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Th Solution ISSUE 15 | October 2016


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The Solution | Quarterly | October 2016

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The Solution | Quarterly | October 2016

ENERActive Eye On

ABOUT THE ENERGY STAR PROGRAM The ENERGY STAR program for buildings was developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) to help businesses improve energy management through recognition of energy efficiency and cost-effective measures.


A LABEL OF EXCELLENCE Smart building owners and managers continuously strive for superior energy management of their buildings. They know that energy efficiency is not about doing without, but doing more with less. Having an EPA ENERGY STAR rating completed can give you the valuable information necessary to get your building on its way to being one of the most efficient buildings in the nation. In order to be eligible for the ENERGY STAR national certification label of excellence, a building must score a rating of 75 or higher based on a 1-100 performance rating scale. Buildings who earn the recognition of the ENERGY STAR certification can display the prestigious plague in their atrium for everyone to see. An ENERGY STAR designation will send a positive message to tenants, employees, customers, lenders, appraisers and investors that your building is a qualified one of superior performance. HOW DOES AN EPA ENERGY STAR RATING SYSTEM WORK?


Performed for your building by qualified and skilled energy engineers, the rating system:

Our certified and experienced energy team is here to help you obtain your rating and ultimately your ENERGY STAR label. We will work with you and professionally verify that your building has:

Learn more about the Energy Star Program

For owners & managers

For program administrators

For service providers

2014 Accomplishment Report Source: US Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Program,

Will calculate and estimate how much energy is required to operate your building under scenarios of best performance, worst performance and at every level in between. Information collected is compared to Department of Energy (DOE) statistical data against similar buildings nationally and within a building’s similar classification group. Results are assessed by energy engineers, informing you how physically fit your building is and what needs to be done to get your buildings energy systems to perform efficiently to achieve an ENERGY STAR certification label.

Check out our ENERGY STAR Benchmarking LEgislation tracker on pages 3-4!

• •

Met minimum criteria for control of indoor air pollutants, supply of outside air, acceptable thermal comfort, and appropriate illumination levels; Industry standards for indoor comfort are based on ASHRAE Standard 62-1989 (for indoor air quality), ASHRAE Standard 55-2004 (for thermal comfort), and; The 9th edition IESNA for lighting quality.

WANT MORE INFO? CONTACT US! To schedule an appointment or to learn more about ENERGY STAR rating & certification, please contact Jim Nagle at 856.237.7505 or

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Featured Project

ENERACTIVE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES... ...Qualified RTEM Vendor Eneractive's Energy Technologies (E-Tech) Division was recently approved by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to be a Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Qualified Vendor. Through this program, NYSERDA will provide funding to building owners and managers to work with service providers in order to select, implement and install RTEM systems.


By installing an RTEM System, building owners and managers can analyze real-time data in order to make important decisions about building optimization and potential capital investments.


Eligible sites select NYSERDA-approved RTEM Vendor(s), who install hardware and software, as well as provide consulting services to analyze the data and make energy saving recommendations. Then the RTEM Provider will apply to the program and receive incentive payments on behalf of the building owner.


Click here for info on NYSERDA's RTEM Program

NYSERDA will support and help fund* the installation of RTEM systems and the accompanying services for up to five (5) years, based on the date that the application is received. *A total of $30 million is available for funding RTEM Projects. As a NYSERDA RTEM Qualified Vendor, some of the services that Eneractive's E-Tech team will provide include the following: • Energy Consumption Tracking • Energy performance analysis • System integration • Reporting and data export • Data capacity • Interface capabilities • Networking capabilities

Eligible participant sites include the New York State commercial facilities, which is inclusive of the following: • Office buildings • Retail • Colleges and universities • Healthcare facilities • State and local governments • Not-for-profit and private institutions • Public and private K-12 schools The Solution | Quarterly | October | 2

Spotlight On




any state and local jurdistictions are implementing mandatory legislation surrounding energy use benchmarking. Furthermore, we are seeing a number of jurisdictions, and some associations, promoting and incorporating Portfolio Manager benchmarking and ENERGY STAR certification as part of these policies. It is evident the trend is growing, particularly as every year we find more and more cities and states looking for ways to

reduce costs and emissions via benchmarking initiatives. Earning ENERGY STAR today better positions your organization for the laws and mandates coming your way tomorrow. Check out the list of Local, State, and Federal Legislation and Campaigns both mandating benchmarking and ENERGY STAR. See the list of legislation and campaigns leveraging ENERGY STAR.

