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We are very pleased and excited to officially welcome you to the third End of the Line Festival! After an overwhelming response to the 2013 festival that saw an estimated 10,000 people descend on our little Hills town, we took a breather in 2014 to focus on ways we could strengthen and refine the festival to make it as sustainable as possible moving forward. This led to the decision to move to a biennial format, allowing us extra time to apply for grants, explore sponsorship opportunities and run a successful fundraising event ‘Intermission’ in November 2014. Since its inception in 2012, End of the Line has never been about money. This event is entirely volunteer produced by members of the Belgrave Community Arts Partnership, with support from Burrinja Cultural Centre, Yarra Ranges Council and the Belgrave Traders Association. The beast continues to run on the passion and generousity of the community, our sponsors, our volunteers, the traders of Belgrave and every participating artist and performer. This rich collaboration allows us to uphold the core festival ethos of freely sharing and celebrating the arts.


We have learnt the power of what artists and the community can achieve when we all work together. By strengthening connections with each other, we have seen the long-term benefits that participating artists and our town can reap from this festival. We are so thankful that the community has embraced End of the Line, showing their support so generously and enthusiastically. With a larger team on board behind the scenes, and an OVERWHELMING amount of talented artists stepping forward to participate, the 2015 End of the Line Festival promises to be bigger and bolder than ever! This year, we are honoured to play host to over 80 music performances, 30 exhibitions, a bustling artisan market place and a healthy dose of workshops, live art demonstrations and street performances. The quality and diversity of musicians, artists, performers and makers involved in this year’s event is simply mind blowing. We are sincerely grateful to each and every artist that is donating their time and talent; so if you spot an artist around the festival, please take a moment to thank them. So whoever you are and wherever you’re from, welcome to Belgrave. Be Brave! Be Bold! Dive in headfirst! Once the art monster swallows you whole and you may never want to leave… words by CJ Dakis & Kathleen Snowball


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Listen Live!

Local hills radio station 3MDR will be live broadcasting at main stage from 12PM , tune in to 97.1 fm to hear some incredible music and exclusive live interviews throughout the day!

share your day

Share your day at EOTL: just hashtag #eotl2015 or tag @endofthelinefestival on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to share your exciting moments with others!


Please don’t hurt yourself! But if you do- St John’s Ambulance will be on duty throughout the day to patch your boo-boos. They can be found at the top of Hayes car park, near the marketplace. Please ask an info booth volunteer if you need assistance.


End of the Line Festival is proudly a family friendly event, so much so that we have created a special area- ‘The Green’ to encourage the smaller members of our community to enjoy themselves by engaging in performances, workshops and activities. Please be mindful of the small humans around you and be sure that they are always accompanied by an adult. Lost and unaccompanied children will be escorted by a festival volunteer to festival HQ at the Tin Shed where they will be supervised. A second volunteer will be sent to Cameo Main stage to make an announcement.

Dos and don’ts

Do respect the gardens, streets and environment • Do respect the art installations • Do respect one another • Do have an awesome time and explore the monsterous amount of art and music •

Don’t litter - extra bins are stationed all over town for today, so please use them • Don’t dehydrate! Keep water on you if possible • Don’t forget that every artist and musician participating in the festival is doing so as a volunteer. If you spot an artist around whose work you enjoy please take a moment to thank them. •



We have been honoured to have Ken Taylor create the breathtaking artwork for our official event posters and merchandise this year. There will be a merch stall in the Market Place for you to snap up official EOTL 2015 t-shirts, stubby holders, stickers and art prints as well as CD’s and other merch from a number of our participating musicians. Artwork sales from many of our visual art exhibitions will be processed through the merch tent if you fancy owning some original artwork. Purchasing from our merch stall is a fantastic opportunity to support both the artists who have donated their time and the festival itself with funding towards the 2017 festival.

FOOD & drink

Belgrave has a reputation for it’s wide variety of places to eat and drink, so you don’t have to go far to wet your whistle or find something delicious to wrap your chops around. This year a section of the Market Place (behind the Belgrave Book Barn) will house a tropical, retro wonderland to chill out and taste the wares of a select number of food stalls to take your taste buds around the world and back again. If a DIY approach is more your style why not head up to The Green and peddle yourself a fruit smoothie?! You can also sit back and enjoy a chai in a relaxed, family friendly environment.

Travel and parking

As beautiful as our little town is, it is not exactly known for it’s plethora of parking options, so we STRONGLY advise catching the train- it’s the last stop on the Belgrave line, you can’t miss it- yep- the end of the line (that’s right we went there!) Parking your car a few stops away and catching the train the last leg could be a clever choice if you MUST drive. There are also a number of bus options, though they are limited on Saturdays. Jog, carpool, dink a mate, skydive, however you get here, just get here and be sure to wear your dancing shoes!


visual arts at end of the line

The End of the Line Visual Arts MONSTER is lurking around hidden corners, cafes, retail spaces, lane-ways, stairwells and corridors - your job is to seek it out and revel in its creative tentacles! Keep your beady eyes peeled for the 20 solo exhibitions, 5 group exhibitions, roving light projection, life drawing workshop, weaving demonstrations, live street art, photography, ephemeral installations, paintings, illustrations and a giant vat of indigo dye to indulge in. In the spirit of the festival theme BE BRAVE. BE BOLD. EVOLVE. - our visual arts program is full of juicy overtones, undertones and interpretations! Many artworks will be for sale via the merchandise tent if you fancy owning some awesome original artwork.


Big Dreams




9am-2pm except January

Reynolds Lane Belgrave


Brent Dakis Jewellery combines unique and beautiful gemstones with precious metals to create a bespoke piece for you, and you alone. When the day is over and the dress is in the cupboard, your Brent Dakis custom-de signed ring will be an identifiable heirloom that tells the story of the love you have for each other, every day for the rest of your life. Brent’s creativity and craftsmanship has been recognized the world over, with his artistic pieces being featured in such international forums as British Vogue. Contact Brent and have a chat about how you can work as a team to create stunning, individual rings that will symbolize your relationship in its own special way.

an eclectic mix of local culture experience a ‘hillscene’ moment magazine & blog


music venue profiles


sooki lounge

Opulent and a little swanky, Sooki Lounge is hosting multiple visual artist exhibitions as well as a plethora of musical treats. From indie folk to smooth neo-soul, funk & psychedelic gypsy prog-rock, Sooki will be an eclectic and delectable selection of big production bands. Towards the end of the night, things may get a bit debaucherous… But downstairs things aren’t what they appear! As night falls, the visual art space transforms a high energy howling creature. With each chest thumping DJ beat you hear, the animal will claw you in and force you to move!

REbellious bird

11:30AM Drawing heavily from jazz, soul and funk influences, Rebellious Bird performs socially conscious contemporary music with a message.

melody moon

12:45PM Melody Moon has a unique style of moving audiences with her uplifting stage presence and captivating voice. Combining story and personal affirmation, she brings soaring sounds reminiscent of old folk songs with a fresh indie punch. Compared to Sarah Blasko and Julia Stone, “I reckon she’s better” - ABC radio

anna paddick & the spekulators

2:00PM Anna Paddick & The Spekulators draw upon an eclectic array of musical influences, from Sia to Paul Simon and Radiohead. Their music is reflective, monumental and affirming. Their last EOTL performance saw a line of people with their noses pressed against the window, so be sure to


3:15PM The unusual 5-piece band from Melbourne incorporating contemporary harp, African influenced percussion and classical teachings to bring about a fresh Australian alternative-pop sound. Embracing melodies with solid grooves and wicked harmonies to keep you smiling, dancing and nodding your head in agreement the whole set long.


werewolves of melbourne

4:30PM A thunderbolt of electric boogie blues with a sound risen from the haze of the Mississippi Delta, blues clubs of Chicago and the musically rich streets of hometown Melbourne. Werewolves of Melbourne are a four piece alloriginal group that looks into the future of the blues, soulful as a preacher, powerful as a locomotive.


