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Spring is the most exciting season of all for gardeners. When our landscapes awaken, perennials and shrubs reappear as if by magic and we contemplate which new plants we’ll add to our ever-changing gardenscapes this year. Speaking of new plants, there’s a new addition to the Endless Summer® Collection: Bella Anna, our first pink ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea arborescens. We’re incredibly excited about it, but that’s just one of the stories we want to share with you. So set aside the seed packets and garden catalogs, and click ahead to learn what’s new, what’s noteworthy, and how you can help get your Endless Summer garden off to a great start!

The Endless Summer Collection ®

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailmer’ PP15, 298 CPBR2305

•  Hardiness Zone 4-9 •  Partial Shade

•  Height & Width: 3-5 Feet •   Pink blooms in alkaline soil,  blue blooms in acidic soil

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Blushing Bride’ PP17, 169

•  Hardiness Zone 4-9 •  Partial Shade

•   Height & Width: 3-6 Feet/ upright habit •   White blooms mature to  blush pink

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘PiiHM-i’ PP20,176

•  Reblooming lacecap •  Hardiness Zone 4-9 •  Partial Shade

•   Height & Width: 3-5 Feet/ upright habit •   Pink blooms in alkaline soil,  blue blooms in acidic soil

Hydrangea arborescens ‘PiiHA-i’ PP21,227

•  Hardiness Zone 4-9 •  Full Sun to Partial Shade

•  Height & Width: 3-6 Feet •  Pink blooms summer through        fall

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endless BLOOM | Spring 2011

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Plant Zone Map Do you know your hardiness zone? The USDA Hardiness Zone Map divides North America into 11 unique zones that can help you determine how plants will perform in your area. Each zone is 10ºF warmer (or colder) than the adjacent zone during an average winter. The Endless Summer® Collection of plants are incredibly versatile, performing well in zones 4 through 9. So you can expect great results from California to Georgia and from Minnesota down to Alabama.

Find Your Zone


below -50ºF


-50º to -40º


-40º to -30º


-30º to -20º


-20º to -10º


-10º to 0º


0º to 10º


10º to 20º


20º to 30º


30º to 40º

Will Endless Summer ® Hygrangeas Grow In My Area? Endless


Meet ™

Say hello to Bella Anna™ , the first pink ‘Annabelle’ type hydrangea in the Endless Summer® Collection! A breeding breakthrough, Bella Anna features the large and beautiful mophead flowers characteristic of arborescens hydrangeas — but it’s our first to flower in a color other than white, with deep pink blooms that will delight you all summer long.


endless BLOOM | Spring 2011

Bella Anna’s tidy mounded shape and three- to sixfoot height make it a great addition to foundation plantings or at the back of a border. With its vibrant green foliage and richly contrasting blooms, it’s also a great stand-alone plant or focal point in the perennial garden. And like all of the Endless Summer Hydrangeas, Bella Anna is a stellar performer that will bloom from early summer through fall.

Rigorously tested, reliably beautiful Bella Anna was developed by renowned breeder Dr. Michael Dirr at Plant Introductions, Inc. Dr. Dirr and his team are well known and highly respected for their breakthrough breeding and testing program. Sturdy and reliable as well as beautiful, Bella Anna is the perfect example of their creativity and diligence. In fact, 1000’s of selections were painstakingly tested before arriving at one that was good enough to be called an Endless Summer!

Bella Easy Bella Anna is easy to grow and easy to enjoy. Hardy from Zones 4 through 9, she requires minimal upkeep, making her a good selection for avid gardeners and beginners alike. To keep your Bella Anna Hydrangea ‘in the pink,’ plant it in a location that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. In the far north where the sun is less intense, Bella Anna will be happy in a more sunny location. Unlike her cousins in the collection, the Hydrangea macrophyllas, Bella Anna is an arborescens type hydrangea and won’t change color with soil acidity. For more hydrangea planting and care tips, see the Blooming Success article on page 8.

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Limited quantities for 2011! This year, there will be a limited supply of Bella Anna Hydrangeas available, so shop early if you want to be sure to bring one home. You’ll find Bella Anna — and all the Endless Summer Hydrangeas — in their blue pots at quality garden centers nationwide.

