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FEATURES TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING DRIVEWAY GATES Driveway Gates add a sense of privacy and security to your home. If you want them to, these gates can operate at the touch of a button and depending on your choice of gates installed, they can also be very easy to use and maintain. Here is a list of features to consider when looking for the right driveway gate for your home:      

Gate Motion: You have to decide the gate motion - slide open or swing open. Both of these come with great features to make the property secure. Opening Power: You have to choose the weight of your gate which will decide how much power will be needed for the gate will open. System Power: Most driveway gates comes with the battery backup. You have to make sure that the power source for the opening/closing mechanism is robust enough to handle your needs. Dynamic Braking: Dynamic braking prevents the gate from coasting and swinging too quickly and abruptly. Safety And Security Features: Driveway Gates should come with the security measures like sensors, powerful magnetic locks. Fire Code Compliance: Always make sure that your driveway gate is in compliance with local fire codes and emergency parameters.

You should also look for the following general features in driveway gates:    

Easy sliding or swing motion at the touch of a button. Anti crushing and red beam protection. The gates should come with sensors that prevent damage to people and property. Most gates have a variety of settings, which allows you to control the opening/closing and security configurations as per your choice. Driveway Gates can also be installed with a security keypad. It means that anyone with the unique code can access the property without using a remote.

Just keep these things in mind when selecting the best driveway gates to install in your property.

Features To Look For When Buying Driveway Gates