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VENUE: November 10-12, 2010 Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The 1st International Event on IAQ Outside USA

Airborne Infection Control – Ventilation, IAQ & Energy 16th

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1986 – Managing Indoor Air for Health & Energy Conservation – Atlanta, GA 1987 - Practical Control of Indoor Air Problems – Arlington, VA 1988 – Engineering Solutions to Indoor Air Problems – Atlanta, GA 1989 – The Human Equation: Health & Comfort – San Diego, CA 1991 – Healthy Buildings – Washington DC 1992 – Environments for People – San Francisco, CA 1993 - Operating &Maintaining Buildings for Health, Comfort, &Productivity – Philadelphia, PA 1994 – Engineering Indoor Environments – St. Louis, MO 1995 – Practical Engineering for IAQ – Denver, CO Ultraviolet Germicidal 1996 – Paths to Better Building Environments – Baltimore, MD Irradiation !!! 1997 –Global Issues & Regional Solutions – Washington DC 1998 – IAQ & Energy: Using ASHRAE Standards 62.1 & 90.1 – New Orleans, LA 2001 – Moisture, Microbes, & Health Effects: IAQ & Moisture in Buildings - San Francisco, CA 2004 - Supporting the Healing Environment through IAQ Performance Standards - Tampa, FL 2007 - Healthy & Sustainable Buildings - Baltimore, MD


2010 – Nov. 10-12th - Airborne Infection Control – Ventilation, IAQ & Energy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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Keynote Speakers



Professor Li Yu Guo, University of Hong Kong

SARS, influenza and hospital ventilation


Professor Shinsuke Kato, University of Tokyo, Japan

Control of Airflow and Particle Dispersion in Hospital rooms by CFD and Ventilation Effectiveness Analysis


Dr. Michael Hodgson, Veteran’s Administration Hospital

Ventilation and infection control in a large health care system: theory versus practical problems with HVAC system .


Dr. Don Milton, Harvard University, USA

H1N1 Update and Airborne Infectious Diseases in Schools and Child Care Centers.


IAQ 2010 Workshops


Shinsuke Kato, Japan

Are Ventilation systems enough to prevent dispersion of airborne Infectious diseases in hospitals?


Frank Mills, Sinclair Knight Merz, UK

Natural Ventilation in Healthcare Facilities


Chandra Sekhar, National University of Singapore

Personalised Ventilation – A control technique for airborne infection


Bill Bahnfleth, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation for Airborne Infection Control


FEATURED IAQ 2010 INVITED TECHNICAL PAPERS Invited Technical Papers - Titles

T. Session

Track - Airborne Infection in Healthcare Facilities       

Measurement of the Concentration and Size of Aerosol and Identification of the Sources in Orthopedic Surgery Infection risk analysis of SARS infection and non-infection cases in a hospital Exposure to coughed airborne pathogens in a hospital room: impact of posture of coughing patient and location of doctor Improved Strategy To Control Aerosol-Transmitted Infections In A Hospital Suite Modeling and Measurement of Air Contaminant Distribution in an Operating Room Ventilated with Split System Indoor air Quality, Airborne Infection Control and Ventilation Efficiency in Hospital Operating Rooms Exposure of health care workers to coughed airborne pathogens in a hospital room: impact of the distance downstream from the coughing patient  Identifying Source Location of SARS Transmission in a Hospital Ward  Evaluation of Infection Risk by Coughed Air in a Medical Examination Room: Part 1. Measurement of Infection Risk using Tracer gas  Comparative Performance of Air Purifiers on Microorganism Removals Track - Ventilation Systems and Airborne Infection  Assessment of the ability of different ventilation system to serve as a control measure against airborne infectious disease transmission using Wells-Riley approach  Study of the human breathing exhalation flow in a room with three different air distribution systems  Common cold among college students and its associations with ventilation rates and crowdedness of dormitory rooms in China

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Particle Movement under Different Air Distribution - Impacts on Co-occupants inhalation

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FEATURED IAQ 2010 INVITED TECHNICAL PAPERS Invited Technical Papers - Titles

T. Session

Track - Ventilation Systems and Airborne Infection 

An Experimental Study of Exhaled Substance Exposure between Two Standing Manikins


Airborne Cross Infection between Two People in a Displacement Ventilated Room


Personalized Ventilation integrated with under-floor air distribution system - Protection of occupants from indoor airborne agents


An Experimental Study of Exhaled Aerosol Transport Under Two Ventilation Systems


Effect of particle resuspension from ventilation duct on indoor environment: risk assessment


Cough released airborne infection disease transmission control with ventilation at various infector-susceptible distances


Track – Natural Ventilation 

Wind tunnel test of indoor air pollutant dispersions around high-rise building


Natural Ventilation Theory and Practice: A Sustainable Solution?


