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Paul Bolton climbs onto the Roof

Matt Ridgway masters mud and ice at Midwest

Seth Stephens Memorial Race

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2011 Events Guide

Snowy Showdown for DirtBike-Traxs at Fatcats Report by Pete Botchett Photos by Julie Gorse

All the planning was thrown into disarray when the Dirtbike-Traxs team rolled into the Fatcat Motoparc on Thursday morning. The whole track was covered in 8 inches of snow and with the threat of more to come; the event was in serious danger of being cancelled. After a quick recce around the track on the quad and a chat with Fatcat owner Martin Craven, the decision was made to crack on with the track preparations and see what the next few days would be like. By Saturday morning the track was marked out and after a few laps with the quad, it was all set, the car park had also been bulldozed clear so the event was looking promising. Saturday afternoon was significantly warmer and with rain coming down for the best part of the afternoon, everyone had their fingers crossed for a mild night. Race day arrived with lovely clear blue skies, but unfortunately the temperature had dropped to minus 10 during the night which left parts of the track frozen. Luckily the majority of the track was still covered with snow and the ground underneath had held up well to the frost. After thorough track inspection and some major track alterations, the decision was taken to go ahead with the kids race at 9:00 am.

With the sun blaring down the 13 brave lads lined up in the snow covered start line, all eager to get off and running, even Dawson Marriott and Jacob Miles on their 65s were up for the challenge. The race got underway with the Supermini class and it was DBT regular Luke Owen cutting his way through the thick snow to get the hole shot on his Suzuki RM85. The rest of the packs were hot on his heels and by the end of the first gruelling lap the two Keogan brothers, Jake and Thomas, Joe Write, Doltan Shannon and James Miles were setting the pace. A minute after the Supermini start, the two 65s were set on their way. Dawson Marriott got off to the better start and battled his way into the first stages of the course and being fairly new to the sport, Jacob Miles found it a lot tougher to get going. It was always going to be a big uphill struggle for the pair and after both eventually making it around the course under constant supervision, they both decided one lap was enough. Meanwhile the cold was taking its toll on the bikes and riders in the Supermini class, defrosting frozen carbs and repairing

broken chains was the main problems the riders had to contend with along with the expected cold fingers. With the 90 minutes drawing to a close Joe Wright had a clear lead of two laps over the nearest challenger. James Miles came through to take second place from Jake Keogan who came across the line in third. All these future stars deserve a massive applause for tackling these trickiest of conditions and keeping up their enthusiasm for the whole 90 minutes.

The Adult race was due to start at 11:00am so with only 30 minutes to open up over another half of the course the men behind the scenes worked tirelessly to get it ready. With riders still signing on and the last of the youth riders coming off the track at 10:50am the main race was delayed by 30 minutes and due to the threat of plummeting temperatures in the afternoon a decision was also made to cut the race down to 3 hours from the advertised 4 hours, which was a relief to a large majority of riders. The main race had some top names lined up to tackle the extreme conditions. Eurotek's Paul Bolton came from one extreme to another after his exploits in the 2010 Roof of Africa to team up with another Eurotek rider, Tom Healey in the Expert team class. Mick Seward put in an MPS Racing team to challenge for the Expert team title; Jack Rowland and Joe Deakin, whilst in the Expert Ironmen class, on form Harry Hillas was going to be the one to beat and DBT regular Alex Owen was there to give him a run for his money.

As is custom at all Dirtbike Traxs Ironmen events the start was a LeMans style 25 metre run to the waiting machines through the 8 inches of snow. So at 11:30am the starter's horn blew to send the first line of valiant riders, comprising of the Expert, Clubman and Over 40 Ironmen on their way. The spectators were treated to a fantastic spectacle of 40 riders making a mad dash to their machines then a flurry of white cloud as the bikes snaked down to the first corner. Two minutes later, just as the snow had settled, it was the turn of the Sportsman and Youth Open Ironmen and by the time the team riders set off, a further two minutes after, there was a clear line down the start straight.

