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Flawless Exclusive interview

with one of the hottest dance group in the uk



Exclusive interview Kal Lavelle, BWNG, NO ID, A-STAR, RADIO KING, Brooke Kinsella & much more Plus check out ARE NEW comic strip Reality Road filled with trials, betrayal and lust

Editor's Letter Towards the end of August, I assumed position as E2E’s Assistant Editor-in-Chief. It is with great honour that I announce my addition to the company, and present you with issue 7 of the magazine! The Performing Arts edition has been a delight to work on, as we had the opportunity to meet with young talents within the Arts. We have churned out interview after interview, meeting the casts of some of the latest web series including Brothers with No Game, talking to dance crew Flawless and upcoming artist Kal Levelle. We also have a new addition to our regulars; a new comic strip called ‘Reality Road’. A light read penned by our resident artist; filled with trials, betrayal and lust! For our ‘Nite Out’ we hit up Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, which was very entertaining as we sought out what brought out London Town’s fashionistas and what is hot this autumn/winter. We also witnessed Delilah perform in Topshop’s window with three wardrobe changes! Street interviews were conducted and cocktails and fizzy wines were the only things we could relate to by the time it was all over. We also went to see the brilliantly Gregory Doran directed Julius Caesar, at the Royal Shakespeare Company. I cannot stress enough to research what shows they have on and go see them as they are incredible. In the spirit of the performance industry, we spoke to Tambo Silavwe, Artistic Director at Flourish Drama Company and received some great pointers from the ever so charming Keshia Watson; about the hard truths of the industry and how to deal with rejection. Brooke Kinsella highlights the need to research charities and projects that help young people develop in performing arts, as well as expressing how honoured she was to have been a cast member on Eastenders. After the Olympics the Paralympics followed suit, and London put on another superb performance, our athletes and volunteers represented the city with great vigour and patriotism. A special thanks goes out to Team GB and especially to Londoners for their transmissible positive energy throughout the Games. It’s been a truly memorable British summer, and we now welcome you to autumn!

Sara Dariaux Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Endz 2 endz Team Chief Editor: Tyrone Smiley


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AStar www.endz2endz.com

Endz 2 Endz had the chance to meet up with one of the first UK online series to be showcased on the net. Their online series has open up a lot of doors for young actors and showcased a new platform for them. Endz 2 Endz interviewed the cast of No I.D. who discuss their views on the show. E2E: How did the whole concept of No I.D. come about? Emile Thompson: I was at university when I got the idea. At the time there were a lot of things happening, and the only way I knew how to express myself was through writing short scripts. The initial idea for an online series was birthed from an Australian website that promoted safe sex through web series, and I figured since there wasn’t there wasn’t anything like it in the UK at the time it would be a good idea! E2E: Describe your character in No I.D.? Nathan Hector: My character Labels is a lighthearted man who can’t be taken seriously! He wears a lot of brand names like Ed Hardy, Gucci and so forth. He likes to see himself as a hyped character, and ironically you’ll always find a ‘Labels’ at every university! Liz Konstantino: Yasmin is a little on the wild side. Her ethos in life is to live fast, die young. Alesha Pryce: I play Kemi a half Jamaican, half Nigerian girl who was in a bit of quandary at the beginning as to whether she wanted to continue living a life filled with partying, sex and booze or focus on going to church for the betterment of her self. She is in a relationship with Marx who she struggles to be in tune with because she wants to focus on being a dutiful Christian as her uncle passed.


Callum Johnston: I play Nick, who ideally is my alter ego. He is a discombobulated lad who tries to play with the big boys but struggles to fit in.

E2E: No ID was one the first online web series. Do you think you opened the doors to other online series?

Leon Schwier: Marx is a confused man who’s not getting intimacy from his girlfriend Kemi, because of her Christian principles. He often tries to get it elsewhere! You may allude that he’s somewhat a player but fact is he really loves Kemi and sees himself having a family with her someday.

Emile: I think No I.D. has shown that it is possible to showcase online series online especially in the UK. There are now more online series such as ‘Spin’ and ‘Brothers with No Game’ which are really good.