The Effect of Variable Airflow on Wind Driven Natural Ventilation Measurement


Track – CFD and other Modeling Techniques    

Minimizing infection risk trough ventilation system optimization using monte-carlo and genetic algorithm techniques Performance Assessment of the Actual Negative Pressure Room and the Layouts to Reduce Droplet Nuclei by Computational Fluid Dynamics A Study of the Ventilation Effectiveness of Overhead Air Distribution and Displacement Ventilation Using Tracer Gas and Computational Fluid Dynamics Retrospective Estimation of Infectious Source Strength of an Influenza Outbreak during Air Travel using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Likelihood Estimation

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Construction of characterizing system for saliva droplets produced by human expiratory activities


Germs, ventilation, occupancy density and exposure duration: a thriteen setting pathogen inhalation comparison


 Impact of a Moving Person on Transmission of Airborne Contaminants in Airliner Cabins  Evaluation of Infection Risk by Coughed Air in a Medical Examination Room: Part. Simulation of Coughed air using CFD Track – UVGI and other Air Cleaning Techniques  Venturi filtration added to gaspers, diffusers, VAV boxes and air curtains  Development of fungal biosensor to verify the germicidal effect of UVGI system for air handling units  Effects of Various Indoor Environmental Factors on the Decay of Chlorine Dioxide Gas Concentration: Implication on its Use against Pandemic Flu  Application of UV Germicidal Irradiation and Standard High Efficiency Filtration in HVAC Systems as an Alternative to HEPA Filtered Laminar Air Flow for Orthopedic Surgical Suites and ICUs  Effectiveness of the In-duct Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Devices with Various Modeled Lamp Configurations  Removal of ultrafine and fine particles by portable air cleaners and implications for residential infection transmission Track – Airborne Bacteria and Virus  Microwave sterilization of duct system evaluated using fungal biosensor plates  A Method for Evaluating Sampling Efficiency of Bio-samplers for Airborne Bacteria and Virus  Fungii, bacteria, pollens, seasonally identified & quantified at basic schools in Lisbon  Mechanisms for the Aerial Dissemination of Clostridium difficile spores and Potential for Engineering Control  Ventilation Filters as High Volume Sampling Devices for Airborne Bacteria and Virus Particles in Buildings  Measurement of Airborne Bacteria Based on ion-generator in the Theater Track –IAQ and Energy in Healthcare Facilities  Airflow Control Methods to Optimize Patient Safety and Energy Conservation  Appraising healthcare ventilation design from combined infection control and energy perspectives  Developing a Business case for Improved Indoor Environment Quality in Green Healthcare Facilities  Field evaluation of thermal comfort and indoor environment quality for a hospital in hot and humid climate  The indoor environmental quality study to an air-conditioned pharmacy building in Malaysia

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ACCOMMODATION Featuring four categories of rooms and suites ranging from the modest Studio Room to the two-room Brooklyn Suite, the hotel rooms and suites are tastefully furnished along contemporary designs. Each room and suite features a living area, a spacious ensuite bathroom with separate shower/ long bath and comes equipped with a 29-inch colour television, mini stereo with CD/VCD functions, mini refrigerator, coffee/tea making facilities, IDD telephone line, individually-controlled airconditioning, wireless internet access, laptop size in-room safe (in selected rooms), hair dryer, cable channels (in selected rooms), sofa bed (in selected rooms) and iron/ironing board (upon request). FOOD & BEVERAGE Big Apple Restaurant Broadway Lounge 7th Avenue

: Overlooking the Kuala Lumpur city skyline, this coffee house serves Western, local and other Asian cuisine. : Lounge serving cocktail drinks with live band performances. : Business lounge serving breakfast.

