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A strengthened life science industry will accelerate Denmark’s export growth By Ulrik Dahl, CEO, and Thomas Andersen, Head of Danish Health Tech Group at Danish Export Association


n March, the Danish government launched a plan to pave the way for increased growth and collaboration across Denmark’s pharmaceutical and medical device industries that currently generate a DKK 150 billion turnover. The plan aims to support large established companies and SME’s alike in increasingly dynamic and complex markets. The Danish life science industry’s revenues contribute significantly to Denmark’s GDP, tax incomes, employment, investments in R&D and export earnings, and the Danish government now aims to boost this even further. According to key industry associations, the Danish life science industry will soon become the dominant exporter surpassing the food & agriculture industry. The industry’s growth is set to have a direct trickle-down effect on Danish subcontractors who provide processing technology and -services to the pharmaceutical and medical

device manufacturers’ production sites in Denmark and abroad. As these technology suppliers grow with their Danish customers, they mature to become confident and capable of developing business with new international customers. One voice – one industry Despite operating in different industries, pharmaceutical and medical device companies often share a number of similar hurdles in their efforts to adapt to the market. Both industries must balance complex regulations, rising consumer demand, and shifting market realities. As pharmaceutical and medical device companies endeavor to keep up with market demand, they will increasingly rely on trusted technology partners. Danish technology suppliers are perfectly situated to offer their experience and expertise to global manufacturers as an invaluable tool in resolving future challenges where

expertise in automation, integration services, and regulation compliance are key. At the Danish Export Association, we welcome the government’s plan for growth and its strong focus on collaboration and internationalization. Many of the key life science industry stakeholders in Denmark have already been brought closer together enabling the industry to better meet global competition with one common and strong voice through Healthcare Denmark. From our point of view, many of the initiatives in the governments life science industry growth plan will lead to more sharply focused and coordinated export efforts and a more effective use of government grants for joint export promotional events. A model that works The benefits from increased exports in the life science industry as well as in other industries in Denmark are pivotal in maintaining and developing the Danish welfare society. At the Danish Export Association, we believe that meeting the global competition as a united industry is the right path forward for a small country like Denmark. With more than 50 years of experience in doing exactly this, our experience from many different sectors shows that it works.

From left: Ulrik Dahl, CEO, Danish Export Association Thomas Andersen, Head of Danish Health Tech Group, Danish Export Association



12. - 13. september

LabDays 2018 Fagmesse for laboratorieteknik

n LSB Temadag & Årsmøde n Laboratorieudstyr n Diagnostik n Bioteknologi n Forskning n Kvalitetskontrol n DSMS Temadag Øksnehallen

Vi tilbyder dedikeret juridisk bistand af høj kvalitet. Vores mål er at skabe resultatorienterede og langsigtede løsninger for vores klienter. Vi har et solidt kendskab til biotekbranchen, som vi kombinerer med vores spidskompetencer bl.a. indenfor:

etablering og opstart af nye virksomheder tilførsel af ny kapital og finansiering af drift fusion, opkøb og salg / exit aktieincitamentsprogrammer rekonstruktion persondatabeskyttelse og opfyldelse af EU’s persondataforordning skat - selskabs- og personbeskatning Læs mere på

Karin Absalonsen

Henriette la Cour


Ballerup steps up – new Open Innovation Lab to elevate its world class life science cluster Ballerup is to launch sale of land for life science and IT companies and start-ups. The aim is to form an even stronger life science cluster for the future, mixing life science with IT and tech. And a new Open Innovation Lab will play a key role.


he Municipality of Ballerup is home

The companies buying land here will not

to one of Denmark’s strongest life

be picked randomly but will be carefully

science clusters and is now gearing up for the future by inviting established life science and tech companies and start-ups to join them.

selected. “In this new industrial area, we will focus primarily on inviting life science companies to join us. Established

“The future is digital. The life science

companies, but also start-ups, in life

cluster here in Ballerup is keen to take

science, health tech and IT, that’ll be

that next leap forward towards a more

our target,” said Jette Rau, Director

Jesper Würtzen, Mayor of

Jette Rau, Director of

digital future and we want to facilitate

of Business Development at Business

Ballerup Municipality

Business Development

this. That’s why we’re now selling land for


life science, tech companies and start-

The established companies in Ballerup are

ups to come and join us here,” said Jesper

increasingly talking about digitalization

Obviously, Ballerup will not be going

Würtzen, Mayor of Ballerup.

just as there is an increasing interest in

into business, but we will facilitate the

creating the foundation for the future,

companies, help them cooperate in new

where life science will be coupled with IT.

ways and we will create the right frames

Initially, Ballerup will sell six acres of land at the Kildedal industrial area, which borders the town of Maalov. In the second

“This spring we will begin to discuss

phase, a further 26 acres will be sold.

in more detail how we can do this.


for them,” Rau says.

G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8


The Municipality of Ballerup, a suburb to Copenhagen Population: 48,231 Jobs: 45,000 – 34,500 private sector jobs and 10,500 public sector jobs Ballerup is part of a regional workforce. Every day, almost 35,000 commutes to Ballerup to work

Ballerup is the municipality in Denmark with:

Open Innovation Lab

“Forty years ago, there was nothing but

One of the ways the municipality of Ballerup will help facilitate the life science cluster will be through a new Open Innovation Lab, a place where corporates and start-ups can work closely together to find new solutions to the

fields here. Then came the oil crisis of the 1970’s, and the municipality of Ballerup

25,5% share; •

It’s the companies of the future we’re focusing on. That’s a clear strategy, both

The highest rate of IT employees in Denmark with 22% of the total

decided to focus on business. Not heavy industries, but knowledge companies.

Most foreign corporations with a

amount of jobs; •

The highest hourly rate at DKK 294;

(Source: The Municipality of Ballerup)

challenges we face in future such as

then and now,” Würtzen says.

lack of doctors. The Open Innovation

The Open Innovation Lab will include

The municipality of Ballerup has three

facilities such as a lab hotel co-working

main clusters: IT/Tech, Finance/Fintech

space, where lab producers can test new

and Life Science.

facilities too, facilities for Med Tech and

The Life Science cluster employs 4,900

Health Tech, auditorium and meeting

people in more than 30 corporations,

“Disruption is a buzzword these days

facilities, living facilities for short term

making it the second biggest life science

and not least in healthcare. With the

contracts and close relation to top

cluster in the country after Gladsaxe,

Open Innovation Lab, we can help our

universities and hospitals.

which is home to health care heavy

Lab will also be a place where start-ups can challenge corporates and extract tomorrow’s business and ways of dealing with growing healthcare issues.

companies work in the intersection of IT, tech, pharma and life science to come up with the solutions of tomorrow and perhaps take it global too,” says Jesper Würtzen. Ballerup’s life science cluster is home to more than 60 established life science

“Ballerup is perfectly positioned with short travelling distance to numerous

weighs Novo Nordisk and Novozymes (Source: Medicon Valley Alliance).

universities and hospitals and with an excellent infrastructure, such as airport, trains and busses,” says the Business Development director.

corporates, including large players such

“Ballerup is open for business, so don’t

as Novo Nordisk, Origio, LEO Pharma, GN

hesitate to get in contact,” she says.

and Pfizer. “But we want to make it attractive for start-ups too. We want to engage the large corporates, attract exciting start-ups, which can support what the corporates do, but also create new growth companies. That’s our aim,” says Rau. Developing the new business area in Ballerup is a project for the long term and even though the full picture is not drawn up yet, the endpoint is very clear. We are looking for partners that are interested in going in to this with us, both in design but also financing and building the project, says the mayor.