5:45PM Something secret has been going on for sure. Lead by Reasonable Renelophus Penson (Rients Johannes Huitema) the live, original Hip Hop mash up band have been sneaking around. Feat. Strawberry Shortcut (Shae Mourtzakis), the duo front a live rhythm section topped with keys, trumpet and guitar.

that gold street sound

7:00PM That Gold Street Sound is a 8 piece party funk band from Melbourne that will make you shake your tail feather. It is old fashioned soul with the influence of rock and roll. It is the most fun you can have with your pants on…until you dance your pants off!


8:15PM The ultimate spy porn funk, Ultravibralux creates a smouldering blend of tight horn action, syncopated grooves and relentless afro inspired bass. You’ll be shakin’ things that shake, and makin’ moves you’ve never made as your body becomes the instrument and the Ultravibralux mantra inspires your flesh to become a groove machine.

stevie & the sleepers

9:30PM We cannot categorize the front woman of this outfit; part soul mama, part wandering roots woman, Stevie leads a distinct assembly of artistic collaborators. The Sleepers play rock and soul, there’s a strain of blues heartbreak behind the riffs. Add a peppered dash of gangster and you’ve got the Sleepers.

the push

10:45PM The Push’s sole motivation is to help people reflect on life and the spiritual wonders of the world through Reggae music. These core values paired with desire to have a lot of fun are the driving forces of the Push.


ungus, ungus, ungus

12:00AM Hold onto your hats as the Psychedelic Gypsy, Prog-rock band so radical they named it thrice, takes you on a journey of dance and mayhem. Referencing Klezmer and Balkan music and traversing territory from Rock to Hip-Hop and Jazz, this is carnivalesque party music for the creatively inclined.

mastaplan band

1:15AM Masta Plan’s front man, Bear Booty is a one of a kind creature, 2 foot of pure womanising musical prowess. He is the last of his kind, the abominable Aussie Drop Bear! Retelling the unique journeys of his life through his dirty funk fuelled music, and breaking hearts along the way.

focal point

Alexander Stimpson, Nov 28th - Dec 13th Alexander Stimpson is a Melbourne based artist. His practice spans the mediums of painting, sculpture and photography to depict ideas and forms from the extreme abstract to the hyper real. The main thematic focus of his work is the psychological and intellectual interpretation of individual perceptions of being.

Feathered femmes

Flosski Art & Design, Nov 28th - Dec 13th Flosski Art & design’s exhibition, Feathered Femmes is an exploration of the incredible colour, form and character of the birds of the Dandenong Ranges and region. Works in pen, paint and pencil will explore our connection to, and admiration of our feathered friends through a juxtaposition with nostalgic feminine beauty (or ‘femmes’).

never ending stories

(DOWNSTAIRS) Amos Duggan, Nov 28th - Dec 13th Amos is an artist who lives and paints in Melbourne. His inspiration is drawn from both rural and urban landscapes, and mankind’s interaction with their chosen environments. His vivid paintings each tell a multitude of stories which are created by painting numerous layers over varying periods of time.


sooki lounge DOWNSTAIRS


9:00PM Untach, an electronic project that focuses on blending the percussive elements of dance music & melancholy melodies with a groove..

connor mac

10:00PM Connor Mac is only interested in playing deep and groovy bass music at places your parents would be very upset to find you….


11:00PM Matthew Hargreaves is 19 year old from upwey who produces funky upbeat dance music. Get ready to boogie!

oliver winton

12:00AM Since arriving on Melbourne’s dance music scene, Oliver Winton has made appearances at some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues such as Revolver Upstairs, Brown Alley, New Guernica and OneSixOne. Expect this young gun to keep you on your feet with his funky and captivating house grooves!

alexander thompson

1:00AM Late night tunes - good vibes and good times… Be there!!!


Earthly Pleasures

With Belgrave’s most beautiful building as the backdrop, it’s no wonder that this stage has always been a festival favourite! Picture yourself laying leisurely on the lawn of the iconic blue stone mansion, soaking up the sun and atmosphere of the day. With your tummy full of sumptuous organic food from the Earthly Pleasure kitchen, and a beer in hand, kick back and enjoy the sensational sounds of some of Melbourne’s best Folk and Country artists.

ben mitchell

11:00AM From country-blues to indie-pop, Ben Mitchell is a singersongwriter happily jumping genres. The 17 tracks on his last album, Chance To Love all received radio play. “A powerful performer with bags of stage presence and memorable songs.” GET RHYTHM; “His song-writing skills put him in a league above.” AMERICANA UK.

Emilee south

12:15PM With powerful vocals and fierce guitar playing, Emilee South hollers throwback rhythm & blues, with hints of a whiskeydrenched-French summer, young love, voodoo and smalltown guilt.

little wise

1:30PM This Melbourne duo’s unique blend of folk-roots music is both tender and gritty. Little Wise is wistful storyteller Sophie Klein and distinctive guitarist Megan Bernard. The pair share a palpable musical chemistry, evoking James Taylor, Indigo Girls and local sweethearts The Waifs.

jed rowe & alison ferrier

2:45PM Jed Rowe is an acclaimed singer/songwriter and guitarist from Melbourne. His music walks the line between country, blues and folk. His 3rd album ‘The Last Day of Winter’ was produced by Aria winner Jeff Lang. He will be joined by the charming Alison Ferrier following her acclaimed new album ‘Be here Now’, also produced by Lang.



4:00PM Amarina Waters plays high, lonesome, sweet country, stealing ideas from the moon. You’ll find her perched behind her Gibson Diamond Jubilee, with Double Bass and Mandolin for company. There’s a golden thread of redemption and delicate gratitude about her songs, themed from gardening to heartbreak to the moon and back.


5:15PM As the banjo picker and songwriter with Jemma & The Clifton Hillbillies, half of the Sweet By & By and collaborator/chief mischief maker with The Shotgun Wedding, Mastwyk has been an integral part of Melbourne’s alt country scene. In 2013, he walked into Tender Trap Studios and his solo album Mornin, Evenin was born.


6:30PM The Scrimshaw Four are a high energy, Jazz/Bluegrass band from Melbourne, featuring banjo, guitar, violin and double bass. Their live show will make your feet fall off from dancing so hard. Described as ‘Gypsy Doof Doof’ The Scrimshaw Four have been busking and performing in almost every location possible.


7:45PM Slim Dime & The Prairie Kings play hot hillbilly swing and boogie - capturing the rollicking, no-holds barred energy of a 1930’s foot stompin’ party band. Like hopped up cowfolk on a honkey tonk bender, full of energy and raring to go....lock up your grandma, it’s Slim Dime and the Prairie Kings!


Festival Venue

Visual Art Exhibition Spoken Word Liscensed 6-10pm 1692 Burwood Highway, Belgrave



gin lane

A world class venue with impeccable style, expect the goods to be delivered. A spectacular visual art display by Gerard Russo and some of Melbourne’s finest spoken word performers will open proceedings. If that wasn’t enticing enough, you can also expect the best eargasm-inducing jazz, improvisation and alternative experimental music that EOTL has to offer! So grab yourself a cocktail and dive down the rabbit hole into this intimate den of aural pleasure.

