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Editor’s Letter

Endz 2 endz team

Welcome to our last issue of the year! As media partners of the Spirit of London Awards (SOLA), we have decided to dedicate it to the awards ceremony with a special edition of the magazine. After such a tremendous year for London which Tyrone Smiley saw the summer Olympic games take place, it’s only right that we close it in style and celebrate the great things that the city’s young people do for their communities. Only in its 4th year, the award ceremony nicknamed the “Community Youth Oscars” has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2009 at Alexandra Palace. We did a full-on interview with Gary Trowsdale, the founder of SOLA, and gained a real insight into why the organisation was set up and where he sees it in the future.

Chief Editor

We also have interviews from previous SOLA winners and nominees from the first ceremony held to some of last year’s nominees. We found out the core details of what it was like being nominated and the impact the awards have had on their lives. The award ceremony takes place on December 10th at the O2 Arena, so there’s still time to get clued up on this year’s categories and nominees! We’ve listed the 30 extraordinary and multi-talented finalists in their set categories, with small biographies on them all. So you can have fun choosing your own winners! Finally, I would like to congratulate all of the nominees past and present and thank the SOLA team for making this issue possible. A huge thank you goes out to the whole Endz 2 Endz team for their hard work on our two other issues put out this year.

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Gary Trowsdale



Sola Nominees



about sola








AbOUT SOLA After seeing constant negative portrayal of young people in the media, Gary Trowsdale the Managing Director of the Damilola Taylor Trust worked with Richard Taylor to create a programme that would be recognised across all thirtythree London boroughs. He set up the awards with the hope whether an individual is, “London born or adopted Londoners, the Spirit of London Awards will go to young people who are a credit to the local communities.� Young people are nominated by a range of individuals including family and teachers and then the public can vote for whom they want to win. Before the night of the awards, all of the finalists are invited to a recep     tion at Downing Street with the Prime Minister.

Spirit of London Awards 2011, Royal Albert Hall.

The spirit of London Awards (SOLA) often nicknamed the ‘Community Oscars’, award young people from the ages of 5 to 25 who are making a difference in their local com    

munities. Back for its 4th year the ceremony is set to be bigger than ever! With performances from Labrinth, Diversity, Stooshie, McFly and Angel, a celebrity audience and inspirational stories from young people, it’s sure to be a fantastic night.

SOLA doesn’t just stop at handing out awards, they are committed to engaging young people through workshops and school road shows. 04

Their ‘inspire’ workshop targets Years 9- 11 with the aim of motivating young people, providing inspirational role models and raising aspirations by giving the young people an open and safe environment to explore career options. They do this through educational talks run by successful young people including celebrity ambassadors. Previous celebrities have included Angel, SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards and actor Adam Deacon.

are reluctant to be involved with the police either as witness to a crime or reporting a crime committed against them. SOLA works in partnership with organisations including The Sun newspaper, Barclays and us here at Endz2Endz! They are also affiliated with many charities including the Ben Kinsella Trust, the Afro Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) and the Stephen Lawrence Trust. Gary was quoted as saying, “by 2012 we will have the biggest, most inclusive awards programme in the country with the largest awards show in London, second only to the Olympic ceremony. “He has certainly fulfilled this promise going from the Alexandra Palace with a rough capacity of less than 3000 to the O2 Arena, which will be the proud host of SOLA 2012. With a capacity of 20,000 the arena is the second largest arena in the UK. With the best artist line up the ceremony has seen to date, the night is expected to be electric!

They also offer talks, which discuss key social issues and how to tackle them. An example of this is their event on the 24th October 2012 in which they discussed the ‘wall of silence’ between young people and the police and why they 05



majority of young people do go unrecognised and that too often, young people are vilified and underappreciated. He questions how old men in suits sitting in their ivory towers can pass judgement on the youth of today, with no understanding of the realities of day to day life in inner city London.

On meeting Gary he was easy going and made casual conversation. Initially he came across as a cool character – and this is true – but as the interview went on, all attempts at coolness was overridden by his obvious passion for SOLA; it was clear to see that he loves what he does – and he has every right to.