G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8





THEME CONTENT 10 | The Trade Council to Assist Danish Life Science Abroad 12 | Implementing the Growth Plan 14 | International Competition 16 | International Delegates find inspiration I Denmark


G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8


G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8




The Trade Council, which is part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has been part of the secretariat supporting the creation of the Government’s Growth Plan for life science and will assist the industry with its internationalisation efforts in future.


he grow th plan aims

the Ministr y of Health

Administration (CFDA) to

“First of all, we must have

to make Denmark a

and its relevant agencies

the benefit of both Danish

strong value propositions

leading life science nation

such as the Danish Health

life science companies, the

and good framework condi-

in Europe by improving

Authority and the Danish

Danish Medicines Agency

tions in Denmark to attract

conditions for the industr y

Medicines Agency.

and Danish life science re-

investments. Of course,

search and development.

qualified labour, educations

in six key areas, including targeted internationalisa-

“The aim is to be in close

of a high standard and, not

dialog ue with foreign au-

In 2017, Novo Nordisk and

thorities and tr y to inf lu-

Lundbeck had products

These efforts include a

ence them in developing

approved by the CFDA,

streng thened cooperation

framework conditions and

approvals that where not

with health authorities,

standards, which will help

in itself directly connect-

Concretely, this means tar-

something the Ministr y of

facilitate access for Danish

ed with the cooperation

geting potential investors,

Foreign Affairs together

businesses to the market

with the Danish Medicines

such as foreign life science

with the Ministr y of Health

in question,” said Starbæk

Agency, but it is widely ac-

companies showing an in-

has been involved with for


knowledged in the industr y

terest in Denmark and then

that CFDA’s view on Danish

engage in dialog ue with

pharma products, including

them. This could for exam-

reg ulator y processes, has

ple be a foreign life science

been significantly improved

company planning clinical

through the cooperation.

studies in Denmark.

tion efforts.

several years through its economic diplomacy work.

Key markets with large potential, such as North

least, strong research environments,” said Starbæk Szczepanski.

“Cooperating with foreign

America and China, are

authorities, not just on life

being targeted. Through

science, but on all Danish

dialog ue with relevant au-

positions of streng th within

thorities, the Trade Council

”This is what the life

“We work ver y determined-

ver y reg ulated areas, that

and its partners tr y to

science industr y requires.

ly with potential investors,

is health, energ y, environ-

establish what is required

Both the companies and the

we invite them to Denmark,

ment and food, is some-

in the specific market, e.g.

trade organisations we’re in

make tailormade visits and

thing we’ve worked with

approval procedures.

touch with say it’s a great

show them what we have to

way to gain access to key

offer. For example, a visit

stakeholders in a market,”

to Rigshospitalet to see the

said Starbæk Szczepanski.

research environment there

in collaboration with the relevant line ministries for several years” said Pia Starbæk Szczepanski, Senior

One example of such a cooperation with foreign authorities is to be found in China, where the Danish

Attracting knowledge

Embassy facilitates a coop-

intensive life science in-

eration between the Danish

vestments to Denmark is

In life science, the Trade

Medicines Agency and the

another area on the list of

Council works closely with

Chinese Food and Drug

internationalisation efforts.

Consultant at The Trade Council.


G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8

or setting up a meeting with another foreign life science company already established here,” said Starbæk Szczepanski.

Employees at Invest in Den-

operation and which countries

mark, a unit of Trade Council,

should be targeted for official

are scouting the most obvious

business promotion trips,” said

markets in North America,

Starbæk Szczepanski.

Europe and Asia to find out which companies are looking to expand their research activities or are looking to establish in Europe. All in close dialog ue with the set-up in Denmark, but also in close dialog ue with foreign life

The export forum is also a place where the Trade Council can share knowledge and challenges with the industr y just as briefings are held on subjects such as Brexit and trade political concerns.

science companies already

Before the end of this year,

established here.

Innovation Centre Denmark

“We have to at all times make sure we know where they see challenges, for example on access to health data, qualified labour and costs related to clinical studies. This is part of the dialog ue we have with the relevant ministries and agencies,” said Starbæk Szczepanski. “There’s interest, yes, but we need to do more outreach work to convert to actual investments,” she added.

Export forum and Innovation Centre in Boston Part of the grow th plan is the establishment of an export forum for life science. The Trade Council already has export forums for energ y and environment & food, forums where it works closely with other

will be established in Boston, USA. The Ministr y of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministr y of Higher Education and Science already have seven innovation centres around the world, but Boston is specifically chosen for life science because it is one of the foremost areas in the world within research and innovation. “This will provide us with a platform where we can hook up with scientific knowledge but also the entire network around life science. It’s about creating an entr y to the entire knowledge environment that you find in Boston,” said Pia Starbæk Szczepanski, adding it has long been a top priority for the Trade Council and the life science industr y to have a present in Boston.

relevant public authorities and

To start with, the centre will

trade organisations.

have a daily leader and 1-2

“The aim with the export forum is to get a closer dialog ue with what the industr y requires and prioritises in relation to export promotion. For example, establish where we need closer strategic sector co-

local employees.



Zealand Pharma welcomes the government’s growth plan for Life Science, which contains several useful instruments to help the industry internationally. However, the next critical step is implementing the plan, and to focus on the right steps, which will help bring the industry grow further.


he government’s newly

The life science industr y is

is of upmost importance


launched grow th plan

one of Denmark’s biggest

for the Danish life science

ing highly

for the life science industr y

streng ths and an import-

industr y in an international


contains several positive

ant export industr y. There

initiatives, but Zealand


employees to

is potential for further

Pharma calls for politicians

grow th on international

to continue their close

markets. Not surprisingly,

dialog ue with the industr y

internationalisation is a key

to ensure that the right

feature in the grow th plan.

actions are now taken. “The next step is implementation, and I think this will be the critical phase. It’s vital that politicians engage in close dialog ue with industr y organisations and companies in the sector. We’ll be happy to contribute in this process, and so will others, to ensure that the right steps are taken,” said

1) Ease the access to highly qualified labour and ensure attractive conditions for international employees;

tremely important, for example through tax benefits such as the tax scheme for foreign re-

2) Create solid conditions

searchers, which has now

to support the industr y,

been extended to seven

we deser ve and that we

including the creation

from five years,” said

can attract people with the

of a strong innovative

Meelby Jensen.

right skills. Our industr y

environment, cooperation

relies on highly specialised

with Danish universities,

skills. We have to be able to

hospital researchers and

attract those people to Den-

industr y;

“It’s vital that we get the international exposure that

mark, if our industr y is to continue to perform well,” said Meelby Jensen.

The CEO also highlights the new Innovative Centre in Boston and the life science office as initia-

3) Ensure access to ven-

tives that will help sup-

ture capital for biotech and

port Danish life science

encourage Danish pension


Britt Meelby Jensen, CEO at

The Zealand Pharma CEO

funds to invest more in the

Zealand Pharma.

outlined three areas, which

local biotech industr y.


