the small things in life that bring joy. Where do you get your inspiration from? Much of the inspiration I get is through travel. My “Travel with Me” series is based on animals and places that strike me as exceptionally interesting and would bring a sense of wonder in children. How did you get your first story published and what was it about? My first story was about a rooster and cat I encountered during my honeymoon in Tahiti, “Super Rooster and Wonder Cat.” Every day in Moorea from our hut on the water I would look to the shore to see a rooster and cat frolicking together on the beach. I thought it might be fun to write a book about what they might be doing, and combine it with what I’d learn about the sea creatures of French Polynesia.

I would have to say my favorite is Serafina Soars. Its the third book in my Travel with Me series and is set in Andalusia, Spain. It’s about a shy eagle owl who not only discovers the beauty of her country but also her own self-confidence. How many books have you written and which is your favorite? I have written and published 8 books since 2017. I would have to say my favorite is Serafina Soars. Its the third book in my Travel with Me series and is set in Andalusia, Spain. It’s about a shy eagle owl who not only discovers the beauty of her country but also her own self-confidence. I was very shy as a child and have learned to break from this as Serafina does in the story, by taking small steps outside my comfort zone. I thought this might be beneficial to children who are experiencing anxieties preventing them from enjoying their lives to the fullest. What topics do your stories cover and why are these important to you? Most of my books are about acceptance of others and self and the benefits of expressing kindness and gratitude. All my books are educational and include fun facts.


July/August 2020


Have you always loved stories and reading?

the moment? What can you tell us about it?

Yes! As a child, I used to make up stories and invent plays for the neighborhood kids. I particularly loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder series.

Yes. It is the second book in my Catterfly series. The series, about a part-cat, partbutterfly; teaches about butterflies, but also encourages children to understand that everyone is different. The second book will teach children about how butterflies pollinate flowers and grow gardens. This book, Catterfly Book 2, “Catterfly Grows a Garden,” will be released this summer. The first book, “Catterfly is Born,” is available for sale through Amazon. It teaches children in simple terms how butterflies come to be.

Which other children authors do you love? What book or books have had a strong influence on you or your writing? Shel Silverstein (The Giving Tree), James Dean (Pete the Cat series), Tomie Poala (The Legend of the Poinsettia), Miroslav Sasek (“This is” travel series) all influenced me in my writing. That said, I think my writing styles and themes are pretty original and come mostly from my personal life experience.

How can our readers/viewers get hold of your books? All my books are available on Amazon.

Why do you think it is important for children to develop a love of reading? Besides helping them advance their language skills and build their vocabulary, reading also offers children a window to other concepts, ideas, places, and animals that they may not have yet thought of or encountered. What is exciting about writing for children is that what children learn through reading could be the very things that fuel their dreams and goals for their futures. What do you like to do when you are not writing? I have recently moved to southern France, so right now it’s about setting up our life here! But when not doing that, I love traveling, hiking, yoga, cooking, meeting with friends, and practicing my French. Are you working on a new book at


Alma Hammond, award-winning children’s book author.

July/August 2020

Any last thoughts for our readers? Thank you for the opportunity to share my story as an author with you. Finally, I want to say how grateful I am to finally find my passion in life: to write for children. Thank you so much to Alma for this wonderful interview. Do keep an eye

out for “Catterfly Grows a Garden” to be released this summer. You can find out more about Alma Hammond’s great work and how to connect with her here on Enfants D’Azur.

Author Holly Grattan Founder & Director Enfants D'Azur

BOOK COMPETITION Enfants D’Azur Magazine is running it’s very first competition in collaboration with Alma Hammond to celebrate the launch of her new book Catterfly Grows a Garden. One lucky winner will receive copies of both of the books in Alma Hammond’s Catterfly series: Catterfly is Born and Catterfly Grows a Garden


July/August 2020



July/August 2020


July/August 2020


2020 ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE 36 consult Always your GP before beginning any dietJuly/August or exercise program.


QUICK FULL BODY FITNESS SESSION By Leigh Bodin-Bitouzet Summer is upon us and the kids are out of school. It may be hard for us busy parents to find the time to get in our personal exercise in the upcoming months. With the kids’ home, it’s hard to make it to the gym. Do not worry! You don’t need big fancy equipment or a lot of time to get in a great session that will work your whole body, right at home! You can even grab the kids and get them to do it along with you or take some much needed « Me Time » and concentrate on you. Today we have a quick, full body session that will take you less than 20 minutes to complete. For training at home or even when I am out and about with the kids, I use simple tools, such

Today we have a quick, full body session that will take you less than 20 minutes to complete. For training at home or even when I am out and about with the kids, I use simple tools, such as resistance bands.


