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Th Solution ISSUE 04 | January 2014

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The Solution | Quarterly | January 2014

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ENERActive Eye On: Energy Savings Opportunities for Data Centers Featured Projects: Skylands Ice World Featured Projects: Wyndham Worldwide Spotlight On EMPOWERactive What’s Next… Now & Then: Volume 1 Ask the Expert

The Solution | Quarterly | January 2014

ENERActive Eye On

The Truth is... that the energy use of all data centers is a product of their design & operation and most share similar challenges affecting their energy usage, such as; • HVAC cooling not driven by rack inlet temperatures

Energy Savings Opportunities for Data Centers through Pragmatic Testing and Engineering In today’s world, we are bombarded with all sorts of “latest and greatest technologies,” gadgets and widgets that offer a one stop, one size fits all approach to helping us save energy. What if writing a large check wasn’t required to reap these promised energy savings, nor was it the optimal way to maximize your energy savings? What if instead, a thoughtful proven and pragmatic approach brought you the majority of, if not more, energy savings at a fraction of the cost. The jury is out... it can and it does!

One of the markets that has seen the greatest rise in the number of products claiming to save energy is the data center market.

• Unnecessarily high HVAC fan usages • Lack of optimal HVAC cooling distribution

Data center Energy Consumption According to the US Dept. Of Energy FEMP, data centers can consume up to 100 times more energy than a standard office building. Often, less than 15% of original source energy is used for the information technology equipment within a data center.

Due to the nature of these mission critical facilities and systems, the price tag for these technologies often comes at a premium cost. Some of these technologies do offer significant energy savings, but what they fail to do when delivering these savings is tell you how much of the savings can be reaped through means other than the fancy shiny technology. Through a pragmatic field testing and engineering scope of work, the operation of the existing HVAC system can be aligned to meet the needs of the critical systems in an optimal manner, minimizing energy usage. This can be done through the crafting and subsequent

completion of a four step field testing and engineering plan: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Field testing of existing HVAC systems Dynamic field measurement and data logging Implementation plan for low cost optimization Measurement & Verification Plan & On-going Cx

Would you buy a new car to save on your gas bills because your gas tank has a leak? Or would you fix the issue at hand? Fixing as a Data center Energy Saving Tools & Resources

your gas tank gives you instant savings as well true baseline to evaluate the value of a new car.

The same goes for your facility and specifically, your data center! The Solution | Quarterly | January | 1

FeaturedProjects Projects Featured Team Eneractive Sends Energy Waste to the Penalty Box With hockey season now upon us, Skylands Ice World can rest assured as fans, players, figure skaters, and coaches will enjoy their sport a bit more comfortably in new and improved energy efficient ice rinks. This 79,603 square foot ice center, with duel skating arenas located in Stockholm-NJ, underwent an Energy Assessment & Conservation Audit of the building and its integral systems within the New Jersey Office of Clean Energy, Pay 4 Performance Program – targeting facility optimization and energy cost reduction. With efforts toward creating energy efficiency best practices at the ice center, Eneractive designed and then managed the implementation of all ECMs ranging from infrared ice temperature sensors and refrigeration controls to a low-emissivity (low-e) ceiling and energy efficient bi-level High Bay T8 Fluorescent lighting fixtures. Other ECMs included vending machine controls and occupancy sensors throughout. Particularly distinct, the installation of the low-e ceiling in conjunction with bi- level lighting, significantly limits the amount of radiated energy and heat that reaches the ice, resulting in definitive energy savings and an optimized facility. More specifically, the low-e ceiling will greatly aide in the reduction of chilled water plant refrigeration production as well as chilled water pumping. The heat that is otherwise kept in the new ceiling cavity created by the low-e ceiling installation is then dispersed to the outside openings of the ceiling over the audience areas, where it is actually needed. The new lighting system provides significant energy savings through its T8 bi-level technology and provides vast aesthetic improvements through a higher lamp Color Rendering Index (CRI) as well as a much improved uniformity of lighting at the ice surfaces.

Skylands to host 2014 Winter Games! Skylands Ice World will also be playing host to Special Olympics New Jersey 2014 Winter Games this January! Come watch the athletes take to the ice on January 27-29 for the speed skating competition. You can also register to volunteer for this event by clicking the button below. Volunteer Registration

Read more about the SONJ 2014 Winter Games on Page 6!

Through all recommended measures, the Eneractive team identified potential annual savings of $103,000 with a simple payback of 4.05 years !

The Solution | Quarterly | January | 2

stcFeatured ejorP deProjects rutaeF Credit Achievements

Wyndham Worldwide & LEED Certification Design Management Services contracted ENERActive Solutions to provide consulting services for Wyndham Worldwide’s Exchange & Rental building located at 9998 N. Michigan Rd in Carmel, Indiana. Constructed in 1972, the building has a gross area of 429,000 square feet. The ENERActive Team was contracted to evaluate select credits under LEED for Existing Buildings to contribute to an overall

report analyzing the building’s potential candidacy for LEED certification. Our energy engineering team visited the facilities onsite, collected data, examined the available design documents, reviewed the available electrical, natural gas and water billing histories, and discussed current building operations with the facilities staff. Upon completion of the project, the building attained LEED-EBOM Certification.

