Activity book and Spot guide Cape Town

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Just north from Blouberg, but still more or less connected to Cape Town, you will find Big Bay. Well known for the flat sections between the waves. A favourite for twintip riders, but also a real good wave spot. Big Bay is sheltered due to the shape of the bay, means the waves get really clean.

Perfect lines can be rolling on this beautiful long white beach.

At Big Bay roughly the following spots: • In front of the life savers club. During season plenty of kite and windsurfers. • A bit more downwind: Karma’s (or Kamers). Beautiful clean lines, perfect wave spot. • North, further downwind: Eerstesteen and Derdesteen. Two beaches you will come across if you are doing a downwinder from Blouberg to Haakgat. Beautiful beach breaks, waves can get pretty hollow and gnarly.




Haakgat is the most famous big wave spot in Cape Town. If the swell picks up, Haakgat and its reef break is the place to be. This is a spot for experienced kite and wind surfers.

(CAPE PENINSULA WEST) Park your car on the road “above” the spot and walk down with your gear. Much more chilled than Misty Cliffs and Scarborough.


This is what the “world kite and wind surfing guide” has to say..... “Another performer in north-westerlies is Misty Cliffs, an extremely powerful reef-break with persistently weak wind on the inside-very dicey in front of a thoroughly rocky coast. No problems launching of the sandy beach of Scarborough though, towards probably this region’s fastest wave. Experts only, and even they shouldn’t get too close to the kelp beds; fall here and you’ll be washed mercilessly onto the rocks.” You’ve been warned....(-:

Downwinders from Blouberg usually end here with a beautiful sunset and a cold beer.