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I S L AM I C R E L I EF SOUTH AFRICA Making a World of Difference

National Call Centre: 0800 111 898 • October/November 2012

Gaza Medical Aid Appeal Islamic Relief South Africa (IRSA) has launched an urgent appeal to raise much needed funds to purchase lifesaving medicines and medical supplies for hospitals across the embattled Gaza Strip. According to the Ministry of Health in Palestine, health services are suffering as medical stocks have been depleted. The increase in demand has been attributed to the growing number of people living under the poverty line, which stands at a whopping 79%. As the world’s largest, independent Muslim humanitarian organisation, Islamic Relief has maintained a permanent presence in the Palestinian territories since 1998; where we have responded to emergencies, supported orphaned and vulnerable children and invested in sustainable development. Islamic Relief’s main office is situated in Gaza City and we have an additional office in Ramallah, West Bank. Islamic Relief South Africa is ready to answer the call and has pledged to raise money for medical supplies which will be benefit patients who are being treated in hospitals and primary health care clinics across the Gaza Strip.

How can you help?

Donate your Zakaah / Lillah / Sadaqah and save a life today. Community organisations and businesses are invited to partner Islamic Relief South Africa by adopting the campaign and raising funds through collections and fundraising events. For a detailed proposal or information pack, call the Islamic Relief Call Centre on 0800 111 898 or email

MIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICA UPDATE Yemen Humanitarian Crisis A severe drought, coupled with recent internal conflicts, have led to a humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Political unrest in Yemen has turned many areas in the country into war zones. The violence has left thousands of Yemenis internally displaced, with more than half a million people in southern Yemen having fled their homes in search of security. 90% live in makeshift camps and are at daily risk of contracting cholera, measles, and lung infections due to poor hygiene, overcrowding and unhygienic water supplies. Islamic Relief has been operational in Yemen since 1998 and answered the call when the crisis broke last year, supplying refugees with food packs and basic shelter items such as mattresses and blankets. The situation in Yemen remains critical and we appeal to you to donate your charity so that we can continue our relief efforts.

Syria in Crisis Entire towns and neighbourhoods in Syria remain isolated, as people have been forced to remain indoors, since the uprising began in the country in 2011. According to the UNHCR, an estimated 1.5 million people are internally displaced in Syria. Men, women and children cannot commute to work, school and other places of business, or get supplies or medical care. To protect their families, thousands of Syrian refugees have fled to neighbouring countries. In Jordan, areas such as Mafraq, Ramtha, Irbid, Zarqa, Maan, Al Karak and Amman are hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees, while in Lebanon, many Syrian refugees are being hosted in areas such as Akkar. Islamic Relief has been providing support to Syrians since May 2011, on the Syrian and Lebanon borders, offering food, subsidies for rent, blankets, and hygiene kits. Since June 2012, Islamic Relief has been providing medical aid inside Damascus. Help Islamic Relief make a world of difference in the lives of these refugees by donating your Zakaah / Lillah / Sadaqah today.

QURBANI 2012: WHAT’S YOUR SACRIFICE? For the past 26 years, on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, Islamic Relief has coordinated and implemented its annual Qurbani campaign, in more than 27 countries, benefitting in excess of 3.5million people. Islamic Relief’s Qurbani project allows individuals to purchase a share or an animal (sheep/goat) in a specific country, where the meat will be donated to a needy family, so that they too can have a joyous Eid. “Due to the economic challenges and social problems in South Africa it was decided that every person, regardless of religious sect or affiliation should benefit from this year’s Qurbani programme. Islamic Relief hopes to meet the needs of more people through this project, Insha-Allah,” Programmes Manager Sherifa Mia explained. Islamic Relief South Africa will be performing Qurbani in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Prices are also available for other countries and include slaughtering, packing and distribution. (Please view price list)




Group A

Malawi (per goat) Zimbabwe (per goat)