LEED Scorecard taken from The Solution | Quarterly | January | 3

Spotlight On The results are in! #30

And ENERActive Solutions is excited to announce it has been ranked

Power Plant Solutions to Install CO Oxidation Catalyst

on NJBIZ’s list of 50 Fastest Growing Companies in New Jersey!

The Power Plant Solutions Division (PPS) has recently been contracted for the CO Oxidation catalyst installation at the Spring Creek Towers power generation facility in Brooklyn, NY.

The NJBIZ 50 Fastest Growing Companies awards program celebrates New Jersey’s most dynamic companies who progressively contribute to the success of the state’s economic growth and stability. “It is an honor to continue to evolve and transform as a dominate player in the world of energy consulting and to be recognized for the efforts we have put forth. We strive towards making significant impacts for ourselves, our clients, and all those we touch in the daily interactions of business” says Daniel Weeden, President and CEO of ENERActive

PPS will be responsible for the project management, engineering, procurement and construction of the installation of the catalyst retrofit project for Spring Creek Towers’ three (3) ultra-low sulfurdiesel or dual fuel (ULSD plus natural gas) fired Nordberg 2,800 HP engines in a manner that will bring the engines into RICE NESHAP compliance.

Solutions. “Companies are merely the manifestations of the actions of the people that constitute them. When you have great people, you have a great company. I would like to extend my gratitude to my co-workers for being people of intellect, power, and generosity with others and for making ENERActive a great place of pride and opportunity.”



In determining the placing system, companies were ranked based on two main factors: dollar growth from year one to year three, and percentage growth from year one to year three. For each factor, the companies were ranked from highest to lowest, and then the two rankings were added in order to determine the company’s overall ranking on the list.

Is your engine ready?

Following the award ceremony, NJBIZ released a supplement in which Dan Weeden was highlighted. Powerful forces are jolting Eneractive Solutions, which specializes in the assessment, design, development and implementation of energy conservation strategies and projects. The company’s advice is in demand due to rising energy costs, regulations that beef up protection of the environment, and public sentiment tilting in favor of energy conservation and social responsibility. Founded in 2006, Eneractive serves the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets. The company’s new Web-based monitoring system allows customers to see, in real time, how they are using energy— and how they can do better.

To read the full supplement, click here!

The Environmental Protection Agency’s RICE NESHAP (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants) sets the limits for emissions of toxic air pollutants, such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, methanol and nearly 200 other toxic compounds from stationary diesel and gas engines, using formaldehyde as the regulated emission. These pollutants, which are emitted from stationary engines, are known and/or suspected of causing cancer and other serious health effects. The EPA estimates that more than a million stationary gas and diesel engines at major and area sources may be affected by this rule. Is your engine compliant? Use this tool to learn more!

The Solution | Quarterly | January | 4


Thank you!

A huge thank you to everybody who brought in a donation for Toys for Tots to the Eneractive Company Christmas Party. Toys for Tots is a program sponsored by the US Marine Corps Reserve that seeks to collect new, unwrapped toys to give to less fortunate children in the community. We are proud to be able to support such an amazing organization! You can keep up with the spirit of gift-giving year round by heading to Toys For Tots’ website to find a drop off location nearest to you; or you can make a direct donation online by clicking the button: Donate to Toys for Tots!

2014 Winter Games! On Januuary 18, 27-29, nearly 300 athletes from Special Olympics New Jersey will be competing in the 2014 Winter Games! The winter games will consist of six sports, whose breakdown of date and location are listed below.

January 27-29 Speed Skating

January 18 Figure Skating Codey Arena 560 Northfield Ave West Orange, NJ 07052

Skylands Ice World 2785 State Route 23 Stockholmd, NJ 07460

Apline & Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding & Snowshoeing Mountain Creek 200 State Route 94 Vernon, NJ 07462

For more information, and to find out how you can register to volunteer, please click the button below. Info and Volunteer Registration for the SONJ 2014 Winter Games The Solution | Quarterly | January | 5

What’s Next... HalfMoon Education Inc. presents

Whole Building Commissioning to Achieve Performance Goals

Event Reminders:

Presented by Eneractive’s Regional Vice President Saverio Grosso When: January 22, 2014 Where: Harrisburg East Holiday Inn 4751 Lindle Road Harrisburg, PA 17111 What: Explore the benefits of building commissioning, learn how to participate in the commissioning process, examine performance tests ad how to document results, and review commissioning process case studies Click to register for the seminar

Certification exams will be available at the conference! Register online!

• January 21-23rd, AHR Expo — Jacob Javits Center, NYC

The world’s largest HVACR Marketplace!

Click here to register!

• February 11-12th, Energy & Sustainability Conference — Richmond, VA

What’s next for Reinhold NOx-Combustion/PCUG Conference Hosted by

• January 18th, ASHRAE Winter Conference — NYC

Feb 10-13th — Charlotte, NC PPS will be exhibiting a booth at this expo (booth #44!) which also features O&M panels and technical workshops by coal-fired power generation industry experts.

