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Limerence presents hand made work from over 65 Australian artists & designers. Explore men’s and women’s jewellery, ethically crafted unique fashion, and an exhibition space showcasing the work of local artists. Jewellery and clothing can also be made to order, including custom alternative wedding bands.

2/1642 burwood hwy, belgrave. open tues - sat, 10-5. (03)8288 1263.

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Listen Live! Local hills radio station 3MDR will be live broadcasting at main stage from 11am , tune in to 97.1 fm to hear some incredible music and exclusive live interviews throughout the day!

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We are very pleased and excited to officially welcome you to the second annual End of the Line Festival! The inaugural festival in 2012 gave us a taste of the delicious buffet of creative talent hiding in the Hills and somehow this year even MORE clever, talented folks have crawled out of the woodwork serving up a generous feast for the eyes, ears, fingertips and taste buds. The quality and diversity of musicians, artists, performers and makers involved in this year’s event is simply mind-blowing. What makes End of the Line so special is it’s roots based firmly in our unique ‘Hills’ community spirit of generosity and inclusiveness. The whole kit and caboodle is run purely on the passion and hard work of volunteers and participating artists, all donating their time and energy for the purpose of sharing and celebrating the arts and our community.


The festival is funded entirely by donations and sponsorship from local businesses and members of the public and simply would not be possible without the ongoing support and cooperation of Belgrave traders and Yarra Ranges Council. We are rapt to be able to have some official EOTL 2013 merchandise and CDs from many of the bands you will hear today available at merch stalls located at Cameo Main Stage and Market Stage. This year End of the Line is honored to play host to over 70 musical performances, 26 exhibitions and a healthy dose of workshops, demonstrations and street performances. With more venues on board and unusual spaces being activated on the day, be prepared to get lost in an artstorm‌ buckle up and enjoy the ride‌ words by CJ Dakis


ESSENTIAL INFO First Aid The First Aid Point is situated at the top of Hayes Car park, right next to the main driveway. There will always be members of St John’s Ambulance on duty throughout the day in case of an emergency. Please ask the staff if you need any help.

Children Please ensure that children are always accompanied by an adult. Lost and unaccompanied children will be escorted by a festival volunteer to the information booth loacted next to the Belgrave Book Barn where they will be supervised. A second volunteer will be sent to the Cameo Main Stage to make an announcement.

Dos and don’ts Do respect the gardens, streets and environment • Do respect the art installations • Do respect one another • Do have an awesome time and explore the monsterous amount of art and music • Don’t litter - extra bins are stationed all over town for today, so please use them • Don’t dehydrate! Keep water on you if possible • There are plenty of licenced venues in town, please refrain from drinking in the street • Don’t set yourself on fire • Busking is ok, but no amplification and check with nearby shop owners please •


Travel and parking Belgrave is not a big place, and it’s parking capacity is even smaller. For the sake of your and our sanity we STRONGLY recomend parking outside the town and walking in, or parking down the mountain at a station such as Ferntree Gully, Upper Ferntree Gully, or Upwey and catching a train a few stops straight into town. Belgrave is the main thoroughfare to a large portion of ‘The Hills’ and we want to avoid as much traffic congestion as we can!

merchandise End of the Line merchandise is available at the various merch stalls dotted around the stages. There will also be cd’s and other band merchandise for sale at these points. Being that EOTL is a completley volunteer run event this is a fantastic opportunity to support both the artists who have donated their time and the festival itself with funding towards next year.

FOOD & drink There is a huge amount of amazing food available all throughout Belgrave. Have a walk around town and you will surely find something delicious to eat. There will also be a handful of food stalls located within the market place. There are also a number of licenced venues in town for a frosty beverage if you’ve got a thirst that only such drinks can quench.


cameo main stage

The Cameo Outdoor Cinema plays host to the End of the Line’s Main Stage. The line up for the Main Stage for 2013 is jam packed with amazing talent, encompassing a range of styles such as folk, reggae, blues, trip rock and world music. At the conclusion of the music performances Cameo Cinemas invites you to an exclusive premiere of the unreleased film ‘The Spectacular Now’. Tickets are limited so we encourage you to buy them early! Grab a deck chair, bring a blanket, dance and soak up the amazing atmosphere.

Earthly Pleasures (Burrinja Stage)

The Earthly Pleasures Stage is one of the most beautiful venues involved in this year’s festival. Surrounded by a lush green garden this stage, which in itself has become an art installation created by Burrinja Cultural Centre, is the perfect location to listen to some spectacular folk music. Earthly Pleasures is fully licenced and will be serving beautiful organic food all day. Head down to listen to some of Australia’s best folk musicians including Rob Moss, Michael Waugh, and Kate Crowley. With special guests and surprises in store this stage is a must!

sooki bar & lounge

18+ Sooki Lounge is Belgrave’s newest venue and is bringing a touch of decadence and class to main st. Sooki Lounge prides itself on good taste, they serve amazing coffee, delicious tapas and exquisite cocktails. This space will host three visual art exhibitions featuring more than 13 artists, an exciting comedy evening, and a diverse lineup of musical acts including Matt Glass, Coen Dixon, Rachel by the Stream and the very epic 8Foot Felix. Expect a relaxed environment during the day and a totally cranking evening.


The Market Stage is a purpose built venue which is located right at the heart of the festival. The stage will be pumping out some seriously high quality World music which will provide the perfect back drop for you to browse the artisan market featuring over 60 exciting stalls and a handful of delectible edibles. The Market space will also play host to some spontaneous performances on the day.

Master ming’s

music venue profiles

market stage

Activating spaces and creating something from nothing is one of End of the Line’s strong suits, so back by popular demand we bring you Master Ming’s. Located in the deepest, darkest and freshest corner in Blacksmith’s Way, be prepared to have your senses assaulted by Electronica and Hip-Hop performances from local artists such as Brudaja, Mr EeZaL and the infamous Bastian Killjoy. The space will also feature live spray sessions and a kick arse audio visual display. A massive shout out to Master Ming’s for lending us their garage to make this stage happen. Master Ming will be cooking some treats downstairs, for while you’re hippin’ and hoppin’.