Daniel L. Bailey: Kwabena is a 22-year-old black man from South London who has gone through a lot in life. He is very introvert as he thinks a lot. Kwabena is quite an intelligent person as there’s more that meets the eye with him.

E2E: What have you learned from making the first series to make series 2 better? Emile: Improving the visuals and sounds, perfecting the editing, using great miseen-scene and diverse casting.

Hannah Seaton: Liz is an attention seeker, she is really insecure. Her main goal in life is to get pregnant but it backfires!

You can follow the No I.D

E2E: What your favorite episode in No I.D.?

Leon aka Marx: @LeonSchwier Liz aka Yasmin: @missKostantino Hannah aka Liz: @Hannahlseaton Nathan aka Labels: @NathanHector Callum aka Nick: @Callum_Johnston Daniel aka Kwabena: @DanielLBailey Alesha aka Kemi: @AleshaCharmaineaka

Leon: My favorite episode was episode 3, the library scene. A lot of realism came into play there, as I’ve experienced my girlfriend in real life talk to her girls like that! I feel that when you can encapsulate that free-flowing chemistry, the audience can engage with it naturally. E2E: Who’s the diva in the team?

Émile: @EmileAutuer

Facebook: NoIDOnline Twitter: @NoIDOnlineDrama

Hannah: I’m under obligation to not speak about it, you’ll have to watch for yourself! Although, there have been instances where you think she’ll find out! E2E: Does Kemi find out that Marx has been cheating on her? Alesha: I’m under obligation to not speak about it, you’ll have to watch for yourself! Although, there have been instances where you think she’ll find out!



Young voice Personally, I love it when I learn something new about acting. I still go to class and do home study.

Young voice/ Old voice

E2E: Do you think there are enough opportunities for young people in the arts?

Interviewed by Sabina Arthur

Keshia Watson is a London-based actress, writer and director. She was nominated for Best Female Actor at the BFM International Short Film Awards and has worked in television and theatre. As a writer, she won funding for a rehearsed reading at her first play earlier this year. E2E: How important is training for a career in the arts? KW: I think it’s really important that an actor goes through a period where they focus on what’s going to make them better at what they do. It can be drama school, workshops or even tutoring.

KW: Yes, if you do some research in your area. I was 18 when I produced my own radio programme and was mentored by an award-winning producer. One would think such an amazing opportunity would be oversubscribed but in fact only two people had responded the ad in the national newspaper. E2E: As a writer, where do you find inspiration for your work? KW: I don’t have one particular source as people and their stories inspire me. E2E: How do you deal with rejection in the industry? KW: I used to walk into the audition thinking everything will go my way. I


realised the hard way that it’s the casting directors job to choose a suitable character; not mine and for that, I had to change my focus to understand it. E2E: Who do you look up to in the industry? KW: As a writer, Steven Moffat is doing great work. Sherlock is an example of superb storytelling. Acting-wise, I am a fan of Cate Blanchett; I love how she disappears into each role, making her character portrayals truthful. E2E: What advice can you give on getting into the arts? KW: Do lots of research, as it will help to get clear on what you want to achieve and how. Get into the habit of banging down doors and ‘bugging’ people! If you have any fears or doubts, face them before getting into the profession, as you’ll be more prepared to deal with the highs and lows.

Old voice

Interviewed by Tyrone Smiley

As a shy seven-year old, Brooke Kinsella was sent to the Anna Scher Theatre School by her mother, in a bid to boost her confidence. She quickly built up a wealth of TV credits and eventually became a household name as Kelly in EastEnders. Brooke is now passing on her experience to budding child actors through her True Stars Academy Drama School and Talent Agency; which will launch adult classes in September. She talks to us about her acting career and the loss of her brother, Ben. E2E: What was it like to play Kelly in EastEnders?

BK: It is an actor’s dream as it is the best place to learn your craft. There is no time for mistakes in a soap especially when working with legends that have been there for years. I learnt so much in my time there and also made some wonderful friends.

that help young people find and develop their talent - you just have to be committed to finding them.

