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ENDLESS SUMMER BEACH HOUSE Located right on the Kite Beach seafront, this guest house runs with a constant buzz. Drop in, even if you're not staying. BEST KITEBOARDING AFRICA For all your kiteboarding needs, from lessons to gear sales and rental, on Dolphin Beach seafront right next to the strip's most popular cafe, Carlucci's THE KITE'S NEST Brad Symington, instructor of massive experience has been on the Cape Town scene since day one. Mobile lessons and stunning guest house accommodation in Sunset Beach available. KITE KAHUNAS Intensive advanced kitesurfing courses and beautiful guest house accommodation in Sunset Beach. Hit any of 30 kite spots with Wolf and his crew. More activities also available.

CAPTION > Bruna Kajiya's mellow morning indy chop pop, Sunset Beach


CAPTION > Bas Koole, slim chance, Big Bay


Milnerton is technically the first beach you hit heading north from Cape Town on the R27 towards the main kiting strip, but the first popular kiting beach you'll hit is Sunset Beach. Backed by beautiful property developments, Sunset is the first of these northern beaches to get the wind. As soon as the Table Cloth (and often before) starts to lay across Table Mountain and the Sou'Easter Cape Doctor kicks in, it will be windy at Sunset. Really popular with windsurfing wave riders the conditions are more crossoff here than any of the other spots and so a bit gusty on the inside, but the waves kick up nicely for a good few hits. There are a few car parks to choose from – windsurfers tend to fill out the upwind car parks, where the wind's a bit gustier anyway, so smile as you head to join the other kiters at the more downwind car parks. If you want to ride as much as possible, this should be your first port of call, but more often than not, it's only a matter of time before the wind fills in at Dolphin beach and Big Bay, which are more popular and properly cross-shore. Kamers lies just downwind of the rocks at Big Bay and can be a perfect place to hone your wave riding skills as the waves are generally more friendly than most other spots. They've still got some size mind you, and can get busy. Respect the order and people trying to ride waves and, as the beach is long, remember you can spread right the way along it!

“My perfect day in Cape Town starts with a breakfast at Carlucci's which is right opposite Dolphin beach, allowing me to check out what the day is offering. In fact, if you sat there most of the day, you'll probably bump into most pro riders at some point! Maybe I'll go for a surf session in the morning or a kite at Sunset before the wind fills in elsewhere. The space between the waves is amazing so there are kickers on the way out and flat water coming in. It's great for wave riding or freestyle. You just never know what you're in for though, and that's why I love it so much; everyday is different. I always take a break for lunch at Big Bay to see how the rest of the day will play out. Maybe we'll kite at Big Bay or head back to Sunset if the wind still hasn't picked up at Big Bay. Alternatively, if the wind is now too strong we might head inland to the 'vlei' (lake) for some flat water freestyle or up to Langebaan. There's always an option for every level of kiter. “I just can't say enough about how much I love Cape Town and the opportunities you get to meet old friends and new people as well as experiencing all that a city like that has to offer. It's the most European city I've ever been outside of europe.” RUI MEIRA, BEST DEVELOPMENT RIDER WWW.KITEWORLDMAG.COM > 77