Savage detectives of heartbreak

12:00PM Part spoken word show, part conversation hour. A dialogue between two experienced poets and spoken word performers. Sean M Whelan and Nathan Curnow will present an afternoon of poems that are interspersed with conversation about their work and what inspires them.

fleassy malay

1:00PM Passionate, powerful, vulnerable and honest spoken word. A performance which stirs souls, evokes laughter and tears as well as offering a hard hit of truth. A theatrical, poetic storytelling experience enhanced with the rhythmic flow and rhyme of hip hop.

amal ibrahim

1:30PM To Amal, poetry is an act of defiance, an activism in its honest form; in which she hopes to inspire those who are marginalized by their differences and who are often silenced & unheard to reclaim their narratives and to speak their truth even if it makes

10 Poems gently fall

2:30PM It’s poetry to music - a double bass and spoken word dueling over who’s more beautiful. It’s like Jack Kerouac in a jazz bar; like ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’. It’s 2 guys on stage (Rod Gear & Cameron Semmens), 1 with a pile of instruments, 1 with a pile of words. It’s beautiful.


o’Stranger tang!

3:45PM A musical expression of flux, formed out of live improvised jazz & hip hop jams. Freestyle rap and vocal flows to cruise along to... No one knows where it’ll go, but it’s like that old adage says - it’s in the journey, not the destination.

the chops

5:00PM The Chops is a five-piece instrumental jam band from the hills of Melbourne, serving up a heady mix of psychedelic, krautrock, rare groove, afro beat, space calypso and home-brew inspired jam odysseys. Always improvised, every Chops set is a onetime-only thing. Whatever happens, only happens once...

beck re-wired

6:15PM Beck Re-Wired is four of Melbourne’s most in demand musicians reigniting the pick burning fury of Jeff Beck’s ‘Wired’ & ‘Blow by Blow’ albums. The band have stayed true to the original recordings, introducing this incredible music to a brand new audience, while delighting Jeff Beck fans alike.

the surface project

7:30PM The SURFACE Project brings together the excitement and spontaneity of improvisation with the atmospheric textures of folk music and delivers it with the raw energy of a rock gig, with original compositions featuring lush soundscapes, driving


8:45PM Rich textures and warm timbres layered over multiple genres... With jazz improvisation as the foundation, NLUKÉ builds upwards from there, making references to hip hop and futuresoul, maintaining a unique sound that is yet to be named.

rare olives

10:00PM Rare Olives is an experimental duo of guitar and drums. 2 musicians with an almost telepathic connection, exploring advanced rhythmic and structural compositions with their own language, freely improvising and playing together as 1 at the same time.


11:15PM SSST is a rough English translation of the Egyptian word for both music and magic. This ensemble encapsulates this by combining a traditional jazz piano trio with a fourth member, doing live effects and remixing of the improvisations in real time.


12:30AM. Owen Rabbit is a multi-instrumentalist and producer out of Melbourne’s northern suburbs. He plays rubbish, bottles and matches like instruments, anything he can find that makes a sound. Together with beats and vocals he creates textured, haunting music.


1:45AM Oolluu is a synthesizer Rock ‘n’ Roll laser beam straight from deep space. Irrepressibly euphoric and devastating all at once, Oolluu flies through the night sky on a mission to evoke your deepest emotions. Embracing your senses, Oolluu’s music is part owl, part synthesizer, part from the future, and part from the past.


3:00AM Spirals are a standout duo that offer chin-stroke and dancefloor action in equal measure. Jerry Agbinya and Kirk Body combine laser focused percussive elements, expansive synths, elegant melodies and sweeping guitar stokes to create some seriously unique electronica.grooves and irresistible melodies.

let the light in

Gerard Russo, Nov 28th - Dec 13th Gerard’s work is illustrative, often figurative and casually plays with ideas of the natural and mechanical. The artworks are either one-offs, drawn directly onto the copper, or start as ink drawings and are then transferred onto copper board where it is then etched and illuminated from the rear of its custom enclosure.


oscar’s alehouse ‘Leggacy’ stage

Oscar’s Alehouse is a beer drinking institution with more Hops than the Easter Bunny. Craft beer is their pleasure, and we can guarantee it will be yours! So do yourself the favour, take a leisurely stroll to the sunny side of the street, and enjoy a quality brew whilst watching the unsurpassed talent of some of the finest Singer Song-Writers End of the Line have to offer. Witness them strut their stuff on the Leggacy Stage whilst we celebrate the life and music of another Hills institution.

Remembering alex legg

Words by Kathleen Snowball

I’ll never forget the first time that I heard Alex Legg play. His husky voice and full sound was captivating, and halfway through a conversation with a friend, I stopped mid-sentence as he demanded me to listen. In the middle of the song, he looked over at me and gave me a very cheeky wink (probably because my mouth was hanging open), and it became obvious to me that this man was extremely special. After the gig, like a true gentleman, he came over and formally introduced himself. We clicked instantly, and we talked for what felt like hours about music and song writing, politics, our shared love of the Hills, and then he invited me to sing for him. As it was getting late, the bar was practically empty, and as I started to sing an old jazz standard, without missing a beat, he picked up a guitar and began to play along. At the completion of the song, anyone who was left in the bar had stopped talking to listen, and in the pregnant pause before the applause, we grinned at each other and we both realised we had made a new friend. I was honestly heartbroken when I heard the news that Alex had passed. I mourned privately and deeply. It was only days before his passing that he had played at Intermission, the 2014 fundraiser at Sooki Lounge to raise money to keep the End of the Line festival alive. This is a testament to his generosity, his belief in me, his belief in the festival and his belief in the Hills music community.


At the 2013 EOTL festival, Alex Legg was the headlining act at Oscar’s Alehouse, and was one of the EOTL Headquarters favorite performers. In fine tradition, this year Oscar’s will be hosting the best singer-songwriters that we can offer. In order to honour his service as a performer and volunteer at End Of The Line, we have named the stage the “Oscar’s Alehouse Leggacy Stage”. I encourage you to take a walk up to Oscar’s, and take a moment to remember Alex and admire his Leggacy. **If you wish to purchase Alex Legg’s music, you can find his CD for sale at Oscar’s Alehouse and at the EOTL Official Merchandise Stand.

jason & simone

1:30PM This acoustic duo creates blends of Alt. Country and 70’s folk. Through emotive storytelling, sweet harmonies and a melodic guitar style they reveal tales of love lost and found, regret and hope. Inspired by Lyle Lovett, The Boss, Simon & Garfunkel and Gillian Welch they capture a poetic blend of voice and lyric.

nathan varga

2:45PM Nathan Varga creates multi-layered, multi-textured, from the heart, emotional pieces armed with his Acoustic Guitar and Cajon. His style is infused with expressive melodies, percussive rhythms, and harmonic progressions. His music is an ocean of sound that gracefully taps into your soul, and is a true experience of visual euphoria.

sarah eida

4:00PM This dark siren of song has performed for many years as part of the Melbourne’s vibrant live music scene. Eida has now released her debut album ‘Lady Wolf’, an awesome concept album featuring an alternative collection of hard knocking Dirty blues tunes with a dark burlesque twist.

harmony byrne

5:15PM Harmony Byrne is a Melbourne-born songstress whose vocal tones glide effortlessly through melody, dancing between raw and angelic. Her lyrics delve deeply into the human psyche and soul. Through simple instrumentation and fearless vocals, Harmony embodies truth- both heart aching and elevating. Drawing upon diverse inspiration, there’s a song for everyone.

Zac saber

6:30PM Zac Saber is a Folk singer-songwriter with a unique blues twist. He combines soulful vocals, blues influenced harmonica, a unique percussive guitar style and foot mounted percussion to achieve a sound far greater than the quantity of his band members.



