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Are you there,


Contents Storytime

Are you there, wolf? One night, Bigwolf comes home with no food. The three little wolves have to go to bed hungry. The next day they go and look for food on their own‌

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Are you there, wolf? Written by Laury Blavoet Illustrated by ClĂŠment Devaux

One evening, Bigwolf arrived home with no food in his basket. What would the three little wolves say? They were hungry and waiting for their meal. 3

Bigwolf was sad. He said, “There’s no dinner tonight, little wolves. I didn’t manage to find any food. A woodcutter tried to chop me into pieces as I was picking mushrooms in the wood. A hunter shot at me in the cabbage field and the farmer chased me away with his fork before I could grab any eggs!


“I’ve had enough for one day. I’m off to bed. I’ll go and try again tomorrow. In the meantime, you must not go out! Do you understand?”


The three little wolves woke early the next morning. They were very hungry. The youngest whispered to his brothers, “I dreamed about mushrooms, cabbages and eggs all night long…” “I’m hungry,” said the second little wolf. “Really hungry!” So the oldest said, “We can’t stay here with empty tummies! Let’s leave Bigwolf to sleep and go and see for ourselves if we can find anything to eat!”


The three little wolves tiptoed out ignoring what Bigwolf had told them.


They found some tasty mushrooms in the forest and gobbled them up. They kept watch but there was no woodcutter about… only his axe and his cap on a tree stump. The little wolves forgot about the danger and sang at the tops of their voices, “Woodcutter, woodcutter, are you there? We’re gathering mushrooms, It’s only fair!” The oldest little wolf shouted, “Look! I’ve got his axe and his cap… Let’s go!”



Next, the three little wolves explored the cabbage field. The cabbages were yummy. They kept watch but there was no hunter about‌ only his jacket and his gun leaning against a tree trunk.


The little wolves stuffed themselves with cabbages and sang, “Hunter, hunter, are you there? We’re picking cabbages, it’s only fair!” The second little wolf said in a gruff voice, “Look! I’ve got his gun and his jacket… Let’s go!”


Next, the little wolves fancied some freshly laid eggs from the farm. They kept watch but there was no angry farmer about… only his fork and his boots on a pile of hay. The little wolves sang happily, “Farmer, farmer, are you there? We’re collecting eggs, it’s only fair!”


The youngest little wolf said in a squeaky voice, “Look! I’ve got his fork and his boots… Let’s go!” 13

The three little wolves rushed into the hen house. The hens got a fright and began cackling to raise the alarm. Soon there was chaos!


The woodcutter, the hunter and the farmer were having breakfast together when they heard the noise. They ran out of the house with saucepans and knives in their hands. They were sure they would catch Bigwolf. The woodcutter cried, “Show yourself, Bigwolf! We know you’re in there!”


Just then, a terrifying creature appeared at the henhouse window. It was big and hairy and it howled, “I have a fork, an axe and a gun…

Here I come!”



When the woodcutter, the hunter and the farmer saw the horrible monster, they dropped their saucepans and knives and ran as fast as their legs would carry them, shouting, “HELP! HELP!� The three little wolves were very proud of themselves. They came out of the hen house and set off home with their pockets full of mushrooms, cabbages and eggs.



Meanwhile, back at home, Bigwolf had woken up. He was very worried when he saw his little wolves were not there. Where had they gone? What if something happened to them? But just then, in came the little wolves and showed him all the food they had found.


There was plenty to eat. But before Bigwolf let the little wolves sit at the table, he said, “Well now, you disobeyed me! You could have got into big trouble! You managed fine in the end, it’s true, but in future, I will be the one who goes looking for food!”


After that day, the three little wolves were never hungry again. Bigwolf was able to go and fetch food without worrying about being chopped up, shot at or chased with a fork. The humans were too scared of him! Sometimes, Bigwolf and the three little wolves set off on a picnic singing, “Bigwolf, Bigwolf, are you there? Yes, I’m having a picnic, So humans beware!” THE END STORYBOX


I don’t want to get out of

written by



M. Van Zeveren

Three little lost their kittens mittens traditional



Momo's adventure written by

P. Chénel

Rain on the green grass traditional


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ic by S. M


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c Szu ael ices Mich : Candi ce Moore and


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© Bayard Presse - Pomme d’Api November 2014. Idea: A.L. Fournier Le Ray. Text: Sylvie Ladouce. Illustrations: Régis Faller. Photo: Isabelle Franciosa, 2010.