E2E: Have you ever been rejected for a role you really wanted?

BK: It had a massively horrific impact. We are still trying to come to terms with the fact that we will never see Ben again. We don’t understand why it happened and why the violence is still happening on our streets.

BK: As an actress you are constantly rejected! It is disheartening but one has to accept that it is a major part of the job. I auditioned for a lot of roles in EastEnders before I got the character, Kelly Taylor. E2E: Do you think there is a lack of opportunity for the more impoverished demographic of Britain? BK: I think there is a general lack of opportunity for everyone at the moment but being able to go to drama school always helps. There are some great charities and projects


E2E: Your brother sadly passed away in 2008 as a result of knife crime, how did that impact you and your family?

E2E: Who inspires you? BK: My parents are my heroes and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support. Always appreciate your family and friends. Online:

@brookekinsella www.benkinsella.org.uk www.truestarsacademy.com








TAMBO SILAVWE Tambo Silavwe, a young scriptwriter and Artistic Director at the Flourish Drama Company, to enlighten us with some tips, discuss his progression within the industry and the feedback his play, Matters of the Heart, received after making history by selling-out two nights at the Lost Theatre.


E2E: How did you get into script writing? TS: I started while I was at college and used to make up plays. I decided that I wanted to get serious with it and did a degree in Arts Management and Drama. It is one thing to direct and another thing to see your work being performed by actors. It developed from song writing, to poetry, to monologues and eventually, full-length scripts. E2E: Yours was the first company to have had a one-night sell out at the Lost Theatre with Unfamous based on the online book written by Scotty Unfamous. What were your reactions like? TS: I was mostly surprised that it hadn’t been done before. On the second night we were told we sold out, wed didn’t believe it so when we checked the ticket sales, the proof sat in front of us. The ticket lady told us we were the first ever company to have done that. It was exciting to have made history. Designed by Madhu Sidhu

E2E: What do you think is your best storyline so far?


TS: My favorite piece has to be Matters of the Heart, which was about love and relationships, online dating, young married couples, stereotypes of a male player and the woman who thinks she can never get played. It was not your mainstream stereotypical story and the way it came together, along with the casting was amazing. E2E: What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a scriptwriter? TS: Stay creative, be original and do not let your dreams be crushed by anything or anybody. Being around creative people encourages a lot of creativity. Write short scripts and listen to conversations in the street. Little things like that actually help for a creative piece, as it sounds natural when it’s in tune with real people and their experiences. E2E: Is it essential to attend university to get into the performing arts? TS: I don’t think it is as it’s more of a preference. University will teach you certain important aspects but I feel experience is far more essential. E2E: What’s next for Flourish? TS: We are working on a new production called ‘The Home’ which developed from a workshop we did with a group of youth offenders. It tells the story of a group of troubled young teens working in an old peoples’ home. It’s set to come out in late November or early December. “Stay creative, be original, do not let someone spoil your dreams. “ www.flourishdrama.co.uk info@flourishdrama.co.uk Twitter: @FlourishDrama Tambo’s personal twitter is: @Just_Tambo



What my life's like? Being brought up from with a Jamai-

WHat my life's like?

can background, I was often taught by my folks appropriate manners and how to give and get respect. I was taught to leave good lasting impressions upon meeting people and I’ve incorporated this into my everyday living. It’s carried me through life and shaped me to be the dynamic individual I am at this crucial point in my life which shapes a positive mind-set and forward thinking within me that leads me to know where I’d like to see myself in coming years.

One of the highlights of my life till date was my invitation to 10 Downing Street back in 2008 by Sara Brown, wife of former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. The invitation was to represent my college for a charity event that was taking place. I was overwhelmed to have been picked out of the whole college for such a prestigious honour and I wholeheartedly represented them well.


