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FloBoss™ S600 The FloBoss™ S600 may be the most advanced flow computer in the world. Daniel is a global leader in providing fiscal measurement, flow control, analytical products, services and integrated solutions primarily for oil and gas industries.

Equally at home in either oil or gas environments, the FloBoss S600 offers a range of features which will help you increase productivity while reducing costs. It also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that, whatever your future requirements, the S600 can adapt quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.


The FloBoss S600 represents the next generation of flow computer. Developed for worldwide fiscal measurement, the FloBoss S600 not only defines a new standard for ease of use, but also delivers unparalleled levels of performance and flexibility.

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Ideal for: ■

Fiscal measurement

Custody transfer

■ Batch loading ■

Combining modern technology, advanced windows-based configuration and a wealth of experience to meet your needs.

Meter proving

■ Multi-stream


FloBoss™ S600 Power and flexibility

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Multiprocessor capability Whatever your needs, you’ll find the FloBoss S600 fits the bill perfectly. With a 50MHz Intel 486 microprocessor and math coprocessor at its heart, and six microprocessors on each I/O board, it has the processing muscle to provide fast, accurate calculations. Its modular design and exceptional connectivity give you superb adaptability. Reduced support costs The S600 is designed to be used either as a stand-alone solution or as a system component. The Intelligent I/O board fits both gas and liquid applications and supports two streams and a header. Using the same board, up to six streams and two headers can be configured using all common flowmeter types such as orifice, ultrasonic, turbine, positive displacement and coriolis. There is no need for multiple cards for different applications.

Data Entry

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

PC Setup Interface

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The FloBoss S600 is easily configured by Config 600 Intelligent I/O board


Intel 486 performance Very high accuracy Windows-based set up Modular I/O; easy to expand Excellent communications Compact Remote I/O capability

Liquid and gas in a single computer Up to six streams Connects to all common flowmeter types Prover capability Calculations to API and ISO standards

FloBoss™ S600 Time saving options In addition to its high computing power and extended capabilities, the FloBoss S600 is extremely easy to set up and use. The unit is supplied with the Config 600 configuration package which gives you fast, intuitive control from a PC. Featuring Windows compatibility, this package allows you to implement a wide range of time-saving options, such as templatebased programming and instant configuration, plus automatic generation of documentation, reports, modbus registers and front panel displays. Novice and expert modes The FloBoss S600 allows both the novice and expert user to develop a configuration to meet specific needs. It has all of the capabilities you would expect from a high-end flow computer: scaling, I/O assignment, constants, communications, etc., are easy to access and modify.

Config 600

Enhanced productivity through ease of use

Config 600

And there is much more. Using IPL 600, the Interactive Program Loader (a component of Config 600), the user can upload existing configurations for additional customization or to clone additional machines. In short, the FloBoss S600 setup package will not only boost your productivity, it will reduce your support and maintenance costs as well.

Configuration automation ■ Modbus map ■ Communications allocation ■ Communications protocols ■ Reports ■ Front screen ■ Alarms ■ Scaling ■ Units ■ I/O assignments ■ Measurement constants ■ Device types ■ Report editor ■ Display editor

Communication setup windows


Gas stream setup windows

FloBoss™ S600 High performance, accurate measurement

Typical Gas Orifice


In today’s oil and gas industry, speed, accuracy and stability are key requirements - which is why we built the FloBoss S600 using the most advanced technology available. Multi-Processor Technology Using a multiple processor approach, for example, very high calculation speeds are achieved (e.g. AGA8 in 40mS), while a highaccuracy analog-to-digital converter autocalibrates every cycle against a high-stability reference. Distribution of the processing workload means that performance is maintained, even with a full loading of six streams. Local processing also means that fast PID loops can be implemented for control purposes.