Gary uses the last summers riots as an example of the demonization of young people, with such strong media focus on the chaos caused by ‘young people’, and nothing on their role in the clean-up.

When asked why he decided to set up SOLA, he simply replied, “because young people get bad press.” As managing director of the Damilola Taylor Trust, Gary feels that the amazing things that the vast 06



Rather than sitting back and doing nothing, he set up SOLA to recognise the extraordinary things that the majority of young people do every day; from setting up a dance school for kids in the local community, to setting up a business from your bedroom instead of going out raving every night. So, what exactly is ‘the spirit of London’? Or more accurately, who? For Gary, it is those young people who live on the same street as drug dealers, but choose to pursue their talents instead. It is the diverse talent and experiences that young Londoners share, and it is the future that they represent. It is this ‘spirit’ that SOLA aims to celebrate – and this year, the ceremony looks set to be the greatest yet.

When Gary was asked where he sees SOLA in the future, he said, “it’s going to be the biggest awards ceremony in the country, a award show which has a big force against the negative issues which are affecting are inner cities areas like gang culture, poverty, and un-employment and I think they can have a impact on these issues, far more than any government authority can.” If 2012 is anything to go by, I don’t doubt him in the slightest.

There are people coming from the four corners of London that our coming out of the toughest areas doing positive stuff and having a positive impact on their community which can have a big impact on the negative issues in the media, With positive awards shows such as SOLA we are see young community hero’s getting rewarded for their positive work. 08




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We also had the chance to grab Chelsea for a quick chat – and yes, you guessed it, she’s Gary’s daughter; but if you think she got herself a cushy job working for daddy’s company, you couldn’t be more wrong. It was clear from the start that her role as events manager is very full on, and she certainly isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

vation on what to do in her life so, when she was offered a role working with her dad on SOLA, she had nothing to lose by giving it a go. She couldn’t have guessed how much a part of her life it would become, or just how much she would come to believe in it; but just because she’s the boss’s daughter doesn’t mean she went straight in at the top.

Talking about why she decided to get involved with SOLA, Chelsea said it happened almost by accident. Having not done so well in her A-Levels, she was left with lack of moti-

Chelsea recalled how she spent the first few weeks making teas and coffees, but it wasn’t until her first event organising at 10 Downing Street and SOLA 2011, 10



which was held at the Royal Albert Hall, that she came into her element. SOLA is where her heart lies. Spirit of London in Chelsea’s own words, “a collective of talented young people a diverse mixture of talent from the pass three years who all act as one big family.”

Looking forward, when asked to describe Spirit of London in one tweet, she had this to say, “The future of parliament.” The SOLA awards does reward positive young people so maybe one day we will see our future Prime Ministers have won a award at SOLA!

The SOLA team carry out school road shows, where motivational speakers from celebrities to current nominees and SOLA winners attend to motivate young people in the things in which they do. So what is the core message Chelsea wants SOLA to send to young people? – ‘You too can achieve’. Too often young people are stigmatised by the mainstream media and Chelsea wants SOLA to champion the achievements of young people against this tide of negativity 12



The Spirit of London Awards (SOLA) is back for its 4th annual event, and this year it has seen some of its previous nominees come back to work within the organisation as ambassadors.

The singer-songwriter whose real name is Matthew Haynes, began singing in his church choir when he was barely out of primary school. He started making music as a teenager always knowing that he wanted a career in the music industry, and that he needed to work as hard as possible in order to achieve his dream. “I’ve worked really hard to build myself up in the music industry from a young age.”

One of these Haynzy, a 24 year old from North London who was nominated for SOLA’s Achievement through Music Award in 2009, “I was nominated by one of my old music teachers while I was working at Universal, SOLA came down to meet me at Universal and that’s how I got involved.”

From singing in the choir to backing vocals for artists such as Raghav and Darren B and working at Universal as a 14



talent spotter Haynzy’s music career has gone from strength to strength. He has collaborated with well-known artists including Bashment artist Aidonia, DJ Ironik and Funky House collective Crazy Cousinz and also appeared on music channels. Channel AKA, KISS and MTV Base. Haynzy’s range of collaborations shows his unique, versatile music style and his ease in adapting to different genres whether writing or singing.