ORDINANCE 2844 — SAN DIEGO, CA ESTABLISHED DECEMBER 2015 • Designed to help San Diego Unified Port District align with CA's greenhouse gas emissions reductions objectives • Requires all Utility Account Holders within the District to report and record utility usage data on ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager on a monthly basis

ENERGY STAR SERVICE & PRODUCT PROVIDER (SPP) ENERActive Solutions believes businesses benefit financially by continually improving their management of energy resources, and the environment benefits from reduced levels of related pollution. We are proud to be an ENERGY START Partner, offering services and products that can assist businesses who have committed to the goals of ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR service and product provider (SPP) partners are companies that assist commercial buildings with running more efficiently by helping clients with benchmarking energy performance, improving efficiency, and earning recognition (learn more here).

The Solution | Quarterly | October | 3

Spotlight On ASSEMBLY BILL 758 — CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED SEPTEMBER 2015 • Establishes CA's Existing Building Energy Efficiency Action Plan, which aims to reduce energy use in buildings over 50,000 sq. ft. in CA by 20% by 2030 • Benchmarking recorded using Portfolio Manager • State agencies must lease office spaces in ENERGY STAR certified buildings where possible

BUILDING ENERGY USE BENCHMARKING ORDINANCE — CHICAGO, IL ESTABLISHED SEPTEMBER 2013 • Commercial and residential buildings over 50,000 sq. ft. must benchmark energy consumption using Portfolio Manager • Buildings are required to disclose their 1-100 ENERGY STAR score, EUI, and greenhouse gas emissions that the city will publicly disclose 1 year after first annual report is submitted

EXECUTIVE ORDER 2007-02 — OHIO ESTABLISHED JANUARY 2007 • State of Ohio must use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager as the benchmarking tool for stateowned facilities to establish baselines and measure emissions within state

ENERGY REPORTING & DISCLOSURE ORDINANCE — BOSTON, MA ESTABLISHED MAY 2013 • Component of City's Climate Action Plan, which aims to reduce greenhouse gases by 25% by 2020 • Applies to: non-residential buildings equal or greater than 35,000 sq. ft., residential buildings equal or greater than 35 units or 35,000 sq. ft, and all city buildings • Report annual energy and water consumption data using Portfolio Manager

LOCAL LAW 84 — NEW YORK, NY ESTABLISHED SEPTEMBER 2009 • Part of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan - public and private buildings in NYC must track energy and water consumption using Portfolio Manager • Now applies to buildings over 25,000 sq. ft. • See how well NYC buildings are really performing

HOUSE BILL 7135 — FLORIDA ESTABLISHED JUNE 2008 • State may not enter leasing agreements with buildings that do not meet ENERGY STAR certified building standards • Buildings constructed and financed by state must comply with FL Green Building Coalition standards

CLEAN AND AFFORDABLE ENERGY ACT OF 2008 — DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (VA AREA) ESTABLISHED 2008 • Beginning in 2010, eligible, privately owned commercial buildings must be annually benchmarked using portfolio manager

NJ PAY FOR PERFORMANCE PROGRAM — NEW JERSEY ESTABLISHED 2009 • Voluntary program leveraging ENERGY STAR tools • Commercial building owners are given technical assistance with development and implementation of Energy Reduction Plans to reduce energy use by 15% or more • Benchmarking is done through Portfolio Manager

