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“So in more than 85% of the cases we can solve the problems without actually going out to the site” Ken Sørensen, Senior Vice President at Siemens Wind Power Service

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Annual event A great success OSV’s An overview Maersk Tankers Lower oil prices are benefiting the tanker market ASAPack Offers full protection for offshore products On-site training RESC makes the offshore sector safer Siemens Wind Power Future offshore maintenance Marine Engineer education Opens opportunities Calendar Offshore News

Krondalvej 7 DK-2610 Roedovre Denmark Cover photo: Siemens Wind Power

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Pairing it with renewables is the fastest and cheapest route for many countries to lower emissions while maintaining a reliable energy system. Shell has constructed the world’s first floating liquefied natural gas facility, revolutionizing the way natural gas resources are developed.

1 out of 3 wind turbines globally uses a Bonfiglioli gearbox. We stock and supply complete yaw gears and components for replacement. Brd. Klee A/S is official Bonfiglioli BEST partner. We service the wind industry with original Bonfiglioli spare parts from our stock and workshop in Denmark. You can reach us 24/7/365. Trasmital series 700TW

Brd. Klee A/S • DK-2620 Albertslund • • (+45) 43 86 83 33 •

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by morten basse, ceo


Synergy makes energy. Denmark is one of the few countries in the world to have a strong offshore oil & gas and offshore wind sector. is one of the only organisations in the world with the objective to create growth in both industries. We see that as a great advantage as the two sectors face the some of the same challenges and have a lot to learn from each other. The offshore oil & gas industry faces fluctuating oil prices and offshore wind has set a goal to reduce costs by 40% in 2020 compared to the 2012 level. This situation means that both industries have to find new solutions and procedures in order to be a competitive energy source in the future. Cost reduction is the key word. has established a Cost Reduction Forum for each industry. The aim is to speed up the cost reduction process by gathering participants that represent different roles in the whole value chain. The two forums work concurrently to identify the lowest hanging fruits and they will come up with concrete solutions of how to set common standards and handle procedures and work processes in a smarter and more cost efficient way. Logistics has been identified as an area with big potential for reducing costs without making any significant investments. This is an example where synergy comes into play as both sectors can benefit from the outcome of the work in the groups. Cost reduction and synergy are two of our three focus areas in – and they lead to the third area; internationalization. By working on reducing costs and benefitting from synergy from the two sectors we enhance the competitive position on the international market for our 270 members – and the entire Danish industry. 4


Vi sikrer tryghed

Procurator - din PPE partner!

Procurator er en Nordisk leverandør og producent af personligt sikkerhedsudstyr & løsninger, arbejdsbeklædning samt produkter & redskaber til professionel rengøring. Vi sikrer og optimerer kundens arbejdsmiljø, hygiejne og forsyningskæde gennem viden, produktudvikling, dokumentation, logistik, implementering, uddannelse & instruktion samt serviceeftersyn.


Kort sagt: Vi sikrer tryghed! Offshore miljøet kræver avancerede produkter og en høj grad af sikkerhed. Vores “Team Energy” har en høj grad af viden, erfaring og kompetence på området. Esbjerg

Hvad kan vi gøre for jer? VMP is a leading CNC milling and turning supplier of steel parts up to 8 tons and up to 3000x2000x3000 mm with an accuracy of 1/100 mm Our customers are very loyal and operate in many industries, among others Oil & Gas, Offshore, Wind, Biomass and Food processing. Your partner in Power Train Technology.

Kig ind! Vi inViTErEr på kaffE i VorEs buTik

- besøg os i Esbjerg og få en snak med ole om jeres arbejdsmiljø


GWO Basic Safety Training Achilles JQS Qualified DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 DS/EN ISO 14001:2004 DS/OHSAS 18001:2008

Kontakt Ole Markvart Mobil +45 2148 0003 Mail

auth.Ser Cente


High risk

academy academy academy academy

High Highrisk risk High risk risk High

aut.serviceværksted aut.serviceaut.serviceværksted aut.serviceaut.serviceværksted værksted værksted

Stærevej 2 • 6705 Esbjerg Ø • Tel. +45 7611 5000 •

VMP DANMARK A/S . Danmarksgade 20 . DK-6500 Vojens Tlf.: +45 73 241 300 . .

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DWIA’s Annual Event a great success By K arin Jensen photo: dwia

The Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA) held its Annual Event on 22rd-23rd September in Herning. This year the event was coupled up with the hi-Technology and Industry Expo, Scandinavia’s leading technology fair. With hundreds of participants, the Danish Wind Energy

Association’s (DWIA) Annual Event in Herning in late September was a great success. The two-day conference and exhibition event was this year part of the hi -Technology and Industry Expo, which is Scandinavia’s leading technology fair, and brought the entire wind industry and research community together. “The background for joining forces with the hi-expo was primarily to bring together the industry, the entire supply chain, and the R&D community. All debates and panel

6 Energy Insight

discussions at the Annual Event were a mix of industry and research to enable us to discuss joint challenges and opportunities together,” says Jan Hylleberg, CEO at DWIA. During the event, a total of 23 sessions took place, providing in-depth analysis with focus on three main themes: Market developments, Supply chain trends and Technology developments and innovations. “The conference was about knowledge sharing and cooperation. Studies show that companies which are integrated with the R&D community have more growth and