RECREATION Fun activities are available at the rooftop Central Park on Level 15, built exclusively with a children’s playground, swimming pool, steam and sauna room, fitness centre and 2 squash courts. Guests looking forward to a relaxing and soothing body and soul experience may head to Jojoba Spa for a head-to-toe treatment. GETTING THERE 6-minute monorail ride from KL Sentral station to Imbi station. 1-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. QUICK FACTS ON BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE HOTEL & CONVENTION CENTER Adjoining with Berjaya Times Square Shopping Complex, featuring 14 major thrill rides in Cosmo’s World indoor theme park, 900 shopping outlets, 2D and 3D movie experience at IMAX theatres, 9 Cineplex’s plus 65 food and beverage outlets. Pillarless Manhattan Ballroom measuring at 1,746 sq. metres, which can accommodate up to 2,000 persons theatre-style. ‘Imbi’ monorail station located right next to the hotel, 15 minutes from KLCC.

IAQ 2010 Conference Steering Committee  Dr. Chandra Sekhar (Singapore) – Chair  Steve Emmerich (United States)  Hal Levin (United States)  Yong kong Ng (Malaysia)  Bjarne Olesen (Denmark)  Sidney Parsons (South Africa)  Larry Schoen (US/China)  Jan Sundell (United States)  Xudong Yang (China)  William Klock (United States)

Malaysia Chapter Organizing Committee


Chairman: Ir. Chen Thiam Leong Co-Chairman: Ir. Ng Yong Kong Committee: Dr. Chandra Sekhar (Singapore) Ir. Khew Swee Lian Ir. Den Low Irin Kang Ainee Cha Andes Quek Dr. Yau Yat Huang


About Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia is one of the most vibrant cities of Malaysia and is located on the central west coast of the peninsular. Here, one can experience modern sophistication and nostalgic old-world charm in a single destination. Immerse yourself in its abundance of attractions – fascinating places of interest, exciting theme parks and sensational shopping opportunities.The city is directly connected to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang via the KLIA Express high-speed train service (28 minutes) or via the highway. The city is also accessible from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCC-T) in Sepang through bus services from KL Sentral (transport hub). KL offers a wide range of accommodation to suit any preference and budget. There are international-standard hotels and resotrs equipped with MICE facilities, as well as budget accommodation. Serviced apartments and youth hostels are available for long-staying guests. Major hotels are situated close to shopping malls and convention centres. Enjoy a profusion of mouth-watering delicacies, from local fare to international cuisine. Places of interest include the majestic Petronas Twin Towers, historical National Museum, royal Istana Negara (official residence of His Majesty The King of Malaysia), refreshing KL Lake Gardens and world’s world s fourth tallest tower, KL Tower. The name ‘Kuala Kuala Lumpur’ Lumpur could have originated from history when the Malay Chief of Klang sent Chinese workers upriver to open new and larger tin mines. The workers then landed at the confluence of Sungai Lumpur (now known as Sungai Gombak), which means Muddy River. Kuala Lumpur has gone through two world wars other other significant crisises, such as the rubber and tin commodity crash. The city has prospered into a world-class hub, since gaining independence from the British government in 1957.

About Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre - Kuala Lumpur The bustling sights and sounds of Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia are magnetic charms that keeps tourists coming back for more. A city that sets to impress, Kuala Lumpur offers an eclectic mix of new and old, bringing together a charming blend of diverse communities. Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Center towers over the Kuala Lumpur skyline with 650 rooms and suites strategically located in the capital city of Malaysia. Embodying the style of New York in America, the hotel brings new meaning to the term ‘urban living’. Founded in 1992, Berjaya Hotels & Resorts focuses on cultivating true Malaysian hospitality in leisure destination markets. Presently, the group operates over 16 local and international hotels and resorts under its growing wing. From the exotic island resorts of Tioman, Langkawi and Redang to the city centres of Kuala Lumpur and Penang to the castle-highlands of Berjaya Hills (formerly known as Bukit Tinggi Resort), Berjaya Hotels & Resorts’ prominence in Malaysia is further enhanced by the establishment of hotels and resorts in Singapore, Seychelles, Sri Lanka and London. As a premier hospitality group, Berjaya Hotels & Resorts also owns and operates service suites and exclusive golf & country clubs in Malaysia. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Berjaya Hotels & Resorts (a division of Berjaya Land Berhad) is a member of the Berjaya Corporation Group of Companies, a public listed Malaysian conglomerate. Visit online at for more information and for hotel reservations (Promotion code: AMC). Notes: Hotel room bookings will closed by 3rd November 2010.

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