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Who is eneraque?

ENERAQUE (noun) A fusion of the words energy and aqua. Energy represents our industry and the passion, drive and spirit of the people who work for Eneraque. Aqua symbolises the flow of our seamless, integrated approach and the comprehensive service we provide.

By working together with our clients and following the principles of strength, synergy and service, we continue to build our excellent reputation as a responsive, safe and quality organisation. Eneraque provides specialist energy solutions, as well as robust lighting, power and pump equipment to a diverse range of clients across the industrial, civil, mining and commercial sectors. Our organisation is a synergy of three leading providers from the power, water and energy markets; • Energen Solutions; • SE Power; • Swift Rentals Creating one comprehensive group that offers a wide range of services, support and expertise. The Eneraque logo illustrates the fusion of these three different areas of the company. Our innovative solutions and commitment to customer experience make us a trusted global brand.

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Our Mission Eneraque is committed to being a trusted and valued business partner providing unswerving, unwavering high quality and reliable engineering solutions to our clients across the globe.

Our Vision To become a global leader in designing, building, installing and commissioning engineered solutions for our clients. This sanctions the progress of developing world-class products for the global market, our passion for continuous improvement and ensuring that each task is executed with personal and corporate integrity, environmental responsibility and zero harm.

Our Core Principles and Values All Eneraque staff members are guided by our core principles and values. We pledge to: • Be loyal to the business and the products we represent • Be honest with ourselves and within all business activities • Be transparent in our work ethics • Ensure that the quality of all products and service is maintained • Apply our experience and ingenuity to create sustainable solutions for the global community • Recognise that our clients have trusted us with their assets • Be a positive asset to the environment • Create a culture of continuous improvement • Deliver effective, robust solutions that suit and serve our clients’ needs and values

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Our global Infrastructure Eneraque’s global manufacturing capabilities demonstrate our ability to provide complete solutions to our clients. Our facilities utilise state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to allow us to deliver on time and to budget. Our Australasian offices and warehouses are situated in the following locations: 1. Brisbane (Head Office) – Queensland 2. Singleton – New South Wales 3. Adelaide – South Australia – Office only 4. Sydney – New South Wales 5. Perth – Western Australia These facilities have been designed to and cater for the range of products and services that Eneraque offers. These facilities include overhead cranes, large access doors for the larger equipment and floor spacing set up as a production line for greater numbers of equipment throughput.

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our history 1990 1983 1988

Full manufacturing facilities set-up to provide complete turn-key packages to various clients.

1981 Southside Engineering is formed, providing quality diesel generators to the growing market in Australia.


Super Silenced 2000 kVA generator built to achieve 65 DBA at 1m for noise sensitive site.

1985 Various lighting plants and generator projects supplied to the mining industry.



The business changes name to SE Power Equipment to reflect the increased range of products available, including pumps, generators and mobile lighting — while also relocating to a new office and manufacturing facilities in Tingalpa, Brisbane.

1990 First gas power generation projects manufactured and installed.



1989 31 lighting towers supplied to Porgera Mine in PNG.

1982 First hydraulic erecting lighting tower designed for mining industry.

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1987 Fixed lighting plants built for clients in PNG and Solomon Islands.

1987 - 89 Significant progress into export supplying lighting plants and generators into the mining market in PNG, Pacific Islands and QLD based international companies.

2002 Major contract with Roche Mining for lighting plants on all sites.

2002 First MegaSkid lighting tower developed for Mt Arthur Coal.



Multiple reciprocating gas engine projects including; gas generators, gas compressors and gas flares.

Supply of 35 generators to Electricity Commission, PNG.


1994 Metrolite initial design and introduced to the Australian Market.

1991 Supply of many generators and pumps for civil contractors in PNG working on pipeline.



1994 Gas power (LPG) power station in a SEQ meat processing plant.


1992 Gensets and lighting towers for all Bowen Basin BHP mines.

1992 CMPS gas generators for the oil and gas industries in South East Queensland and South Australian areas.

Various sized generators for the Barney Point Coal Loading Terminal BHP Coal Mines.