R350 R400

Group B

Chad / Sri Lanka (share in cow) India (share in buffalo)


Group C

Niger (share in cow) Kenya (per goat/sheep)


Group D

Ethiopia (per goat/sheep) Sudan (share in bull) Bangladesh (share in cow [ox])

R1 000

Group E

South Africa (sheep / Angora) Somalia (per sheep) Pakistan (share in bull)

R1 200

Group F

Bosnia & Herzegovina / Kosovo (frozen sheep)

R1 500

Group G

Albania / Chechnya / China / Indonesia (share in cow) Yemen (per goat) Iraq / Jordan / Lebanon (canned beef)

R1 800

Group H

Afghanistan (per sheep) Egypt (share in cow)

R2 400

Group I

Palestine (Gaza) / South Sudan (share in cow)

R3 000

To purchase your Qurbani share, deposit contribution into Standard Bank, Islamic Relief SA, 005318459, Fordsburg Branch/ 005205, Ref: Contact No. Please fax deposit slip or confirmation of transfer to 031 207 9141. For more information, call the IRSA Call Centre on 0800 111 898 or email

Children In Need Fighting for the Orphan Child By Fahd Waggie

In a world full of upheaval, children are the most vulnerable community members—vulnerable to hunger, to illness, to deprivation and to exploitation. The number of people living with hunger worldwide hit 1 billion in 2009, and nearly half of that figure represent children. Improving children’s daily lives by safe-guarding them against illness; providing them with educational opportunities; and by giving them access to proper nutrition, water and sanitation services, can also provide a cushion that would help alleviate suffering in emergency situations.

Educate a Child Help Islamic Relief South Africa prepare our orphan and vulnerable children beneficiaries get ready for the new school year, by sponsoring basic school items i.e. school uniforms, school shoes, stationery. Donate either in kind or make a monetary contribution from as little as R50. Sponsorship options are as follows: Bronze - R50 Silver - R100 Gold - R250 Platinum* - R500 *(Full Kit: Uniform, School shoes & Stationery)

• • • •

Perhaps most important, those basic resources can provide a world of hope to children—including 143 million orphans—for a prosperous future.

Deposit your Lillah/Sadaqah contributions in Standard Bank, Islamic Relief SA, 005318459, Fordsburg Branch / 005205, Reference: School & Contact Number.

It is for these reasons, that Islamic Relief South Africa (IRSA) has launched its’ “Children in Need” campaign, to highlight the importance of creating safe, wholesome environments for children who faces numerous socioeconomic and political challenges.

Zakaah contributions can be deposited into FNB, Islamic Relief SA, 62161066933, Smith Street Branch / 221426, Reference: School & Contact Number.

Our campaign – which runs from November – will raise awareness about education, health, nutrition and shelter not only in South Africa but in Gaza, Yemen, Syria and East and West Africa. We will also host national Orphan Fun Days in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban respectively, where we invite the community and other local NGO’s to join us as we put the plight of the orphan child on the agenda. For more information about “Children in Need” campaign, please call the IRSA Call Centre on 0800 111 898 or email info@islamic-relief.

Fahd Waggie is a journalist with Islamic Relief South Africa. To comment on this article email

For more information call the IRSA Call Centre toll free on 0800 111 898 or email

Sponsor an Aftercare Feeding Scheme At the Osizweni Community Centres, IRSA runs a Day Care facility, to meet the needs of orphans under the age of six – living with sick mothers or old grandparents – who need to be cared for and nurtured. We also have an After Care program, where volunteers assist school-going orphans with their homework and other schooling activities. Children are provided with a hot meal – often the only meal they will receive for the day. Fresh produce are used to prepare meal and where possible, the vegetables are grown on the premises – adding value to their nutritional intake. Donate R250 per month towards the Osizweni After Care Feeding Scheme and ensure that an orphan child has a daily, nutritious meal.