July/August 2020


as resistance bands. You can find a set of these small loop bands online on amazon or even in Decathlon. You want to set a timer to do 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. Finish each pair of exercises three times through before you move onto the next set of exercises. Aim to complete three rounds of each set. If you are not familiar with some of the exercises listed, all you have to do is click on the exercise and it will bring you into my exercise video library.


Pair this session with a cardio session (running, HIIT, circuits) and a strength session each week for a wellrounded at home program. And most importantly, Have Fun! Author Leigh Bodin-Bitouzet is The Busy Mom’s Coach and has lived on the Cote D’Azur for 20 years, with her two awesome kids. Leigh helps busy moms over 40, balance and prioritize their health in the middle of a busy family life. Get in touch with Leigh. July/August 2020


July/August 2020


POSITIVE GROOMING FOR HEALTHY HAPPY PETS Grooming is a vital part of being a kind and loving human friend to our pets, but not just for the reasons you might think. Pets can suffer from mental health issues just like us, so taking steps to ease their anxiety and make them feel good is important. You can accomplish this in your regular grooming sessions! Animal mental health issues can be triggered by many of the same factors that unleash mental illness in humans. This includes the loss of family or companions, the loss of routines, loss of freedom, stress and trauma. Your dog or your cat senses your feelings and will know if you are tired, sick or worried about something. If your pet is a rescue with a difficult past, for instance, it might


take time and consistency to help your pet heal emotionally. This means plenty of positive reinforcement with treats, a positive tone of voice, and lots of praise and touch. Positive experiences, like exercise and grooming, can also help. Regular grooming is is good for your dog’s physical and mental health. A good looking, clean, brushed dog will make your dog feel happy and has a positive impact on their behaviour as well. Positive experiences like grooming can help tremendously. Animals in the wild groom each other as a soothing tool to create social bonds. But if the prospect of enticing your, often unwilling, dog/cat into the bath again causes you pain just thinking July/August 2020


about it, maybe it’s time to find a empathetic professional pet groomer. This is as important as finding the right hairstylist for us humans. While we all want our canine companions to look and smell their best, what is most important is their safety and happiness. Regular professional grooming allows the practitioner to look for lumps, bumps and injuries, as well as clearing matted fur and ticks from your pet’s coat. Follow up with your veterinarian on any questionable masses found, and you may detect serious issues early enough for treatments to be most effective. If you take your dog for walks in the countryside especially wooded ares they can pick up ticks especially as the hot weather arrives. Ticks can transmit

Animal mental health issues can be triggered by many of the same factors that unleash mental illness in humans.


July/August 2020


diseases including Lyme disease both to pets and humans. Your professional groomer will look out for these pests when he/she also checks for fleas and can treat them accordingly. The hairs of the processionary caterpillar found in nests in pine trees and often found crawling in a procession (hence the name) can be extremely dangerous for dogs especially their eyes. Your professional groomer will wash your pets’ eyes and check their health just like your trips to the opthamologist. Dog and cat claws need to be cut and filed occassionally but it is not always an easy job for us humans. For a start, dogs don’t all like their paws being held still and some could give you a nasty nip if you are not careful. If you cut the


Dog and cat claws need to be cut and filed occassionally but it is not always an easy job. claws too short you can cause pain and bleeding for your pet. It is much safer to have a trained groomer do it for you using professional tools and equipment. Positive, well managed grooming routines can create an experience that fosters good mental health in your fur baby. Studies have shown that pets increase our mental well-being, so it’s only fair that we return the favour! Author: Caroline Avy-Meyrignac has run DOG SERVICE for the past 29 years. A professional mobile pet grooming service across the Alpes Maritimes. She works with dogs and cats weighing less that 12kgs. She speaks English and French. Click here to get in touch with Caroline.

