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All industries have to evolve, grow and change with the times. Mining is

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businesses and creating opportunities however the ability to properly

Corporate Director Anthony Letchumaman

Larger companies have had to consolidate services and products under

Lead Designer Alina Sandu

suppliers are influenced to offer more specific services to their industry

Publisher Stephen Warman

Diversification has benefitted mines. While the best of them produce

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no different. Mineral bounty identifies the worth of a country, creating and safely mine has become the new standard of this industry. larger umbrellas to offer further benefits to their clients and in turn to develop their reputations as preferred partners. a range of resources, a number of them now require entirely different methods of extraction and as these methods develop the mine shafts have become an ever increasingly crowded place. Another point to consider is that as one of the biggest employers, the mining sector ensures careers for millions of people globally either directly or through supplier/sub-contractors routes and this is as valuable as the resources that are mined. And, as the demands for greener methods of removal race ahead along with research and development into responsible mining the technology that is developed is increasingly being used in other industries. Facets of this sector can be found circulating in as many other fields as you can think of and as industry cross-pollination continues to increase this will only become more and more relevant. Once again, our quarterly issue of Endeavour Mining Magazine and Exploration highlights the movements and hurdles in the industry, focussing on not only the methods and the research but on the employees and the focussed targets of the people behind the greatest achievements. Kindest Ian Charles-Romero Mining and Exploration Editor

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Founded in 2009 by Allan Bellamy, a man with a long standing experience in the prefab industry, African Modular Building Solutions is today heavily focussed on supplying to the mining industry and ensuring quality and added value to their product, throughout the Sub Saharan African market. AMBS is responsible for creating classrooms, clinics, accommodation and housing that workers and families rely on across the width of Africa.


THE MOVE Endeavour Magazine | 7


“The core activities of the company,” Rhett Bellamy, financial director and member opens up, “Is the supplying of quality sandwich panels and other products to the mining sector.” With their onsite factory, located at the same address as their offices and warehouse African Modular Building Solutions are able to manufacture approximately 160 square metres of building, during each day time shift, “With additional shifts, we’re able to manufacture over three hundred square metres of building, a day.”


riven by the demand for their product, everyone is hands on at the company, Rhett, who has been working there with father Allan, had to take time out, from loading up a truck,

to speak with me. “It’s hectic,” he explains, “You don’t have seasons in this business, it’s busy every single day.” Once produced, these sandwich boards and components, are palletized or loaded into crates, which are carefully packed onto a Superlink truck or into 40 foot and 20 foot containers which are then shipped directly to the customer for installation, “The emphasis is on timely production and delivery,” Rhett relates.

Learning On The Job There has been a positive shift, within the mining industry, towards taking the training outside of the universities to get people into the positions faster, to help push the working economy ahead. This has been known to place strain on some of the suppliers into the industry however this sort of employee attention has proven to be key to African Modular Building Solution’s success. “It’s important to have a tight knit team,” Rhett explains, “As an example last year we all went to Cape Town for a team building initiative.” Still a young business, the conduct and high levels of efficiency of their staff is essential, for the longevity of their company and Rhett 8 | Endeavour Magazine

recognizes that, in addition to a strong team spirit, the strength of their people relies on management ensuring that each employee has the tools and experience, to work at their best. “We have fourteen staff in total,” Rhett adds, “And as they are stretched amongst our projects, their individual development, is a major priority for us. To help facilitate this, we have found that onthe job training is essential in our business, as it gives the staff the chance to be paid, while they learn and gain experience. It also allows us to accurately assess their development at each of our weekly management meetings and to make sure that what they are learning is relevant and cutting edge.” Quality is a watchword for AMBS, quality in staff and quality in product. Fully ISO 9001 certified for the manufacture and installation of prefabricated buildings, Rhett is very specific about how their company looks after their customers: “We always strive to provide them with a quality and superior product and will never sacrifice quality for cheaper or inferior products,” He adds that regular site checks are done during the construction phase of the buildings, to ensure everything is as it should be. Aftersales service, is a very important area for Rhett, who believes that there is nothing better than having clients and customers return.

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“We believe in our product and will always restore, replace, repair or fix when and if required.” Prefabricated buildings is a densely populated industry in the

And, having serviced some of the largest mining companies in Africa, 2014 has already started on a strong footing and should be their busiest yet.

mining sector, with quality products always being in high demand. I

Developments in equipment and infrastructure, is on the agenda

asked Rhett what kind of strategies are in place to keep them ahead

for this year and Rhett reveals that they have recently installed the

of their competition.

Manni press in their factory, to produce their panels and that this is

“We continually look at our offering, to improve where possible,” Rhett explains, “You have to improve the product first, to keep customers happy.” He goes on to explain that they currently offer a 60mm polyurethane panel, where the industry standard is 40mm and

only one part of their ongoing work, to ensure that the quality of their panels, are the best available. “We are also introducing a software product that will assist with stock control, purchasing despatch and project control,” he adds.

that this gives added insulation and is a stronger structure all round,

These additions will help the future of AMBS by enabling them to

“Safety, reliability and sturdiness is what people want when they’re

be completely self-reliant and not restricted to supplier time lines and

relying and living in your prefabs.”

issues, “We will also be able to manage our cash flow more efficiently

It is an essential service that AMBS provides: The education of children, the caring for the sick and injured, the provision of housing, offices and the management of mines all require premises. And, while it may be a task that is often unappreciated by those people using them, it is still a task that Rhett and his team take very seriously.

and this will provide a better service to our customers via a knock on effect,” Financially, AMBS is looking at an approximate internal investment of R11 million on new buildings and equipment for 2014. “Training of staff on this new equipment to produce the quality

“We’ve been involved in a diverse range of projects,” Rhett relates,

that we require, has been a lengthy process but a very worthwhile

“But over the last two years we have been heavily involved with the

exercise, as the current quality is getting to where we want it to be,”

mines in Zambia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and

Rhett relates, “It is a time consuming process to get staff up to speed

South Africa,”

on the software but once fully operational, will allow for more free

Prefabrication is a uniquely diverse method, offering a catalogue of buildings for a variety of uses. While at the moment AMBS is mostly involved in providing mining management offices, accommodation and kitchens and diners, in 2011 one of their projects had them erecting a functional hospital in the DRC with five 40 bed wards , a visitors ward and an operating theatre.

We continually look at our offering, to improve where possible,” Rhett explains, “You have to improve the product first, to keep customers happy.”

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Endeavour Magazine focuses on First Quantum Minerals and the Çayeli Bakır Mine site, speaking with General Manager, Iain Anderson about their thirty year anniversary and their expansions and developments. An international mining company, First Quantum Minerals has seven mines and is developing five major mining projects specializing in copper, nickel, gold, zinc and platinum produce. Their current operations include the Zambian Kansanshi copper-gold mine in Mauritania, Guelb Moghrein copper-gold mine in Spain, Las Cruces copper mine, Finland Kevis nickel -copper-PGE mine in Finland Pyhäsalmi copper-zinc mine in Western Australia Ravensthrope nickel-cobalt mine and the Cayeli Bakır copper-zinc mines. WRITTEN BY DON CAMPBELL


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As this is the 30th Anniversary of the incorporation of Cayeli Bakır, the largest exporter of metal concentrates and the largest underground metal mine in Turkey. They account for approximately 30% of all copper mined within Turkey and we asked Iain about some of the history of the mine and its operations:


irst Quantum Minerals acquired sufficient shares in Inmet

Asia ,” Iain tells us, “And we are on target to make a further 8-10%

Mining to take over control of the Company earlier this

improvement which will result in another production record being

year on 22nd March 2013,” he opens up with, “Expansion


of the site commenced as soon as we began producing in 1994, with a project to sink a shaft that would more efficiently handle the ore.

