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Diary of Summer 2013



Monthly healthy eating workshops and ‘cooking on a budget’ courses for children and their families. Part of the Activate Project.

The Learning Cube Saturdays (term time) 9.30am-12.30pm Clapham Park Resource Centre Headlam Road London SW4 8HP

Employment support 11am-4pm (by appointment only)

St Martin’s, Tulse Hill ‘Scout Hut’ High Trees London SW2 3PU Multi Sports at Challis Way Games Pitch

Healthy Eating workshops

YOUthSpace Detached Outreach

Moorlands/ Brixton Community Centre 50a Corry Drive London SW9 8QT

Educational Booster classes

YOUthSpace Detached Outreach

Activate Multi Sports 4.30-6pm (8-13 years) 6-7.30pm (14-24 years)

After school sessions Triangle Adventure Playground 3.30-6.30pm


Clapham Park Resource Centre Headlam Road London SW4 8HP Multi Sports at Agnes Reilly Gardens Games Pitch

Ashmole/ Kennington Ashmole Tenants Hall 2 Meadow Road London SW8 1NA Multi Sports at Wisden House Games Pitch


Providing financial/ debt advice and money management skills for young people aged 16-24 years.

Financial advice

Activate Multi Sports 6-7.30pm (14-24 years)

Activate Multi Sports 4.30-6pm (8-13 years)

Urban Stars Multi Sports session 5-7pm (10-19 years)

YOUthSpace Targeted Mentoring (by appointment only)

After school sessions Triangle Adventure Playground 3.30-6.30pm


Volunteering and work experience opportunities for young people interested in youth work, mentoring and sports coaching.

Work experience

YOUthSpace 5.30-8.30pm (13-19 years)

Urban Stars Youth Club 5.30-7.30pm (10-19 years)

Accredited training and qualifications in sports coaching, youth leadership, money management and employability skills.

Accredited training

YOUthSpace Targeted Mentoring (by appointment only)

Urban Stars Football session 5.30-7.30pm (10-19 years) Guinness Trust Pitch

Activate Multi Sports 6-7:30pm (14-24 years)

Activate Multi Sports 4.30-6pm (8-13 years)

YOUthSpace 4.30-7.30pm (13-19 years)

YOUthSpace Detached Outreach YOUthSpace 5.30-8.30pm (13-19 years)

After school sessions Triangle Adventure Playground 3.30-6.30pm


After school sessions Triangle Adventure Playground 3.30-6.30pm


Lambeth YOUth Space Weekly Timetable 2013-14

Educational Booster classes

Linking with our Metroployment services: employment support and job matching for young people aged 16-24 years.

Job opportunities

YOUthSpace Detached Outreach

Activate Multi Sports 6-7:30pm (14-24 years)

Activate Multi Sports 4.30-6pm (8-13 years)

Youth forum 14-24 years 7-9pm

After school sessions Triangle Adventure Playground 3.30-6.30pm


INTRODUCTION Metropolitan currently house around 14,000 young people between the ages of 8 and 24; over 2000 of whom are housed in the borough of Lambeth. Being one of the largest housing providers in the borough, Metropolitan play a key role in providing young people with an array of activities out of school hours via the Lambeth YOUth Space programme. The Lambeth YOUth Space Collaborative is a committed partnership of 10 community and youth focussed organisations striving together to deliver quality and relevant services coproduced with young people. The activities on offer range from sports to cookery, accredited courses, enterprise and employment training, general youth clubs as well as personal development and capacity building activities that encourage young people to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves. The idea of allowing the young people to coproduce the service is to give them a voice in their community and enable them to decide what they want to see available to them and their peers. The development of a pan Lambeth Youth Forum will encourage cross borough communication amongst youth, a shared vision between youth providers, encouraging respect for each other and the community they live in, raising aspirations and reducing youth related anti- social behaviour. Every summer, Metropolitan offer a 5 week summer programme from the 4 main estates in Lambeth; Clapham Park Homes (SW4), Moorlands (SW9), Ashmole (SW8) and St Martins (SW2). Working with the creators of Endz2Endz; a local lifestyle magazine, we were able to photograph and interview some of the young people at each site to find out what impact the programme had on their summer! This consultation with the young people has helped to us to decide what youth services will be offered from September onwards.