Tiffaney bishop collective


tiffaney bishop COLLECTIVE is set to host an exciting and diverse range of musical performances by young people. The talent playing on the tbC youth stage includes the captivating Harmony Byrne, the lyrically lush Justine Walsh, and the politically provocative Georgia Maq. As well we will have the mind blowing music of Mulder, who are coming ALL the way from Perth with a spectacular audio visual performance. The tbC youth stage is supported by Yarra Ranges Council’s Youth Services. tbC will also be presenting a group art exhibition and launching phase one of a long term collaboration that includes members and the community in ‘random’ art actions that engage kinetics, images and sound.


the green

New to this year’s EOTL is The Green. Set back from the bustling Main Street this beautiful grassy haven has been transformed into a family friendly hive of activity without losing its total picnic appeal. With a playground, chai tent, Scouts rope course, and workshops and performances throughout the day its the perfect place to kick of your shoes, join in or chillout with the whole family.


The Lyrebird is known, first and foremost, for their amazing and ever changing menu of delicious Provincial European food. Lyrebird will feature some of the Hills best local music talent including Brian Baker and Dom McKay. Fine art will adorn the walls, and the evening will be concluded by celebrating the 1st birthday of the iconic hills poetry night ‘To The Ends Of The Verse’.

oscar’s alehouse

18+ Oscar’s Alehouse has been a consistently fantastic venue ever since they opened their doors 5 years ago. They have always supported the local music and arts scene and, once again, they have opened their doors and hearts to become a 2013 EOTL music and visual art venue. Come listen to some of the best songwriters performing at the festival including; the much loved Alex Legg; the charming Carolyn Oates; and finish your night off with the SERIOUSLY breathtaking Anna Paddick and the Spekulators.

bell tavern

18+ The true and reliable Bell Tavern has offered their services to End of the Line for the 2013 festival and boy, oh boy, are they in for a treat! The beer will be flowing from 12pm and the hearty steaks at the Tavern won’t be the only thing sizzling! You’ll be drooling over the tasty Funk, Rock, Blues, line up which includes the local iconic deep funk band, Fats Wah Wah.


music venue profiles








1648 BURWOOD HWY, BELGRAVE 3160 9754 7567




8foot Felix

9:00 PM at Sooki 8Foot Felix is crafted from Balkan Blues with a heart that pumps from Vaudeville to Tom Waits via Mexican Ranchero. The Captain’s voice glides with the sweet triumph of the horns, and the graceful rigour of the strings, as he steers this great ship of shenanigans from his Rhodes piano.

alex legg

5:30 PM at Oscar’s Alehouse Alex Legg is no ordinary songwriter. He is a master wordsmith, an accomplished player and an engaging storyteller. But he does more than entertain with amusing anecdotes and clever phrases. Alex Legg communicates with an audience because his songs reflect their life. The pain, the pleasure, the passion. Suffering, sensuality and a sense of justice.


5:30 PM at TBC Stage We are a young band from the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. We’ve been together for a few years and now we are trying to get our music out there. We have just started recording an EP and should be out by the end of the year.


6:00 PM at Master Ming’s Steven Head (ANIMATRONIX) has been producing electronic music for around 7 years. Each track flows though a unique story in itself never really knowing what the next tale will be, with subliminal healing frequencies woven through out & the tuning of 432Hz it is a downtempo experience filled with the resonance of love.

anna paddick & the spekulatorS

9:30 PM at Oscar’s Alehouse Anna Paddick & The Spekulators share universal stories in a unique and original way. We draw upon an eclectic array of musical influences, from Regina Spektor to Paul Simon and Radiohead. The resulting sound is innovative yet familiar, mysterious yet affirming, monumental yet refined.

bastian killjoy


3:00 PM at Master Ming’s Bastian Killjoy is a Melbourne based hip hop producer and emcee who combines driving hip hop beats with acoustic drum breaks and steel string guitar, providing a unique and intricate backdrop for his superior and fierce vocal style that combines intelligent lyrics and tackles social issues with a fast paced rhythmic flow.

beth and the bravE

6:00 PM at Sooki. Beth and the Brave is the latest project by Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Beth King, who performs beautiful alternate folk tunes accompanied by Frank Pearce and Elisse Kleiner. Led by Beth’s soaring voice, the trio blends rich vocal arrangements with intricate guitar, double bass, and flute.

a-z preview : Music

bec skyes

5:30 PM at Lyrebird 19-year-old singer-songwriter Bec Sykes has been singing for as long as she can remember but it is only in recent months that she has entered the live performance scene. Centred around her unique vocals, encompassing delicate harmonies and honest song writing.

blin vanheems & the daisy west band 7:00 PM at Bell Tavern. Blin Vanheems and Daisy West have a raw soul pop sound. Delivering great grooves, riffs and sounds and are a perfect vehicle through which singer Blin Vanheems is able to express her multi dimensional vocal persona.

brian baker

1:00 PM at Lyrebird. That annoyingly catchy song that all the Anti McDonalds protesters sing on the radio and TV all the time? That’s “The Ballad of Tecoma”, Brian Baker’s handiwork. Come along and hear some more of his great songs at the festival.

briony mackenzie

6:30 PM at Oscar’s Alehouse Playing laid back and funky acoustic grooves with a voice that breathes light in colours and shades, this soulful Melbourne-born songsmith is crafted by a long-standing love affair with jazz, soul and blues.

brooke russell & the mean reds

12:30 PM at Cameo Main Stage With songs about boozy nights, bad decisions, broken hearts and the best intentions, Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds blend country, blues, folk and swing to appease their love of all things vintage. Culminating in a kitchen in Fitzroy North, the band released their debut album, Poor Virginia in August.



2:00 PM at Master Ming’s Cacophonies and soundscapes over complex beats and polyrhythmic percussions; Brudaja conjures a fusion of analogue warmth that only vinyl can sing, digital bleeps that would make Michael Winslow weep, a whirlwind of stringed instruments and obscure vocal vibrations from sources eclectic.

carol mccoy

2:30 PM at Lyrebird. I have been singing and acting for the past 27 years performing in countless plays & singing gigs throughout the Dandenongs. Career highlights include runner up in 2008 hills idol & having a title track on womens singer songwriter CD.

carolyn oates

4:30 PM at Oscar’s Alehouse Carolyn Oates has been described as, “a cutting edge songwriter who explores unique and interesting guitar tunings that unveil complex harmony with beautiful and unexpected melodies melting into a perfect lyric.” Her songs are a reflection of the human condition but not what you’d expect.

carpark choir

2:00 PM in the Belgrave Arcade This youthful choir of around 25 sing powerhouse Gospel and other genres with heart and gusto. A proudly gender balanced choir, this group is dedicated to the fullest singing experience as well as being a rad social group aswell.

