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“I first went out to Cape Town in 2001 with my parents. We ended up going out there for six months as my dad had always wanted to check it out and we were looking for a warm, windy place to ride over the winters. I hadn't travelled much so didn't really know what to expect. I remember finishing my school work though and then just loving spending the rest of the day kiting or on the beach. It was windy almost everyday and I spent every minute I could on the water.


“Cape Town might not always have the perfect kiting conditions, but to have the amount of wind it has and the challenging conditions surrounding that city is amazing. It is actually similar to England in many ways; there are lots of different conditions to find, you can wakeboard, the food is amazing and there's good places to go out in the evening. My parents live out there now, so it's kind of like home, too. I also enjoy being based out of one place for a while and tend to stay in Cape Town for over three months at a time, which is a luxury for me. The quality of life out there is brilliant and I never get bored.


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“Big Bay isn't always the best option for a session for what I want, but maybe five times in the season I'll get it golden. I've had some of my best ever sessions there in the evenings with smooth nine metre winds and the most ridiculous kickers that curve in through the bay allowing you to pick the angle you want to hit them at. At some point on most days it works well for freestyle as, although there's often waves, there are generally lovely flat sections on the inside and some sort of kickers.” AARON HADLOW, FIVE TIME WORLD CHAMPION AND HADLOW PRO BY FLEXIFOIL GEAR DEVELOPER “I made it out to Cape Town for the first time in 2005 and have been back for training every year since, staying with Aaron or my good friend and Cape Town local, Greg Thijjse. The conditions and the lifestyle just keep me coming back for more.

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“Three months just flies by; there is so much to do, on and off the water - you’re just enjoying yourself non-stop. The wind can crank in Cape Town in summer, that's for sure. Dolphin Beach gets perfect cross-shore wind and the kickers roll in pretty good too. Doing a downwinder from Sunset and finishing at Doodles bar on the front and then heading in, still in your wetsuit for happy hour sun down beers is just the ticket. I could do this everyday. There's no wonder a lot of people do – and you can just thumb a lift back down the road. My favourite spot is Big Bay though, just because of the memories on and off the water. I've thrown some of my biggest mega loops there and will never forget them. “The veggies and meats are insane in SA. I'll usually have a big salad and a huge steak after a nice session before heading into town for the evening. The pretty ladies in Cape Town don't go unnoticed; there are tons of models from all over the world during 'modelling season' in the summer, and what’s not to like about that?


> Brian Jensen



“Of course the main pull for me are the epic, fullon winds. If you want to go huge it's the only place to be. A lovely place for natural highs!” RUBEN LENTEN, SLINGSHOT PRO RIDER