7:45PM Intimate, original and gritty, Miller is a solo, acoustic act from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. A comedic and charming performer with a flair for storytelling, Miller writes emotionally honest content with poetic simplicity. Miller is thrilled to be back on the Belgrave stage, this time without her band Autumn Jenkins.

carolyn oates

9:00PM “Finally a poet!” Steve Budd UK (Management - Dido, Franz Ferdinand, Bjork) Carolyn Oates mixes jaw dropping guitar work with heartfelt songs that speak to the human condition. Known for her staggering array of guitar chord voicings, add to this her fine mastery of the lyric form, creating beautiful stories.

michelle chandler & neesy smith band

10:15PM Michelle Chandler and Neesy Smith have well earned reputations for performing quality music. Writing predominantly acoustic guitar based songs influenced by folk/rock through to pop/country, they’ve collectively recorded several CDs and toured overseas. Combining harmonies with guitar and ukulele, they’re joined by multi-instrumentalist and Didgeman, Stax and percussionist Zoltan Almady.

ben kelly

11:30PM Ben is one of the hills most loved artists. Spending nine months a year touring and releasing live and studio albums every year. His musical approach is eclectic and spiritually driven with the all inspiring intention of creating music and situations for the betterment of man kind.

the colour of art

Tracey Roberts, Nov 28th - Dec 13th Tracey Roberts is an established hills-based visual and performing artist. She is an accomplished singer-songwriter, musician, graphic designer and illustrator who uses her gift of music-colour synesthesia to produce vibrant, rich musicallythemed images for exhibitions as well as commissioned personalised artworks for clients - called “Your Story in Art”.


cocoon - the beats eclectic

Located in the deepest, darkest and freshest corner of Blacksmith’s Way the Cocoon is waiting for it’s moment to explode. Vibrant eclectic street art and enveloping, engaging décor welcome you in and beg you to dance. Fat beats and tasty tunes will emerge from an impressive line up of electronic and hip hop artists throughout the day.


11:00AM Sikander are a Melbourne-based crew concocting globallyflavoured club music, with elements of cinematic atmospherics, and bass culture into a groove-laden sonic spread, which they describe as ‘Boho-House’.

young autumn

12:00PM MC Effik and Mike S (Lead singer of ‘The Colour Code’ make up Young Autumn- an Indie/Hip Hop project based on soul, poetry, and creative sound design.

burnill b

12:30PM Burnill B is an up and coming Hip Hop artist from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Together with Hype Man Manny G and Producer Jarred Kellerman he is set to take the hip hop scene by storm with his diverse style and meaningful topics.

odd sock

1:00PM Odd Sock is a producer who combines his love of dub, break beats and glitchy sounds/textures, strung together with beautiful melodies and lush layers of moving sounds to create an atmosphere and experience which is felt as well as heard.



mr eezal

2:00PM Mr Eezal can not be pigeon holed into any one genre. This DJ/ producer/percussionist brings organic flavours of Dub, Funk , Boom Bap, Break Beat, Glitch Hop, Bass and scratch samples accompanied by live percussion . Get ready to boogie!!

big t

3:00PM After previously releasing an EP and two mix-tapes, Big T and Rawlab Entertainment are proud to present his first full-length LP, “Out Of Control”. Now bringing this to the live stage Big T is accompanied by Zanda Elwood who showcase their live music.


3:30PM DirtyFly is offering something solid. Forget those airy synths and recycled 80’s build ups – this is more the style that makes gurning, head nodding and general thrusting of bodily parts compulsory.


4:30PM Cairns raised Torres Strait Islander Hip Hop artist Seeka, has performed gigs throughout Melbourne, Cairns and Sydney. Releasing music from The Late Ambiance Mixtape. “Seeka has such strong delivery, a firm sense of self an inner drive to share a message” - L-Fresh the Lion


5:00PM There’s no mistaking the sound of Nazkutz! A DJ two steppin’ from Drum and Bass, to Dub, Hip Hop and Grime. His sound can be dark and twisted, or light and ambient, but always comes seasoned with some Fat and some Funk!



6::00PM Defron is a Mount Dandenong raised hip-hop artist who produces an electric live routine. Fresh on the release of his debut EP, “Invalid”, this Melbourne stalwart has been played on Triple J and Triple R and has performed alongside Odd Future, 360, Dylan Joel and Illy.

tony loucas

6:30PM Having performed under the glorious backdrop of the BIG:RED:BUS and at summer festivals over the past decade and beyond, Tony Loucas will deliver an eclectic selection of Deep House Funk and Techno Groove to get the hills dancing!

benny aims

7:30PM Benny Aims is a music producer and owner of Accept Change Records. Dedicated to creating a unique sound, he creates music purely on his emotions, which gives him that trademark style that’s unmistakably Benny Aims.

Home to the finest grooming goods and lifestyle wares from boutique Australian makers and creators. 1670 Burwood Highway Belgrave, Victoria 3160 (03) 9754 1185



Emerald Primary Ukulele

Saturn 3


cameo main stage

Cameo Outdoor Cinema will once again host the End of the Line Main Stage in 2015. From the lush grassed hillside, lay back on deck chairs or BYO blankets and soak up the tunes, or kick off your shoes and have a boogie to the vast range of glorious performances. Spanning dirty blues, world-class country, deep soul and playful folk-pop, Cameo Main Stage will be the place to get a taste of the variety of musical flavours that End of the Line is serving up this year.

victor cripes

12:00PM Victor Cripes puts Australian easy groove, American thump and English story telling to use to create their distinctive lo-fi blues sound. Featuring cigarbox guitar and beatbox flute, this duo has grown to incorporate energetic street performances across Australia, as well as frequent appearances at staple venues on the Aussie East-coast.


1:15PM Melbourne folk rock five piece SteelBirds, make melodically timeless and covertly catchy music. With emotional credibility and rare musical craft SteelBirds have build a reputation for outstanding live performances.

chris cavill & the prospectors

2:30PM Take the folk-rock stylings of artists such as Neil Young, stir in some ’60s soul balladry, then add a very healthy dose of bluesy, riffy goodness. Garnish with sharp and insightful song writing, exceptionally powerful vocals with water-tight execution, and the result is Melbourne’s Chris Cavill & The Prospectors.

luke biscan

3:45PM Born out of a vast spectrum of musical influences, singersongwriter Luke Biscan has developed a signature gift for evoking imagery and emotion. Biscan is enthusiastically driving the production of his debut album ‘Revivalist’ slated for release Summer 2015.


aleyce simmonds

5:00PM Aleyce Simmonds received her 5th Golden Guitar (Country Music Awards of Australia) nomination in 2015, just two months after winning Female Artist of the Year at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards for 2014. Aleyce is currently nominated for Australian Independent Female Artist of the Year, announced in Oct.

michael meeking & the lost souls

6:15PMi Meeking possesses the rasp of Rod Stewart, musical sensibility of Bruce Springsteen and the forlorn heart and whimsy of Hank Williams, so it’s no wonder Michael has been signed to U.K. label “At The Helm Records”.