I decided at the tender age of 16 to delve into the business world. This all started with the mentoring of my old business teacher Mrs. Branker, a lady I can’t thank enough for seeing the budding gift in me and helping to flower it and show it’s real beauty. I am only thankful for meeting her at that time in life when children need direction most; not just at home but in school and it provided me the support I needed to flourish and progress academically. I ended up leaving her class with a BTEC Distinction. With that acquisition, I decided to take my success further and start ventures of my own; the first being Young N Fabolous Clothing which pioneered urban clothing in my community. With the burgeoning success of Young N Fabolous, I have since gone on to start up a phone design enterprise,

Blackberry Customise, which customises Blackberry phone cases, and also started a blog, Locked-InnTV, which covers topics that include music, business and technology news, and interviews. I’ve also recently been given a Non-Executive Director role at Adam Bradford Enterprise & Investment Group. I’ve also decided to go to University (which I wasn’t originally excited about but am now) to expand my business knowledge. After assessing the pros and cons of committing to a three-year routine of rigour and debt, I decided it best to do so. A new venture that’s on the horizon is that of trading stocks and shares which I’ve been toying with. So far, I’m not faring too badly and can only hope that in the coming months it’ll be something I’d want to take further.

Other industries I’ve always found fascinating and would like to get into are that of networking and promoting. These two platforms are strong foundations wherein I can build contacts for different industries that can also be useful in the long run. I am currently experimenting with the idea of promoting for clubs and bars, which should garner me clientele, to build relationships with for future ventures. Networking will also help to improve my skills of gaining business contacts that could be use for my benefit or benefit of fellow business heads. My definition for an Entrepreneur is an individual who is willing to take risks that others won't, knowing the rewards could be good or bad. I like to think myself as that.

To keep up to date with me and what I do: @NoelDaviss www.abeig.com www.youngnfabolous.co.uk www.Blackberrycustomise.weebly.com



Julius caesar At the RSC - Royal Shakespeare Company Reviewed by Gabrielle Broomes

Julius CESAR

Gregory Dolan’s stage adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is a beautiful representation of the play. It is about a tyrannical political leader’s need for ultimate dictatorship power, which leads to his timely assassination.

This all black cast handle the accents beautifully with the musical notes of the African accent working extremely well with Elizabethan dialogue.

Joseph Mydell’s character portrays the accent well, giving an outstanding perforDolan excitingly sets this political production in an unknown republic in an mance as a witty Casca who is full of life. African-geared mise-en-scene. The stage Jeffrey Kissoon plays the tyrannical Julius opens up in a wonderful array of beauti- Caesar whose character is a little less ful vibrant colours and choruses chimed assertive than in the play. along with beating of drums and soulfulness. Set designer Michael Vale tries to Dolan focuses heavily on the conflict portray the Roman origin of the play with between Brutus and Cassius; both played by Patterson Joseph and Cyril Nri. Their the set. The large stone steps and the ever-changing relationship provides a statue of Caesar at its centre that was ripped down as a portrayal of the decline gripping viewing throughout the play with both actors beautifully portraying the of his power were good depictions. characters desperation and love for one another. Ray Fearon portrays a compelling scene of a devious Mark Antony where he convinces a gullible audience of citizens of Rome that he, like them, is against Caesar. He persuades them to go against Brutus and other conspirators against Caesar that leads to war.


My only disappointment was the very tame fight scenes, in which... Caesar’s death presented an unconvincing end. A lot of clearly missed stabbings to Ceasar’s body and him suddenly lying lifeless on the floor was only saved by the reactions of the killers. Besides this, I can only praise this innovative production and am excited to see Dolan’s work as Artistic Director in the near and foreseeable future.

The performance ended with a gracious appeal from the cast for donations to The African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust charity of which cast member, Ray Fearon is an ambassador.


As part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s project in conjunction with the London Festivals 2012 and the Paralympics event, the World Shakespeare festival runs from the 23rd of April through to November, delivering performances across Shakespeare’s collection of plays. Tickets can be found on: www.worldshakespearefestival.org.uk



Sunglasses - Spitfire, Jacket, Top, Leggings - Vintage. Hat - H&M, T- Shirt- H&M, Jeans - Top Shop.