It’s obvious why Haynzy was chosen to be an ambassador for SOLA as he is an inspiration to young people. Refreshingly, he hasn’t forgotten his roots and he’s grateful to SOLA for much more than the help they have given him. He says one of the best things SOLA has done for him is to allow him to “tell other young people what they can achieve, there’s no point in me doing what I do if I’m not going to learn from life and pass that onto others.” He is keen to pass his knowledge and hardwork ethic onto the younger generation and actively works with SOLA to do this, “I try and encourage the young people and show them that their dream is not that far away if they’re willing to work hard for it.”

“I try and encourage

the young people and show them that their dream is not that far away if they’re willing to work hard for it.” His positive and uplifting lyrics are a welcome change from the gloomy and sometimes aggressive music often associated with young male artists, “the whole reason I got into music was to inspire people and let them listen to music that’s good for them.” 16

“I’m just hoping that

With artists like Haynzy on board, SOLA are on track for world domination!

they can really cement the level they’re at now and keep going, maybe to the North of England somewhere or take it to another country. Hopefully get everyone involved.

Haynzy’s single ‘Mind on Your Body’ featuring Scorcher is out now! His EP Creating Monsters will be out in March 2013. Lock onto his official website for further details of where to get a copy of the single and EP.

His passion for music is clear, and so is his admiration for and appreciation of SOLA, what they have done for him and what they have achieved themselves. “They started at Alexandra Palace and now they’re at the O2. So it doesn’t get much bigger.”


Although a London award, SOLA looks set to become recognised throughout the world, “I’m just hoping that they can really cement the level they’re at now and keep going, maybe to the North of England somewhere or take it to another country. Hopefully get everyone involved,” Haynzy says with a smile and a look of determination. 17



Throughout her school life Jahanara has always been dedicated and vocal about making positive changes, at school she was on a number of school councils and tried to be a form representative. Jahanara’s determination to make a change took a stand when her secondary school cancelled a ceremony for the eleven students. A disappointed and concerned Jahanara took the matter into her own hands and emailed the heads of year and head teacher to express the feelings of her fellow peers. This was the making of the leader she is today.

College student Jahanara Chaudry, 17 is the former Youth Mayor of Ealing from May 2011 to May 2012. Hailing from Southall, a multicultural district in suburban West London, the best part of growing up in the area was the community spirit, “there is always an event happening, there is always a religious ceremony going on. It’s really nice to see other cultures celebrated.”




robes and the chain you’ve got the persona of being Youth Mayor, it’s Mayor, it’s really stressful especially if you have never done anything like that before.”

Currently Jahanara is an Ambassador for Spirit of London Awards (SOLA) – the community Oscars for young people. While she served as Ealing’s Youth Mayor, she was nominated SOLA’s Young Campaigner of the Year in 2011. With great power came great responsibility and many challenges, from attending meetings in the chambers after school to attending major events.

“There were young

Her main role was to represent the voice and opinions of the youth, during this time London was struck with three days of rioting. After the chaos in London, Jahanara was called up to defend the youth by doing an interview on Sky News. She condemned the actions of the rioters describing it as, “absolutely disgusting behaviour,” but also raised the fact that adults were involved as well and that the media were putting “too much emphasis on the young people.”

men defending the streets and I heard them running up and down my road at one point. It just shows how tight knit the Ealing community is.

Jahanara was a bit nervous when she did her first event but eventually overcame her fears. “I was meant to go and mingle but I just couldn’t do it I was so scared! When you’re in the

There was also a positive thing about the riots as communities came together to help clean up the mess and protect their 20

great thing, it brings you closer to a lot of organisations and really good for networking.”

properties. “There were young men defending the streets and I heard them running up and down my road at one point. It just shows how tight knit the Ealing community is.”

Jahanara believes that there should be more award ceremonies like Spirit of London where talented young people are recognised for their efforts, “I think the more you encourage young people, even adults, with awards and recognition the more they are likely to achieve.”

Jahanara felt the Spirit of London Awards is the “best thing ever” and was inspired to be a part of the organisation after researching the awards via Google. She realised how amazing it was, from the people involved and the work that they carried out.