Denmark is ex-

G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8

Funding Many smaller biotech companies are struggling to raise capital to allow them to grow and compete internationally. “We have lots of talent in Danish life science, but we need to be better at turning these small biotech firms into actual companies. That requires investments,” said Meelby Jensen. She advices politicians to seek inspiration from Sweden, the U K and the US where life science companies have better conditions attracting long-term funding. “A lot of Danish biotech companies list on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and a few have listed in the US, which may not be in Denmark’s interest as jobs and wealth move abroad,” she said. One way could be to engage the large pension funds in Denmark but also to use the Boston centre in a pro-active way. “The US has by far the largest funds with specialist life science knowledge, and also with more willingness to take risk. The size of the pool you gain access to in the US, combined with the knowledge-intensive players there, makes Boston an excellent hub. Particularly the smaller Danish life science companies,” said Britt Meelby Jensen.

Britt Meelby Jensen, CEO at Zealand Pharma



The government’s life science growth plan is a necessary first step. Time will tell if it is enough because other countries have seen the potential too.


ompetition is fierce in

“One of the really import-

Danish Medicines Agency

some point and we can run the same business model

the international life

ant initiatives is the new

and China’s CFDA. For a

science industr y and sev-

life science office, which

Danish life science com-

in Mexico, Brazil and oth-

eral countries are offering

will provide the industr y

pany, it can be difficult to

er similar countries,” said

attractive tax benefits

with a one-point-of- entr y.

navigate in the Chinese


Previously we never knew

FDA but now, Danish life

which minister to contact

science companies have a


and a lot of time was spent

partner with insight and

“Our asset is knowledge.”

tr ying to navigate in the


political system,” said

and deductions to attract the best employees and

“In the UK and the Netherlands, for example, there are much better conditions

Soren Niegel, Director, Sales, Production & Marketing at A LK.

Japan and some European

authorities and CFDA has

countries, to assist Danish

made it easier to navigate

life science companies.

that we are aware of that.

cooperation is another

it has been easier to dis-

We have a ver y strong

element in the plan, which

cuss with the right people

position, yes, but that

will streng then both the

on the right subjects,” said

can easily disappear if

Danish industr y and the


we don’t have life science

Danish Medicines Agency.

as an area of focus,” said

“It’s an enormously posi-

market to A LK today, but

tive signal and an import-

it will be in future because

ant political ambition.

of the respirator y prob-

keting at A LK.

I think we will attract

lems may Chinese people

The government’s grow th

more clinical studies and

have. As China develops

we’ll have a more quali-

further as an industri-

fied cooperation between

alised countr y, there

industr y and authorities,”

will be more people with

said Niegel.


dations outlined by the

Niegel highlights the

“It can potentially be a

industr y, said Niegel.

cooperation between the

large market for us at

first-step and it is positive that the government has listened to the recommen-


in embassies in key markets such as China, the US,

in the Chinese system and

plan is an important

hired life science experts

tion between the Danish

Streng thened authority

Sales, Production & Mar-

ments have over the years

“I think the coopera-

and I think it’s important

Soren Niegel, Director,

Changing Danish govern-

China is not an important

G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8

“These are small but concrete steps which will


help us connect the dots.

He said it is not just sci-

The data goes back

“We as an industr y are

Gaining authority approv-

entists being a shortage

decades and could help

used to handling sensitive

als is a ver y long and com-

in the industr y, it is also

streng then Danish life sci-

data and we’re a highly

plex process but all this

employees for production.

ence further through new

reg ulated industr y.”

contributes in the right direction,” Niegel said.

Denmark has a strong position in digitalisation

Attracting highly-quali-

and Soren Niegel believes

fied labour to Danish life

there is a huge potential

science companies re-

from the billions of health

mains a challenge and is

data that exists in the

necessar y if Denmark is to

countr y. But it needs a

maintain its position as a

political seal of approval

leading life science nation.

before it can be turned

“We have a great countr y,

into a business model.

a high quality of life, it’s

“It’s a goldmine of data,

peaceful here, and a lot of

which could benefit the

people value that. We have

research community. Of

a lot to offer as a countr y,

course, it’s a hot topic

but we still lack labour,

with data protection, but

and that’s a problem,” said

there is real scope for

the A LK director.

public-private cooperation

He added it is positive that

here,” said Niegel.

the research tax scheme, which provides specific tax benefits for scientists and other key staff when working in Denmark, has been extended by two years to seven years now. “Perhaps it’s time to consider lowering the minimum wage further. Not getting enough employees will lower grow th, not just in life science, ever ybody’s struggling with this. There’s fierce international competition and other countries are not just passively sitting and doing nothing, and politicians know that,” said Niegel.

Søren Niegel, Director, Sales, Production & Marketing at ALK

business opportunities. Key is finding a business model that doesn’t compromise personal data security.

“I would like to see this area streng thened. I’m sure it’s a goldmine. We’re a small countr y, but we have an abundance of data,” said Niegel.


INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES FIND INSPIRATION IN THE DANISH HEALTHCARE SECTOR Source: Healthcare DENMARK, Edited by Arne Nielsen Photo: The New University Hospital in Aarhus, DNU


have merged into one. The first part of the

of directors from Sunnaas Hospital visited

hospital was officially inaug urated at the

Aarhus, Denmark, to experience and find

beginning of 2017 and ever y department is

inspiration in Danish hospital construction

expected to be up and running by 2019.

and healing architecture.

Next, the delegation heard about the concept

On Wednesday, June 13, the delegates vis-

of Healing Architecture by representatives

ited the New University Hospital in Aarhus

from C.F. Møller, who is one of the Danish

(DNU ), where they received a g uided tour

architecture companies behind the New

and heard more about the role and impor-

University Hospital in Aarhus. The presenta-

tance of the new hospital. The hospital

tions included a special focus on the pro-

construction is the largest in the histor y

cess-oriented approach ensuring a healing

of Denmark, where five hospital locations



On Friday, May 18, the delegates met with

ish directors from Region Halland visit-

Jakob Uffelmann, Director of Innovation at

ed Copenhagen, Denmark, to experience, who introduced the delegates to

innovative and efficient Danish solutions

the national Danish e-health portal, Sund-

within assisted living technolog y and mental The e-health portal is the official


portal for the public Danish healthcare

On Thursday, May 17, the delegates visited Langgadehus nursing home to experience innovative assisted living technologies in

ser vices and enables citizens and healthcare professionals to find information and communicate.

practice. After wards, the delegates went to

Rounding off the visit in Denmark, the

the fair Health & Rehab Scandinavia, the

delegation was introduced to A BC Mental

leading trade fair in Scandinavia, where they

Health, which is a research-based g uide-

had a g uided tour to explore some of Den-

line for mental health-promotion for both

mark’s innovative solutions within the field

individuals as well as organizations. The

of assisted living technolog y and rehabilita-

solution enables individuals to protect their

tion. At the fair, the delegates met with CEO

mental health by, among others, engaging in

of Vendlet, Peter Maindal, who presented

healthy activities.

the Vendlet system, which is an electronic turning system for bedridden patients.