1996 Gas generators for the Goldfields projects in WA.


Designed and constructed a power station for the Couran Cove Resort on South Stradbroke Island, comprising of 5 x 220 KWe gas generators that run on LPG to provide hot water for the resort pool.

Export of special build generators to Indonesia.



National contract with Wreckair Hire for generators, pumps and lighting plants.

Developed 30 kVA generator for a Skel refrigerated container trailer.








Company record number of generators, pumps and lighting plants to mining industry across Australia and overseas.

Designed and constructed biogas to energy project. 3 x 1 MWe combined heat and power gas generators, and integrated to the site control system.

Designed and constructed 2 x 1 MWe biogas generators with H²S gas scrubbing systems.




First major lighting tower contract into the Hunter Valley Coal Field.

Standby generator system for Sir David Longlands Prison with full synchronising controls.

Maryborough Correctional Centre standby generator system with full synchronised controls.

1995 Export level achieved to Groote Eylandt, PNG, Pacific Islands and Guam.

1999 Various generators for back-up power for the Queensland government for Y2K projects.

2007 Office opened in Perth WA to support existing product sales and develop new opportunities.

2007 Supply of 5 x 550 KWe natural gas generators for Dampier to Bunbury compressor stations.

2010 Australia’s Largest operating CSM Flaring Facility & 25MW Power station designed, installed & commissioned.

2003 Energen Solutions — a division of the business dedicated to the gas industry — is born.

2003 Designed and constructed 3 x 1.2 MWe bio-mas power plants for Earthpower, Sydney.


2008 Supply of 3 x 1000 MWe gas generators for the ENI Black Tip gas processing site.

2005 Supply of 3 x 220 KWe natural gas generators for Dampier to Bunbury compressor stations.

2008 Designed and constructed landfill gas power station including gas conditioning and flares.

Supply of 52 back-up generators to a local water authority for all pump sites.





2010 Swift Rentals — the equipment rental division — is initiated to provide full hire requirements for our clients across our full range of products.

2010 Built 1380HP reciprocating gas compressor for the Young to Lithgow gas pipe line boosting.

2010 Office opened in Singleton and local representation in South Australia commenced.




2004 Designed and constructed 6 MWe of co-generation for Auckland Hospital, New Zealand.

Supply of 4 x 850 KWe natural gas generators for Dampier to Bunbury compressor stations.

2004 1.3 MW power generating Steam turbine and co-generation plants manufactured for installation across Australia and New Zealand.

2004 Built special Super Silenced generator units for a major hire company. Designed for use in the film industry.

2006 Special build pumps, lighting plants for a national rental store with various contracts.

2012 With all divisions expanding into a global marketplace, Eneraque is formed to consolidate all three businesses under the one name for seamless and integrated service delivery.



experienced people Our experience is the key to our success, which is why we have ensured that all our project management, engineering, after sales and site supervisory staff members have extensive industry experience. Our generous investment in highly qualified personnel ensures that we have the knowledge and expertise to provide innovative, technically advanced solutions required to deliver each project. Eneraque encompasses a varied range of qualifications and skills. Our people hold recognised qualifications including; technical and trade qualifications, engineering degrees and business or professional diplomas. Eneraque is dedicated to professional development within the organisation and encourage the personal growth of all staff members. People are the foundation of any business, which is why we aim to attract and retain the best talent across every level of the company.