Calculation Gas Liquid ISO 5167 API 2540 AGA 8 API 11-2-1 NX 19 API 11-2-2 SGERG ISO 6976 AGA 5 AGA 3 AGA 7

Prover Compact Uni-direction Bi-direction Master meter Dual chronometry Up to 4 sphere switch

Communications Chromatograph (Danalyzer) Modbus (ASCII & RTU)

Typical Liquid Turbine

■ High speed calculations ■ All popular calculation types ■ Calculation to US/European standards ■ Auto-calibration ■ Fast PID loops


Functions Batch totalization and correction Stream and station totalization 3 term PID control 2 headers and up to 6 streams (depends on hardware configuration) Flow balancing Flow scheduling Automatic prove sequence K factor linearization Valve monitor / control Sampler control Meets API Chapter 21.1 and 21.2

FloBoss™ S600 Connecting to the future

Multiple communications The FloBoss S600 offers two RS232 ports with handshake signals and three differential communications ports. Each of these three ports can be independently configured point-to-point (RS422) or multi-dropped (RS485), supporting both two-wire and fourwire protocol. In addition, there is a 10BaseT (Twisted Pair) Ethernet interface utilizing TCP/IP protocols for flexibility and network connectivity. Data can be retrieved and presented in DDE format allowing custom reports to be prepared using various applications, including Microsoft Excel. Future proofed The processor bus is IEEE standard to allow easy upgrade when it becomes necessary. Code is written in ANSI C for the Intel Processor for maximum portability. The PC 104 bus means that cards from over 250 suppliers, with communications and data storage capabilities, can be added to further enhance the FloBoss S600s already impressive capability.

Additional MM1


With the FloBoss S600, you don’t have to worry about the future. With its modular design and wide range of communications and expansion options, you’ll find that it can easily be adapted to your requirements, however they might change.

Daniel Gas Chromatograph Controller Serial

TCP / IP Ethernet Network

Event / Alarm Printer

Report Printer

FloBoss S600 Flow Computer

Typical System Diagram

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■


Daniel Metering Supervisory (PC / WindowsNT)

Five customer configurable communication ports TCP/IP ethernet interface DDE interface for data EFM Modbus ANSI C programming IDE Bus for hard disk

FloBoss™ S600 Technical Specifications

Board Capability Prover Board Digital Input Digital Output Prover Bus Input Sphere Switches Dual Chronometry Flight Timers

50MHz i80486DX2 16 or 32MB DRAM 1 or 2MB SRAM (Battery Backed) 4MB Flash Form ‘C’ watchdog relay Real-time operating system Windriver VxWorks RTOS

I/O Capability Analog Inputs Analog Outputs 4 Wire RTD Digital Input Digital Output Dual Pulse Inputs Pulse Outputs Prover Pulse Bus Sphere Switches Frequency Input

0 to 5.2VDC or 0 to 22mA, >16 bits 0 to 21mA, 12-bit minimum PT100 (-100 to 200 Deg.C) 30Vmax optically isolated Open Collector, 36Vmax, 100mA DC to 10kHz, ISO 6551 Level A or B Open Collector, DC to 100Hz Open Collector, DC to 5kHz Supports 1, 2 or 4 switch mode DC to 10kHz, 3Vpk-pk

Power Supply Voltage: Protection: Supply Isolation: Transducer Outputs:

20-32VDC, 24W (nom.) 1.0A / 250V Galvanically isolated from unit to earth, 240V flash 24VDC, 150mA; 15VDC, 100mA


CPU Capability

85mm/3.35"(w) x 270mm/10.63" (h) x 24mm/.94"(d) 304mm/12" (+75mm/2.95" for connectors) 65mm/2.56" x 255mm/10.04" 4.3Kg/9.8lbs


-0oC/32oF to +50oC/122oF -40oC/-40oF to +70oC/158oF 90% non-condensing

Panel Case Structure: Access: Mounting:

Painted, spot-weld steel outer case, plastic front panel Circuit boards installed from rear Two concealed screw operated panel clamps


12 4 3 16 12 2 3 5


Top View

Side View

Panel thickness

Environmental Storage Temperature: Relative Humidity:

Intelligent I/O Board Analog In Analog Out 4 Wire RTD Digital Input Digital Output Dual Pulse Inputs Frequency Inputs Pulse Outputs



Operating Temperature:

CPU Board PC/104 Expansion bus RS232 x 2 RS422 x 3 IDE bus for hard disk Ethernet


Mechanical Specifications Front Panel: Case Depth: Panel Cut-out: Weight:

32 12 3 4 yes 4



Rear support

FloBoss™ S600 Supported by our worldwide team Doing business with Emerson Process Management also gives you the confidence that the products, services, and solutions you buy are backed by

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