7:30PM Mayfield fuse together soulful beats, funk, smooth melodies & powerhouse vocals to give a classic sound a modern urban twist. Combine that with R&B and Neo-soul and you’ve got a delicious sonic sound. Mayfield will release their debut album early in 2016, produced by Ivan “Choi” from Choi Productions/Cookin on 3 Burners.

lily and king

8:45PM Lily & King are a quirky, musical junkyard - blissful, beautiful, dirty and wicked. They play Dixieland Punk, sailor songs, Blues, Bluegrass, Burlesque, weird carnie show tunes and the odd bit of curious pop and street corner stomp.

hot potato band

10:00PM Anything could happen! Known to cause a severe case of happy fever, the 11 piece brass band is sure to put a smile on your face in an incredibly unique and energetic live show. They will make you the centre of their performance… literally!

hillscene magazine

Cameo Tunnels, Nov 28th - All Day HillsceneLIVE burst onto the scene in 2014 showcasing the best of performance art in the hills. This artwork illuminates the spirit of those four innovative and inspiring mini festivals. 31 31

the nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage is the newest member of the End of the Line outdoor stage family, and is certainly the black sheep. These artists are so good, that we’ve had to lock them away for your own protection! Don’t be fooled by the sweet songs of Sadie… Don’t be coerced by the crunching of strings…. Don’t be held hostage by the hip-hop! This is a high voltage smack down, so enter at your own auditory risk. Despite all my rage, I’m still just youth in a cage!


10:00AM Sadie is a young, Belgrave based singer-songwriter who is charming audiences with her unique voice and fresh lyrics. Last year she won a song writing competition at the Maldon Folk Festival, and has been performing at various festivals ever since. Sadie’s debut album ‘Girl on the Hill’ was released in October.

tilly ruddick

11:00AM Tilly Ruddick is an indie solo singer/ song writer and musician whose career began at the last End of the Line Festival in 2013. Since then she has played at venues all over Victoria including the Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda.

a rioting mind

12:00PM A Rioting Mind is the brainchild of songwriter Camilla Sullivan and lead guitarist Libby Ferris. Influenced by artists such as Radiohead, A Perfect Circle and Paramore, they have spent 2015 bringing their 90’s inspired sound to venues around Melbourne flying between reverb and delay-drenched ballads, to crunchy, gritted-teeth-angst rock jams.


1:00PM Copywrite are a Hills based progressive rock, post-punk band comprising of vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Enjoy at your own discretion!


vanguard and the kelly gang 2:15PM Hip Hop collective coming out of the hills, emcees Vanguard and Post Skript together with producer BlazinMarty, now with a live drummer added to the mix, we pride ourselves on our live performance, come down and see what the hype is all about.

half the sky

3:30PM Half The Sky is a four-piece indie/pop-rock outfit based in Melbourne, Victoria. Supporting the likes of The Getaway Plan, Nova & The Experience and Mercury White, the band applies a diverse range of influences with swells of electronic sounds and raw attitude to create a colourful blend of contemporary rock.


4:45PM Etikats are a hip-hop crew from Melbourne’s South-East that focus on the more conscious side of rap. Sampling beats from instrumental sessions with local artists, and vinyl (of course!), expect to hear jazzy beats and many a metaphor from these 5 MC’s.

the anticks

6:00PM Comprising of Kieran Dempsey, Kallum Croxford, Harris Ruddick and Alex Tsantekidis; The Anticks are a four piece Indie/Grunge/ Rock band from the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


bell tavern

Back again for another year of rolling and rocking vibes, Bell Tavern is the one stop venue for all the alternative, indie and blues/folk rock you may need. Frosty beer, brilliant meals, and a classic pub atmosphere will come together with a raucous, rousing lineup to provide the perfect venue for kick-ass festival revelry!

jay wars & the howard youth

11:00AM Jay Wars and the Howard Youth share with you only one message: ‘It’s about the good times and bad, keeping alive the memories you make when you’re awake.’

the anecdote

12:15PM The Anecdote are a compelling, virtuosic and fire-spirited acoustic trio. With cello, trumpet, percussion and soaring vocals, their music is a marriage of painstakingly sculpted songs, poetic lyrics, and fiery improvising.


1:30PM KAISHA are a Middle-Eastern influenced acoustic-rock band from the hills of Melbourne. An all-female trio with mixed Armenian-Australian heritage, KAISHA are an exceptional union of progressive, shamanic sound-scapes, intense acoustic rock and traditional middle-eastern rhythms.

ziah ziam

4:45PM Ziah Ziam is an exciting band from Belgrave, somehow sounding tribal, punk, psychedelic, and heartfelt, all at once. They will get you dancing & yelling, and with 8 members grooving their limbs off, they are a feast for the eyes and the ears.



4:00PM Fronted by Brian Baker, Gradual plays original material in an Aussie Rock style. Early indications of the sound point to The Church, Matt Finish, with other influences coming from The Police, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, Midnight Oil, The Divinyls and Peter Gabriel.


5:15PM Saturn3, the Hill’s own ‘Kraang Rock Power Trio’ bring their stadium sized fuzz riffage to town. Be prepared for a blues drenched swirling sonic mushroom trip. A heroic dose of drums, bass and guitar not to be missed.

creatures from the bog

6:30PM Belgrave locals, Creatures from the Bog, formed in 2013 when singer Seamus Anthony got the idea to leverage the talent of Gen X tree changer Dads moving up to the hills. Enjoy the well-aged flavour of this dirty 90’s alternative rock with a twist of black funny (no ice).


7:45PM GRIYA means a “home for the soul.” Our stories are of the real and the unreal, the magical and the mysterious. Eerie, delicate electric guitar, with dark and heartfelt tones. A Rock n’ Soul sound with grit and gold. GRIYA will leave you with a mixture of nostalgia, wistfulness and ambivalence.

la bastard

9:00PM Picture Nancy Sinatra jamming with Dick Dale and the Gun Club at the best party of the year. Because that’s precisely the type of exciting and eclectic mix of 50′s rock ‘n roll, 60′s surf and 80′s punk attitude that best describes the sound of La Bastard.

the crooks

10:15PM The Crooks have a unique blend of dirty slide guitar, resonator tones and fat, foot stompin’ beats... This hard, blues and roots driven music would surely get approval from the devil himself. Put on ya best frock and get to this show!

alex elbery & the strangers

11:30PM Centered around enigmatic songwriter Alex Elbery, the Strangers gather from diverse musical backgrounds, drawn from a deep well of influence that culminates in something akin to if Kermit were to step in and front the E-Street Band.


the green

The Green welcomes you. This shady haven is buzzing with activities for kids of all ages. A dedicated kid’s music stage for little rockers features performances and workshops throughout the day. Parents can kick back in our chai tent, or lounge under an umbrella on the lawn, and enjoy a cuppa and cake whilst the kids explore the ephemeral, interactive playscape, playground, art zone, or get their groove on in the silent disco. The Green this year is situated on the St Thomas More Primary School oval (enter from Reynolds Lane.) It’s the perfect place to park the family and soak up the festival vibe.

rockin’ with rach

10:45AM Rachel Nendick plays guitar and saxophone and works as a Registered Music Therapist. You might catch her singing, or playing with The Chops or DR Hot Jazz Orchestra. Prepare to Shake your Egg, Jump Like Kangaroos and Get Rhythm kiddies for a fun morning of action rhymes and silly songs.


12:00PM RockaBilbies is original music for kids. Songwriter and teacher Kristy Lewis, runs music classes locally which include a mixture of movement, drama, games, percussion, puppets and storytelling in order to teach musical concepts, build confidence, spark creativity, and most of all have fun and develop a love for music.


