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Sunnybrook: In Search of Sustainability

April 27, 2010

About Sunnybrook:      

3 Million sq ft 100 Acres 1,206 Beds 10,000 Staff 40,000+ trauma 3,300 patient/resident meals served daily  13,000+ cups of coffee sold daily  $11,000,000 spent on energy annually

Sustainability at Sunnybrook     

Sustainable Transportation Initiatives Waste Management Procurement Strategies Awareness Energy Management

Sustainable Transportation VIP Metropass Program: 1600 discounted TTC passes sold to staff per month

Sustainable Transportation     

Natural Gas Shuttle Bus SMART Cars Carpool Zone Bicycle User Group Bicycle Parking (16 covered and enclosed racks throughout the campus)

Waste Management     

Green Seal Approved products Implementation of Micro-fibre cloths for cleaning purposes Composting in Cafeterias Improving recycling rates (battery, ink-jet recycling) Eliminate the use of styrofoam

Procurement  Environmental Purchasing Policy  Engaging Suppliers

Awareness With Staff:  Team Approach: It starts with us!  Small amounts account  Education is essential

Awareness  Ongoing conservation awareness maximizes results  Reports on progress and milestones build enthusiasm


Energy Management  Target: reduce energy use by 50% from 2006 base rate Annual Utility Usage Principles  Reduce  Use Wisely  Produce our own $1,224,405






Energy Facility and Renewal Program  Engaged many suppliers and consultants  Performed a RFQ  Emphasis on innovation and experience

 Chose Honeywell  Performed an energy audit

Criteria Evaluated Measures  Financial Payback (Core Energy Projects)  Required Renewal (Avoided costs/Deferred Maintenance)  Patient & Staff Environment  Environmental Stewardship

Energy Management Phase 1 Conservation Measures  Retrofit of over 23,000 lighting fixtures throughout the hospital with high efficiency systems  Replacement of chillers and cooling towers with energyefficient models  High efficiency transformers  Upgrade/expand building automation system

Energy Management Cont’d  Thermostatic rad control valves and heat reflectors  Zone dampers and ventilation system upgrades  Boiler plant upgrades  Piping / equipment insulation  Installation of over 1,000 lowflow toilets

Energy Management Cont’d  100 kW solar photovoltaic installation

Energy Management Cont’d  No stone was left unturned  More sustainability / alternative technologies  facility condition assessment

Energy Management Cont’d  Solar Phase 1 and 2

Challenges  Scheduling around patient requirements  Coordination in areas with IT, IP&C,

and Environmental Services  Staff support and engagement  Minimize impact of any required shutdowns – water, fans and electrical

Benefits  Improved conditions for patients and staff  Capital upgrade avoidance as equipment is upgraded through the energy project  Rebate and incentive programs to assist in the total payback of the project  Raised awareness for the staff in regards to energy usage and taking ownership of their work environment

Accomplishments  One of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2009 and 2010  $28,000,000 Honeywell Energy Retrofit Project

Accomplishments  Green Toronto Award for Water Efficiency  Smart Commute Employer of the Year for 2009  Bicycle Friendly Business Award Winner for 2009  Installation of 100kW solar photovoltaic panels  Gas Scavenging in the ORs

Communication • A successful project and partnership is reliant on proper communication and understanding of requirements. • Otherwise you may have some pitfalls







We must strive to continually improve our environment and use energy wisely

Questions? Andrew Durbin – 416 480 6100 x 2575

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