Activity book and Spot guide Cape Town

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RRD KITES RRD RELIGION kite The first and still the best wave kite on the market. SPECIAL FEATURES: • New Sideshore/Onshore bridle attachment points up to size 8 to trim the kite according to specific conditions • Tips equipped with bridle anti-tangle device • sizes 9-10,5 and 12 have a different wingtip design and lighter construction to perform better in light winds • sizes 4-5-6-7-8 have the classic wider wingtip design of the Religion kites and are designed to perform better in medium or strong winds

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STRONGEST KITE IN THE MARKET BECAUSE; • Bullet proof construction creating a strong structural frame with dacron fabric • Internal extra reinforcements on every leading edge panel, to secure long lasting stitching & a rigid connection • Exclusive Strut/Leading edge reinforcement panel sawn at 45 degrees: this spreads the impact loads on a wider area (only on bigger sizes) • V-TIP design back line attachment. This specially designed panel and heavy duty construction allow a better load spread on this high stressed area • Radial reinforcements on the tips to improve durability Ask the High Five crew for a test ride and prices.