Developing Their People

Prior to sinking the shaft all ore was hauled to the surface by truck. In

Çayeli Bakır provides employment for 492 people directly with

1995 the Sumitomo crisis hit the trading market, metal prices fell and

another 120 contractors who are indirectly employed at the mine.

didn’t recover for a number of years. Management at that time had no

The vast majority of their employees have had no previous exposure

option but to scale back the shaft sinking project and it was eventually

to the mining sector and are employed from the local region.

completed in 2007.” With looking forward at gaining a position to further expand their mining activities, Iain Anderson has brought a great deal of experience and understanding to the company. “I joined Çayeli Bakır as Maintenance Manager on the 8th of January 2009 and in August of 2010 I became General Manager

This said, Çayeli Bakır is a world class operation that operates to the highest possible Health, Safety and Environmental standards often exceeding the mandated requirements in a number of areas. “Given that the majority of our employees have had no previous exposure to underground mine operations or industrial safety maintaining these standards is certainly a challenge,” Iain says.

of the Company,” he reveals, “My time as Maintenance Manager

Every Çayeli Bakır employee has to undertake a mandatory safety

provided me with a very interesting perspective of the Company and

and environmental induction and this has the basic information that

how it actually operated which was very helpful in shaping my current

all employees are expected to know. The training that employees


receive after that largely depends on the role of the employee in the

Prior to this Iain worked in West Africa, Uzbekistan and at Ovacik Gold Mine in Turkey where he met his future spouse whilst working at Ovacik Gold Mine and became a citizen of Turkey in 2012.

company. “We build on people’s knowledge,” Iain attests, “Everyone is offered additional safety training such as Confined Space Entry,

Çayeli Bakır is an underground copper and zinc operation,

Energy Isolation, Underground Safety, Working at Heights, Handling

producing copper and copper and zinc concentrates. They first

Explosives, etc. In all there are approximately 20 general trainings

produced concentrate in 1994 with a mill capacity of 650,000 tonnes

devoted to health, safety, environment and Company culture that we

per year and since then their production rates have steadily increased

can offer an employee.”

over the years to 1,200,000 tonnes per year, which was a production record in 2012. “Our concentrates are shipped to our customers in Europe and 14 | Endeavour Magazine

In addition to this, the Training Academy at Çayeli Bakır Mine also provides vocational training. They train employees to be better miners, mechanics and electricians. In the underground mine they

ORTADOGU DRILLING LTD Explores the Deepest

BASKENT OSB 29. CAD NO: 3 MALIKOY/ 06909 SINCAN – ANKARA, TURKEY +90 312 472 2104 Endeavour Magazine | 15


have in excess of 20 different types of mobile equipment and these are very complex pieces of machinery so to operate and maintain this equipment they need highly trained and most talented employees.

Staying Ahead

more selective. Our Marketing

With all of their marketing


functions centralised in London










customers and sometimes find

employees have the opportunity to develop themselves and their

with the marketing team who

creative solutions like packaging


relay any concerns that their

different quality concentrates.”

What about individual staff training? How important is it that the

“In Turkey Çayeli Bakır is often referred to as the “university of




customers may have.


mining”,” Iain points out, “Çayeli Bakır has employed almost 2000

“We have a limited number

relationships and a commitment

employees since it started operation and many of those employees

of customers so when concerns

to our customers Çayeli Bakır

have moved on into leadership roles with other companies throughout

are raised about the quality of

could potentially be left with


our concentrates understanding

concentrates we cannot sell

these concerns and responding

especially during times of low


demand.” He adds.

From the very beginning of Çayeli Bakır, significant emphasis was placed on training and development of the employees. “We don’t believe that all development has to be done in the class




problem for Çayeli Bakır.” Aftersales

room. One of our key policies is we periodically rotate staff employees



into different roles so they can gain experience and we also invest in

“When demand for our products

their professional development,” Iain adds, “Our rotation policy has


resulted in staff employees who understand multiple facets of our






customers reminds

And as far as competitive strategy is concerned? “We are selling a commodity that is freely traded in many locations



business, a more flexible workforce, a pipeline of talent ready to

us, “But when demand for

world,” Iain tells us, “One of our

succeed into senior roles and a more dynamic work environment.”

metal concentrates drops our

advantages is Turkey’s unique

customers can choose to be


16 | Endeavour Magazine



Europe and Asia so we can easily ship our concentrates to the smelters located in these countries.” Commodity prices rise and fall it is therefore important for Çayeli Bakir to position themselves as a low cost producer. Their strategy is to maintain their position as a low cost producer relative to their peers in that way they will always sustain the Company through both good times and bad. “Çayeli Bakır’s unit cost of production has been relatively steady over the years even under the pressure of rising prices from the products we consume,” he says, “ Our secret to maintaining our unit costs over the years has been our commitment to Continuous Improvement. Due to our Continuous Improvement initiatives we have been able to increase production rates and reduce costs in areas where it is appropriate to do so to compensate for any price increases.”

The Integration And Relationship Building Of The Supply Chain

“In Turkey Çayeli Bakır is often referred to as the “university of mining”. Çayeli Bakır has employed almost 2000 employees since it started operation and many of those employees have moved on into leadership roles with other companies throughout Turkey.”

“We do have a number of long term suppliers and contractors that we deal with many of whom have contributed to the success of our Company,” Iain specifies, speaking about the companies involved

Endeavour Magazine | 17


in their success story, “This

hopes that dealing with Çayeli

wasn’t by design as we remain


open to dealing with other like

customer base.

Hazardous Products Committee to drive continuous improvement

minded companies that share

Green And Sustainability

on environmental issues. Certainly their Company produces more

our views on ethical business behaviour and have Corporate




Çayeli Bakır has since established a Water Management Team, Energy Management Team, Hydrocarbon Management Team and

efficiently now than they have done in the past and Iain is honest to admit that even he is surprised at how they were able to make such

Responsibility Programs of their

“Like many businesses we

own. Given our commitment to

have struggled with these issues

“I am now definitely convinced that, investing time effort and in

maintaining our high standards

but I’m pleased to say we have

some cases money to address environmental concerns makes good

it is not always possible to deal

had great success in recent years

business sense!”

with or develop every supplier.”

reducing our water, energy and


fuel consumption,” Iain explains,


“One of the difficulties we faced

almost 20 years in that time

was that many of these issues

the mining sector has expanded

cross departmental boundaries

and other companies located in

and individual responsibilities.

the sector are demanding high

Our approach was to develop

standards of their suppliers too.


Iain wouldn’t say that Çayeli

representation from operational

Bakır has been key to the growth

departments to address these

of any of our suppliers but he


Çayeli producing







Is 2014 Going To Be A Big Year? 2014 looks like it is going to be a phenomenally busy and productive year and Iain was quick to point out exactly what is happening. Ore Pass Modification. “We have a system for transferring ore to the bottom of the mine by shaft called an Ore Pass,” he tells us, “The bottom sections of the Ore Passes have deteriorated over time and we have had to by-pass the worst affected sections of the Ore-Passes and rehabilitate some other sections.” This is important as should an Ore-Pass collapse, this restricts their ability to efficiently handle ore by the shaft conveyances and their production rates could be significantly constrained as a result. This project sustains their production by reducing the risk of a collapse of one or both of the Ore-Passes.