cat or pillar

7:30 PM at TBC Stage We are Cat or Pillar and we love to hang out together. We don’t all share the exact same music taste but when we come together we make music that we all love and hope you do too.

cath russell

12:00 PM at Lyrebird. Cath Russell’s 90s indie rock band Times Bakery (Siren Records) and folk combo Swingset drew large crowds in Melbourne and nationally throughout the 90’s and early 2000s. Cath’s current folk acoustic sound is created in collaboration with pianist Peter de Ryk. They live, work and play in Kallista.


coen dixon

2:00 PM at Sooki Coen’s music has a definite strong lyrical basis with driving rhythms and a unique vocal sound that can add fuel to the fire, warm the heart and stir the soul. His neo-urban style of Melbourne folk is something to be heard!

a-z preview : Music

citrus jam

12:30 PM at Market Stage Citrus Jam is a Tropical Acoustic Pirate Shred Metal act with a highly energetic and rather crazy live show. Using massive visual forces of rhythmically energised riffs alongside luxurious blissful shred melodies, Citrus joined by his Epic Sea Monsters will take you on a Shredtacular journey!

craven souls

3:00 PM at Bell Tavern We are a blues rock band. Our sound is very reminiscent of old 60’s/70’s Brit Rock artists. We mostly play original songs but do play some covers from artists like George Thorogood and James Brown.


3:00 PM at Burrinja Stage The ethereal vocals of Sarah-Rose swell with warm electric guitar and walking bass lines to accent a confrontational lyrical intimacy and eclectic beats. DASH present an ambient and dynamic act far exceeding the expectations of a four piece.


1:30 PM at TBC Stage DISASTERAMA is a band that could only be described as the musical equivalent of a really big beautiful horse or iceberg. Their sound could be likened to the sensation felt when a pizza you can’t afford is delivered to your door, but you know you deserve it.

disco puppets

6:30 PM at TBC Stage Disco Puppets fuse a wide variety of influences, from Punk to Country to Pop to Noise-Rock, creating a unique and wacky musical landscape. With heartfelt songs about dogs, spiced rum, and Scrabble, they aim to cast the spotlight on some of the more important issues of our age…

17 17


12:00 PM & Sooki Diyel plays experimental nylon string guitar weaved in hauntingly rich, emotive vocals laden with soul. Her songwriting draws from a diverse range of cultural/musical influences and performance/life experiences.

diy society

All Day, Experimental Music Space in the Cameo Tunnels An audio-visual exploration into the darker side of modern electronic music. Awash with low-end rumblings and danceable rhythms, Deconstructive Arts is bound to be uncompromising, sometimes uncomfortable yet a guaranteed unique experience.

dom mckay

4:00 PM at Lyrebird. Dominic McKay shares stories from the core of his existence whilst traversing an array of genres with his original music.

Enda kenny

11:00 AM at Burrinja Stage. Enda Kenny and Lindsay Martin are one of Australia’s favourite festival duos and have been performing together since the early 90’s. Seven independent CDs and tours to UK, NZ and Hong Kong have helped them establish a rapport with festival audiences wherever they play.

ella ruby

4:30 PM at TBC Stage Ella Ruby is a singer/songwriter whose folk music dances with wide-eyed sincerity, her whimsical tunes conjuring images of flower garlands entwined in hair and the distant tinkling of bells. The fairytale aroma of her music illuminates stages across Melbourne’s underground music scene, pulling her audience from this world into another dream like realm.

folk session


7:30 PM at Burrinja Stage The Folk session will be a massive traditional Jam of many hills musicians. from Irish folk tunes to ballads, to contemporary singer songwriters, you never know what will happen that is the best part about it. There may even be a bunch of suprise artists from around the festival. If you play come join in.

fats wah wah

8:00 PM at Bell Tavern An effortless blend of funk, blues, reggae and country, Fats Wah Wah bring back the energy and vibrancy of the 70’s with a whole lot of contemporary grunt. A-grade songwriting, killer musicianship and long-honed performance credentials make Fats Wah Wah a band that will simply blow your mind.


a-z preview : Music


3:30 PM at Master Ming’s Funkalleros are united in creating Sol Music and Alt-Latin grooves in a format that is accessible to everyone and which you can enjoy on the dance floor.

7:30 PM at Cameo Main Stage Geamala are a World Music band like no other. Combining elements of many genres, ranging from Atmospheric, Eastern, Arabic, Tribal, and Celtic whilst maintaining a profoundly spiritual focus.

georgia maq

2:30 PM at TBC Stage I smoke lots of cigarettes and don’t like Tony Abbott.

harmony byrne

10:30 AM at TBC Stage I am a soulful folk singer songwriter with a desire to uplift and encourage all people to be who they are and express themselves however, wherever, whatever- Period.

helen begley

1:00 PM at Burrinja Stage Helen Begley writes a mean song and performs like a rough angel. This year she released her latest album, West Brunswick which has been toured to the lounge rooms, kitchens of the suburbs. Like most suburban rough angels, her favourite food is cake.


james wade

12:30 PM at TBC Stage James Wade, an upcoming 16 year old singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, a very poetic songwriter with an extremely soulful voice. James has often been compared to the likes of Jason Mraz, James Taylor and Stevie Wonder.

jen knight & the cavaliers

5:00 PM at Sooki Jen Knight and the Cavaliers have sculpted their own unique sound incorporating elements of soul, pop, alternative and funk music. Jen’s quirky stage antics and the bands energetic performances have gained much love for the group in their hometown of Melbourne.

jeremy doolan

7:30 PM at Oscar’s Alehouse Jeremy has been playing music around Melbourne and Geelong over the past three years, and has just released his first E.P. Snapshots in Time

ju tenucci

1:30 PM at Market Stage Ju Tenucci owns a profound and influential voice with a swinging soul that reveals the best of the Brazilian influenced and World Music. After years of experience Ju Tenucci brings to Australia the best of the Brazilian percussive rhythms.

justine walsh

3:30 PM at TBC Stage Soulful, lyrical and moody, a rich evocative voice and songwriting that spans r&b, neo-soul, metal and dark pop, Justine taps into the veins that pump melancholy blood through the hearts of humankind.