Straight from the off, Harry Hillas was off like a rocket and for the first two hours constantly put in sub 10 minute laps. He was an inspiration for any young riders watching, making light of the more difficult sections where a lot of riders were struggling. For the last hour his pace dropped off slightly, but not enough to let in second place challenger David Myers who finished just over two minutes behind with third place going to Damon Butler. All three notched an incredible 18 laps. In the Clubman Ironman class it was a similar situation with Luke Copestake leading the class from the moment he entered the first corner, finally finishing with 17 laps under his belt. The battle between second and third was a much closer competition. Eventually it was Fatcat regular Gareth Lodge who grabbed the second place spot 26 seconds ahead of Rob McCloud, both completing 16 laps. Reece Morewood was going well and looking at a podium finish until a frozen carb forced him into early retirement. Over 40s Ironman winner was Chris Cooper with 17 laps, two laps ahead of second placed Richard Cutts. Shaun Woffindon finished third with 14 laps.

The Sportsman Iron man class was the largest of the groups and it was Shane Marriott who fought his way through the pack to notch up 16 laps to claim the first place spot. In second was Mark Mathison with 15 laps, also on 15 laps was third placed Adam Zoellner. The only ladies who turn out to brave the conditions was mother and daughter team, Anita and Jade Gordon, who put in a great effort to rack up 11 laps. Finally in the Youth Open Ironman, there was only one finisher, Robbie White and he managed 11 laps in the 3hours. The race of the day had to be the Expert teams from Eurotek and MPS. Tom Healey got the Eurotek team off to a good start but Jack Rowlands was on a mission and took the lead with some impressive riding. The lead was lost when Joe Deakin had a bad off and spent vital seconds stuck under his machine. The pairing of Bolton and Healey where unstoppable from then on even though the MPS duo did make a valiant effort to claw back the lost time. At the end of the race there was only 48 seconds separating the two teams, both on 19 laps. Third place in the class went to the Manchester pair, Sean Eckersley and Michael Reynolds. The Clubman team class saw Declan Helliwell and Reece Emson snatch first place by a mere 1 second from the clutches of Phil Handcock and James Craft. After spending the majority of the race in second place, the young guns comprising TGORs rising star Scott Altass and the Dirtbike Traxs Putoline championship regular Luke Gorse finished in third 27 seconds later. All three teams clocked up 17 laps. The Sportsman team class was won by Ryan Burton and Carlton Husband with 18 laps, which pretty impressive for sportsman riders. In second with 17 laps was Stuart Waterhouse and Vinnie Mullan and also on 17 laps in third place was Gary Morley and Paul Sykes. Finally there was only one Youth Open Team, Robert Davidson and Ben Halfpenny and if they were old enough to go into the Clubman class would have won the class with an impressive 17 laps. The feedback from all the riders has been very positive, the decision to run was definitely the right one, there will be some very sore and stiff riders recovering from a real gruelling ride.

Results Thanks to everyone who spent the last few days in the freezing conditions to make this event happen and ensuring it ran as smooth as it did without any injuries.

2010 "BABOONS" LESOTHO SUN ROOF OF AFRICA 25 - 27 Nov. Lesotho

Paul Bolton climbs the Roof Photo Hubert Stanka

After a long flight I arrived in Johannesburg, where I was picked up by Daryl Curtis, who had helped me arrange a bike out there through KTM South Africa. We collected the bikes from the KTM factory and then went to test them along with Chris Birch. My bike felt really good, so it was time to get the bikes washed off and get everything ready for the Roof. Wednesday was the first of many early starts. We left Jo'burg at 3.45 am in the dark and drove to the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, known literally as the Roof of Africa as it has the highest lowlands in the world - 1,400 metres at it lowest point and over 5,000 meters at its highest. Once the sun had risen we could see the breath taking scenery and vast open plains of grass and desert. We arrived in the capital city of Masuru, where we would call home for the next week. We immediately went to look at the 'round the houses' race in the van. We drove around the track because it is on public roads and probably the nearest thing I will do to the TT but on knobble tyres! It was a massive eye opener once we were actually on the bike - flat out in top gear around long sweeping corners, sliding sideways on the nobblies. Once the first lap was out of the way, I started to relax and started to enjoy the race. I felt like I had just stolen a bike and was on a getaway from the cops! I finished 12th, one place behind Chris Birch. The riders then went in one big convoy up in the mountains, to the start of the time trial, where the course was downloaded onto the GPS and we set off in number order. I wasn't expecting anything that was about to come‌it was 5th and 6th gear for 80 kilometers. It was the fastest, scariest thing I had ever done and you couldn't predict any of the terrain - unlike anything I had ever ridden before. At one point I