G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8


CANADIAN DELEGATES INSPIRED BY DANISH EHEALTH INNOVATION On May 23-25, 2018, a delegation from the Canadian Frailty Network visited Copenhagen, Aalborg, and Svendborg, Denmark, to hear about Danish experiences in eHealth and elderly care. Canadian Frailty Network is Canada’s sole network devoted to improving care for older Canadians living with frailty and supporting their families and caregivers. The network achieves this by, among others, increasing frailty recognition and assessment, advancing evidence-based changes to care, educating the next generation, and engaging with older adults and caregivers. The delegates met with the CEO of OpenTelehealth, Mr. Henrik Ibsen, who presented the company’s telehealth solution, which is a universal cloud-based remote patient-monitoring platform that enables patients to measure health data at home using an app and a wide range of medical measurement devices. In addition, Mr. Kaare Nygaard, CEO at CU R EGPS, gave an introduction to remote patient monitoring and assessment of medication lists. On May 24, during their visit in Aalborg, the Canadian delegation first visited The Nursing Home of the Future, which is a state-of-the-art facility that has revolutionized the concept of an elder care facility. The Nursing Home of the Future is an example of the latest trends within nursing homes with a focus on autonomy, inclusion, and ambient assisted living technologies such as a rehabilitation robot and a

About Healthcare DENMARK

mobility monitoring system, which aim to reduce the number of residents developing pressure ulcers.

Healthcare DENMARK promotes Danish visibility internationally.

Next, the delegation heard about The TeleCare North

Healthcare DENMARK coordinates delegation visits for foreign

project, which has proved how COPD patients benefit

decision makers and press delegations to Denmark, where they can ex-

from telemedicine. Furthermore, the TeleCare North

perience Danish healthcare solutions in practice and meet the people behind. Healthcare DENMARK participates in delegations, conferences and exhibitions both nationally and internationally to support and strengthen Danish interests. Healthcare DENMARK has a national and political mandate to promote Danish healthcare excellence. Backing this initiative is a partner group of both public and private key actors within Danish healthcare,

project acts as a catalyst for the national deployment of telehealth for COPD patients by 2019. On May 25, the final day of the visit, the delegation visited Svendborg Hospital, which is a part of Odense University Hospital and is one of the leading hospi-

including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Den-

tals within the field of geriatrics. The hospital has a

mark, the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Danish

strong focus on dementia and has been appointed as

Regions, Region of Southern Denmark, the Confederation of Danish

dementia-friendly hospital. Rounding off the busy

Industry, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Falck, KMD, Systematic, OpenTeleHealth, Public Intelligence, Vendlet, Intelligent Systems, and the Danish Export Association.

program, the delegates visited The Danish Knowledge Centre for Rehabilitation and Palliative Care

Her Royal Highness Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark is patron of

(R EHPA) in Nyborg, which has been established to

Healthcare DENMARK.

share and create knowledge within rehabilitation

Source: Healthcare DENMARK

and palliative care for people suffering from life threatening diseases in Denmark.

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FRANCE SEEKS INSPIRATION IN DANISH HOSPITAL TRANSFORMATION AND DIGITIZATION On June 6-9, 2018, a high-level French delegation of hospital directors from the think tank GR A PH visited Copenhagen, Denmark, to learn more about Danish experiences and strategies within hospital transformation and digitization. The French think tank GR A PH has existed for more than 40 years and primarily consists of hospital directors from France's university hospitals. The group meets reg ularly to discuss how France’s current challenges in hospitals can be solved and how hospitals can be designed and improved to handle future challenges. Thus, the delegation wished to consult Danish hospitals and specific healthcare professionals to hear about past and current challenges regarding the transformation. After arriving in Denmark, in the afternoon on June 6, the delegates visited The French Embassy in Copenhagen to hear about the Danish healthcare system including the structure, challenges, and initiatives, which have led to a decrease in the average leng th of stay in hospitals. After the presentations, the embassy held a reception for the delegates in the evening. On June 7, the delegates heard inspiring roundtable discussions at The French Embassy. First, they learned about overall decision-making and financial management at hospitals and how a cross-sectoral collaboration has been established within rehabilitation. Second, the delegates heard about the role of f lexicurity in hospital management followed by a discussion about the new emergency organization at Odense University Hospital (OUH) and the new role of GPs in Denmark as well as a status on the results achieved so far. On June 8, the delegates witnessed an exciting roundtable discussion about how to realize political ambitions into a clear strateg y for digitization of the Danish healthcare sector focusing on implementation. Next, the delegates were introduced to the National Strateg y for Personalized Medicine 2017-2020 and the new perspectives in handling and using data in new ways in order to enable more accurate treatment


initiatives with fewer side effects. The delegates also

These visits where organized and hosted by Healthcare DENMARK.

learned about the Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark and

Companies and organisations interested in visiting Denmark and

how it works.

seeing these or other Danish healthcare solutions and initiatives,

On June 9, the last day of the visit before going back to

DENMARK will tailor a program to your specific preferences and

France, a cross-examination of the French and Danish

assist with planning local transportation and accommodation.

can request a visit by contacting Healthcare DENMARK. Healthcare

healthcare systems was arranged by the moderators of the various roundtables and social advisors from

For more information visit

Denmark and France.


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Next, the delegation visited Amager Health

experts in care and nursing started their

Centre in Copenhagen where they met with

Scandinavian Care tour in Copenhagen to

nursing staff who provided elaborate expla-

hear about Danish experiences and benefits

nations about their roles and tasks at the

from healthcare professionals working in

Health Centre.

multidisciplinar y teams.

Rounding of the visit in Denmark, the dele-

The delegates started their visit with an

gation visited Righospitalet in Copenhagen,

introduction to the Danish Nurses’ Organ-

which is the largest hospital in Denmark.

isation (DSR). The introduction included

Here, they heard about a project where mul-

interesting information about the career

tidisciplinar y teams systematically involve

perspectives for nurses and the high degree

patients and relatives in the care pathways.

of cooperation with physicians, physiother-

The delegates learned about the develop-

apists, psychologists and other healthcare

ments and results so far and also heard

professionals. Furthermore, the delegation

about, among other things, how the satisfac-

heard about the salar y structure for nurs-

tion of patients and relatives has developed.

es, and whether the high degree of decision-making freedom of nursing staff has any inf luence on the quality of patient care.


In Odense, the delegates visited Odense Uni-

directors from all over Switzerland visited

versity Hospital. Here, they learned about

the cities of Copenhagen, Odense, and Hors-

how the hospital has optimized efficiency

ens to learn more about Danish digitization

by implementing a task management system

and hospital IT.

that provides over view for the staff and cre-

In Copenhagen, the Swiss delegates started out with a visit to the Danish Health Data Authority for an introduction to data integration in Danish hospitals.The introduction included information about the Shared Medication Record, which provides a digital overview of a patient’s current medication, and

ates a better and more efficient work f low. The visit also included a g uided tour of the hospital, and an introduction to the construction process of the new Odense University Hospital. W hen completed, the hospital will be one of the most modern and advanced hospitals in Northern Europe.

the National Ser vice Platform that makes

Rounding off the busy program was a trip

it possible to use national registers and

to the Regional Hospital in Horsens where

ser vices directly in connection with patient

the delegates were introduced to the process

treatments. Next, the delegation headed to

of implementing a new Clinical Logistics

the Danish Ministr y of Health for an over-

system, Columna Clinical Logistics, with

all introduction to the Danish healthcare

the purpose to increase efficiency, quality of

system, new hospital constructions, and

treatment, and improve the working envi-

e-health solutions. Also part of the program

ronment for the staff.

was a meeting with and presentation by Morten Elbæk Petersen, CEO of the national Danish e-health portal,

Photo: Copenhagen City

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Recent studies and case reports are driving awareness that Biotin can interfere with laboratory testing. Patients, laboratories and physicians may not know about the presence of Biotin, so education and awareness can help reduce the potential for diagnostic errors.