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EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Our integrated management systems (certified to ISO 9001: 2008 Standard for Quality Management Systems) ensure optimum results for every customer. We provide visible leadership, clear objectives, and the necessary resources to achieve strategic, high-quality solutions for our customers. We are committed to delivering exceptional service across all areas of the company, and have comprehensive management processes in place for:

• Quality assurance

• Health and safety

• Financial management

• Operational management

• Human resources

• Procurement

• Measurement of specific key points

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COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Eneraque services the civil construction, electrical contracting, mining (exploration and construction), rental, government, utilities and environmental markets. As part of our commitment to conserving your future through maximum utilisation of sustainable energy, Eneraque offers total turnkey energy solutions and high quality pump, power and lighting solutions for both Greenfield and Brownfield sites. We provide the following services:

• Assessment of requirements

• Design and drafting

• Engineering (electrical, mechanical, civil and structural)

• Manufacturing

• Ongoing operation and maintenance

• Procurement

• Delivery

•  Installation and on-site commissioning

•  Customer training

These services are offered in-house so you can be confident that we will provide you with exceptional, comprehensive service, based on our values of integrity, effectiveness and continuous improvement.

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Supporting our COMMUNITY Eneraque actively supports the communities in which we live and work. We strongly believe that in continuously supporting charities, we are positively contributing to improvement and welfare in our society. Since 1981, Eneraque has donated to organisations such as the Australian Red Cross, Royal Flying Doctor Service, MS Australia, Victorian Red Cross 2007 Fire Appeal, Salvation Army, numerous rural fire departments, Premier’s Flood Appeal and various educational and tertiary organisations across Australasia and North America.

HEALTH & SAFETY Practices Eneraque has developed and maintains a clearly documented system of health and safety practices and is committed to exceeding regulatory and legislative requirements. We take employee safety seriously, and have numerous integrated procedures in place to ensure all staff members comply with our rigorous health and safety practices. We believe that it is the duty of all employees to challenge unsafe work practices and environments, and we support this philosophy with a continuous awareness program. Both management and staff are involved in the development, implementation and review of policies and procedures, in order to identify hazards and control risks.

Conserving our environment We are dedicated to preserving the precious environment in which we live. Underpinning each of our energy solutions is our focus on conserving the planet for future generations. We constantly engage in providing sustainable energy initiatives that minimise the impact on the planet’s natural resources. We evoke a mindset of continuous improvement, and regularly allocate resources to review and improve our environmental practices.

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our locations

Brisbane • Head Office Queensland

Singleton Office New South Wales

Sydney Office New South Wales

1937 Ipswich Road Rocklea, QLD Australia 4106

30 Enterprise Crescent Singleton, NSW Australia 2330

65 Atkins Rd Ermington, NSW Australia 2114

T 1800 636 744 F +61 7 3434 3593

T 1800 636 744 F +61 2 6572 4584

T + 61 2 8844 4560 F + 61 2 8844 4556

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Adelaide Office South Australia

Perth Office Western Australia

North American Office

PO Box 93 Salisbury South, DC SA 5106

67 Tacoma Circuit Canning Vale, WA Australia 6155

Saskarc Industries Inc. 2 Marconi Road Oxbow SK Canada SOC 2BO

T 1800 636 744

T 1800 636 744 F +61 8 9256 3262

T (800) 667 5155 F (306) 483 2505

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strength. Robust, reliable products to optimise the efficiency of your project.

synergy. Expertise in power, water, energy and light to ensure the right solution for your needs.

service. Extremely high levels of customer service to exceed your expectations.

Since 1981, we have provided our national and international clients with customised products, produced to the highest standards of quality workmanship. We specialise in a wide range of heavy-duty mobile lighting solutions, generators, pumps and an extensive variety of gas-fuelled power generation products for large and small-scale industrial, construction, and mining projects. We approach every project with a deep appreciation for the unique local conditions and challenges and take these into consideration at every stage of the project process. From the selection and/or design of equipment right through to the operation and maintenance, we make sure every product is built to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations.

Reducing Eneraque’s Environmental Impact By using ecoStar rather than a non recycled paper, the environmental impact was reduced by:

1800 636 744 (Australia Wide) •

864kg of landfill

25260 litres of water

2333kWh of energy

1403kg of wood

218kg of CO2

1557km travel in an average car

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Eneraque Corporate Profile 2013

Eneraque Corporate Profile 2013  

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