3:00 PM at Sooki Join award winning Kaisha and her band, for some Middle-Eastern influenced rock, merged with percussive, shamanic magic. Think sound-scapes, darbuka, accordion, violin and aching vocals. Sensitive, deep, raw, and contemporary Kaisha is a show to be remembered.


kate crowley

6:00 PM at Burrinja Stage With an effortless voice, a knack for truly unique song writing and making any venue feel like your kitchen, Kate Crowley whips up a vocal feast, while making you a killer cup of tea.

le toot ensemble

a-z preview : Music


6:30 PM at Cameo Main Stage A 5-piece experimental/trip-rock band hailing from the depths of the Melbourne underground, writing music which draws on their love of vintage tone and the avant garde. Kalacoma move from intensity to intimacy, fusing electronic and acoustic elements seamlessly in their live performance.

8:30 PM at Oscar’s Alehouse A duo which combines clarinet, saxophone and smooth vocals with the aural assault of a digital accordion to produce serious fun. They won the duo division of the inaugural Belgrave Buskers Festival.

lily and king

3:30 PM at Cameo Main Stage LILY & KING are a quirky, musical junkyard - blissful, beautiful, dirty and wicked. They play Dixieland punk, sailor songs, blues, bluegrass, Burlesque, weird carnie show tunes and the odd bit of curious pop and street corner stomp.

Little wise

10:00 AM at Burrinja Stage Leading Little Wise is singer-songwriter and guitarist Sophie Klein, who is small in stature, but has big stories to tell. Collaborating with Klein since early 2012 is Megan Bernard, who cooks up delicious Jeff Beck-inspired soundscapes and solos on her turquoise blue Stratocaster guitar, entwining them with skillfully blended vocal harmonies.

lloyd spiegel

5:30 PM at Cameo Main Stage With 8 albums, a swag of accolades to his name and 21 years performing, writing and recording, Lloyd Spiegel has certainly squeezed more into 33 years than many do in a lifetime. One of this country’s leading Blues artists and most respected guitarists.


marisa quigley

2:00 PM at Burrinja Stage Coupled with her dynamic stage presence, earthy humour and hauntingly beautiful vocals, Marisa Quigley’s capacity to translate her insightful stories into captivating, lyrical journeys reveals a refreshing depth of

matt glass

4:00 PM at Sooki Since his debut release in 2010, Matt has been gathering momentum and stealing audiences across the country, along with his talented and flamboyant crew of Loose Cannons. With two single releases and a new album due in 2014, Matt is a man to watch.

melody moon

8:00 PM at Sooki Melody Moon is being described as “a fresh breeze on the Australian alternative folk scene”. Teaming up with cellist Caoimhe Collins and double bassist Peter Woodlands, the trio present a rich string sound complete with 3-part vocal harmonies.

michael waugh

6:00 PM at Burrinja Stage Folk-country singer-songwriter in the storytelling tradition, Michael Waugh has won numerous songwriting awards. Michael has been a 3MDR and Selby Folk club regular. Michael was also half of the ‘best duo’ award winners at the Belgrave Busking Festival.


3:30 PM at Oscar’s Alehouse These guys travel around Australia recording Bush Jazz in different locations. It’s incredible dont miss it!

mr eezal


5:00 PM at Master Ming’s MR EEZAL spins the kind of tunes that can not be pigeon-holed to one specific genre . The styles he spins from the DJ console are a fusion of all things good; from swingy jazz beats to bassy breakbeat bootlegs this is one guy that likes to keep it funky and fresh !

no maccas in the hills

10:00 AM at Market Stage Hear from a collection of artists and folk who have contributed to the ongoing campaign against the building of a McDonald’s in the peaceful village of Tecoma.


a-z preview : Music


8:30 PM at TBC Stage Mulder are an audiovisual Electronic/Pop duo originally from the hills of Perth. Loud synths, deep bass, drum machines and found sounds are triggered from MIDI buttons under the backdrop of provocative, synchronised video and imagery.

12:00 PM at Master Ming’s Oes has been quietly producing and mixing forward-thinking electronica for the last three years, cultivating a unique blend of lo-fi bass music and shoegaze informed as much by the wonky grooves of the LA Beat scene as the washed-out bliss of bands like My Bloody Valentine or Nadja


1:00 PM at Master Ming’s Psyphertunes tweaks and turns samples sounds and software to create and project a rich glurpy underbelly of satisfying soundscapes and sonic escapades.

rachel by the stream

7:00 PM at Sooki Melbourne mash-up darlings Rachel By The Stream synch live looping with studio cut samples to create an energetic fusion of dub grooves, pop riffs and r’n’b flavours: “a totally distinctive talent” (ToneDeaf). Fresh from gracing the stage at Glastonbury Festival on their recent UK tour

rob moss

6:00 PM at Burrinja Stage Rob Moss’ voice will drag you through a gravel pit of sensibility, idiosyncrasies and simplicity. Followed by a milk bath and a bottle of beer.... lardedar.



5:00 PM at Burrinja Stage Roesy’s record speaks for itself with six albums and ten years of extensive touring throughout the US and Europe under his belt. Refreshingly devoid of pretension or cliché, Roesy’s music is best appreciated in a live setting. Joining Roesy is the magic of Esther Henderson on fiddle.

running away with the circus

12:00 PM at Bell Tavern Mark Campbell crafts heartbreaking, tender songs that “oozes honesty” (Beat Mag) and are “some of the finest songs I’ve heard.” (Charles Jenkins). Accompanied by a horn section, his band, “Running away with the circus” put on amazing shows weaving a rootsy blend of acid country, rock, and folk.

sammy owen blues band

2:30 PM at Market Stage Sammy Owen Blues Band is an original, electric Blues band fronted by Sammy Owen on lead guitar, Liam Kealy on B3 Hammond Organ, Mark Aird Drums, Matt Rob Guitar and Simon Haeusler on Bass.

seamus anthony

11:30 AM at Market Stage I make music. I call it “Odd Rock”. My sound is similar to Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash – but quirkier and more Australian. Enjoy with a twist of black funny.

stray hens

12:00 PM at Burrinja Stage Music For Free Range Humans...Three incredible ladies of the folk and old time tradition. Sal Taylor on 5-string Fiddle, Rowena Wise on Fiddle and Ukulele, and Mandy Connell on Guitar and Mandolin blend stunning and richly individual voices with an ace rhythm section - Richard on Double Bass and Ryan Tews on Drums.

the anticks

1:00 PM at Bell Tavern An indie rock band from Scoresby formed by schoolmates Alex Tsantekidis, Kallum Croxford and Harris Ruddick after a mutual love of music was discovered in the middle of class.


