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Fig. 10.

MSRE Main Control Room.

emergency nitrogen cylinder s t a t i o n i s located against the w e s t w a l l i n the northwest corner of t h i s level. Switch boxes used i n the heater c i r c u i t s are located across the a i s l e between columns A and C (see Fig. 6). Behind these switch boxes is an 8- by 40-1/2-f% p i t with a f l o o r elevation of 831-1/2 f t . This p i t contains heater c i r c u i t induction regulators with some heater transformers mounted above. It i s accessible from the 84O-f't l e v e l by s t a i r s located a t the east end. Additional induction regulators and rheostats are located a t column l i n e C between columns 2 and 3. The heater control panels and thermocouple scanner panels are i n s t a l l e d along colwlln l i n e C between columns 3 and 4. The b a t t e r i e s f o r the 48- and 250-v dc emergency power supply are i n an 18- by 18-f't battery room i n the northeast corner. The motor generators and control panels f o r the 48-v system are i n an area w e s t of the battery room. The main valves and controls f o r the fire protection sprinkler system are i n s t a l l e d along the north w a l l . A maintenance shop area i s provided between columns 2 and 4. The process-water backflow preventer i s i n s t a l l e d on the e a s t wall between columns 2 and 3.