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Blooming Success Easy Growing Tips for the Garden Spring is full of possibilities! We love the fresh start this season gives us. It’s a chance to get back out and enjoy your yard and garden. It’s a fresh start for your Endless Summer® Hydrangeas, too. Here are a few tips to get the growing season off and blooming:

Spring is a Great Time to Feed. Applying a good quality, slow-release fertilizer ONCE in spring or early summer should suffice for all but the most demanding locations. Look for a fertilizer product with an NPK ratio of around 1030-10. The middle number (the phosphorus) should be higher than the other two numbers. Many times the products are called bloom enhancers or boosters. Remember, more is not better! If you over-feed your Hydrangeas, the effect is more dark green leaf production with fewer flower buds. If you live in the North (zone 4) we recommend that you stop fertilizing after August 15th, as plants need to slow down and acclimate for winter.


endless BLOOM | Spring 2011

Watering - Don’t overdo it.

Shape Up with Pruning

The amount you water is one more factor you can regulate to ensure beautiful blooms. Although hydrangeas are named after Hydra, Greek for water, your hydrangeas will form large leaves, lots of green growth and few flower buds if over-watered. It’s normal for plants to wilt for a short time in the heat of the day. You’re better off to water well and less often, than giving a little all the time. Think long drinks every couple of days rather than giving little sips all the time.

Spring pruning is all about cleaning up the plant to make it look good. If you live in the North, don’t be in a hurry to uncover your hydrangeas. Be sure to wait until the average last frost date. Then, take out a good, sharp pruner and cut out the dead stems from the base of the plant.

Be on the lookout for excess watering sources. Be sure that your sprinkling system or downspouts from your gutters aren’t giving the plants a double dose of water.

Click here to check out our pruning video for a  demonstration.

Garden Location Tips for Blooming Success

Choosing the best location for your Endless SummerÂŽ Hydrangeas is key to ensuring blooms throughout the summer. The best location can vary greatly depending on where you live.

Here are a few tips for Northern and Southern climates.

Overall, hydrangeas, especially macrophyllas such as Endless Summer The Original, Blushing Bride and Twist-n-Shout, prefer morning sun with afternoon shade. These plants do best with some shelter from the hot afternoon sun. It is important to note, your plant will not do well if planted in full shade. Choose a location where the soil drains easily and the plants have ample room to grow. Giving the plant at least three feet of growing space allows for best light and air flow.

Northern Gardens

Southern Gardens

The farther north you live, the more sun your Endless Summer Hydrangeas can handle. In the far North we recommend a spot that receives six hours of sun, with partial shade in the hot afternoon.

Keeping your hydrangeas in an area that is shaded from the hot afternoon sun is especially important in the South. Morning sun is best. Be sure to keep your plant mulched well, to help keep roots cool.

If you can’t find the perfect spot in your yard, remember you can always grow Endless Summer Hydrangeas in a container. Endless


Q: I’d love to plant hydrangeas, but my yard is very sunny. What are my options? — Ray in Texas

A: The newest member of the Endless Summer Collection, Bella Anna, is a hydrangea Arborescens. This variety can take more sun than many other hydrangea types. Choosing the right variety for your area of the country is key. The farther north you live, the more sun they can tolerate. Areas of the Deep South require more shade than sun, hot dry conditions in the southwest are not suitable for hydrangeas in general without extra care and attention. Ask the experts at your local garden center for the best plant for your location.


Q: I recently planted several Endless Summer Hydrangeas in my yard. Some are blue and some are pink. The expert at my local garden center said they will likely turn blue because our soil is acidic. What do I need to do to make them all pink? — Mary in New Hampshire

A: You are correct. If you have very acidic soil (pH 5.8 or lower ), the blooms of your Endless Summer The Original will turn blue. If the opposite is true and your soil is alkaline (pH 6.4 or higher), your blooms will be pink. You’ll need to make the soil more alkaline in order to keep the blooms pink. Remember that Bella Anna will not change color as she is an arborescens type hydrangea and only the macrophyllas are affected by soil pH. The Endless Summer Color Kit can help you change the color of your macrophyllas by simply adding Endless Summer Color Me Pink to the soil. You can find the Color Kit at your local garden center. We’ve also developed a how-to video to help you change the color of your hydrangeas.

endless BLOOM | Spring 2011

Q: We’ve had a lot of rain this spring, and I’m wondering how much additional water we should be giving our Endless Summer Blushing Bride? Even with all the rain, they sometimes look droopy in the afternoon. — Shelly in Kansas

A: Be sure to check out our Blooming Success article on page 8 for lots of great information on watering. It is normal for hydrangeas to wilt in the hot afternoon temperatures. In most cases they’ll perk up as the temperature drops. The best rule of thumb is to water your plants well every couple of days. If you’re getting enough rain to do the job, there is no need to add extra water.