In the future, Jahanara has major ambitions and plans to go to university and hopefully study politics. She would love to continue working with young people and maybe become humanitarian and help people who are less fortunate around the world. But her main dream is to have a career in politics and maybe work in the House of Commons or even become the next Prime Minister!

“I think the more

you encourage young people even adults with awards and recognition the more they are likely to achieve.

Jahanara was nominated at last year’s event at the Royal Albert Hall and even had a car sent to pick her up! “They make you feel like you’re the best thing on earth, I felt like I was going to the Oscars! SOLA is such a 21


ambassador  Fitness consultant Marlon

making the quarter-finals in the lightweight division of the Amateur Boxing Association of England’s Elite.

Mellish, 23 from Islington has a real passion for the fitness industry. From the tender age of eight, Marlon was introduced to the world of boxing by his uncle who took him down to Times ABC boxing club and competed in tournaments when he was 15. “He use to tell me about when he use to box and other fighters like Nigel Benn, Watson, Tyson and others but back then they were names and later on I got more involved in watching it then really built up a huge passion for the game.” One of his many achievements has been

Another of Marlon’s achievements was being nominated for and winning a Spirit of London Award in 2009 for ‘Achievement through Sport’. He has become a positive role model in his inner city estate in North London, through his achievements and through helping the Islington Drug and Alcohol Action Team organise workshops to educate young people about the dangers of drugs. 22



“It’s made young

London 2012 provided us with an amazing summer of sport. Records were broken, medals were on and legends were created inspiring a generation. Watching the Team GB and Paralympics GB athletes showcase their skills and deliver the results made us very proud to be British.

people have role models and from a variety of sports that would appeal to the individual and get them sucked into a sport that offers nothing but positivity.” Marlon has also spoken out against knife crime after losing his friend Ben Kinsella to a knife attack in 2008. He feels that many young people are not properly made aware of the dangers of carrying a knife, doing drugs or being part of a gang which often lead to fatal consequences, “a lot of young people get misled most of the time and just can be in the wrong place, wrong mind frame and wrong people surrounding.” He has also helped gang members turn away from trouble by recruiting them to boxing clubs.

Lord Sebastian Coe’s wish was for the legacy created from London’s Olympic Games would continue to inspire more people, particularly young people to become more active and take up sport. Marlon feels that the games have done more than inspire people, “it’s made young people have role models and from a variety of sports that 24

Despite having a successful boxing career Marlon does not have any plans to box in Brazil 2016 Olympics. After dedicating himself to the sport for the past eight years Marlon hung up his boxing gloves to pursue a career in fitness regardless of being criticised for that decision. “A lot of people are saying I’m doing the wrong thing by hanging up the gloves, but it’s my life at the end of the day and my decision. I’ve done boxing for myself so I won’t do it because I don’t want to continue not for no one else. I’m driven to do something in the fitness industry, I’m not sure what but I’m confident I will find something I enjoy and be successful at it.”

would appeal to the individual and get them sucked into a sport that offers nothing but positivity.”

Marlon believes that there should be more awards like the Spirit of London in order to reach out to young people. One category Marlon would add to the Spirit of London Awards would be to reward a number of young people for making positive changes in their area. “Rewarding them will inspire, motivate and belief they can achieve in what they are doing. It will also give role models for younger youths to look up to, by showing youth making that change to be a better person is the right route to go down.” 25


02 Arena


Achievement in the arts

Aged: 24 Borough: Lewisham

Emmanuel Akintunde

Emmanuel is a New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (NYCDA) trained British actor, who has starred as an extra in a number of UK and international shows/films. During 2009/2010 he        became a familiar face in MacDonald’s McFlurryŽ advert, he also landed a role in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (2010). Emmanuel graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in International Business and Marketing and has established his own business, GF Drums which works and trains up and coming talent. He has won HSBC Start-up Stars Award and is featured in the Powerlist Future Leader UK’s top 100 black graduates.


Age: 19 Borough: Enfield

Joelyn Morrall

Joelyn (JoJo) lost her 14 year old cousin, Shaquille, who was killed in an unprovoked knife attack in 2008. She decided to develop a play, called Crime of the Century which she has starred in and performed across the UK to inform young people of the dangers and consequences of knife crime. More recently she has worked with ITV Fixers to turn her play into a 10-minute film and is taking the film into schools as part of a workshop educating students about the causes and effects of knife crime and how it can be prevented.