The conference was all about knowledge sharing and cooperation. DWIA CEO Jan Hylleberg talks at the Annual Event 2015

are more productive. Lifting a large group of companies by integrating them closer towards the research community provides a significant value,” says Jan Hylleberg. With the three main themes the Annual Event tried to cover all aspects of the wind industry. Trends in the supply chain had a two-track focus, the manufacturers and the energy groups, whereas market development looked at what is happening on the different markets, including offshore. Finally, Technology developments & innovations dealt with both new technology and innovations in the Danish wind industry. “It was important for us to embrace the industrial value chain, the markets and the entire technology and development area,” says Hylleberg.

He adds another important issue with the conference was an international focus. “We’re a global industry with many foreigners employed in the sector, which is why we decided to do the sessions in English,” he says. The hi technology expo organised the exhibition while DWIA took care of the wind conference together with The Danish Research Consortium for Wind Energy. A total of more than 16,800 people visited the hi expo over three days. “We had around 300 participants just for the wind conference on the first day alone, which was really great. It’s on par with the event two years ago, but back then it was just a one-day event,” says Jan Hylleberg. ▪

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OSV’s Offshore Support Vessels – or OSV’s – are vessels used to provide support services to the offshore industry. Transport of goods, supplies, equipment and personnel, assistance with seismic surveys, subsea inspection, cable laying and evacuations, OSV’s can be anything from crew boats over platform supply vessels to anchor handling vessels and firefighting carriers.

photo: adobe stock

8 Energy Insight

Platform Supply vessels

Oil Spill Recovery vessels

Platform Supply vessels are specially designed to supply logistic support and transportation of supplies and cargo to and from oil platforms and other offshore installations. For example transport of fresh water and provisions, equipment and fuel.

Recovers oil from water and shores following a spill from an offshore oil platform.

Multi-purpose Supply vessels

These vessels are used for laying subsea pipelines, connecting oil platforms and refineries, and underwater cables such as electric power transmissions and telecommunications cables.

These are like the Platform Supply vessels but with additional equipment and can therefore offer more than one function. Apart from supply, the Multi-purpose Supply vessel may also carry out installation of subsea equipment, subsea inspection, maintenance and repair.

Anchor Handling and Towing vessels Anchor Handling and Towing vessels are primarily used for towing operations and to handle anchors for oil rigs and other floating offshore installations.

Pipe-laying and Cable-laying vessels

Heavy Lift Used for heavy loads in oil drilling and production operations and offshore construction.

Wind Turbine Installation, Maintenance & Repair This type of OSV is used for installation, maintenance and repair of offshore wind turbines.

Crew boats Boats used to transport crew to, from and between offshore installations.

Safety/Standby vessel The safety/standby vessels are specially adapted to carry out evacuations from an offshore installation as well as rescuing people from other vessels.

Firefighting vessels Carry out firefighting operations offshore.

Energy Insight 9

Get ready where and when you want We understand your need to get certificates in place with a short notice when working in the global wind turbine industry. Whether you have one or many participants for a course, it doesn’t maer. We will find the time for you – at your place or at ours. We offer all GWO-courses and courses related to working in confined spaces. We were the first knowledge centre in Denmark to have training facilities at height that match conditions in real life. Exercises on our 24-metre high wind turbine tower or in small, enclosed spaces prepare our trainees to deal with any imaginable situation that can arise in their work. At RESC we are all enthusiastic about what we do. We are accustomed to meeting in dialogue with many different kinds of people, and we can soon sound out a group’s needs, their starting point and particular situation. Natural curiosity constantly drives us to increase our knowledge. Our instructors are generally assigned to a task immediately, and there will not be many bet intermediate steps between your first phone call and the start of a course. Try us!

phone +45 58 57 97 00

STRATE’s MASKINFABRIK A/S Strates offers machining of all materials and surfaces within the Offshore, Medico and Maritime industries. We have in the recent years invested in two new 5-axis CNC milling machines, and has been ISO 9001 certified. Our production and material management allows us to deliver at a short notice. Our materials are of course with at least 3.1 certification. We can produce prototypes as well as large series. For a qoutation mail to Strate’s Maskinfabrik A/S • Tel: +45 54 70 47 16 • Kroggårdsvej 38 • 4990 Sakskøbing

Vedligeholdelse af vinger world wide • Mere end 30 års erfaring i overfladebehandling • Specialister i glasfiber reparation • Reparation af Vortex generators, powercurve, dinotails, vingelet osv. • Leading Edge Protection påføring/montering • Rope access 10 Energy Insight

O ff s h o r e b a s e - S t e v e d o r i n g - W i n d l o g i s t i c s

The perfect base for your offshore wind activities Jutlandia is situated perfectly for the wind industry at the port of Esbjerg, and we have during the last 10 years made this our core business.

We can offer you • Agency services • Bondend warehousing • Offshore base facilities • Wind turbine handling esperts • Stevedore services


Service and projects

Whether you need a new installation, planned regular maintenance, small ad hoc assignments or urgent troubleshooting, we create the right solutions.


