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Murzah Oil Mills Ltd is part of an association of companies that employ 3675 people and has created the backbone of an industry striving for economic growth and global respect from businesses and contemporaries. Since its inception in 1997, Murzah Oil Mills Limited has emerged as a leading industrial force in the edible oil and soaps sector manufacturing sectors. Specializing in production and extraction of oils, today they are looking at expansion throughout Africa and their General Manager Mr Lakshminarayana was on hand to discuss this.


From the onset one of the things that stands out in the portfolio of Murzah Oil Mills Ltd’s capabilities is their attention to detail and the heavy investment they have made in technology, machinery and manpower to ensure the purity and standards of their products. Their approach to accomplishing this task is one that starts from the grass roots and works upwards.


he facilities are equipped with the entire range of modern

A summary of the business activities at Murzah Oil Mills LTD

machines and technologies,” Mr. Kakshminarayana

reveals that core activities of the company revolves around two main

opens up, “And operated by the most well trained staff.”

principles of expansion and consolidation. The activity of growing the

This is the first time that Murzah Oil Mills Ltd is appearing

company either in terms of employees or facilities and ensuring that

within Endeavour Magazine, and to get our readers up to speed Mr.

everything is working to capacity for a period is one that proves effect

Kakshimarayana said the following: “The Company’s commercial

in preventing a stretching in resources.

Production of Vegetable Oil commenced in 1997 and has grown

“We produce Cooking Oil, Soap and Plastic Consumables,” Mr.

reliably since then, we actively engage 200 permanent employees

Kakshminarayana tells us, “With a production capacity of 200MT

including 70 of the most skilled ones in our industry. Over that we

of soap per day and 450MT of cooking oil per day. The cooking oil is

have 600 temporary employees who provide invaluable services to us

poised to be doubled once the new Expansion Unit is operative.”

when we need it.”

Crude Oil is Refined, Bleached and Deodorised in order to get the Finished Goods such as the Korie Brand (for Palm Oil), Korie Gold for Soya Oil and Sundrop Brand for Sun Flower Oil which are available in a range of measurements and machine packed in custom designed packaging to best engage the consumer. Murzah Oil has two major edible oil Refineries with a total capacity of 300 tons per day, which is equivalent to 108,000 MT per annum. Because the company aims to produce only the best products in the current market, the technology and the machinery being used were obtained and manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer of edible oil machines. “It is one of the most modern edible oil refineries in the world, with state of the art technology,” he tells us. In one of their early expansions, the company instigated the creation in 1998 of a Dewaxing plant to process a variety of domestic vegetable crude oils this plant is powered in part by the combined

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technological expertise from Alfa Laval, an Indian firm, and supported by reliable technology from Tetra Laval of Sweden.

decisions taken collectively.” Murzah Oil Mills Ltd also enjoys extremely happy industrial

Their sunflower seed extraction plant, which produces an

environment, “New work force is added once a while to our existing

equivalent of 30,000 Ton per annum began operations in early 2003,

large base so much so that there is a nice combination of young and

this was a direct move to ensure standards and quality provided their

experienced hands.”

clients with the best products. Since then their sunflower products

On the other side of the coin, where we find the customers, Murzah

have been found in regions such as Singida , Dodoma and Arusha and

Oil Mills are dedicated to a transparent accountability, “All Products

their leading sunflower oil brand, Sun Drop has become a household

comply with Tanzania Bureau of Standards,” Mr. Kakshminarayana


tells us, “We keep reviewing our packing material and processes in

Through their growth, one of the key developments was the capacity expansion of the fractionation plant from a limit of 100MT per day to 300MT per day. “When this plant was installed, it gave us an opportunity to process the basic raw material of Crude Palm Oil, which would have

keeping with the feed-back from our customers. “ Apart from capturing the market in the country and catapulting itself into becoming the leading manufacturer in Tanzania, Murzah Oils have started exporting its products to neighbouring countries like Malawi, Zambia, Congo, Rwanda and Mozambique.

been otherwise difficult,” Mr. Kakshminarayana explains, “Because

“Because of the excellent quality of our products, it makes it

crude palm oil cannot be processed without specialized equipment.

easier to turn them into preferred choice of the people wherever it is

The Fractionation Plant is also used to separate liquid fraction from

marketed, while Murzah Oil Mills continues to poise itself for further

solid fraction of the oil.”

growth in the near future.”

“Work Force plays vital role in any Organisation,” Mr.

“We have very satisfied Customers thanks to equally co-operative

Kakshminarayana says, “Murzah believes in participative Management

Suppliers and Sub-Contractors and Dealers,” he tells us, “Our Group

where the Directors interact closely with the Workers in majority of

Products ably supported by Trading Company from within the Group

Industrial Automation and Electrical Systems Limited

Core business areas Design, Supply and Installations of Industrial Control and Electrical Systems. Retrofit and Upgrade of electrical systems Supply of Spare parts for Industries. Provide Consultancy on Industrial Solutions. PO Box 33779, Plot 281, Block D, Tegeta, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Tel: +255 768 223777, Email:, website:

help the process of ensuring


proper demand-supply chains. “

identified by the Government,

“We inaugurate expanding Capacity

are our the of






for example the World Standards


Day etc., advertisements are


given in the Newspapers in

new Cooking


recognition of the importance of

considerably, very soon,” he

such occasions and bringing the

explains, “We also propose to

Public’s attention towards the

establish a separate Plant for


manufacture of more quantities of Soap.”

IN conclusion, one of the defining factors of Murzah Oil

The Group also takes part in

Mills is their focus on establishing

philanthropic activities including

what is important and supporting


it fully.



Donations to the Destitute and





the Disabled. Prayer Meetings

team is the only way to achieve

are held on most Fridays within

greatness,” Mr. Kakshminarayana

the Factory Premises when


poor-feeding is done. Donations are also offered for conducting cultural or community functions


Mine Owners & Exporters

Talc, Magnesium Silicate, Calcined Clay, China Clay, Remming Mass, Quartz, Feldspar


Telefax: +91 141 4015911 | Customer Care: +91 93525 85911


Murzah Oil  

Murzah Oil Corporate Brochure Written by Jack Slater

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