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Th Solution ISSUE 14 | July 2016


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The Solution | Quarterly | July 2016

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The Solution | Quarterly | July 2016

ENERActive Eye On


The savings can finance the full cost of your energy improvement projects Many public and private institutions throughout the country are facing the challenges of finding the necessary financial capital to make energy related efficiency improvements to their buildings. It’s just a matter of time before HVAC, pumps, motors, fans, lighting, controls and related mechanical equipment will reach the end of their useful, operational life. Replacing equipment at the time of failure often leads to higher cost because downtime, equipment, and contractor availability become the main priority. How many times have we heard when equipment unexpectedly breaks down management needs it up and running immediately?

How do you make improvements, tackle energy efficiency projects, & invest in your facility without available funds? One way is to divert funds that would be spent on energy bills into an investment in your building through a mechanism called Performance Contracting/Guaranteed Savings. This approach can be an ideal way to make improvements in building infrastructure without the upfront cost.

How does it work? Enter an agreement with a qualified private ESCO, who will identify and evaluate energy saving opportunities and recommend a package of high efficiency improvements that are paid for out of the energy savings. The ESCO, depending on your structured arrangement, will guarantee the savings to meet or exceed the annual payments and cover all the recommended project cost. Typical terms of the Energy Service performance contract vary in length, however, most are ten years or less. If savings do not Company materialize, the ESCO will pay the difference and once the equipment is paid off, you get to keep all the savings.


Typical Performance Contracting Projects: ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾

Lighting & Controls New Boilers & Conversions HVAC & Related systems Combined Heat & Power (Cogeneration) Emergency Generators Air Compressors,Pumps, Motors & fans New & Renewable Technologies Solar & Wind Building Energy Management Systems & Monitoring/Analytics Steam system upgrades Chillers Infrastructure Improvements Building Envelope Improvements & Roofs

As your independent professional energy engineering team, ENERActive can help you design, develop, select and manage an ESCO’s Performance Contracting/Shared Savings program that is in your best interest. In many situations, our consulting and project management oversight fees (depending on the size of the project) could be rolled into the Performance Contracting services agreement with the selected ESCO, meaning little or no out of pocket cost to you.

The Solution | Quarterly | July | 1

ENERActive Eye On

5 Typical Phases of Performance-Based Contracted Projects: Project Phase

Project Milestones

Project Activities

• Feasibility Study • Selection of qualified ESCO • Audit contractual agreement • Energy audit/project scope development • Negotiations & • Financing

• Initial project scoping • Evaluation of ESCO’s and one is selected to proceed • Execution of contract for audit • Evaluate facility and develop scope of work • Agree on project's technical details of execution and secure financing

Installation Phase

• Implementation of energy saving equipment and energy efficiency measures

• Final design, equipment purchasing and construction management

Acceptance Phase

• Post-installation commissioning and verification

• Commission of affected systems - Savings and verification begins • Facility staff are trained

Project Development Phase

Performance Period Project close-out

• Ongoing operations and maintenance • Proper operations and maintenance of • Periodic measurement and existing and new equipment verification • Verify and quantify accrued energy savings • Project close-out

• Financial obligations are resolved

Alternatives to Performance Contracts?

While Energy Performance Contracts can be a cost-effective way to finance energy efficiency projects, there are other similar risk averse options available that could meet your internal accounting requirements. For example: Several third party energy suppliers will allow businesses to bundle their natural gas / electricity commodity purchases and energy efficiency projects into a power delivery contract. The conservation measures for many can be funded through “on-bill financing” without impacting the balance sheet. This is done by having the costs of the energy efficiency improvements factored into the price of the delivered commodity as in per kilowatt-hour of electricity used. For more information or to schedule an appointment to see if your facility is a candidate for Performance Contracting contact Jim Nagle directly on 856-237-7505 or by email at The Solution | Quarterly | July | 2

Featured Projects


WIND FARM TakeALEXANDER a look at some of our most recent projects* ALEXANDER, KANSAS








*Dark gray shading represents states where Eneractive has already conducted business The Solution | Quarterly | July | 3

Featured Projects W

e'd like to give a warm welcome to Eneractive's three newest offices in Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; and McLean, Virginia (relocated from Beltsville, Maryland)! We look forward to expanding our reach and anticipate all of the opportunities that these new markets will bring! Addresses below:



42 Main Street, Suite 1306 Boston, MA 02109


225 W. Hubbard Street, Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60654


7926 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 530 McLean, VA 22102



Eneractive Solutions was a fully represented VIP bronze sponsor at the Regional Manufacturing Institute (RMI)'s annual Future of Maryland Manufacturing Gala event on May 26th in West Baltimore, Maryland. Eneractive recently completed for RMI a successful three (3) year energy saving program that included providing over 40 energy saving assessments for its manufacturing members. As a result, Eneractive is conducting implementation projects with oversight management from the result of our recommendations. Jim Nagle, VP of Market Development & Sales, for Eneractive Solutions said “from our company’s early inception we made a commitment to energy engineering excellence to our clients, it’s through those efforts along with going that extra mile of service we always seem to get from the Mid Atlantic Group that has made us a recognized name among the manufacturing industry”. Jim who manned the trade booth at the event was also recognized from the podium by Dr. Mike Galiazzo President of RMI.