Biotin beware – why? GORDON AVERY MSC, SCIENTIFIC LIAISON MANAGER IN ABBOTT, GIVES A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF BIOTIN INTERFERENCE IN SOME IMMUNOASSAYS In 2015 a 55-year-old man with multiple sclerosis was referred to a hospital thyroid unit because the screening thyroid function tests showed markedly elevated FT4 and FT3 results and low (apparently suppressed) levels of TSH 1, this pattern of results typically suggests a severe form of Graves’ disease. However a thyroid scan with 123-Iodine showed a normal thyroid gland with normal radioiodine uptake. The patient showed no symptoms of hyperthyroidism. As the biochemical results were discordant with the patient’s clinical assessment, investigations for assay interference from drugs or other compounds were conducted. It emerged that the patient had taken very high doses of biotin (300 mg daily, roughly 1,000 times the recommended daily intake) as a study had suggested that biotin might be beneficial for multiple sclerosis patients. The discontinuation of biotin supplements resulted in the FT4, FT3 and TSH results returning to within reference range values in just a few days. BIOTIN INTAKE AND ASSAY INTERFERENCE Biotin interference in immunoassays from several manufacturers has been described by other authors, with clear examples of potential clinically misleading test results 2. The mechanisms for biotin interference in immunoassays have also been described 3. Biotin (vitamin B7) is a hydrophilic compound that acts as a coenzyme in carboxylase reactions, and is therefore an essential nutrient. Biotin is readily available in many foods and the recommended daily intake (about 30 μg per day) is easy to achieve. Although initially only very high levels of biotin have been considered as a cause of “incorrect” laboratory results, further studies demonstrated that even at moderately elevated biotin concentrations, some assays may be affected, causing either a falsely elevated or a falsely decreased test result 4, 5.

The mechanism of biotin interference differs depending on the format of the assay 5. When biotin-streptavidin binding is used as part of a sandwich assay format, for example for some TSH assays, excess biotin in the sample can displace biotinylated antibodies resulting in falsely low results. In contrast in competitive immunoassays, for example some FT4 assays, excess biotin in the specimen can compete with the biotinylated analog for the binding sites on streptavidin resulting in falsely high results.

Patients may not realize they are taking supplements that contain biotin, labs will not know if specimens contain biotin and physicians could make decisions based on inaccurate lab results.

Immunoassays involving streptavidin-biotin interaction are used by many reagent manufacturers and have the potential to show interference from biotin by one of the mechanisms described above. Patients not taking biotin supplements would not be expected to show any assay interference. However, people taking biotin supplements may have much higher biotin intakes, with daily oral doses of up to 40 mg per day. Supplements, often described as “good for nails and hair”, containing very high doses of biotin are readily available, even on supermarket shelves, and are becoming increasing popular. Some studies, in patients with multiple sclerosis and demyelinating pathologies, show patients receiving very high doses of biotin (300 mg per day). In the presence of high biotin concentrations there is potential for competitive and sandwich assays using the streptavidinbiotin format to generate misleading test results 5. It is therefore important that the laboratory considers its choice of assay, and recognises the possibility of biotin interference if test results do not fit with each other or with the clinical picture. Where biotin interference is possible or expected, the biochemical results should be obtained or checked with assays that are not affected by biotin interference.

Abbott has recently conducted an evaluation and no on-market ARCHITECT assay formulations use the free capture streptavidin/biotin assay format referenced in recent articles that have been associated with interference from ingested high dose biotin.6



ADD-00061021_EN_WIRED_Issue 4_Biotin May 2018

1. Raise Awareness 2. Know your assays and the impact biotin can have on them 3. Educate your health care providers and patients 4. Have a contingency plan for acute care settings 5. Recognize there are laboratory methods that are not impacted by biotin that can provide an alternative option for your patients

ABOUT: BIOTIN Biotin, also referred to as Vitamin B7 or H, is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin that helps the body metabolize proteins, fats, carbohydrates and process glucose. Biotin is a safe and essential vitamin for supporting overall health and plays a role in medicine and the beauty sector.

SUMMARY • Biotin (vitamin B7) is an essential nutrient for which an intake of 30 μg per day is recommended. Supplementation is normally not necessary since biotin is ubiquitous in common foods. • As well as being available as a “beauty” supplement, biotin may be administered to patients with multiple sclerosis, myopathies and with some inherited metabolic diseases. • Though biotin is considered non-toxic even at high dosage, the potential clinical issue is that these doses have the potential to generate misleading results in some immunoassays. • Biotin has been demonstrated to impact assays that use biotin–streptavidin binding as part of the assay format, including thyroid function tests, other endocrine assays, assays for cardiac biomarkers and other analytes. • Some immunoassay formats are not affected by biotin and may be used to check unexpected results from assays that are affected, and/or may be preferred if the patient is known to be receiving biotin supplementation.

References: 1. Barbesino G. Misdiagnosis of Graves’ disease with apparent severe hyperthyroidism in a patient taking Biotin megadoses. Thyroid 2016, 26: 860 – 863. 2. Elston MS, Sehgal S, DuToit S, Yarndley T, Conaglen JV. Factitious Graves’ disease due to biotin immunoassay interference – a case and review of the literature. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2016, 101: 3251 – 3255. 3. Wijeratne NG, Doery JC, Lu ZX. Positive and negative interference in immunoassays following biotin ingestion: a pharmacokinetic study. Pathology 2012, 44: 674 – 675. 4. Kwok J S-S, Chan I H-S, Ho-Ming M. Biotin interference on TSH and free thyroid hormone measurement. Pathology 2012, 44: 278 – 280. 5. Piketty ML, Polak M, Flechtner I, Gonzales-Briceño L, Souberbielle JC. False biochemical diagnosis of hyperthyroidism in streptavidinbiotin-based immunoassays: the problem of biotin intake and related interferences. Clin Chem Lab Med 2016. DOI: 10.1515/cclm-2016-0606. 6. Product Information Letter PI1011-2017.


LABDAYS COPENHAGEN 2018 The CPH LabMed fair, which was last conducted in Copenhagen almost two years ago, has changed its name in connection with this year's fair, and with the new name LabDays Copenhagen, a new venue and a change in a large number of items on the lab fair are planned and expected. By Arne Nielsen


he exhibition will take place

is moved to the Oeksnehallen, which

as well as the visitors will benefit further

Wednesday the 12th and Thursday

is centrally located in Copenhagen. It

from attending the LabDays fair.

the 13th of September in the venue

is expected that the smaller venue in

Oeksnehallen (Øksnehallen) centrally

combination with the change in duration

located in Copenhagen. Already in July,

of the event from 3 to 2 days, will create

nearly 90 companies can be found on

more energy and dynamics.

the exhibitor list, and the variety in different companies planning to exhibit is noticeable, and will expect to attract a lot of visitors.

An important part of the concept is to maintain industry meetings in parallel

The Danish Society for Mass Spectrometry will organize a theme day in parallel with LabDays Copenhagen, and also, the Laboratory Medical Society for Bioanalysts (LSB) will conduct their theme day and their annual meeting in parallel with the

with the fair, and the advantage of


Oeksnehallen is that custom made

All visitors have to register, when visiting

Almost two years ago the fair was

meeting rooms can be established side by

the fair, which can either be done by pre-

conducted in Lokomotivværkstedet,

side with exhibition. The goal is to gather

registering on or at the

and one of the major changes is that it

industry activities so that the exhibitors

entrance of the fair.