the baudelaires

10:00 PM at Sooki The Baudelaires have crafted their sound from influences of 60`s psych bands such as The 13th Floor Elevators and The Velvet Underground, blending them with more modern tones of overdriven shoe-gaze guitars, a slap of country rhythm and the mysticism of soft tenor blues vocals.

a-z preview : Music

the april maze

4:30 PM at Cameo Main Stage The April Maze show provides all of the vitality and beauty that good folk music has to offer, and an originality that is exciting and inspiring to experience live - with their rich, human vocals, cello, guitar and stomp box between two people the live show has an amazingly full and deep sound

the braves

5:00 PM at Bell Tavern Corrupt Rhythm & Blues, maximum R n B.

the feel goods

2:00 PM at Bell Tavern 3 lads that will fill your ears with their concoction of GarageFuture Cowboy-Party-Psych-Blues-Freakout-Tropical-Rock.

the jed rowe band

11:30 AM at Cameo Main Stage This Victorian based 3 piece outfit unites the raw energy of footstomping rock and blues with bluegrass, alt-country, folk and world music sounds, providing the perfect backdrop for the band’s evocative, subtly layered storytelling.

the push

2:30 PM at Cameo Main Stage The Push are no push over. Militant Reggae is what The Push are all about. This six piece have been making people rebel hop for exactly twelve months. It’s time to come lively up yourself. This blend of uk/jamaican inspired reggae will make you feel Irie for sure. Boom!


Mr. EeZaL



the subb michalsk trio

6:00 PM at Bell Tavern Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn, are just a few of the influences The Subb Michalski Trio draw on. At just 21, Subb Michalski spent the 2nd half of the 90’s playing guitar for Australian blues band “Harper”.

the willie wagtails

4:00 PM at Burrinja Stage. The Willie Wagtails follow the good old tradition of Australian Folk-Jazz, taking influence from colonial folk songs, trad-Jazz, bush punk and gypsy music, in the footsteps of Melbourne bands such as The Band Who Knew Too Much, The Bushwackers, Flap! and The Hoodangers.

tilly ruddick

11:30 AM at TBC Stage I am a solo artist looking to put myself out there. I am 15 turning 16 originally from the U.K but currently living in Melbourne. I want to become better known in the music community and I want people to love and enjoy my music and what I have to give.


11:00 AM at Master Ming’s Wayfarer// is the production project of beatmaker Ryan Koller. Chopped soul and world music samples under synths and vinyl drums create post-hiphop soundscapes.


1:30 PM at Cameo Main Stage A 5 piece contemporary pop, groove filled band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Featuring an unusual mix of instrumentation Zikora bring you world music influenced rhythms from a killer rhythm section, contemporary harp style with folk pop vocals & feel.

Ziah ziam


4:00 PM at Bell Tavern Together only one year, Ziah Ziam are doom-popsters from Melbourne & forests a near. With chanted-voice hooks, lobescratching guitars and jazzy-alleyway beats, the band plays songs simple, yet unique. It’s three piece rock like glitter and grime, clutching at dissonance and gates of a nurseryrhyme.

Ceremonies desiGned with warmth and Fun



Georgia Matthey, Market Place A humanoid for its human audience. I have created spaces and crevices for the mind to wonder all over and through this body. So that the inside, as well as the outside, can be observed, creating a connection between the two and the viewer.

collective consciousness

Multiple participants, Blacksmiths Way fenceline With works from over 30 local artists the fences of Belgrave have been inhabited by individual and original artworks on plywood boards. A unique way to involve numerous artists in one giant exhibition! Selected works available for sale.

a-z preview : exhibitions

10,000 strikes

Michelle Dinkgreve, Street space in front of Sooki Silence has been a large part of my existential life, I found freedom of communication through portraiture as a means to an unexplainable start. I delve into the human pysche to uncover raw underlyings of emotional fields within the fragility of the outside world.

conceptual photography

Misery’s Malice, Sooki Downstairs Sublime through to the dark, morbid and sometimes romantic scenes of the psyche of Misery’s Malice. “I would consider myself less a photographer and more of a displaced artist. It’s said I like to shoot people and make art with what remains.”

emerge where you are

Sue Guzick, Burrinja Stage Burrinja Stage at Earthly Pleasures. Site specific art installtion.

endless whispers

Amy Middleton & Tracy Hayllar, Cameo Tunnel Endless Whispers is collaboration between visual artist Amy Middleton and textile artist Tracy Hayllar. It is a response to the iritic, poetic, repetitive, explosive and sometimes endless lines of conversation that happen in the privacy of our own minds.


every friday for 6 months

Multiple participants, Chocolate Sensation (10) Every Friday night, four local artists, also friends, get together to talk about life, the universe, and everything, and consume pizza and wine. A small amount of art is made too.

forest edge

Paul Smith, Outside Inspiro Live demonstrations of subtractive stone sculpture will occur throughout the day.


Monika Poray, Belgrave Main St Geodesia is an art concept exploring the geometric complexities found in nature. For this festival Monika has arranged a public display along the main road of Belgrave. All the artworks are sculptural weaves which represent the geometries and ratios in nature and are made with natural grasses.

hillscene covers

Multiple participants. Belgrave Train Station Bridge The Hillscene is a widely recognised and much sought after local quarterly publication for anyone in the Dandenong Ranges region with an interest in cutting edge design, fashion, art, music, performance, food and street style on the fringe, all overlayed with the ethos of a community that cares passionately about its environment and aesthetics.

hollow earth

Naomi Bishop, Cameo Tunnel I remember reading in an old National Geographic issue several years ago that cave exploration was the ‘poor man’s space travel’. Often I found images of caves in old books on space and science fiction. I am interested in underground cave systems as endless unexplored frontiers.

horses and houses

Alicia Bee, Oscar’s Alehouse ‘Horses And Houses’ suggests we are all controlled by the reins of society - that have trained even the wildest brumbies to settle down with a house.


juet sculpture

Mutliple participants, Cameo Main Stage Juet Sculpture create new and original sculptures from old and discarded material. They work mainly in metal and their style is both abstract and figurative. Most of their work is inspired by and produced for gardens and natural settings.

live to the beat

Mutliple participants, Tiffaney Bishop Collective (5) ‘Live to Beat’ presents Stencil graffiti art work from local youth that represents expression of self, respect and identity.

a-z preview : exhibitions

in these woods...