1:15PM Kiddyrock and the Cool Bananas are always ready for a party. We make music. We write songs. We make videos. We play shows. We have fun. We create an exciting atmosphere for children using sound, colour and movement. Our shows include fun family friendly songs and easy to learn dance moves that anybody can do!

hoop dance with kat

2:30PM A hoop dance workshop to get people energised and comfortable in their skin while having a world of fun!!!


lily’s drumming workshop

4:00PM What do you get when you mix a circle of bongos, a bunch of kids and percussion extraordinaire Lily from our festival favourite band, Lily and King? The most amazing, wild and fun drumming circle ever seen or heard in the hills...that’s what!! Make sure you don’t miss this event! Join Lily in this explosive, interactive and fabulously fun workshop for kids of all ages.

emerald primary ukulele band

5:15PM Ukulele became a part of the music curriculum at Emerald Primary 4 years ago. Since then, students have wanted an opportunity to use their skills in a more exciting environment than the classroom. Thus, The Emerald Primary Ukulele Band was born!

colour magic face painting

ALL DAY Fairies, Mermaids, Rainbow Dashes… Tigers, Super Heroes, Colour Splashes… I love bringing colour and sparkle through face painting to kids events and seeing their faces light up with excitement!

High quality Japanese food

Lots of hot food including gyoza, curries and tempura. FREE bottle of water with every 4 handrolls purchased*

*Valid on the day of the festival only on presentation of this voucher


on the streets

Activating spaces has always been one of the festival’s strong suits- seeing the potential of the ordinary to transform into something extraordinary. Don’t just rush from one venue to another, take the time to explore the ‘spaces inbetween. Live painting, installation art, poetry bombing, exhibitions, interactive performances and even flash mob Tai Chi all combine to create an inspiring and exciting streetscape to get lost in. So open your eyes, your ears and your mind- you never know what you’ll find around the next corner.

drawing the blind

Diarmaid Fennessy, Blacksmith’s Way, All Day. The Art work will be a drawing completed on the day across a series of roller blinds. Roller blinds are an excellent surface to work on, they remind me of scrolls of parchment, but they are often thrown out and not reused. The drawing will develop on the day responding to the people who come and view it in progress.

collective consciousness

Multiple participants, Blacksmiths Way fenceline With works from over 30 local artists the fences of Belgrave have been inhabited by individual and original artworks on plywood boards. A unique way to involve numerous artists in one giant exhibition! Selected works available for sale.

TBC Australia

Various locations, All Day tbC will be live painting on walls in Blacksmiths Way. tbC has been actively developing a street art precinct in Blacksmiths Way, giving young artists the chance to present in high profile public spaces as well as the chance to learn from a growing crew of experienced peers and mentors. This project is proudly supported, and at times, sponsored by Belgrave Traders via the Belgrave Traders Association.


Joy Serwylo & “Book Club” A bamboo construction to welcome, amaze, and interact with as one enters.


invoking indigo

Jude Craig/Natrually Dyed, Belgrave Laundromat, Alll Day Magical Indigo, hues of blue form nature’s gift of green. The fragrance, the tactility, the alchemy...Indigo is a experience like no other. Jude Craig has embraced this ancient skill, undertaking an apprenticeship with master dyer Aboubakar Fofana, she hopes to pass on the love of this dye to others.

Synthetic flux

Melissa Hamlyn, Various locations A roving light based projection work that responds to the transient nature of sunlight over the cycle of a day. The use of a backpack projector allows mobility and creates site specific patterns and motifs.

ken taylor

Safeway Wall, All Day Ken plans on creating a 50 metre long mural of the much beloved and iconic lyre bird which he will start a few days before the festival commences so that festival goers will get a real sense of how it will look by the time its all in full swing. It will run the length of the Safeway supermarket wall adjacent to the Cameo Cinema and is without question the largest piece he has ever undertaken. Special thanks go to Safeway for sponsoring the work.

full circle drumming

Marketplace, 10:00AM Full Circle Drumming students will perform traditional West African rhythms followed by an open drum jam. Some instruments will be provided if you’d like to like to give drumming a go!

chi generation

Marketplace/Roaming, 12:00PM This an opportunity to highlight the importance and beauty of the art of human connection! Wudang Tai Chi - Bamboo Form & Yin Water Form - slow, flowing movement building energy with grace & purpose - as practiced by Taoists of Wudang Mountain China.

Thinking hats

Phoebe Beard, Blacksmith’s Way, All Day An educational and questioning performance on urban sprawl and what it means to sustain our energy and water sources with an expanding population. Using various materials including plumbing pipes, bricks, road signs and string, Phoebe will create a work to engage adults and children alike


Balloon Grooming

Marketplace, 1:00PM A very prickly character needs the help of friends. An absurd grooming ritual requiring participation and interaction.

human connect

Main st (Opposite Sooki), 12:00PM - 4:00PM Bringing people together to intentionally and spontaneosuly realise the art of human connection available to us when we take the step to acknowledge each others being. Two humans seated across each other offering the gift of presence. Going into the familiar terrain of experience simple, silent human connection.

parenthetical poets

12PM-2:30PM Gin Lane, 8:30PM-11PM Village Idiot Each stage will have a poet or three supplementing the musical joys of the festival with poetical treats. Check out the To the Ends of the ‘Verse program to find out more. .

Laughing owl

edged over

Amy Middleton, Nov 28th - Dec 13th Edged Over is a series of work that uses line and form to navigate a shifting space. A space that is open, expanding, collapsing, filling up, spilling over and solidifying.

Grunge cafe

wasteland visions

Sam Ryan, Nov 28th - Dec 13th A series of illustrations depecting imagnary wastelands and worlds filled with dragons, robots, pirates and gigantic tortoises.



Be Bold // it was in my dream.

Laura Guymer, Nov 23rd - Dec 7th Lauren Guymer is an illustrator and artist inspired by the natural world, whom seeks to create a sense of imagination and thoughtfulness about the environment we live in. Her illustrations exhibiting at Limerence Gallery are based on a recurring dream

DIVine feminine

Kim Russell, Nov 23rd - Dec 7th ‘The nature of her is ever-changing. She flows and is expressive of her true hearts desires. She seeks pleasure and shows vulnerability. She is wild, sensual, sexual, playful and receptive. Soft, intuitive, caring and loving. Her vulnerability is her strength. Her sexuality is her power. All of which has been lost, repressed or shamed in society today’.

The blacksmith

beauty in the skin of the aboriginal

Amanda Wright, Nov 28th Amanda Wright paint portraits of Aboriginal people from my community, family and friends depicting their beauty of their culture and dreaming.

bee pea tea silhouette paper cuts

Bryanna Pearl Taylor, Nov 28th A simple piece of paper holds much potential. Cutting away, Bryanna Pearl is able to create new possibilities and views of the world. Her inspiration lies in whimsical notions, steam punk concoctions, tea cup fantasies and fairy tale nonsense. Bryanna is fascinated by story telling, the way people live and the interconnectedness between us all.


Liittle rebellion

Minor detail

Nick Hepburn, Nov 23rd - Nov 30th Recreating spaces that are often lost and forgotten and with a love for all things old and rusty. Belgrave artist Nick Hepburn captures their forgotten beauty and brings these places back to life in miniature .