Shirt & Jeans - Ben Sherman Boots - Grensons

Top - River Island, Chino - Topman

Fashion Friday

Sunglasses- Ray-ban, Jacket- Vintage Levi jeans top, Leggings- H&M, Shoes Doc Martins Shirt & jeans- Topman, Snapback- JD sports, Shoes - Vans.

Necklace, bag - Lulu Guinness Jacket, Dress, Shoes - Zara


Hoody - Vans, T-shirt - Rebel 8, Hat Abandon Ship, Jeans and Shoes - Vans

Snapback - JD Sports, Polo Shirt - Lyle & Scott, Jeans - Burton, Shoes - Vans Snapback - JD Sports, T- Shirt- Primark, Jeans - Burton, Shoes - Primark.

Top - H&M, Trousers - Vintage Beyond Retro, Shoes- Doc Martin

Dress - Topshop, Jacket - Miss Sixty, Shoes - Steve Madden

For this edition of ‘Fashion Friday’ we took a trip to the world famous Portobello Market to check out the street style.

Cardigan - Market, T-shirts - Topshop, HatHoody - H&M, T-shirt - Forever 21, Jeans Michael Bran, Jeans- Markt, Shoes - Four River Island, Shoes - Vans Feet,


Blazer, shirt, Jeans, Shoes - Massimo Dutti


Reality Road

Nicole, I don’t want no damn baby! Get off my back!

I don’t blame you and your sad trapping self. Come on, what girl wouldn’t want a baby with me?

Your’re real fast to put it in so face up to your responsibilities, you good for nothiung WASTEMAN!

I’ve had enough of your rubbish. What other men have I been sleeping with? Get out my house! I’ll raise the baby myself; PRICK!

LOL! You make me laugh babe; I was leaving your filthy house anyway. I’ll give it an hour, to see how many missed calls I get!!

Shervon, I don’t believe this little boy couldn’t face the consequences like a man and claimed im trying to trap him.What a FOOL!


WHAT! Typical Darius; ever so full of himself...he is just a little boy in a grown man’s body. Fast to do the thing, but can’t

take up any responsibilities. Don’t take any notice; he’s soon going to

come running back to you like

the dog he is.

Yeah I know hun. it’s cool though because he’s going to get his own back. But let me leave you yeah babe, Love You!

Ok babe, I’m Expecting someone anyways. Love you too. Night.

Who’s that at the door?

Finally! come in babe.

It’s me baby...Darius

You all right beautiful?

MMM you look

sexy in them tight frenchies. Come give me a kiss and take them off!

What The... (Giggles Slightly)

All for you Baby!!

Designed by Mark Winchester Written by Manny



Designed by Wionana Harrod

22 Flawless





Mysterious Mysetrious Diary

Question Can the contraceptive injection affect the results of a pregnancy test? Answer Pregnancy tests work by looking for a particular hormone, HCG, which is only produced by the body if you’re pregnant. The contraceptive injection contains the hormone progestogen, which won’t affect the outcome of a pregnancy test. It’s worth bearing in mind that the contraceptive injection is over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, which means it’s very unlikely that a woman on the injection would become pregnant. If you think you might be pregnant, you can buy a home-testing kit from a chemist, or get one done by your local doctor (GP). Pregnancy tests can work as soon as a period is late (one day overdue). If you don’t have a regular cycle it can be difficult to know when a period is due. It’s best to take the test three weeks after having unprotected sex, as this is roughly how long it takes for the hormone levels to show up fully on the test. If you’re under 25, you can get a free test carried out at a Brook clinic. Here, you’ll also be able to talk through how you feel and what your options are. This will be done in confidence, which means nobody will be told about your visit unless you want them to. If you are pregnant, it’s important to get advice as soon as possible to decide what you want to do next. If you’re not pregnant, you may want to get further advice about the right contraception for you, especially if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancy in future. To do this, you could call Brook’s free helpline on 0808 802 1234.