Your Solution Partner for Fabricated Parts and Underground Consumables

Exploration. “Çayeli Bakır is currently undertaking a soil sampling and geo-physics program of our entire mining concession in an effort to find additional sources of ore for treatment,” Based on known reserves the current life of their mine will end sometime in 2019. Exploration success not only has the potential to sustain but grow the business. Exploration is highly speculative but Iain is certain that their current approach will give them every chance of finding additional ore sources if they are there. Operation Innovation. “Operation Innovation is the name we have given to our continuous improvement effort. The purpose of

Aliaga Fabrika / Aliaga Workshop Adnan Saka Buvan No:10/1 Aliaga Organize San.Bol. Aliaga / IZMIR / TURKIYE Tel: +90 232 621 52 00 / +90 232 621 50 32 Fax: +90 232 621 50 31

Operation Innovation is to increase production rates by becoming more efficient and to reduce costs where it is pragmatic to do so.” The first wave of Operation Innovation resulted in an 8-10% increase in their mining rate this year and in excess of 1 million dollars of costs saved. They have recently rejuvenated the project by rotating new team members into the initiative, ‘Operation Innovation Wave 2’

Menemen Fabrika / Menemen Workshop 136 Sokak No:5 Koyundere, Menemen / IZMIR / TURKIYE

has commenced. Unless metal prices increase further they know that revenues will decline in future years. Operation Innovation is about maintaining their unit cost competitiveness and sustaining the employment of their valued employees. “Our real source of ore is our employees” Iain concludes.

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Long-time purveyors of quality mining equipment, Belaz are ready to set the bar even higher for their industry with exciting strides forward in vehicle manufacturing. WRITTEN BY AMY TOCKNELL



Endeavour Magazine | 21


Founded in 1948, Belarus-based Belaz Mining Equipment has continually strived to reach new heights within the market, transforming themselves from small-time peat transportation and agitator machinery producers, into a 14,000 strong workforce to be reckoned with.


ith a decade of experience under their belts, Belaz

rigorous testing procedure, the

began production of increasingly heavy-duty mining

vehicles, once approved, are

machinery, including dump trucks, in 1958, before

disassembled and transported,

embarking on their campaign of extremely specialist vehicle

via railway, to either their

production in the 1990’s. This legacy, resulting in the creation of

destination, or the shipping port

a number of metallurgical and road construction machines has

for overseas delivery.

set Belaz in good stead for an even more successful future and has

Arriving at their destination,

provided a suitably sturdy platform for the launch of an extremely

Belaz products are accompanied

exciting development in 2015.

by a dedicated and expert crew of

Not willing to be pigeonholed into just the mining sector, Belaz

technicians, all highly trained in

have expanded their product base, branching out into lucrative market

the assembly and commissioning

areas including construction, road building, mine servicing, freight

of specialist items. This level of

rolling stock, lifting/conveying and consumer goods. By opening

customer service and support

themselves up to a program of diversification, Belaz have secured

is just one of the many factors

their place as one of the foremost suppliers of specialist vehicles and

which sets Belaz apart from

equipment, with a range of over 75 products.

their competitors and has lead to

With six production facilities in Belarus, Belaz are able to cater to

continued custom, resulting in a

the high demand for their products, in fact, they are currently producing

program of investment into the

seven vehicles per working day, including extra-high payload capacity

company, and future products.

mining dump trucks, an impressive feat given that the production




process is hybrid of both automated and manual processes. The work,

internal staff development, all

however, does not stop once the unit is completed. Undergoing a

employees are required to pass

With six production facilities in Belarus, Belaz are able to cater to the high demand for their products, in fact, they are currently producing seven vehicles per working day, including extra-high payload capacity mining dump trucks, an impressive feat given that the production process is hybrid of both automated and manual processes. 22 | Endeavour Magazine


an annual requalification test,

and plants, lending itself to a significantly increased production

relationships with Belaz, in some

retaining exceptional standards

schedule, not to mention the active development of new products.

cases up to 30 years, potential

of expertise and commitment to

With a standing commitment to the supply of new generation


the products and are encouraged

equipment on an annual basis, Belaz is well placed to announce their

vetted to ensure a symbiotic fit.


newest and most exciting creation; the 75710 dump truck.





partners to




courses. With many internal

The largest vehicle in the world of its kind, the 75710 is a 27-

standards and the upholding of

programs available, employees

foot, 8-wheeled unit, capable of carrying up to 450 tonnes. Powered

quality are essential elements

are offered the opportunity to

by two suitably huge 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines, each

in forging a relationship, which

either upgrade their current

supplying 2,300 horsepower, the truck is expected to reach speeds


role or pursue a new specialty.

of up to 65kph. Currently in the testing phase, at the Bachatsky open

before entering into business

With close ties to the Zhodino

pit coal mine in Siberia, the 75710 is expected to be released for

together. With exciting new


purchase in 2015, which will be happy news for eagerly anticipating

developments on the horizon,





Mining is clearly invested in the development of its staff as well as its product portfolio.

Supplying both local and international clients, Belaz consistently






chain relationships is vital.

strive to build on their long-standing partnerships, combining product



development with high-level support services and environmental



responsibility. Setting themselves apart from their competitors, Belaz

Belaz are keen to draw attention

to develop the company as a

Mining endeavors to produce vehicles that adhere to stringent world


whole over the period 2011-

emission programs, despite specialising in an industry that is often

further set them apart from

2014, Belaz will invest a total of

associated with huge environmental impacts.

competitors in the quality-price

Working investment

alongside plan,

$644million into new facilities

24 | Endeavour Magazine

Working with a supply chain of companies that have longstanding






releases, that


battle. Meeting market demand

Supplying both local and international clients, Belaz consistently strive to build on their long-standing partnerships, combining product development with high-level support services and environmental responsibility.

with their 90 tonne dump truck

specialist engineers continuously



striving to optimise production

transmission, 450 tonne dump

processes and develop new

truck (the largest in the world),

innovations, it comes as no

and creation of a dedicated high

surprise that Belaz Mining is a

payload dump truck assembly

market leader in their industry



and will continue to be so. Their

production capacity and costs is

commitment to a continued

sure to follow.




With expertise, employee development





diversification, in conjunction


with exemplar customer service,

responsibility permeating the

has secured an ever-increasing

company, and their ethos in equal

portfolio of loyal clients, eager to

measures, offering customers a

experience the new technologies,

consistently improved catalogue


of cost-effective products is

that Belaz offers.



a priority, one that results in significant time, resource and financial investments into the company. With in excess of 2,000

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26 | Endeavour Magazine

Privately owned and incorporated in Zimbabwe. Bilboes Gold’s operations are situated in one of the most lucrative gold-rich areas in the country. With a historic pick up of projects this has given the company an enviable advantage over any competitors. For the December edition we liaised with Chief Executive Officer Victor Gapare, regarding his company and the projects that are putting this company onto the map.


Endeavour Magazine | 27


To start with, Bilboes Holdings Limited is a gold focused mining and exploration company owning and operating four mines, namely Isabella, Bubi, When and McCays, these pre-existing mines are all situated in the Bubi Greenzone Belt of Zimbabwe and were acquired from Anglo American Corporation Zimbabwe Limited in 2003 along with most of their gold mineral rights in Zimbabwe.


ince its inception in 1989 Bilboes has produced 234,000 ounces of gold from oxides through open pit mining and a heap leaching processing method from their existing mines.