July/August 2020

Centre équestre- Poney club

Stages vacances d’été Stages 1 à plusieurs demi-journées A partir du 6/07 au 30/08/2020 Du lundi au vendredi 9h00-12h00 ou 14h00-17h00 Programme de 4 à 12 ans

S’occuper de son poney : Le brosser, le coiffer, le nourrir, le câliner… Monter son poney : Jeux équestres à thème, parcours d’aventure. Ateliers manuels : Bricolage, décorations et photos avec les poneys ! (Mesures Covid respectés)

Tarifs 1 demi-journée : 40€ A partir de 2 : 35€ par demi-journées 5 demi-journées : 170€ 10 demi-journées : 330€


July/August 2020


My dream of moving to a foreign country began at the ripe old age of 8. I spent my early years daydreaming of where I wanted to live, and France was often top of my list.

INTEGRATION TO FRANCE Your Frustration-Free Guide

It’s a beautiful country, the language is romantic. It's well-known for the delicious food, the arts, La Tour de France and the wine is to die for… But it’s also renowned for its difficult bureaucracy. Over the years I’ve learned that the only way to deal with this is to be PREPARED! There are many things that can make your first year in France the best experience, but paperwork is rarely one of them. To make this easier, here are some Top Tips.


Your Paperwork - Make a List: This is the most important point, get your paperwork footprints ready. Round up all your documents now, they will all be needed. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, tax returns, driving license, medical files, insurance policies, international health cards, work contracts, salary slips, financial resources, retirement notifications, vaccination information for your children, and more ……. Banking: It can prove very difficult July/August 2020

Prioritise Learning the Lingo if you really want to integrate. There are many fun ways to learn this fantastic language. Group or private lessons, exchanges with French people who want to learn English. to set up utilities, pay your tax, get insurance, set up a business, get your healthcare organised if you don’t have a French bank account. You will need your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for these processes. Nowadays there are many online banking options that can be easier to set up. Proof of address in France, your ID, your tax number are essential. Note: going overdrawn in France is not tolerated, so you should negotiate an overdraft facility at the start. Health Cover - Be pro-active: Health cover in France is very good but obtaining

the Carte Vitale can be complex. Don’t wait! Salaried people, business owners, retirees, and even inactive people have the right to request a social security number after living in France for 3 months. Contact them on 3646 or visit www.ameli. fr to get the application forms and list of documents required. Prioritise Learning the Lingo if you really want to integrate. There are many fun ways to learn this fantastic language. Group or private lessons, exchanges with French people who want to learn English. French clubs & associations or get active in your local community. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Visa’s & Cartes de Séjour - Plan Ahead: The immigration process is about paperwork footprints, so start working on getting those in place. For those worried about Brexit (I know there are many), if you are already living in France before 31st December 2020, you will have until 30th June 2021 to apply for your residency permit, so you still have time to get those footprints in place. The online applications website will become available from 1st October 2020 due to delays. Take your time to put your file together, ready for uploading at the right time. Whatever the stage of your integration in France, enjoy the process and you could even use it to practice your French language skills. Author: Tracy Leonetti is the founder of LBS Relocation Services created in 2012. The aim of LBS is to help their clients navigate the French administration system to ensure a smooth transition. Contact Tracy


July/August 2020


For your smooth transition to France OUR VALUES QUALITY


Your frustration free solution, to live your life in France. INTEGRITY

Our services: • Property Search • Banking & Utilities • Healthcare & Carte Vitale • Immigration & Residency • Business Creation • Business Admin (URSSAF...) • Schooling Applications • Driving Licences • Local Taxes • And more...

We Make it Happen Contact: tracy@lbsinfrance.com www.lbsinfrance.com


July/August 2020


My Philosophy on Indian food put simply



Have you ever tried to cook your favourite curry? So you searched your favourite chef’s recipe and found their version of the classic Chicken Tikka Masala or Butter Dahl curry (for you veggies), or you even purchased a great Indian cookbook, looked at the recipe and found at least a full page of different ingredients and spices? Even as a chef who loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen, I usually just close those sorts of books and think to myself “Yeah, I’ll just order in tonight”. As we have so many picky eaters in the world, it sometimes restricts us, chefs, from using the best ingredients. I have met a great deal of people who can’t stand eating chicken off the bone (the bone being the ingredient that releases a lot of flavour); this leaves chefs using chicken breasts, a part of the chicken that doesn’t give maximum flavour and

can dry out really easily when cooking. So I wanted to put a stop to it. Not out of arrogance but because my dream is to create the best dishes, so I am going to use the best produce that will give you maximum flavour. But it doesn’t stop there, I can’t create the best with just the produce. I’ve had to learn for myself the best methods to get the most out of every ingredient that I use. Once I chose the equipment I wanted to use, (my 200 kg Tandoor oven), I then had to learn how to work one; controlling the heat of the Tandoor, how to cook meat in something that can heat up to 400ºC without it getting burnt (whilst not getting burnt myself). Then comes perfecting the recipe. So I asked myself: How can a British man perfect Authentic Indian food? I’ve been blessed to cook alongside native Indians and Sri-Lankans when