‘Questions were submitted to AskTheSite, a free and confidential online service on www.thesite.org for 16-25’s in the UK. For more advice on any issue go to TheSite



Question My friend suffers from panic attacks. Is there anything I can do to help her?

Answer You’re clearly concerned for your friend and it’s good to hear you’re there to support her. Anxiety can be extremely overwhelming and it affects people in a variety of ways, both physically and mentally. A panic attack is sparked by an involuntary quickening in breathing rate, triggered by stress or anxiety. They can be very frightening for both the person experiencing them and those around them, too. Often, it can be hard to know what to do to help. Your friend may find it reassuring to know she’s not alone in experiencing panic attacks. Everyone feels anxious some of the time, especially when stressful things are happening in their life. But some experiences can be more intense than others, and it may be helpful to suggest she carries out certain techniques to help her cope, such as positive thinking, abdominal breathing or distracting herself. Your friend could consider visiting a doctor (GP) to discuss her panic attacks. A GP will be able to assess her situation and explore the options of support and treatment available. You could even accompany your friend for extra support if necessary. It may also be helpful to contact First Steps on 0845 120 2916 for telephone counseling and to find out about support groups in your area. The organisation also offers self-help products available to buy online, such as relaxation tapes and CDs. Supporting someone experiencing a mental health problem isn’t easy, and it’s important you take into account the emotional impact this may have on you, too. For further help, you or your friend could call SANELINE on 0845 767 8000 to talk to an advisor about any mental health issue, including panic attacks.

You can find TheSite.org on: Facebook: TheSite.org Twitter: @TheSite



Kal Lavelle

Kal Lavelle

Photo taken by Tom Bunning


We were presented the opportunity to speak to Irish indie folk singer Kal Lavelle about her musical journey; since the Sunday Mirror had included her on their ‘Hot for 2012’ at the beginning of the year. She has released a string of soulful singles and in the past year and collaborated with radio-play friendly UK garage act, Artful Dodger. Also close friends with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Selina Macdonald, she’s well underway to taking the British music industry by storm. E2E: For those who don’t know who is Kal Lavelle and what does she do? KL: I like to see myself as a folks singer, but I think the genre has somewhat merged into folk indie soul with a bit of a edge. E2E: How did the collaboration with Artful Dodger on the song ‘Could Just Be The Baseline’ develop? KL: My friend Ed Sheeran who co-wrote the song first recorded the original track. It wasn’t released due to record label requirements, so Ed suggested me to re-vocal it. Artful Dodger tweeted me asking if I wanted to vocal the track and I said yes. E2E: It must be cool having such cool friends? KL: Yeah I like having cool friends you can only be my friend if you win a Brit Award (she says with a cheeky snigger). E2E: Who’s the interview by? If you’re not going to include this change ‘I listened to you song’ to ‘we’. KL: ‘Shivers’ is about sex. It’s based on relationships and how wanting someone so much can have a real physical and emotional effect on you. I think people most likely like it because it is relatable and you can actually feel the words in the song. E2E: How does it feel to be recognised for your music? KL: It honestly means a lot to me as it’s coming from the heart, which is why I’m doing it because I want to be successful at what I love. At the start of the year the ‘Sunday Mirror’ added me on their ‘Hot for 2012’, which felt incredible because last year was such a tough one for me career-wise. I’ve toured with Ed Sheeran in the UK and Ireland and I’ve done the Artful Dodger collaboration; I’m really moving forward with my career. I guess one can say I’m coming out of my comfort zone but I’m enjoying every bit of it. Kal’s recent single Gypsy Blood is out now on video and her EP is available to purchase on iTunes now.





For our Performance Arts themed issue Mariza Papadimitriou decided to take a trip to Covent Garden, a vibrant area in the heart of London where every corner hides a small surprise. From mimes and jugglers, musicians and magicians there is a show that can satisfy all ages and tastes. Street performance is alive and open to everyone, right here on the street.

Title: Balance is golden


www.endz2endz.com www.endz2endz.com


Title: Title: Chasing Carlie Carlie Chasing


Title: The Power of wheel

You can view more of Maria’s photography on You can review more of Maria work on facebook: Facebook.




