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Hot Storage Cell -This c e l l w i l l be used t o store contaminated equipment removed from the reactor o r drain tank c e l l .


Spare Cell The absolute f i l t e r i n the chemical processing c e l l a i r exhaust l i n e and the flame a r r e s t e r i n the chemical processing off-gas l i n e are located i n this c e l l . High-Bay Containment Enclosure. The high-bay containment enclosure between columns 2-8 and A-C i s 42 by 136 f t with a ceiling elevation of 885 f t 4 in. The containment extends e a s t near column 8 t o include the neutron instrument tube and t o provide room f o r the f'uel-salt sampler. A f a l s e ceiling and containment s e a l i s i n s t a l l e d 15 ft above the The containment walls extend from floor between columns 8-9 and B-C. t h i s elevation t o 885 f t 4 in. along column l i n e C from columns 8 t o 9, west along column l i n e 9 t o column A, then north along column A t o column 8. Thus the coolant c e l l penthouse i s included i n the high-bay area and the high-bay crane can be used f o r handling equipment and shielding blocks i n t h i s cell. A 10- by 1 2 - f t loading hatch and Bilco door i n the f a l s e ceiling of the area between columns 8-9 and B-C i s used f o r moving small equipment i n t o o r out of the containment enclosure and f o r removal of fuel- and coolant-salt samples. A 12- by 12-ft door located a t column l i n e 2 i s used f o r removal of larger equipment. The framework of the high bay i s Stran Steel construction with a 16-gage iron sheet metal skin skipwelded t o it. The cracks were sealed with fiberglas tape and Carboline paint.

Emergency e x i t s are provided a t the southeast corner and near the center of the east wall. Since this area i s considered a s a contaminated zone, normal entrance and e x i t i s through the hot change house, located e a s t of the high bay, and through the regular change room. Maintenance Control Room. A 19-ft 8-in. by 14-ft 9-in. maintenance control room i s located along the west side of the high-bay containment between the reactor and drain tank c e l l s . The f l o o r elevation i s 862 f t and the ceiling 870-1/2 f t . The west side i s corrugated asbestos t o match the building. The roof i s 12-in.vthick concrete, the south side 2-ftthick concrete, and the north and south sides 3- t o 3-1/2-ft-thick concrete f o r shielding. A zinc bromide--filled viewing window i s located on the west side near the south end and another on the northwest corner of the room f o r use during remote maintenance. Access t o the maintenance control room i s via s t a i r s which terminate a t ground l e v e l west of the building. A 6 - f t by 19-ft %in. e l e c t r i c equipment room located below the maintenance room has a f l o o r elevation of 852 ft. This i s accessible through a hatch i n the southeast corner of the maintenance control room.

Off-Gas Area The off-gas area, consisting of a vent house and absorber p i t , i s shown i n Fig. 8.