The company holds a total of 11,000 hectares in mineral rights and an additional 198,000 hectares of exploration licence applications otherwise known as Exclusive Prospecting Orders. A considerable amount of work has been carried out on claims including exploration, drilling and metallurgical test work which has confirmed the existence of a sizeable gold resource.

Employees All staff, at Bilboes Gold undergo the expected training of such a large and well established company, receiving the necessary certifications required for gold mining and machine handling. Internal promotion is important as the company invests heavily into the experience of their company and understand that it is only by building good, solid relationships with those who work with and for them that they will find continued success in the future.

Suppliers Safeguarding the relationships with their suppliers, vendors and subcontractors is something that has to be a fundamental priority for everyone in management and Bilboes Gold certainly approaches this in the best manner possible. Ensuring payment is on time and that the long term service of their business partners is assured.

28 | Endeavour Magazine

The Current Main Focuses Refurbishments of the existing plant equipment and the heap leach facilities play a vital role in the near-cash term projects for Bilboes Gold, these include the treating of oxide materials at the existing mines. This along with the procurement of additional equipment at a cost US$8 million (Bilboes Gold Summary Report July 2013). This investment is expected to pay significant dividends as it is anticipated to produce approximately 12koz/y of gold by the first quarter 2014. In the long term, the future of BIlboes Gold lies within the sulphide resources that underlie the oxide material. Thanks to a US$3 million drilling programme a total JORC resource of 4Moz of gold was established. (Bilboes Gold Summary Report July 2013). US$4.5

SMC Drilling is committed to safely providing its clients quality drilling services, with 17 years experience, our approach to meeting our contractual obligations is based on safety first, sustainable and efficient production based practices that ensure we complete the job within budget and on time. Our emphasis on SHE and Environment issues have culminated in our excellent safety record, making us the preferred service provider with both local and multinational mining houses in the region. Our modern drilling equipment ensures consistent quality core recovery, minimum downtime, dedicated support and skilled operators ensure maximum production with minimal waste.

million has been put aside to spend on the project in 2013/2014 on infill drilling, metallurgical and technical studies to put together a definitive feasibility study. To fund the company and the score of feasibility studies a total of US$17 million was raised at the end of 2012, indicating the strong reputation and steady focus of Bilboes Gold. Thanks to these raised funds, Bilboes has the potential to further develop its mineral resource base by taking advantage of the oxides and sulphides within its mines. Which leads us to the Matabeleland Oxide Project

Current Surface Diamond Core Drilling // LF90D Boart Longyear Drill Rigs Underground Evaluation Drilling // Percussion Drilling

SMC Limited 1 Orange Grove Drive, Highlands, Harare Tel: (263) 04 443179/80/81, Fax: (263) 04 443182

Endeavour Magazine | 29


Matabeleland Oxide Project The Matabeleland claims host two EPOs, covering Isabella, McCays, When and Bubi. Bilboes have already started treating the oxide material through the existing plant and heap leach facility with the aim to produce around 11koz/y of gold in order to establish a positive cash-flow by first quarter 2014 (Bilboes Gold Summary Report July 2013). By July 2013, in refurbishing the existing infrastructure, which including the earthmoving fleet and the process and crushing plant, Bilboes had invested US$8 million and reached 30% capacity finding themselves solidly on course to reach 100% by first quarter 2014 with future potential to increase production due to current exploration in the transition ore zone.

Matabeleland Sulphide Project

Gold mineralisation occurs in veins and quartz stockworks associated with disseminated sulphides, mainly arsenopyrite and pyrite and between August 2011 and June 2012 Bilboes drilled over 69 diamond drill holes, alongside a total of 123 holes previous drilled by Anglo American in the 1990s, to a depth of 200-250 m and over a 6km strike at a campaign cost of US$3 million in order to compile a resource estimate. Thanks to the results, in October 2012 SRK estimated a total JORC resource of 4 Moz of gold in sulphides across the Isabella, McCays and Bubi Mines. Bilboes is projecting gold production from the Sulphide project of a minimum of 100koz/y within a five year period. (Bilboes Gold Summary Report July 2013).

Gold Quarry Project Within the Mutare EPO application, lies the Gold Quarry, approximately 50km west of Mutare City, the Manicaland properties

Beneath the oxide resources lies sulphide material and in here lies

were acquired by Bilboes in 2006 from Anglo American. Here there

the most ambitious of Bilboes’ plans. The claim areas are underlain

is potential for both open pit oxide and underground sulphide mining

by felsic and mafic schists and greywackes of the Upper and Lower

with silver being a by-product.

Bulawayan volcanic units that form part of the Archaean Bubi

The claims are located within the Mutare Greenstone Belt

Greenstone Belt. This area is transected by three major structural

where gold deposits are scattered throughout the belt within the

breaks known as the Peter Pan, Robin Hood and Courtleigh faults

surrounding quartz diorite stocks, most of them have high silver

with a number of associated northeast-trending splays which control

content with associated lead, zinc and nickel. Of the sulphides present

the hydrothermal vein and replacement mineralisation.

included are galena, chalcopyrite, pyrite, pyrrhotite and arsenopyrite.

30 | Endeavour Magazine

Successful feasibility studies pending, Bilboes is anticipating first production from Gold Quarry at a rate of 30koz/y within a five year period.


Future Projects Interest in contiguous areas in Matabeleland (Gwizaan and Isabella) has led to the application for EPOs in those areas. Another pair of applications in the Midlands Province (Gweru and Lower

Risk Management Services (Pvt) Ltd Risk & Insurance Services Consultants

Gweru) and in Manicaland (Mutare). Four out of the five EPOs have already been recommended by the Mining Affairs Board for approval by the President of Zimbabwe. US$0.7 million will be spent on reconnaissance work covering mapping, geochemical, geophysical surveys and trenching over the next twelve months and desktop studies have commenced with a view of generating potential targets for further exploration work. In conclusion, Bilboes Gold is a leader in their field for a reason. A combination of strong leadership, long standing relationships and a good reputation have put this company in its current location and with such fruitful projects approaching in the future we are expecting great things from Bilboes Gold.

16 Oxford Avenue, Newlands, Harare P.O. Box BW 449 Borrowdale Tel/Fax: 04-707780/6

srk consulting zimbabwe 28 Kennedy Drive, PO Box GD773, Greendale, Harare Tel: +263 (0)4 496 182; Fax: +263 (0)4 490 144; Mobile: +263 (0)774 490 478 Email:

Endeavour Magazine | 31


32 | Endeavour Magazine

There is an old saying that action is better than re-action and this couldn’t be truer whenever it comes to mine safety. Across the board, mining is an industry relying on heavy machinery that is often gargantuan in size that nevertheless needs to be manoeuvred with an incredible level of precision and skill on a minute by minute basis. An accident, even a small one can trigger a domino effect that can halt or stop production, destroy important machinery and worse cost lives. WRITTEN BY DON CAMPBELL


Endeavour Magazine | 33


In situations like this, prevention is far better than cure, and with the industry providing state of the art machinery and equipment the preventative measures have to be levied around the one element that cannot be replaced but does not evolve as fast as the equipment they use. People.