MAP LEGEND by market and service Edison Energy lead project






Energy services • • •

Energy audit Retro-Cx LEED

• •

Wind Solar

Shopping Mall Education related City/State/ Federal

Commercial Real Estate The Solution | Quarterly | July | 4

Spotlight On


Take a look at some of Eneractive's major milestones throughout the past decade.

June 2006

Eneractive Solutions begins as a four man team and establishes headquarters in Asbury Park, NJ.

Ranked #24 on Forbes' list of America's Most Promising Companies.

The 1st annual One More Tri triathlon event (now in its fifth consecutive year!) benefiting Special Olympics NJ is held in Asbury Park, NJ.


Eneractive opens its NYC office.



Eneractive opens an office in Beltsville, Maryland.



Company revenue triples!

Eneractive hosts its first philanthropic event: a wine tasting to benefit the Painted Turtle Camp. Following the success of the event, Empoweractive - Eneractive's philanthropic division - is born.


Eneractive forms its Power Plant Solutions (PPS) Division. Dan Weeden is featured as a part of 2012's Who's Who in Energy. Canoe Brook (NJ) Floating Solar PV Project wins the ENR NY Best Projects Award in the Merit Category The Solution | Quarterly | July | 5

Spotlight On

Summer 2014

Eneractive acquires Westridge Energy, a technology leader in the development and integration of energy metering and monitoring systems, and develops Eneractive's Energy Technologies (EET) Division.

December 2015

On December 31, 2015, Eneractive is acquired by Edison Energy.


June 2016

Eneractive opens another office in Harrisonburg, VA

2013 Named #30 on NJBIZ's list of New Jersey's 50 Fastest Growing Companies.


On June 14, 2016, Eneractive celebrated a decade of business!


Eneractive has grown to include 57 employees throughout multiple offices (NJ, MD, NY, VA, & two satellite offices).

June 2015



Eneractive welcomes two new offices in Boston and Chicago.

Eneractive hosts the inaugural EMPOWERACTIVE 2015 - Transforming Healthcare into the Future - Conference & Tradeshow taking place in Atlantic City NJ.

The Solution | Quarterly | July | 6

Spotlight On


By President & CEO, Dan Weeden


had the pleasure of being at an event where Super Bowl winning Head Coach John Harbaugh was the keynote speaker. It was only a month or so after the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII (I have to be honest, even though my final project for my Fortan class in college was writing a program that converted regular numbers in Roman numerals, I have no I idea what XLVII is!). The event was in Baltimore, so naturally there was an air of excitement and pride in bringing home the Lombardi Trophy. Harbaugh spoke not as the stereotypical, tough guy football coach, but as a man of faith, determination, and humility, being thankful in having accomplished a great goal through the hard work, extraordinary effort, and a desire to accomplish for everyone around him. Speaking of the rigor to become the Super Bowl champions, he said something that still holds as a poignant reminder

of how we go through life. the continued transformation Reflecting on the long we always talk about. But on practices, road games, long milestone dates such as an periods away from family, anniversary like this, I think it’s and the other sacrifices of only natural to look back at the high performance he journey that has brought us said simply, “the days to where we are now. are long…but the "Our years are short”. successes came Inwe 10 years When you really have think about it, with the effort and accomplished how true this sacrifice necessary much. We have is! to be an enviable expanded from a kitchen table company" It was 10 years ago to operations in 6 that this idea called major geographies. Eneractive took shape, We lived up to our ethic springing forth from an idea that profit was not the point to have a company that could of the business, it was the become a special place to fuel for the business. We serve clients, each other, our drove profits into growth and families, and the communities used it to continue to build we live in. When I look back out. We moved into new on it, there were many long markets and service offerings. days… but my, how it was a We introduced technology short 10 years! Where did the into our business, making it time go?!? relevant for the next era of energy services. We were In the last several months, acknowledged with many we have been pushing very awards and accolades from hard to grow; expanding into our industry peers, clients, new geographies, changing and business associations. systems and procedures, We were able to maintain a and integrating with our new focus to be light-hearted in owner and sister companies. our approach while being These are the thinking and wholly serious about what actions of forward vision and we delivered to our clients.

