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How to clean up a bed mattress Your mattress is among the most important things in your home and keeping your bed mattress clean can help lengthen its lifespan. A grimy mattress is just as poor as no mattress at all, and in some cases it is worse if bacteria, mildew or mold have grown. These simple steps will help you in keeping your mattress clean for a long time. Use a Liner for your Bed mattress To help protect your own mattress from accidents, absorb spills as well as stains, and keep dirt and things away, add a mattress lining in between your sheet and your mattress. This extra layer of protection can help you from losing your whole bed mattress if an accident happens and generally, keeps your mattress cleaner than with just a sheet since it fits over the whole mattress and is less likely to come off unlike bed sheets which only sometimes fit completely over your mattress and often come un-tied exposing parts of your mattress. Wash Your own Sheets Regularly Grime and things build up and if you let them sit for a while, bacteria may develop. Additionally, the dirt from your sheets, which are designed to protect your bed mattress, will transfer onto your mattress. Neglecting your own sheets means neglecting your mattress. Don't Eat or Drink Upon or Near Mattress As a general rule, eating and drinking upon or near your mattress should be prohibited because food stains and spills can quickly dirty your mattress. Stains and splatters can leave odors and are breeding grounds for mold and other bad things. Clean Your own Mattress You probably won't have the ability to resist the urge of at least snacking in bed, be responsible for a lot of crumbs falling onto the mattress, therefore vacuum your bed mattress regularly to get rid of crumbs, dust and dirt to keep your mattress clean. Do Not Leap Into Bed Whilst Dirty Easy methods for getting your bed dirty not understanding it is to sit or lay in your bed with clothes a person wore outside. As well as, if you are one who loves to rest after lengthy activities or hard work and shower when you get up, the grime and sweat out of your body can also filthy your mattress. Adhere to these simple steps, and you'll be able to keep your bed mattress clean for years to come!

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How to clean up a bed mattress  

Your mattress is among the most important things i...