ining employees are some of the most skilled people in the world, and their tasks range from miners working hands on in the mines to the transport and logistic

drivers who transport the raw product to processing plants. Long hours, with often monotonous routine is a mainstay of their position and one of the leading causes of mining accidents is driver fatigue. We spoke with Jacob Khumbane regarding the manner in which Guardvant is looking to stem this problem at its source to keep mine workers safe. “Today more than ever our lives are impacting our sleep patterns,” Jacob explains, “Via the internet we have access to information, communication and entertainment at all hours of the day. This also brings the reality of longer working hours. The average person sleeps one hour less than they did ten years ago which is an hour we need,” When considered, an hour less a night adds up to over thirty hours a month that should be used for the mind to recuperate. Combine this with longer working hours, rotating shifts, longer commutes to the site and the stress brought about by sleep deprivation, that can, ironically, disrupt sleeping patterns further and anyone would find it difficult to stay alert throughout the day and night. Long haul truck operators are of course at risk of fatigue during any time of their shift, however research has shown that the majority of fatigue-events are likely to occur during the long periods of inactivity and driving during long hauls and during the naturally occurring low periods of brain activity that occur over a twenty four hour period. In the Western world, falling asleep can sometimes be considered a sign of weakness, especially by employers and people would rather

34 | Endeavour Magazine

try to push through rather than take a moment to rest, “However, when you’re on the clock and have a deadline to reach this is often simply not possible and micro-sleeps, when a person may lose consciousness for only a handful of seconds, can occur at any period and are beyond the control of the driver, fatigue management is finally being addressed as a critical part of mine safety.” Guardvant is the leading source of fatigue management solutions and have found that an important part is making use of available technology to monitor operators for signs of fatigue and distracted driving. “For our operator fatigue monitoring and collision avoidance systems we make use of the most advanced technologies to help improve operator performance, creating a more productive working environment, and protect the assets of our clients,” Jacob says. He goes on to add that their impressive record of successful system design, implementation and support in the mining industry can be credited to their customer-centric approach that allows them to deliver specific products that are right for their goals and objectives. These products, like OpGuard is a non-intrusive operator fatigue and distracted driving monitoring system that can integrate with ProxGuard, a collision avoidance system that uses radar, cameras and GPS for proximity awareness and object detection. This technology is

We make use of the most advanced technologies to help improve operator performance, creating a more productive working environment, and protect the assets of our clients.”

Endeavour Magazine | 35


not new but Guardvant has adopted it innovatively to address unique

and Guardvant’s approach is to create safety and security systems

mining challenges with advance functionalities, “By integrating

that are not to monitor for the sake of penalizing, but ardently to

OpGuard and ProxGuard addresses two leading causes of accidents

improve operator performance and create better productivity.

in one, operator fatigue and blind spots.”

Keeping mine employees safe is the number one priority for

With a mission to create innovative solutions to improve

all mine managers and by removing the damaging effects of fatigue

productivity, safety and security at mining, plant and port operations,

and fatigue related accidents and stress has made systems such as

anywhere that operators in charge of machinery may suffer from

OpGuard a valuable tool to any mine’s safety program.

fatigue or distraction, these products are continuously adapting and evolving as monitoring technology improves.

“We tailor systems to meet the unique performance metrics and safety goals for mines,” Jacob says, “And augment our technologies

Acting like an ever present driver’s friend, the GuardvantOpGuard

with training, education and change management programs to make

system is designed to awaken the operator, alert supervisors and

sure that the systems are in place for continuous safety and security

provide managers data to implement their fatigue prevention


programs. Prevention is better than cure and the immediate benefit of these systems is that operators avoid accidents and get to go home safely; it also reduces costs of accidents and damage repairs. Fewer

The People A deep understanding of mining and the accompanying operational

accidents and incidents will increase operational efficiency, cut down

challenges is required to develop safety and security systems that

on shutdown time and the time taken to investigate accidents.

work and the success of their product can be credited back to the

How Does It Work? Using non-intrusive technology that monitors head and facial

team of engineers at Guardvant Inc based in Arizona Tucson USA who bring decades of mining industry knowledge and expertise in the development and deployment of innovative mine systems.

movements in 3D, PERCLOS (percentage eyelide-closure) and

On site technicians are on hand to offer support to the clients as

micro sleeps that are the main red flags of fatigue and tiredness, the

well as training throughout the system installation to ensure that the

GuardvantOpGuardhas been well received from clients and drivers

systems work properly and will continue to do so for the long term.


“Thanks to the contributions to the industry in terms of new

“If the OpGuard algorithm detects fatigue or distracted-driving

technologies, software and systems that our engineers have designed,”

events,” Jacob says, “The system provides an alert to the operator, and

Jacob says, “Mines have been able to instigate improvements to their

at the same time sends event notifications in real-time to the mine

management of safety and operations.”

control room where oversight and management of risk takes effect.”

With applications not only in the mining sector the proficiency of

These personnel may include the mine site dispatcher or

Guardvant’s systems is such that one can see them being implemented

supervisor, who are notified through an exception notice to the fleet

in all driver reliant machinery until vehicles across the globe have

management system (FMS) display in the dispatch office, or via SMS

OpGuard protecting all drivers as standard.

or email. The dispatcher or supervisor is then in the position to contact

Preventing accidents may not be dramatic, however when

the operator according to the mine’s procedures for addressing

considering the damage that can occur during the five or six seconds

fatigue or distracted-driving events.

that a driver may nod off during a micro-sleep you can appreciate the

“The result of this preventative action is clear,” he adds.

importance of the system looking after you.

A rapidly growing number of mines have a “zero harm” safety goal

“We tailor systems to meet the unique performance metrics and safety goals for mines and augment our technologies with training, education and change management programs to make sure that the systems are in place for continuous safety and security improvement.” 36 | Endeavour Magazine


38 | Endeavour Magazine

One of the most important companies in Jamaica, Jamaica Premix Limited (JPM), since it was incorporated in 1959, has established itself as the leading supplier of ready mixed concrete and aggregates throughout the island. We spoke with Managing Director John Valentine regarding this proudly Jamaican company. WRITTEN BY JACK SLATER

BUILT ON Solid Service

Endeavour Magazine | 39


“Currently we have sixty one concrete mixer trucks, twelve concrete boom pumps, five fixed concrete plants equipped with computerized, state-ofthe-art batch management systems,” John tells us, “And fully equipped laboratories for the testing of concrete. Additionally, there are portable concrete batching plants capable of handling onsite jobs wherever they may be.”


’s plants are strategically located across

View, Kingston; and Agualta Vale, St. Mary. These plants are designed

the island - from Kingston in the east

for the production of washed sand and stone to ASTM specifications,

to Negril in the west, for customer

from natural riverbed sources. They have an overall production

convenience and they offer a comprehensive product range which

capability in excess of 800 metric tonnes per hour. JPM’s aggregates

includes ready mixed concrete, for which they have over 150 mix

meet American (ASTM), British (BSS) and Jamaican standards. The

designs, light weight concrete, coloured concrete, air entrained

crushing plants are equipped with belt scales, which can provide daily

concrete, under water concrete, fibre concrete, waterproof concrete

production information. We are also an internationally tested and

and pumping service.

certified source of non-skid aggregates. For international customers,

“Our products and services are utilized in construction projects diverse in size and nature, including residential, commercial and industrial buildings, hotels, bauxite and alumina plants,” John adds.

loading facilities are available for ocean bound ships and barges.