FACTS: Venue: Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11 1700 København V Opening hours Wednesday, 12th September: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Thursday, 13th September: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Registration Pre-register on or register at the entrance of the fair.


Parking The Oeksnehallen is af part of DGI-Byen, and DGI-Byen has their own parking house.

Wardrobe You can store clothes, bags and other stuff in staffed cloakroom, and the price is DKK 25.

There are 192 parkings lots. Prices per hour - from 06.00 - 22.00 o'clock is DDK 32. And from 22.00 - 06.00 o'clock the prices is DDK 10. An alternative is to park in Kødbyen or along some of the streets in the area around DGIByen (Ingerslevsgade, tietgentsgade or Kvægtorvesgade).

Price It is free of charges to visit the fair.

For further information visit:

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SEE YOU AT LABDAYS COPENHAGEN 2018 Øksnehallen - Copenhagen the 12th & 13th of September

We create breakthrough products – in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals – that help you, your family and your community lead healthier lives, full of unlimited possibilities. Today, 99,000 of us are working to make a lasting impact on health in the more than 150 countries we serve.

WE OFFER TEMPORARY AND PERMANENT STAFF WITH SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE WITHIN: - Quality Control - Quality Assurance - Research & Development - Medical affairs - Pharmacovigilance - Regulatory affairs

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For more visit is a supplier of High-End Analyzers, Sensors and Equipment for biotech, biofuel, crystallization, stem cells, tissue engineering and tablet manufacturing areas. We distribute products of 25 suppliers in the Nordic countries, and we cover from raw material identification with Raman over solvent drying control with mass spectrometers to fermentation pH, DO, OD and Viable Cell Density sensors.

LabWare has achieved success by meeting commitments and exceeding expectations in LIMS and ELN projects large & small, local & global, routine & complex. LabWare is the clear industry leader in laboratory automation software with LabWare LIMS ™ (Laboratory Information Management System) and LabWare ELN ™ - a fully integrated Electronic Laboratory Notebook application. Results Count!

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Flow Robotics creates flexible, user-friendly liquid handling robots for lab automation. It aims to replace repetitive, time-consuming and burdensome manual pipetting tasks, yielding consistent results and freeing up time to work on interesting scientific problems.

Dorte Egelund ApS er et højt specialiseret firma, der leverer løsninger til mikrobiologiske- og biotech laboratorier. Etableret i 2008 og har i dag tilknyttet nogle af de førende producenter inden for området.

As the robots are controlled using an Internet browser, no installation is required. And better yet, no programming is required.

For more visit

Representatives of the magazine Greater Copenhagen Life Science will be present at the exhibition, where we will walk amongst the visitors and exhibitors handing out free magazines. Greater Copenhagen Life Science is the primary mouthpiece for the Medicon Valley region’s many companies and organizations within biotech, medtech and pharma as well as companies who have this segment as their customers or suppliers. For more visit

Vi tilbyder salg-service og support. Men beliggenhed i Roskilde og lagerførende med forbrugs artikler fra vores leverandører, er der altid hjælp at hente. For more visit

A COMPLETE PROGRAM FOR SINGLE-USE SYSTEMS! Let us handle the hassle to compose your single-use application

- All components are handled in our own clean-room - Double bagged and gamma irradiated - Complete control with documentation and certs. - We handle drawings and logistics - Open architecture, use your validated critical component - Full flexibility, minimum order quantity = one unit


NEWS FROM THE LABDAYS COPENHAGEN 2018 EXHIBITORS ELPRO launches ECOLOG Plug&Play, a new era of Connected Monitoring Systems ELPRO announces ECOLOG Plug&Play, a new continuous moni-

Key advantages and features of the new system include:

toring solution featuring powerful new ECOLOG-PRO hardware

modules and an ECOLOG-PRO Base server solution. Plug&Play is part of the company’s enhanced family of ECOLOG Connected Monitoring Solutions for Rooms and Equipment. ECOLOG Plug&Play is a versatile, economical system designed for smaller healthcare and biopharmaceutical environments requiring up to 50 measuring points, such as warehouses, labs and cleanrooms. It can be installed with a combination of various

• • •

can be added to any existing customer network or set-up in a

software, the ECOLOG Plug&Play system is GMP compliant and

Proven Stability: Runs on reliable, industry-leading elproMONITOR software Hassle-Free GxP: IQ is performed before delivery; OQ comprehensive qualification service Greater Control: Unique configuration by sensor allows for the right person, or group, gets the right information Full Scalability and Flexibility: Add up to 50 measurement ules; ECOLOG-PRO modules work seamlessly with current

benefits normally only available from hosted solutions. ECOLOG control.

complicated IT infrastructure required

points; simply plug in additional wired and/or wireless mod-

requires no IT server infrastructure nor software installation, Plug&Play enables customers to keep their valuable data in their

Easy set-up: Software is pre-installed and pre-qualified; no

customized access, alarm delays and user rights, ensuring

stand-alone network environment. Pre-installed with ELPRO’s industry-leading elproMONITOR

under your control

templates are provided or you can benefit from ELPRO's

wired or wireless data loggers supporting LAN, WLAN and radio data transmission. The newly designed ECOLOG-PRO modules

Your Data, On Your Site: Allows to keep your data fully

• •

ECOLOG-NET hardware Swiss-Engineering: Turn-key, validated, calibrated solution; resulting in lowest total cost of ownership Efficiency Gains: Saves time and hassle in alarm response processing, sensor configuration, data analysis and devia-

For more visit

tion reporting; Audit-friendly

Wider Adoption of Droplet Digital PCR to Predict Cancer Treatment Response in Clinical Trials New studies highlighting the

CR has increased precision,

the response to therapy in pa-

Dr. Hendlisz’s group found

growing adoption of Bio-Rad’s

speed, and cost-effectiveness,

tients with advanced colorec-

that an increase of one or

Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR)

particularly beneficial attri-

tal cancer (aCRC), according

more tumor-specific muta-

technology to predict cancer

butes for large-scale clinical

to new findings presented

tions were associated with

treatment outcomes in clinical

trials. The presentations at

by Alain Hendlisz, MD, PhD

a poorer outcome for these

trials were presented at the

ASCO this year also demon-

and his colleagues from the

patients, including worse me-

American Society of Clinical

strated that the use of ctDNA

Jules Bordet Institute at the

dian progression-free survival

Oncology (ASCO) Annual

as a biomarker has expanded

Université Libre de Bruxelles,

and worse median overall

Meeting in Chicago, June 1–5.

from pilot to clinical trials.

Brussels. Dr. Hendlisz used a

survival. He also found that

ddPCR ctDNA assay to moni-

the baseline ctDNA level itself

tor the evolution of mutation

predicted a patient’s benefit

levels in genes associated

from treatment.

tumor (ctDNA) levels, which

ctDNA Predicts Response to Therapy for Patients with Advanced Colorectal Cancer

can indicate whether or not a

ctDNA levels at baseline and

baseline and 14 days post-re-

cancer treatment is working.

after two weeks of therapy

gorafenib therapy in a phase II

The results showed that ddP-

may independently predict

clinical trial.