The Solution | Quarterly | October | 4


for efficient multifamily properties On September 29th Eneractive attended the FirstService Residential Sustainability Symposium in New York City. The purpose of the event was to help educate 80X50 in NYC rental property owners and board members on the steps needed to implement Through the 80x50 Plan, energy efficiency measures in their multifamily buildings in order to fulfill the Mayor Bill de Blasio hopes to city's energy reduction goals. reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 - with The symposium featured a panel discussion with expert representatives from a trajectory path of reducing agencies whose programs would be beneficial to multifamily building owners emissions 30% by 2025 in in both providing both energy efficiency improvements and cost-savings. order to stay on target Panelist went into detail on the financial incentives and rebates available to buildings for efficiency upgrades and Local Law 87 project financing options. Those in attendance were also briefed on Local Law mandates that buildings 87, and how they can take the necessary steps to ensure compliance. Following over 50,000 sq. ft. undergo the panel, attendees got the chance to meet with participating organizations periodic energy audit & retroand service providers. commissioning measures as


part of the city's Greener, Greater Buildings Plan


According to the press release (link below) published by FS Energy:

Residences account for 37 percent – the largest single source – of New York City emissions. And energy costs can comprise up to 30 percent of an average building’s operating expenses. With more than 500 condominiums, cooperatives and rental buildings in the company’s management portfolio, FirstService Residential is in an incomparable position to help significantly reduce these numbers, while simultaneously increasing property values and improving resident comfort."

With these efforts, New York City, as well as the rest of the country, are helping to proactively tackle sustainability issues in existing buildings and, in turn, create a cleaner, greener future. The Solution | Quarterly | October | 5

Spotlight On

NYC HOUSING DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (HDC) BENCHMARKING SOFTWARE PROVIDER Eneractive Solutions was recently selected residential utility usage through building as one of the Pre-Qualified firms to provide system upgrades and improved building building benchmarking management is and performance essential for NYC’s tracking services affordable housing to City-financed community. buildings. The Eneractive team looks to further support the Mayor's affordable housing initiatives designed to help achieve the 80 by 50 goals. With residential buildings accounting for 34 percent of total emissions, reducing NUMBER OF HDC PROJECTS BENCHMARKED THUS FAR ONE NEW YORK:THE PLAN FOR A STRONG AND JUST CITY


In 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio released One City: Built to Last which outlined de Blasio's commitment to the "80x50" plan (see p. 5). This citywide initiative in improving efficiency and sustainability also plays a crucial role in helping to address the City's affordable housing crisis which has become increasingly perilous in recent years as a result of rising utility costs. Rising utility costs have, in turn, contributed to higher building operating expenses and thus increased rent for building tenants. The NYC HDC and HDP Benchmarking project facilitate building owners in reducing their energy costs by allowing the continual monitoring of utility usage and using benchmarking data in order to make targeted efficiency improvements.

The Solution | Quarterly | October | 6



Whether you competed, donated, or just came out to show your support, thank you for making the fifth annual One More Tri the most successful event to date! Another race has come and gone, and we would like to extend a thank you to all who helped make One More Tri 2016 such a huge success! By the numbers, One More Tri 2016 saw:





Next week (October 26th) the benefit concert - Lyrics for Lucas - will be taking place at 7pm at the Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ). This inspirational night of music featuring Glen Burtnik & the Weeklings (with special guests Split Decision and Moondoggie) will be held to honor the memory of Lucas DiGuilio, who tragically passed away in his sleep at the age of 22 months. Since Lucas was over the age of 1, his passing was ruled Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) rather than Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


Click here to purchase tickets via

In partnering with the SUDC Foundation, we hope Starland Ballroom's website (ticket price is $25). to raise awareness for SUDC, as well as help support research that will hopefully bring us one day closer to a world where SUDC no longer exists. Together we can help end SUDC. Please visit for more information.



Time to start planning for 2017! Stay tuned for a Save the Date.