Multiple participants. Sooki Upstairs Enter a world of magic and myth...ten local artists have been invited to create in their various styles and mediums works inspired by the forest. Perhaps influenced by the myths of the wood in other parts of the world but also inspired by this tangled forest we call home here in the hills

mural in a day

Glenn Scolyer, Safeway wall Local artist Glenn Scolyer and friends will spend the day painting the second stage of the “Where we live” mural. Watch the mural take shape and come to life over the course of the day.


Tracey Roberts, London Art front window (6) Tracey Roberts is a performing and visual artist, and an established singer-songwriter musician, whose art work is an exploration into the intriguing world of music-colour synesthesia. Her limited edition prints are rich, colourful interpretations of music, musical instruments and the emotions evoked by different musical genres.

nellie windmill. Katherine Herriman, Through the Looking Glass (8) I paint storybook scenes for grown-ups. My colour palette is muted and matte. My paintings evoke a mood that is subtly offbeat and playful. They create more opportunities for daydreamers to keep their heads in the clouds and infuse daily life with the pleasantly strange.


permission 1

Sarah Fountain, Cameo Tunnel Permission I, its size, use of bold colour and confident brush strokes herald a new beginning. My approach is honest, and tries to achieve a spontaneous work whilst bearing marks of a physical and psychological struggle.

road trip: 4 regions in 1 day

Megan Williamson, Earthly Pleasures (3) Whatever happened to that idea of spending time at each destination, to get the feel, to get the vibe of a place? Nah, let’s feel that terror! Let’s cover some ground, since we’re homeward bound, let’s do four regions in one day...

little one

Lauren Herraman, Limerence Gallery (4) The intention behind this series was to conjure up playful ‘little’ images with enchanting ‘little’ characters. full of expression, movement and vibrant colour. I draw much of my inspiration from animals, people nature and children’s books.

shelter from the storm

Shelley Krycer, Grunge upstairs (9) Like the seasons or our in and out breath, this series of drawings appear to expand and contract. Inspired by architectures of nature, those we construct and those of the body,the works let light stream through them, casting shadows that transform through the day as the light changes

small birds

Gabby Willmott, Sooki Upstairs Gabby recycles old frames and materials giving them a new beauty and purpose. Her pictures of small birds (from local area) range from delicate pen and ink, dark ethereal paintings on material to bright pencil water colours on paper


three little birds

Multiple participants. Grunge Downstairs (9) Three local artists share a passion for creating. Explore a collection of small works that will take you on a journey of nostalgia, cultural heritage and natural beauty. These mixed media works combine paper cuts, hand stitching, illustration, paint and ink.,,

Tiffaney bishop collective

Multiple participants. Tiffaney Bishop Collective (5) tiffaney bishop COLLECTIVE’ engages young artists in contemporary collaborative arts practice and currently supports 30 young artists. tbC has created an energetic and innovative artistic space that provides young artists with a dynamic working studio environment that they can locate their arts practice in and launch careers from.’

a-z preview : exhibitions

Teddy’s dreaming

Anne-Maria Plevier, The Confectory (7) This exhibition depicts characters and scenes from the best book about Teddy’s dream of world domination never written. Made using wood turning techniques with high quality native woods, and crocheted additions and accessories Each set sold separately. (Not suitable for children under three) .

FOREST EDGE STONE STUDIO Art Gallery, Rare Plant nursery and café.

Opening Hours 8.30-4 Thurs- Sun. 74 Monbulk Road Kallista 3791 Ph. 0412 812 144


Earth Songs

3:30 PM Workshop at Tin Shed (1) Jessica has been leading community singing and chanting circles for the past 5 years. She draws on a variety of traditions from sanskrit mantra and earth based songs to Native American lullabies to open the heart and calm the mind.

Earth Wisdom: Applying Permaculture to a lifestyle

1:00 PM, Blacksmiths Way (outside Sustainable Gardens) The Perma Pixie is a passionate and motivated little sprite who aims to inspire and educate people to live more nourishing and sustainable lifestyles using Permaculture, awareness and compassion!

Freestyle 101 with Alex and Bastian Killjoy

4:00 PM Workshop, ‘Word on the Street’ (2) Come join our panel of MC’s including MC Convict and Bastian Killjoy as they explore techniques and tricks to the trade of freestyle rapping. All styles and skill levels welcome.

Hoop Dance with Kat

2:45 PM Workshop, The Green Get into the spin with Kat’s Hula Hoop workshop. All welcome, beginners and beyond, young and not so young. Learn to dance and play with a hoop experiencing freedom in movement while getting an exhilarating full body work out!

I am I be.

All day, near the station exit in Blacksmith’s way INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION: I am I be is to be conceived, constructed and destroyed on the day. It will grow and crawl across a wall, in a range of materials, before being pulled down and discarded. Add a drawing, ask a question, pose for a portrait, I am I be involved.

Micro Memoir

2:30 PM Workshop, ‘Word on the Street’ (2) A chance to reflect on and write about your own life. Focussing on how to capture the pivotal moments and big themes of your story with just a small number of well-placed words. You could call it poetry, but if that word puts you off, consider it ‘precise prose’.


1:00 PM Workshop, ‘Word on the Street’ (2) An hour-long workshop teaching simple exercises to warm the voice and give more colour & shape to the sounds of words.

Pranic Bounce

4:30 PM Workshop, The Tin Shed (1) Pranic Bounce is about dancing freely and healthily to awesome music. With no rules or steps to learn, its easy to let go and dance your dance. Enjoy yourself as you exercise naturally, gaining the confidence to really be yourself, and a sense of flow in your body that you can bring into everyday life.

West African Drumming with Kofi Kunkpe

2:30 PM Workshop, The Tin Shed (1) Kofi Kunkpe is an Ewe Master Drummer from the Volta Region of Ghana, who now lives in the Yarra Valley. A keeper of his culture and a teacher with exceptional skill, Kofi is conversant with every aspect of his tradition and can teach the rhythms, songs and dances from many West African countries. Bring your drum, your feet and your voice to this inspiring workshop

Writing Poetry

12:00 PM Workshop, ‘Word on the Street’ (2) A panel discussion and open forum with local poets Matthew Wilson and Icia Molloy on opening to the muse and investigating your writing process.

a-z preview : performances & workshops

Performance Poetry - Using Your Voice

arabesque and the arabellies

10:30 AM Workshop, 11:30 AM Performance, The Green Arabesque belly dance group was founded in 2000. they have a unique style of choreography that are enjoyable to watch. Arabesque dancer marjon, teaches the arabellies dancers at various locations.

full circle drumming

11:30 AM, Station Exit Full Circle Drumming students will perform traditonal West African drumming pieces they have been learning during the term. There will be a chance to join in the fun for an open drum circle to finish. (Some Djembes and percussion provided)


Kung Fu

1:15 PM, Market Place A dynamic and exciting junior demonstration of Kung Fu, followed by a Steel Body conditioning demonstration by Dom McKay

‘live to the beat’ hip hop crew

1:15 PM, TiBC Stage (5) ‘Live to the Beat’ FReeZA Hip Hop Crew is a group of young Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth with the support of the Indigenous Hip Hop Project have created a Hip Hop dance routine infused with break dancing and pop locking.