had a word with myself to slow down as I was riding way out of my comfort zone. Arriving safely at the finish, I was placed a disappointing 17th - but I was in one piece, unlike some others. Day two began with a delay, as the start time was put back due to uncrossable rivers. After a little bit of re-routing, it comprised of a day in the mountains, with a mix of some fast sections at the beginning and some hard technical sections at the end. It was the longest day - around 230 kilometers with some very tricky terrain. I rode the whole course on a similar time to the leaders, but as I had started with a time penalty for being in 17th position on day one, I ended up with only 8th on day two. On day three I Started in 8th place on the road, I lost a couple of positions initially due to navigation errors of my own fault, but then we started to climb high into the mountains. The only spectators were the shepherds and the airborne helicopter. The extreme altitude was really noticeable and it effected me by absolutely zapping my energy. The pace of riding on the technical sections was slower than I had expected, but everyone was feeling the absence of an ability to push on, due to the combined effects of the heat and altitude. At decontrol, I drank and ate as much as I could get my hands on, which enabled me to recoup and push really hard on the technical parts and the fast bits between. I realised that I was starting to claw back positions, passing Lionel Seydoux, Simo Kirssi and Daryl Curtis. I was closing the gap on Lettenbichler up the new section aptly named Push Me Please, which was located at an altitude of 3,600metres. Just when we thought we had completed the hardest part, the downhill that followed was treacherous really steep and littered with boulders! 178 kilometers of off road racing from this mornings start, I arrived at Bushman's climb, the last obstacle between me and the finish line. I got to the finish in 4th place. Overall it was a fantastically organised event, world class riding and amazing scenery. After serving my apprenticeship this year, I will be back to see what I can do next year, as it is part of the World Extreme Enduro Championship. Thanks to Daryl Curtis and the Brother Broadlink team, KTM South Africa and everyone who helped me. Cheers guys!

Matt masters mud and ice at Midwest Photos Martin Harding

With most of the country in the grip of the worst November weather for 17 years, the Midwest team did a great job to run the 7th and final round of their Hewitt XC Championship this weekend (Nov 28th) at Toplands farm, Ford near Chippenham in Wiltshire. Toplands is a new venue and although it was not at it's best in the icy conditions it showed considerable promise. The course incorporated the Chipping Sodbury MX track as well as a large woodland and surroundings grassy fields. Matt Ridgway was riding his new Off Road Experience 250 2T. He lost a footrest but he still kept his balance and won. James Jackman was the runner up and Darren Wheeler was 3rd. This may be Darren's last race for a while but he has retired on a high as Hewitt XC Champion. After the race Matt said that he thought the Yamaha was awesome and he was pleased to have won first time out.

All the riders that took part must be congratulated for riding in such testing Conditions & well done to the Midwest teem for running the full 3 hour race.

Photos by Martin Harding: Darren Wheeler, James Jackman and Seb Dexter finds some unexpected grip. Video Photos Jack Stringer

Seth Stephens Memorial Race

With the country in the grip of one of the earliest cold snaps in history, the team at RMPEC and SCEC persevered with what is one of the best locations in the southern counties region to put on an excellent event for the full entry of 150 riders.

If anything, the cold weather was more of a benefit than a hindrance as it dried and solidified a water sodden ground from the previous week's rain and actually made for perfect conditions considering the steady temperature over the weekend of -2 degrees. With very little snow to hamper proceedings, the race got underway at 11:05 after a short briefing, engine warming and a minutes silence in memory of Seth Stephens who passed away in July 2010 on active service in Afghanistan. His wife did the honours with dropping the flag for the large championship group to get underway and the fast boys hit the front as expected with Daryl Bolter, Ollie Moyce, Nick Life , Stan Watt and Dan Beaven rounding the first set of corners in that order. With the initial part of the course consisting of a well thought out sand bowl allowing all classes to spread out before entering into the first sections of forestry. A long section of sand track linked the areas of Bovington and the Mexe before the riders made their way into the last sections of forestry, negotiating the more extreme and technical areas, then heading back to the transponder area and the main bulk of spectators at the sand bowl. The first two laps had the front championship riders fighting it out with a good initial battle between Daryl Bolter and Nick Life until Daryl retired after hurting his leg with the suspicion of something more serious and that was it with Nick taking control to the finish. He was followed some way behind by Brad Smith and James Giddings with a late surge by Phil Studley claiming 4th ahead of Dan Beaven in 5th. Richard Lennard picked up the Seth Stephens Memorial Trophy for the first Sportsman 40+ Results - Photos A big thanks to those in control of Bovington and the Mexe, to all those that helped put the course together, especially those that stayed behind to clear the area and in particular to Seth's family, who have been extremely supportive of the event and heavily involved in the implementation of a fitting tribute.