OMT MAKING HEADLINES "One More Tri brings family, friends to Asbury Park" -Asbury Park Press "Triathletes, Special Olympians race side-by-side in Asbury Park"

Eneractive is proud to have supported Asbury Underground this year on October 15 & 16. For those who were unable to attend, Asbury Underground was a free 2-day, 2-night, downtown gallery and music crawl in Asbury Park, NJ.

DON'T MISS OUT! Sign up for Empoweractive's newsletter to receive the latest news and updates on all of our upcoming events, and more! Sign me up!

The Solution | Quarterly | October | 7

Who’s Who




Project Manager • Asbury Park Michael Starkey joined Eneractive's Asbury Park office as a Project Manager. With past experience at Columbia University and NORESCO, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Of note, Michael will be managing the San Diego Unified Port District Benchmarking project that was awarded earlier this year. It is also worth nothing that Michael took home the unofficial title of Eneractive's Fastest Super Sprint Triathlete at this year's One More Tri event!


Project Manager • Mid-Atlantic Jose joins our Mid-Atlantic office as a Project Manager, with expertise in Commissioning. Jose has been involved in commissioning projects across the globe, working for the US Department of State's Bureau of Overseas Building Operations. Jose has worked as a Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) on New Embassy Compounds (NECs) projects in Vientiane, Laos; Helsinki, Finland; Sana'a, Yemen; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Paramaribo, Suriname; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; and Niamey, Niger.


Project Manager • Asbury Park We welcome Adam to our Asbury Park office as a Project Manager with a prolific background in Mechanical Engineering with respect to building design, construction, and engineering. Adam has worked for reputable firms such as: AMA Consulting Engineers, Edwards & Zuck, and Birdsall Services Group, among others. We look forward to working with Adam and appreciate the value he will add to the Eneractive team!

The Solution | Quarterly | October | 8


October 25, Lyrics for Lucas Benefit Concert — Sayreville, NJ Buy Tickets!

October 30 - Nov. 1, Rural Smart Grid Summit— Palm Beach, FL Learn more

November 10, NJ ASHRAE Dinner Meeting — TBD, NJ Learn more


Edison Energy will be attending the EEI National Key Accounts Workshop at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minnesota. This semi-annual workshop is "the venue where national, chain, and multi-site energy users can tackle all of their Edison energy-related needs. Customers will learn Energy will be about the latest public policies affecting the hosting an exclusive energy industry, meet with their utility account VIP Reception in and energy supply representatives, and learn Minneapolis on the about new technologies, products, and services Tuesday of EEI designed to save them money." week (10/25)! Learn more

November 17, AEE-NY Chapter Meeting — New York, NY Learn more

November 30, RMI's Tribute to Champions — Baltimore, MD Learn more

December 7-8, US Energy Storage Summit 2016 — San Francisco, CA Learn more


Eneractive will be exhibiting (booth #389) at this year's NJSBA Workshop which will be taking place at the Atlantic City Convention Center. The mission of the NJSBA is "to advance the achievement of all students through effective school district governance." By connecting professionals such as school board members, administrators, facility managers, and more, the NJSBA workshop allows for the cultivation of areas critical to school district governance; from curriculum to sustainability. More information

The Solution | Quarterly | October | 9

What’s Trending TREND Analytics

Last quarter we featured 5 notable industry hashtags:




Using Hashtracking’s analytics, we were able to break down how many tweets (taken from a sample pool of 1,500 tweets per hashtag) were original, how many were replies, and how many were retweets. We then compared the results for each hashtag. Take a look at our results and see which industry buzzword out-trended the other:







The Solution | Quarterly | October | 10

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The Solution | Quarterly | October 2016

The Solution - Issue 15  

In Issue 15 of The Solution, we focus on all things benchmarking. From projects to policies, take a look at how benchmarking is helping cit...

The Solution - Issue 15  

In Issue 15 of The Solution, we focus on all things benchmarking. From projects to policies, take a look at how benchmarking is helping cit...