Q: I’m really enjoying my first Endless Summer Hydrangea! What do I do when the blooms start dying off? — Gina in Massachusetts

A: You can cut spent blooms off your Endless Summer Hydrangeas anytime. Cutting off fresh blooms to bring into the house for flower arrangements can be done anytime as well! We like to cut the stem at least 10 inches (two or three leaf groupings) down the stem from the bloom to help initiate new flower growth.

Click here to learn how to change the color of your hydrangeas

Change the color of your hydrangeas Pink or Blue? It’s up to you! Now there’s a easy way to grow Hydrangea macrophyllas like Endless Summer The Original, Blushing Bride and Twist-n-Shout in the color you want, all summer long. The bloom color of a Hydrangea macrophylla is determined by the pH of the soil it’s growing in. To change the bloom color, just change the soil’s pH with Endless Summer Color Me Pink or Color Me Blue. Both are safe and easy to use.

Color Me Blue ™ Soil Sulfur makes soil more acidic, resulting in beautiful blue blooms. This allnatural product also promotes dark green foliage and general plant vigor. Soil sulfur is safe for kids  and pets and won’t burn your plants. Color Me Pink ™  Hydrated Lime makes soil less  acidic, so your hydrangeas will produce stunning  pink blooms. Adding lime to your garden is also sometimes called “sweetening” the soil. Hydrated  Lime is a safe way to make your soil less acidic.

Determine your soil’s pH We recommend that you test your garden soil’s pH before using an Endless Summer color product so you’ll know how much to apply. You can pick up a soil tester at your local garden center. Once you’ve determined the soil’s pH, follow the application guide that comes with Color Me Blue and Color Me Pink. Just sprinkle the recommended number of scoops onto the soil, staying several inches away from the base of the plant. Then gently mix it into the top layer of soil with your fingers and water. That’s all there is to it! Endless


Celebrate Life, Celebrate Mom  Moms are beautiful by nature, and the love and support they provide their families is truly endless. That’s why Endless Summer® Hydrangeas are the official plants of Mother’s Day!



Visit your local garden center now to see the entire Endless Summer® Collection of hydrangeas, including The Original, Blushing Bride, Twist-n-Shout® and our . Easy to grow in the garden or in a container on the newest addition, Bella Anna™ patio, they’ll delight Mom with their ability to bloom continuously all summer long. For more information on any of the plants in the Endless Summer Collection, visit

Win Mom an unforgettable spa gift Our Mother’s Day Spa-tacular  Sweepstakes is back! 12

endless BLOOM | Spring 2011

Enter to win, and you or your mom  could be the lucky recipient of a luxurious day of beauty at a spa near you. Two ways to enter… To enter, visit the Endless Summer display at a garden center near you, or simply enter online at Enter April 18, 2011 thru May 20, 2011 for your chance to win! Two ways to win! Enter the Endless Summer Spa-tacular Sweepstakes for a chance to win a delightful day of pampering for you or your mom. Two lucky winners will receive a $500 spa day to indulge in the spa treatments of their choice, and 15 runner-up’s will receive a $100 gift certificate for spa treatments. Official Sweepstakes rules



Container Planting Adding color to your yard can be as easy as planting a few garden containers. The beauty of plants in pots or decorative containers is that you can move them to the best growing area, or to the space in your yard that needs a pop of color. They can make front entries more appealing, add a splash of color to your next outdoor party or even create a new focal point in an existing garden space. Endless Summer Hydrangeas are an excellent choice for container gardening. They are great in a pot by themselves, or paired with companion plants for a stunning display. Because they bloom continuously, your container is sure to look great all season long!


endless BLOOM | Spring 2011

Here are a few tips for successful  Endless Summer containers:


Containers dry out more quickly than in-ground gardens, so you’ll need to make sure your containers get enough water. Watering deeply, less often is a good rule of thumb. Consider buying an inexpensive drip irrigation system for your containers. Putting them on an automatic watering schedule will save you time and the hassle of remembering to water.


Changing the color of your Endless Summer Hydrangeas can be an easy container project. Check out the information on page 11 for more details.