Ho-Ho-Husaberg Photos courtesy of

Karl Gunnlaugsson of KTM Island has sent Enduro News these spy shots of Santa testing the Husaberg FX450 on a frozen lake in Iceland. Santa said the FX handled well on the ice and he couldn't wait to try it out on a really slippery surface like a wet Abbeycwmhir test in the Welsh 2 Day next June. The UK was no warmer than Iceland and temperatures plummeted to record the coldest December for 100 years. Very few events could compete with the Big Freeze.

2010 Boxing Day Enduro Weavers Down Report & Photos by Teamsnapper

Well what an event that was.......full of action, spills and thrills, we arrived at 0630 to help Manny B/Colin B/Simon B and others from Witley to set up the final bits, the whole area of Weavers Down was still completely covered in snow and in places over 12 inches deep and any areas that had been driven on were solid ice, as the competitors arrived so many were getting stuck in and everyone seemed to be helping everyone, its amazing how we bond in such adverse situations. I was luckily enough to view the course which was just a tad over 12 miles and the conditions were hard and challenging with many climbs and bogs that were proper bogs and you had to be so committed to get through due to their depth, the very steep climbs were great if you had clear run but that did not happen often and the carnage on the hills looked like a battlefield from old. The hardest factor was simply the ice where it had compacted and as the event wore on the ice got worse and was the downfall of EVERY rider at some stage. 330 riders were due to sign on with many more in reserve waiting for the opportunity for non arrivals, sadly one of the big guns failed to make the start James Giddings but the A list was of excellent quality with some top MX and Enduro riders in the mix like Scott Elderfield/Dorren Coutts/Jack Turner/Aaron Smith/Richard Ely/Jack Twentyman/Dan Beaven/Zac Blackwell . The start was the Witley trademark Le Mans style of running to your bike and go go go......... The First away were the Championship class with Richard Ely on the Midwest Husaberg making the most awesome of starts with some 60 yard lead before second corner with the rest of the pack bunched but luckily no fallers, at the very near end of the lap the famous Weavers Down Wall was there for the Hard/Extreme route or you could take the Easy route which entailed minimum 30 second disadvantage, The Wall was the spectators eye candy and first round with something over a minute lead...yes a minute lead on lap one was Dorren Coutts on his Motoward Yamaha however he mistimed the wall and came off over the bars and fell very hard and i personally thought he had broken his wrist but hey these MXers are tougher than i thought as he recomposed himself and continued on although he must have been hurting ......adrenaline can be a wonderful tool, i caught the the action on camera so please take a look at Teamsnappers website, in 2nd place was the very likeable Richard Ely on his new Midwest Husaberg who made the wall look very much like Childs play and was a delight to watch, as the laps wore on it was simple to see that no one was quite in the league of Doreen Coutts who won the event but a great battle for second between Richard Ely and Jack Turner who continually swapped places throughout the day with the Husaberg mounted Richard Ely eventually taking 2nd place but 3rd place Jack Turner was only seconds behind however Jack Turner won the Expert class overall, Scott Elderfield had a great