In these studies, cancer researchers used ddPCR technology to measure cell-free


with aCRC in 96 patients at

G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8

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Bruker Introduces New Probe Technology Enabling Full Automation in High Resolution MAS NMR for Biomolecular, Materials and Clinical Research At EUROMAR 2018 confer-

adjustment of the magic

and ejection from the top of

acquisition software and Top-

ence, Bruker announced the

angle position. The automatic

the magnet. Automated tun-

Solidsanalysis software, HR-

iProbe™ HRMAS, which now

sample exchange capabilities

ing and matching is performed

MAS NMR spectroscopy now

enables full automation of

of the iProbe HRMAS enable

with the enhanced, 2nd gen-

becomes suitable for applied

high-resolution magic angle

simplified sample handling

eration ATMA using cartesian

markets, such as metabolic

spinning (HRMAS) NMR. Built

and experiment optimization,

coordinates-based algorithms,

profiling of human tissues, as

on the recently introduced

leading to higher reproduc-

while the adjustment of the

well as novice HRMAS users in

iProbe platform, the new HR-

ibility and productivity in ac-

magic angle outperforms the

research. The iProbe HR-

MAS technology offers for the

ademic, industrial and clinical

precision and reproducibility

MAS is available for 400, 500

first time all benefits of auto-


of manual optimization.

and 600 MHz standard bore

mated tuning and matching

Similar to liquid NMR, the

In combination with Bruker's


for all RF-channels, together

new iProbe HRMAS provides

sample changer line Sample-

with accurate automated

automatic sample insertion

Pro™, and routine IconNMR™

For more visit

Single-Use provides flexibility and new opportunities in the Pharma Industry. Colly Flowtech is part of the large and expanding industrial

dustry as more than just a full-fledged alternative, and is increas-

group Indutrade, and has for many years been a supplier of hoses

ingly becoming the first choice because of obvious advantages:

from Saint Gobain and quick connectors from CPC Colder.

• • • • • • •

As part of our activity we have produced ready-made Single-Use kits and solutions for part of the pharmaceutical industry, but we have now decided to fully support the implementation of Single-Use to the Bio-Pharma market, by expanding our staffing with Rikke Wedfeldt, who has a master degree in Biology and has worked with biopharmaceuticals. In parallel, together with our Indutrade owned sister departments in Europe and UK/Ireland, the brand Ultrapure International has been established, by which we have access to an ISO 14644-1 certified cleanroom, from which the assembly and production of Single-Use products can be carried out by highly specialized staff, delivered completely customer-specific and eventually gamma irradiated. The very large product-portfolio enables us to deliver according to the open architecture principle, since we can deliver products built precisely with the desired products or brands any customer would wish - or need have to according to their specifications. The single-use concept is now recognized in the Bio-Pharma in-

• • • • • •

The time consumed by the customer is reduced Cleaning flow of equipment is minimised Lower cross-contamination risk Increased flexibility, faster start-up of production Increased utilization of the equipment Individual Customization, (One size does not fit all) Risk mitigation, hereby better security for consistent production by specialized personnel. Lower investment costs Facilitates multi-product manufacturing Provides fast batch changeover Lower overall environmental load (Smaller footprint) Improved segregation strategy Closed system integrity

Colly Flowtech, together with selected suppliers are pleased to provide a more detailed presentation of our possibilities on Labdays Copenhagen 2018. For more visit www.collyf


– enables great science

Kan intuitivt bruges af alle Lokal service og kalibrering Tilpasses nemt alle typer pipetteringsopgaver

tlf: 22831415


TRANSFORMATION OF IDEAS TO PRODUCTS BY INTERACTIVE SERVICES Vibeke Dalhoff (BD), Lovisa Sunesson (BD) and Lars H Pedersen, CEO, Bioneer A/S


any pharma, biotech and medtech

a sound proportion of “good chemistry”

clients the possibility of placing their

companies outsource parts of or all

between the parties.

scientists and/or technicians for limited

their R&D, experimental work as well as manufacturing tasks to CROs and CDMOs. Frequently, Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) or universities or other types of research institutions are also used as outsourcing partners. For start-ups with limited resources it is almost always necessary to access knowledge providers in order to fuel or mature further proof-of-concept for an idea.

There are several ways of collaborating, from the classical fee-for-service model where a service is delivered by provider upon specified requests to more interactive collaborative ways of delivering services. Bioneer is a Danish RTO and service provider within biotech, biomedicine, pharma and medico. Bioneer offers R&D based services within protein manufacturing development, human

Irrespective of outsourcing levels it requires a solid portion of “due diligence skills” to manage drug discovery, preclinical, clinical work, manufacturing development, regulatory issues and other tasks which a biotech/pharma company may face when trying to realize a new innovation and bring it all the way to market. Confidence between a service

stem-cell based disease models,

periods at Bioneers premises. There they can interact with skilled Bioneer specialists in order to materialize, develop and refine an innovation. Bioneer adds knowhow and laboratory skills to a project guided more or less at site by the client. This way of working does of course not de-risk all factors. A project including its deliverables still needs to be scrutinized and evaluated in order to be on the right track, but the possibility of a successful outcome is increased.

inflammation and cancer models,

Our concept of interactive service has

molecular detection and pathology and

turned out to be a brilliant and smooth

pharmaceutical development. Bioneer

way of quickly translating ideas since the

is highly integrated into the Danish and

realization of an innovation may need an

international research and innovation

alternative route than originally foreseen

environments by actively participating in

when the idea was born.

national and international collaborations (such as Horizon2020, IMI projects).

Bioneer foresee that innovation by interactive services and other types of

provider and client is essential and a key

Bioneer´s many years of experience from

collaborations, like the newly established

component which is built up in the course

collaborations and client relationships

BioInnovation Institute (BII, Novo Nordisk

of a collaboration and is highly dependent

have enabled us to develop and implement

Foundation), respectively, will spread in

on such things as expectation-alignments,

the concept of interactive service. This

the forthcoming years to the benefit of

project outcomes, communication and

means that Bioneer in some cases offers

start-ups and other companies.

Bioneer A/S, Kogle Allé 2, DK-2750 Hørsholm, Denmark.


G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8



Scion DTU is Now DTU Science Park More than 400 different names were considered during the process, before it was decided that DTU Science Park, would be the new name of the science park located in Greater Copenhagen. The name clearly states the purpose and describes the community that the more than 260 companies are part of. For DTU Science Park the community is crucial. It plays a pivotal role in creating growth and development for

the companies. Moreover, all future visions are based on one overall ambition, which is to position DTU Science Park as Denmark’s leading innovation community for deep tech companies developing new technologies. The focus is on creating an even greater environment, which enables the companies to reach their goals easier, faster and more cost-effective.

G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8



Particle Measuring Systems Successfully Certifies to New ISO 9001:2015 Standard June 14th, 2018, Boulder, CO - Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) is pleased to announce compliance with and certification to the newest ISO 9001:2015 standard. The updated ISO assessment took place in March 2018. This complements the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation that PMS received in 2015.

Particle Measuring Systems’ Boulder Headquarters has been an ISO 9001 certified facility since 1998. Other PMS ISO 9001 certified offices include France/Benelux, Denmark/Nordic, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, China, Singapore and Taiwan.

“Achieving this certification milestone further demonstrates our company’s continued commitment to quality and compliance, and ensures our global customers are receiving the highest quality products & services worldwide”, said Scott MacLaughlin, Director of Engineering for Particle Measuring Systems.

Evotec AG has signed a transaction agreement with Sanofi Evotec AG has signed a transaction agreement with Sanofi to integrate Sanofi's infectious disease unit into its organisation. Pursuant to this agreement, Evotec will also licence-in the majority of Sanofi's infectious disease research portfolio and initiatives. This successfully seals the exclusive negotiations between the two companies and completion of the required legal social process, initiated on 08 March 2018. The transaction will be closed in the coming weeks and remains subject to customary approvals and conditions, including the approval by regulatory authorities in France.