No matter the assignment, we have a wide variety of highly competent professionals at our disposal. The right team for the job, every time you need it!


Safety is an integral part of the Caverion culture and is consistently reinforced by education, training and an annual safety day for all employees. This is why Caverion is the safe choice.

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Lower oil prices are benefiting the tanker market. There are several reasons for this.

Maersk Tankers from lower oil by k arin jensen photo: maersk tankers

12 Energy Insight

With oil prices down more than 60 percent from last summer, most oil and oil related industries are under pressure. The tanker market is the exception and is in fact benefiting from the lower oil prices due to a number of factors, and with tanker rates significantly higher than what has been seen for a long time. “Since late summer 2014 rates have been climbing upwards to levels we haven’t seen in a very long time,” says Nicholas Allin Hansen, Head of Market Analytics, Business Development at Maersk Tankers. One reason is that lower oil prices boosts consumption of oil products such as petrol,

diesel, and jet fuel, particularly in countries with low taxes on refined products, the US being a good example. “With rising refinery production and oil consumption you also see an increased demand for transportation,” says Nicholas Allin Hansen. Another positive factor is stockpiling as refineries use the current price structure as an opportunity to stockpile – that is, they increase output beyond fundamental demand, hoping to cash in when prices have gone up sometime in the future. “The refineries are processing more volumes that the underlying consumption

benefiting prices calls for, meaning they produce for stock, and in particular diesel,” says Nicholas Allin Hansen. The effect of strategic stockpiling is especially significant in the US and China.

Fleet size Historically, the fleet size has been growing almost uninterrupted, though at different paces. During an upturn with high cash flows and strong returns on investments, shipping companies have typically canalised the money into new tonnage. “We saw this in the years leading up to the financial crisis, where we had this commodity super cycle, where rates and volumes increased and cash was used on new vessels,” explains Nicholas Allin Hansen. In the wake of the financial crisis, however, fleet fundamentals changed and in 2014 the fleet growth fell below average, though it seems

Plain sailing. Maersk Tankers benefiting from improved rates and reduced vessel operating costs

that 2015 will see new vessels coming into the market again. “The second half of 2014 was a good year for us with the effect of the lower oil prices starting to kick in. This year also looks like it will be a good year. However, with supply growing we expect some pressure in the coming time,” says Nicholas Allin Hansen. The lower oil prices also have lasting effects on the tanker market. In North America, for example, sales of large petrol-consuming cars is now stronger than it has been for years while sales of electric vehicles seems to be slowing somewhat because it is relatively cheaper to drive traditional cars. Energy Insight 13

Maersk Tankers Maersk Tankers owns and operates a large fleet of product tankers. The first tanker was acquired in 1928 and today, the Maersk Tankers fleet is one of the largest product tanker fleets in the world. Generally speaking, tankers are used for trade between regions.

“These are lasting effects and even if oil prices should start to rise, people will not stop driving their newly acquired petrol-fuelled cars. “Overall, you can say that the lower oil prices have some immediate positive effects on our industry but also some positive longer term effects. And the longer the oil prices stay at these low levels, the stronger the lasting effects will become,” says Nicholas Allin Hansen, adding that Maersk Tankers are “cautiously optimistic for 2016.”

Improved rates and new strategy lift Maersk Tankers Maersk Tankers saw a jump in its Q2 earnings due to improved rates across all product-segments and new cost savings initiatives, which saw vessel operating costs reduced by 7 percent. The cost reduction initiatives are part of a new five-year strategy, Taking Lead, which was launched in 2014 and focuses on three different areas: Cost Leadership, Active Position Taking and Third Party Services. Active Position Taking looks at increasing utilisation of Maersk Tankers’ assets. “That is physically placing our vessels in the best possible market, East, West, Mediterranean, the continent, whichever market offers the best rates and from there pick the best routes and the best cargo,” explains Claus Grønborg, Vice President, Head of Business Development at Maersk Tankers. In Third Party Services Maersk Tankers operates tankers for other ship-owners. 14 Energy Insight

The energy value chain has three steps: exploration/ production, refining and consumption. Tanker ships connect these three steps. There are two types of oil tankers: Crude carriers for unrefined products and product carriers for refined products. Crude tankers are mainly used for the deep sea transport of crude oil from production sites to refineries. They range between 55,000 dwt up to around 450,000 dwt. The main trading routes are from the production areas in the Arabian Gulf and West Africa to Asia, Europe and the US. Product tankers are used for transport refined products (petrol, diesel, kerosene, jet or fuel oil) to the market. These vessels range in size from 5,000 dwt to 80,000 dwt. One traditional trading route for product tankers is between North America and Europe, where petrol is carried to the US and diesel fuel is transported back to Europe. Source: Maersk Tankers

