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very poorly utilised cooling and cannot possibly operate efficiently. The EcoCooling systems are designed primarily as a ventilation system to accommodate these compromised layouts and, by careful selection of the correct Electrically Commutated fans, provide an efficient air flow solution. The EcoCooling system also retains or improves efficiency when old equipment is updated or data centres reconfigured into hot and cold aisles with containment. This is because an EC fan becomes more efficient at slower speeds. When air flow bypass is reduced then the fans can run slower with higher efficiency. Reducing the fan speed by 20% reduces fan energy by 50%. When considering retrofitting evaporative cooling it is important for end-users and stakeholders to understand and accept the humidity and temperature performance achieved using direct systems.

While most people do not have the luxury of building a new data centre from the ground up, they do have the challenge of improving existing ones Many datacentre managers are wary of the effects of high temperatures and high humidity in their data centres. Much of this concern is unwarranted as modern IT equipment is much more robust than older equipment, which required close control of both temperature and humidity. With the progression of modern equipment, it has become less about maintaining a specific humidity and more about not reaching the extremes.

Most modern equipment will work well between 10-95% humidity. Below 10% and you run the risk of static electricity being created and above 95% you risk corrosion. While humidity control is not normally necessary in the UK, as an evaporative cooling solution it became obvious that we should offer a humidification option in the ECT unit particularly when we started working in the Nordics, where cold temperatures and low humidity are the norm. Our patented humidification process works by opening an additional damper to reintroduce recirculated air into the supply steam and shutting off the external air. This creates the desired humidification, but control of the supply air temperature is lost. To counter this, we operate one EcoCooler in humidification mode alongside two EcoCoolers in normal operation. The EcoCoolers work together to produce acceptable conditions in even the driest and coldest of climates. In our latest installation in Sweden for Hydro 66, this has prevented the formation of air containing moisture, and static electricity, which could have been extremely harmful to their electrical equipment. While a decrease in energy use is a driver for some of our clients, lower installation costs can also be a driver for smaller organisations and facilities with limited initial load and budgets. The simplicity of the ECT units has allowed some of our more innovative end users to complete their own installations, reducing their capital outlay and achieve the savings that are attractive from both an environmental and cost standpoint. Join us at Data Centre World where we will be presenting a client led case study on the largest ECT installation of 2016 with Hydro66. ●

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