Osizweni Community Centres In South Africa child abuse and gender based violence still remains a huge challenge for communities, government and organisations. According to UNICEF, South Africa’s levels of violence against children are amongst the highest in the world. Islamic Relief South Africa has prioritised orphans and vulnerable children in all our programmes and we have set up Osizweni Community Care Centres where children can find a safe and loving environment to spend their time. It is a safe haven for orphans and vulnerable children who normally have no safe place to go after school as they encounter sexual and physical abuse in their homes and public places.

The areas IRSA works in are riddled with social ills like high levels of poverty, unemployment, gangsterism and drug and alcohol abuse. Therefore child protection is a challenge for IRSA and we are working closely with local partners, local government to be able to create a safe environment for the most vulnerable citizens of our country. We appeal to local communities, local NGOs and local government departments responsible for child protection to partner with us in this fight against the abuse of our children. We have initiatives in Ennerdale (Johannesburg), Wyebank and Umbumbulu (Durban), Copesville (Pietermaritzburg) and Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain (Cape Town). We would like to set up community forums for the protection of children and believe that together we can make a difference in our communities.

AFRICA FOOD CRISIS West Africa Twenty million people across the Sahel region in West Africa remains affected by the food crisis, caused by droughts, poverty, desertification and insufficient food production. At present, most interventions in West Africa are only focused on short term relief. This means that after a few months, the situation will return to the way it was, once the aid has run out. Islamic relief aims to change this short term relief approach, into a much more sustainable one. We believe poverty is linked to problems with water. With effective provision of water, communities can get cleaner water and through this they can attain a better diet, improved income generation, better health care, education and much more.

East Africa Meanwhile the drought in the Horn of Africa region is the worst humanitarian emergency in the world, which has left 13.3 million people in dire need. The drought was caused by conflict, failure of seasonal rainfall and inadequate aid. Islamic Relief is focusing on South Central Somalia, one of the areas worst-hit by the drought and food shortages. The local economy also suffers due to the after-effects of the Somali Civil War, which ended in the early nineties. Today, Islamic Relief is providing over 90,000 people with food, water, and access to sanitation and healthcare. We are currently distributing hygiene kits with toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, soap and combs to over 1,500 families in South Central Somalia. We are also constructing hygienic sites to dispose of rubbish. We are also drilling and equipping a borehole, and rehabilitating three more. We are constructing three water tanks and three wells in order to provide water to Somalis affected by the drought. Islamic Relief is combating the food crisis, but your donations are needed to keep this going. We are dedicated to combating both hunger and its root causes. Donate today to start saving lives. d e s i g n & l a y o u t b y w w w. e n d o r m e d i a . c o . z a

SADAQA-E-JARIYA “Sowing the Seeds For a better Future” Waqf is a sustainable, ongoing charitable endowment (i.e. Sadaqah Jariya), used to develop and support communities in the area of education, healthcare, shelter, employment, etc. The Islamic Relief Waqf programme is currently raising funds for projects in Egypt, Chechnya and in South Africa. We also other waqf products available i.e. Boreholes, Property, Education, etc.

BOREHOLES IN SOUTH AFRICA Being one of the most vital Waqf sectors, Islamic Relief started promoting the Water & Sanitation in 2000.

At a cost of only R50,000 let Islamic Relief South Africa will facilitate the building of a Borehole which you can dedicate to a family member or yourself.

During the last 12 years, 10 successful Water and Sanitation projects were funded in Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia, Iraq, Niger, Yemen, Kenya, Bangladesh, Haiti and China.

This is your chance to have a direct impact on improving the life of people who face long- standing challenges in their life. A single donation will ensure continuous rewards, Insha-Allah.

You can now leave your legacy by investing in rural South Africa.

Call the IRSA Call Centre today on 0800 111 898 or email for a detailed Waqf Info pack.