“Today we operate sixty vessels and the goal is a further one hundred within five years,” says Claus Grønborg, adding it applies its cost and position strategy for third party ships as well. “To make it attractive for others to hand over their ships to us it’s a very strong motivation to know that we can operate the ships cheaper and that we know the market thoroughly,” says Nicholas Allin Hansen. Above the strategy lies an overall goal of zero incidents. In 2014 Maersk Tankers had a record year with the lowest amount of incidents ever and so far this year, the number is even lower. “155 days without any incidents, and this just proves that we have been able to reduce costs without jeopardising safety on board our vessels,” says Claus Grønborg. ▪

TENTE - Your strong partner in casters & wheels for ports, heavy and offshore industries • Innovative system solutions • Technical competence • Professional advice • Fast delivery time • Top branded quality

TENTE A/S Birkemosevej 32 DK-8361 Hasselager +45 70 10 82 10

We transport all kinds of cargo - and specialize in the handling of projects and oversized/heavy cargo worldwide. We create competitive solutions tailored to customer needs from our global organization. Please contact your local Martin Bencher office for further details or visit our website to see many more impressive projects. 69 riser joints and 1 gas handler from USA to South Africa. The dimension of the cargo was 2500 cbm / 1570 tons.

Energy Insight 15


WRAPPED by k arin jensen photos: ASAPack

In the offshore sector it is vital that goods are protected during transportation or storage. At ASAPack a variety of solutions are offered, from a simple solution, which protects from dust, dirt and rain, to the more advanced ZERUST programme for corrosion protection, which is based on the VCI-technology (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor). “ZERUST is a more technical, two-layered protection, which ensures dry packaging of goods up to the C5 level. It’s packaging for sea transport where you need full protection” says Kim Agerfeldt, co-founder and Head of Sales at ASAPack. C5 is the highest level of corrosion protection in the industry. The ZERUST VCI foil has special properties. It is UV-resistant, for example, and the foil is deliberately white to attract as little sun as possible to prevent condensation inside the packaging. The foil protects against bad weather, corrosion and rust, the latter known to be harmful to metal components. “Our foil protects parts which haven’t been lacquered, painted or surface treated. It protects against rust, which provides the opportunity to transport the products in alternative ways, for example on the deck, or

16 Energy Insight

store the products on the harbour. We provide the opportunity to transport even very large bulky metal products in a logistically easier and cheaper way,” says Kim Agerfeldt. ASAPack also offers packaging and lashing as a service to its customers, preparing the items for transport and exports, for example lifting straps build into the packaging. “Everything is then ready when the conveyor arrives with his crane and all he needs to do is the actual lift. It makes the

Anything from small metal components to huge bulky metal products used in the offshore industry need protection from bad weather, corrosion and rust during transportation and storage. ASAPack uses the ZERUST VCI foil.


Offshore products wrapped in VCI foil to protect aginst corrossion

process much faster, and of course, much cheaper for the customer,” says Kim Agerfeldt.

New business area ASAPack is starting up a new business area soon in which the customer can do the packaging itself on the plant. “We customize a solution for each customer, deliver the whole package, foil, straps, everything, and then the customer does the packaging at the plant,” explains Kim Agerfeldt. ASAPack uses some 198,000 square meters of foil per year in the energy business area, with the offshore business area accounting for roughly one-third of this. ▪

ASAPack cooperates with ZERUST AB, a Swedish company specialized in producing corrosion protection, which effectively protects metal components and electrical equipment against the degrading effects of oxidation. ASAPack can offer a complete range of corrosion protective packaging products, such as VCI film and liquid VCI products. VCI film is an anti-corrosion film which protects against bad weather, rust and corrosion, ensuring that the products are delivered clean, dry and free from corrosion. The ZERUST technology is designed to be safe for both the user and the environment. The unique VCI material, Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor, releases corrosion inhibiting particles that protect the metal surface. This patented composition that neither smells nor visually appears, evaporates from the metal surface as soon as the package is opened again. ZERUST’s products comply with international health and safety standards, can be recycled and are authorized to be disposed as plain packaging. ZERUST is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Source: ASAPack

Energy Insight 17

18 Energy Insight

Energy Insight 19

Safety training at RESC before going solo offshore

Makes the offshore sector safer Before going offshore to work, a number of rescue and safety courses are needed. RESC offers on-site training. By K arin Jensen · photo: RESC

“The GWO courses are required training courses and you need to complete all five modules before you can work in offshore wind. All five courses then need to be refreshed every second or fourth year. We do GWO courses for first-time offshore employees as well as the refreshment courses,” says Rene Kofod.

Working offshore is potentially a high-risk job and quite

On-site training

often there is no help at hand if an accident should occur. Training courses is therefore a necessity for anyone wishing to work offshore. “There’s a lot of focus on safety in the offshore sector and providing safety courses for offshore companies has become so much easier after the industry has agreed on common standards,” says René Kofod, Director at Centre for Rescue and Safety (RESC). RESC provides training courses in accident prevention and safety using realistic training facilities and practical experience from real-life rescue actions. Among the courses on offer at RESC are fire leader courses, courses on handling gas accidents, fall protection and rescue at height. RESC also offers the entire GWO Basic Safety Training package – First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, Working at heights and Sea Survival – set up by the Global Wind Organization and aimed at employees working with installation, service and maintenance of offshore wind turbines.

