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Infinity ® Delta Series


A different approach to patient monitoring

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If your hospital is like most, you probably have a lot of disparate patient monitors throughout your facility. High-acuity monitors. Mid-acuity monitors. Transport monitors. Each one works differently and requires its own accessories.

One monitor – any patient, any place, any time ‌

Now, the Infinity® patient monitoring system from Dräger Medical offers you a different approach to patient monitoring. Infinity Delta monitors embrace the best of 21st century technology – providing a level of flexibility that sets a new standard for patient monitoring. Infinity’s unique combination of hardware and software adapts monitoring to the needs of every patient, in every care unit, in every hospital. The result? Superior patient care because built-in scalability and mobility make sure that you are always prepared – no matter what scenario presents itself.

Infinity – standardization without compromise Finally, you no longer need to sacrifice monitoring capabilities because of budget constraints. With the traditional approach to monitoring, you typically need to purchase three different categories of patient monitors. You need high-acuity patient monitors that are fixed to the wall. You also need separate transport monitors that offer only limited parameter choices. And because high-acuity monitors are not cost effective for all departments, you also need mid-acuity, fully configured monitors, but these monitors offer little flexibility and only a limited upgrade path. The Infinity system offers a better way.

Less time on equipment – more time for patients With Infinity, you and your staff can stay focused on patient care – rather than on finding the right monitor, or disconnecting and reconnecting patients to stripped-down transport monitors. Standardizing on one monitor hospital-wide reduces training time, and Infinity Delta monitors are so easy to learn and use that even temporary staff can get up to speed quickly.

… and anywhere in between with Infinity

Thinking differently produces great results ...

A different approach to patient monitoring How can you standardize on one monitor, when every department has different needs? Because Infinity Delta monitors automatically adapt to the needs of every department. The key to this customization is the Infinity Docking Station. You determine your specific requirements, including parameter choices, waveform colors and

positions, and alarm limits – either by bed or throughout your unit. Infinity Docking Stations use “smart� technology to store these setups, so all monitors docked on them will reflect your configuration choices automatically. The same requirements travel with the patient to the next location where they are replaced by the configuration designated there.

A different approach to bedside ergonomics Infinity offers a number of innovative solutions to make caring for your patients just a little easier. The patented design of the Infinity pods, such as the MultiMed® and HemoMed™ pods, helps to eliminate cable clutter at the point of care, while the EasiArm™ mount lets you adjust the height and angle of the monitor for easy viewing and removal.

A different approach to patient transport As the lightest, most compact monitors in their class, Infinity Delta monitors can move right along with your patients – thanks to our award–winning Pick and Go® technology. So there’s no need for separate costly transport monitors. No disconnecting and reconnecting patients. No risk to patients as you transport them around the hospital. Just pick up the Infinity monitor and go with your patient from one procedure to the next and back – all with no interruption in monitoring. The result? Maximum efficiency, safety and cost-savings.

A different approach to information integration Comprehensive information access is imperative – especially at the point of care where critical decisions are made. The open architecture of the Infinity Network provides reliable, cost-effective integration and distribution of electronic patient data. Infinity Delta monitors give you access to this data. Whether you need to view another patient’s monitor, access lab data, or integrate information from other devices such as ventilators, Infinity patient monitors are up to the challenge.

... with Infinity, different is better

Choose the Infinity Delta with its 10.4” screen or the Infinity Delta XL with a 12.1” screen.

Every care environment ...

Compact, yet comprehensive Infinity Delta and Delta XL monitors display a full set of vital parameters – including 3-, 5-, and 6-wire ECG, respiration, SpO2, multiple temperatures, invasive and noninvasive blood pressure and basic arrhythmia. In the ICU, Infinity Delta monitors can help improve efficiency with advanced respiratory mechanics measurements, vertical and horizontal cursors, and drug calculations. In the NICU, neonatal applications such as OCRG with event recall and dual SpO2 cater to the unique needs of infants. And in the OR, there is sophisticated gas analysis with dual agent ID, customizable waveform colors, and MAC calculations for pediatric patients.

Your bridge to an integrated critical care workplace By communicating with the Infinity Explorer point of care workstation, Infinity Delta monitors provide the ideal pathway to an integrated critical care workplace. From the Infinity Explorer, you can access trends, radiology images, ventilator information, IV data and more, to create a unique screen for each patient. The Infinity Explorer also integrates IT tools, consolidating the information you need to assess and treat your patients – right at the bedside.

Your bridge to tomorrow With Infinity Delta monitors, standardization without compromise is a reality. Finally, you can afford to give clinicians just what they need to support their complete monitoring requirements – all with the same monitor. And because Infinity offers an upgrade path through new software releases, the monitors you buy today will be the same monitors you’ll use tomorrow.

... one monitor does it all

If the acuity level of your patient changes, simply plug in one of the advanced parameter pods.

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