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Th Solution ISSUE 02 | July 2013

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The Solution | Quarterly | July 2013

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ENERActive Eye On: VFD Retro-Fits Featured Projects Spotlight On EMPOWERactive What’s Next…

The Solution | Quarterly | July 2013

ENERActive Eye On

Inverted Duty Rated Motors are able to withstand high voltages and run at lower speeds without overheating. They are primarily dependent on the insulation factor/ motor winding grade.

The Capital Expenditure and Maintenance Costs Associated with VFD Retro-Fits

VFDs are generally recommended for use in motors, which are inverter duty rated. Older motors are typically not “inverter duty rated” and generally are considered to be unable to handle the use of a VFD in a sustainable manner and burn out (due to extreme voltage spikes and respective heat buildup which occurs at lower motor speeds). Many sources state that the time periods for this pre-mature burn out time falls within the 1.5 to 3 year range. According to ENERActive Solutions’ Director of Engineering, Thomas Szarawarski, “considering the amount of factors involved, it’s almost an arbitrary number due to the difficulty of pinpointing.”

Inverted Duty Rated Motor

The time it takes to burn out a motor that is not inverter duty rated and has a VFD is dependent upon several factors including: •Overall motor condition •Use (variable or constant torque) •Variation in motor use •Speed •Distance of cabling between VFD and motor, etc.

There are however, three factors which most engineers do not recognize and are a vital part to this conversation.


With a standard rewind of a motor, you never get back to the premium efficiency, or max efficiency your motor once had. In fact, it gets worse every time, with an initial efficiency loss of 2-3 points and an additional 3-4 point loss per rewind. There are custom rewinds which could potentially increase the efficiency of the motor; however, these are application dependent and vary case-to-case.

When motors are rebuilt and rewound, some shops that do rewind find that it doesn’t pay to design around the standard rewind. Therefore, what you find is that motors that have been rewound previously, are often done so with the “inverter duty rated” retrofit winding.



The insulation system on a 208/230-V motor is identical to that of a 460-V motor (both typically rated at 600 Volts), therefore, the voltage spikes produced by VFDs on 208- or 230-V systems are unlikely to cause insulation damage.

Meaning, motors rated at 208V-230V or less do not have to be “inverter duty rated” to be sustainable for a VFD retrofit.

The Solution | Quarterly | July | 1

Featured Projects Power Plant Solutions Presents CO Oxidation Catalyst Project ENERActive Solutions was contracted by Temple University – located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – for a CO oxidation catalyst retrofit project. Temple has 20 Caterpillar 3516 natural gas lean burn engines, which are used as peaking units specifically


the University.

At full load, each of the

generators are capable of producing 1600 kW at 1200 RPM. The retrofit project included the installation of 20 CO Catalyst units on the outlet of each engine generator. These engines are classified under EPA 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart ZZZZ, RICE NESHAP, (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines, National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants). As such, the units are subject to an absolute CO (carbon monoxide) emission limitation of 47 ppmvd @ 15% O2, or a 93% reduction. The units needed CO oxidation catalyst to meet these new stringent requirements. ENERActive was responsible for the complete turnkey retrofit project including the design, material procurement, installation and guaranteed performance of CO oxidation catalysts to bring the generating plant into full RICE NESHAP compliance. The installation of the CO Catalyst units took approximately 10 weeks and relied on the complete cooperation of the Temple and ENERActive teams. The project was completed on schedule, and the final CO testing at the stacks was performed in April 2013 with results indicating that all of the units are now well within the RICE NESHAP emission requirements. Here is what Temple had to say after the completion of the project, and the stack testing results were accepted by the Philadelphia Air Management Services (AMS):

— KURT BRESSER, Energy Manager, Temple University

The Solution | Quarterly | July | 2

Serving power generators both nationwide and internationally, Eneractive PPS offers: • SCR Optimization Engineering • SCR and CO Catalyst Management Services • System Commissioning and Design Review Services • SCR Construction Management and Oversight

• Reagent System Optimization, AIG Tuning

The acceptance from AMS represents an important achievement for all of us.You’re probably not as happy about this as I am because this is just a normal part of your job, but I still think you should kick back and enjoy the moment while it lasts.Without your help this would not have been possible.

It was a pleasure.

The PPS division focuses on helping energy generators improve plant performance and conformance through advanced engineering for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) solutions, reduction of parasitic load, and performance engineering.

• SCR Inspection, Flow Modeling

Congratulations gentlemen.

Thank you very much for the good work and the learning experience.

Power Plant Solutions

• Catalyst Testing Services


Included in these are field engineering solutions that address performance issues on balance of plant equipment and system.

Spotlight On Who’s Who in Energy

President and CEO, Dan Weeden, was featured as part of 2012’s Who’s Who in Energy, an achievement which recognized the industry’s key individuals across the U.S. Recently, he hosted a class on Energy Conservation Strategies for the University of Nicaragua. We want to congratulate Dan for his achievements and contributions on both a national and global level!

