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TOFCO the leading international provider of fabrication, construction and offshore services for the oil and gas industry, with headquarters in the Caribbean. +1 868 651 0006

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REMEMBERING YOUR ROOTS UK £4.95 CAN $7.95 USA $7.95 EUR €5.95 SA ZAR 69.00

By Neil Darkes


Inspired by your success

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The West Indies has long been defined as a tourist destination however it is now fast becoming the business destination for foreign investment and organizations looking to tap into this rich resource of expertise, culture and mineral wealth. Wrapped up in a package of beautiful sunshine, lush, thriving landscapes, a wonderfully enthusiastic and friendly people and a powerful focus on development this region’s economic growth has been set at an impressive 6% per annum. Largely focussed on government focus into education, on primary, secondary and tertiary levels, more people are leaving school to get higher diplomas in engineering, architecture and business development. The generation of business leaders who are currently shaping the outward thrust of this growth are supported by a generation of even better prepared individuals. As the infrastructure develops, as businesses grow, the tourism industry benefits greatly thanks to the influx of people visiting the country. More money becomes available to develop attractions and hotels, and more locally sourced experts are available to make this happen quickly, effectively and at the best price. At the same time the development has been kept in line with a strong preoccupation to maintaining the natural beauty of this region. It is this way to approaching growth without sacrificing what makes their home their home, so we’re not expecting to be losing the fun loving, rum drinking, and sunshine enjoying culture of the islands anytime soon. With so much to offer to the world, the West Indies has arrived at just the right time as businesses are looking for new locations to invest in. Please enjoy our West Indies Focus.

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Neil Darkes West Indies Correspondent

Endeavour Magazine • April 2013 •


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TOFCO 001 868 651 0006 Written by Don Campbell


YOUR ROOTS Endeavour West Indies



Established specifically to serve the offshore industry off the coast of the island nation of Trinidad, TOFCO (Trinidad Offshore Fabricators Unlimited) is looking to expand internationally. Now in its ninth year of business, they are prospecting to take on new projects in South American and African nations including Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, Ghana and Nigeria. We spoke to Operations Manager Javed Mohammed about it.

Having gained enough experience and knowledge to move onto the next phase TOFCO have hosted a number of government officials from the nations mentioned above to have a look at the business model utilized because they want to find a way to adopt it. If imitation is indeed the highest form of flattery then this is good news for this nine-year-old industry leader. “The current level of activity in construction industry can be described as a bit buoyant,” Javed reveals, “As it relates to the Global downturn in the sector. Again, while the competition may be a bit aggressive for the limited available work, TOFCO still maintains its competitive edge due to its experience, safety record and high quality products.” Focussed on fabrication and construction projects on offshore platforms and other facilities serving the oil and gas industries TOFCO has taken aim and is heading towards a target of being the best in the region with a worldwide reputation for the highest safety standards and quality of work. Founded on the 17th April 2004, over the last nine years TOFCO have successfully completed major oil and gas fabrication projects for various operators in Trinidad and Tobago as a joint venture of Chet Morrison Contractors LLC., a Houma, LA based and Weldfab Ltd. of Trinidad. The company stems from BP’s drive to do more projects locally. At the time local firms lacked the expertise to perform the sort of projects they wanted and so invited international contractors with the skills in offshore platform work to team up and share their knowledge. Importantly, while TOFCO maintains ownership ties to its parent companies it functions as an independent company and performs its own projects and procurement having Endeavour West Indies


Endeavour Magazine • March 2013 •


developed solid, reliable relationships with suppliers. As a company, still new in comparison to their competitors, the suppliers feeding into the projects form the foundation on which TOFCO operates and develops, Since 2004, TOFCO has completed five major offshore platform jacket and deck fabrication projects for BP Trinidad and Tobago (Cannonball, Mango, Cashima, Savonette and Serrette) one for BG Trinidad and Tobago (Poinsettia DeckThe largest built to date in Trinidad) and two for EOG Resources Inc (Oilbird Deck and Jacket, Toucan Deck). Benefiting greatly from the company’s two Facilities totalling 37-acre, TOFCO has its main Yard 1 a 21-acre waterfront facility and Yard 2 with another 16-acre in La Brea, Trinidad, with the ability to easily ship completed decks and other pieces for customers to assemble offshore. The facility includes a dock with a 30-foot water depth; a 600-foot bulkhead, 2000 p.s.f. ground capacity and is complimented

by its fleet of six crawler heavy lift cranes, five mobile groove cranes and other pieces of equipment. This is subsidized with a twenty four hour delivery schedule. TOFCO’s recent work includes a number of smaller maintenance and fabrication projects in support of oil and gas customers including procurement, fabricating, blasting, painting, storage, equipment rentals and consulting work to clients. Engaged in a programme of diversification, TOFCO originally focused on the offshore fabrication, but over the years have branched out on working on brownfield work comprising of offshore turnarounds and support and fabrication services. An interesting aspect of TOFCO comes from its initiative and approach to treating and training employees. Typical of the region it nurtures its community ties encouraging an approach of “Being your brother’s Keeper.”

The company employs a youthful but skilled workforce of welders, fabricators, riggers and others whom it cross-trains across several disciplines. This youthful presence was a result of their start up story, as in 2004 when they first started they were the “new arrivals” to the area and so the existing workforce was hesitant to join them. In response they took on young employees, under the age of 25 and groomed them to work with them. The majority of TOFCO’s staff are from within a 5 mile radius with a heavy emphasis being placed on local content. This sort of investment has resulted in a strong loyalty from their staff. Outside of its fabrication facility, TOFCO’s employees Assist residents of La Brea with community development programs to organizations but not limited to schools, a local orphanage and home for the elderly. This theme of corporate altruism is common in this region where the businesses have grown up in the community and have never lost their roots, it is a refreshing business model that is proving to be highly efficient in growing not only the businesses through the influx of loyal employees and staff but also from the levels of education and training available to these employees prior to joining the workforce. “2013 will be bringing some opportunities for TOFCO and all its main vendors and contractors. We are anticipating work on deck and jacket fabrication as well as some modularized work. There will be some additional facility upgrades to be undertaken looking at completion 4th quarter 2013.” Javed concludes.

