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CAPTION > Alex Pastor, Brandvlei PHOTO > “Back in 2001 Wipika was the only kite shop on the sea front in Table View in front of 'Kite Beach' (where the Best shop is now). There were very few people riding there, so we'd head to Big Bay where the surfers always wanted to fight us, but we took all the waves and then all the chicks, and now we don t hear from them anymore!

French boat. I like the spirit of the people here; they are survivors but are relaxed because there's always hope. CAPTION > Easy living, Knysna

THANK YOU TO: ACKER CAR RENTALS Acker offer affordable car rentals for all budgets and needs, but specialise in classic 80s Mercedes cars. Spacious, well refurbished, in fine fettle and the boots are huge. George, Nick and the team mainly deal with windsurfers and kiters, so they understand the game.

“You can ride anything here, and it gets even better when you can choose the right gear for the right discipline in the right conditions. My favourite spot is Luderitz in the south of Namibia. I drive through the night to get there when the wind is more than 40 knots and ride my speed track the next day. Otherwise I train for “Cape Town offers me the best speed at Sunset Beach when the compromise for how I want to live sou'easter is blowing like hell, and you never know what's going to riding fast over the flat sections happen: you might get a baboon in-between the waves. I actually stealing food from your car or meet broke 50 knots there down-the-line… CAPTION > Witsands, the freestyle heaven the in road the in Springbok a version three hours east of CT middle of the night. Alternatively, “Everything started in Africa and you could do as I did and rent a 24 you can feel that everywhere. I tonne excavator, head to Namibia love to take my bike and discover and dig a canal to sail faster with incredible landscapes or visit the your kite than a €20 million largest elephant farms in Knysna where the land gets even more green and beautiful. For testing, there is no better place in the world from October to March. Most pro-riders or industry figures come to Cape Town at least once in the season, or every other season. The diversity of all the spots provide an unbelievable amount of opportunities for any rider and any wind sport business. Get all CAPTION > Penguins, Boulders Beach, Simon's Town your testing done in a day. It's the CAPTION > Muizenberg fish market Silicone Valley of kiteboarding! SEBASTIAN CATTELAN, GENETRIX AND XELERATOR PRO RIDER, FIRST RIDER OVER 50 AND 55 KNOTS AND ORGANISER OF LUDERITZ SPEED EVENT

CAPTION > Gnashers, Aquila Game Reserve


Cape Town is a fantastic place to adventure. If it's your first time, speak to some locals and pick up advice before heading off on your own. Even better, join a group. Most kites shops offer surfari services etc. Our personal thanks to: Sheree at / Alex and Grant at The Endless Summer Beach House / Brad at The Kite’s Nest / Friday Island / CAPTION > Brandvlei Aquila Game Reserve and Rob Munro for all PHOTO > his hook-ups!