The Projects

The five fixed concrete plants are strategically located across the

Since its incorporation the company has made its mark throughout

island, from Kingston in the east to Negril in the west, for customer

the length and breadth of Jamaica, undertaking wide-ranging projects

convenience. In addition, there are portable concrete batching plants

in just about every sector, some of the major projects that it has

capable of handling onsite jobs regardless of location. The fixed

poured for include the highest standard of hotels including the Ritz

batching plants are equipped with computerized, state of the art

Carlton, Riu Hotels, Intercontinental, and Holiday Inn. Commercial

batch management systems.

buildings like LOJ’s twin towers, Island Life’s office complex, Citibank

The aggregate plants are located at Yallahs, St. Thomas; Harbour

and the Bank of Nova Scotia, public infrastructure projects like

Our products and services are utilized in construction projects diverse in size and nature, including residential, commercial and industrial buildings, hotels, bauxite and alumina plants.”

40 | Endeavour Magazine


the Kingston Public Hospital,

projects in the Grand Cayman and the Dominican Republic by way

trained and certified by the



of utilising its equipment and manpower,” John mentions, “Jamaica

National Ready Mixed Concrete

the West Indies Private Wing,

Pre-Mix Concrete Limited is a member of the National Ready Mixed



Concrete Association, the Incorporated Master Builders Association

points out, “Our quality control

and the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica.”


University Causeway,



2000 and the expansion of

(NRMCA),” are


John highly

Norman Manley and Sangster’s

In 2008 Jamaica Pre-Mix Ltd entered into a joint venture with

experienced and competent and

International Airports. Not to

Lafarge of North America, and continued the operations of the

we focus keenly in customer

mention educational institutions,

aggregate division under the name Jamaica Aggregates Limited. The

service and our staff members

embassies and housing projects

concrete division then started trading under the name Jamaica Pre-


Mix Concrete Ltd.

customer service.”

up and down the length of the




Although the local construction industry is currently moving

On the other end of the coin,

“It is noteworthy that Jamaica

through a depression, John is however cautiously optimistic some of

John recognizes the importance

Pre-Mix in collaboration with

the major projects will be materialized in 2014. And, to ensure that

of looking after the client and

other entities has undertaken

they are in position to take advantage of these projects Jamaica pre-

highlights that quality, reliability

Mix Ltd has always followed a

and service are the foundations

certain methodology regarding

that his company stands upon.


JPM seeks to strive for excellence in the execution of our business practices to ensure we remains viable and continue to deliver a high quality product in an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner”

42 | Endeavour Magazine

“Ensuring that our customers

their employees. great

are provided with the best quality

emphasis on employee training

products and the best prices,

and as such ensure that our plant

that each customer receive their

managers are internationally

order in a timely manner and




that our customers know they

taking place that will certainly

are the primary reason we have


been in operation for over 50

company. These include a 360

years,” John lists, “This is how we

Megawatt Power Plant, a series

approach business by offering

of Low Income Housing projects

excellent customer service.”

and a Renewed Tourism Sector

“JPM seeks to strive for excellence



Development plan. JPM’s success over this past

of our business practices to

one half of a century is largely



attributable to its loyal and

and continue to deliver a high

satisfied customers, dedicated

quality product in an efficient,




management style and great

friendly manner,” he adds, “We

investment in the most advanced

will continue to invest in and

machinery and equipment.











empower our human resource;

“Approaches like this are

ever mindful of our maxim -

what give this company the

quality, reliability and excellent

solid foundation it has,” John



2014 is set to be a busy year with a host of major projects

5960 N.W. 99th Avenue, Unit 9 Doral, FL 33178 United States ICP MIAMI has been proudly serving the construction & mining industries for over 12 years, in which we have earned a reputation for excellent product quality, friendly customer service and distinguished technical support.

Toll Free: 1 (866) 213-0031 | Office: (305) 477-6612 | Fax: (305) 477-5935 or (786) 422-1550 /

Endeavour Magazine | 43


44 | Endeavour Magazine

THE Roaring SUCCESS Lions Group Quarries, based in Lusaka West in Zambia, was founded in 2007 and is a supplier of crushed stones and quarry dust. The Company has recently invested $3.5 million in a new crushing plant and continues to expand the business. Endeavour Magazine | 45


We spoke to General Manager Piet Jordaan who gave us a bit of background on Lions Group Quarries. “The Company was started and owned by a Lusaka businessman, who began operations of an open pit limestone quarry in June 2008. In March 2013 a transaction was concluded, which saw it sold onto new Shareholders who have the proven ability to help the business realise its true potential”


hen the business

April to 90,000 tons in October 2013. In F2014 is planned to increase


this to between 100,000 and 120,000 tons per month.



being, the key lines

The Company has three crushers with a combined crushing

of business were the supply of

capacity of 450 tons per hour. These supply the quarry dust as well

crushed aggregates of various

as 5mm, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm aggregates, to the construction

sizes for construction purposes,


as well as the manufacture of

With a Dispatch and Logistics Department, Lions Group Quarries

concrete blocks. Things have

also delivers its products to customers in and around Lusaka. The



Mechanised Workshop Facilities on Site also enables the Company to

years and the business has

maintain and repair its fleet of vehicles as well as the stationary plant

subsequently discontinued block




manufacturing to focus on the supply of aggregates. Into the future, Lions Group

Strict standards Lions Group Quarries employ approximately 140 semi-skilled

Quarries is in the process of

and skilled members of staff excluding Management. We asked

doing various feasibility studies,

Piet Jordaan exactly what standards and procedures these staff

which are aimed at looking for

(members) have adhere to. He said: “The Company is constantly

growth opportunities for the

upgrading the standard operating procedures in search of safer and

business, both in terms of the

more efficient work practices’’.

length and breadth of its service offering to the Zambian market.

“Various types of training take place, from formal classroom sessions to practical on-the-job training. Staff are also assessed inhouse as well as by third parties.

What are Lions Group Quarries’ core activities? Lions

46 | Endeavour Magazine


“It is important for the Company to ensure compliance with the legislation that regulates the Industry, as well as the safety guidelines and direction prescribed by the regulatory institutions and senior staff.”


Because of the standards imposed on this sort of Industry, it’s

specialises in open pit mining.

important that staff are trained properly and treated well. Lions

The investment in the new

Group Quarries prides itself on its policy of internal development and

crushing plant has taken the


monthly aggregate production

Jordaan said: “Despite the limited promotion opportunities

from 42,000 tons per month in

afforded to this nature of business, it is the vision of Lions Group

Endeavour Magazine | 47


Quarries to offer development

and happy. We asked Jordaan

Our operation is one of seven similar in the area. Customers are free

and opportunities within the

what else kept the Lions Group

to choose from any of those should another neglect to pay attention

ranks, before seeking outside of

Quarries customer base loyal,

to their needs. We’ve very keen to keep our customers loyal and our

the employment base.”

he said: “A steady supply and

passion for keeping customers happy assists tremendously in doing



Quality that keeps customers coming back


of material is an important to

With so much competition in the local area, it’s important that

our customers. This is why we

Lions Group Quarries stay one step ahead of their competitors. They

have our own delivery fleet. The

do so by ensuring the following: A constant supply of product with

investment in an additional 3rd

quick delivery turn-around times; offering a steady price which allows


Crusher has allowed us to over

customers to plan well ahead in terms of their own cost requirements;


produce and to build stockpiles,

providing a quality product that is of the correct specification and size.

limestone that’s pure in colour.


This is a result of well-maintained equipment and constant monitoring

This is a sought after product

supply, to our customers.”