CONTENTS Moorlands


Clapham Park




St Martins


Copper Box









The Moorlands Estate is located off Somerleyton Road, Brixton. The 5 week summer programme ran from both the Moorlands Community Centre on Corry Drive and the Guinness Trust Estate. Active Communities Network offered the young people a chance to take part in activities ranging from boxing, graffiti and t-shirt printing work­shops to cinema trips. Over at the Guinness Trust site, the young people got physical with some boxing in the ‘Urban Box’ mobile arena. Brought to the centre by Wayne Smith of Olympia Boxing and his colleagues, Samuel – one of the young people - took five, to speak to him about what he does. 4

@ Metropolitan

What’s your name? Wayne Smith. What area do you live in? Sevenoaks. What is your role here? My role here is to come here and deliver boxing sessions and try and introduce young people into sport boxing and give them something positive to do with their time. When did you start working with the summer scheme? It’s our first day here today with the summer scheme. We’re with you tomorrow and next week as well, but we’ve been running these sessions for the past year. What activities have you enjoyed so far? We have our different activities; bags, padwork, tag games, all sorts we just teach you boxing really. Diary of summer 2013

What’s your favourite activity? I would say pad-work. What do you enjoy about working here? Seeing you guys with a smile on your face!

What activities do you enjoy? I enjoy you know, football - sports related basically. I’m a very sporty guy and boxing is just one of the sports I like. What activities are you looking forward to? I’m looking forward to doing activities like this, like physical activities where you have to use your body, where you have to sweat, stuff like that. If there were any activities or anything you could change, what would you change? There’s nothing really I would change, I like everything the way it is. It’s a good set up I enjoy everything that they offer so I wouldn’t change anything.

Two of the young people from the area, Bakia and Thomas, also took five to speak about the mobile boxing gym, what they had enjoyed about the summer scheme so far and what they were looking forward to. Hello, what’s your name? My name’s Thomas. Where abouts do you live? Loughborough, Brixton. How did you hear about the summer project? I heard about it from Moorlands Centre across the road to where I live. They told us there would be a lot of activities. Why do you come? I come to see a challenge, I like to be challenged - doing something I don’t normally do.




The Clapham Park Estate is site located between Streatham, Balham and Clapham. The 5 week programme ran from the Clapham Park Resource Centre on Headlam Road. The young people were able to take part in activities ranging from multi-sports, photography, cooking and baking to cinema, ice skating and swimming trips. At the Clapham Park summer scheme, the young people took part in a photography workshop at the Resource Centre. Run by Jason Joseph, they got to learn basic photography skills indoors and had the chance to practice around the estate and in Poynders Park. During their practical session they conducted interviews to find out their peers and Jason’s view on the summer scheme and the day’s activities. 6

@ Metropolitan

Joleen, one of the young people, spoke to Jason and asked what he enjoyed the most, “teaching the local kids how to take pictures and developing their creativity and just overall getting to know them and having a good time”. Describing the summer programme and his workshop as, “fun, energetic” and “adventurous” Jason said that he would let his own kids - if he had any - join the summer fun. When asked if he would come back to do another workshop he responded positively, “I would! I think it would be a good opportunity to progress and teach more kids, and I hope everyone enjoyed it!” He added, “I could bring a lot more creativity and if we did it more project based and made it more fun more kids would join in.” Many youth programmes have unfortunately been shut down due to lack of funds in the past few years. Joleen cleverly asked Jason if he would fight for the programme, despite not Diary of summer 2013

