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As competitive and often-times fickle as the modelling industry can be, wanted to ensure we brought you the best companies to work with. The ones that are responsible for protecting those performers, models and personalities within this sector. Donnie Rust, writer for, caught up with Jacques Holtzhausen CEO of NAMA - the National Association of Managing Agents, to get his scope on the industry. To get started, what is your background in the industry? I have been involved in all aspects of the Model Industry for the past 24 years which includes production, Booking and Manager of a Model Agency for many years. How has the modelling industry in South Africa developed over the past 10 years? Since the late 1980’s early 1990’s South Africa and more so Cape Town started attracting major International Clients specializing in Production of TVC’S, Catalogue and Magazine Editorials. The Industry has grown each year attracting even more foreign investment. Certainly, what transpires in Europe and the States does have a knock on effect into our Market. With many of the major Catalogue companies closing or merging due the Global recession, those numbers have decreased but the market has grown in the areas of attracting a larger number of smaller International clients, more TVC’S and Films are being shot in South Africa than ever before. Cape Town remains a top Production destination for foreign Clients. More Advertising Agencies, Production Companies

and Model / Talent Agencies have opened in both Johannesburg and Cape Town over the past 10 years than ever before. Big Foreign companies have opened offices in South Africa mainly to service the entire African market. This has a direct impact on our Industry as a large percentage of their Advertising budgets are now spent in South Africa. Their Ad campaigns and commercials are shot in South Africa, Produced by South Africans and making use of local Talent. Where Cape Town attracts a larger number of American and European clients, Johannesburg attract more client from the continent. The South African Industry is indeed a global player. Was NAMA’s development a response to a need in the industry that you saw or was it a strategic development? NAMA was established 25 years ago. In order to make an Industry successful, transparent and ethical, it is imperative that all Industry players adhere to guidelines, rules, regulations etc. The Advertising, Production, Stills Producing sectors all have Associations. For the Model and Talent Sector to have an Association was thus a logical step to ensure that the entire Industry is represented. NAMA stands for the National Association of Model Agencies also incorporating Children’s, Character, Talent and Creative Agencies in South Africa. NAMA is a voluntary Business Membership Organization; it has influence but no power over the business choices made by its Members. NAMA undoubtedly exists to protect the interest of its Members; but it also exists to protect and

further the interests of the Industry as a whole. NAMA believes that a self disciplined Industry, with a minimum of State regulations, is a vital component in a free Enterprise Economy. Our main objectives are: • To promote the highest possible standards of Agencies in South Africa. • To discourage dishonest and undesirable practices in Modelling and related fields of activity. • To specify commonly accepted practice in the Industry, so that both Clients and Agencies are aware of their respective rights and obligations. • To encourage fair remuneration for Models, Children, Talent and Artists. • To encourage a recognition of standards amongst Agencies Personnel, Models, Talent and Artists. • To represent the Industry in important negotiations with Government, Media, Representative and marketing related Bodies, Commerce and organizations within our Industry – ACA, CPA, SAASP, PMA, NAMA, SAGA, SASFED and OSCA. The National Association of Model Agencies have therefore committed themselves to promote the best standards, practices and qualifying criteria based on International Model / Artist / Talent Agency norms. We uphold this as an example of “Best Practice Management” for Agencies throughout South Africa. We aim to ensure that the Members of NAMA are operating optimally, are therefore providing the best possible partnership for South African and International clients. We believe that this will ensure the long - term growth and sustainability of the Industry. Our aims and objectives are clear. We must ensure that transparent, highly ethical business standards are

maintained by NAMA and our Members, vigilant in our relationships with Government, Organizations and Clients alike. To strengthen and expand our existing relationships with all parties that makes up the Industry as to ensure unity – one vision, one goal. To educate our Members on the laws, rules, regulations, terms and conditions that governs our Industry. Compared to the rest of the world how do the South African agencies and industry match up? Our top Agencies are on par with the biggest and most successful Agencies in the world. We follow International guidelines, structures etc. It is imperative to be on par because our International clients demand it. Local Agencies place their Models with top Agencies in the States and in Europe. Candice Swanepoel, Damien van Zyl, Shaun de Wet, Candice Boucher have all become major players in the International Model Industry. South Africa is one of the top 10 shooting destinations in the world. Johannesburg and Cape Town are world class cities. We have incredible Locations, Restaurants, Hotels, Production facilities, Model / Talent Agencies, a warm climate, long shooting days etc. What are the plans for the future growth in the industry? Bureaucratic problems must be avoided. Too attract more foreign investment. We endeavour to encourage agencies to come under a covering and join NAMA, thus enabling us to open the way for an educated and aligned industry, with all its players on the same level of unity, knowledge, improved standards and with the aim to eliminate unethical business practices.

NAMA Corporate Brochure  

National Associate of Modelling Agents

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