We doubled the size and performance of the company when only 2 years old in what was a period of tremendous market and business uncertainty (it’s amazing what can happen when you don’t let the world overly influence you). By all accounts, it can be said that the last 10 years have been a success. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we were Apple or Google…but we did make tremendous things happen. Our successes came with the effort and sacrifice necessary to be an enviable company. As the best steel is forged in the hottest fire, we have endured many things to be able to say we have achieved something. The nights and weekends we spent in the field. The stress of looking at a declining backlog and wondering how to fill it back up. Ironically, looking at a fortified backlog and wondering, “how can we possibly get all of this done”?! From a personal standpoint, it was a long enough time to experience all of those things that happen to us as human beings over time…the good and the bad. We have seen weddings, births, graduations, and some damn fun parties. We have also endured the creaking of aging bones, the “little kids, little problems… big kids, big problems” maxim, and for our more youthful

The Solution | Quarterly | July | 7

Spotlight On

employees, that painful realization that college was over. We have tragically handed loved ones over to God with unfathomable sorrow, having nothing but faith that there were bigger, yet unknown reasons for their departure and the thought that they will be there to greet us when we divinely arrive. What makes it special is that we have

been there for each other through all of these things. There is a genuine care that transcends business and makes this a life experience that I hope can influence what emerges as we move towards the next 10 years of working together. As we do this, let’s continue to challenge ourselves to be clever enough to make the needlessly hard easier, and use nerve, sinew, and commitment to

push through what is necessarily hard. Thank you for being on this journey with me. May we continue to make impacts in the world that are valuable for our clients, our partners, and ourselves. It is in that value that we endure! Here’s to another 10 years!



"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation" -CHARLES KETTERING


• Urban Green (USGBC-NY) Service Award Recipient — Saverio Grosso, Regional VP • Ranked #24 on Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies


• AEE NY Chapter names Saverio Grosso Energy Engineer of the Year • Who’s Who in Energy recognizes Dan Weeden, President and CEO • ENR NY Best Projects — Green Project (Merit), Canoe Brook, NJ • Platinum Corporate Sponsor of Special Olympics NJ (2012 Present)


• Ranked #30 on NJBIZ’s List of 50 Fastest Growing Companies


• Winner of the Existing Building Category at the Building Commissioning Association (BCA) Northeast Chapter’s 8th Annual Commissioning Summit, Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center (MSKCC)’s Sidney Kimmel Center for Prostate and Urologic Cancers • Ranked #40 on NJBIZ’s List of 50 Fastest Growing Companies


• Winner of the President’s Choice Award at the USGBC Maryland Chapter’s 10th Annual Wintergreen Awards for Excellence in Green Building, Horseshoe Casino Baltimore • Nominated for the Urban Green EBie’s Smooth Operator Award, MSKCC’s Sidney Kimmel Center for Prostate and Urologic Cancers


• Winner of an USGBCNJ Emerald Award in the Suburban Green Project - Commercial Category — Munich Re America Plaza 3 Project The Solution | Quarterly | July | 8


THANK YOU! Special thanks to Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center for hosting the Shady Grove Campus Gold Classic on June 27th! Eneractive participated in this annual fundraiser as a Copper Sponsor. The Shady Grove Campus Golf Classic is an annual event held in support of the Shady Grove Medical Center Foundation, which helps provide care for Adventist HealthCare's patients as well as maintenance for its facilities.



Join us at 7pm on October 26th at the Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ) for an inspirational night of music as we honor the memory of Lucas DiGuilio, who tragically passed away in his Click here to purchase tickets via sleep at the age of 22 months. Since Lucas was Starland Ballroom's website over the age of 1, his passing was ruled Sudden (ticket price is $25). Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) rather than Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In partnering with the SUDC Foundation, we hope to raise awareness for SUDC, as well as help support research that will hopefully bring us one day closer to a world where SUDC no longer exists. Together we can help end SUDC. Please visit for more information.


EMPOWERACTIVE! Did you know we have a blog? Click the button below to read up on Empoweractive updates, find out about cool new charities, & more! Start Reading!

It's almost that time of year again! The fifth annual One More Tri triathlon event will be here before you know it, so don't wait til the last minute to register! From racing, to donating, to volunteering, there are so many ways you can get involved in this event and help show your support for Special Olympics New Jersey. To learn more about One More Tri, visit Want to stay notified of upcoming events? Click here to sign up for Empoweractive's newsletter!

The Solution | Quarterly | July | 9

Who’s Who



Director of Engineering • New England David joins our Boston team with over twenty five (25) years of experience in the energy field. David is responsible for development and execution of projects in the New England region. Prior to Eneractive, Mr Landman worked at Cimetrics as the Chief of Engineering and Analytics Performance and was responsible for utility rebate initiatives, analyst quality control, implementation of new rules and energy engineering. He also monitored relevant policy and Governmental regulations. Prior to Cimetrics, Mr. Landman worked at Crothall Asset Management as the Sr. Energy Engineer conducting energy studies at hospitals throughout North America. We are excited to have David on board as we continue to further develop our business in the Boston Market!