being from the area, if it faced closure, “Yes I would! Today after speaking to a few members of staff and working with the kids, I think I’ve found the importance that a scheme like this needs to be working all the time.” With the adult views of the programme out the way, the young people interviewed each other. Junior who lives in Clapham Park, took a couple minutes out of the creative activity to question Anthony, while Lucie questioned Luis. Anthony heard about the scheme through a friend and joined because he was “very interested in photography, t-shirt making and the trips they have,” this was the general consensus amongst the young people. While Luis suggested “more exciting trips to other places in the country,” Anthony would add “more art work and designing” to the summer scheme. Discussing the activity at hand, the the majority of the young people wanted more professional equipment and longer sessions. Despite only having a few professional cameras and disposables, Luis was very positive about the photography workshop - “I like how we get to take our own pictures with our own set of cameras!”




Ashmole Estate is located in Vauxhall. The 5 week programme ran from Ashmole Tenants Hall, Triangle Adventure Playground and Kennington Park Community Centre. Young people were able to take part in a range of activities such as Music and Media workshops, cooking and baking sessions, multi-sports activities and outings. Some of the young people at Kennington’s Triangle Park took some time out of their busy play schedule to try out their creative media skills in journalism and photography. In the short time they spent with the equipment, they churned out some interviews amongst their peers and with their youth workers. Chante conducted an interview with her friend Elizabeth.


@ Metropolitan

What’s your name? My name’s Elizabeth. What area do you live in? I live in Stockwell. How did you hear about the summer programme and why do you come here? I heard about it through my sister who works here, and I come here to have fun. What activities have you enjoyed so far? Zip-wire, trampolining, snow-camp and facepainting. What activities are you looking forward to? Go Karting and ice-skating. If there was anything you could change about the programme what would it be? More activities.

Diary of summer 2013

What activities are you doing now? Zip-wire and drawing. What do you like and dislike about it? I like that there’s loads of people you can have fun with and everyone is friendly. How would you make it (Triangle Park) better? Putting in more bikes and scooters for everyone to ride. Tasia quizzed play worker Rudi-Anne about the summer programme at the Triangle Park and what she thought of it. What’s your name? My name’s Rudi-Anne Grant. What area do you live in? I live in Brixton. What is your role here? I’m a play worker. When did you start working with the summer scheme? I’ve worked with them since May, so for the last three months. What do you enjoy about working here? I enjoy engaging with the young people, teaching them new skills and playing various games with them such as rounders and Temple Run! What activities have you enjoyed so far? I’ve enjoyed the cooking classes that we do on Monday’s; the arts and crafts - making various things; table tennis, football and other outdoor playing.


What activities are you looking forward to? I’m looking forward to any trips we may go on such as the aquarium, or to any parks or funfairs. What is your favourite part of the programme? I enjoy the arts and crafts, being creative and making things.



St Martins Estate is located in Tulse Hill. The YOUth Space service is run by High Trees; a community development trust who are based on the estate, offering services to the community. The 4 week programme ran from St Martins Community Centre and the Tulse Hill Adventure Playground. The young people were able to take part in activities ranging from multisports, photography, and baking to cinema, ice skating and swimming trips.

10 @ Metropolitan

At the St. Martins summer programme in Upper Tulse Hill, the young people got stuck into some creative and messy arts and crafts in the form of tie-dye and t-shirt designing. They turned standard plain white t-shirts into works of art with different colour dyes and designs made up on the spot. After their inky inventiveness Nenette sat down with her peer Jada to discuss the activity they took part in, how she would make it better and what she was looking forward to during the rest of the summer scheme. What’s your name? Nenette. What area do you live in? Tulse Hill.

Diary of summer 2013

What activities have you enjoyed so far? Tie-dye, ice-skating, just all of it really. What activity are you looking forward to? Swimming, cinema and farm. If there was anything you could change about the program what would it be? Nothing, I wouldn’t change anything. What activity are you doing now? We’re not really doing an activity, we’re just playing games. What do you like or dislike about it - the tie-dye? About the tie-dye, I enjoyed it but I disliked that I only got to pick one colour, and I wanted to do all three. How would you make it better? Different colours and different patterns as well. While the rest of the young people were creating their t-shirt designs, Monique and Dion paired up to quiz Olivia – one of the youth workers at the summer scheme. What’s your name? Hi, my name is Olivia. What’s your role here? My role is a play-scheme worker, so that entails me helping all the young people to carry out activities, taking you guys from different places whether it’s here or different events.