Age: 22 Borough: Bromley

Lee Denny

Lee has succeeded in creating a niche festival with Leefest, that not only entertains the festival goers in an incredible creative environment, it also trains and gives hands on experience to young people in all varieties of festival related careers including; music production, event management, talent booking and creative design. The festival donates all profits to the Kids Company Charity. Leefest also promotes local artists offering them slots on the same stages as the bigger names such as Mystery Jets, GhostPoet and Jakwob whose appearances are testament to Lee’s business negotiation skills and budget management.




Achievement in Business

Age: 17 Borough: 17 Borough: Merton Merton Age:

Nick D’Aloisio D’Aloisio Nick

Dubbed the the next next Mark Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerberg and and likened likened Dubbed to Google Google founders founders Sergey Sergey Brin Brin and and Larry Larry Page, Page, to he last last year year invented invented an an iPhone iPhone app app while while revisrevishe ing for for his his exams. exams. He He has has had had to to ask ask his his teachers teachers ing at King’s King’s College College School School in in Wimbledon Wimbledon to to delay delay at his mock mock GCSEs GCSEs so so that that he he could could visit visit investors investors his in San San Francisco’s Francisco’s Silicon Silicon Valley Valley whom whom he he hopes hopes in will make make him him aa millionaire. millionaire. Called Called Summly, Summly, itit can can will condense long long web web pages pages into into text text bullet bullet points points condense that can can be be easily easily read read on on aa small small phone phone screen. screen. that The free free app app came came to to the the attention attention of of renowned renowned The investor Li Li Ka-shing, Ka-shing, the the world’s world’s 11th 11th richest richest investor person, who who backed backed the the idea. idea. person,


Age: 25 Borough: Kingston

Omar Tayeb

Omar is the founder of Blippar, an image-recognition phone app that converts products in the real world into an interactive experience. Only launched last summer, the company has teamed up with some of the biggest brands in the world including Samsung, Microsoft’s Xbox, Cadbury, Heinz and Nestle; as well as popular musicians such as JLS and Justin Bieber. In January, the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) agency took Omar to represent the UK at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Age: 19 Borough: Lambeth

Shadrach Straker

Shadrach presented his idea to Virgin Media who in return for his ambition decided to sponsor him and he then went on to become the first ever entrepreneur of the month on Virgin Media’s entrepreneurial website. By the time Shadrach reached aged 18 he had gained experience as an assistant manager, investment banking head-hunter and a trainee financial consultant. However, he had a great desire to help other young people develop an income out of their interests and set up a consultancy, Straker Unlimited, which specialises in helping them create the best out of their lives with the current resources they have.




Community Champion

Age: 25 Borough: 25 Borough: Croydon

Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka

Arnold was involved in a near fatal car accident in March 2006, since then he has been determined to give back as much as he can to the community. Amongst some of his achievements he has; represented Morgan Stanley at the Choice FM Young Leaders Awards,co-organised a student awards ceremony for the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT), co-founded APOM (A Part of Me), which has a vision of creating “A United African Community though Unity. He is also a Global Poverty Ambassador for the Global Poverty Project and was part of the steering committee for the Ghana High Commission’s Youth Day Initiative.


Age: 24 Borough: Lewisham

John Loughton

John grew up in a workless single-parent Scottish household, in area of poverty and high social exclusion. He began campaigning from the age of 11 to obtain a youth voice, which led him to become the youngest Scottish Youth Parliament representative. Now based in South London, he runs a youth company called Dare2Lead - a social enterprise where he now employs other young people to help inspire a generation to believe they can achieve the world. He has worked in over twenty countries, five continents and engaged with numerous governments, businesses and NGOs.

Age: 22 Borough: Harrow

Savan Shah

Savan voluntarily setup his own not for profit organisation ‘Inspire 4 Justice’ (I4J) in 2010, which aims to promote social justice and raise money for charitable causes, locally and in developing countries. He has fundraised for appeals such as the Tsunami Appeal and the East African Crisis Appeal, for which he raised a total of £1700. He has worked with at-risk and vulnerable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in his local area through teaching dance, leading to lasting positive change in Harrow. Savan then went on to fundraise £3000 for Raleigh International, in order to take part on a 10 week expedition to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.