July/August 2020


traveling all around Sri-Lanka where I understood that Authentic Indian food is nothing like the British curries we get in London and Birmingham. No matter where I go, I always get someone come up to me and say that my food isn’t proper Indian food because it doesn’t burn your tongue, leaving you sweating out, and drying your tears with a serviette. I have found that what makes a “proper curry” to some Brits has nothing to do with flavour, taste, and texture. It’s just a dish they use to show people how “macho” by ordering and eating the hottest curry they can find. They don’t seem to be able to handle my homemade chili sauce though and that’s always fun to watch! Some people believe a curry has to have a lot of spices in it to make it a curry or taste exotic. The truth is, a curry can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you enjoy it. But for me, curries aren’t just about flavour, they are about the whole experience. I personally enjoy


food much better when I understand how much love and passion has been put into making it. When you watch Indians cook, they create a great atmosphere whether they’re cooking at home, in a restaurant, or on the street. It’s pure theatre. You see the way they pour the ghee in that smoking hot pan on top of an open fire. If you look closely they aren’t just throwing everything in at once and *bang* you have a curry. No, they add things in at the right time in the right order. You will see that they only have one or two dish options because they have worked and perfected those dishes for generations. This is what I wanted to bring to the South of France: passion, love, theatre, creating an exciting atmosphere whilst giving you The Authentic Taste of India. In India, the best food originates from what the poor people would cook to survive. They couldn’t afford a page full of spices and ingredients that you would see in your average recipe book. In fact, traditionally they wouldn’t really have names for their curries, they would just call it a lamb, chicken, or chickpea curry. Depending on what they have available, they would make it hot, sweet, mild, dry, or in a Masala sauce. I’ve also had the help of my dad, whom I have crowned my “official taster”, as he traveled India for five months in 1978, way before it became a tourist and commercial hotspot. Throughout those five months, all he had was Authentic Indian food cooked by the locals themselves. Every single Indian dish I have cooked, be it curries or street food, he’s tasted. And if it wouldn’t take him back to India or if it gave him the feeling that the Indians July/August 2020

would be insulted by what I created (even if it was good), I would try again and again until the day would arrive, when he would take a bite, close his eyes, smile and say: “That takes me back, that is proper Indian food”. Another factor when eating from Harry’s Tandoor is that I encourage people to eat the Indian way… with their hands, without cutlery. Eating with your hands enhances the flavours. Cutlery changes the taste of your food when using silver, metal or even biodegradable cutlery. Of course, it’s not for everyone so cutlery is always provided at my events, but if you are looking for a complete Indian experience, I recommend eating with your hands. I have mastered the way of getting the best out of each ingredient to get

maximum flavour using a griddle pan or barbecue. Here are some tips: Don’t cook the meat all the way through on the barbecue. Simply caramelise it to get the flavours of the barbecue, which will then also be incorporated into your Masala sauce. Cook slowly it until it falls off the bone. If you follow these tips the meat will literally fall off the bone. Moister than an oyster! Author: Harry Strouthous, Private Chef and owner of Harry’s Tandoor offers private events in your home, in form of a buffet or fine dining, or puts on Indian Curry Nights in other venues across the Languedoc and Côte d’Azur region. If you have room for his Tandoor, and you’re brave enough to get involved he can create a very special and unique experience. Contact Harry at Harry’s Tandoor.


July/August 2020


TOP 10 FAMILY FRIENDLY with kids menus RESTAURANTS & play spaces 2020 had a bit of a rough start, but it’s summer and restaurants are opening up after a 3-month halt. It’s time to go out, enjoy a nice meal with your kids, and maybe be lucky enough for them to stay busy while you take a moment to breathe. After searching high and low, we have compiled a list of the best child-friendly places to eat on the Riviera. These recommended spots offer kids menus or even better, playgrounds, and designated play areas for your kids to enjoy! A relatively new concept, Cafés Poussettes or Stroller Cafes are popping up in many towns. Three of these have made the list, alongside establishments that are kid-friendly in other ways.