Engineering Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago

Plant Services:

Construction Services: Turnarounds

Insulation and Refractory Blasting and Coatings Valve Repairs Welding and Fabrication

Energy Solutions: Renewable Energy ESCO CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Consultancy

Specialised Services: Compression Generation Electrical & Instrumentation Automation Pumping Solutions Predictive Maintenance Inspection & Testing

TOSL provides leading technical and quality related services and products to develop, manage, engineer, build, and operate to the requirements of our customers in the areas of Engineering Services, Products and Equipment. TOSL ENGINEERING LIMITED 8-10 Maharaj Avenue Marabella Trinidad, West Indies Voice: (868)299-0360 Fax: (868) 653-5404 Email: Web:

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National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago +1 868 636 8471 Written by Daemon Sands



National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago

The sun-kissed Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago has seen its increasingly buoyant economy take great strides forward in recent years, as a result of its world-class natural gas, oil and petrochemicals sector. The ever increasing growth of, and investment into these industries indicate that the future looks increasingly golden for Trinidad and Tobago, its economy and its inhabitants; especially as plans to use these resources to diversify into new markets are on the table. Dr. Vernon Paltoo, President of the National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago told Endeavour Magazine more about the company and the state of the industry. Trinidad & Tobago is one of the richest countries in the Caribbean and unlike many of its neighbours, boasts a robust industrialised economy with a rich heritage in the natural gas, oil and petrochemical industries. Today the nation is one of the leading global exporters of liquefied natural gas (LNG), methanol and ammonia; a point highlighted by the fact that Trinidad and Tobago supplies the US with over 70% of its LNG requirements via the Atlantic LNG Company and its four trains which produce and transport 14.8 million tons of LNG each year. Statistically speaking, the energy sector accounts for around 40% of Trinidad and Tobago’s GDP and nearly 80% of its export market, so it is therefore of little surprise that many industry experts consider the nation’s

facilities to be world-class, such is the investment in the energy sector and the hundreds of billions of dollars that are at stake. The National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago – a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago – has for more than 30 years been committed to providing an invaluable service to its parent company and the wider national gas industry, through its role in supporting the infrastructure and development of the nation’s gas based energy industry, not to mention its role in developing new business and investment within the sector. Setup in 1979 to continue the work first started by the Coordinating Task Force in monetising the country’s extensive natural gas resources and establishing an industrial and marine infrastructure, the National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NEC) is true to its company mandate which states that its core business is “the conceptualisation, promotion, development and facilitation of new energy-based and downstream industries in Trinidad and Tobago.” Though this may perhaps sound ambiguous, the range of services that the NEC provides is as vast and varied as this mandate suggests. In its primary role as overseer to the nation’s gas-based industry infrastructure, the NEC is tasked with being responsible for the development and identification of new industrial estates as well as the deep water ports that service them, with such projects providing a crucial contribution to the national economy through the creation of strategic national assets in the marine, energy and infrastructure sectors. This infrastructure development function spans the full spectrum of procurement, design, project implementation and supervision of publicly funded projects, and sees the NEC working closely alongside the relevant statutory bodies and authorities in order to achieve optimal results for the industry’s stakeholders, which include government, local and international investors, consultants and contractors. In addition to this, the NEC is also responsible for the maintenance and management of Trinidad and Tobago’s two existing industrial estates and port facilities which are essential in servicing the nation’s energy and industrial sectors. Supervising the smooth operation of the La Brea Industrial Estate and Port -which is comprised of 400-acres of land developed for industrial use, an $80 million fabrication facility that has successfully completed 9 offshore platforms since 2010, and the port facility which can accommodate cargo shipping and provide maintenance and repairs - is important in this respect. The newly completed

Tracmac Cat has been a Caterpillar Dealer in Trinidad and Tobago for over 84 years. Customers include the onshore and offshore operations of regional and global oil and gas companies, oil service companies including marine support for workboat operators, as well as domestic and international vessels.

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National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago

Union Industrial Estate and Port of Brighton also falls under the NEC’s remit, and has provided a further 400-hectares of land catering specifically for both the heavy and light downstream gas-based industries. With 307m of quay wall that can accommodate vessels of up to Handymax size, a harbour depth of 12.8m and capacity for the storage of high volumes of goods, this new estate has added another string to the bow of NEC and has greatly improved the capabilities and scale of Trinidad and Tobago’s energy infrastructure. A new phase of development for industries at Union Industrial Estate, which will thereby allow for further expansion of its downstream energy sector and the generation of greater economic activity in the south-eastern region of the country, is due in the near future. However although existing downstream natural gasbased ventures have been economically beneficial to Trinidad & Tobago in terms of revenue, employment and capital creation, Dr. Vernon Paltoo, President of the NEC, believes that there is scope for improvement and evolution, in that a greater value added element of monetising natural gas occurs when products such as LNG, ammonia, methanol and iron are used in the production of tertiary and consumer goods – derivative products, and that this opens up new opportunities for the islands. “New businesses centred on these downstream derivative products would allow for levels of product differentiation that do not exist in the production of primary chemicals such as methanol and ammonia In this regard, the strategy for development of the downstream natural gas industry is premised on building a diversified and sustainable energy industry. As such, new projects would focus on downstream developments and opportunities which include higher valued products, thus creating greater added-value for our natural gas resource, as well as increased employment opportunities. This shift in focus will also create enhanced potential and a wider base for research and development, thus leading to a knowledgebased and more technologically advanced industry. More importantly, the output from the energy sector would be used to create real and sustainable opportunities in other areas of the economy, such as the manufacturing sector.” To take the business on this exciting new tangent, the NEC will tap into its wealth of experience in providing consultancy and advisory services to the energy industry as it seeks new investment. In regards to its ability to develop and cultivate new business, the NEC has considerable Endeavour West Indies