event and finished 4th(3rd in class)but seemed to always being held up by back markers and Scott is a very polite rider and never bullies his way past which maybe on this day cost him a podium finish, 5th (4th in class) was Dan Beaven.......please take note as this the man to watch in 2011, Dan had been riding TM for a while and has recently taken delivery of new KTM 250XC and he has gelled with it fantastically and will be a major player this year,6th place overall (2nd in class)went to the very cheeky Aaron Smith aboard the Husaberg TE250 2 stroke with Zac Blackwell breathing down his back in 7th (5th in class) place, the ever YOUNG Jack Twentyman had a great ride in 8th overall but 6th in Championship class, 9th overall went to the evergreen Neil Bowker on his CR125 Honda, 10th overall but 3rd in Expert class was the very young babyfaced (Sorry Max) Max Varney who again has come on leaps and bounds this year and will be another young gun to watch. Championship 1. Dorren Coutts 2. Richard Ely 3. Scott Elderfield Expert 1. Jack Turner 2. Aaron Smith 3. Max Varney The Over 40’s class was a very mixed bag with some class riders at one end and first timers at the other end, the winner who was something like 5 minutes ahead of his rival and rode very smoothly albeit had a few moments in one of the bogs was Darren Osborne on his KTM 300, 2nd was Richard Alldred who battled all day with 3rd place Steven Bird , but it must be said that the top 3 in this class were in a league of their own and would have finished very high in the expert class, so well done guys. It was also good to Chris Stainger back after a serious operation and although was taking things easy and most definitely not race fit had a creditable 6th . Over 40 1. Darren Osborne 2. Richard Alldred 3. Steven Bird The Clubman class with well over a 100 riders was never going to be easy but Teamsnappers good friend George Hayes(DK Autos KTM 125) had a stunning ride to take victory and made some very good thinking moves through the bogs and climbs that made the victory which really on this day you needed to use the brain, i am sure Georges dad Mark was like a dog with 2 ........ (am sure you get the drift lol), less than a minute behind George was Lee Howarth on his Yamaha YZF250 with Lucas Burman in 3rd on his KTM 250 EXC. Clubman 1. George Hayes 2. Lee Howarth 3. Lucas Burman The sportsman class was the most subscribed class with over 120 riders and a very surprising winner Luke Humphrey on board the new Stomp 250 4T which was on its maiden event and you won’t get many more tougher events so well done to Stomp and a massive pat on the back to Luke whom i did not see put a foot wrong all day and again used his brain, 2nd went to Iain Randall on his Suzuki and 3rd to Kyle Harper on the big Husaberg. Sportsman 1. Luke Humphrey 2. Iain Randall 3. Kyle Harper The quad class was easily won by Andy Eastmap with a very creditable 41st overall which is an amazing result Quad 1. Andy Eastmap 2. Ashley John Blyth 3. Bob Cross Only 1 finisher in the Sidecar class which was Paul Fishlock on the Triumph 500, well done Paul I must add that the medical team, marshalls and helpers worked their socks off trying to cope with the amount of injuries especially ones who were miles out on the circuit and it is at events like this when you really appreciate the support of not just the medics but the spectators and helpers. For full results go to and for photos

Marko Tarkkala to ride Husaberg in 2010 In 2011 the 28-year old Marko Tarkkala will be returning to where he had his first international success. The 2011 season will be “a new beginning” for Marko Tarkkala´s career. After two tough years the multiple Enduro Vice-World Champion is more than excited about his new setup for the upcoming season. Although it’s a new start for Marko he will be returning to a familiar surrounding, as he has already enjoyed success with Husaberg in the past. Marko was a member of the Husaberg Factory Team from 2002 to 2004 and it was a very fruitful partnership as Marko finished on the podium in the 400cc class of the WEC in 3rd place in 2002 and 2003. In Finland Marko will be supported by Husaberg Nordic and at the EWC rounds the Husaberg Factory Team will provide full support for him. In 2011 Marko will return to the class he was most successful in throughout his career, the big-bore E3 class, riding the new Husaberg TE 300 2-stroke bike