ONE: At the top of this list we find Les Petits Tabliers, a Café Poussette in the center of Vence with easy parking access. Enjoy burgers, tartares, focaccias, and plenty of desserts for adults. Your children will feast on kid’s menus (and even baby menus!) between two playing sessions in their fully stocked playroom. Les Petits Tabliers also offers a secluded garden area in the back to enjoy some fresh air right in the heart of Vence. Check their website as they even offer arts and crafts activities throughout the year! TWO: Sucré Salé at Ludiparc in La Colle Sur Loup, is a park café and a slightly different concept. Ludiparc offers many July/August 2020

activities, play areas, and structures for kids of all ages. Sucré Salé, found in the park grounds, offers a range of food options, both sweet and savoury for children and grownups alike. They have a kid’s menu that should satisfy even the pickiest eaters. There is plenty of space for little ones to run around, play, and make new friends while parents relax and take a breather. Fair warning, after a quiet lunch, your kids might drag you to the various trampolines, inflatable structures, and water games but all this activity will guarantee a good night’s sleep THREE: Back to the Café Poussette concept for this kid-friendly restaurant, located in St Laurent du Var. Ô Petits Loups offers a child-friendly environment with a lovely playroom. Parents can enjoy delicious focaccias, sandwiches, salads, and quiches while children can munch on options from the kids’ menu. FOUR: Our last Café Poussette to feature on this list, is Maman Les P’tits Bateaux located in the heart of Nice. It has parking nearby so kids won’t fuss while you find somewhere to park. You’ll find all the amenities required to keep your kids busy, alongside baby changing stations and highchairs to make life easier. They offer a regular menu for adults, a kid’s menu, and even a baby menu. They boast a large selection of organic ingredients in their dishes. Their activity calendar can be found on their website. They offer activities, shows, and entertainment throughout the year. ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

July/August 2020


FIVE: If you’re looking for an original place to eat, visit Polly and Cie, in the heart of Nice. This unique concept store doubles as a restaurant and an accessories store. It offers kid-friendly food and a designated drawing area to keep little ones busy, while you enjoy a nice lunch in a unique environment! SIX: We’re in again Nice for this next kidfriendly restaurant. Urban Café, a familyfriendly stop in Nice Etoile, offers a variety of food for all ages and tastes as well as colouring activities to keep kids happy while you enjoy a moment of peace. They offer a range of desserts that should delight kids and grownups alike!


SEVEN: Off to Monaco for the day? Make sure to stop at Stars’N’Bars for a familyfriendly, American style restaurant. Kids can enjoy the play area. Teens will enjoy the arcade space and parents can relax. They offer a kid’s menu, baby changing facilities, and have a stunning panoramic view of Monaco. Kids can also enjoy arts and crafts activities in the playroom or get comfy and watch cartoons. EIGHT: Back to Nice, right in the heart of the old town! Discover “King Marcel”, a delicious burger restaurant that offers standard dishes for adults and a kid’s menu for the little ones to enjoy. This restaurant boasts excellent reviews from locals and tourists alike and is a must when visiting Nice! July/August 2020

busy. The Hard Rock Café offers a décor and ambiance that will delight your kids and make for an unforgettable evening! Enjoy classic American style food and stop by the gift shop on your way out.

NINE: Off to a well-known location in Nice, “The Hard Rock Café”, which offers family-style meals, kid’s menus, and colouring activities to keep them

TEN: Our final recommendation is the “Beach Club”, at the entry of St Laurent du Var marina. Enjoy a beachside lunch in a little slice of heaven overlooking the sea. This family-friendly establishment includes a designated outdoor play area for kids of all ages to enjoy while the restaurant boasts a wide variety of food options that guarantee to please all customers Author: Gabi Labourier


July/August 2020



Preparation & Cooking:

Harry’s Tandoor Butter Chicken Spice Mix • 4 Chicken Thighs • ½ cup Yoghurt • ¼ cup Pineapple Juice • 5 tbsp Ghee • 2 tsp (heaped) Ginger Garlic Paste • 1 medium Red Onion (diced) • 50g Butter • 1 regular tin Peeled Plum Tomatoes • 15g Paneer Cheese (optional) • 175ml Double Cream • Handful of Fresh Coriander Leaves

Add the yoghurt, 1 tbsp of Harry’s Tandoor Spice Mix, 1 tbsp of ghee and the pineapple juice to the chicken and massage it all into the chicken, leave in the fridge for 24 hours.