expertise, and its 120 direct employees - who Dr. Paltoo describes as “all-embracing and valuable contributors” and “essential to a participative work atmosphere in delivering on the company’s mandate” - provide services including project development, project appraisal and evaluation, facilitation of negotiations and discussions between investors and state agencies, discussions for gas requirements and feasibility studies. In terms of what the future holds, Dr. Vernon Paltoo is anticipating an active year in 2013. As NEC prepares to reposition itself in the industry and press forward into new markets, the company is due to begin a rebranding project which will give the NEC a new corporate image and a fresh new look to the company. In addition to this rebranding process, the company will also place a strong focus on completing an array of new projects which will further strengthen the NEC and add to its portfolio. More specifically, gas-based projects such as the Mitsubishi Consortium Methanol-Dimethylether (DME) Project, Gasfin Mid-scale LNG Project, MetalDom-Neal and Massy Steel Plant and Rolling Mill and the Chemtech Limited Melamine/Formaldehyde Cluster will continue apace throughout 2013. As well as these, the NEC is also focusing strongly on an infrastructure project currently in progress, the Galeota Port Project. Dr. Paltoo stated: “This development will provide an excellent opportunity to facilitate the activities and logistics requirements of exploration and production (E&P) companies, while generating both onshore and offshore economic activity in the south-eastern segment of the country. NEC’s corporatesocial responsibility involved the provision of a modern fish landing facility for the local fisherfolk, which is due to be delivered. The first phase of the Galeota Port Project will be completed by the end of 2013.” This emphasis on aiding the Trinidad and Tobago islanders through adherence to a strong principle of corporate-social responsibility will also see NEC engage in a host of activities, having subscribed to the CSR theme: Building Capacity, Minimising Risk. This will be accomplished through NEC’s partnerships with institutions, including government ministries, state agencies and business Chambers, as well as its partnerships with NGO’s and community based groups. These initiatives will ensure that the NEC plays a key role in investing in training programs, public education and youth, sport and culture for the benefit of Trinidad and Tobago’s citizens.


“Our Vision is to be the best in class provider of Marine Services in the region. Damen Shipyards has provided us with Tugs to help make our vision a reality.“ Corner Rivulet and Factory Roads, Brechin Castle, Couva Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. Tel: 1-868-636-8847, 8471 Fax: 1-868-636-2905 Website: | | +31 183 63 95 46

Michelle Scipio-Hosang, Manager – Tugs, Workboats & Harbour Operations – NEC

G Borde & Sons Plumbing 388 Bon Air West, AROUCA, Trinidad, WI Telephone: 1-(868)-748-6170 (c), 1-(868)-221-4342 Email: SANITARY CONSTRUCTOR LICENSE NO: 98016

Continuous Focus on Quality Since its inception 18 years ago, Kaizen has successfully played a key role in assisting in environmental projects for both multinational, state owned and private companies in Trinidad and Tobago as well as the Caribbean Region. We serve our clients at 4 locations that employ over 120 full time employees. Our services: • • • •

Licensed Sanitary Plumbers Specializing in Isometric & As Built Drawing Preparation Sanitary & Supply Plumbing

Full Service Analytical Laboratory Environmental Project Service Waste Management & Disposal Sales and Rental of Equipment

Trinidad Office: (868) 299 0009 Calgary Office: (403) 297 0411

Waste Treatment Facility: (868) 352 0121 Guyana Office: (592) 665-7488

Email: Website:

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Industrial Estate -Isthmus Road, Galeota, Trinidad • Estate Size: 24.4 Acres or 1,065,023 sq. ft • Number of sites: 20 • All public utilities available, Security & On site Manager • Proximity to Galeota Industrial Sea Port: 1/4 mile-2 minute drive • 6 Acres of existing building space Interested?, Please call or write: Richard Barry Tom Yew-C.O.O. Tel:(868)640-8824 x:4003 Email: | Mobile: (868)499-6809 Dominic Hadeed-Managing Director Tel:(868)640-8824 Email: Domhad HP.indd 1

Endeavour West Indies 14:14 19 16/04/2013

CL Marine 001 868 634 4127 Written by Djamil Benmehidi


Endeavour West Indies


CL Marine

With the traditional developing countries in the Latin American continent growing in wealth and status, CL Marine Ltd is perfectly placed to use this shift in the balance of power to their advantage. With decades of experience and heritage to offer clients in the highly specialist marine repair, construction and engineering industry, we spoke with Chief Executive Officer Alisdair Kennan about it.

Trinidad and Tobago is undergoing something of an economic renaissance as its government continues its policy of weaning the national economy from its reliance on the oil and natural gas industry. “While it is a lean time in the maritme industry with low charter rates for ships being quite low and this effects the amount owners have spend on refits,” Alisdair Kennan CEO of CL Marine tells us, “So we’ve had to approach it by becoming more efficient operation giving fast turnarounds. You see ship are required to dry dock at least every five years and due to the low charter rates are reducing the amount of work done during the refit. What used to mean 20 days refit is now done in 8 meaning that our clients can be back on charter faster.” As a country which is listed in the top 40 high income nations in the world, and enjoys one of the highest GDP per capita income rates in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago carries real economic clout in its neighbourhood. And with further growth anticipated in its steel, aluminium, manufacturing and tourism sectors, combined with further planned investment in the nation’s transport and telecommunications infrastructure, Trinidad and Tobago is making something of a statement of ambition. A key driver to achieving this economic growth is the existence of thriving maritime trade so that the nation can boost its domestic economy through the import and export Endeavour West Indies


Endeavour Magazine • March 2013 •

CL Marine

of goods with its neighbours in the Caribbean as well as the Latin American continent and the US. Port Chaguaramas in the west of the country acts as the channel through which this trade passes, and also as the home of CL Marine Limited, a business which has a rich history in the maintenance and repair of vessels on the Western tip of the country, CL Marine is strategically placed to take advantage of the commercial shipping traffic which passes Trinidad and Tobago and the coast of Venezuela, as well as the increasing number of energy related fabrication projects that are taking place. And with Latin America starting to flex its economic muscle, it is more than feasible that demand for CL Marine’s services can only increase. From these shipping lanes, CL Marines strategic location has seen the company provide services for a variety of different vessel types which range from smaller vessels such as tug boats, fishing trawlers prior to the new panamax floating dock was purchased in 2005 and commenced operating in 2009. Now we are doing panama oil and gas tankers, panamax bulk carriers, container vessels as well as

specialised seismic survey vessels etc. “I was brought in in November 2011 as part of the effort to reinvigorate the yard lead by Mr Grant Taylor the Executive Director. Prior to 2005 there was a big lack of investment in yard logistics but now this being looked at seriously,” Alasdair says, “The procuring more equipment which will mean less rented machinery meaning less overheads and better tariffs rates for our clients going forward.” With these premiere port facilities which stand with the best in the region CL Marine has become a major provider of ship repair and conversion, mechanical, fabrication and installation, electrical and machining activities for the shipping and energy sector within the Caribbean hemisphere, for both local and international clients. The natural deep water harbour, dry-dock with a lifting capacity of 23,000MT, extensive quay space and berthing tugs, 12-ton dock cranes and extensive storage space of 50,000m2 gives CL Marine’s docking facility the scope and capacity to accommodate Panamax size commercial vessels. In addition to this, the

