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The Blouberg area is the most well known and popular area for kite surfers and wind surfers. If the Cape Doctor does his thing, the wind will be good! The Cape Doctor (or “die Kaapse dokter” in Afrikaans) is the local name for the strong, persistent and dry south-easterly wind that blows on the South African coast from spring to late summer (September to March). In Blouberg there are several beaches to choose from. From the south the beaches are as follows: Sunset Beach, Dolphin Beach, Kite Beach and Pancake Point. • Sunset Beach: Famous spot for mainly wind surfers. Wind here is usually slightly offshore. If the Cape Doctor is active, this beach is always the first place for the wind to pick up. Also well known as the start for a downwinder for kite surfers. The kite surfers start in Sunset and go downwind to Pancake Point or even all the way to Big Bay or Haakgat. • Dolphin Beach: Very famous kite surfing spot. Mainly popular amongst kiters riding their twintips. Lots of beginners and intermediate kiters are at Dolphin.

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• Kite Beach: Only a few hundred meters downwind from Dolphin. Like Dolphin, but maybe even more popular. Most known kite spot of Cape Town. Like the name says....... • Pancake Point/Endless Summer Beach House: Again a few hundred meters downwind from Kite Beach is Pancake Point. No way near as crowded as Dolphin and Kite Beach. And if you are hungry......try one of the delicious pancakes of Frank & Phyl

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