RESC offers on-site training, which is convenient for companies with many employees. Before on-site training can take place though, RESC needs to inspect the company’s site and check whether all required facilities are in place. After the inspection, data are filed in RESC’s system and a risk assessment of the site is carried out. “After that we check the site once a year to see if things are approved,” says René Kofod. On-site training is significantly easier for the customer and can help save costs. It is also very flexible, for example when a company hires a new member of staff, he or she receives the first training at RESC’s site and after that the company can put together a group of staff members for refreshing courses on site a couple of times a year. “It does, of course, cost some money to have an instructor on site but it’s still a lot cheaper than to send an entire team to one of our training sites, having to pay for transport and accommodation for them all,” says René Kofod. ▪

20 Energy Insight

Process Visualisation Thy El-Teknik produces supervision and mimic panels for process monitoring built up as mosaic panels from the company Subklew. As the mosaic panels are put together under licence, Thy El-Teknik is required to meet strict build and quality criteria laid down by Subklew. This means that with a Subklew mosaic system you may obtain an individual visualisation of any functional or processing system.

Thy El-teknik ApS

The mimic panel is built up with the highest quality engraving and colouring which together with the modular electrical equipment, provides a totally flexible solution.

Denmark Tel.: +45 96 17 73 00

Efficiency & safety at heights The residential training centre of Beredskabscenter Aalborg is certified as GWO Basic Safety Training provider in the fields of

Manual Handling

First Aid

Fire Awareness

Working at Heights

Our training programme has been especially arranged to match professionals working with wind turbines.

Our training will teach you how to work efficiently at heights in a safe manner and give you the means to prevent emergencies. The GWO certification is your quality assurance. All our training takes place in our own training centre in Aalborg. All delegates receive a training certificate after attending a course. Beredskabscenter Aalborg has been a training provider for more than 20 years. We offer great expertise educating first aid and fire-fighting and our main objective is to be best regarding quality and price.

Get a free test packaging! – Call us today! +45 70 20 79 10

3 Corrosion protective packaging – up to level C5

3 Custom made solutions 3 Reduce costs – transport on deck

Energy Insight 21

Siemens Wind Power looking at combi-solution for future offshore maintenance

22 Energy Insight

Siemens’ diagnostic centre combined with a new fleet of service vessels will form the future offshore service and maintenance work. By K arin Jensen Photo: siemens wind power

Just over a year ago, Siemens opened its remote diagnostics centre at the group’s global wind service headquarters in Brande. Today, some 9,500 wind turbines are being monitored around the clock from the centre. Approximately 80% of the cases in which a turbine stops due to a fault notification can by remotely solved and the turbine restarted within minutes. A further 5-6% takes a bit longer to solve, but is manageable without visiting the site. “So in more than 85% of the cases we can solve the problems without actually going out to the site,” says Ken Sørensen, Senior Vice President at Siemens Wind Power Service. Each Siemens wind turbine has up to nine sensors installed which measure vibrations of key components. These vibration data are collected and transmitted to the Brande-centre, which also collects electronic and mechanical data from the turbines as well as numerous information about the weather and power grids. “Model-based diagnostics is something we work a lot with and this will be a really important area in a few years,” says Ken Sørensen. With the extensive diagnostic and monitoring work, Siemens are able to detect any fault in a wind turbine before it happens and the component can be replaced before break-down which would otherwise have caused even more damage to the turbine. “There’re two important effects here. One is we can optimise costs and the other is


that the turbine can continue to generate electricity right up till repair work starts,” says Ken Sørensen.

Service Operation Vessels In future, offshore wind parks will be located further out at sea, making it even more challenging for technicians to sail out and repair turbines. “The upcoming Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be located more than 100 kilometres off the coast, so that’s ten hours of transport and two hours of work. Obviously that won’t do,” says Ken Sørensen. Siemens has been working on a new concept for the past five years, the Service Operation Vessel. Two vessels have already been chartered and a further two are being delivered next summer. “The vessels are combinations of hotel and service vessels. On board are all the spare parts and components that are expected to be needed, the vessels are equipped with a hydraulic stabilised walkway so that it’s possible to walk on to the turbine even with large waves,” says Ken Sørensen. With this concept the number of days you can work offshore during bad weather rises significantly, while transportation time is reduced heavily, leaving more effective working time, according to Ken Sørensen. “Combining these two things, the diagnostic centre and the service operation vessels, that’s the future,” he says. ▪

An important element at Siemens Wind Power’s Diagnostic Centre is Turbine Condition Monitoring, which delivers precise vibration measurements on important turbine components like the gearbox, generator, and main shaft. When a value reaches a critical range, the system automatically triggers an alarm. This, however, does not mean that a technician needs to be deployed right away, because most problems can be fixed remotely. In general, the vibration diagnostics service enables Siemens Wind Power to detect anomalies early on and prevent potential failures. This requires the diagnostics experts to analyse vibration patterns and compare them with values from the Siemens database. This database is founded on archived records from the approximately 9,500 Siemens wind turbines. Thanks to these analyses combined with predictive methods, Siemens can optimize service planning and repair components proactively before serious damage occur. Since July 2008, the company has been able to detect 97 percent of all potential gear-tooth cracks and prevent them from becoming fatal. Source: Siemens Wind Power