port also has a range of workshops including modern fabrication, machining and electrical workshops, therefore placing CL Marine in the advantageous position of being able to handle effectively all jobs in-house. “Last two years the shipyard as been looked at closely and everything has become leaner and efficient operation,” Alasdair reveals, “We have had to prove our viability and the dry dock has had big serious business push- in project planning and management strategy,” However excellent facilities mean nothing without an excellent workforce to man them, and CL Marine has employed a policy of retention which has allowed the business to keep the key management and personnel who are responsible for its success. These key employees have over 300 years combined experience of steel construction and machinery experience, with over 80 years in the Global Energy Sector. Additionally, CL Marine has around 150 full time employees at any one time, and through the utilisation of such a skilled and well trained workforce of fabricators, ship builders, engineers and offshore staff, the organisation has successfully completed over 750 projects since 2006. The business also utilises on-site and off-sight training programs which gives its staff access to continual onthe-job training in the ports facilities to ensure that CL Marine maintains its high standards of service which will enable the business to continue its policy of seeking repeat business from long-term clients in what is a highly competitive market.

AMCOWELD Engineering

Manufacturer, Supplier, Design & Installation Specialists

Services Limited Our Services: • General Plant Maintenance • Pipeline and Structural Fabrication • Tank Fabrication • Marine Services • Specialized Welding • Civil Construction Works

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Tel: (868) 636-1494 / 387-0842 Cell : 620-3326 / 741-0442/ 684-8581 Fax : (868) 636-2580 / 1124 Web: Email 1: Email 2:

CARIBBEAN INSULATION SERVICES LIMITED Lot 4A & 5 IDC Industrial Estate, Plaisance Park, Pointe A Pierre Tel: (868) 659 2666/ 3504/ 3639/ 2535/ 3443/ 3803/ 4664/ 4801 387 1298/ 1299/ 1301/ 1303 Fax: (868) 659 2687



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Damus Ltd 001 868 657 7351 Written by Jack Slater



Endeavour West Indies


Damus Ltd

Working with BSI Services, Damus Group has completed Trinidad’s largest power station. The 720MW combined-cycle power plant at La Brea Industrial Estate has become a defining benchmark for the company, representing the largest and most influential of their most recent endeavours. Jack Slater spoke with Dwight Mahiber President of Damus Group about it.

“This partnership has proved particularly stable and this has placed us in an advantageous position with the other industry leaders,” says Dwight Mahiber. Formed in 1973, Damus Group, is the Largest Mechanical Fabrication and Construction Contractor in Trinidad and Tobago and all of the Eastern Caribbean. The company, since inception, has been providing diversified mechanical services to the oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing and marketing sectors. The services offered by Damus Group are highly diversified, representing a clear approach of “taking up the challenge” and applying themselves to accomplishing whatever projects they aim for no matter what the risk. They include the creation and assemblage of pipe spool fabrications, structural fabrication, pressure vessels and fire ducts, field services of piping a complete installation of processing equipment and new construction, maintenance, integration and repair for offshore and onshore projects, design and fabrication of storage tanks and the blasting and coating of pipes which include fibreglass raps, asphalt coats and concrete coats. “We also offer offshore services,” Dwight Maheever explains, “Including the laying of underwater pipes of 2” to 30” diameter with above the water tie-in technique for calm and shallow water.” Staff at Damus have to be trained as a high level of hands-on attention must be appropriated for the safe and efficient production. Over the last two decades, there has been a paradigm shift with clients requiring the practice of safety standards to the highest levels for which Damus have adopted as part of their culture. “The culture that we try to instil into our workers,” Mr. Mahibir explains, “is that quality and safety must occur in tandem. These are not things that can be managed but must be felt, there has to be pride in your work. We don’t micromanage but empower our staff employees to develop the highest level of professionalism. Of course, nobody is perfect so employ quality inspectors to ensure everything is up to standard.” Since Damus is responsible for putting together complex projects requiring exacting methods of assemblage, quality assurance is crucial and as a policy they perform regular

A Cutting Edge Partnership for Composite Solutions

NRI is pleased to announce our new partnership in Trinidad & Tobago with PROCOM. PROCOM has demonstrated abundant capabilities with their experience over the past 7 years in the area of composite pipe repair and reinforcement.

RESTORE • PROTECT • REINFORCE P: (868) 636-7776 Ext. 236 / F: (868) 679-5033 / E: / W: PROCOM and NRI are pleased to be associated with the Damus Group of Companies and we congratulate them on their 40th Anniversary. Endeavour West Indies


Damus Ltd

Norman Gabriel Limited is proud to be able to provide the Damus Group with complex insurance coverage for their very varied activities. Though the company was founded in 1990, Norman Gabriel’s association with the founder of what is now Damus Limited first started 30 years ago when they came together on the provision of a Perform Bond and has since grown from strength to strength.

internal quality audits with spot checks throughout the project. Damus Group owns and operates a Quality Management System (QMS) that is certified to ISO 9001:2000 by the British Standards Institution (BSI Inc.). “This is important to our Quality Management Programme since it is a formal symbol of our commitment to the provision of quality products and services and ensures that we have the necessary infrastructure to improve and develop our QMS to better serve our customers.” Their approach to work safety is highly regarded in Trinidad and Tobago where environmental management has become a mandated institution for industries. “It is one of our key visions as a group to bring forward the standards of contractors that serve the market,” – Dwight emphasises. “This will have a substantial ripple effect throughout.” The company is a privately owned family business, with Dwight’s father managing the company prior to him, and is managed by a team of experienced employees. It is very much a situation where recruitment is aimed at bringing in career minded individuals and not just people seeking a job. “A mix of very experienced professionals and younger well-qualified individuals with proven ability is key,” he explains, “Our people are dedicated and bring a sense of urgency to every project.” According to annual reports, from inception, Damus has pursued a path of growth and has witnessed a steady increase in revenue. Over the years, projects of varying sizes, some very complex, were undertaken on behalf of most

You don’t really know how strong your insurance broker is, until you’re in hot water. Always present with unsurpased technical depth, strategic insight and confidence when you need it most.

