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Low testosterone levels in men can produce a range of bad side effects. Those men with low testosterone have a darker outlook on life and a lack of self-esteem. They have lower energy levels and less interest in sex. They might even lose muscle mass and body hair. Low testosterone can lead to more serious side effects, as well, including heart problems, weight issues, and more. Luckily, testosterone replacement therapy can reverse that trend and restore the energy and drive those men deserve. And the excellent team at Energenex can help. Energenex is a premier testosterone replacement therapy center in San Diego. They offer a top of the line level of service and emphasize speed and convenience in everything they do. They operate an in-house lab that provides test results regarding testosterone levels in only a half an hour, and they offer testosterone replacement therapy in both injection and topical form. Dealing with low testosterone in San Diego is tough enough on its own. You shouldn’t have to deal with a subpar testosterone therapy center on top of it. Talk to Energenex to get started with the best.

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