Opera Entrées

Maria Cristina Keightley

Nick Seidenman

5:30 PM, Market Stage Soprano, Maria Cristina Keightley, and tenor, Nick Seidenman are Hills locals that met while singing opera in New York. After performing throughout the US and Italy they are bringing gorgeous and fun opera tunes to the Hills. Enjoy their specially selected menu of tasty Opera Entrées!


12:30 PM Performance, 12:45 PM Workshop, The Green Big skirts and Balkan Beats! Influenced by Turkish Romani (gypsy) dance, Egyptian and American Tribal belly dance styles, Rakia captivate audiences with swinging hips, swirling skirts and snaky back bends. Rakia’s members have performed in some of Melbourne’s great venues, including The Famous Speigeltent, Crown Palladium and Regent Ballroom, at festivals and charity events.

river of life

1:00 PM, Tin Shed (1) Spoken word poet Tanya Rao delivers her river of life, tao, the way, in sprawling verbose visual utterances. Sometimes sexy, always raw, her words go to the heart.

Shimmy Bliss Dance

3:30 PM Performance, 3:45 PM Workshop, The Green In this workshop we will be taking the beauty and grace of traditional bellydance movements and adapting them to a more modern electronic track in a short choreography. Suitable for beginners and beyond.


10:15 AM, The Green Sing Rattle and Groove is an awesome music program for bubs, toddlers and preschoolers (and their grownups). Sing Rattle and Groove offers weekly programs in the Dandenong Ranges seeking to create an exciting creative space for little kids and their families to play, sing and dance together.

Sweet Sassafras Community Choir

1:15 PM Performance, 1:45 PM Workshop, The Green Sweet Sassafras Community Choir have been singing together for nine years and are open to anyone who wants to try singing! We meet on Monday nights at 7.30pm at Sassafras Primary School. Come join us!

standup comedy

Sooki Downstairs, 7:30 PM 12 of Melbourne’s finest up and coming comics and headline guest set to tear up the hills in the most hilarious fashion .Coming to Sooki Lounge for one night only, come and finish off your End of the Line experience with some high quality laughs.

tai chi

Town park (at the Belgrave roundabout), 9:00 AM Begin your festival day with the beautiful martial art of Wudang Tai Chi with Chi Generation.

a-z preview : performances & workshops

Sing Rattle and Groove

The Oriental Garden of Love

Roving performance Costumes inspired by the Hidden magic of the natural world and the glowing ultraviolet spectrum

To the ends of the ‘verse

Lyrebird, 7:30 PM An evening to celebrate the spoken word. Performances by over 15 wordsmiths from in & around the Belgrave area, displaying their diverse ponderings and playfulness. TTEOTV began at End of the Line last year and continues to run monthly in Belgrave.


movie screening: The Spectacular now 9:00 PM at Cameo Main Stage Tickets $10, Available online at Head down to Cameo Cinemas as main stage winds up for a preview screening of The Spectacular Now. From the writers of (500) Days of Summer comes a vivid three-dimensional portrait of youth confronting the funny, thrilling and perilous business of modern love and adulthood. Ages 15+


Multi talented people from the hills and the city bring you a diverse range of beautiful films. From documentaries, to music clips, comedies to action films. multiple mediums; live action, stop motion & animation.


art tree creations

Epoxy Resin abstract art workshops, explore this unique technique & the secrets to the perfect application to create your very own masterpiece.

bead it jewellery

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings. All handmade and crafted with love.

beautiful wasteland

A treasure trove of botanically dyed and eco-printed silk scarves and up- cycled garments imbued with myth and transience.


Berlin Roses Original artwork, paper dolls, fake tattoos, curious jewellery and other wares by Carla Elizabeth Rose , Carla Lives in the Yarra Ranges with her husband ,daughter & pug dog Olive Oil.

black diamond cigar box guitars I make 100% handmade guitars using original cigar boxes in the style of the original CBG’s from the mid 19th century.


Soaps, salts, melts & bath bombs.

by wisteria

Inspired by natural elements, tribal cultures, and current trends By Wisteria was born. Handmade jewellery as unique as you are.

by narissa

byNarissa: Exciting new Melbourne label offering a gorgeous range of stationery, whimsical paper art products, original art prints and homewares.


christina’s crafts

Christina pushes the boundaries in mixed media including upcycling in her paintings, assemblage, jewellery & sculpture. She also shares her skills by teaching.

c.lawry print maker

Christine Lawry is a a traditional printmaker, cutting and printing fer blocks from her own designs. All prints are limited edition.

cosmic koala productions

I’m a young digital artist into portraiture, illustration and story writing. I like drawing people, queer stuff and rad things.

a-z preview : marketplace

care you love

Care You Love makes fresh herb, flower and spice infused skin care to feed your body.

curious bazaar

Curious Bazaar, whimsical gift shop and craft collective, featuring unique screen prints, quirky jewellery, creative cards and gorgeous handmade clothes.

dance in the dirt

Unique and super colourful handmade jewellery and accessories

drawn & sewn

Jacqui Christians creates artworks in a range of mediums including drawings, textiles and collectible wood prints, fabric cushions, framed hoops and giftcards

enchanted forest creations

Bring out the fairy in you! Handmade, one of a kind treasures for pixies and fairies of all sizes!


faeries with attitude

Fabulous fabric sculptures, wild wall art and polymer clay creations by Rhonda Hunt. Fae folk and other characters.

font animal

Quirky, wizzo fonts made to bop, jive, laugh & excite! Digital font fun with beastly letterforms running amok.