Lions supplies

Group ‘almost




in terms of quality checks.

that’s pleasing to the eye when it

“Also, a consistent price helps

comes to constructing buildings.

customers to plan their costs



without any nasty surprises. This

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s been the investment in the

removing gangue materials from

guarantees a happy customer

new crushing plant as well as studies into the feasibility of various

the pit to ensure the product


new developments.



stays as white as possible.

2014 and beyond

“There would be no Lions

We asked Jordaan how these developments would change things

This quality is something

Group Quarries without the

for Lions Group Quarries, he said: “Implementation of one or more of

that keeps customers satisfied

satisfaction of the customers.

these new business opportunities will allow the Company to diversify,

Microlink now offers even faster speeds and more choices at the same affordable fixed monthly prices. Truly UNLIMITED with no excess charges or caps. The sensible and economic choice for the Enterprise sector, from Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and even Corporates on a budget. Device independent - works with Airspan 4G, Motorola Expedience, Ubiquiti, etc. Just call 0977 111010 or email and we will connect you.

48 | Endeavour Magazine

spread the risk of the current ‘one product supply line’. It will also introduce additional opportunities which come with diversification and alternative revenue streams.” A lot of investment has gone into the expansion of the business, some of these investments include: During 2012, the Group’s holding company invested a significant tranche of working capital to “steady the ship”. In 2013, the Group’s holding company has invested approximately US$3,5 Million into upgrading and expanding of the infrastructure at the operations as well as the feasibility studies. In addition, there have been investments in three new senior staff members that have been employed with experience in various key areas within the business. This will help ready the existing staff when one or more of the expansion opportunities come to fruition. Lions Group Quarries is also part of a bigger Group, from which experience and knowledge can be drawn whenever and wherever it

Ctrack Intelligent Solutions is the trading name for Truth Verification Services Limited, a Zambian secure solutions company that provides full fleet management and vehicle tracking as well as integrated electronic security services. Ctrack is a world-leading provider of advanced tracking solutions with over 28 year’s experience. Ctrack prides its self in safeguarding our clients assets 24/7 through a state of the art national control room and call centre.

may be required. The continuing investment in the business furthers Lions Group Quarries ambition to become an even more effective and efficient company in Zambia and, in the medium to long term, the rest of Southern Africa.

Endeavour Magazine | 49

ALUPCO 00966 13 847 1300 WWW.ALUPCO.COM

50 | Endeavour Magazine


When effortless adherence to seemingly impossible product standards collides with an internationally recognised reputation for being a market leader, how does a company improve? By constantly striving to supersede expectations, ALUPCO is in a class of their own. Endeavour Magazine | 51


The undisputed largest supplier of Aluminium in the Middle East, Aluminium Products Co (ALUPCO) is also the eighth biggest globally, making it’s position as the market leader for Aluminium solutions in Africa, Europe and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) entirely unsurprising. ALUPCO has carved itself an impressive reputation as a dominant figure in the worldwide Aluminium industry.


ecuring its position as an industry giant through the provision of creative and considered solutions, while retaining a high quality finish, the company is now seeking to grow further by

increasing it’s expertise through continued professional and industryspecific development, adoption of new technologies, increased product diversity and by maintaining an effective and financially viable international supply chain network. Enjoying a reputation for offering clients a wide variety of surface treatment options, including electronic powder coating, anodising, polishing and a specialist wood finish, ALUPCO has most definitely earnt the title of largest supplier of aluminium products in the Middle East. Maintaining this coveted position, while still evolving and moving forward as an organisation, is at the very top of the ALUPCO management team’s priorities. In line with the company’s mission statement that states they wish to ‘provide superior aluminium solutions backed by excellent services’, new clients are consistently being won, with existing relationships being nurtured and maintained. ALUPCO recognises that a stand out product is not enough to retain customer loyalty; an exemplar level of after sales support must also be extended. Through continued growth, ALUPCO is now the proud owner of 52 | Endeavour Magazine

That’s really the story of Alba’s success. accessible location midway between the source of terial and the world’s primary aluminium markets twin facilities located in the Dammam and Jeddah industrial cities, bined with an invaluable local workforce: a unique boasting an impressive 130,000 square metres. The company has y indeed. But opportunity alone is not enough. It is invested significantly in machinery and appropriate, future-proofed and faith, vision, and a extrusion lot of hard-work, equipment and pride as such, has eight presses, allowing that for a total extrusion capacity in excess of 78,000 tonnes. Determined to Alba has become the global player it is today. meet demand for coasting services, ALUPCO has also made provision for 5 powder coating lines, two anodising lines, two polishing lines, a wood finish line and a thermal break crimping production line within their facilities, allowing them to complete numerous projects simultaneously, preventing avoidable delays and a backlog of work building up. These time saving initiatives are benefits that are passed directly to clients in the guise of reliability and time efficiency. With a reputation for excellence, cost-effective solution creation and international quality standards compliance firmly under their belt, the company has been privileged to supply a number of internationally recognised and exceptionally high-end projects in the GCC, including the Dubai International Financial Centre, the Emirates Mall and particularly notably, the Palm Jumeirah, a location of choice for the extremely wealthy and/or famous.

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba) is renowned for its premium grade aluminium products, technological strength and innovative policies and strict environmental and safety guidelines. Established in 1971 as a 120,000 mtpa smelter, Alba today produces more than 912,000 mtpa of the highest grade aluminium, with products including standard and T-ingots, extrusion billets, rolling slab, properzi ingots, and molten aluminium.

The best, and most successful, companies in the world always recognise the value of a strong, unified and motivated workforce.

That’s really the story of Alba’s success. An ideally accessible location midway between the source of raw material and the world’s primary aluminium markets combined with an invaluable local workforce: a unique opportunity indeed. But opportunity alone is not enough. It is with passion and faith, vision, pride and a lot of hard-work, that Alba has become the global player it is today.

Endeavour Magazine | 53




to identify those individuals that show a natural predisposition for

working in accordance with



responsibility and leadership, which in turn allows it to promote from

European (EN), German (DIN),

acknowledging that their mission

within, in accordance with a structured succession planning function.

British (BS), American (ASTM)



The development of such leaders and supervisors is of the utmost

and Saudi (SASO) standards in

through the commitment of their

importance to ALUPCO as it directly impacts on the economy of the

all of its operations, ALUPCO

800-strong, highly trained, staff.

surrounding communities. Promoting from within and encouraging

are fully deserving of their

Boasting exceptionally versatile

new staff to join can help to achieve a far more organic development of


and expert individuals across

the staff body. Considering ways in which they could actively support


all areas of the business, the

surrounding areas, ALUPCO has a clear strategy to, where possible,

Looking to the future, the

team is well placed to recognise

employ local people, calling this initiative ‘Saudization’. Currently,

company invests 50 percent



the company employs professionals encompassing 13 nationalities,

more than it needs to on capital



with 33 percent of the workforce being successful applicants to the

investments, every year. Abdel

striving for improvements to both

Saudization process. ALUPCO plans to build on this figure by two

Monem Khaled, CEO of ALUPCO

products and services, ALUPCO

percent year on year.
