Click here for more info

• March 4-6th, Building Energy 14 — Seaport World Trade Center, Boston,MA. Hosted by NESEA

HRSG 2014 Annual Conference & Expo Feb 24-26th — Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas, NV The HRSG Annual Conference & Expo is the premier gathering place for combined-cycle/ cogeneration operator industry, drawing nearly 500 attendees. Be sure to stop by Power Plant Solutions’ booth #115!

• Monthly, NYEW Steering Committee Meetings Become a member for info on the next meeting location

The Solution | Quarterly | January | 6

Back in the Day Volume 1 My first day as a member of the ENERActive family occurred on June 4, 2012. Like everyone else in that situation, I went through the usual adjustment of becoming familiar with a new office environment, new procedures, new routines, new co-workers, etc. I was very fortunate to have John Albertson on hand that day to get me set up with my laptop, iPhone, timesheet format, expense report format, etc. After that first day, something was still bothering me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It knew that it wasn’t a negative vibration, but something didn’t seem right. On the second day it hit me – our desks didn’t have individual land line phones! At first this seemed incredible…until realizing that the iPhone was all we really needed to keep in contact with each other and with the outside world. I couldn’t help but think about back in the day when the idea of not having a phone (with a rotary dial, no less) on our desks was preposterous. How many remember the common phrase, “How do I get an outside line?” followed by the common reply, “Dial 9”. The first company that I worked with fresh out of school would only allow us to make outside calls within the local 201 area code. All other outside calls had to be placed through the company switchboard operator (does anyone remember those?) who would dial the call for you – but not without getting a charge number from you first! Back in the day, I recall working on short circuit calculations, voltage drop calculations and stability studies that often took hours to complete, and for more complicated systems, days to complete. When performing a manual short circuit calculation, all electrical parameters of the power supply, as well as the power distribution system have to be accounted for. This includes the utility, cabling, bus ducts, transformers, generators, motors, etc. All these components had to be converted into a common per unit impedance. As an analogy, imagine various currencies of the world all lumped into one big pile, then having to convert all these different currencies to dollars to determine a total value. These conversions were all necessary to calculate available 3 phase short circuit currents at various point on the distribution system, as well as the contribution from each component in the system. This in turn provided the information necessary to properly size equipment, and to provide the necessary protective relaying for the system. Some of these same calculations are done today in a matter of minutes by sophisticated computer programs that basically require little more than inputting nameplate information. The thought of having to do a manual short circuit study calculation today is enough to make me head directly to the nearest tavern. To sum it up many things have changed over the years from days of slide rules, but the one concept that will never change is still best described by the old acronym “GIGO” – “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” Today we may have the luxury of using modern time saving tools, but as always the end product will never be any better than the quality and effort that went into it at the front end…that was true in 1974 and is still true as we begin 2014. As Zenith Electronics used to say in their old advertising slogans, “The quality goes in before the name goes on.” There I go dating myself again!!!

— Fred

De Poalo, Senior Commissioning Agent The Solution | Quarterly | January | 7

Ask the Expert How much do you know about Local Law 87? What is Local Law 87?

Local Law 87 was initiated as part of New York City’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GCGP) with the goal to require buildings to undertake energy audits and retro-commissioning measures, which will lead to both energy and cost savings.

Who must comply? Buildings larger than 50,000 square feet.

When is my building due?

Buildings must comply according to the last digit of their tax block number.

Who is exempt?

No energy audit is required for buildings that have earned EPA Energy Star for two of the three years prior to an audit requirement, or earned LEED for Existing Buildings certification within four years prior to the audit requirement coming due. No retro-commissioning is required for buildings that have been certified under the LEED for Existing Buildings rating system within two years prior to filing the efficiency report and have earned both the LEED points for Existing Building Commissioning Investigation and Existing Building Commissioning Implementation. Extensions are available based upon additional criteria.

Last digit of tax block number


Year first EER is due











What are the penalties for non-compliance? 2021









How often does my building have to comply? Buildings must comply once every ten years.

Property owners who fail to comply will face fines that accumulate every non-compliant year.

Are there incentives?

NYSERDA’s FlexTech program can provide up to 50% of the funding for LL87 projects.

Do you have a question? You can send any questions you have to or tweet questions to @ENERACTIVE! Keep an eye out for our spotlight email in which we will be sure to answer your submitted questions!


The Solution | Quarterly | January | 8

About Us ENERActive is an independent energy consulting and engineering firm specializing in the analysis, development, and implementation of energy conservation projects. Staffed with highly tenured professionals from the energy engineering and energy project development fields, we have the capability to not only identify energy conservation measures, but our history of bringing these projects full circle to completion has given us a track record of performance that ensures all projects are assessed, developed, and implemented in a manner which consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients.

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The Solution | Quarterly | January 2014

Holiday Edition - The Solution - Issue 04  

New Year, New Solutions! Kick start 2014 with the latest from ENERActive Solutions' Quarterly Publication. This 4th installment highlights e...

Holiday Edition - The Solution - Issue 04  

New Year, New Solutions! Kick start 2014 with the latest from ENERActive Solutions' Quarterly Publication. This 4th installment highlights e...