Designed by Justyna Maluchnik

34 Mikel Ameen

@MikelAmeen www.mikelameen.com




Radio - King




Interviewed by Gabrielle Broomes

Designed by Wionana Harrod




London 2012

Written by Lawrencia Amfo-asiedu

Designed by Wionana Harrod





eb series, brothers With No Game released their secoNd series this summer. our cast members: david avery, daNi moseley, issac sosaNya aNd camilla de oliveira, talk to eNdz2eNdz about the story so Far…

What’s your character in Brothers with no Game?

David: I play Marcus, one of the four brothers. He has different personalities around different people and shows off a lot. He’s at the stage in life where he is still trying to find himself. I think Marcus was teased a little when he was younger, so as he got older, he started taking a personal care to his grooming and appearance and has somewhat gone over the top with it.

Brother with no game

Dani: I play Simone who is very Afro-centric and opinionated. She’s like one of the boys. She’s still a bit burnt from her previous relationship, so she is embracing more, ‘woman power.‘ Isaac: I play Junior, the comedian of the group. He’s still quite hurt that his ex left him to pursue a career in New York. He is trying to move on with his life and forget about her. Camilla: My character is Diana. She is bossy; it’s ‘my way or no way’. She went on a date with Junior who is still seeing Vanessa. She is not happy about this and is very curious about why Junior rejected her, which she has never been accustomed to. In Episode One, what was the concept behind the ‘Heskey role’? Isaac: It’s about a guy who doesn’t realise he’s been put in the ‘friend zone’. ‘For example, the scene where Theo drops a girl at another man’s house and waits for her. It’s things like that, many guys can relate to but won’t talk about. Designed by Chantelle Prempeh

What‘s the concept behind ‘BWNG’? Dani: It is a good and funny concept. The office scene in Episode Two, we filmed a great number of times and I had never laughed more. If you laugh so many times on takes imagine watching the whole series. I’m so proud to be part of the cast.


Do you think it is essential to go to university to study the performing arts? David: It depends on who the individual is. You can definitely get some technical skills which are priceless if you went to drama school, but I do not feel you have to go to be an actor. If you’ve got a talent, it is essential to work at it and eventually get there. It does help to have a drama school on your CV, but I do not think it is essential. What type of help or promotion do you think BWNG will need? David: We need funding and every independent British project knows that funding is essential. We need the whole team to be paid. They’re currently working off their own backs. What we‘re doing is great and we all love the concept but to keep the consistency, we need funding.

To donate to BWNG, go to www.indiegogo.com/brotherswithnogame. Brothers with no Game web series can be caught on www. brotherswithnogame. com. The team can also be followed on can Twitter The team also be followed on Twitter: and Facebook: @David_Avery @Izzyboy101 @Camilla O’Hara @Dani_ Moseley @Hiyp production Isaac double poser Camilla D’Olivera Dani Moseley



5 Top Films Written By Lolia Harry

The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Certificate 12A 4/5

5 top films / 5 top gagets

All the Marvel fans will not be disappointed. Spiderman hits the screen again with this time with UK actor Andrew Garfield to play the role.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Certificate 12A 5/5

Ted (2012) Certificate 15 3/5 The most anticipated funniest movie to hit the cinema this summer. No surprise there, as it is directed by Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy).

This movie has been the buzz of the summer. Actor Christian Bale plays Bruce Wayne and this time has more trouble to deal with in the role as Batman.

Dr Seuss’ The Lorax (2012) Certificate U 3/5

Total Recall (2012) Certificate 12A 3/5

This is a great movie to take out to see with the family. It features voiceovers from comedy actors Ed Helms and Danny DeVito.

Fans who watched the Total Recall in the 90’s should be excited to watch this remake and most likely will not be disappointed.


5 Top Gadgets Written By Lolia Harry

Samsung Galaxy S3 Comes closely to the HTC One X. It has a quadcore processor, a great battery life and loads of features to sink your teeth into (£499).