of the major Trans-national industrial construction firms contracted for Projects in Trinidad and Tobago. Damus Caribbean Limited, a subsidiary company in the group provides diversified mechanical services to the petroleum products marketing sector and the manufacturing sector in the Eastern Caribbean Islands and parts of Latin America. “One of our current projects working with BP Trinidad and Tobago LLC involves us fabricating and installing some incredible pieces of equipment,” Dwight reveals, “including a 400 ton subsea manifold and an underground piping set up. We’re modifying a Beachfield Gas Manifold and handling the steel structures.” Dwight Mahiber’s father, who took over the company in 1981, was a singular man with excellent leadership qualities, technically and in terms of people relations. He was able to direct the company to the fine position it was in when Dwight eventually took over. The company now employs 350 permanent staff with upwards of over 2400 subcontracted workers by project and still attributes its success to its human capital. In conclusion, working in an industry that operates very much like a grand machine where every project acts like a part and relies on the surreptitious and full working completion of every other part, a client can only be relieved when working with such a dedicated company. Damus Group brings a sense of family, a sense of team work to their projects where every single component employee knows that they play an intrinsic and irreplaceable role.

LMCS Limited has been a successful Service Provider to the Trinidad and Tobago State Oil Company, Petrotrin, for the past sixteen (16) years. LMCS Limited has expanded its range of services and is now the Authorised Distributor of Earth ReClaim™ and Sea Reclaim™ products for the immediate and effective reclamation of oil/petroleum product spills on hard surfaces or on water. Earth ReClaim™ and Sea Reclaim™ products are composed of natural and modified-natural scoriaceous nano-material found in the earth. The products are green, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, non-toxic and GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe), and are recoverable and recyclable.

LMCS Limited

27, Gulf View Villas La Romain, Trinidad, WI. Phones: 1-868-658-0466; 1-868-354-9577 E-mail: LMCS Limited provides project management, engineering design, procurement and construction services (inclusive of diving-related underwater services and marine logistics support) to the oil and gas, petrochemical, government and other private sector industries in Trinidad and Tobago and in the wider Caribbean region. LMCS Ltd owns a wide range of marine/heavy equipment inclusive of crane barges, offshore supply vessel, crew boats, excavators, tractors, piling hammers and crawler cranes.

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MovieTowne 001868 687 21 01 Written by Daemon Sands

Entertainment REDEFINED The MovieTowne brand is a cultural icon in the Caribbean and its name has become synonymous with the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. So far ahead of its time is this venture and so fierce is the drive of its CEO and founder, Derek Chin that it is set to become the standard of entertainment in The West Indies.

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A lush landscape, tempered with a prominent grace and a rich cultural heritage Trinidad and Tobago has formed the epitome of a welcoming Caribbean paradise. In addition to its outstanding natural beauty, the archipelagic republic which lies off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean is one of the wealthiest countries in the region and on paper enjoys a per-capita income many times higher than a majority of the surrounding islands, not to mention the wider Latin American continent.

An untouched gem, Trinidad and Tobago enjoy an abundance of oil and gas reserves, a naturally tropical environment and a vibrant, life-loving people who are making and have made significant strides to develop their nation to the point where the rest of the world are looking at this region of West Indies as one of the fastest growing economies. Via a combination of government initiatives aimed at diversifying the national economy and ever increasing investment from private enterprise, Trinidad and Tobago is laying dominance to its rightful place as the central tourist hotspot of the West Indies. And much of the credit for this must be given to one of the most visionary and eccentric businessmen to come from the islands, Derek Chin, founder of MovieTowne. Derek Alexander Chin, entrepreneur extraordinaire, enjoys an extremely dynamic and illustrious career as the Chairman/CEO of MovieTowne (Multicinemas Trinidad Limited); Trinidad Commercial Development Company Limited; and Dachin Enterprises. As well as being a highly motivating force in business development he is also a keen intellect having attended Trinity College and St. Mary’s College. He then went on to the University of Western Ontario, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. After a period serving as the Senior Auditor

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with KPMG, Canada, he returned to Trinidad in 1981, where he pioneered the Video Arcade Gaming Industry. MovieTowne MovieTowne is known as the premiere Cineplex, shopping and entertainment brand of the region and since the opening of its flagship complex at Invaders Bay, Port-of-Spain in 2002, MovieTowne has successfully brought an authentic, high end silver screen experience to the Caribbean. It is no great surprise that MovieTowne has become synonymous with Trinidad and Tobago in the minds of all Caribbean islanders. “The cinematic industry in Trinidad and Tobago was on its knees before MovieTowne came into being,” Derek explains, “People preferred DVD’s, VHS and Betamax at home to

going to the cinema and considering the conditions of the old auditoriums it is no surprise. There was little or no variety in choice, the bathroom facilities were deplorable and it was a dowdy and intimidating experience. Customer service was also far from polished.” MovieTowne’s emphasis on providing a flamboyant thematic cinema experience, state-of-the-art facilities,

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a wide selection of movies and exquisite customer service has quickly won over any sceptics who thought that this was perhaps an outlandish idea. But it is often the outlandish ideas that have the best drive. “MovieTowne changed all this,” he continues, “I wanted to bring the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood to movie fans here on the islands and give people a real experience. Also I wanted to introduce people to a far higher level of customer service than they were accustomed to. MovieTowne was ahead of its time and I believe we have really opened people’s eyes and changed their expectations.” Over the decade following this, MovieTowne has expanded considerably and alongside its flagship complex in Port-of-Spain which is comprised of a ten-screen multiplex cinema, 28 retail outlets, 8 kiosks, a PriceSmart US style shopping warehouse and exclusive

“The cinematic industry in Trinidad and Tobago was on its knees before MovieTowne came into being.”