If you live in a cold climate, be sure to bring your container into a sheltered area for the winter. Cover the pot with burlap, and cover the base of the plant with mulch.

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Be sure to use a good quality potting soil. Potting soil is formulated differently than garden soil. Choose one made especially for containers.


Place your containers in an area that receives morning sun and afternoon shade.


Use a good quality slow release fertilizer once in the spring, preferably when you pot the plant. You may need to use a liquid fertilizer later in the summer. Just remember, more is not better. Check out our growing tips article on page 8.

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nEW! EW! More Color for your Garden Create garden impact with colorful First Editions® flowering shrubs When we think of adding color to the garden, we usually think of flowers — mixing annuals and perennials to keep the show going throughout the growing season. Flowering shrubs can add color and interest as well. The First Editions New Plant Collection of premium-quality flowering shrubs have been specifically developed to create maximum effect with minimum effort season after season.

Vanilla Strawberry™ Hydrangea

• Zone: 4 – 8

This amazing hydrangea paniculata has large, full coneshaped flowers that begin creamy white changing to pink and finally strawberry red. New blooms give the plant a  multi-colored effect in summer and early fall. Enjoy the  blooms in both fresh and dried arrangements.

• Exposure: Full Sun

Bali, Fiji and Tahiti Hibiscus

• Height: 5 – 8 feet

These extraordinary new hibiscus syriacus produce gorgeous semi-double fantastically tropical colored  blooms, each with a deep magenta-red center amid darkgreen foliage. Plant them en masse in full sun for a tropical effect from July through October. These exotic plants come to us from Minier Nursery in France.

• Exposure: Full Sun • Height: 6 – 7 feet • Spread: 4 – 5 feet

• Spread: 4 – 7 feet • Zone: 5 – 8

• Exposure: Full Sun

Cool Splash® Diervilla 

• Height: 2 – 4 feet

The bright green and white foliage of the first variegated  Diervilla stands out, even in shady borders. It produces  creamy yellow flowers in June and July and is easy to grow,  developing colonies over time. Use in woodland settings or  in mass plantings for a spectacular effect.

• Spread: 3 – 5 feet • Zone: 3 – 7


endless BLOOM | Spring 2011

Bold and beautiful With over 20 unique plants, the First Editions collection ranges from lush flowering hibiscus and hydrangea to the dramatically hued foliage of sumac and barberry. A variety of shapes, heights and changing colors create unique focal points and keeps things lively from spring through first frost. Look for the Plum pot at a garden center near you.

Dress up any garden space, these plants pair perfectly with Endless Summer Hydrangeas. Little Devil™ Ninebark This gorgeous ninebark won the American Nursery & Landscape Association’s Best New Plant Award in 2011 for its compact habit and striking dark red foliage, offset by  button-like white-pink flowers in June. Attractive to butterflies, drought-resistant and needing little pruning, Little Devil  is great for casual and experienced gardeners alike.

• Exposure: Full Sun

Tiger Eyes® Sumac

• Exposure: Full Sun

This colorful Rhus features fuzzy, red-purple stems with  foliage that starts out a bright chartreuse, changing quickly  to bright yellow. By autumn, this dazzling display turns  golden, orange and scarlet. The branches angle upward  while the deeply cut leaflets drape downward for a dramatic effect. Reaching a height of 6 feet, it makes a wonderful  foundation or back-of-the-border planting.

• Height: 6 feet

Light-O-Day® Hydrangea

• Exposure: Full Sun

Featuring clean, bright variegated foliage and stunning  flowers, this elegant lacecap hydrangea macrophylla  shines in any border. The outer ring of flowers are bright white, while the delicate inner blooms are a glowing blue  in acidic soils and a soft pink in alkaline soil. The cut blooms are beautiful in arrangements or on their own.

• Height: 3 – 5 feet

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• Height: 3 – 4 feet • Spread: 3 – 4 feet • Zone: 3 – 7

• Spread: 6 feet • Zone: 4 – 8

• Spread: 3 – 5 feet • Zone: 5 – 9



Could your backyard use a little Endless Summer inspiration? Stay tuned for more information on our summer contest! We’re partnering with, Better Homes & Gardens online, and The Outdoor GreatRoom Company to bring you a chance to win a $5,000 backyard makeover. Look for more details coming soon on our Facebook page.

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