ISLAMIC RELIEF DELIVERS TRAINING ON HIV/AIDS Islamic Relief South Africa (IRSA) hosted an HIV/Aids capacity training workshop in Johannesburg last month for aid workers from South Africa, Ethiopia, Niger, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Zimbabwe and Mali.

emergency, the basic needs of the victims such as food, water and shelter are often addressed. However victims are not educated about health concerns i.e. HIV/Aids and safe sexual reproductive health.

Funded by UNAIDS and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the training was aimed at equipping relief workers on how to deal with issues relating to Genderbased violence (GBV), Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and HIV/Aids in disaster and emergency areas.

“The mandate of UNAIDS and UNFPA is to educate humanitarian workers, to help victims of war and/or natural disasters – especially women and children – to not become vulnerable and easy targets of sexual violence during the crisis. These training workshops, will equip aidworkers and remind them on how important it is to advocate for HIV/Aids sufferers and to promote a safer and more healthier lifestyle.”

Islamic Relief Programmes Manager and workshop convener, Sherifa Mia, stressed that relief workers often face numerous difficulties in the field due to the lack of training, expertise and financial support. “We tried to upgrade the skills and development of delegates and staff. We analysed and discussed the best measures that could be implemented to resolve issues in an emergency setting.” Mia explained that when Islamic Relief responds to an

Mia hoped that the training workshop will build better partnerships with other faith-based organizations in the humanitarian sector and that it could assist developing countries in establishing a “realistic” plan of action on how to tackle the growing pandemic. For a detailed report on the HIV/Aids capacity training workshop, email

CONTACT US Johannesburg 1st Floor 57 Mint Road Fordsburg Tel: 011 836 1054 Fax: 011 836 1055 Email:

Durban 1st Floor, 169 Brickfield Road Overport Tel: 031 208 2838 Fax: 031 207 9141 Email:

Cape Town 62 Little Road Athlone Tel: 021 696 0145 Fax: 021 696 1783 Email:

P.O Box 19434 Dormerton 4015 South Africa

Direct Deposits

(via the bank) or Electronic payment (internet) • Payments can be made into an official IRSA bank account -

(Please note that all donations made to IRSA - towards a South African project only - are tax deductible, limited to Section 18A of the Tax Act. Call us today for your Tax Certificate).

For Lillah, Sadaqah & General Contributions:

Zakaah Contributions ONLY: Bank: First National Bank Account Name: Islamic Relief SA Account Number: 62161066933 Branch Code: 221426 Reference: Contact Number

Bank: Standard Bank Account Name: Islamic Relief SA Account Number: 005318459 Branch: Fordsburg Branch Code: 005205 Reference: Contact Number

Cash Payment

• Payable at any IRSA office ( receive an official

receipt for your donation) • Payable to any of IRSA community fund raisers (receive an official receipt for your donation) • If unable to come to any IRSA office we can send a representative to your area

Debit order

• Complete a Debit order form at any IRSA offices

and your bank account will be debited on the 1st of each month with your instructed amount

Credit card Payment

• Go to IRSA official website (www.islamic-relief. go to the section that says “Donate Here” and follow the easy steps.

Cheque Payment

• You can post a crossed cheque made out to

Islamic Relief SA and post it to P.O Box 19434, Domerton, 4015


Personal Details

Title: Dr / Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss Full Name:


Debit Order Option

Charity of Choice

Account type: q Savings q

q q


Name of account holder: Postcode:


Completed forms to returned to: P.O. Box 19434, Dormerton 4015, South Africa Alternatively fax to (031) 207 9141 or email:

Name of Bank:



Registered charity: PBO 930018104

Account number: Branch: Branch code: Monthly Debit Amount:



Sadaqah q Lillah Zakaah q Other

I hereby request and authorize Islamic Relief SA to draw against my account with the above mentioned bank.

Signed at ___________________ On this __ Day of _______ 20 __ Authorised Signature: ________________________ IR Member: __________________

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October/November 2012

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