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WHAT IS PALISADE FENCING AND HOW IS IT INSTALLED - A GUIDE A palisade is a fence or a wall made from wooden stakes ortree trunks. Palisade Fencing is used as a defensive structure or as an enclosure around a property or area. It provides a rapid visual deterrent and is widely famous as the most popular security fence. The reason behind the popularity of palisades is its ease of maintenance and the robust protection it can offer. There is a vast range of specifications and types of palisade fences available in the market that you can choose from to suit your security needs and aesthetic requirements. There is fence variety for every application and every budget size out there. These fence types are cost effective and provide high level of security to the boundary line of any property. Palisade fencing can be found both in urban and suburban environments. It can be used to effectively protect and demarcate various facilities ranging from industrial estates to residential buildings, stadiums, hospitals, schools and various other structures.These fences are frequently used in schools and industrial sites because of their high damage resistance and security features. You will find palisade fences to be extremely difficult to climb over. Palisade Fencing - benefits for the property owner         

This type of fencing is easy to assemble. Once erected properly, this fence structure will last for a long time. Palisade Fencing provides a visual deterrent, affording privacy and security to any structure or area. Custom designs of Palisade Fencing can be manufactured to suit any site conditions. Palisade fences usually come with a smooth surface. Palisade Fencing is an attractive yet formidable barrier. It can be painted to fit with existing color schemes. It does not hide your property - just demarcates it Bolt-on Palisade Fencing can be easily moved to another fence line.

Palisade fencing - material required to install it      

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Palisade fencing - the simple installation process The general installation process of Palisade Fencing consists of the cold rolled posts being mixed in or bolted down at 2.75-meter centers. Then the soft steel angles are placed in between the main uprights and fixed into position using supplied connection plates, which pass through the slotted holes in the main posts. Once this is done, the final process is to bolt the palisade pailsto the cross rails. Depending on the make and type of palisade fencing being installed, some of requirements may differ. A central support leg is bolted directly and is then, either concreted in or base plated.

Article: Palisade Fencing - can it be installed/ maintained on DIY basis? While skilled home owners can choose to install or maintain this type of fencing as a DIY project, it would always be better to hire professionals to manage the job. Given the many variable factors that may influence the process, expert technicians will ensure that the fence structure is erected properly and will not give you any trouble for a long time to come. For more information on fences and gates, feel free to visit

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What Is Palisade Fencing And How Is It Installed - A Guide  

A palisade is a fence or a wall made from wooden stakes ortree trunks. Palisade Fencing is used as a defensive structure or as an enclosure...

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