Evotec will accelerate the infectious disease research pipeline development and initiate new open innovation R&D initiatives in antiinfectives. Going forward, Evotec will engage in open collaborations with other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, foundations, academia and government agencies to further


accelerate research in infectious diseases. The initial focus areas will be on antimicrobial resistance ("AMR") and superbug infections, Tuberculosis and Malaria, as well as the creation of novel antiviral therapies with new mechanisms of action. Dr Werner Lanthaler, Chief Executive Officer of Evotec, said: "With the signing of this transaction, Evotec will have created the highest qualified translational footprint in infectious disease research globally with approx. 180 scientists. We warmly welcome the Sanofi employees to Evotec and look forward to working with them on this very important mission. Together we are well-positioned to become the global drug discovery and development partner of choice in this important therapeutic category. We invite more companies, academic institutions, governments and foundations from around the world to help us advance new novel anti-infectives toward the market."

G R E AT E R C O P E N H A G E N L I F E S C I E N C E | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8 DreamTeam! MS til offgas. OUR, CER og RQ

Online måling af levende celle densitet med kapacitans

Call for Nominations - The € 1 million prize, The Brain Prize The search for the next winners of the € 1 million prize, The Brain Prize, which is awarded by the Lundbeck Foundation, has begun. The Brain Prize recognizes highly original and inf luential advances in research on the nervous system, covering all aspects from fundamental studies to research related to understanding and treatment of diseases of the brain and other parts of the nervous system. The Prize may be awarded to one or shared by two or three scientists who have distinguished themselves through publication of outstanding results in the field of brain research. The prize may in extraordinary cases be awarded to four or

more researchers. This Prize is intended to raise the visibility of neuroscience and to be a stimulus to this important field of research. The Selection Committee seeks your help in securing nominations of the highest quality. Please consider nominating one or more individuals, and feel free to forward this message to others, anywhere in the world, who might be prepared to nominate.

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Nominees can be of any nationality and working in any part of the world. Call for Nominations is open until the 1st of September. To nominate or for more information please visit

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These conferences and forums

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RUM (on IT topics such as big data,

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ical trade fair, MEDICA 2018, (date:

security), the MEDICA CONNECTED

12 – 15/11/2018; Monday to Thurs-


day), over 5,000 exhibitors from at

and software solutions for connected

least 70 countries will meet them

healthcare) and the MEDICA MEDI-

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look at the use of applications which

outpatient and clinical care. Digital

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vital signs.

ing the health economy worldwide and changes both processes and business models alike.

This year, the COMPA MED will be taking place for the 27th time, in parallel with MEDICA, with just

This prevailing trend will not only

under 800 exhibitors (in Halls 8a +

be represented by exhibitor inno-

8b). A while ago, the items presented

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here would generally include simple

ref lected in the programmes of

parts, components and equipment

the accompanying conferences and

for technical devices and medical


products, but today, COMPA MED


Over the previous years, MEDICA and COMPA MED have reg ularly received between 120,000 and 130,000 visitors between them annually, with around 60% of these visitors coming from outside Germany. This year, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn will also be among the visitors. On November 12, he will open MEDICA 2018 and the parallel 41st German Hospital Conference. This globally unique combination means that both MEDICA and COMPA MED will ref lect the entire process chain and present a comprehensive range of medical products, devices and instruments. Together, they occupy the entire space at Düsseldorf's exhibition centre.

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HIGHLIGHTED FAIRS AND EVENTS IN 2018 LABDAYS COPENHAGEN 2018 Date: 12.09.2018 – 13.09.2018, Copenhagen, Denmark This year the CPH LabMed exhibition has changed to a new LabDays Copenhagen concept. The changes result in the fair moving to a new venue central in Copenhagen. The fair will be conducted over 2 days instead of the usual 3 days. A new turnkey stand concept is introduced and the fair gets a new stand layout, mean-

while the possibility of custom made stands is maintained. The Danish Society for Mass Spectrometry will organize a theme day in parallel with LabDays Copenhagen, and also, the Laboratory Medical Society for Bioanalysts (LSB) will conduct their theme day and their annual meeting in parallel with the exhibition.

NORDIC LIFE SCIENCE DAYS 2018 Date: 10.09.2018 – 12.09.2018, Stockholm, Sweden Nordic Life Science Days is the largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science industry. Since its inception in 2013, the event has nurtured a community of people from the world of life science, and created a unique place to do business. Most attendees express their delight in the informal atmosphere, combined with an organized approach to meeting highly relevant people. The conference has created a space for meaningful

encounters, with one-on-one meetings being one of the main features of NLS Days. Additionally, the high quality of topics and presenters provide insight into the most recent trends in science and business. NLS Days attracts leading decision makers from biotech, pharma and medtech as well as finance, research, policy and regulatory authorities.

THE UNIVERSAL BIOTECH INNOVATION PRIZE 2018 Date: The award ceremony will take place in Paris in October 2018 – not yet determined date. The consulting company Universal Biotech has launched the 10th edition of its Innovation Prize. The Universal Biotech Innovation Prize rewards the most innovative projects in the healthcare sector. Universal Biotech is looking for both young startups (less than 8 years old) and academic researchers currently developing an innovative project, from discovery to pre-market stage.

This year, the Innovation Prize 2018 will reward projects in the fields of biotech, medtech and digitech. Each laureate will win up to 30,000.00 euros in the form of cash and consulting services. The deadline for applications is April 30th 2018. Applications can be submitted through the prize’s online Open Innovation Access platform:

BIO-EUROPE 2018 Date: 05.11.2018 – 07.11.2018, Copenhagen, Denmark For the first time ever, Bio-Europe will be conducted in Medicon Valley. The event offers powerful opportunities for you to network with the right partners, and brings together hundreds of the world’s most innovative leaders across biotech, finance and pharma for high-level networking, pre-scheduled partnering

meetings, strategic panel discussions and more. Last year the event attracted more than 4,000 attendees, 2,199 companies from more than 60 countries. 24,199 one-to-one meetings were held, 5,142 licensing opportunities were posted, 152 company presentations held and 106 exhibitors were present.

DIPLOMA IN CLINICAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT Date: 26.11.2018 – 28.11.2018, Copenhagen, Denmark This is for you who works with clinical development and wishes to develop your competencies and skills within project management.

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NOVEMBER 5–7, 2018 ‍ ‍ ‍ / /‍ ‍ ‍  ‍ COPENHAGEN, DENMARK Photo by Martin Heiberg, Copenhagen Media Center.

This "must-attend" event is Europe's largest life science partnering conference. BIO-Europe's world-class workshops, panels and active exhibition along with thousands of prescheduled one-to-one meetings make this event an unrivaled forum for companies across the biotech value chain to meet and do business.


4,000+ Attendees


Company presentations

5,000+ Licensing Opportunities

24,000+ 2,000+ 100+ One-to-one meetings


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Greater Copenhagen Life Science July/August 2018  

Greater Copenhagen Life Science is the primary mouthpiece for the Medicon Valley region’s many companies and organizations within biotech, m...

Greater Copenhagen Life Science July/August 2018  

Greater Copenhagen Life Science is the primary mouthpiece for the Medicon Valley region’s many companies and organizations within biotech, m...