Lampkin signs three year contract with Gas Gas Fresh challenge for Dougie Twelve times FIM Trial World Champion Dougie Lampkin has today confirmed that he will join Gas Gas in 2011, with the thirty-four year old having recently signed a threeyear multi facet contract with the Spanish based manufacturer. Lampkin will continue to compete in the SPEA FIM Trial World Championship next season as well as contesting the FIM Indoor Enduro World Championship, selected extreme enduro competitions, plus other selected International trial and enduro events. As well as continuing to compete at the highest level in both disciplines, Lampkin will also play an important role in helping Gas Gas develop both their trial and enduro products for racing activities and for end users. Whilst Dougie will maintain his quest for his one hundredth Trial Grand Prix win, he will also look to assist his younger team mate Adam Raga, as the 2010 vice FIM Trial World champion looks to return to the top of the rankings. Additionally Lampkin will take on the overall responsibility for all Trial activities, with him adopting the position as Trial Team Manager, but with a very hands on approach. The three-year agreement between Lampkin and Gas Gas represents the start of a new era for the former FIM Trial World champion, with Dougie having never previously ridden for the Girona based company. Now under the control of Commercial Director Ramon Puente, the Spanish factory has a clear and strong strategy for the future both in terms of competition success and increasing their market share. Dougie is one of two high profile riders who will spearhead the new Gas Gas assault starting in 2011 and who may give rise to limited edition replica models in due course. Lampkin will make his Gas Gas debut on Saturday 8th January 2011 at Sheffield arena, as Dougie continues his longstanding association with this indoor trial event, which remains one of his favourite occasions each season. Sheffield will also see Dougie begin his association with the major trial brand – Jitsie, with the Yorkshireman having agreed terms to wear both their riding apparel and helmet, and also to develop his own range of Jitsie casual clothing. Speaking about his pending move, Lampkin commented. “Firstly I would like to thank Lapo Bianchi, my cousin John and everyone else at Beta for making my second stay both enjoyable and successful. It has not been an easy decision to leave the family, but the new challenge is just the motivation I need at this stage in my career.” “This is an exciting opportunity for me and one I am delighted to embrace as Gas Gas have shown a real desire and passion for me to become a part of their team. I firmly believe I still have something to offer by riding the Trial World Championship, and as well as looking to win at least one more GP, I really think by still riding at the highest level it will help with the development process we have planned.” Dougie continued. “The two stroke Gas Gas enduro models are amongst the best in their class, and I think this will really help me at the indoor and extreme events. Although I have had some good results to date in these type of competitions, I feel that I can improve my performances given the benefits offered by the weight and power of the Gas Gas enduro machine.” Lampkin ended by saying. “I will be going all out to win my one hundredth Trial GP, the centenary edition of the Scottish Six Days Trial, the indoor enduro World championship, plus some extreme enduro events and as many other competitions as possible, whilst still attending to my other duties, so it is going to be a busy year all round.” For all the latest news and results please visit where you can subscribe to Dougie’s official press service free of charge.