seeks to continually develop

Backed by numerous, recognised accreditations, ALUPCO’s

the skills and performance of all

exemplar reputation for working in accordance with high standards

technology, the company ensures

team members, throughout the

is what really makes it stand apart from it’s nearest rivals and

that its production consistently

business as a whole. Offering

competitors. The recipient of not just an ISO: 9001 but also an ISO:

hits the highest standards while

all staff access to an impressive

2000 certificate, ALUPCO is the sole aluminium extrusion company


range of comprehensive training

to achieve this impressive feat, thanks to it’s firm dedication to an

energy and remaining cost-

programs, the company is able

uncompromising approach to producing high quality products. By


54 | Endeavour Magazine





The company’s management

capacity in order to grow at an

team are fully engaged with

accelerated rate. The growth

‘focusing and validating’ its core

plan will be realised thanks to the

business strategy and execution

company’s already impressive

plans in the immediate future.

facilities and dedicated team of

Khaled, who recently won an


award for the Best CEO in

“Integrity is the key to all

Saudi Arabia explains that: “In

our dealings with our clients



and partners. We treasure our

and challenging environment,


world-class team of people and

it has become imperative to

invest in their abilities. We aspire

focus and validate core business

at being innovative in our work

strategy and execution plans to

through bringing new ideas and

align processes with the right

new ways of doing business to

solutions and technology to

deliver practical, reliable solution

enhance performance, expand

implementations for our clients,”


Khaled concluded.




returns on investments.”

Nurturing relationships with our customers is a crucial part of Jotun’s strategy to grow the business. We view Alupco as a strategic partner and have forged a very close relationship. The relationship between Alupco and Jotun began more than a decade ago and it is fair to say there is a high level of trust and empathy on both sides”

Khaled goes on to comment that ALUPCO will be looking to further expand its production

Endeavour Magazine | 55

EXXARRO 0027 12 307 4843 WWW.EXXARO.COM

56 | Endeavour Magazine


Exxaro’s Grootegeluk Medupi Expansion Project will be one the largest mining projects in South Africa and they have made use of the latest equipment and technology to see this ambitious plan come to fruition.

Endeavour Magazine | 57


With ripple effects created that include more jobs, more energy and a stronger foothold in the industry this project is a fine example of the importance of combining forethought and strategy with patience and hard work that has, for many years, epitomized this industry and the South African approach to business.


xxaro is the result of an empowerment transaction that involved the unbundling of Kumba Resources’ iron ore assets and the relisting of Kumba as Exxaro in November 2006.

The resulting two companies were Kumba Iron Ore, who continued to work within the iron ore sector and Exxaro who adopted a focus on coal, mineral sands, base metals and industrial minerals. Since then they have set out an ambitious plan to write the rulebook for standards and best practice for this industry, setting a benchmark appeal for competitors in all corners of their business. From the start the primary rationale behind the unbundling was to create a new generation South African company and to broaden the spread of shareholders in both companies to people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, employees and communities in proximity to the company’s operations and this empowerment spread the wealth and strengthened the loyalties of everyone working for Exxaro and entwining their future prosperity with that of the company. The South African mining sector has seen a lot of international attention over the last eighteen months and it’s refreshing to find a company so intently devoted to their staff.

The Employees Indeed, the story of Exxaro is an unfolding one. Although six years old, Exxaro nonetheless draws on a pedigree and wealth of skills that stretch back decades and in turn has become a company rooted in South Africa and respected among its peers for its innovation, ethics and integrity. Watchwords that Exarro hold less as mere corporate marketing and more as the foundations to their approach to business. 58 | Endeavour Magazine

As one of the largest coal producers in South Africa, Exxaro have long known that the success of their brand relies on the vision and focus shared by their staff and the foresight to look beyond the current commodities and operations of their company to see the impact they have on people, communities and the planet. This way of thinking is what drives their essence of “defining possibility”, their belief in the power of people and their ability to explore and shift boundaries which has led them to their success. When inspired leaders in any specific field come together, one expects nothing less than greatness and Exxaro is no different. Formed by the merger of some of the biggest achievers in its industry, Exxaro’s leaders have set themselves the aim to build on the successes of their predecessors and push the group to an unrivalled future. The strategic target is to become a US$20-billion company by 2020 operating as a global, diversified company with top-quartile returns and with in every effort to help achieve this it has set targets to be the example and the pinnacle of operational excellence. This has included reducing its carbon footprint, improving on the safety and empowerment of its people and become an employer of choice and an agent for change in South Africa. Understanding the importance of this the directors of Exarro have instigated the approach to install the uniting vision of developing

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Dezzo Equipment (Pty) Ltd Kathu P.O. Box 1993 Kathu, 8446 Tel: 053 723 0032/3 Fax: 053 723 0044 Directors: A Roos and R Moodley Reg No.: 2001/000819/07 • Vat No: 4880226883

Endeavour Magazine | 59


the company and business into

and while not everyone can hold a significant title, there is still a


its next evolution, throughout all

dynamic working environment at Exxaro that cannot be ignored.

important for South Africa’s

of the staff and by safeguarding

An atmosphere of open-doored-open-mindedness exists that offers

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their loyalty through reward and

ample opportunity for employees to grow and develop greater skills

role in the development of the


with training on the pillars of teamwork, commitment to excellence

country. South Africa’s power is

and honesty and responsibility.

generated through coal and it is

Digging Deep, Aiming High

This way, one of the most highly qualified workforces in the country will become the future leaders of the industry.

Exxaro has a simple but very effective strategy for widening the gap between them and their




developed organically through a rich heritage of pushing the envelope and setting impeccable standards of work, practice and employee/customer relations. These

as the second largest South African-based diversified resources

power with the use of coal that future advancements in energy generation will be created. represents one of the largest

Exxaro is listed on the JSE Limited, where it is a constituent of the Top


40 and the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) indices respectively.


The Grootegeluk Medupi Expansion Project Medupi Expansion Project will enable the Grootegeluk Mine to

of their people, relying on

supply the Medupi power station with an average of 14,6Mtpa

their passion and imagination

of power station coal over the next forty years. As a coal-reliant

60 | Endeavour Magazine

through the generation of this

“The Grootegeluk expansion




commodities. Current production of 40 million tonnes per annum,

With an agreement with the power utility, Exxaro’s Grootegeluk



groups, with interests in the coal, mineral sands, ferrous and energy




Building on this well established base, Exxaro holds the position


growth Africa

projects and

in the

progress we are making bears testimony to the ability of Exxaro to successfully plan, develop and implement projects of this magnitude,” Sipho Nkosi said. Grootegeluk


supplying coal to the new power

station from the second quarter of 2012, coinciding with its planned commissioning and full coal production is anticipated from 2015. A major project the capital cost associated with the Grootegeluk expansion is expected to total R9,5 billion (£900 million). Using cutting edge mining techniques including semi-mobile in-pit crushing systems, Exxaro have reached the very highest of standards enabling operation teams to crush run-of-mine material in the pit with product being transported via conveyor belt to processing plants. These systems are mobile, enabling them to remain optimally positioned as the mine’s pit advances. Which reduce operating costs by removing the need for costly transport between crushers and the processing plant. On completion of the expansion project, Grootegeluk will be the largest coal operation in the world, producing some 33Mtpa of power station, coking and steam coal. Along with the Grootegeluk expansion, comes the requirement for the development of infrastructure in Lephalale and Exxaro is working closely with all levels of government and other local stakeholders as part of the Lephalale Development Forum to achieve this. Implementing a strategy to improve infrastructure benefits not only Exxaro but the economic development of the entire region.

On completion of the expansion project, Grootegeluk will be the largest coal operation in the world, producing some 33Mtpa of power station, coking and steam coal. Endeavour Magazine | 61

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