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9th May 2013 Winners of Gas Industry Awards Biog The winners of the 2013 Gas industry awards, organised by EUA and IGEM were as follows:

Gas Industry Safety Award - J Murphy Sons Limited. The award was presented for their strong leadership and the way they engaged their workforce, clients and suppliers in the drive to change the safety culture of its organisation by recognising the link between behaviours, systems and people. As a result they have achieved sustained and measurable improvements in safety performance linked with enhanced business efficiency.

Gas Industry Company of the Year - J Murphy and Sons Limited They were recognised for the fact that over the past 60 years they had developed adapted and delivered customer expectations with repeat business underpinning their sustained growth. Their continued investment in people, skills and resources were acknowledged as key factors in enabling them to flourish globally.

The Gas Industry Chief Executive/Managing Director of the Year - Peter Jones, Managing Director of Skanska UK. Peter’s wide and varied base of experience has helped support his role as Managing Director. In particular Peter was recognised for delivering a worldwide acknowledged green and sustainable programme within Skanska whilst achieving significant growth in the Utilities Business.

Gas Industry Customer Service Award - Manx Gas For constantly monitored their customers’ feedback which ensured that the customer came first regardless of the size or complexity of the tasks being delivered.


Gas Industry Leadership Award - Nigel Curry, CEO Rhead Group He received recognition of how Rhead Group has focused its business ethos around growing the enterprise value of the business, exceeding clients expectations by ensuring their projects are delivered with excellence and innovation and offering their clients exceptional value.

Gas Industry Energy Efficiency Award - Scotia Gas Networks For the introduction of a waste management strategy in which 98% of waste collected is now recycled. This has directly led to significant savings in energy use. It is worth noting that effective waste management is an important element of energy efficiency that is often overlooked.

Gas Industry Manager of the Year - Glenn Norman, Head of Operations, Scotia Gas Networks Glenn demonstrated outstanding personal commitment and flexibility in managing the response to a number of major incidents over the last year, ensuring excellent team work through co-ordinating an effective multi-agency response involving the network teams, other utilities and local authorities. Glenn was recognised for demonstrating exceptional management skills in difficult and stressful situations.

Gas Industry Innovation - Synthotech Limited. The award was given for the combination of innovative devices which have been designed and produced by the company. Each product has provided a unique and cost effective solution to a Gas Industry problem.

Gas Industry Engineer of the Year - Frank Harries, Project Manager, National Grid Frank consistently demonstrated visible leadership in safety, environmental management and innovation. In just over 12 months, the 53 acre Partington liquefied


natural gas storage tanks and process plants were cleared with zero environmental harm – plus 95% of the site was recycled.

The Energy & Utility Skills Business Skills Award - Ian Aldridge of National Grid For championing, developing and implementing a new web based and EUSR hosted referencing scheme for use by gas asset managers representing a major innovation to improved safety and performance and maintenance of skilled resources. The project had widespread support from all stakeholders including the Information Commissioners Office and benefits and safeguards the gas distribution system in the UK.

Gas Industry Young Person’s Award - John Arnold, All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group. John has demonstrated that with the continuing, and new, challenges emerging in the fight against carbon monoxide poisoning, he has ensured that the voices of the industry, victims and other stakeholders are heard in Whitehall and Westminster. He has singlehandedly created a platform to help Carbon Monoxide victims charities work together and with industry to speak as one voice.

Gas Industry Young Persons’ Special Award - Northern Gas Networks For recognising that young people are the lifeblood of their organisation. Their Young Persons’ Network is an inspiring group of young employees who share their diverse experiences of the gas industry, improve business performance and nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Gas Industry Climate Change Award - National Grid LNG. The need to reduce the amount of energy used for heating has become an increasingly important element of the UK Government’s commitments to reduce its carbon emissions. The winner of this year’s Climate Change Award has reduced its


own annual gas consumption by a massive one hundred and sixty nine million cubic metres and has reduced its carbon footprint by 50% by making use of heat that would otherwise be wasted at a nearby power station.

International Business Development - GL Noble Denton. For their work across Europe, the Middle East and Far East has been at the forefront of designing and developing safety regulations and regulatory frameworks covering the complete gas chain from production through to utilisation.

Outstanding Services to the Gas Industry - Steve Brown, Ofgem Steve has been involved in nearly every gas safety initiative over the last decade providing specialist technical advice to both internal and external customers. Steve has managed to open the right doors and facilitate effective discussion and debate across industry.


Winner of the EUA/IGEM Gas Industry Awards 2013  

Winner of the EUA/IGEM Gas Industry Awards 2013

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