Energy Insight 23


• VPI-treatment of large units

PP Maskinteknik is a dynamic and modern company with more than 40 years of experience in metalworking. We are particular strong in the following areas:

• Renovation and rewinding of wind generators • IECEx-certified according to IEC/EN 60079-19 (types Ex-d, e, de, n, t) • Large burnout oven For more information – visit:

• CNC turning and CNC milling (plastic, metal, steel, stainless steel). • Coatings via thermal spraying. • Series production, 0-series, product development, assembly work and repairs. • Short delivery time, complex parts, small series and big series. +45 25 21 99 86 | |

Final Artwork: ENERGY AND CLIMATE ACADEMY - LOGO Font Type: Trajan Bolg

Wind Energy Courses

Colors Guide:

Cyan:100, Magenta: 60, Black: 15

Black: 70

Nordmark's primary competence is machining.

Introduction courses for new employees to the wind industry:

Nordmark offers flexible agreements covering the following services:

Technology, systems and markets.

Consultancy, design development, prototyping, transportation to

3 courses: For engineers, for generalists and for offshore.

Nordmark, control of raw materials.

For more information - visit:

For more information – visit:

Do you want to: • Manage your risks • Learn from incidents Total Solutions in plastics

• Improve your safety performance Check out for inspiration.

• Semi finished plastics

• Vacuumforming

• Machined parts

• 3D Printing

Consultancy – Training – Executive HSE Advisor – Inspirational Speaker

• Injection molding

• 3D measurement

Long experience in: Oil & Gas – Offshore Wind

Reinhard Oil is a Nordic Lube & Lubricants company distributing all kinds of lubricants from Danish stock. • • • • • • •

Jet-Lube pipe dopes Antiseize ProLube Lubricants Whiteoils North Sea Lubricants Momentive silicone antifoams Siliconefluids & greases.

See website for more information and a wider range of products +45 70 26 70 07 + +

24 Energy Insight

Be present on the supplier index page The Supplier Index gives the reader a quick overview and an easy way of finding the right supplier or partner within the field of product or service you are looking. For more information – visit:

You Are Safe With Us!

GWO Basic Training BOSIET FOET HUET Book your course Go to

Approved Training Provider

FÅ OPTIMAL SIKKERHED MED VERDENS MEST AVANCEREDE TANKINSPEKTION FIRMA Nu kan du få hele TechCorrs globale ekspertise her i Danmark. Som verdens førende virksomhed inden for inspektionsydelser, med 12 års erfaring og det nyeste udstyr, er vi klar til at sikre dig verdens mest avancerede tankinspektion. Så er sikkerheden optimal – hver gang. Vores serviceområder er: Tank inspektion NDT (non-destructive testing) Avanceret NDT

Food & Pharma Svejsning & undervisning

3D scanning & Engineering QA/QC inspektører

Ring til os, og lad os sammen se, hvordan vi løser din udfordring.

+45 5357 5353 · Energy Insight 25

Marine Engineer education paves the way for numerous opportunities in offshore With a bachelor degree in marine engineering the world is your oyster, not least in the offshore sector. By K arin Jensen photo: Esben svendsen

26 Energy Insight

There is a shortage of marine engineers in the

offshore sector so job prospects are naturally high. Moreover, the three-year bachelor programme is a broad technical education with a multiple range of job opportunities. “It’s an incredibly broad education and there’re numerous opportunities within a number of very different areas,” says Esben Svendsen, who works as a wellsite engineer in the offshore oil sector. Esben Svendsen graduated from The Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management in 2011, specialised in shipping. He did start his career in the shipping sector but after a while made a change to the offshore sector, which required a number of courses and practical training as well as basic offshore safety training. “But also a number of technical courses to understand the different processes in offshore, security issues. For an example to avoid a blow-

out, you need to ensure an overbalance in the hole compared to the formation pressure. The formation in the hole also need to be strong enough to support the heavy mud required to provide the overbalance. If the overbalance is lost, secondary well control equipment has to be used i.e a large set of valves that can close and capture the well,” says Esben Svendsen. As a well site engineer in a well construction unit, Esben Svendsen is involved in pre-production drilling of wells. After geologists have carried out seismic surveys of the subsurface, and the company and partners agree, the well construction unit plan and execute the actual drilling of the well. Main part of the planning takes place on land, then rigs are hired in and drilling of the wells can commence. “The first exploration drilling is just to determine whether there are any oil and if so, how much. We explore several wells to establish how to develop the actual field. Once it’s all in place a production well is established and a platform is installed and production can begin,” says Esben Svendsen. Apart from geologists and well site engineers, there are also two company representatives on the site, one for day-time and one for night-time, to oversee that everything is running correctly. Esben Svendsen is soon to move to a new position as a night-time company representative and this, he says, shows the many opportunities there are in offshore with a marine engineer bachelor degree. “In my job I have met marine engineers in a variety of functions. We all have the same background but completely different jobs,” says Esben Svendsen. ▪