Achievement in Education

Age: 21 Borough: Redbridge 21 Borough:

Fatumata Thiam

Fatumata arrived in the UK not speaking a word of English in 2006, since then she has mastered the language and gained GCSEs and A-levels. In 2009 she embarked on a diploma in nursing at Middlesex University. The course was very intense as it included work placement in hospitals as well as the standard coursework submission and studying for exams. With sheer determination and hard work Fatumata completed the course in July 2012 and gained the highest result in her class.


Age: 22 Borough: Hounslow

Kerry Saunders

Kerry’s mother passed away when she was 14, after suffering from mental health problems and her father lives in Australia, leaving her to become a looked after child in 2006. Kerry had her first child when she was 16 and her second child when she was 20. Kerry desires to become a paediatric nurse and over the last 5 years Kerry has juggled the hard work that comes with being a mother with studies. Successfully completing a HE Diploma in Nursing she has been accepted at university to study nursing in 2013.

Age: 16 Borough: Lewisham

Samveer Parris

In October half term of 2010 Samveer woke up paralysed. After an operation, Samveer embarked upon a programme of physiotherapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and blood transfusions. At the end of the year the decision had to be made as to whether Samveer would continue into Year 11 or repeat Year 10. The school understandably thought the latter might be in his best interests but Samveer was determined to continue as planned. Samveer had achieved 4 A*s, 4 As, a B and a C in his GCSEs.




Achievement in Fashion

Age: 21 Borough: 21 Borough: Haringey Haringey Age:

Doccia Apparel Apparel Doccia

As part part of of their their A-level A-level Business Business course, course, Emeka Emeka As    " 

  Oparah, Jade Griffith and Derek Nyarko all 21 from Tottenham Tottenham conceived conceived their their idea idea for for aa clothclothfrom ing label. label. Convinced Convinced the the idea idea was was more more than than ing just aa coursework coursework project, project, they they saved saved their their own own just money from from part part time time jobs jobs to to formulate formulate itit into into money an actual actual company company in in April April 2011. 2011. Currently Currently all all an at University, University, the the trio trio have have gone gone from from strength strength at !  to strength opening their first store in Camden. They have have been been mentioned mentioned in in various various fashion fashion They   ! blogs as well as securing high profile supplier contracts. contracts.


Age: 23 Borough: Waltham Forest & Islington

Loud Culture Designs

Abi, 23, is a full time fashion and textile student and part time stylist. Ashley-Rae, 23, is journalism graduate, part time stylist and entrepreneur. The duo met six years ago and since then, they have not only built a business but a sisterhood. Both of African descent, their brand LOUD Culture Designs came about when they both found it hard to mix traditional vibrant prints with their contemporary clothing. LOUD an acronym for their slogan, ‘Live Out Ur Dream’ epitomises the journey they have embarked on.

Age: 24 Borough: Westminster

Samantha Park

Samantha owns a successful online unisex fashion jewellery retail shop called What’s About Town. Samantha established her company when she was 15 and will celebrate its ten year anniversary in 2013. So far the company has received a Fabulous Magazine High Street Fashion Award in 2011 and several products have been photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue. A year ago, she also launched Kissika, her own jewellery line, which has been worn by celebrities such as; singers Rita Ora, Estelle, Alesha Dixon, Pixie Lott and Mika, TOWIE stars Amy Childs and Gemma Collins, footballers Ashley Cole and Sean Wright-Phillips and American stars Paris Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens.




Achievement in Media

18 Borough: Harrow Age: 18 Borough:

Eve-Yasmine Saoud-Easton

Despite being bullied at school and having to overcome severe medical problems, Eve-Yasmine has been determined to be successful in the media industry. She has presented BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards and Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball. She became Editor in Chief of SuperstarMagazine.com and is currently LIVE Magazine’s presenter/video Editor. She has interviewed the likes of Shakira, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones and Labrinth. She was also chosen to be Britain and        

 Ireland’s Next Top Model Live’s official blogger and presenter at model castings. She has used her skills as a presenter to host charity events such as the Fashion Frenzy Show in aid of BBC Children In Need.


