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. 61 Vapor-Condensing Tanks The vapor-condensing system water tank, expansion tank, and associated piping are located west of the stack area. As mentioned previously, the rupture disks and connections t o the reactor c e l l exhaust duct are located i n the special equipment room. The tanks and piping f o r this system are nearing completion, but are yet t o be installed.


Blower House



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The blower house i s 36 by 43 ft with floor and ceiling elevations of 838 and 856 f t respectively. The north, south, and west walls are louvered t o provide a i r i n l e t t o the two coolant blowers and two annulus blowers located i n the south half of the room. The a i r from the blowers passes through the radiator area of the coolant c e l l and out the 10-ftdim by 70-ft-high steel stack located j u s t north of the vent house. Top elevation of t h i s stack i s 930 ft. Gas coolant pump No. 3 , which supplies a i r t o freeze valves i n the coolant drain tank c e l l and f'uel processing c e l l , i s located between column l i n e s 7 and 8 . A ramp leading t o the coolant drain tank c e l l begins a t the northwest corner of the blower house.

The cooling water equipment room, housing the cooling-water control panel, storage tanks, flawmeters, and treated-water circulation pumps, i s located i n the southwest corner of the blower house. The s t a i r s leading t o the maintenance control room are located j u s t west of the blower house. The area under the s t a i r s i s used f o r the f l u orine gas t r a i l e r , hydrogen and hydrogen fluoride gas cylinders, etc., which are used i n processing the f u e l salt.

A l l equipment i n t h i s area has been installed. Diesel House The 30- by 72-f't d i e s e l house i s located 36 ft west of Building 7503 between column l i n e s 3 and 5 and adjoins the switch house on the east. It has corrugated asbestos siding and a pitched roof with an elevation of 858 f't a t the center and 852 ft a t the sides. The three d i e s e l generator units, Fig. 20, and t h e i r a u x i l i a r i e s are located a t the e a s t end of the north half of the building. The 5000-gal d i e s e l f u e l storage tank i s located approximately 100 f t north of the d i e s e l house


The helium cover-gas treatment equipment, Fig. 2, and emergency helium supply cylinders are located just west of the diesels. m e helium supply trailer i s located outside the west end of the building.