1. For the Marinade:

2. For the Masala Gravy: In a pan add 2 tbsp of ghee on mediumhigh heat. Add the diced onion and cook until caramelised. Add in the ginger garlic paste and cook for 2 further minutes. Add the butter to the pan and turn the heat down to medium. Add the rest of Harry’s Tandoor Spice Mix into a bowl and slowly add some water and mix until the mixture is a thick, wet paste. July/August 2020


Add the paste to the pan and cook it out for 3-4 minutes. Add your tomatoes and paneer cheese (optional) and stir well, lid on, medium-low heat. 3. Cooking the Chicken: On a pan (preferably a griddle pan): Add 2 tbsp of ghee on mediumhigh heat and add the chicken skin side down. Shake the pan a little so it doesn’t stick. Cook each side of the chicken thighs for 4 minutes until caramelised, NOT cooked all the way through. On a barbecue: Heat up to 300°C. Brush the grill with 2 tbsp of ghee and add your chicken with tongs, smearing the chicken on the grill to avoid any sticking. Cook each

side on the barbecue for 10 minutes until caramelised, NOT cooked all the way through, brushing or spraying the chicken with cold water every minute so it doesn’t burn. 4. Finishing up: Add the chicken to the Masala gravy and slow cook it on medium-low heat for 35 minutes stirring every 5 minutes to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan. In a small bowl add the double cream and 1 ladle of the gravy and mix. Add the mixture to the gravy and cook for 10 minutes. Serve with fresh coriander, a knob of butter and some fresh double cream.


July/August 2020


Why a home rental beats a hotel stay every time With the temperatures getting warmer, and borders re-opening, it’s beginning to feel like a “normal” summer may be possible after all. Talks of family holidays are back on the table, and the recurring question pops up: hotel or home rental? A survey by Goldman Sachs revealed that once you stay in a holiday rental, you “never go back” – with 50% less respondents preferring hotels to home rentals after just one stay in a vacation rental. There is no doubt that the vacation rental industry has skyrocketed over the last few years and is showing no signs of slowing down. But is staying in home rentals worth all the hype? To this, we answer


“absolutely” and list the three reasons we believe home rentals trump hotels when it comes to travelling with family.

Ultimate Privacy Whilst hotel rooms provide privacy… the rest has to be shared – the dining room, the lounge, the pool area… Getting up early to reserve the best spot by the pool can get old quite quickly. A home rental guaranties a certain level of intimacy that simply can’t be matched in hotel complexes. When it’s time to unwind, guests have a personal, dedicated space. We certainly do not miss the queues at the breakfast buffet. July/August 2020

Money, Money, Money Family vacations shouldn’t be a struggle. Taking the whole gang on a trip that’s wallet-friendly is possible when booking a home rental. Whilst rentals may not be cheaper than hotels across the board, they are most definitely a cost-effective option when travelling in groups. You can enjoy a shared villa for the whole family with space to sit back and relax together, rather than a line of adjacent bedrooms, for a fraction of the price. It is also possible to eat healthier, whilst spending less. Home rentals offer access to a fully equipped-kitchen, so guests can enjoy home-cooked meals and aren’t forced to dine out and break healthy eating habits.

Live like a Local Planning home-cooked meals also gives travellers a reason to visit a local farmers market or festival where they can purchase local products and support the economy. They get to experience the culture in a way that feels much more personal and real, living amongst the locals and creating deeper connections with their destination. Studies show that guests are increasingly searching for authentic experiences, an alternative to mass-produced tourism. This means bringing it back to basics, and enjoying the simple pleasures of travel, such as seeking out the best bakery in the neighborhood, hanging out in the local cafés or stumbling across a delicious family-run restaurant. Have we convinced you yet? The next step is to choose amongst the many available choices… You can rent an apartment in Paris, a villa in Tuscany,


Planning homecooked meals also gives travelers a reason to visit a local farmers market or festival where they can purchase local products and support the economy. a penthouse on the French Riviera or a treehouse in the Alps. No matter what you are looking for, chances are, you can rent it. With the home rental industry continuing to expand and mature, there’s no better time than now to try this way to stay. Authors: Malena Richard (Founder) & Catherine Batstone (Head of Digital Marketing) - holiday rental specialists at Sunlight Properties - a company that fully manages and rents out extraordinary homes for perfect holidays on the French Riviera. Contact Sunlight Properties