Energy Project Engineer: James Coyle PE, CEM, LEED-AP Mr. Coyle joined the ENERActive Team this past quarter as a Senior Project Manager in our New York City Office. With 30 years of experience in both mechanical and electrical systems, Jim’s knowledge and aptitude will not only support, but further advance our energy engineering initiatives and projects. Jim has cultivated expertise in various aspects of commissioning, planning, designing, construction, and operation of energy generating & energy consuming mechanical and electrical systems. Specifically, Mr. Coyle has dedicated the last 6 years performing energy efficiency and design work – having led over 150 energy audits and energy efficiency studies on a wide variety of facilities. Prior to entering the energy engineering field, Jim spent 20+ years in Telecom/Data Centers and critical facilities. Mr. Coyle is an expert in both energy efficiency in data centers and reliability/security of operation. His knowledge and exposure to varying sectors and facilities will prove invaluable to our diverse project portfolio. We look forward to Jim’s versatile skill set and immediate impact he will have here at ENERActive! Take a look at Jim’s kick-off project at the LIRR Headquarters here in Jamaica, NY! LIRR Headquarters Case Study

We are pleased to welcome

Power Plant Solutions

to its new satellite office! 8 West Main Street Clinton, NJ 08809 (732) 988-8850

For the Industry, By the Industry The ENERActive Team was proud to sponsor and take part in the first-ever New York Energy Week. Composed of industry-generated events all around New York City, groups and individuals from all sectors gathered to participate in sparking discourse towards a cleaner, more efficient future. Founded by Energy Solutions Forum, an energy policy research and data company, NYEW aimed to drive energy innovation, while supporting investment and collaboration among the diverse sectors of the energy industry.

Review Energy Week News and Briefs Here The Solution | Quarterly | July | 3


6th Annual First Tee of Raritan Valley Golf Outing

Baltimore Area Council Boy Scouts of America Donation The ENERActive team is proud to support the Baltimore Area Council Boy Scouts of America – one of the largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations in Central Maryland. The BSA values and believes in a fun and interactive program, which helps youth build a more conscientious, responsible and productive community.

The First Tee of Raritan Valley is a charity organization whose mission is to create a positive impact on the lives of young people by teaching them life skills and positive core values through the game of golf. Currently representing 7 different counties of New Jersey, The First Tee has reached out to more than 1,000 students in the Raritan Valley region. For the first time this year, teams of four will be paired with a student of the First Tee of Raritan Valley and compete in a tournament for “The Raritan Cup.” The golf outing is a day-long event that will include lunch, a silent auction, the golf tournament, and a reception to follow. ENERActive is excited to be sponsoring this amazing cause and look forward to participating in what is sure to be a fun-filled day! Click here to learn more!

Most recently, the BSA honored Jim Foulk, President and CEO of Chesapeake Testing, at Hartford County’s 2013 Good Scout Award Reception, in recognition of outstanding contributions to improve the quality of life in Hartford County, while exemplifying the precepts found in the Scout Oath and Law.

Interested? Get Involved Here!

The Solution | Quarterly | July | 4

The event will be held on Monday, July 15th, 2013 at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club — Forest Course

What’s Next... Coming Soon... Webinars!

The 2nd Annual “One More Tri” Triathlon To Benefit Special Olympics New Jersey

There are currently two Eneractive webinars in the final stages of production! Asbury Park, NJ

The event includes:

• 1/4 mile swim • 12 mile bike • 3 mile run

Check out the SONJ website for more information!

Be on the look-out for the July launch of our first RCx Short Series. The webinar will cover fundamentals such as: What is building RCx? Who are good candidates for RCx? Why should we RCx buildings? What are building RCx process highlights? What is the approach to RCx? What are typical RCx findings? Going live in August - the second webinar will be a longer series focusing on specific types of RCx Measures. Topic: VFD Retrofits Length: 50-60 minutes Continuing Education Units will be available.

If you would like to participate as a sponsor, donor, racer, or volunteer Contact Sarah Tritini at: 732.988.8850 or

The Solution | Quarterly | July | 5

About Us ENERActive is an independent energy consulting and engineering firm specializing in the analysis, development, and implementation of energy conservation projects. Staffed with highly tenured professionals from the energy engineering and energy project development fields, we have the capability to not only identify energy conservation measures, but our history of bringing these projects full circle to completion has given us a track record of performance that ensures all projects are assessed, developed, and implemented in a manner which consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients. HEADQUARTERS 700 Mattison Avenue, Suite A | Asbury Park, NJ 07712 t: 732-988-8850 | f: 732-988-9596 NEW YORK 150 Broadway, 8th Fl,. Suite 802 | New York, NY 10038 t: 212-269-2302 | f: 917-460-7365 MARYLAND 7051 Muirkirk Meadows Drive, Suite C | Beltsville, MD 20705 t: 301-210-9560 | f: 301-210-9561 POWER PLANT SOLUTIONS 8 West Main Street | Clinton, NJ 08809 T: 732-988-8850 |

The Solution | Quarterly | July 2013

The Solution - Issue 02  

An ENERActive Solutions quarterly publication highlighting relevant industry & firm news - keeping subscribers ahead on trends, upcoming sem...

The Solution - Issue 02  

An ENERActive Solutions quarterly publication highlighting relevant industry & firm news - keeping subscribers ahead on trends, upcoming sem...