Youth & Adult Mudie Bond Winter Challenge Wyre Forest Off Road hosted Round 2 Youth & Round 1 Adult of the Mudie Bond Winter Challenge at the very well known venue of Coney Green Farm, Stourport-On-Severn. The weather men got it right this time & had forecast rain all week which we got making the venue very wet but the sandy conditions were taking all that the heavens could throw at it. Saturday was set for the youth classes following a 5 mile lap that was designed to be very fast and flowing giving all the riders the chance to push their bikes & quads to the limit. Out first as always were the 65cc & 50cc Auto solo classes which would normally run on a shorter & easier course. Such is the standard of these young riders they were given the opportunity to race on the full lap & did they rise to the challenge? Yes they did. Even to the extent that they didn't try the easy routes put in, they used the harder tyre sections laid out for the older riders. Archie Hicks took the hole shot in the 65cc class and pulled a huge lead in the 1st lap and managed to take the win. Over the 1hr 15min race Harry Edmundson was showing some real style & pace reducing Archie's lead but was unable to catch the Cobra sponsored rider & had to settle for 2nd place. With William Stansbie in a creditable 3rd. A big well done to Mitch Parkes who had to be brought off the track in the 4x4 ambulance after crashing on the 1st lap, he soon got back on his bike to complete a further 4 laps showing real determination. Sam Davies wasted no time in getting to the front of the 50cc group but swapping places during the race with his mate Paddy Borge, Sam finally took the win with Patrick 2nd & Ewan Potter in 3rd. Race 2 was for the older solo riders. Ashley Bowden wanted to show it wasn't a fluke that he won Round 1 and went off like a rocket to take the overall win & the 250cc 4stroke class win with Andy Bull in 2nd & James Earl in 3rd. Luke Smith had to settle for 2nd overall but took the 125cc class win a full lap clear of 2nd place rider Callum Reynaulds with Jack Denning-James 3rd. In the over 13yrs 85cc class Jack Edmundson was on a charge battling with friend Brad Freeman all race. Eddy looked set to take the win but had a puncture making way for Brad to take the win just 29 seconds in front of Edmundson in 2nd, Harry Aughterlony took a hard fought 3rd place over Adam James in 4th. Antoine Criq lead from start to finish in the under 13yrs 85cc class finishing in 1st ahead of Luke Arnall in 2nd & Ross Truszkowski in 3rd. Race 3 was for the quad classes. Jamie Morgan, Billy Langford & Dexter Langford were all pushing to the absolute limit. Jamie was out front and never missed a beat to take the overall win but the Langford brothers were pushing each other hard in 2nd & 3rd places until Billy suffered mechanical problems resulting in a 14th place finish but Dexter's machine never faulterd to take him home in 2nd place with Kyle Hawkes in 3rd. In the Auto Quads 10's & over Matty Morris took the win over Calum Owen in 2nd & Lewis Marston in 3rd. Callum Burke took another win in the Auto Quad under 10ys with Henry Yardley in 2nd & George Betton in 3rd. A fantastic days racing was had by all showing yet again the standard of youth riders at WFOR. Well done to all..... Sunday made way for the adult ranks with just Expert & Clubman classes for both solo & quad riders. Entries looked good for both but many of the quad riders not showing on the day didn't dampen the riders spirits and they got ready for some superb racing. Out first were the solo riders on a slightly extended route from the Saturday. Clarke of the course Sean Reynolds couldn't resist putting in a few technical sections as the track had dried out to perfect racing conditions after the youth riders had cleared all the wet areas the day before. Paul (Fast Eddy) Edmundson had made himself available on Saturday marshalling while his boys raced and using the time to run in his new KTM, Paul was so impressed with the track and conditions couldn't help but return Sunday to race. With the offer of a free race at the next meeting to anyone that could beat Paul on the 1st lap he was in for a hard time from everyone. Liam Garbett showed why he is WFOR top solo rider taking the hole shot and pulling away from the expert field. He wanted to prove a point and with top adult expert Tom Hirons on his tail, these two looked set to give Paul a run for his money. It took Eddy over 3/4 of a lap to catch & push past Garbett & Hirons just managing to get into lap scoring 1st. Garbett & Hirons stayed in sight of Eddy for one more lap but could not keep up the relentless pace Eddy had set. Garbett had to retire at the 1hr point with an aggravated back injury sustained at the Barmouth Beach race. Eddy had pulled a 4min lead by this point leaving Hirons in 2nd & a very fast Luke Smith chasing. These two were to keep swapping places but with no way of catching Eddy he was able to cruise to the finish with a good lead over 2nd place Tom Hirons and & WFOR Youth rider Luke Smith following in 3rd. In the Clubman class the front runners were having their own battle with the final tally being Tom Card taking the class win, Ryan Cyhanchuck in 2nd & Phil Ball finishing in 3rd. At the end of the race Paul Ed commented on how hard it was to pass Liam & Tom with how fast they were riding & what a great day he had ( thanks Paul glad you enjoyed it),A big well done to Craig Badman on his 1st race back after a massive mx crash which resulted in a broken neck, well done mate..... Race 2 saw the quads take to the track, Top Quad MX racer Oli Sampson pulled off a massive lead on the 1st lap and would finally take the overall win in the Expert class with Darren Bridge in 2nd & MKM Rocket man racer Ant Barrett in 3rd, In the clubman class Top WFOR youth quad rider Thomas Downes was set to take the win on his 200cc Blaster until he broke his throttle cable allowing Joe Andrews to take the class win with another WFOR youth rider taking 2nd place with Richard Clarke in 3rd place. Well done to all that rode at the weekend & thank you for your support , the next rounds will be at the same venue on 8th & 9th January 2011. Results

Dakar Bounds Craig Bounds hopes that the 2011 Dakar Rally will prove to be 3rd time lucky. In 2009 Craig broke his sternum two weeks before the start and he struggled to finish. In 2010 his motor seized on Day 13 after he had posted some impressive times that placed him in the top 20 Follow Craig’s progress from the bleak snow covered mountains above his home in South Wales to the dust and heat of the Atacama desert of South America.

Craig is interviewed by BBC Cymru Video

A late night suspension set-up session with DrShox Chris Hockey

Bike complete with Fusion Graphics

Queueing was clearly the order of the day for signing on

Merthyr Lunch i.e. whatever could be 'liberated' from breakfast!

Before scrutineering Craig had to sort out an electrical problem. The battery was flat and not charging. On the plus side Paul Webb arrived in Bueno Airies after a flight from the UK yesterday to deliver the teams kit which got stuck in the UK because of adverse weather conditions and DHL's impressive incompetence.