Regional Director • Midwest We would like to welcome Scott Johnson to the Eneractive Team as the Regional Director of our Chicago office! With over 15 years in the industry, Scott Johnson brings an expansive assemblage of experience to Eneractive. As the Regional Director of the Midwest Region, Scott’s primary goal is to spearhead the development and growth of both the team and business in the Chicago and surrounding Midwest area at large. Prior to joining Eneractive, Scott served as the Engineering Manager of Ameresco in Farmingham, MA where he was responsible for building a team capable of delivering on the strategy across the full customer base. Through this position, he was ale to establish partnerships with peers and executives across the company in order to identify and integrated functions across the organization to support client plans.


Construction Services Intern • Asbury Park, NJ Liam is currently a student at the Stevens Institute of Technology where he is studying Civil Engineering.


Power Plant Solutions (PPS) Intern • Clinton, NJ Olivia joins our PPS division as a current student at the College of New Jersey where she is studying Mechanical Engineering.


Engineering Intern • New York, NY Rich joins our NYC team as a current student at Farmingdale State College, where he is studying mechanical engineering.


Engineering Intern • Asbury Park, NJ Currently studying Electrical Engineering at NJIT, Liam joins Eneractive as a summer intern in our HQ office. The Solution | Quarterly | July | 10

What’s Next

EVENT REMINDERS July 26-28, 2nd NY Energy REV Summit— New York City, NY Learn more

September 12-15, Solar Power International — Las Vegas, NV Learn more

September 7, ACCO Integrated Renewable Energy Workshop —Chicago, IL Learn more

2016 WORLD ENERGY ENGINEERING CONGRESS (WEEC) September 21-23, 2016 • Washington, DC

The WEEC is the one truly comprehensive event where you can fully assess the “big picture” and see exactly how the economic and market forces, new technologies, regulatory developments and industry trends all merge to shape your critical decisions, as well as define what specific steps are needed to achieve optimum energy efficiency and performance within your organization. • Eneractive will be exhibiting (stay tuned for booth number) • VP Saverio Grosso will be presenting on Wednesday, September 21 from 3:00-3:30pm on the topic of "RCx with Chiefs - Training Operators to Sustain the Process" Learn more about WEEC

September 25-28, i2sl Conference — Kansas City, MO Learn more

October 5-7, Greenbuild International Conference & Expo — Los Angeles, CA Learn more

October 9-12, AASHE 2016 — Baltimore, MD


The NEHES Fall Conference is hosted by the New Hampshire Society of Healthcare Facility Managers (NHSHFM). Register to attend

Learn more

The Solution | Quarterly | July | 11

What’s Trending

TREND Analytics

Each issue, we have been featuring 5 notable industry hashtags:




Using Hashtracking’s analytics, we were able to break down how many tweets (taken from a sample pool of 1,500 tweets per hashtag on July 11th) were original, how many were replies, and how many were retweets. We then compared the results for each hashtag in three separate pie charts. Take a look at our results and see which industry buzzword out-trended the other:










































The Solution | Quarterly | July | 12

About Us ENERActive is an independent energy consulting and engineering firm specializing in the analysis, design, development, and implementation of energy conservation projects. Staffed with highly tenured professionals from the energy engineering and energy project development fields, we have the capability to not only identify energy conservation measures, but our history of bringing these projects full circle to completion has given us a track record of performance that ensures all projects are assessed, developed, and implemented in a manner which consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients. HEADQUARTERS 700 Mattison Avenue, Suite A Asbury Park, NJ 07712 t: 732-988-8850 | f: 732-988-9596

CHICAGO 225 Hubbard Street, Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60654 t: 773-770-4461 | f: 732-988-9596

NEW YORK 150 Broadway, 8th Fl., Suite 802 New York, NY 10038 t: 212-269-2302 | f: 917-460-7365

VIRGINIA 7926 Jones Branch Drive, Tysons Corner II McLean VA 22102 t: 301-210-9560 | f: 301-210-9561

BOSTON 42 Main Street, Suite 1306 Boston, MA 02109 t: 617-209-3701 | f: 732-988-9596

POWER PLANT SOLUTIONS 42 West Main Street, Suite 1 Clinton, NJ 08809 t: 732-988-8850 | f: 732-988-9596 |


The Solution | Quarterly | July 2016

The Solution - Issue 14  

Celebrate 10 years of Eneractive Solutions with this Special Edition of The Solution!

The Solution - Issue 14  

Celebrate 10 years of Eneractive Solutions with this Special Edition of The Solution!