Age: 20 Borough: Lewisham

Mandem On The Wall

‘Mandem On The Wall’ is an online series made up of a group of four young men all in their 20s; Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott, Dee Kartier and Freddie Osborne from South London. Their show takes on current issues in today’s society which many people especially young people can relate to with an entertaining and positive spin. The series has taken YouTube by storm, and the popularity of the show continues to flourish.

Age: 12 Borough: Haringey

Zoom Rockman

Zoom Rockman has been drawing, writing and publishing his own comic since he was 8 years old. He started out selling them to his classmates at school events and his local Newsagents. Now he has a wide range of London Stockists including the ‘Cartoon Museum’ in Bloomsbury and the internationally respected ‘Gosh! Comics’, in Soho. Zoom has been described by the Financial Times as, “the future of British Comics.” This summer he was flown out to South Korea to the Bucheon International Cartoon Festival for the second year running on an all expenses paid trip, to give a speech.




Achievement in Music

21 Borough: Croydon Age: 21 Borough:

Dan Traynor

       Dan graduated with a first class honours degree in Music & Entertainment Industry Management. Now an established music producer, he has worked with top artists including Professor        Green and Cheryl Cole. He signed his first publishing deal with Kobalt, the largest independent music publisher who represent world-renowned artists such as Paul McCartney. Despite his own success, Dan was determined to assist a younger generation with the skills and experience to also obtain a career in the music industry and set up his own London based recording studio where he trains young people.


Age: 17 Borough: Hackney

Jermain Jackman

Hackney resident Jermain, is an established singer/ songwriter/ events manager. He opened the Hackney Weekender with Leona Lewis and he won first place to represent the UK in an international singing competition, ‘Hackney V Harlem’. Aside from his musical endeavours Jermain is a member of the UK Youth Parliament and recently was awarded a National Citizen Service Award by David Cameron for his contribution to his community. He has also done a spot of charity work. He has fundraised for Haiti and has been involved with a number of campaigns against knife crime, with the police and politicians including Ken Livingstone and Stella Creasy.

Age: 20 Borough: Enfield

Tom Prior

As well as building his own name in London’s music scene, Tom has dedicated a huge part of his life to helping other musicians. In early 2009, he set up a development company called Clockwork in his garden shed. From rappers to singers, he helps people build their confidence in writing and performing. There are now 6 people that for at Clockwork as it continues to grow.




National Campaigner

19 Borough: Somerset Age: 19 Borough:

Jack Negus

Jack was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Despite various operations, including open heart surgery on three occasions, he has campaigned extensively for Little Hearts Matter; a charity co-founded by him and his family. Jack used his entrepreneurial spirit which saw him open a shop in his hometown of Somerset          called, The Slipper Box in Street, all profits made from the sale of the slippers go directly to the charity.


Age: 10 Borough: Kent

Jonjo Heuerman

Jonjo lost his grandmother Lyn to bowel cancer 3 years ago, he knew that Bobby Moore had died of the same disease and decided to start raising money for The Bobby Moore Fund as part of Cancer Research UK. So far, Jonjo has generated over £1m in funds through his charity walks including from Wembley Stadium to West Ham United, which was 27 miles. Jonjo has appeared on TV a number of times generating the much needed awareness about bowel cancer. Next year will be the 20th anniversary year of Bobby’s death, Jonjo will be organising a tag team to travel all 92 professional football clubs in the UK.

Age: 21 Borough: Leicester

Katie Washington

Katie, who is currently studying politics at Royal Holloway University, has been volunteering and campaigning since she was 12. Her work includes helping young girls who had been rescued from the Asian sex trade; children orphaned by HIV and visited several developing countries including India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand - where she taught English to local children. She is currently part of the youth advisory panel with Plan UK and she has spent time looking into and speaking on issues young people face. She gave a speech as one of the UK’s Top 100 Inspirational Women for Oxfam.