July/August 2020


IT’S TIME TO INVEST IN THE FRENCH PROPERTY MARKET Do you dream of owning your very own piece of France’s most glamourous coastline? The world-renowned Côte d’Azur offers a dazzling array of properties to suit the most discerning buyers. With its 300 annual days of sunshine, it’s no surprise that this sun-soaked corner of France is so popular. Its enviable geographic location, nestled between scenic coastline and the Alps, keeps residents and visitors flocking to coastal towns and charming hilltop villages. From rental investments to exquisite coastal villas, the area actually has property options for all budgets and attracts clients from all over the world. Cosmopolitan and international, the Côte d’Azur appeals to a wide variety of clients and the property market is consistent. Aside from born and bred locals, the area attracts a strong international clientele, from the UK, Italy, Russia and Scandinavia along with many Parisians in search of a place in the sun.


Unlike in some other countries, the buying process in France is heavily geared towards the buyer, which can be especially reassuring for first time French property buyers. You may well be wondering where to start. With such a varied property market, there are hundreds of estate agencies, often seeming to offer the same properties, different prices, less than perfect photos and too commonly little indication of the precise location of the property. Luckily, French Riviera agencies are generally open to collaboration. In many sales there are two agents; one representing the seller and one representing the buyer who simply split the agency fees between them. July/August 2020

This can facilitate the whole process when both buying and selling, as by appointing one proactive agent as your point of contact, you can reach virtually the whole market. As a buyer, this would mean that it’s to your advantage to carefully choose an efficient and reactive agent and let them search the whole market for you, rather than trawling through thousands of adverts online with thousands of different agencies. In France, there is no hard and fast rule regarding negotiation for buying property. Your agent should be able to guide you appropriately for your offer based on each individual property and circumstances. An important point to know is that properties in France do not sell above asking price, so the best way

As a buyer, this would mean that it’s to your advantage to carefully choose an efficient and reactive agent and let them search the whole market for you, rather than trawling through thousands of adverts online with thousands of different agencies.


July/August 2020


to avoid missing out on a property is to offer the asking price, especially if there are several buyers interested. Once your offer is accepted by a seller, both parties appoint notaries and sign the ‘compromis de vente’ (preliminary contract) detailing the pricing and agreement of the sale. The buyer is provided with a number of documents regarding the property,


including diagnostic reports and detailed information regarding the co-ownership, if you’re purchasing an apartment. The buyer alone benefits from a 10-day cooling off period before they are tied into the sale. After these initial 10 days, both parties are committed to the sale. If you’re taking out a French mortgage, you would have a mortgage clause written into the compromis de vente, making the sale dependent on the approval of your financing. The sales process generally takes between 2-4 months, depending on the financing and complexity of the sale. Your agent and notary should be there to guide and advise you throughout the sale. Agency fees are generally included in advertised property prices and are most often paid by the seller. Buyers have to budget for additional legal fees and taxes on top of an agreed property price. These fees average between 7 and 8% of a property price. This is important to take into account when fixing a budget for your purchase and for any discussions with mortgage brokers or banks. On the day of completion, the property ownership is officially transferred to the buyer who can finally start enjoying their new home on the Riviera. With countless possibilities for investment, for both business and pleasure, it’s no surprise the French Riviera remains a widely recognised favourite with buyers the world over. Author: Keely Barrett is an international real estate consultant on the French Riviera. Get in touch with Keely.

July/August 2020



for Fabulous Cycling on the Cote d’Azur My recent Instagram images of tackling mountain passes have been very popular. It is no wonder when routes include the James Bond Golden Eye descent down to Greolieres, or winding through villages like Luceram, scooting down switchbacks such as Col de Turini. As fabulous as cycling is, here are five tips to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Tip 1 Cycle with someone above your level of fitness if you want to improve your cycling skills. This applies to small children as well who will usually race you at every opportunity. I find it helps to sign up for virtual challenges with The Conqueror Events, and log my kms and win a medal when the distance is finished.