WE BRING BRAIN THRUST TO THE OFFSHORE BUSINESS Companies in the offshore business face tougher competition than ever. Your company’s success depends on your ability to attract skilled and dedicated employees – and boost your company’s brainpower. Profiles with the ability to think outside the box while combining known technologies and the opportunities of tomorrow. Since 1906, The Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management has educated thousands of talents to do exactly that. We bring new graduates to the business and we develop tailored courses that bring your experienced employees to the next level. Read more at

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CALENDAR Introduction to Offshore Wind Energy When networking with partners, negotiating with customers or speaking with collegues within offshore wind energy it is valuable to have a certain knowledge about the industry to reach the same wave length. Get introduced to one of the fastest growing industries in the world, become familiar with the special terminology used and obtain knowledge about the issues and special challenges in producing wind energy offshore. Date: 25.11.2015, Esbjerg, Denmark For more information:

Introduction to Offshore Oil and Gas Employees within the industry are specialized within many different disciplines. A complete overview of the industry can be difficult to obtain. This course is designed to change that. The 2-day course is a unique introduction to the offshore oil and gas industry. The entire supply chain is presented at a level suitable for everybody. This will enable participants to better understand the entirety of the industry as well as become familiar with the special terminology that is often used in the offshore industry. Such skills are valuable when networking with partners or negotiating with customers. Date: 18.01.2016, Esbjerg, Denmark For more information:

DWEA - Mexico - factfinding – 2016

Participate in the Decom Conference where you will obtain information about the opportunities, challenges and the operator’s requirements to their future decommissioning suppliers. The Conference deals with issues such as the status on Decommissioning in Denmark and the North Sea and Decommissioning seen from the Operators as well as the Contractors perspective

Fact-Finding Tour combined with a visit to the exhibition "Mexico Wind Power" Mexico has one of the world’s richest wind resources. The Mexican government has set an ambitious target of 9.5 GW of wind power by 2018. Get introduced to this growing wind market by participation in B2B meetings with potential business partners, utilities and developers, by visiting keys player on the Mexican Wind Power market.

Date: 03.12.2015, Vejen, Denmark For more information:

Date: 21.02.2016, Mexico City, Mexico For more information:

The International Petroleum Technology Conference

DWEA - Wind Expo 2016

The International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) is an annual event rotating between Asia Pacific and the Middle East. The scope of the conference programme and associated industry activities address technology and relevant industry issues that challenge industry professionals and management around the world.

Japan’s largest wind event and part of the World Smart Energy Week 2016. The focus areas are installation services, operation and maintenance, field research, testing (lightning etc.) project development and components/ equipment. With major offshore projects currently taking place in Japan, offshore related exhibits are a natural highlight as well. Join this event on a market where the orders starts to kick.

Decom Conference 2015 The emerging decommissioning market

Date: 06.12.2015, Doha, Qatar For more information:

80.000 visitors are expected

Date: 02.03.2016, Tokyo, Japan For more information:

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Offshorespecialister FredericiaMaskinmesterskole Maskinmesterskoleuddanner uddannerogså ogsåmaskinmestre maskinmestremed medspeciale specialeiii Fredericia Fredericia Maskinmesterskole uddanner også maskinmestre med speciale Fredericia Maskinmesterskole uddanner også maskinmestre med speciale i

Energi på Havet Energi på Havet

Disse maskinmestre har særlig viden om offshore Dissemaskinmestre maskinmestre harfra særlig viden om offshore shore Disse Disse maskinmestre har har særlig særlig viden om off off shore energiproduktion, både Olie-viden & Gasom industrien Disse maskinmestre harfra særlig viden om offshore energiproduktion, både fra Olie& Gas industrien energiproduktion, energiproduktion, både både fra OlieOlie& & Gas Gas industrien industrien og om offshore vind. energiproduktion, både fra Olie- & Gas industrien ogom omoff offshore shorevind. vind. og og om off shore vind. og om offshore vind. Skal din virksomhed afprøve en af disse Skaldin dinvirksomhed virksomhedafprøve afprøveviden enaf afog disse Skal Skal din virksomhed afprøve en en af disse disse maskinmesterstuderendes færdigheder? Skal din virksomhed afprøve en afog disse maskinmesterstuderendes viden og færdigheder? maskinmesterstuderendes maskinmesterstuderendes viden viden og færdigheder? færdigheder? Så hjælper vi med at finde den rette person! maskinmesterstuderendes viden ogperson! færdigheder? Såhjælper hjælpervivi vimed medat atfififinde ndeden den rette person! Så Så hjælper med at nde den rette rette person! Så hjælper vi med at finde den rette person!

Eller har din virksomhed brug for teknisk Ellerhar hardin dinvirksomhed virksomhed brugfor forteknisk teknisk Eller Eller har din virksomhed brug brug for teknisk efteruddannelse til medarbejderne? Eller har din virksomhed brug for teknisk efteruddannelse til medarbejderne? efteruddannelse efteruddannelse til til medarbejderne? medarbejderne? Eller videreuddannelse af lederne? efteruddannelse til medarbejderne? Ellervidereuddannelse videreuddannelse aflederne? lederne? Eller Eller videreuddannelse af af lederne? Eller videreuddannelse af lederne? Så kan skolens Videncenter designe specifikke Såkan kanskolens skolens Videncenter designespecifi specifi kke Så Så kan skolens Videncenter Videncenter designe designe specifi kke kke kursusforløb tilpasset din virksomheds behov. Så kan skolens Videncenter designe specifi kke kursusforløb tilpasset dinvirksomheds virksomheds behov. kursusforløb kursusforløb tilpasset tilpasset din din virksomheds behov. behov. kursusforløb tilpasset din virksomheds behov.