Why do we get head lice?

Maybe it’s because our hair is too long? Is it because our hair is dirty?

Let’s go and see what the answer could be…


If your head is itchy it may mean that you have tiny insects in your hair called


How do they get there?

1. Lice walk onto

people’s hair! They move very quickly so if you put your head near the head of a friend with lice, they can crawl onto your hair.


Why do lice live on our heads?


Lice live on our heads because it is warm and damp under our hair and they like that. They find food there too!

What? Do lice eat our hair?

3. Lice eat our blood.

They have little hooks in their mouth that they use to bite our skin and suck our blood.

Yuck! disgusting! But why do they make us itch?

4. When lice bite,

they inject saliva into our skin to make the blood easier to suck up! The saliva makes us itch.

Is having lice serious?

5. Lice are not

dangerous because they do not carry diseases. They are just annoying! Anyone who has lice should get rid of them as fast as possible so they do not pass them on to other people.

How do you get rid of them?

6. You have to wash

your hair with a special shampoo and then use a comb to get rid of the lice and their eggs. You may have to repeat this treatment several times to be sure that all the lice are gone.

Now I understand. Lice get on to our heads and live there because our heads are warm and damp and they like that. They also find food there!


Meerkats Meerkats are funny creatures. They can stand upright on their back legs. They live in family groups called mobs and they always stay together.


Where do they live?

In the desert in Africa.

What do they eat?

Scorpions, insects, lizards‌

How big are they?

Adults are the same size as a big bottle of water. 29

Meerkats go off in different directions to look for food but they never go very far. Two meerkats stand up on their back legs to keep watch.


Meerkats have a very good sense of smell. They can also hear the little creatures that live in the sand. When they find one, they quickly dig it out and gobble it up!

One of the guards has spotted a bird flying overhead. It checks to see if it is a bird of prey. Yes, it is! The bird is going to attack. Quick! Hide!

The sentry barks to warn the rest of the mob. Suddenly, all the meerkats scuttle down into their burrow. Luckily, the burrow has a lot of entrances!


Text: Emmanuel Chanut. Illustrations: Pierre-Emmanuel Dequest.

A few minutes later, a meerkat cautiously comes out to see if the danger has passed. Phew! No more birds around. The meerkats can all come back out.


After the excitement, the meerkats stand together, looking around in all directions. They want to be sure it is safe to go back and search for food‌

Did you know? Eek Eek Eek!

Eek Eek!

Meerkats mark their territory with their droppings!

Š Bayard Presse - Youpi November 2014. Text: Emmanuel Chanut. Illustrations: Yves Calarnou.

The meerkats who stand on guard are often the oldest in the mob. They have different calls so they can tell the others if the danger is from the sky or from an animal approaching on the ground.

Meerkats are not harmed by scorpion venom or the venom of some snakes. 33


Mu m


Ge o r g


Jolly The

Da d


who always look on the bright side of life

d n a R i e c g r h o a t r h d g i e ’ f s G

George has a friend coming to play today. His name is Richard and he and George often fight when they are together. Mum knows this so she says, “Now boys, promise me you will play nicely with Lego or draw some fantastic castles?” But the two boys are not listening. They rush straight out into the garden. 34

There are no castles or Lego in the garden, just a huge mountain of dead leaves and… some sticks! George says, “The first one to the top is the winner!” “Yess! Attaaack!” shouts Richard.

Rustle, rustle… go the leaves under their feet. But it’s hard to climb the mountain!

Richard and George slip and slide and fall… Then Richard shouts again, “Attaaack!”

He jumps on George laughing. He pushes Richard away and… they start to fight! But George is startled.

But, whack! George hits a bit too hard and hurts Richard. 35

Richard starts to cry loudly. George doesn’t know what to do! Mum rushes out. “What’s going on, boys?” she says. “George, can you explain?”

George feels like crying too. He mutters, “I… I didn’t do it on purpose!” 36

Phew! Richard has stopped crying. Mum says to George, “Say sorry now…”

“It’s okay!” says Richard, smiling again.

Richard says, “What shall we play? I have an idea…”

So George and Richard make a town with piles of leaves. No more fighting now! George is happy. His friend always thinks of fun games for them to play. But when Mum brings out some drinks and snacks, Richard can’t help it… He shouts, “Attaaack!”