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Movietowne is not just about watching movies. Trinidad and Tobago’s premier entertainment destination offers a vast array of restaurants, kids-entertainment-areas, boutique-stores and home goods stores all within walking distance of each other. The perfect opportunity for the parents to get some shopping done while the kids can be entertained at the cinema and/or arcade, and afterwards everyone can meet up again for a meal at one of a long list of restaurants offering a wide selection of cuisine from authentic Carabbean dishes to Chinese to American burgers.

hair salons, restaurants and cocktail bars, MovieTowne opened two further complexes. An eight-screen multiplex cinema at Price Plaza, Chauganas, and a four-screen multiplex cinema at Gulf City Mall in Tobago, also accompanied by a selection of shopping centres, entertainment facilities, and restaurants are now open for business. “Our Cineplex is themed along the lines of Hollywood with the latest being a back drop of Jurassic Park with all the dinosaurs as an attraction,” Derek describes, “Including various life size models of Batman, Chewbacca from Star Wars, the Joker, Gollum and Shrek.these are just a part of our growing museum of film characters.” The scale of MovieTowne’s success is such that the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday reported how MovieTowne has ‘contributed towards enhancing the social and national fabric’ of the country for a variety of different reasons. As it is, Derek Chin has become somewhat of a

PLASTIC & I.D CARD SYSTEMS folk hero in Trinidad and Tobago, an icon for young business people to aspire to be like. “MovieTowne is more than a business; it is now a cultural, educational and charitable institution on the islands.” Influence in other areas A serial entrepreneur, over the years Derek has been intrinsic in the creation of a number of business including a Telecom Security Services, one of Trinidad’s leading security firms, Sign Tech Limited – a Caribbean electronic sign innovator and the Ruby Tuesday, Wok Hay and Texas de Brazil local restaurant franchises. A keen horse racing enthusiast he is also responsible for the first Trinidad and Tobago online gambling system. But one of the key attributes to this man’s greatness is his continuous investment in people. “We promote and fund youth education through film,” he explains, “We founded the Secondary Schools Short Film competition which enables film students to not only get specialist support and tutoring but win scholarships into higher education courses and we engage in much charitable work while investing in communities.” Through access to its Fiesta Plaza, MovieTowne has also provided a platform for many emerging artists to showcase and promote their talents, and for the last two years, MovieTowne has hosted the “Trinbago Kids Got Talent”

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Service Xperts Limited, one of the larger well known HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) Companies in Trinidad, has been in existence for the past Twenty (20) years with over twenty-four (24) years work experience in the field. For the past Eleven (11) years we have been incorporated under the Companies Ordinance, CH31, and No. #1 on 11th October 1994, VAT Reg. # 113020 as the name Service Xperts Ltd. We implement a broad scope of local projects which consist of major insurance companies, hotels, manufacturing companies, public utilities and residential clients. We have also created a financial program, which will ensure viable cash flow and minimized working capital requirements that will support our projects. Services Xperts Limited intends to enhance their ability in this field in the near future by continually expanding our business internationally.

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“MovieTowne is more than a business; it is now a cultural, educational and charitable institution on the islands”

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competition. Through this competition children from different age categories have been able to showcase their talents to thousands of patrons and receive constructive feedback on how they can hone their talents from local professional

“Our Cineplex is themed along the lines of Hollywood with the latest being a back drop of Jurassic Park with all the dinosaurs as an attraction”

artists. MovieTowne has also been a lead collaborator in promoting foreign cultures with film festivals and is involved in charitable activities. “MovieTowne has been a wonderful addition to the islands.” New developments And the spread of success continues, as Derek relates, “In Guyana we are opening 6 screens to accommodate approximately 2000 patrons. HiloFoods is our anchor tenant

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with 55000sq ft super store but we have interest from other tenants such as Wendy’s and Ruby Tuesday, including a bank FCB, First branch in Guyana. Construction has started with the piling works. In San Fernando we are the anchor for the proposed c3 shopping mall, a project owned by the JT Allum and Carlton Mack family of South Trinidad. Movietowne South will be 92,000sq feet of cinema and retail space and is probably going to be the nicest Cineplex of the whole chain.” “Fitted with 8 state of the art cinemas, digital and Dolby

surround sound systems , 3D technology etc., thematic layouts and maybe even a VIP section. “ Since its inception in 2002, MovieTowne has achieved consistent annual increases in attendance, which now total over 1 million patrons per year. Its

“Trinibagonians have a lot to be proud of and this venture will make Trinidad the gem of the Caribbean”

world-class entertainment experiences are borne out of an attention to detail in executing its vision as well as a strict adherence to the highest standards of quality. And the brand goes way beyond designed ambience, offering luxurious surroundings and welcoming service – all at a cost that is still less expensive than that of any movie outing in North America, offering citizens great value as an entertainment choice. “The Guyana development was initiated through efforts of the Government of Guyana to get me to invest there, and a 5th complex in South Trinidad is now in the final stages of planning and due to commence construction later this year,” says Derek Chin, “The Streets of the World project at Invaders Bay just behind the Port of Spain Movietowne is very important to me.” As one of Derek’s darling projects once completed this will change the attractiveness of Trinidad and Tobago making it a genuine tourist destination upon the same level as any found elsewhere. “Trinibagonians have a lot to be proud of and this venture will make Trinidad the gem of the Caribbean,” he concludes.

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Mosko’s Group +242 362 4018 Written by Djamil Benmehidi



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Mosko’s Group

The Mosko brand is one which is synonymous with entrepreneurial spirit, and is a name which is well recognised in the Bahamas. Though the group was conceived from humble beginnings, today the Mosko’s Group of companies is a regional titan within the construction sector. In addition to playing a leading role in the development and construction of the Bahamas $2.6bn dollar Arawak Port venture, Mosko’s has completed a host of multi-million dollar construction projects for the commercial and residential markets.

Behind this success stands James Mosko, the charismatic and fast talking CEO of Mosko Group and Chairman of Nassau Container Port, who took some time out to speak to Djamil Benmehidi about the remarkable story of this successful family business. The Caribbean nation of the Bahamas is renowned the world over because of its reputation for being a tropical paradise, and its place as one of the worlds most popular tourist resorts means it needs little in the way of an introduction. The country, which is comprised of over 3,000 separate islands and lies just north of the Greater Antilles island chain, is one of the most prosperous in the Caribbean and can boast a GDP per capita which falls behind only the US and Canada in the Americas, and a standard of living among its people that is comparable with many of the worlds leading economies. However the economy of the Bahamas is heavily dependant on the tourism industry which accounts for over 60% of the economy, and has therefore been highly susceptible to the economic tremors which have been caused by the global economic downturn. Aside from its fast growing financial services sector, the Bahamas has seen its other primary industries – the tourism industry and the construction industry – suffer somewhat in recent years. It is therefore something of an achievement that Mosko’s Group, one of the largest, private-owned construction companies in the region, has thrived in recent years as many of its rivals and competitors have faltered. Based out of the island of New Providence in the Bahamas, Mosko’s Group – an umbrella company made up of Mosko’s United Construction Co. Limited, Bahamas Marine Construction Co. Limited, Mosko Hardform Bahamas and three other building supplies companies – offers a range of construction services to its clients that have been honed to perfection through decades of experience in the industry. As demonstrated by the extensive portfolio of completed buildings and construction projects under its belt, the company has the capability to successfully take on multi-million dollar projects independently, as well as lead the line in larger billion dollar collaboration ventures with other companies and investors. Though the activities of the