forest picnic

Forest picnic showcases artisan works by Laurellbush, Dreaming Owl Felt Studio and Shelley Krycer. Hand crafted, felted, drawn, jewellery, art prints and more., Laurellbush,

francis jerome

Francis Jerome Artisan Woodcraft. A fresh approach to design in furniture and guitars. Imbued with feel, texture, beauty and practicality.

gitta, bruni & lorraine

We’re three women making jewellery and accessories with beads and fabric.

hook & nancy seed love

Handmade, organic and beautiful pieces created with Love and inspired by Nature.

i love this

Handmade, spunky kids and ladies clothes and accessories made from vintage and recycled fabrics.

ish artwork

A collection of inspiring, original artworks and interesting, natural photographic images.


little acorn & laddered stockings

Crocheted whimsies and bottled minutiae are our obsession. Finicky fingers have folded, looped and painted to create delights of miniature proportion to be worn and adorn.

little anoushka

Little Anoushka has spunk, she wears mismatched clothes and she is here! All original. All individual. All one of a kind. Girls clothing made by me!

little lands

Terrarium and Miniature Garden Little Lands

a-z preview : marketplace


Breathing life back into the Ephemeral, Nostalgic & Whimsical. Wearable, practical or fantastical pieces, melding old & new.


loveDABEAD jewellery uses contrasting wood with vibrantly coloured resin, glass and clay-polymer beads to create uniquely striking designs.


Each handmade piece is unique, created using recycled, vintage and/or designer fabrics.

mr bucket

Who is Mr Bucket? He is an ordinary bloke, a dreamer, living inside his bucket - “Tshirts in a Bucket�..

nanna woo

Unique pieces, handcrafted in Tasmania. Natural fibre wearable and wall art. Sustainable jewellery and stationary!


naturally dyed

Eco-Conscious Textiles. Leaf imprints, metallic impressions and tracings from threads all tell the story when they dance on preloved silks.


Intricate paintings on traditional Japanese papers, museum grade prints and cards on archival bamboo paper, and beautiful decorative wrapping papers.

no maccas in the hills

Come and paint your very own garden gnome and find out the latest news about this fight and how you can contribute.

pink heart designs

Pink Heart Designs create funky bags and accessories to brighten up your day...handmade in Melbourne with love!

pom pom poppy

Bespoke handmade fabric flower ladies accessories using new, recycled and vintage fabrics, trims and embellishments

purple fig pottery & ceramics

Hand made ceramics, textured and beautifully glazed to bring out the best in each piece - with a focus on Christmas gifts!


Qualia is an emerging womenswear label directly out of Melbourne reflecting a distinctly unparalleled original look. Fusing raw ethnic prints, tailoring and attention to detail the outcome is fresh and quirky.

roxeanne hull

Soft Sculpture made from wire and fiber that you can move/ sculpt yourself: Curly Girlies, faeries, dragons and more.Make Your Own will be available.


silk paintings

Matthew Rutten paints silk scarves, wall hangings and paintings. He studied at the Melbourne College of Textiles.

stalder skateboards

Robi brings a splash of colour to this year’s festival with an array of both digital and handcrafted Skateboard Graphics.

starlia handmade jewellery

Handmade sterling silver jewellery made locally on the Dandenong Ranges.

a-z preview : marketplace

sajo ceramics & friends

A vast array of pottery and ceramics including both functional and decorative pieces in various finishes.

stick + stones

Fun and colourful jewellery, illustration, crafts and accessories lovingly designed and handmade by graphic design graduate, Kelly Felton.

sunloch & sammi

A collection of artworks and other unique and crafted items by Sunloch wilde and Sammi Standaar

the honey bunnies by doodlyyoodly

Handmade soft toy bunnies made with recycled woollens & vintage buttons. ‘the honey bunnies’ are kind to the environment and love to cuddle.

the queen of something

The Queen of Something is an illustrator that creates the weird, wonderful and beautiful. She uses many different mediums, from one of kind tshirt designs to prints and original pieces.


tiffany morris-north

Tiffany likes explore different mediums ranging from screen printed tea towels to crocheted pebbles.

tranquil heart designs

Fyona is a healing artist offering symbolic mandala prints,ceramic and dry felted healing amulets and angel guide readings.

tread and pedals

This hills based creative duo handcraft all their wares using bicycle parts that would otherwise end up in landfill.

vintage pearl

Lacey Women’s clothing- jackets, cardigans, skirts and camisoles.

wayward creations

Art and Creations for the dreamers, the storytellers and the magic makers


Upcycled fabrics and artworks made into an eclectic range of useable bags and purses!


Free the dancing self, readings with the Wonderfeel Oracle, offering a gateway into deeper aliveness..!


A Maga’zine’ about all the interesting people and things happening in Melbourne’s beautiful Dandenong Ranges. It’s the funkiest community mag in the hills.

With creative design and interesting articles it’s a rockin’ read.

Now with a new blog filled with reviews and news that we can’t get into the quarterly publication, we hope to bring you more of what you’ve come to love about the hillscene and about our beautiful local scene. or look for “The Hillscene” on EOTL Ad.indd 1

The hillscene is created in partnership with Burrinja 2/10/13 10:41 PM

a-z preview : marketplace

“the hillscene”




YOU Need

2 make

impression OR just want to apply a a



gentle persuasion......

T h i n k

i n k !

come and talk with the


you never know we may just

be your type!

Seagullpress happily supporting the artistic and creative community in the hills , 1672 Burwood Highway, Belgrave, Victoria 3160 03 9754 3196 or just google printing belgrave


A very special thank you to the following, for without them ‘End of the Line’ would not have been possible. CJ & Brent Dakis :organisers Joshua collings : organiser Kathleen ‘snowy’ snowball : organiser heavywater creative : festival branding and design Pegleg productions : management and film Marina Dennis : administration Justine Walsh, Nicole gurd, Lachlan case : General radness middle class : videography CR Samantha Dunn : funding Belgrave traders association : Funding BENDIGO BANK : funding Our pozible pledges : Funding Burrinja : support The Cameo : Support Seagull Press : Discounted program printing SIGN X : donated Signs and banners Black Rainbow : DOnated printing Rangemaster : Soundtech DB AUDIO : Soundtech springfield studios ; soundtech hillside sound ; soundtech smellydog productions : soundtechs all the volunteers all the venues who donated their spaces. All artists, musicians, performers, makers, poets and passionate people whose enthusiasm & hard work has brought this beast to life and who continue to strive to make our community stronger,

EOTL 2013 Program  
EOTL 2013 Program  

End of the Line Festival 2013 : official program