Achievement in Sports

Age: Age: 16 Borough: 16 Borough: Brent Brent

Jai Jai Padhiar Padhiar

Jai Jai is is aa talented talented sportsman sportsman who who has has represented represented Brent Brent in in 800 800 meters meters at at London London Youth Youth Games, Games, the the 2011 2011 London London Mini Mini Marathon Marathon and and in in Hockey. Hockey. In In 2012, 2012, he he was was an an Olympic Olympic Torch Torch bearer. bearer. He He also also uses uses his his sporting sporting talents talents to to raise raise money money for for charity, charity, so so far far he he has has raised raised £70,000 £70,000 for for CLAPA CLAPA Cleft Cleft Palette Palette Great Great Ormond Ormond Street Street Hospital, Hospital, £12,000 £12,000 for for Multiple Multiple Sclerosis Sclerosis in in aa 10K 10K run run and and spent spent his his summer summer in in Nigeria Nigeria to to help help build build aa water water pump. pump.


Age: 15 Borough: Newham

Liam Archer

Liam lost his sight at the age of 6, but has a love for sport. He started attending Arsenal VI football sessions and also plays cricket, goal-ball and attends rock climbing sessions. He went through his junior mainstream school attending triathlon and judo sessions before focusing on b1 football. Liam plays in pan-disability teams and he has represented Newham London and Essex at b1 football. He has been into schools highlighting blind football to mainstream schools, demonstrating and talking about disability sports. He has also spoken in front of 300 people at Lords Cricket about being blind and being involved in sport.

Age: 19 Borough: Croydon

Matiullah Haider

Following the disappearance of his father and brother, Matiullah’s mother sent him to the UK for safety at the age of 14 in 2007, since then he has had no contact with her. Arriving, unable to speak or read English, he was housed with foster carers and sat GCSEs although he had only been in school for 7 months. Along with many children from Afghanistan, he loves cricket, as a result the cricket charity Cricket for Change, partnered by the Refugee Council, set up The Refugee Cricket Project, which also doubles up as an advice surgery. Matiullah volunteers at the project and his role in this is crucial, he speaks three languages, Pashto, Dari and now English, he has obtained an interpreting qualification and is a qualified cricket coach.




Young Hero

Age: 13 Borough: 13 Borough: Lambeth

Jeremiah Emmanuel

Jeremiah lost his father at a young age, but has been keen to play an active role in his local community. From the age of 8 he campaigned for a new local secondary school with the Nelson Mandela Foundation. By the age of 10 he was the Junior Road Safety Officer and a Sports       Leader. At the age of 11 he became the Deputy Youth MYP for Lambeth, becoming one of the youngest in London. In 2012, at the age of 13 he was elected to become the Deputy Youth Mayor of Lambeth representing young people across his borough. Jeremiah aims to be a politician when he is older.


Age: 12 Borough: Croydon

Sapphire Timson

Sapphire has suffered from the severest form of sickle cell disorder since she was 6 months old. She has had pneumonia twice and suffered a acute chest syndrome which almost proved fatal. For her to live a’ normal’ life she has to have several blood transfusions and take loads of medication and chemo-therapy. She never complains and uses her spare time to volunteer selflessly to two local charities in her community: Croydon Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Group & African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT). She does a huge amount of fundraising and helps to raise awareness of becoming a bone marrow donor within the African community.

Age: : 13-16 Borough: Haringey

Tottenham Song

Following the 2011 summer riots that started in Tottenham, which damaged the reputation of young people in the area, a group of students at Gladesmore Community School decided to change their perception of their peers. Not only did they want to combat the negative stereotypes of Tottenham’s young people but they also wanted to lift the spirits of the community that had become divided. They created a song called ‘Everybody Dreams’, which entered the charts and gained support from many well known personalities including Wretch 32, Ricky Norwood, Gareth Bale and Dame Kelly Holmes.





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Endz 2 Endz Magazine: Issue 8 - Spirit Of London Edition  

Welcome to our last issue of the year! As media partners of the Spirit of London Awards (SOLA), we have decided to dedicate it to the awards...

Endz 2 Endz Magazine: Issue 8 - Spirit Of London Edition  

Welcome to our last issue of the year! As media partners of the Spirit of London Awards (SOLA), we have decided to dedicate it to the awards...

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