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Don’t let the subtlety of the name fool you, Site Facility is a groundbreaking organisation that offers tailored solutions to workforces worldwide with no compromise to user experience. Jakob Heskjær tells Endeavour how he started, and continues to evolve, the company.


Though a relative newcomer to the business world, Site Facility has quickly gained favour with international clients, making great strides in the short five years since it’s conception. In conjunction with the company’s vision statement of ‘camp anywhere’, numerous projects have been undertaken within Scandinavia but also as far afield as Brazil, Uruguay and Turkey.


riginating in Denmark, in 2008, the company’s founder

When discussing the Site Facility workforce, which is now

and CEO, Jakob Heskjær, identified a clear gap in the

28 members strong, Heskjær is keen to promote long-term staff

market for on-site worker accommodation due to his


own background in facility construction. He explains that;

“It is important that we can retain employees from project to

“I have worked in the wind industry for twelve years and on

project, not only because it provides stability but also because it is

facility sites for more than 20 years. My work for the wind industry

not cost effective to train new employees for every task. Employees

required me to have adequate accommodation on site, which was

are our ‘daily face’ to the customer and therefore it is important that

not always readily available. By combining my experience and skills

they are representative bearers of Site Facility’s values and work

from previous roles, I knew that starting Site Facility would offer a


solution to the accommodation needs of many workers.”

He goes on to note that due to the exciting nature of the

As businesses are recognising the importance of making

business, Site Facility enjoys interest from a vast number of potential

significant investments into green initiatives, such as renewable

employment candidates, making the selection of an appropriately

energy, Heskjær is confident that the focus of the business will not

skilled workforce a straightforward process. With an impressive

be changing or diversifying in the near future. With wind power fast

quantity of projects lined up for the next 12 months, this will prove

becoming one of the most popular alternative resources, a significant

to be a blessing.

increase in demand for ‘site hotels’ is expected to follow. Highlighting the many benefits of his on-site accommodation solutions, Heskjær is clearly passionate not only about his own

Part of the service industry, Site Facility recognises the inherent importance of putting the customer first and Heskjær reiterates that a happy workforce makes for a happy client;

business, but the well-being and comfort of those that Site Facility

“When Site Facility takes care of specific accommodation needs,

house. Comparable to three star hotel accommodation, the camps

and all the challenges that run alongside them, the client can retain

are designed to offer a home away from home experience, maximising

full focus on their project. We know, through experience, what

the cohesion of a strong workforce, while offering significant savings

makes employees that are required to live remotely and far from

to construction clients. In addition to comfortable rooms with private

everything, happy and satisfied. To ensure that they remain focused

bathrooms and delicious meals, leisure time areas are also included,

and motivated, we provide recreation and entertainment in the

allowing workers to relax or keep fit in their downtime. The only

camp, along with good food and a reliable internet connection that

responsibility placed on clients is to ‘move in and enjoy’.

allows them to stay connected with loved ones.”

Heskjær notes that the peace of mind for client management

Of course it is no secret that a happy and motivated workforce

teams that comes with workers being on site at all times is invaluable,

make for the best customer service agents, but combined with a

as are the savings compared to regular hotel accommodation. In

commitment to retaining clients through consistently exceeding

addition to these benefits, the local economy is able to flourish, with

expectations, Site Facility have raised the bar in every way possible.

Site Facility fully committed to buying local products and services

Though the concept of site hotels is fairly new to the wind power

wherever they are operating, including hiring local support staff for

industry, Heskjær remains confident that should competitors begin to

camp service tasks.

emerge, they will be of little concern due to consistent development


and improvement of products. Far from being an arrogant approach


to business, this is merely an observation that has sprung from years

requiring a swimming pool.”

with in relevant industries and an innate understanding that within the service sector, nothing remains static. Working in harmony with its skilled team, Site Facility have a,




economy wherever an onsite hotel is erected, Site Facility

For clients that may not

goes one step further with its

be aware of just how much

Corporate Social Responsibility








wherever possible, localised approach to supply chain procurement.



waste dumping, the company

Opting to utilise local suppliers is important to Heskjær and his

consultations are offered as

is stringent in its adherence to

team as a way of supporting the surrounding area but he notes

part of their service. By advising

relevant legislation, supporting

that with current markets and politics, this is not always possible.

as to what appears to be the

this through the hiring of local

In order to achieve high reliability and quality rates, subcontractors



support workers, where possible.

are occasionally brought in, but only when local opportunities are




not available.


inclusions employers




be assured that they will be

opportunities and responsible

Looking forward, Heskjær is excited by future projects as they

getting a well-rested, happy and

waste management practices,

allow him to demonstrate the incredible flexibility of his unique

motivated team for the entirety

the company also seeks out

product. With clients being the main focus, whatever they deem as

of every working day. With

opportunities to invest in much

a necessary on-site addition can be supplied with no disruption:

productivity a smaller concern,


clients can focus on managing


the project in hand.


“Our product is so flexible that development concepts can differ dramatically from project to project. We put together different and tailored solutions to meet all customer needs. A good example is a project we completed in Turkey, where the camp we set up was





examples schools,




centres or a sports club house

commitment to supporting local

that have been used as the site

base for the duration of a project, whereupon completion, the newly restored building is given back to the community. Naturally, any company seeking to support local communities will be familiar with the need to get on board with green initiatives and Site Facility is no exception. When asked how the company contributes to greener practices, Heskjær points out that the very nature of Site Facility is a green initiative in itself: “Our products, in themselves, help to create a green profile on all of our customers’ projects. By utilising us, the client can significantly reduce the amount of transportation between a working location and off site hotels. This not only means great savings on and working time, but also demonstrates a reduction in pollution and energy wastage.” Having begun a cooperative working relationship with Enercon, a German wind turbine manufacturer, in 2013, Site Facility looks forward to many more such collaborations and the inevitable growth of the company. With such a unique product and clearly clientfocused ethos, workforces around the world will soon be keen to ‘camp anywhere’.

We know, through experience, what makes employees that are required to live remotely and far from everything, happy and satisfied. To ensure that they remain focused and motivated, we provide recreation and entertainment in the camp, along with good food and a reliable internet connection that allows them to stay connected with loved ones.”

Site Facility  

Corporate Brochure June 2014.

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