“Scrutineering is like doing half the Dakar” Video

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2011 Events Guide 2nd January - Ride XC Fun Event at Hapton Burnley - what a great way to welcome in 2011 the 2.5 hour fun xc event will start at 12 noon. The open going course with its climbs and descents will give the riders a great work out after all the xmas and new year festivities with all adult classes and youth aged 14 plus ride xc will continue to offer great value with the entry set at a mere £35 if you book in on line before 31st December to book in visit www.Ride-xc.Co.Uk . Rider’s are welcome to turn up and pay on the day at the normal entry rate of £45 directions post code BB11 5QQ the venue is accessed off Rossendale road Burnley turning into Billington road industrial estate were you will pick up the orange markers taking you into the farm for more details OR FOR A PHONE ENTRY, phone 07792485622

2nd January - Enduroland - Deepdale.Sandy Beds – Prebook

3rd January - Graham Jarvis and Dirtbike- Action Enduro School at Westwood near Barnsley Yorkshire once againg dirtbike-action and world extreme enduro star graham jarvis team up to bring a special enduro school , using the fantastic westwood woodland venue which offers all types of terrain . the day is suitable for all abilities from youth to adult starting at 9am finishing at 3pm, the school is limited to 12 so early booking is advised phone 07792485622

Saturday 8th January - Presentation Evening at the Holiday Inn Telford. Tickets are available, but going fast, by calling Mandy on 01543 370070 or emailing 8th January - WYRE FOREST OFF ROAD, MUDIE-BOND Junior Winter XC Championship Rnd 3 .Solo Classesauto solo (6yrs & over), 65cc, 85cc, 125cc/144cc 2-stroke & 250cc 4-stroke (125cc/144cc & 250cc-14yrs to 17yrs). Quad classes, Auto (8yrs to under 10yrs & 10yrs & over ),upto 110cc 2-stroke or 125cc 4-stroke. Blaster Class upto 200cc 2stroke or 250cc 4-stroke (NO HYBRIBS) At Coney Green Farm, Stourport-on-Severn, Worc’s DY13 0TE sp off B4194 .contact Rob Garbet t on 07740 151273 after 5pm or visit 9th January - WYRE FOREST OFF ROAD, MUDIE-BOND Adult Winter XC Championship Rnd 2 Solo ClassesExpert & Clubman, (14yrs upwards) Quad Classes Expert, Clubman & 4x4, At Coney Green Farm, Stourport-on-Severn, Worc’s DY13 0TE sp off B4194 .contact Rob Garbett on 07740 151273 after 5pm or visit

9th January – RideoffroadUK Winter Warmer - Round 2 - Thoresway Motoparc Caistor - Details

9th January - Track n Trails Winter Series - Round 2 - Adult & Youth Hare & Hounds - New Venue on Salisbury Plain. The largest MOD train area in the country it’s not going to be hard to make a great track here!

9th January - Colstey - Rd 3 Winter Cross Country Forest Challenge - MWTRA - Regs

15th January - Brazil Indoor - FIM – Details

16th January - Enduroland - tba

16th January - West Glos & Dean Forest MCC will hold a hare & hounds nr Coleford in the Forest of Dean. We now have use of some more land so course will be about 5 miles long. This will be a transponder style event of 3 hrs duration (weather permitting). The event will go ahead whatever the weather. Camping available Sat night. Strict closing date for entries see regs. Details

22th January - 2010 TBEC PRESENTATION EVENING (Herts) sat night 7- 12pm tickets £10inc music/ buffet – Details

22nd January - CTR RED FUN - Race Experience Days Are for the total beginner or Experts to have a days practise with a 1 hour practise race on a full marked out course for next days Race £45.

23rd January - RD 4 CTR WINTER SERIES FINAL - 90 Minute Youth Race:-3Hour Adult Race/:Expert/Clubman/Vets/Novice/Beginner/Youth Youth Sign on by 9am Start 10am Must be on the line ready to start La mans style(bikes need a stand"stick")…:-Adults sign on by 11.30 Start 12noon Must be on the line ready to start La Mans style(bikes need a stand"stick")£40 Youth £50 Adult Entries 01495221151 or Names-Bike-Class to or text 07977587250/07403281733

23rd January Eddy’s X-treme Enduro British Championship - Details - Entry form.

29th/30th January - Enduroland - tba

30th January - Dorset Police Hare and Hounds - Hethfelton Forest - Rd1 of the Southern centre H&H c/ship - Regs

30th January - Fast Eddy 2011 Championship - Round 1

30th January – RideoffroadUK Winter Warmer - Thoresway Motoparc Caistor - Details 30th January REME Winter Series - Round 1 - Bagshot - The REME Team are once again running a 3 round Winter Series starting on the at Bagshot Military training area. As well as the usual area the team have permission to use the area the other side of the M3 where there has never been a Hare & Hound event run and so is all new Virgin land!!!!!! Regs Entry February March April May June July August September October November December 2010 Dates

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