Group’s construction companies focus primarily on general building contracting and development as well as the lucrative marine construction market, in the words of James Mosko, the Group “has its fingers in many pies”, and is also active in concrete moving, and earth moving, not to mention the supply of ready mixed concrete, bulk cement and aggregates. In addition to this, Mosko’s Group is also active within property development, the real estate market, and enjoys equity interests and operations in numerous other sectors. However in spite of the company’s success, Mosko’s has to this day remained a family business and has retained the values and entrepreneurial spirit upon which its reputation and success was built. The Mosko’s story began back in 1925 when the family patriarch and master craftsman, James Mosko founded Mosko’s Furniture and Cabinet Works, following his arrival to the Bahamas from his home country of Greece. The Mosko’s Group of Companies has since evolved from a small family trade into the success story it is today, due to the fact that each successive generation of the Mosko family has not only continued the work of their fathers and grandfathers, but demonstrated their own entrepreneurial credentials by taking the family business that one step further onto the next level. “Since our grandfather came over, Mosko’s has grown, in that each generation has added to the business and caused it to grow exponentially. Myself, my brothers and the rest of the family all work closely together on business matters, and today the primary focus is on the general construction

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Mosko’s Group

sector, marine construction, and the supply of materials and aggregates. This substantial growth is important to us as a bigger family means more mouths to feed, and of course we want to maintain a good lifestyle for ourselves and our staff.” Mosko’s United Construction Co. Limited, which was established in 1958 by George Mosko, has over four decades of construction experience and a long list of prestigious multi-million dollar projects to its credit. In recent years Mosko’s United Construction has been particularly active within hotel construction, as illustrated by the completion of the 150-bedroom Comfort Suites building for the Paradise Island Hotel and the redevelopment of The Royal Bahamian Hotel for holiday group Sandals. The company has also been active in building the office space which is so essential for the country’s booming financial services sector, and recently Mosko’s has completed work on a four-storey, 70,000sq.ft state-of-the-art office complex for the National Insurance Board, as well as a two-story, 17,000sq.ft corporate headquarters for Family Guardian Insurance Limited. The Group’s marine construction arm, Bahamas Marine Construction, was established in 1980 and has designed and built a variety of public and private marine facilities throughout the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos Islands. As the leading marine and earthworks construction company on the Islands, activities for clients include executing mass excavation, piling, bulkhead, dock, bridge, dredging, and salvaging operations. Some of the Company’s notable construction accomplishments include the earthworks of the Atlantis Phase II marina and tunnel, the enclosed marine environment for the recreational facilities at Blue Lagoon of Salt Cay, and the marina for the Ocean Club Residences and Marina Development. The third primary business within Mosko’s Group is Mosko Hardform Bahamas Ltd, a company which has earned a solid reputation for reliability in providing a full range of concrete services. Specializing in forming and reinforced concrete placement in the Bahamas, the company operates in conjunction with the Bahamian corporation, Mosko’s United Construction Co. Ltd., as well as two Canadian corporations, Structform International and Hardrock Forming Co. To date, Mosko Hardform has completed the Paradise Blue Waters Condominiums project, the Atlantis Phase III spa, and the Atlantis Phase III Dolphin Encounter Building. The last few years have been kind to Mosko’s Group, with the company having enjoyed the busiest 3 years in its history as a result of its role in leading the $2.6bn Arawak Cay construction project from 2009 until its completion in 2012. With James Mosko himself at the helm of the project via his role as Chairman of Arawak Port Development Limited, a

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venture involving investors and shareholders from both the public and private sectors, Mosko’s Group utilised its wealth of construction industry expertise to play a primary role in the development and construction of the port, as well as the Gladstone Freight Terminal which was also built to facilitate it. When asked what the key to his company’s success was, James answered: “I would say the key to both mine and Mosko’s success has been a lot of hard work, a good education, using common sense, being surrounded by good people who are smarter than me and a lot of luck! Aside from the odd issue, we have thrived because we had a long term game-plan over the last 15 years and have invested heavily in our businesses, while also getting a lot of lucky breaks. We try to fly under the radar a bit in terms of how we do business. We have our fingers in many pies and are involved in many different business operations, we have many partners to work with when taking on projects, and numerous investments and stakes in many areas; all of this helps spread the burden for Mosko’s. We have risked what we could afford to lose and consolidated the business; we are very conservative like that.” In particular, James gave much of the credit for the success of Mosko’s Group to his staff, who he believes are instrumental in its good work. “There are over 1,000 people working for the Group. We have the best group working for us and everybody from the laborers to the mechanics to the management are brilliant. They are all young, talented, hungry and smarter than me! Here in the Bahamas we attract talent from all over the world and to keep the best guys, I compensate them properly and make sure everyone is treated well. You have to beware the high cost of cheap labor.” When asked what the future holds for Mosko’s Group, James insisted that 2013 would be something of a less frenetic year in comparison to 2012. “We’re good for the next few years and that is a very nice thing to be able to say. We are a fairly big business now and we can comfortably do the $50-60 million jobs on our own so we don’t have any plans to expand much more. We are large enough now and are following a path of consolidating our business and its future rather than expansion. It’s a family business and we are the third generation now in the construction business, but something we may look to do in the next few years is restructure the company a little and bring in a few guys from outside the family to help run the ship. The business is so big now that though it will always remain a family business, bringing in a few experienced outsiders is in Mosko’s best interest for the future.”

