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63 The tower-water-to-treated-water west end inside the bdlding.

heat exchanger i s located along the


The instrument a i r compressors and auxiliary a i r compressor are along the south side (see Fig. 21) I n s t a l l a t i o n of equipment i n t h i s area i s completed. Switch House and Motor Generator House The switch house, which i s 30 by 36 f t , adjoins the diesel house on the west and Building 7503 on the east. It has corrugated asbestos siding with a f l a t roof a t the 852-ft elevation. The floor elevation i s 840 f t . !


The main switchgear f o r the 4.80-v feeder l i n e s and the diesel generator controls are located i n t h i s area. V

A 15- by 1 6 - f t motor generator room, located north of the e a s t end of the switch house and accessible from the switch house, contains two motor generators and t h e i r control panels. The process power substation i s located west of the motor generator room.


E l e c t r i c a l i n s t a l l a t i o n i n t h i s area i s completed. I n l e t Air F i l t e r House The high-bay i n l e t air f i l t e r and steam heating units are located i n the i n l e t a i r f i l t e r house. This 12- by 20-ft concrete block building i s located j u s t west of the 7503 building. The f l o o r elevation i s 84-0 ft 6 in., and the f l a t roof i s a t an elevation of 850 f t 11 in.

Procurement and Fabrication of Major Components




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When project s t a t u s was attained f o r the MSHE, it was thought desirable t o have the major components for the s a l t circulating systems made by i n d u s t r i a l fabricators who were experienced i n producing reactor components such a s nuclear code vessels, heat exchangers, reactor containment vessels, etc. Engineering drawings and specifications, welding qualification procedures, and inspection procedures were prepared which were consistent with t h i s approach. Requests for bids on the reactor vessel, rabiator, heat exchanger, and the several s a l t storage tanks were sent out t o several companies considered t o have the greatest amount of experience i n nuclear component fabrication. After these companies had reviewed the drawings and speci f i c a t i o n s , a prebid conference was held a t which representatives of these cmpanies were briefed on the properties and fabricability of INOR-8 and interpretations of the specifications were made, i f unclear t o any prospective bidder.