Interesseret? Interesseret? Interesseret? Så kontakt Ole Månsson ( Interesseret? Såkontakt kontaktOle OleMånsson Månsson( ( Så Så kontakt Ole Månsson ( Så kontakt Ole Månsson (

Købmagergade 86 • 7000 Fredericia • Tel: 75 92 28 33 • Email: Købmagergade86 86•••7000 7000Fredericia Fredericia•••Tel: Tel:75 7592 9228 2833 33•••Email: Købmagergade Købmagergade 86 7000 Fredericia Tel: 75 92 28 33 Email: Købmagergade 86 • 7000 Fredericia • Tel: 75 92 28 33 • Email:

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NEWS TESS opens office and warehouse at the Port of Frederikshavn The CEO from Norway and Mayor Birgit Hansen helped cut the ribbon during summer 2015, when Norwegian TESS officially opened its new division at the Port of Frederikshavn, which is already well underway with local work. TESS Frederikshavn officially inaugurated its new 400 square metre warehouse at the Port of Frederikshavn, which it shares with Victor A/S. The Norwegian company, with a total of 900 employees has had a branch in Esbjerg since 2011, but has now also opened a warehousing and sales channel in Frederikshavn in order to move closer to the strong maritime cluster and new business opportunities resulting from the expansion of the port. "There is considerable activity in the maritime cluster here, and we have high hopes for the offshore market and the recertification of drilling rigs, which will be coming in from 2017. Drilling rigs have a lifespan of around 20 years so they require upgrading, and the expansion of the port here in Frederikshavn will make it possible to accommodate them," says the new general manager of TESS Frederikshavn, Carsten Jørgensen. The hot dog stand and cold drinks were on hand the day the Norwegian founder, Erik Jølberg and Mayor Birgit Hansen helped to cut the ribbon. "We're in full swing and have already supplied pipes, flanges and brackets for ships in the port, which Victor assembles and installs. We have also been approached by Orskov and several other companies in Hirtshals and Skagen. These are customers we already cooperate with in Esbjerg, but which we are now able to provide with an even better service and extensive support from TESS in Norway, which has 108 divisions," concludes Carsten Jørgensen. For more information please visit:

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Guard it with Technology Approximately a year ago, Palfinger Systems GmbH and Gardit A/S entered a contract on exclu-

sive sale and distribution of the Palfinger Systems’ products in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Gardit now administrates sale and rental of the brand's range of access systems for simplifying repair- and maintenance works within the offshore and marine industries, as well as a highly efficient hull cleaning-, blasting and coating robot for ships. The concepts are developed to avoid using scaffolding and execute the jobs faster and safer. The products have been developed over the past 10 years and are now ready for global market introduction. Therefore, Palfinger Systems is establishing qualified sales channels around the world. ”The practical experience of the Gardit Group within surface protection combined with their locations in Denmark and Norway – not least their experience in machine and equipment rental and service - are among the reasons why Palfinger systems has seen a good opportunity to get a cooperation partner who will be able to introduce the products on the market” says Peter Wolf, Sales and Marketing Director of Palfinger systems. For more information please visit:

EIVA dives further into the Mediterranean Sea This week saw the signing of a representative agreement making Italian Marine ONE the second company in October to include EIVA hardware and software solutions for offshore construction and subsea surveying operations in its product portfolio. EIVA has recently increased its focus on providing customers a local point of contact due to growing international activities. Last week, the Danish offshore specialist announced that the Brazilian company MACSEA had joined the worldwide network of EIVA representatives. This week, EIVA signed yet another representative agreement, this time with the Italian company Marine ONE. Marine ONE will be the first company in Italy to hold the title as authorised EIVA representative. Marine ONE is headed by Dr Aldo Monaca, who has many years’ experience in the surveying discipline, and who is pleased to announce the new agreement: ‘We are very happy to become EIVA representative in Italy and will strive to also become training partner in Italy and the surrounding countries such as Malta. Marine ONE sees this partnership as a great opportunity and looks forward to growing the sales of EIVA hardware, software, including system solutions, in the Italian market in the years to come,’ said Dr Aldo Monaca, CEO of Marine ONE. ‘Marine ONE has demonstrated great interest and capability in representing EIVA, and, with its high level of enthusiasm, we are confident that Marine ONE can attend to EIVA’s interest and meet our growth ambitions,’ said Jakob Møller Nielsen. For more information please visit: Energy Insight 31

J.A.K. Antiflame meets offshore industry requirements for protective clothing: • DS/EN 340 • DS/EN 1149-5 • DS/EN ISO 11611 • DS/EN ISO 11612 • DS/EN 61482 KL.1


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