Village idiot

Camp rover

Hugo Racz, Nov 28th - Dec 13th Hugo Racz is a young artist whose subject matter often revolves around portraiture. Creating artworks within his crowded bedroom/studio, he produces low-fi, colourful and chaotic paintings which are visually playful and naively reflect his upbringing. With subtle undercurrents of satire, they remark a deeper story.

to the ends of the ‘verse


8:30PM - 11:00PM On the 24th of November 2012, To the Ends of the ‘Verse was born under the auspicious stars of burning creativity that shone over Belgrave - the inaugural End of the Line Festival. Since that glorious night, TTEOTV hasn’t stopped. The force of that creative conception has kept the open mic poetry night growing, evolving and expanding! Held at Oscar’s Alehouse on the second Thursday of very month, and beginning in mid-2014 it has been held at Open Studio Bar in Northcote every 3rd Tuesday, the ‘Verse is a spoken word event that moves of its own volition. Over the years, the ‘Verse has become known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, allowing hundreds of performers who may otherwise feel intimidated or judged to freely express and explore their ideas, often for the first time. It is with this supportive, passionate, curious and excitable atmosphere that we would like to bring to you... Open mic (sign up at the door) + live improv hip hop/jazz from O’Stranger-Tang! + feature performances from Kylie Supski, Lady Longdrop, Icia Molloy and more!

belgrave emporium

ephemeral threads

Tiffany Morris-North, Nov 28th - Dec 13th This piece is a work of patience and contemplation. A delicate balance of fragility and strength. A study in vulnerability and intricacy. A discovery of light and shadows. A quiet respect of tension. And an understanding of the threads that link us together.

innocence and knowing

Carla Elizabeth Rosec, Nov 28th - Dec 13th Carlas work is both elegant, yet whimsical, often with an underlying narrative that captures the imagination. Her figurative painting style depicting girls who are as strange as they are familiar in vibrant uplifting colour pallets evokes a sense of nostalgia, timeless beauty, mystery, humour , and comfort.

Pieces of Self: feelings of fibromyalgia

Karly Michelle Whalley, Nov 28th - Dec 13th An exhibition to express some of the feelings of having the chronic condition fibromyalgia for 10 years. Creativity has been one way to try to come to terms with long term physical and mental ill-health, changing physicality, ability, the difficulty with words and the need for rest.

twinkle toes mimicry

Katherine Reynolds & Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan, Nov 28th “Twinkle Toes Mimicry” explores themes of mimicry and camouflage through sculptural mosaic and projection. Through patterns, repetition and colour, anything and everything can be disguised within an artwork, and “Twinkle Toes Mimicry” not only disguises the mosaic as a whole, but the individual elements that make up the mosaic are also hidden within the piece.

the dollhouse

Group Exhibition, Nov 28th - Dec 13th A curious collection of dolls find themselves nestled together under the stairwell. One can’t help but wonder what they get up to after dark?


1260 bpm versus 1

Ceredwyn Ealanta, Nov 28th - Dec 13th This artwork is about having the courage to create art again after a long hiatus, and seeking inspiration in both the swift and the slow natural worlds. The artwork is done while on the way to or from work on the train, using an iPad, from a range of photo references.

mirror, mirror

Michele Fountain / Metafour Studio, Nov 28th Handwoven works incorporating either literal mirrors or the theme of reflections. This exhibition asks the viewer to consider who they are: their inner self in relationship to the expectations of the world.

blin vanheems & fashion parade

Join us for our second ‘Musician of the Month’ session in partnership with 3mdr. From 2pm see the inimitable Blin Vanheems (of Daisy West) and guest, play live in our shop front window. Followed by a fashion parade, where we style and do hair and make up for a select group from the public and see them strut their stuff! Lots of laughs and serious style, our ‘models’ will be dressed in clothing from the Belgrave Emporium. Hair and make up will be done by Shangri La in Upwey.

Ananda Hot Yoga

Life imitating art

Group exhibition, Nov 28th Come see an array of beautiful and expressive drawings of figures, each uniquely brought to life by the individual. “Life Imitating Art” explores many drawing techniques and eccentric art forms to give you an artistic vision of the human body.

life drawing workshop


Life Drawing Belgrave, 11:30AM - 1:00PM Join the artists in a Life Drawing session and experience what is involved in drawing the figure. Various art forms and materials will be provided to explore at your leisure. In spirit of the festival, this workshop will be suitable for all ages and theatrically themed for all to enjoy.

dance in the hills

3:00PM - 4:30PM A spontaneous participative conscious dance exploring and unfolding the human experience through expressive movement, a fusion of rhythm and beats, sacred sounds and medicine songs that enables deeper connection with our surrounding nature, our true nature and each other.

1662 Burwood Highway Belgrave 3160

* Vintage, Antiques and Collectables * Furniture, Industrial and Homewares * High quality Modern and Vintage recycled clothes * Artisans, Makers and Indie Labels * Records and Books Open seven days a week from 10am - 5pm • Discover over 70 boutique and hand-picked stalls 45

Market Place

The End of the Line Market Place forms the bulging belly of the beast! This bustling, colourful space located right in the heart of town showcases the talents of artists, designers and crafts people selling handmade, original art and design. Stalls representing a range of mediums and styles are carefully selected to create a diverse and exciting space to explore. A number of stallholders will engage the public with demonstrations and workshops with a dedicated workshop space being introduced this year. So please take a moment to check out the blackboard at the workshop tent and sign up to learn a new skill and have some fun! A selection of delectable edibles will also be available in our new marketplace ‘Food Court’ located behind the Belgrave Book Barn. This tropical, retro wonderland is a great place to take some time out to enjoy the art of great food! Keep your eyes peeled for pop up performances and colourful characters in the marketplace throughout the day.

Beautiful wasteland

Individually botanically dyed eco printed textiles. Ranging from silk scarves to merino wool wraps and bespoke garments. Each piece is hand dyed using salvaged metal and botanical matter from the Dandenong Ranges.

BlackDiamond Cigar Box Guitars

I make 3 and 4 string slide and fretted guitars made from original cigar boxes.

BodiLuv Handmade Spa Products

Hand crafted body products made from scratch in Upwey


By Wisteria

Independant Jewellery label By Wisteria. Bohemian costume jewellery using natural materials designed for all ages.

care you love

Artisan skin care made from scratch using plant based oils, waxes and butters complemented with unique blends of exquisite essential oils, homegrown herbs and fresh honey to create holistic natural nourishment.

carla elizabeth rose

Working from memories, dreams, reflections and other impulses of the unconscious, I create my world.’ Carla’s current work explores the female spirit, from crafter, wife, daydreamer, mother, and inner child. Miniature paintings are created in the form of wearable art pieces.

chris lawry

Traditional lino and woodcut printmaking. Christine will demonstate lino cutting at her stall throughout the day.

claire johnson

Functional and decorative pottery which is predominatly wheel thrown. The traditional scgraffito technique is used to depict the flora and fauna that surrounds the artist’s studio nestled at the foot of Mt Dandenong.

curious bazaar

We are a collective of creatives who produce art prints and cards, resin art, screen printed softies and homewares, handmade kids clothes, jewellery, original paintings and drawings.



10 fiber artists from the Dandenong Ranges creating art from natural and man made fibers. We are handspinners, weavers, felters, dyers, crocheters and knitters. We firmly believe that there are no craft police, anything goes. This shows in our work, it is full of life and light.

daisy chain designs

Crystal pendants/necklaces & earrings bound in waxed cotton cord.

dance in the dirt

Colourful one-of-a-kind creations with a focus on upcycling. Each piece is handcrafted lovingly and made to last. “Woah, where’d you get that?” is something you’re bound to hear when wearing a Dance In The Dirt creation. Stand out from the crowd with these funky items; shoes, vests, pendants, headbands, clothing and accessories.

mr. bucket

“Mr Bucket” is an original concept where each design adds to the narrative. We gently satirise our unique Australian perspective, inspired by culture, fame and suburbia. Designs are printed by the artist on a quality Melbourne made garment, then packaged in a bucket.