Ipad 3

Is one of the most popular tablets on the market but they’ve come back and bigger with amazing screen, great 3D graphics and good battery life (£399).

This smartphone is definitely worth your money. It has the best processor, an amazing HD screen and it has been rated 5 stars everywhere (£420).

HP Envy 14 Spectra Ultrabook

Is a redesign of the HP Envy line with a scratch resistant gorilla glass lid instead of plastic or metal, perfect if you want something strikingly unusual (£1200).

Dr Dre Beats Pro


Headphones look sleek, solid and cool-looking with a great bass and sound blockage even though they are a bit pricey and just a little uncomfortable (£349).


Just when you thought London couldn’t get any more exciting after hosting the 2012 Olympics, Vogue’s Fashion Night Out sent us off to an entertainment frenzy by having the biggest fashion night out the capital has ever seen since its launch in New York in 2009 and globally around the major cities of the world; London being one since 2010. From triumph buys to star-studded events, it’s the leading fashion street party that you wouldn’t want to miss. Hundreds of shops around the city participated in the event, from designer to high street, in the lead up to London Fashion Week. The streets of the West End particularly, were buzzing with fashionistas, music, goodies and champagne. Perfect combination for the ultimate shopaholic!

Nite out

E2E went to visit Oxford Circus and although the entire street was remarkable, we have featured our Top 3 favourite hot spots from the memorable evening!



Picture of location 2 ie. Miss Selfridge

Picture of location 1 ie. Topshop

Pull & Bear provided a mouth-watering 20% off all stock from 6pm-10pm! As well as complimentary drinks and set from their resident DJ.

3 Picture of location 3 ie. Pull & Bear

Delilah serenaded us with her sultry voice by setting up stage in the Topshop Window. Singing live next to the amazingly dressed mannequins, she was the star of the evening. Topshop also provided raffles, complimentary makeovers, nail art and free gifts with purchases! One word – Amazing!


Monsoon brought out the red carpet, enticing people into the store for exclusive offers and events.



Cardigan: Miss Selfridge Dress/Belt: H&M, Trainers: JD sports



Jacket: Vintage Shirt: H&M Leggings: H&M Bag: Lumi Shoes: High street shop

Shirt: Vintage Jacket: Asos Jeans: Topman Shoes: Vans

1 2

Jacket: Religion Bow tie: Custom made Trouser: UniQlo Bag: Zara

‘I’ve been hearing about it for such a long time and wanted to see what it’s all about. I just love shopping and was hoping I’d bag a few clothes at good prices. The freebies are amazing. There are free drinks, free makeovers, free products, we’re hoping for free clothes. (Giggles with her best mate)’ Jasmine, Muswell Hill

‘A showcase of what’s going on Abigail

1: Shirt: YSL Jeans: Topman Shoes: Doc Martin

Jacket: Hong Kong Leggings: Topshop Bag: Wild Card Shoes: Office

‘We like to meet beautiful people and see what other people are wearing.’ Michael and Dave, South London

‘It’s like a free party that’s all about Fashion.’ Charlene, South London, Evita, North West London



‘I totally support Vogue and everything it is about. They are inventive so I am here to support this event and shop until I drop. I say you should love fashion and embrace being able to express yourself. Not everyone around the world can so be grateful. I am here every year and I love it. Now I’m off to love more fashion.!’ Marcus, Devon

2: Dress: Boutique Shoes: ASOS Head accessory: Asian Shop

“We absolutely love Fashion’s Night Out! We come every year!” 47

in the fashion world and some exciting new things. We saw Delilah earlier; wasn’t sure who she was but loved it. We are actually going to check out some more shops and just see what the vibe is like. Phoebe and Harriet, Cambridge


Interview By Gabrielle Broomes


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The Performing Arts edition has been a delight to work on, as we had the opportunity to meet with young talents within the Arts. We have chu...

Endz 2 Endz Magazine: Issue 7  

The Performing Arts edition has been a delight to work on, as we had the opportunity to meet with young talents within the Arts. We have chu...

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