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Different Types of LED Strip Lights The modern LED strip lights are being used in different essential features including computer backlighting, digital clocks, calculators, sensors or digital screens. You must choose the most perfect strip light which suits your lighting requirement and must be affordable in cost. In this respect, you can definitely check out the current LED strip-light variations at the web based site of energylightbulbs.

Types of strip light of LED 

Rigid and flexible strips are most popular LED Strip Lights that are getting used by maximum commercial and residential premises. They can be easily fitted to any lamp and this is the main reason for the maximum craze of these LED lights. The waterproof strips are highly protected against the adverse moisture impacts and thus they can be easily installed in wet locations especially pool sides. Colour changing strips are quite gorgeous and colourful along with the quality of boosting up the decorative appeal which is quite a positive point. Brightness and colour together makes a great combination in this regard. Dimmable lights are quite popular and they are mostly used as night lights and thus they are installed in bedrooms during the night-time for getting a sound sleep.

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Different Types of LED Strip Lights