© Bayard Presse - Pomme d’Api November 2014. Text: Sophie Chabot. Illustrations: Anne Wilsdorf.

“Er… sorry, Richard!” says George.


Inside their whale-ship, the fierce, horrible, wicked Piratrocities are plotting something bad…

The smallest of the big heroes

Hee hee!

the wicked Piratrocities


“Let’s capture SamSam!” says BeastlyBeard, the captain.

Yes, Sir!

“We will tie him up, tickle him and mash him into a mush!” he shouts.

You are the best, Captain!


Follow me!


The horrible, hateful, wicked Piratrocities set off to find SamSam. They land on SamPlanet…

4 38

Hee hee!

Soon SamSam is surrounded. “Ha ha! We caught you!” laughs BeastlyBeard.


“You don’t scare me!” says SamSam. “You are just silly old sardines on legs!”

But even a cosmic hero can’t beat all those Piratrocities… In a second, SamSam is tied up tight!

Hee hee!


The wicked Piratrocities tickle SamSam horribly. SamSam laughs and laughs…


But there is one thing the Piratrocities do not know. Laughing makes you stronger! So SamSam breaks free!


He mashes the Piratrocities into a mush and piles them up in a big heap!


Well done, SamSam! You are small but very strong!


© Bayard Presse - Pomme d’Api November 2014. Story: Serge Bloch. Illustrations: Serge Bloch and Astrid Scaramus.



Little Brown Bear Going for a drive

1. Little Brown Bear is with his grandpa. Grandpa Bear says, “Look at this.”

2. He tells Little Brown Bear, “This is your father’s 3. Little Brown Bear loves the car. Grandpa takes pedal car, from when he was little like you.” it outside. “Go on, then, get in and pedal.” 40

5. He pedals and makes an engine noise. “Brrrrrm! Brrrrrm!”

6. Grandpa shouts, “Hey! Watch my carrots!” Little Brown Bear laughs. “Sorry. I’m in a hurry!”

7. He adds, “Excuse me, which way is London?” Grandpa says, “That way!” They both laugh.

© Bayard Presse - Pomme d’Api November 2014. Text: Marie Aubinais. Illustration: Danièle Bour.

4. Little Brown Bear sits behind the steering wheel. He feels very grown up.


Lost in the fog





Š Bayard Presse - Les Belles Histoires November 2014. Created and illustrated by RÊgis Faller.

The ha unted


The haunted grotto

The end


Play with Help X go and play with Y. He has to pick up all the letters on the path and write them in the yellow box.







_ _ _ _ _ _! 47

Answer: HURRAY!

Letter pals Match each speech bubble to the correct letter.


Heave ho!


Roar! 2 1 D

Giddy up! B

Hahaha! 3 4 Answers: 1-B, 2-D, 3-C, 4-A.


Lots of letters Find these 5 small pictures on this page.


Letter people

Send your


to drawings

69, O Box 612 P , x o B y r Sto 17 1DF, UK London N dct@bayar a t n o c : to or email magazine


© Bayard Presse - Mes Premiers j'Aime Lire October 2014. Concept: Arnaud Alméras. Illustrations: Pascal Lemaître.

Draw the first letter of your name and turn it into a funny little person.

In your next issue

Little Brown Bear

Big presents are best!


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ing with yo

ur child

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The Christmas Giant

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It’s nearly Christmas. A giant sits up in the mountains wondering why there are little lights twinkling in the village below. When the villagers cut down one of his fir trees, he wants to know what’s going on…

joy of read



g i a nt


Yucky present


Fabulous present

The Jolly family

The Christmas tree

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B 1

Text: Jim Sanderson. Illustrations: Bridget Strevens.

2 He planted a bean. It grew ever so high. Soon it reached way up to the sky.


Whose is it?

Match each picture to the correct riddle and name the fairy tale character the object belongs to.

4 The pretty sister in the ragged dress put on the glass slipper and is now a princess.

StoryBox was great... now I’m ready for

3 The clever cat could make things happen. Now the miller’s son lives in the king’s castle!


Answers: 1–A the Three Little Pigs, 2–D Jack and the bean stalk, 3–C Puss in Boots, 4–B Cinderella.

In their house of straw they wanted to stay. But the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and blew it away.

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