When did you start working with the summer play-scheme? I actually started working with the summer play-scheme when I was still in school, so that was when I was 15, and that was about 6 years ago now! I started doing it on a voluntary basis, because I used to come here, then there was younger children and they used to get us to help out. What do you enjoy about working here? I enjoy interacting with the young people and getting to know them. I enjoy working with young people, so that’s why I enjoy here. What activities are you looking forward to doing? I am looking forward to swimming, and there are a couple other things I’m looking forward to doing. What impression do you think you make on the children? I’m not 100% sure, but hopefully it’s a good one! Hopefully the children can see that I’m a good role model and I’m here to help! I’m just like them, just a bit older – quite a bit older, but you know everyone’s a child at heart!



On August 15th 2013, over 1,500 young people took part in the StreetGames Coca-Cola Festival held at the spectacular Cooper Box, in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Metropolitan were able to take over 100 young people from our projects in Brent, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey and Lambeth to the event. For the majority of these young people this was not only their first time at the Olympic Park but also a first participating in an event with young people from another borough. The multi-sport event encouraged young people to have a go at sports they had never tried before and compete in different tournaments. Activities on the day included; basketball, boxing, dance, dodgeball, hockey, indoor canoeing, judo, tennis and many more. Not only did the festival bring together young people from across the country, it was also attended by a range of VIPs and sporting celebrities. The StreetGames Coca-Cola festivals provide a fantastic opportunity for young people to try new activities helping to sustain their participation in sport.

12 @ Metropolitan

Diary of summer 2013



Following a successful collaboration with the V&A Museum in 2012, Metropolitan have developed an ongoing partnership with them. This has resulted in the creation of a 4 week upcycled fashion course allowing 12 young people to create their own upcycled garment from sustainably sourced materials. The first day saw each young person at the door of the V&A’s Sackler Centre ready to be thrown head first into the world of a fashion designer!

material. In weeks 2, 3 & 4 they continued their work with the 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning gallery. They visited well known markets and researched textiles, designs and concepts. They used this inspiration, paired with inspiration from the amazing V&A exhibitions they visited, to create 5 printed t-shirts that will be sold in the Hustle Bucks store – 198’s youth enterprise store based in Brixton Village.

On the final day of the course the young people had the opportunity to showcase their By the end of day one, under the tutelage of work at a launch in the V&A Museum where the V&A’s resident designer - Juliana Sissons - their family, friends and all partners involved they had learnt to use a sewing machine; use in the process celebrated the success of this 5 different types of seams; gather and hem a month long venture. four of them presented garment as well as drape and pin to a manikin. the work they had done over the 4 weeks; this included their sketch books and an explanaBy the end of week 1 they had finished making tion of each stage of the design process. a garment from white stretched cotton; these were in the form of t-shirts, dresses and skirts. Not only did the young people leave the 4 They were able to demonstrate their eye for weeks with a whole new skill set and ambition fashion and creativity by customising the to continue to pursue their dreams of a career material with off cuts of their own patterned in fashion but they also made new friends that they will keep for life.




The highlight of the summer for 6 lucky young people from each Lambeth estate was the Inter Lambeth Residential to Hindleap Warren Outdoor Education Centre. Here they got the chance to really challenge themselves with a variety of hard core challenges; the climbing wall, combat and outwit the obstacle course, overcome their fears against the high ropes and ‘leap of faith’- a 30 foot climb into the clouds followed by a death defying leap onto a trapeze... The trip demonstrated not only individual performance, but also the value of team support, and the importance of recognising differing strengths and weaknesses. The bush craft session aimed to inspire young minds by developing some of the skills you need to survive in the wild.

14 @ Metropolitan

Diary of summer 2013

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