With a history of over 40 years, family-run Gunite Pools work on residential pools, spas and sewerage treatment plants throughout Nassau and the Bahamas. Their projects include the water park, rivers, spas and swimming pools of Atlantis, as well as work for Albany, Radisson Hotel and Freeport Lucaya. 23 Montrose Avenue Palmdale, Nassau Phone: 242-322-2429 Fax: 242-325-9127

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Allied Caterers 001 868669 4213 Written by Don Campbell


It has been said that “An army marches on its stomach,” and has always been a fundamental truth of war and, today, business. Dealing with the long hours offshore or in the air, the physical and indeed psychological wellbeing of any staff member begins with a healthy and well balanced diet. There is one company in Trinidad and Tobago which has garnered this niche industry and provided a peerless level of quality and service. Don Campbell had the chance to speak with General Manager Trinidad Gillian Huggins. With over thirty five years in business, Allied Caterers Ltd, Trinidad’s premier industrial and events caterer, has grown with their industry working at pace to keep ahead of their competition and making full use of their experienced and well trained staff, servicing the airline as well as the offshore industry. “Our company is well known for high quality and full service catering,” Gillian tells us, “We pride ourselves on providing to our clients a culinary experience that is second to none.” Endeavour West Indies


Allied Caterers

Gillian Huggins, General Manager of Trinidad comes with twenty three years-experience in progressively challenging positions in Administration, Organisational and Business Development, Finance and Accounting, in Commercial, Industrial and State Enterprise. Her specific areas of expertise are: Operations Review and Analysis, Review and Analysis of Work Flows and Procedures and Development of Business and Strategic Plans. Approaching her work with keen strategic mind set she has experience in three main areas of the food industry: flavour manufacturing, snack manufacturing and catering services. “I have a passion for catering and event management,” she reveals, “Over the years I’ve been blessed to be able to work in varied and diverse scenarios and have learned a great deal.” Holding a BSC in Industrial Management (Hons.) from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Gillian, who is also a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), is a woman with a determination to lead by example. In India she underwent intensive training at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute in India, both on a Macro and Micro scale and joined Allied Caterers TT in 2008 as Financial Controller but was promoted to General Manager in 2011. She is a valuable asset with a reputation of getting results that not only meet the high standards of the company but also surpass them. “I have a passion for giving back,” Gillian reveals, “If you’re going to succeed you have to exceed the expectations.” The state of the industry “The industry is competitive at the moment,” Gillian tells us, “But we do have the edge. It takes a great deal of coordination, planning and logistical activity. We ensure a high quality of service by adhering to our strict policies and

The company’s Restaurants and Events division

provides industrial catering to offices, factories, banks and educational institutions including Nestle Trinidad Limited, The Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, BHP Billiton and Unilever Trinidad. This division also engages in full Events Management, coordinating events such as brand launches, corporate symposia, weddings, business meetings and offers in-home, fine dining, and other services.

standards that permeate all sectors of our business including the airlines and the offshore business. “Two primary examples if we were to look at the airline industry - the menu is cycled every three months and the food has to be of a high standard while still falling within the load (weight/specification) required for the aircraft. United Airlines audits us every month to ensure strict adherence to every step of the food preparation, through to delivery on board the aircraft. “Offshore is a completely different scenario, as with offshore, we’re not catering for passengers but for people who live there. Their needs are completely different. They need healthy, well balanced meals. So we consistently provide them with a menu, submitted a month in advance to be approved by the Offshore Installation managers.” Allied Caterers also offer hospitality services to the offshore industry. Keeping the rooms, bed sheets and furnishings clean for those living there. Offshore work has the reputation for involving long gruelling hours in often unsavoury conditions and a price cannot be put on the psychological impact of coming to a clean room with fresh bed sheets. The continuous push to establish footholds on applicable areas of their industry, ie. catering, hospitality, event management has benefitted Allied Caterers greatly. They have an established monopoly on the flights coming in to Trinidad and are the preferred service provider for offshore oil production platforms in their region. With clients including BPTT, Repsol YPF, BHP Billiton, British Gas Trinidad and the National Gas Company. Staff The impressive and flawless reputation of Allied Caterers and the strength of their name would not be possible if not for their staff. Of the four hundred plus employees who work with Gillian, at their plant in Trinidad or in the kitchens on the offshore rigs, each one is provided with all the tools they need to develop themselves professionally. “We see employees as our most valuable asset,” Gillian explains, “I work with people. I’ve seen how so many people, be them entrepreneurs or our staff, possess the diligence, the drive and ambition to succeed but lack the guidance. I wanted to ensure we provided them that.” A training matrix has been put in place to keep the staff up to scratch and as Allied Caterers is part of the Goddard Catering Group, and by extension, Goddard Enterprises Ltd., employees benefit from promotion, career development and mobility not only within Allied Caterers LTD but also within the group. “We place a high value on experience,” Gillian Huggins. Accountability Everything that Allied Caterers LTD does is audited and thoroughly checked over, unlike many companies they are entirely focused on the quality and standard of their products and would rather have a reputation for that than a reputation for omnipotence. “Nothing is perfect,” Gillian reminds us, “But if even little accidents are allowed then they can quickly accumulate

into major issues, if you’re not accountable enough to fix it at the start. Our quality and safety managers work closely not only with our customers but also with our staff to see how things can be improved, and if accidents have happened how best to safeguard against them.” New developments 2013 Customers demand high quality at the best rates and Allied Caterers plans to further meet this conundrum through business expansions and strategic alliances that will increase not only their footprint on the market but also their service abilities. “Business expansion is priority for 2013,” Gillian affirms, “We have a good position on the offshore oil production platforms but we are aiming to get into drilling because it would be a plug and play scenario. We believe we can offer a farther reach for this industry and would like to have a solid a hold on it as we have on the airlines.” Innovations within the food business is also a focus for Gillian this year as one of the tools mechanisms for expansion. “Whenever there is a shutdown at a platform for maintenance we fly food in on a daily basis,” she explains, “This is refrigerated to keep fresh and we have a particular brand of oven that we utilise to reheat the food on the platform. This is all in aid of serving safe meals. Development in this area would be a major factor in the upcoming year.” “At the core of everything is our quality and standards,” Gillian concludes.

Meet the Executive Chef - Merrick Wilmot

At the helm of the kitchen is Executive Chef Merrick Wilmot. Born in England, he has been in the industry since 1974 working within the hospitality industry. A culinary master Chef Merrick has studied at Huddersfield College, has worked in London and the Kensington Hilton in Jamaica and understands the chemistry of ingredients and has the passion needed to put them together to create something wondrous. “Our Cuisine takes its inspiration from many light and healthy international and contemporary styles of cooking and adaptations of traditional Caribbean dishes. While Our Menus are distinctive and flavourful, they are balanced with our desire to provide healthy choices to our customers.” Chef Merrick.

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