Emma jennings studios

Emma Jennings Studios is the home of visual artists Emma Jennings, Shelley Krycer, Eva Glac and Natalie Dyer. At End Of The Line they will be displaying and selling a range of artwork, prints, cards, wrapping paper, textiles, jewellery and ceramics. High quality gifts for special occasions.

end of the line merchandise

Official End of the Line Festival merchandise and CDs


francis jerome

Working as a designer/maker/sculptor/artist for several years Francis Jerome is currently focusing intensely on the craft that started his hands moving years ago: Luthiery (guitar making) Francis passionately creates refined instruments with unique and beautiful form, tone, texture and playability.

incendium leather accessories

Incendium artist Nicole brings a fresh and unique approach to leather jewellery. Hand stitched pieces often include glass beads, vintage buttons, and metal charms as accents. Other accessories and custom orders are also available.*At Incendium

ink & stone

Ink & Stone jewellery is painstakingly constructed from the most beautiful beads and semi-precious stones sourced from around the world to create vibrant works of art. Illustrative works capture whimsical scenes inspired by our natural environment to produce gift tags, notebooks and cards.

jamie gaunt furniture

Furniture and homewares handmade in Kallista from locally sourced, reclaimed /salvaged wood. Items include: oil burners with handmade ceramic bowls, book stands, cheese boards, children’s stools, paint brush / crayon holders, wood planters.

sajo ceramics

A variety of pottery and ceramics in both decorative and functional styles ranging in price from $2 to $150

jude artisan fashion

JUDE is a contemporary fashion and accessories label by designer Jude Ng. Specialising in clothing and accessories which are designed and made ethically in Melbourne, we create original and unique pieces in unconventional shapes and quirky proportions. JUDE caters to fashion forward individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes.


justine indigo-rose & deepika dugan

Henna has been used to decorate the skin for many millennia on festive occasions or simply to feel more beautiful and nurtured. The artists will create patterns inspired by botanical sources, patterns in nature, sacred geometry, fractals and symbols in response to the individual being decorated.


Handmade clothing and accessories using reclaimed leather and remnant fabrics. Belts, boleros, hand-dyed two tone tanks, skirts, leggings and unique leather cuffs for men and women form the Summer collection created by hand in my home studio in Boolarra.

kim russell

Kim uses a hands on intuitive approach to jewellery making, allowing the shapes and forms to develop with experimentation. Non-precious metals, clay and even recycled objects all feature in her collections, forming beautiful contemporary pieces she describes as possessing a “quiet quirkiness�.

leaf studios

Representing 5 artists work: Feather at Your Foot, Melinda Wallis, Amy Middleton, Lillebeart, Tiffany Morris North & Eliza Phillips. Mediums for sale will cover, art, fashion, jewellery, mixed media assemblages & homewares.

little anoushka

Little Anoushka can be worn with pride knowing that all items are handmade and eco friendly. All materials are upcycled, recycled, repurposed or vintage. Made for both little and big girls in The Dandenong Ranges. Little Anoushka has spunk, she has style and she wears mismatched clothes.

font animal

Quirky, wizzo fonts made to bop, jive, laugh & excite. As well as font software, a unique range of homewares derived and decorated with shapes and patterns from the characters. Digital font fun with beastly letterforms running amok!


megan williamson

These in-camera creations are the result of layering of light cast silhouettes, projection & reflection of one scene back upon another…

nadia turner

Art and Creations for the dreamers, the storytellers and the magic makers

wild fibre

Hand felted garments and accessories made from silk and fine merino wool suitable for the warm Australian weather. Alpaca and other sheep’s wool sourced from local farms is also used to create eco-friendly ‘furry looking’ scarves. Each piece is a unique expression of fibre and colour, hand made in the Dandenong Ranges.

pink heart designs

Funky handbags and accessories that are handmade with love to brighten up your life! All pieces are made from high quality vinyl and designer printed fabrics covered with clear pvc plastic.

reform furnishings

Crafting handmade recycled furnishings. From mostly post consumer waste + recycled materials. Into bespoke tables, swings, candle holders and jewellery.

rhiannon Chamberlain

Finely detailed pen and ink illustrations with a strong Animalia theme.



Hand-painted, printed, carved and wood-burned artworks both on Canvas & Wooden Skateboards.

sasu designs

Hand-made art and jewellery creations that explore simple organic shapes inspired by nature. Pieces incorporating ceramics, sketching and photography will bring a smile to your face. These one-off creations are as unique and beautiful as you are!

south east artwork

Detailed illustrative artworks that move between animals, mythology and the four elements. Most pieces are black and white, with hints of metallic detailing. Recent works explore the addition of water colour features.

starlia handmade jewellery

Jewellery hand made with love using recycled sterling silver wherever possible. With a passion for metal craft that was first sparked by the hours spent as a child watching her Dad who was (and still is) a hobby blacksmith, Ange makes pretty, fun and whimsical jewels for all age groups - little girls to Nanas

the extension queen

Feather, woolen handmade hair extensions and dreads.

the natural flame


Handmade soy products for the home. Candles, oil burner melts, reed diffusers, room sprays and bath bombs form a range of high quality products made in small batches to ensure the highest standard. Room sprays contain no preservatives and are made only several days before an event to ensure they are as fresh as possible.

tranquil heart designs

Artwork created with a healing intention. Original vibrant pencil drawings/paintings - mandalas, angel guides, illustrated names(botanical themes) Art Prints, greeting cards, calendars. Needle Felting -angels,butterflies,hearts and organic shapes. Angel guide reading/drawings offered as commissions on site.

tread and pedals

Tread & Pedals love bicycles, so much they think all bikes deserve a second life. Tread & Pedals design and handcraft sustainable wares for him, her and home using upcycled bicycle parts. Their products are diverse and range from highly polished bicycle chain cufflinks to delicately crafted inner tube jewellery and statement bicycle wheel clocks.

BURRINJA SEASON 2016 re-imagine Burrinja-advert-artwork.indd 1

30/10/15 3:15 PM



YOU Need

2 make

impression OR just want to apply a a



gentle persuasion......

T h ink

i n k!

come and talk with the


you never know we may just

be your type!

Seagullpress happily supporting the artistic and creative community in the hills , 1672 Burwood Highway, Belgrave, Victoria 3160 03 9754 3196 or just google printing belgrave


THANK YOU! We wish to say an extra special thank you to the following rad babes without whom End of the Line would not be possible… CJ Dakis : Festival Director Kathleen ‘Snowy’ Snowball : Festival Director Justine Walsh Amy Middleton Beth Anderson Marina Scott Jeff Springfield of Hillside Music Ross Farnell Julie Konda Grant Scrivano Darren ‘Dags’ McInty of Hillside Sound Holly Demaria Kat Ashworth Coen Dixon Robin Blackmore Ken Taylor Karen Meuleman SAE Quantum- Creative Media Institute Cameo Cinema Belgrave Big Dreams Market 3RRR Sign X Seagull Press Burrinja Cultural Centre St Thomas More Primary School

Yarra Ranges Council Belgrave Traders Association Cr. Mike Clarke Bendigo Bank Limerence Db Audio Brent Dakis Consortium Media 3MDR Melbourne Backline Fabric Brendan Mitchell Tiffaney Bishop Tracie Armstrong Gareth Hart Lucy Fromholtz Neesy Smith Natalie Latham David Walsh of Digging for Fire Danielle De Valence of Walk in Wardrobe Louella Cochrane Kallista Primary School David Carr of Rangemaster Lachlan Case of lowercase Carla Troiano of Mayfield Dandenong Ranges Steiner School

Our friends and family and especially our children for their support, understanding and patience. Each and every volunteer, and all the venues for their trust and support of the event. All artists, musicians, performers, makers, poets, and passionate people who’s enthusiasm and hard work have brought this beast to life, and who continue to strive to make our community stronger.


End of the line program 2015  
End of the line program 2015