Tip 2 If you are climbing gradients make sure you have gearing suitable for the course. If gradients aren’t your thing cycle along the Promenade des Anglais, enjoy the buskers near Le Vieux Nice; grab an ice-cream at Le Fenocchio. This is a wonderful ride to do with children. ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

July/August 2020


Tip 3 All that bike riding is tiring and that means that you need to keep your energy up. Take something you can eat easily every hour - nuts, health bars, or stop for lunch in one of those fabulous places you will cycle past. My favourite destination is San Lorenzo. San Lorenzo lies at the far end of the 22kms flat converted rail trail from Ospedeletti over the border in Italy. Rent bikes for the whole family at several places along this trail for an hour or day.

Tip 4 I have fond memories of a ride I did with my children when aged 2 and 6 in Roubion. I read up about the trail and it seemed easy whilst taking in stunning scenery. It was, just not on the day we chose to do it, as the chair lift was not running. So, check maps, make sure you know if there are large uphills coming and how you will get up them. In our case, we had no option but to push three bikes up a red grade ski slope.

Tip 5 Take your time. Look around. Enjoy everything this wonderful area has to offer as the seasons pass.


July/August 2020

good mornings, try riding round the Cap d’Antibes with just one smallish hill it’s a great starter challenge. It has sea views for much of the ride, and hot chocolate waiting for you in Juan Les Pins! Author: Melanie Gulliver has set up Swimrunriviera.com for visitors and locals to enjoy unforgettable experiences on the Cote d’Azur with some gentle training and lots of fun. Due to Covid, this summer Melanie is offering half and full day SwimRun experiences to teenagers in the Cannes Mandelieu area. Contact Melanie.

Spring: Cycle along the coast road from Mandelieu towards Frejus. It is undulating, so hard work, but the colours cannot be beaten and, at this time of year, there are few tourists. Early Summer: Time to go check out the poppy fields around Callian, below Montaroux. Unbelievable! Summer: Lavender fields- Stay in Cavaillon and wend your way past fields of lavender and en route to Apt. It is a great family ride. Autumn: On chillier days remember to put gloves on and try the ride from Chateauneuf Pre du Lac through the village of Bar Sur Loup to Vence but wrap up warm as the ride down will have your face tingling Winter: Time for the gym and spinning classes to keep your fitness up, but on ENFANTS D’AZUR MAGAZINE

July/August 2020



Book Competition Alma Hammond, an award-winning children’s book author, will release a new picture book this summer called, “Catterfly Grows A Garden”, the second in her "Catterfly series" The first book of the series "Catterfly is born" teaches children the true story of the lifecycle of a butterfly and encourages them to understand that everyone is different In her new book "Catterfly grows a garden" - Catterfly is not exactly a cat or a butterfly. But that doesn’t stop her from helping to create beautiful gardens in her own special way! Catterfly grows a garden is a fun story about the importance of making friends and being yourself. To celebrate the launch of Catterfly Grows a Garden, one lucky winner will receive copies of both of the books in Alma Hammond’s Catterfly series: “Catterfly is Born" and "Catterfly Grows a Garden” To enter, please follow the steps below: 1. Follow Alma Hammond on Instagram & Twitter @almarhammond 2. Follow Enfants D'Azur on Facebook & Instagram @enfantsdazur 3. Share the link to the Enfants D’Azur Magazine publicly on Facebook & Instagram and tag at least three mums or dads or mums & dads-to-be friends. 4. Complete the entry form

ENTER TO WIN! Question. Read our interview with Alma in the magazine or click here to read it on the blog and tell us the title of the first book she had published. If you complete all the steps and answer the question successfully, you will be entered into a draw. The winner will be drawn live on the Enfants D’Azur Facebook page on Friday 28th August 2020 Terms & Conditions This competition is open only to those living in the Alpes Maritimes (06) Region. The closing date for this competition is 5pm 21st August 2020. Only one (1) winner will be drawn. Editor’s Decision is Final. No Cash alternative. Click here for full T&C’s


July/August 2020


July/August 2020


No Cook Playdough Recipe By Holly at Enfants D’Azur

This is my easy no-cook playdough recipe. Simply mix all the ingredients together for a lovely smooth playdough which can be kept in an airtight container or zip lock bag for up to 2 weeks. Add some rolling pins, cookie cutters and you have a fabulously engaging activity which will keep kids entertained for hours. Brilliant for sensory play, this playdough is tactile, and playing and molding it helps to develop the muscles require for writing and scissor work in young children. Enjoy!

Get the Enfants D'Azur easy "NO COOK PLAYDOUGH RECIPE" Free printable here

Holly x


July/August 2020


July/August 2020



July/August 2020